Spotlight On: Sandy Ehrenreich (Ngema)

Written by Tashi from the blog Motswako on 03 Oct 2010
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On Motswako this Monday (4 October 2010):

Once upon a time there was a young woman from KZN, who knew that her life was just not ordinary. She pursued her wildest dreams, met a handsome prince and lived successfully ever after.

Sandy Ehrenreich (née Ngema) is the subject of tonight’s fairytale. Penny has a gal pal chat to her about life, love and everything women deserve.

To honour her hometown, the show also visits KZN in search of more stars in the making.

Motswako is on SABC2 on Mondays at 21h30.


04 Oct 2010 17:51

On the promo for this show Sandy says "I consider myself Zulu." Consider? WTH? I won't be watching because Motswako is a total waste of time on any given Moday but adding aboSindy aba superficial, hay' ngekhe.  

06 Oct 2010 10:49

How do you consider yourself zulu either you zulu or not.

06 Oct 2010 11:14

LOL true

06 Oct 2010 11:54

Hey I watched the show and Sandy was busy dishing her nasal english from youg age and all those things of being a coconut.

There is one thing I don't get with TV women be actresses or presenters...if they are no longer visible on our small screens they will  be called BUSINESSWOMEN.Is it for real that all those women who are no longer appearing on TV are businesswomen? Im posing this question because when Penny introduced Sand she said 'the businesswomen...bla bla bla "

I wasn't aware that Sandy entered Miss SA TJO!! Good thing she did not win I don't think she is that beautiful.

On Sandy being coloured ai I don't even see anything on or in her that indicates mixture of hues.The woman is Zulu...whose mum happened to marry a coloured dude and the mum was already having Sindy with a Zulu man.So Sandy's step dad is a coloured...and I think her mum did not correct her that coloured was not her dad 

phindy a.k.a rabbit
06 Oct 2010 12:02

he he he ppl can talk hhaibo!!

06 Oct 2010 12:07

Her fakeness is the exact reason why i don't like her. Is it still an "in" thing to pretend you're something that you're not *ethnic wise* to fit in??..... Was it ever in?? Mxncmm wharreva!!

06 Oct 2010 12:33

yah she is tall, like a drag queen. I cant stand this woman and her fakeness. She has always wanted to be white. You look at her history in tv and the people she associated herself with... white white white. I am not surprised that she would want to be coloured. Thats the closest to white she can ever be. I actually feel sorry for her. Does she even love her husband or just the colour of his skin?

06 Oct 2010 12:52

@taz and sarocks hahaha GPY to tell you the truth i didn't even bother to watch that motswako thing,the way a buang kateng like ke le kgowa or something really turned me off.

06 Oct 2010 18:24

Tazteeq and Sarocks, tjo!!! LMAO....You too are haters *thath'i cover*

08 Oct 2010 15:09

i can't stand her fakeness and her cleavage....tjo she's forever showing amabele ngaphandle - i was struggling to watch SCD coz of that...everytime i'd be like oh my word!!! doesn't she have children or friends who'll tell her that its distracting and too much- i mean you’d want to listen to what she’s saying but u can’t really coz them boobs are saying “look at me look at me”… ag man

08 Oct 2010 15:23

ya mara Sandy eish......@ sips “look at me look at me”… lolment

 @ sarocks Does she even love her husband or just the colour of his skin?
  ey ya it's possible to love the hue of somebody neh??

@tazteeq....there's absolutely NOTHING coloured about are so so very very correct and right

Sandy just go for plastic surgery like Whacko Jacko did and change your face......Sandy must listen to MJ's "colour of my skin"

Lobby the girl
08 Oct 2010 16:18

I wasn't aware that Sandy entered Miss SA TJO!! Good thing she did not win I don't think she is that beautiful.
 lejazz..she is not beautiful period..

08 Oct 2010 20:55

this ONE is for all you hating PUTA'S i.e GOLDENSTA,Sibuu,cande,lejazz,zahoo,Tazteeq,Sarocks,sips and you triflin beeeeeeeaaaaatches lobby the girl who probably can not speak proper english or write proper english you big time haters cos you haven't made it in your all probably all come from DET education thats why y'all can't speak clear or write proper english,SHAME typical BLACKS.Did you know that she is the first black african face on mainstream white SABC3 before your brothers and sisters VUYO MBULI AND MPHO SONO and even BASETSANE.she paved the way for all your brothers and sisters, even MISS SA she paved the way for people like your beloved jackie mofokeng[talk about drag queen?].try your best but y'all will still be 'NIGGA'S' and not blacks{ask chris rock wat that means PUTAS}.i'm sure some of you also called yourselves coloured when it suited you!You don't know her mother so don't talk trash about her mother who died of cancer or maybe it's because some of you don't know your father's because you momma's were BABE MAMA'S and tried to trap the men they slept with just like some of you are still trying to do today.WANT SOME MORE....BRING IT.SEE Y'ALL SOON PUTA'S

11 Oct 2010 11:33

11 Oct 2010 22:19

yeah,just as i thought you beeaaatches are speechless,im back beeeaaatches WHAT!WHAT! got nothing to say right?guess most of you do your blogs from your jobs co's y'all can't afford a laptop"SHAME BOETIE NABO SISI" YOU can't afford it you can't afford it you can't afford it co's y'all on the welfare y'all on the welfare.look @ my time it's not work hours it's a SONY! leave my family alone puta's

11 Oct 2010 22:39

la tseba, whenever i read angery responses like mamidabs's, i picture how furious they must be looking and u even read with the tone they possibly could be using.

I wonder is angry responses ever make a diffrence, i hope so, but i think blogs are things not worth anyone get worked up about.

For what its worth mami...,your profanities aside, i hear you.
I personally dont have a problem with Sandy, Carol and the baffles me how a lot of women hate on it their accents?...what have they really done to anger sistas so much??.
Im truly curious Bcos nna what i see about them is dynamic women who are movers and shakers in some way or another, and thats admirable about them.
Or are they maybe getting about their business in underhanded ways,hence the backlash they recieve.
Someone help....because if its about them and how they speak, who they have married..superficial things..then i think ladies and gents we have issues.

11 Oct 2010 23:19

hey ya'll i think everybody has to think b4 they speak if u don't know a person personally then one couldn't possibly have anything to say.i'm convinced it's just pure jealousy b'coz maybe no man would look @ them twice whether he was black or white so let's stop the nonsense and admit that some people are just jealous and will never be able to figure out they aren't making it

08 Sep 2011 14:26

... So ... Mamidabs has issues with herself .... The pattern is clear wherever she has commented ... Ohhhhhh Wellll !!!!!

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