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Rhythm City Teasers - November 2010

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Rhythm City Teasers on 25 Oct 2010
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Coming up on Rhythm City this November, 2010:

Monday, 1 November 2010
Episode 866

Thembi's father arrives. Stone feels immense pressure from both family and community to fix what's wrong.

Milani lets Gail down - again.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010
Episode 867

A frustrated Thembi confides in Gail that S'bu's macho approach is killing her. Thembi also has an idea when her dad promotes the idea of traditional medicine.

Stone unwittingly jumps from the frying pan into the fire while trying to fight corruption.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010
Episode 868

Thembi hits S'bu with a bombshell. Stone is in mortal danger as his threat to expose the corruption drives Johnny to deadly measures.

Gail meets a dishy dreamboat. S'bu is warned by Thula that Hustle is suffering from his neglect.

Thursday, 4 November 2010
Episode 869

S'bu finally persuades Thembi to stay. Ivan expects Lu and Miles to commit major resources to his praise track.

Shabalala takes deadly action.

Gail is disappointed to learn that Franco has already picked a new producer for her show.

Friday, 5 November 2010
Episode 870

The Khuse family - and the community - struggle with the trauma of the shooting. Lu is in a difficult situation due to Ivan's praise song.

Thembi is still reluctant to continue with chemo. Gail receives a delicious surprise.

Monday, 8 November 2010
Episode 871

Lu asks Gail, as a favour, to play the Tshinawa track. Stone makes a big sacrifice in an attempt to compensate Sipho and his family.

Gail gets down to work with Pitso. S'bu tries sly tactics to convince Thembi to continue chemo treatment.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010:
Episode 872 

Thembi continues to look for alternative treatments. Mamokete and Kop come to terms with the loss of their new status and home.

Tshidi might be pregnant.

Franco invites Ivan to debut his praise track on 9-Nine FM.

Wednesday 10 November 2010
Episode 873

Tshidi does several home pregnancy tests. Gail tries to fight the physical attraction she feels for Pitso. Thembi and S'bu meet Dr Balthazar.

Tshidi gets the results of her official blood test.

Thursday 11 November 2010
Episode 874

Ivan's praise song is finally played live on air and it's a disaster. Stone considers leaving home again.

An innocent comment from Dylan tells Tshidi he would not react well to news of a baby. Gail finally lets Pitso know she is game.

S'bu and Thembi pin their hopes on Dr Balthazar's HVT treatment.

Friday 12 November 2010
Episode 875

S'bu is delighted to find Thembi feeling much improved, but his bubble is pricked by a call from oncologist Dr Matthews. Thula continues to feel deserted by S'bu on the Hustle front.

Ivan is furious about the public response to his praise track. Tshidi books a procedure at the clinic. Gail and Pitso have late night sex in the studio.

Monday 15 November 2010
Episode 876

Thembi has a near collapse.

When Puleng can't support her friend's decision, Tshidi goes alone to the clinic.

After a weekend of steamy sex it seems as if Pitso is taking liberties and undermining Gail's authority.

Tuesday 16 November 2010
Episode 877 

Tshidi finally plucks up the courage to tell Dylan. Miles is suspicious of Dr Balthazar whom Lu invites to a family dinner.

Ronald confronts Gail about her relationship with Pitso. Stone has been called in to testify with regard to Johnny.

Wednesday 17 November 2010
Episode 878 

Miles upsets the family when he interrogates Dr Balthazar during dinner. Stone announces his shock departure.

Tshidi reveals to a deeply disapproving Puleng what she and Dylan have decided about the baby's future. Gail lays down the law to Pitso.

Thursday 18 November 2010:
Episode 879 

Dr Balthazar subtly convinces Thembi, who is making plans to resume writing for 9-Nine mag, to ignore sceptics.

Tshidi stuns herself and Dylan with a revelation.

Lu reads Ivan the riot act about his persistence in fighting Hustle and Franco.

Friday 19 November 2010
Episode 880 

Tshidi is increasingly confused about her pregnancy. Miles pays Thembi a special visit to talk to her about his fears concerning Dr Balthazar and relay his research on HVT.

Sis Bee desperately tries to find out why Tshidi visited the clinic. Pitso's on-air antics upset Gail.

Monday 22 November 2010
Episode 881

Tshidi and Dylan have a massive row. Again, Pitso deliberately embarrasses Gail while they're on air.

Franco gives Thembi a job. Miles seeks out oncologist, Dr Vernon Matthews.

Dr Balthazar reveals how he would like to be paid. Nosy Sis Bee tracks Tshidi's clinic booking.

Tuesday 23 November 2010
Episode 882

Kete receives a visitor who brings terrible news. Gail, about to send Pitso packing, is once more manipulated.

There's drama in the Khuse household now that Tshidi's folks are aware of her pregnancy.

S'bu is horrified by the amount of money Thembi plans to give Dr Balthazar.

Wednesday 24 November 2010
Episode 883 

Pitso continues to misbehave on air and then dumps Gail.

Thembi questions Dr Balthazar about his past. Miles has another meeting with Dr Matthews. Dylan has to answer to Kop Khuse.

Thursday 25 November 2010
Episode 884

S'bu begins to believe his dad's accusations when Thembi reveals she has doubled her donation to her healer.

Tshidi and Dylan's folks have an official parents' meeting.

Friday 26 November 2010
Episode 885 

The Khuse household is still in uproar after yesterday's introduction to Dylan's folks. There's a big blow up between Tshidi and Dylan.

Pitso begins to set up Gail. S'bu is alerted to Dr Balthazar's true agenda.

Monday 29 November 2010
Episode 886 

Gail's live interview with Ray Craw goes very, very wrong. Miles and S'bu - after meeting with Dr Matthews - hatch a plan to save Thembi's life.

Tshidi is moved and stunned by Dylan's final decision.

Tuesday 30 November 2010
Episode 887

Dylan and Tshidi inform their parents about the future of the baby. Dr Balthazar is studio interview-ambushed. Thembi collapses.

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25 Oct 2010 21:12

Aaaah uncle stone s leavin us agn? Mxm *sad* nd tshidi s preg wow

25 Oct 2010 21:25

Is thembi realy sick or the doctor is crazy

25 Oct 2010 21:58

yo i wanda who will be shot and i hope tshidi wont abort.

25 Oct 2010 21:58

yo i wanda who will be shot and i hope tshidi wont abort.

25 Oct 2010 22:23

top 5 yesss

25 Oct 2010 23:58

Bye mr stone

26 Oct 2010 03:38

im number 6

26 Oct 2010 07:41

Tshidi is pregnant, when did that happen she and Dylan hardly spend time together. I remember 3rd degree did a story about those traditional doctors who claim that they can cure HIV.

sexy d
26 Oct 2010 08:02

wow made it to top 10 let me go and read

phindy a.k.a rabbit
26 Oct 2010 08:18

# 10 yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

phindy a.k.a rabbit
26 Oct 2010 08:27

tshidi preg.........shame wat bwt her studies coz i dont thnk she'll manage bt abortion, hell  no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

26 Oct 2010 08:31

no 12 yeah let me go and read

26 Oct 2010 08:39

Sttone is living again? @swazzy i hope is Johnny who will be shot.

26 Oct 2010 08:53

atleast top 15 for once

26 Oct 2010 08:56

i hope this is de last month of the contraction side ya bora as far as Sbu nd Thembi, tshidi nd his white dude i'm so looking forward 4 dat i cant wait

26 Oct 2010 08:56

When the going gets tough, Stone gets going mxm.

26 Oct 2010 09:04

of all the clinics Tshidi chose ya DK, y didnt she go to another clinic where sis B cant see her.

26 Oct 2010 09:25


26 Oct 2010 09:36

Dylan and Tshidi? Ya mara sex e tlaetsa batho neh? I thought Tshidi of all people was responsible. I thought Tshidi picked up a white boyfriend because he is different from our black brothers. 

Eish!! di a tshwana dilo tsena man, ke dimpsa. 

26 Oct 2010 10:05

Eish!! di a tshwana dilo tsena man, ke dimpsa. 

Yah  neh!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

sexy d
26 Oct 2010 11:33

but guys Tshidi le Dylan when did they sleep together am confused?

Guys did you see Fats face when he saw Gary taking a condom and leaving le Mpumi shame his face just writing Jealous..

26 Oct 2010 14:07

Thembi has to get well with her blood cancer, I really like to see her face and I dont want her to die.

26 Oct 2010 15:49

Lol @ Spineli. You have to have sex and it must be unprotected for you to actually fall pregnant, the question is when did Tshidi and Gary do it?

26 Oct 2010 16:02

How can tshidi "the future DOctor' have unprotected sex with Dylan another doctor....what are they going to teach their patients...hayi suka RC!!!

27 Oct 2010 08:36

Doctors too are human, I think they are to get the message that it doesn't matter who you are, people make mistakes and at times they pay dearly for those mistakes. Personally I have found that Doctors are the worst when coming to unsafe sex

27 Oct 2010 14:28

booooring sss--eeee-rrr-ooo--uuu--sss !!!!

27 Oct 2010 16:04

I must say that Stone is very subborn, i mean he is putting his family in danger, don't try and be a hero dude, people have died for less.

27 Oct 2010 16:13

Why oh why is Tshidi pregnant?

27 Oct 2010 16:14

Gail being played like that!

27 Oct 2010 18:45

What's wrong with Stone going all agro on Thula?

27 Oct 2010 18:56

all i wnt is 2 c stone duin d ryt thing til d dz jonny boy wl cry soon.its beta stone liv n hv fresh air.khuse fam r in danger .so lets pray 4 dz family.tshidi ke yonda mastag.haele dz zuma kids .

27 Oct 2010 18:56

What happened to Zondi kanti?

27 Oct 2010 18:57

calamity weh

27 Oct 2010 19:02

zondi hd said he goin bk wit hs wife cala

28 Oct 2010 07:25

We can only imagine what Thembi is going through. I am glad that through it all S'bu is with her, to make sure that she doesn't give up.

28 Oct 2010 07:33

Does Thembi's father introduce Dr Balthazar to her?

sexy d
28 Oct 2010 11:17

morning all

Shame poor Khuse family stone you better surrender if you truly love your family

28 Oct 2010 16:42

Exactly sexy d, there are times when you have to throw in the towel cos these people mean business, they didn't get where they are by just letting their enemies go. I am sure they have dealt with many people like him before and he is no exception.

28 Oct 2010 18:43

The whole Stone business has shown me that don't tell people where you live cos they are going to come andstrike outside your door

28 Oct 2010 19:05

I am glad that S'bu and Miles are getting along. As for Calvin, he claims to care about Stone and here he is shuffling back and forth and reporting everything that Stone does to Johny, you don't hurt the people you care about, he could at least have given Stone an inkling of what is going on. What is thta petrol bomb had hit one of the family members, they would have been toast (excuse the pun)

29 Oct 2010 07:44

Poor Khuse family, Oh Stone we all know that you are fighting for what is right but don't jeorpadise your family's safety in the process!

orlando east
29 Oct 2010 11:06

aish maan Stone is living again, Tshidi is pregnant tjho hle I wonder Ntate Kop o tlho reng about that.

29 Oct 2010 15:08

I am more worried about how Kete is going to handle it, the last time Stone told her he is gay, she suffered a stroke, what will happen this time?

sharo babe
29 Oct 2010 15:57

Eeh.............. ah ................Rhythm city di ya ntsha diz month,tshidi is pregnant joo bathong,i feel pity for mma mokete and kop.thembi plz get well on ur sickness.ur ar my fav gal............................


29 Oct 2010 16:00

Please Thembi, don't throw in the towel!

30 Oct 2010 07:36

So Stone finally got the truth from Calvin, he can go apologise to Thula now. It is good to see Miles offering his son advise

31 Oct 2010 21:56

ziyama mos! I wanda wat wl tshidi n dylan finaly decide abt da pregnancy?! Doez thembi hav cancer or hiv?

01 Nov 2010 07:36

Did Stone phone Tshabalala, cos they are saying he is jumping from the frying pan into the fire? I mean is Stone all there, who does he think is the kingpin in all this? It seems as if at times the elevator doens't go all the up?  

sexy d
01 Nov 2010 11:30

morning all

01 Nov 2010 14:44

Of all the foolhardy things that Stone could do nxa

01 Nov 2010 15:50

beautybrain -thembi have cancer,oh mine RC is interesting this month tshidi is preg ...eish

01 Nov 2010 18:59

Iyoo! Tshidi is preg nw dis i cant believe

01 Nov 2010 20:33

It is a bit too late for Calvn's conscience to be plagueing him. I mean he threw Stone to the lions. As for Japhta sticking out his scrawny chest to Stone, Stone should hust burst his bubble, Stone should have also fired his sorry butt when he got rid of Fats!

02 Nov 2010 07:34

I mean Thembi's father is a bit of a destructive figure aint he?

02 Nov 2010 18:45

Gail is worried tht she wil pose half naked???she is always half naked.and i jst liiiiike 'iven'

02 Nov 2010 18:58

Lol at Zamuzamu, I mean honestly, she could wear her regular clothes.

03 Nov 2010 06:11

Who is this dishy dreamboat that Gail supposedly meets?

03 Nov 2010 07:35

Is Thembi going to keep wanting to leave S'bu. The reason he doesn't want to share his fears with you Thembi is that he is trying to be strong for you since you just want to give up without a fight.

03 Nov 2010 07:38

There is a reason that the some people have talent and some don't and you Chihuahua, you can't rap and you can't write music and you should stop trying to tell lil brick or is it young brick to do his job.  

03 Nov 2010 07:40

Oh Thembi, i know that you will try anything to get better, if someone claims that they can cure you and so far they cured noone; then surely they can't cure you.

sexy d
03 Nov 2010 08:52

morning all

03 Nov 2010 09:41

Morning sexyd

03 Nov 2010 10:27

Morning mabloggers

Stone should just leave this whole thing ya Jonny unless if he has a death wish.

03 Nov 2010 11:45

hey guys
lolest at sbu...

03 Nov 2010 17:09

Exactly sibuuu, it seems as if in his quest for justice he has put himself and his family in danger. I mena the whole petrol bomb thing was a warning, if they wanted someone to die they would have done so already.

03 Nov 2010 18:35

Heish, Stone, Johnny is a puppet and each puppet has a puppet master

03 Nov 2010 19:06

Tjo Johnny, talk about desperate measures!

04 Nov 2010 07:39

Hawu Johnny, what was the plan here, to shoot Stone and bury him in a maze field, seriously? What is wrong with Stone anyway, he should write his parents a letter and hide it somewhere just in case he was to meet an untimely death and explain everything that he knows; so they can point the police in the right direction. OK obviously from the teasers we can tell that Stone doesn't die, I guess he manages top appeal to Johnny's conscience.

04 Nov 2010 07:44

Thembi and S'bu are doing exactly the same thing, they are both trying to protect each other. Thembi is trying to protect S'bu cos he is just bottling his feelings as she thinks that he is coping, and S'bu feels that he shouldn't come out all emotional (Miles' advise of cos), as he is trying to be strong for Thembi. Both are a bit misguided.

04 Nov 2010 07:45

Hayi Johnny, I give up.

sexy d
04 Nov 2010 08:18

Morning all

Can someone pls tell me gore which police station did stone wanted to go dnt they have a police station ko DK cause where they where going it was definately out of soweto..

As for Thembi and Sbu i reserve my comments..

phindy a.k.a rabbit
04 Nov 2010 08:27


@sexy d, mayb johnny changed his mind on their way and told stone dat he daznt wanna go to the nearby police station, so to make sure dat his plan of killling stone weks out very well!!!!!!!!!! 
n this thing of  4givin n 4gettin easily iyahlupha coz otherwise stone wuldnt have even offered 2 drive johnny 2 da police station.
Gail n dat comment

04 Nov 2010 10:53

Where in the world is that Maize field, someone needs to go rescue Stone, lolest.Stone kept on harping on; talking about Johnny you are doing a good thing. I was like dude shut your pie hole, couldn't he see that the man was already on edge without him there going on like that. If Johnny had killed him it would be because he was annoying the crap out of him not because he was blowing the whitsle

orlando east
04 Nov 2010 11:17

Hehe Gail is in love mara the guy seems like a player, poor stone shame

04 Nov 2010 16:40

The guy is a player and we all know that Gail hasn't had a warm body nect to hers in a while so she will take what she can get. I for one was not impressed about the guy, what is so dreamy about him?

04 Nov 2010 18:49

Lol @ Mamokete trying to take the house with her.

04 Nov 2010 18:55

OK, where is the blood?

04 Nov 2010 18:58

Call me old scul bt i can't stand lulus dress!!,Lord help thembi wth the packing and unpacking thing!uyaphakisha uyathulula gees!!!and u mr tshabalala akanagazi it was jst hole

04 Nov 2010 19:14

@Zamu Lmao at Thembi's packin n unpackin.

05 Nov 2010 07:31

Word of advise to Tshabalala, if you are going to shoot shoot! Don't just stand there thinking about it. I am still waiting for the blood to come out.

05 Nov 2010 07:36

Hawu, Mamokete, if your son comes running, telling you that you are in danger and you have to go, you go, especially after someone petrol bombed your house.

05 Nov 2010 07:54

It was so comical to see Kete running around like that trying to take her photo album.

sexy d
05 Nov 2010 08:12

morning all

can someone pls give me the summary of what went down i missed it bcos of eskom sad..

05 Nov 2010 11:37

Thanks bra Johnny, life saver man!

05 Nov 2010 11:41

Hawu sexy d, does Eskom still do load shedding. Anyway, Stone went rushing to the house telling them that they have to go as they are in danger and everyone was asking what was going on and Kop said they had to listen to Stone and leave but Mamokete wanted to save important stuff from the kitchen and they practically had to drag her out, and she only left when Stone promised to bring the stuff. Johnny told Tshabalala that he had taken care of Stone but Tshabalala knew that he was lying

05 Nov 2010 12:16

Finally stone the Angel is leaving - yhu uyadika sana. kude kucaba you will put yo family in danger like that coz u wanna be then hero - no no no bhuti

sexy d
05 Nov 2010 13:37

@calamity yep dear it still does i was so angry i went to bed ealier and thanx for the 411 i will definately watch it 2nite if eskom can feel sori 4 me lol

05 Nov 2010 16:24

Thembi and S'bu had a heart to heart and Thembi decided to stay (like someone said packing and unpacking.

06 Nov 2010 08:49

hawa mabloggerz u stl rokin lyk neva b4 pls rewelcome me bck

b2rc shme poor thembi

07 Nov 2010 12:33

So, this whole Thembi getting pregnant story, I guess we have to use our imagination!

08 Nov 2010 07:45

OK, I know that Johnny save Stone's life, but the guy is still corrupt, I am not saying that Stone should rat on him, he should just point the police in the right direction. Sipho lost his legs because of Johnny's greed therefore he should get a stretch in prison.

08 Nov 2010 07:50

I am still puzzled as to how Tshidi got pregnant, what with Gary always with them, when did they get the time.

08 Nov 2010 07:53

Tshidi and Dylan, sitting on a tree.........

sexy d
08 Nov 2010 08:22

morning all

@Takwesha i think i was the tym when they did a farewel party for gary ko KW cause there was a scene where Dylan gave Gary a condom cause he wanted to sleep with mpumi probably after they left and went to Dylan place and did whatever they did cause de the next day there were smitten about it ko Chilas..

ownah m p
08 Nov 2010 08:55

Hi! gud peeepz!!!!!!!!
The guy Tshabalala deserve 2 die bagaetsho ga a bolo go bogisa sme other . so Wats next ka Jonny???? jst hope dat he is not gonna go jail coz he did it 4 justice. 

wats up ka Tshidi is she preg or what?? Gail  and Pitso make a good couple dnt u think so yeah i think so

08 Nov 2010 14:41

i 2nd you ownah m p they make a good couple,tshidi is preg 
that bustard (tshabalala) deserve to die

08 Nov 2010 16:42

I agree with you all that Tshabalala deserved to die, it was either him or Stone, but then again Johnny has been stealing from the poor all this time, rolling in the fat ish people are struggling out there. The fact of the matter is that he committed fraud and him shooting Tshabala does not absolve him of his previous misdeeds. Fact is that if Stone hadn't showed up when he did and exposed them; they would steal be fleecing the government and lining their own pockets, so we have to look at this from all the different angles. yes, he got rid of Tshabala but then he still needs to face the music for stealing from the poor.

08 Nov 2010 19:04

Thembi is so stubborn!

09 Nov 2010 07:35

Gail and Pitso, a good couple, hah, that remains to be seen, I for one think that Pitso is very ambitious, I thought he was a producer and not a presenter, so what was he doing presenting with Gail, he is an opportunist and leech, gail better watch her back.

09 Nov 2010 07:36

So Dylan only had that one condom? What a douche!

09 Nov 2010 07:41

Thanks sexy d; I guess I missed that one.

09 Nov 2010 07:45

Aag shame; Thula and Suffo tried their best. Am I the only one who thinks that Thembi is a bit selfish?

sexy d
09 Nov 2010 07:57

morning all

@Takwesha i also think so sure we knw she is de one feeling de pain but dat does not mean that if people wanna help she should jst shut their ideas down at the moment she should be doing anything in her power to make sure that de disease is cured but no only her opinions matters

So guys whre is Johnny? lol when suffo put jaftha in his place damn that man is tjatjarag..

09 Nov 2010 12:10

hey gy\uys
i missed yesterday 's episode ,but i will read your comments to catch up

09 Nov 2010 12:32

sorry  guys

09 Nov 2010 12:32

hey good people..m new here and wud lyk to share this world with you.. so sup guys?

sexy d
09 Nov 2010 12:43

@Bubblylav welcome dear hope you enjoy ur stay..

09 Nov 2010 12:49

thnx sexy D...gail is fallin in i want tht guy..Gail wants to take her..and Usbu..shame on him..he's really hurtin

09 Nov 2010 13:11

the guy Gail is Falling for looks like hes gay...or when hes talking he sounds like hes presenting Top Billing *irritating*

09 Nov 2010 14:18

I think Pitso tries too hard to be smooth. Dude, S'bu has swag, you don't! As for Gail, it has been too long, so she will take what she can get, lolest

09 Nov 2010 16:36

I also like the way Suffo stood up to Japhta, it is about time someone put him in his place.

09 Nov 2010 18:59

What did Calvin think was going to happen, did he think that Stone would say all is forgiven and fall into his arms. He didn't even try to tell Stone what was going on!

10 Nov 2010 06:49

Tshini doesn't know that Franco is setting him up?

10 Nov 2010 07:00

So, who is going to be playing Dr. Balthazar?

10 Nov 2010 07:01

Actually Franco is a predator first then a business man, he wouldn't think twice about stabbing someone in their back. talking about 'let's give this baby the bottle it deserves' lolest

sexy d
10 Nov 2010 08:33

morning all

Tshidi pregnant  i wonder how will mamokete and kop react to this news.. 

10 Nov 2010 09:17

@ sexy d....u nt serious bout Tshidi bein pregnant are u>is it Delan...
and hw is it goin between thembi and sbu
ddnt watch yesterdai because of power failure

10 Nov 2010 10:20

I am also waiting with baited breath for that sexy d, remember back when Kop hit Tshidi with a belt? I love the relationship between the guys. They usually give each other good advice!

10 Nov 2010 10:31

hey guys i missed yesterday's episode

is the any1 who can update me please!!!!

sexy d
10 Nov 2010 11:23

@Bubblylav yes dear Tshidi is preg n dylan is de daddy sbu and thembi r getting there nothing excting happened

@cnaz hope this helps
Kop and Mamokete were talking about how they are getting old and they still dont have anything they can leave for their child once they pass on. Calvin went to stone to try and apologise but to no avail stone told him to leave him alone cause his job was done then calvin told him that he really loves him but those words just fell on deaf ears...

Puleng encouraged tshidi to go and take the test but she kept on telling puleng gore she is not pregnant later on that day while she was having lunch with dylan she started to feel nausious again and when  dylan asked wats was wrong and she just say its stress and then excused herself saying she is calling her parents to check on them but she was lying and she called puleng telling her that she will take that test..

10 Nov 2010 18:45

Aaaah Thembi and S'bu, bless!

10 Nov 2010 18:50

These fly by nite people will tell you everything you want to hear!

10 Nov 2010 18:56

Thula is smarter than he looks. Tshidi swems to be messing up left right and center.

11 Nov 2010 07:00

So, that is Dr. Balthazar, he comes off like he cares about Thembi's well being,it is people like that she whould be wary of.

sexy d
11 Nov 2010 09:24

morning all

@Calamity thula is really smart indeed sbu should take his advice. As for that doctor i dont really trust him  he looks a bit doggy to me no one can come to you and be so supportive i think he is just after the money just wait guys and see.. 

11 Nov 2010 09:29

@ sexy D!!..i realy support you on the doctor nt being to be trusted....isnt it the same doctor as Matthwes?poor..sbu,i think he's gon end uo loosin thembi jas to sum stupi things...

I think Tshidi is goin to abort because she's afraid of the parents at home and tellin the guy..eish..

11 Nov 2010 09:39

@Bubbylav she will not abort. 

11 Nov 2010 09:46 she gon bottle things up till the tummy shows or wht..update me pliz dear

11 Nov 2010 10:05

The parents actually find out and there is a meeting between the parents, the teasers say so!

11 Nov 2010 10:43

thats true calamity.

11 Nov 2010 14:14

Hey guys

Our office is so quite today,we just heard that my boss's wife passed away, its sad.

i also dont trust this Dr. Balthazar, how can you heal cance with just herbs, come on Thembi must just do the chemo.

11 Nov 2010 14:15

hey guys
Sis Bee desperately tries to find out why Tshidi visited the clinic ...Nosy Sis Bee tracks Tshidi's clinic booking. copied fom this month teases

Bubblylav -sis bee will tell mankete

thez chemistry between gail and pitso i tell ya...

11 Nov 2010 14:21

sibuuu ...i dont trust that doctor too something is cooking ngaye,thembi shuld do that chemo....and he (doctor) even said you dont have to worry about payments ,the only thing you shuld focus on is to get bette!!!r he e i dont trust him

11 Nov 2010 14:59

@sibuuu...m so sori dear..condolensces to the guy

@cnazo..hey people llky other's businesses..its not Sis Bee's place to tell mma mokete abou the pregnancy..i wonder hw mma mokete is goin to react when she hears the news..

11 Nov 2010 16:29

I hope Kete tells Sis Bee where to get off, nxa, nosy people.

11 Nov 2010 16:30

I just wish people could stop shoving their noses into other people's businesse, it is just so friggin annoying.

11 Nov 2010 18:39

I hope perfume is not on the list. Tshinawa's song is honestly the worst song I have ever heard in my life

12 Nov 2010 06:30

Tshini brought it all on himself, it was just so funny when the last caller said those other listeners were just being emotional and then he laid into Tshini, the look on his face, now that was a Kodak moment.  

12 Nov 2010 06:32

So, just because Thembi is starting to feel better doesn't mean that those herbs are working, at least the doctor called him, see it is not only doctor balthazar who cares about her.

12 Nov 2010 06:41

So, finally Pitso and Gail will get the tension out of their systems. They always use double intendre words.

12 Nov 2010 09:38

i missed it last night  plz update me guys on what happened.

12 Nov 2010 09:55

morning ma beautifull RC,im so happy its friday

@Bubblylav -wonder hw mma mokete is goin to react when she hears the news..
if you still remember the time she foundout that stone is gay she collapsed and  she had this time uzo fainter 4 a week
i also missed yesterdae episode any1 who is willing to update

sexy d
12 Nov 2010 10:05

morning all

Guys dont you think rose and Sis Bee are family they dont have life of their own and they are constantly on other peoples business

As for gail and pitso sure there is chemistry but i think pitso is jst waiting to get on gails pants and after all hell will break lose trust me he is also one of those guys that i dont trust..

Dont miles and lucilla ever miss Buhle but again this is Rc i wont be surprise if he comes back ka di All star or skinny jeans e le lebojwa lol..

12 Nov 2010 11:51

lol sexy d, I was just wondering about Buhle as well, is like the poor child doesn't exist. They could at least mention it in passing.

12 Nov 2010 11:51

lol sexy d, I was just wondering about Buhle as well, is like the poor child doesn't exist. They could at least mention it in passing.

12 Nov 2010 15:29

@calamity n sexy d oho little mathousand is forgotten lol ......i hope tshidi doesnt miscarriage so we see how her life will be with dylan,,,shame kete will die this time, hai thembi must get well shoo phela sbuda is sooo drained is not even funny. 

12 Nov 2010 16:35

Dylan has to answer to Kop Khuse. 

Now this i have to see, poor Kop, is he going to take off his belt?

Tshidi is moved and stunned by Dylan's final decision. 
Does Dylan ask Tshidi to marry him so they can raise the child together? Does Dylan promise to work part time or quit school and look for a job to help support the child.?

We will have to wait and see.

12 Nov 2010 18:57

There is a camera in studio, and it seems to be rolling!

15 Nov 2010 06:44

So, Gail has finally relented, poor woman and a camera is getting all the action. Is she going to go the KimK route?

15 Nov 2010 06:52

So, Thembi is only feeling cos she stopped the Chemo, and here she was thinking that those herbs and everything were working miracles.

sexy d
15 Nov 2010 08:31

morning all

Now that pitso has got it all she does not care about gail or even her reputation shame but this will teach her a lesson not to think about  you knw wat but 2 think ka brain ya gagwe..

@Takwesha i also cant wait to see how kop will discipline Dylan but with a belt i dont think so lol.. guys since stone is leaving again why dont they bring naomi back..

15 Nov 2010 09:09

I think someone big is brewing ka Naomi. We all know that when she comes back it's going to be with a bang. They need to give that baby the bottle it deserves.

15 Nov 2010 13:45

meant something big is brewing!

15 Nov 2010 16:37

I bet Naomi is going to come back with a bang.

15 Nov 2010 16:45

I am not so sure about Pitso and Gail, sure there are sparks between them but hayi, something is just not right.

15 Nov 2010 18:49

I thinl Kilowatt is due a facelift. Whatever happened to the Hot Plate guys!

16 Nov 2010 06:51

Fats is right, sometimes when you try and help people, they turn the tables on you and you come out looking like you are just a jealous person. At times I just give people enough rope!

16 Nov 2010 07:13

good morning guys i thoght thembi was geting better what happened?

sexy d
16 Nov 2010 08:06

morning all

@blackie she is not i think that de doctor knws very well wen a patient stops de chemo she will feel better and think that his medicene are working but they are not. Guys mark my words that doctor is very dodgy i dont trust him a bit hope miles comes to de rescue soon..

I wonder wat will tshidi do now since it was her turn to see a doctor, puleng well done you are indeed a good friend..

By de way wen will puleng and suffocate hook up its long overdue..

16 Nov 2010 10:11

hey guys, i think thembi should go back to chemo i still think that doctor is after money i dont trust him, as for tshidi i actualy felt sorry for her but i dont think abortion is an answer.

16 Nov 2010 10:37

16 Nov 2010 11:30

hey morning guys, hope you are all gud n have a fab day...

16 Nov 2010 16:50

The doctor is very charming and he looks like he can charm the birds out of trees.

16 Nov 2010 18:41

Dylan, will you marry me! Such a sweet guy man!

16 Nov 2010 18:46

Sis Bee should be fired, whatever happened to privacy?

16 Nov 2010 19:21

whats bee going nw as she jst duin what is gud 4 tshidi...n what is gvn me shock is sbu is so easy on evrythn n is jealous of hs father clever brains.what miles c is true.n tshidi is cofused sheem n kete wl go lyk wow n faint agen

16 Nov 2010 19:22

whats bee going nw as she jst duin what is gud 4 tshidi...n what is gvn me shock is sbu is so easy on evrythn n is jealous of hs father clever brains.what miles c is true.n tshidi is cofused sheem n kete wl go lyk wow n faint agen

17 Nov 2010 06:45

I now have a major crush on Dylan. His mama obviously raised him right.

sexy d
17 Nov 2010 08:43

morning all

17 Nov 2010 09:07

lovin ppl Luvyal

17 Nov 2010 09:09

Morning sexy d.

17 Nov 2010 14:51

hey ma bloggers u reali think tshidi s gon terminate the pregnancy as she sad?eish?it reali hurts u kwn..

17 Nov 2010 16:04

MEN NEVER LISTEN!!!! In a Hospital , a gentleman had made several attempts to get into the men's restroom, but it had always been occupied. A nurse noticed his predicament. Sir, she said "You may use the ladies room if you promise not to touch any of the buttons on the wall." He did what he needed to, and as he sat there he noticed the buttons he had promised not to touch. Each button was identified by letters: WW, WA , PP20 and a red one labelled ATR. Who would know if he touched them? He couldn't resist.. He pushed WW. Warm water was sprayed gently upon his bottom. What a nice feeling, he thought. Men's restrooms don't have nice things like this. Anticipating greater pleasure, he pushed the WA button. Warm air replaced the warm water, gently drying his underside. When this stopped, he pushed the PP button. A large powder puff caressed his bottom adding a fragile scent of spring flower to this unbelievable pleasure. The ladies restroom was more than a restroom, it is tender loving pleasure. When the powder puff completed its pleasure, he couldn't wait to push the ATR button which he knew would be supreme ecstasy. Next thing he knew he opened his eyes, he was in a hospital bed, and a nurse was staring down at him. "What happened?" he exclaimed. "The last thing I remember was pushing the ATR button." "The button ATR is an Automatic Tampon Remover. Your penis is under your pillow." MEN NEVER LISTEN

17 Nov 2010 16:14

Lolest charmagal, you don't mind if I copy this to my e-mail do you?

18 Nov 2010 06:43

Dr Balthazar sounded a bit cuckoo. He seems to actually believe in his medicine. he makes it seems like it is him against the world. 
Adios Stone, it's been real. Good luck in Guatamala. (At least it was a bit original, not like in other soaps where people go to Oz, London and Cape Town)

18 Nov 2010 07:08

That Dr balthazar has just proven that he is a shifty character. As for people being brainwashed. Like Miles said, the guy practically hung himself with the proverbial rope, innocently supplied by Miles. Sometimes people who are as sick as Thembi, become so gullible that people like Thembi would believe him if he were to tell them that the sky is yellow.

18 Nov 2010 08:13

@ingenuity- no prb at al

18 Nov 2010 08:18

Sometimes people who are as sick as Thembi, become so gullible that people like Thembi would believe him if he were to tell them that the sky is yellow.

iI guess its a goodbye to stoan once again
shm poor  thsidi nw dat her brother is gne whos she gona speak to?
cnt wait to c mamkete collpse wen she hears dat her daughter is preg o had an arbotion coz as long as sisbee is stl on rc ey will definitely fnd out bwt t

sexy d
18 Nov 2010 08:51

morning all

Where is that place where he is going?(Gautamala)?

I also feel sori for kete she will definately faint once she hears this but also i want to knw tshidi is not the only teenager or should i say young adult in the soapie but everything seems to revolve around her e.g dating dangerous men, drugs, not writing matric bcos of friends and now pregnacy come on creators use other charactors cause they show needs something to challenge them..

Naomi Naomi Naomi pls pls come back we miss u..

18 Nov 2010 10:14

u cn say dat again sexy-d
Guatemala is a small country in central America
i also thnk they mus brng bck naomi 

18 Nov 2010 13:35

i think all the  girls are in love with Dylan, unfortunately i cant find someone like Dylan.

So Stoan is leaving?  bye bye hopefully you will come back as i love seeing you, hot thing.

18 Nov 2010 13:42

charmagal and sexy d ...i also think naomi shuld come back,lu and miles kudala bonwabile

onza1 tym
18 Nov 2010 15:35

hi!!!! gud people 
m new here hope u gonna welcome me in this crazy, fun world cauz hey i definetly love this world its fun an peace nd joyful.

18 Nov 2010 16:10

I would definitely marry Dylan.

18 Nov 2010 18:48

Miles is right, if he had a miracle cure, people would be breaking down his door so he could cure them. Miles should send his so called medicine to a lab to have it tested. Whatever happened to the court case, is Buhle still David's heir?

19 Nov 2010 06:59

Miles should just keep quite and do his research, instead of going on and on about it, S'bu already thinks that he is undermining him.

19 Nov 2010 07:03

Tshidi should not make a rush decision. I don't know what she is having a go at Dylan for, she said that she doesn't want to keep the child, must be the hormones.

onza1 tym
19 Nov 2010 08:26

kante why cnt Tshidi leave the poooor thin alone cant she jst leave with it than 2 terminate it. why cant Tshidi take Puleng's advice?

 m so hurt that Stone is no longer with his family hey i love that family more especially when  Bro KOP call Stone: Son its so nice.

sexy d
19 Nov 2010 08:33

morning all

guys we all know miles his bark is more than his bite he should not try harder to convince sbu, lu and thembi but try to find evidence on that doctor then they will beleive him but as for now they wont

Tshidi should just keep the baby she and dylan may decide to terminate but wat will happen later cause there is a great posibility that dylan will blame her in future and call her a murderer

19 Nov 2010 08:33

Onza1 tym -you welcome luv,feel free i can see that you 've already made a cup of tea for your self lol!!!

eish guys i missed the whole week episode but i will watch 2morrw,tshidi want to terminate the baby ?

19 Nov 2010 08:39

mrng guys i missed yday's episode sum1 update me plz
@onza1tym im wth u i luv dsat fam as well n stone is livin tshidi in dis situation

19 Nov 2010 08:55

Kete receives a visitor who brings terrible news  -i thnk this wld be sis bee revealin tshidi s secrete

19 Nov 2010 10:39

@onza1 tym welcome hope u enjoy your stay.

i dont blame miles for questioning the Dr Balthazar,he should try to convience thembi to go back to Chemo, as for sbu he should stop fighting miles in everything and grow up, he is just looking out for thembi.

onza1 tym
19 Nov 2010 11:04

@ Sibuuu thanx darlin i enjyd my stay

and to evry1 hu welcomed me i apreciate it a lot darling's

Thembi le ene mst know her stand than to be confused its like every doctor hu comes she go with it

onza1 tym
19 Nov 2010 11:04

@ Sibuuu thanx darlin i enjyd my stay

and to evry1 hu welcomed me i apreciate it a lot darling's

Thembi le ene mst know her stand than to be confused its like every doctor hu comes she go with it

19 Nov 2010 11:29

19 Nov 2010 13:31

i hate that ivan person, i see no point in his story line!!!

whatever happened to u Joy Cele/ bucie???? shame poor thing they must bring her back to work at 9nine!!!!!!!!!!!! she'll make a fine co-dj with u Gail! imagine all the hotness in one room, brothas would be glued on their tvoz!

heheheh, anywho ndidikiwe nangulo Thembi ndini ugulayo, unanton kanene????

19 Nov 2010 13:33

oh and one more thing, Pitso hunny you can have me anytime u want, a fine brotha like u deserves a good lookin hunny like me! ***wink wink***

19 Nov 2010 17:23

It seems that someone wants to have theor way with Pitso, catfight!

20 Nov 2010 09:39

I honestly don't think that Tshidi is going to have an abortion cos they have dealt with the abortion story before.

22 Nov 2010 07:39

Tshidi just flips out like that, the hormones are raging.

sexy d
22 Nov 2010 08:22

morning all

Sis Bee is too nosey for my liking how can she go through the medical bookings i thought they were confidantial 

22 Nov 2010 09:47

Exactly sexy d, then she goess off and tells Kete, she should be fired!

22 Nov 2010 09:58

@Mawe@ i dont think pitso is hot at all.

i also dont think tshidi will terminate the pregnancy because she is having douts now.

22 Nov 2010 11:49

Lol @ sibuu, I also don't think Pitso is all that and a bag of chips!

22 Nov 2010 11:51

@sibuuu, why not!!  i think he is!!! anywho my opinion neh??

tshidi will not abort , but i doubt dylan's parents will accept the kid...

22 Nov 2010 12:05

@Mawe@ he has a big bud, and he looks a bit chubby for me.

22 Nov 2010 18:40

Hello opinion, I love Dylan & Tshidi's relationship, very real couple...I hope they get to keep their baby, would be an interesting storyline :)

22 Nov 2010 21:37

That damn nurse!

23 Nov 2010 08:20

hey everyone..
somebody plis update me..wasnt watchin yesterdai's bad

onza1 tym
23 Nov 2010 09:35

hi gud pips!!!!
@bubblylav  is there a television at ur grab? everytym u wnt 2 be updated. 
anyway Tshidi and Dylan agrred that there is will stop the termination of the baby they will kip it for now and they will decide after the period of 3 mouths wat more do u want?????

 uncle miles is busy duin research on this Doctor B Thembi"doctor

23 Nov 2010 12:06

@bubblyluv sisB checked the appointment book @ the clinic and found Tshidi's name and the dat for termination.

sis b is so noisy sis, as for miles i dont blame him for not trusting the doctor, the man look suspicius.

23 Nov 2010 18:34

If you know that what you are doing i wrong then why are you doing it Sis Bee?

23 Nov 2010 18:57

Just want to wipe the smugness off of Pitso's face! Hawu Mamokete, I know it came as a shock but that was a bit harsh. S'bu should just let go of his resentment towards his father and be objective for once, cos right now it seems as if when Miles tells him something, he does the exact oposite which is a bit juvenile.

onza1 tym
25 Nov 2010 07:47

TWO HUDRED THOUSANDS?????? come on Thembi thats 2 mch that man is  gonna ruin ur life so becareful. This  poor gal nid help  a seriuos help pips.

26 Nov 2010 15:10

ppl wer u

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