It's Make Or Break For Piers Morgan

Written by TVSA Team from the blog News on 18 Jan 2011
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piers_morgan_1One moment Piers Morgan was a judge-for-hire on global reality shows and the next he was taking over from Larry King on CNN.

Shortly after Larry King announced his retirement in June last year, CNN announced that former tabloid editor Piers Morgan would be replacing him in a show of his own titled Piers Morgan Tonight.

The time has arrived for his debut: it premieres in South Africa tonight (Tuesday, 18 January) at 22h00 (CAT).

Piers and CNN are clearly very aware of the expectations, reservations and pressures facing the new show because they've called in the big guns for the premiere: Oprah as First Guest.

Oprah chats about her life and career, including her biggest failure: the box office flop of her film Beloved. This chatter about the film's failure and her response to it has already made international news headlines following the online release of a preview clip from the interview.


As you can see from the above sneak-peak grab of the interview set-up, Larry King's signature desk has vanished, replaced with casual couches and Feng Shui crimes. According to Feng Shui experts you should never feature fake flowers in any context. They seem to be?

Will this impact on the show's success? Here's a look at the pros and cons that could make or break it:

  • Piers has a sense of humour, which - if he uses it - could result in some choice moments. Larry lost his sense of humour the moment he took Paris Hilton seriously!

  • Piers has a British accent, which Americans seem to like a lot. Ricky Gervais and Dr House have stood the test of critics and time.

  • His wife is a gossip columnist (for The Daily Telegraph).

  • He still has hair.

  • His other guests for the premiere week are Howard Stern, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Ricky Gervais and George Clooney.
  • He has to take over from an icon. He has to be true to Larry King fans while creating and establishing his own individual mark.

  • Piers has only been married twice versus Larry King who has been through eight marraiges (if not more in his past few months of "retirement").

  • By starting the show with such high profile guests he's going to be limited in terms of what he can ask them and how much controversy he can stir up around them.

  • He has a British accent, which didn't work for Posh Spice or Robbie Williams in the US.

  • The Feng Shui plant problem.
After the premiere the show airs on CNN Mondays to Fridays at 22h00.


18 Jan 2011 09:00

The British have officially taken over American TV.  Love Piers and his accent...can't wait to see how he performs but i must say Larry was on another level of the best there is.

18 Jan 2011 10:28

LOL @ Larry's 8 marriages...really?

18 Jan 2011 13:17

I watched the interview this morning, and I loved it 

18 Jan 2011 23:03

loved his interview column in British GQ and he is always good at what he does. However, i am not a fan of Oprah and can't stand her. I will watch subsequent episodes. All the best, Pier.

19 Jan 2011 09:57

whoopyyyy! the oprah interview on youtube.....Still wheeping tho' that i generally will have to do this for a while. 

Im very fond of Piers....Holding thumbs for him, Coz a hectic snobbish american Jury is still out on him; but i really think he can crack it. He does a good job with the "Life stories" shem.....

hmm...the new set...not ayoba!,

19 Jan 2011 11:44

I must say, I DO NOT LIKE Piers Morgan, I think he is rude arrogant person!

but I must say his Oprah interview was on point and it was beautifully done, if he keeps up that momentum I might have to rethink my perception on him.

The Premier was supposed to be on Tuesday night @ 22h00 but I saw the interview during the day and apparently it was the 4th run at 22h00?? WTF happened here CNN, if I am not mistaken Richard Quest's intro was something along the lines the show airing for the first time....

19 Jan 2011 11:59

@ tizoz....the show was at 22h00 American time. I woke up at 4am (I'm always awake at that time anyway) to watch it live, and the other repeats were at 2pm and 10pm SA time. 

19 Jan 2011 14:44

Eish I heard gore this guy is stinky rich and very aggressive sometimes.

20 Jan 2011 10:49

The latest ratings in the US:

2.1 million viewers for the premiere: Piers Morgan CNN Show Beats Larry King Ratings by 200%.

1.27 million viewers for the second episode with Howard Stern: 'Piers Morgan' Interview With Howard Stern Delivers 1.2 Million Viewers

20 Jan 2011 11:25

i didnt like it one bit,Oprah was very calculative and annoyingly bully with her answers.Piers looked like a groupie intervieweing his idol.he was not in his usual sarcastic element at felt like im watching the Oprah show.she can do with a chillpill when being interviewed haisuka!

20 Jan 2011 17:21

Pier had to go slow on Oprah, because as much as i don't like her and i suspect he does not too, he is America's darling and he has to pick his fights,this early in the program.

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