Why Did I Get Married Too?

Written by Segololo from the blog Movieholic Rantings on 28 Sep 2010
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“Why did I get married?” was a hit movie that tackled marital issues and joys by introducing Tyler Perry fans to 4 couples who have annual retreats to rekindle their relationships but find themselves leaving the holiday with more problems. 

The couples are old college friends : -
Perfect Patricia (Janet Jackson) married to architect Gavin (malik Yoba), 

Christian Sheila(Jill Scott) previously married to abusive Mike (Richard T. Jones) now married to sherrif Troy (Lamman Rucker), 

Lunatic Angela (Tasha Smith) married to former Football star Marcus (Michael Jai White)

Workaholic Dianne (Sharon Leal) married to pediatrician and homemaker Terry (Tyler Perry) 

WDIGM patricia

In the sequel “why did I get married, too?” the couples reunite for a most welcome retreat to the Bahamas to relax and rekindle their flames however they find themselves carrying all their emotional baggage and stresses with. 

Patricia is bottling up her emotions and the marriage has taken a point of no return with her husband Gavin. This relationship was too much to handle; and the casting of Janet Jackson to carry this heavy role was a burden for her. She did not convince me in the original movie, and she dismally failed again (for me) in this one. 

Angela has sought solace in the bottle and has now increased her verbal abuse on her husband Marcus since he has found a job. Angela gives the movie the best moments with her over-the-top behavior and handling of her relationship. 

Sheila, who recently went through a divorce from Mike, has to face the marital financial challenges with her new husband Troy. Mike is also not making it an easy situation for her. 

Dianne gave her husband Terry the son he always wanted and seems to be glowing at work in more ways than one. 

WDIGM Angela

Absolutely riveting drama, funny and serious storyline that builds your excitement to a crescendo and then they pull the floor right from under you; you plummet to nothing. Somewhere in those last minutes, thescenes make you feel like Tyler Perry was dead tired and just wanted to end the damn thing! 

I absolutely hated the last 5 minutes of the movie. The whole movie the story built me up to excitement levels that made me realize there’s challenges in every marriage and there is nothing wrong with not having solutions to some of the issues or simply doing what is right for you as a couple. AN THEN the ending just zaps all that juice out! 

I will give this movie 4 segs stars for the on the edge of your seat moments it gave me. I would defs recommend it for those that love drama and other people’s bizniz! 

The movie starts showing at Ster-Kinekor theaters on the 1st October 2010. 

WDIGM2 pos

website: http://www.whydidigetmarriedtoomovie.com/
Director: Tyler Perry
Censorship: PG13SLDV (Rated PG-13 for thematic material including sexuality, language, drug references and some domestic violence)
Movie length: 121 minutes
IMDB Score: 2.6/10
Genre: Dramedy 

Giveaway – Ster-Kinekor has hinted at look into a Tyler Perry hamper for 2 lucky blogger. The first 2 bloggers to send me an email at segololo@tvsa.co.za with an answer to the below question wins 

Q: What is Dianne and Terry’s daughter’ name? 

Closing date: 01 October 2010


28 Sep 2010 13:53

Patricia and Terry???????????
U mentioned a son between Dianne and Terry only no daughters,lol
and why wud Patricia and Terry have a daughter if Patricia is with Gavin ???????

28 Sep 2010 13:55

felfel - OOPS!!!! Thanks for the great eyes!

Want the name to Dianne and Terry' daughter....

28 Sep 2010 13:59

The answer's Kenya!!

1st October 2010. >>> OMG the movie's not out yet and i've already seen it!!
It's nice though but i enjoyed the first one more

28 Sep 2010 14:20

Zah000 I hope you are right coz i just copied your answer for the competition.

28 Sep 2010 14:21

i have seen it 2  Zah000- i think the second one its much better than the first one.

28 Sep 2010 14:21

"with the same hand that you used to open that door, can you use the same hand to write a check? huh Marcus can you write a check?Marcus paid the bills, I'll drink to that! Marcus got a job, I'll drink to that!"

"You know I have 5 brothers just waiting Marcus!"

I can never get enough of Angela.....lol!

28 Sep 2010 14:26

Hawu Zah now u r spoiling my winning.....Sego i swear i didnt see that ansa.

28 Sep 2010 14:28

kwakwaaaa @ tizoz!! #classic... Gotta love her!!

LOL Mathaz. I hope i'm right

28 Sep 2010 14:28

Me too Tzoz. I wish i have a gf like that lol. No secrets!

28 Sep 2010 14:29

I can't wait to see it :-)

28 Sep 2010 14:32

lol @ Myname... gudluck with that gal, 

The funniest scene is when Angela wants to get laid and Marcus had a "headache" I was like, WTH men get headaches as well...lol!

28 Sep 2010 14:39

i've seen seen this movie its very nice
lol angela and his husby are the craziest couple

sexy d
28 Sep 2010 14:50

yah neh  it is indeed a nyc movie i just seen it myself..
@tizoz lol thats angela for u luv the chick by de way..

28 Sep 2010 14:52

i saw da movie lyk 4-5 months ago . i was shocked to see showings. eish piracy. anyway it a very nice and sad movie

28 Sep 2010 15:06

I am also one of the people who saw the movie long time ago. My favourate scene was when Angela thought the husband was cheating on her, she came home in the middle of the day with a gun only to find out it is the gardener doing his thing in her bedroom. But that woman is crazy, how can they even name her Angela?

28 Sep 2010 15:11

@ fruity.....that scene is a killer!!

I  hated the part where one of the characters get killed in a car accident! Tjo....that was sad!

28 Sep 2010 15:14

lol swazzy piracy shem, i also have seen this

28 Sep 2010 15:15

I love Angel's character,hilarious!

28 Sep 2010 15:57

yall gotta love Piracy....
my fav scene was where angela was splashes with the dead persons ashes, after she did the sexy halley berry walking out of the beach thing...enden she went back to the ocean to wash off the ashes..

also where she was busy "i want your pin..i want your pin" and his hubby gave it to her...via vonki

28 Sep 2010 16:08

Noord ke R10 mo strateng...i bought it friday.

28 Sep 2010 16:32

I love the movie especially Angela that woman is crazy I am telling you not that I am complaining though

29 Sep 2010 08:59

I can’t wait to see the movie this coming weekend. Angela happens to be my favorite actress crazy as always.

29 Sep 2010 10:29

Thanks Segs, will most definately go and watch it.

29 Sep 2010 10:55

For me, the best quote is when Angela is fighting with Marcus and says "Just because I am going through a little recession? that justifies you to bring someone into my bed, Marcus?"

29 Sep 2010 11:16

Ahh I am buying it erobhothini-nx I bought stupid Salt.

29 Sep 2010 11:53

Angela neh!!! I love that cazy chick damn she is crazy Geezz

29 Sep 2010 13:42

lol Tzhavile! I can imagine her with that voice.



kiki X
29 Sep 2010 15:45

Angela kills me.......I love her.....kwaaaaaa @ The Password and on checking Marcus' heart beat.....hehehheeh,even on Daddy's Little Girls she crazy there too.

29 Sep 2010 15:57

when she said to her friends that she calculates Marcus's mileagei just died shem...

29 Sep 2010 19:05

lol, you guys are killing me with Angela's lines...
She was wicked in Daddy's little girls true..also in ATL, i loved how she'd make the twins in their thieving glamour sit in the boot or something close...akadlali uAngela,love her!

I watchd the bootlegged version nami moons ago:-(, but im gonna go watch it properly with friends next weekend.

My fav line from angela that i love using when im trying to sound over the top is  "i will mob the floor with your behind"....ofcourse ive never come close to doing tht...

30 Sep 2010 09:55

lol @ Green Arrow and mopping the floor... LMAO!

More Angela quote's

Marcus: Could you lay off of that for a while?
Angela: Could you go to HELL for a while? 

Angela: Now whose idea was it for us to come up to the snow? Now y'all know colored folks and water don't get along - IN ANY FORM?

Mike: Trina, beware. Angela. also known as the bitter-one.
Angela: I am also known as the ass-kicking one.

Trina: You belong in the kitchen.
Angela: And you belong on the corner. Need a pimp? 

30 Sep 2010 10:22

mebelieves there's an Angela in all women, most know how to control her... but at times she comes out and shockes people.. Angela is every woman's alter-ego.. 

Marcus: Come on, Angela. I got a job.
Angela: Marcus, you work for me. If I didn't own that salon, you wouldn't have nothing!

ANd the male alter-ego is MIKE!!! THAT man makes me angry!

30 Sep 2010 10:36

good staff Sego....LOL...im finished. 
Angela: And you belong on the corner. Need a pimp? ......heish..good staff-o...lolest

I cannot for the life of me find the dialoge in the train from the first WDIGM, the one where she and Marcus are in the train and the two gay guys with Feefee are talking about them and she went ballistic on sum feefee this and feefee that...just thinking about that has me rolling on the floor.

30 Sep 2010 10:50

ANd the male alter-ego is MIKE!!! THAT man makes me angry!..he makes my sister even mad too.....she was rattled when she saw him ko Terminator-Sarah Conor's  last week, i laughed so hard coz she nearly changed the channel, lol.

Mna i always remember him laughing NON STOP at Sheila in the first one when she wore that nite dress. if it wasnt such a sad scene i would have laughed along..his laughetr is contagious.

But in WDIGM too...i was annoyed beyond words at his anctics, how dare he try to wizzle his way back after what he did to sheila, banna mara. Wish all girls who are faced with characters like him in real life have an Angela type of friend..or even Madea.

having said that....but im so in love with Richard T. Jones..since judging Amy, and he's the reason why i hung onto the Terminator series...hmmmmmm:-)
Did i mention he also had a lil cameo in phone booth..one of my favs...hmmm:-)

30 Sep 2010 10:53

Cant wait to watch the Movie this weekend...thanks Sego

kwaaaakwakwa at GA....so you only use that line infront of your mirror huh?LOL

I loved this one 2 : Trina: You belong in the kitchen.
Angela: And you belong on the corner. Need a pimp?

Did you give away the tickets yet Sego?

30 Sep 2010 10:57

Train conversation... 

Angela: I am trying to save a damn marriage here!

30 Sep 2010 11:36

okay sego this is where u hang out - nc nc nc

30 Sep 2010 12:17

eish gals u've said it all, angella is just great i also loved her in daddy's little gals. She knows her thing and the whole movie was great cos of her. Abt mikes laff i so agree with u they r contageous but cldnt laff coz i was flng sorry 4 sheilla as foy too havent watched it yet, let me go and buy the dvd.

30 Sep 2010 13:27

kwaaaakwakwa at GA....so you only use that line infront of your mirror huh?LOL ...*hiding*..lol Pihikza...i say it on the mirror when im practising the confrontation only to get there and be diplomatic and "meek"..mci...lol
And i say it after i hang up the phone with the person who had supposedly pissed me off.

Bo..."ungijwaela kabi...i will mob the floor with her behind"....and in the mix i picture myself with wicked superpowers were im holding her behind with one arm, mopping the floor ka superspeed (superwoman)....:-(...ke sono ka nna.

hai mara one day is one day.....i will realise my fantasies!!

Angela: I am trying to save a damn marriage here! ...lol,thats the one Sego, in that fabulous fur jacket and the cute alcohol bottle in hand. 

30 Sep 2010 13:36

tjo talk about getting spoiled!

Is it too late to enter Sego seeing as it's not the 1st yet? mara on the real though, how can it take 2 bloggers 3 days to come up with the answer heheheh

30 Sep 2010 13:51

LOL @ Tazteeq ...

30 Sep 2010 13:58

Angela Angela Angela!!! That woman is crazy

There's somewhere in the movie where Patricia is telling her that she wants to be in control of the relationship and I LURVED her response:

"Pat, I am not trying to control this man. I don't wanna control him, I just want him to do what I say." She one crazy woman... I also wonder why her name is Angela.. There's nothing Angelic about that character.. Zilch

30 Sep 2010 14:22

can i tell you something all Angela,s are no Angelic, talking from experience

30 Sep 2010 14:26

lol maud I guess you're right but hey man this one is crazy! I'm trying to think of any Angelas I know. Ai I only know Angela from Generations :-)

30 Sep 2010 14:30


Angela: Trick (sp), was anybody talkin' to you?
Trina: Trick??
Angela: As in sl!t, tr!mp, wh!re. What, you don't know your name??

30 Sep 2010 14:35

MIKE - Mna i always remember him laughing NON STOP at Sheila in the first one when she wore that nite dress. if it wasnt such a sad scene i would have laughed along..his laughetr is contagious.

Now dont get me wrong I love Sheila cause am not so thin myself but that scene I cant contain myself it is hilarious the way Mike laughs @ her!

Mike is hot bathong you can't hate him... he is shaggable...lol

30 Sep 2010 14:37


Angela: Trick (sp), was anybody talkin' to you?
Trina: Trick??
Angela: As in sl!t, tr!mp, wh!re. What, you don't know your name?? 

Kwa Kwa Kwa Kwa Kwa Kwa!

30 Sep 2010 15:15

@ Tizoz.....I also like Mike, and yes he's shaggable! 

Angela is a classic in all her movies.....I love her 

30 Sep 2010 15:17

Tox, I have to give peeps time... hau! If I give an hour then no-one enters because the deadline goes fast... 

The Mike-Sheila bedroom scene

(sheila walks into bedroom wearing lingerie and stands by the door. Mike reading a mag on the bed)

Sheila: Hey!
Mike: What the hell have you got on?
Sheila: Trina said you might like it.
Mike: Heeeeeee heheeeee (laughing) Trina lied! hahahhahahaha! Trina set you up. You need to smack Trina. Hahahahahahahha! You look like you are wearing a damn tent! Hahahahhaahhahah! You gotta tell me- Hahahahahahhahahhah!

Sheila: Mike, I want us to work.
Mike: Ooh! That's a good start, baby. tl heeeee hehehehhehe! (laughs)

: I love you. I've always loved you. What do I have to do to make it work? 

(Serious): Well, you could lose about 50 pounds. Then I might be somewhat attracted to you. I might. and um-oh! Something you can do now. You can turn off the lamp. You are beginning to glow. Heeeeeeee heheeeee hahahah! Look like the cow that jumped over the moon. heeeee heeee hehehaha! Trina! haheeeehheeeeee! Oh, that girl is funny. I tell ya. hehehehehehheee!

30 Sep 2010 15:21

Eish Sego i still remember that scene even the colour of that Temptation.

I never find it funny nna guys. Shame poor Shiella. But im glad she god Troy.

30 Sep 2010 15:22

kwakwakwaaaaaaa!! tltltltltltl

30 Sep 2010 15:25

@myname>> I also don't find it funny when i'm watching it. But now that i'm reading it i'm CTFU

30 Sep 2010 15:38

kwa kwa kwa...Sego..you are dangerous now....lolest,my tummy!

Sheila: Trina said you might like it. ....in a soft innocent oblivious dunno voice..nxoo..
Mike: Heeeeeee heheeeee (laughing) Trina lied! hahahhahahaha! Trina set you up. You need to smack Trina. Hahahahahahahha! You look like you are wearing a damn tent! Hahahahhaahhahah! You gotta tell me- Hahahahahahhahahhah!
Kwaa....thats were i fight tears and laughter....damn evil Mike....

Trina lied...you need to smack trina...ya ne...

PS: Vesa, Tizoz, hands of my hubby guys.... or ill get all angela on both of ya!!*summoning my iiiiiiiiiiinner angela*

30 Sep 2010 15:46

i rememba watching the movie for the first time with a couple of gals most of dem were more than Sheila big guys i really cracked at that scene and come to think of it they've neva invited me to their get to gethers eva since then yhooooooo

it's hilarious bathong especially the turn off the light u're beginning to glow part yhooo mme

30 Sep 2010 15:52

The movie didn't "wow" me like the all Tylers movies. It was just okay....

picture myself with wicked superpowers were im holding her behind with one arm, 
mopping the floor ka superspeed (superwoman)....:-(...ke sono ka nna.

LMAO GA!!!! Nc nc you need to stop watching smallville.!

30 Sep 2010 16:01

@Taz Cracking The F!ck Up

30 Sep 2010 16:07

Maddie..you are bad bad bad!...*chuckling*

CODYYYYYYYY !!!.....hiiiiii ses'aka....mcwa mcwa mcwa mmmccccwaaah!!!.......im acting all crazy, good thing im alone....
hai no..Smallvile is my best escape ke busy ka season 9 nou, i stop with it and gone is my fantasy world no no no..no!

01 Oct 2010 08:50

This is my fave Madea Video - Tyler Perry is the man!!


"she was the worst. absolute worst. you couldn't have gotten worse if you had prayed and said "God send me worse. Bless me with worse"


01 Oct 2010 09:07

aah Sego....LMLO. That youtupe clip is on my favorates so i can reach for it when i need a laugh....plus its the best 10 minutes relationship adbice EVER!!!!!

Then again the entire play is awesum!!!...TP is DA MAN!!...echoed.

Loooooove the Maya Angelou impersonation in the clip..:.."If someone...shows you who they are......Believe them"...classic.
Almost as classic as that like that line from the colour purpple "she"
"All my life i had to fight!!...i loveSd Harpo but id KILL HIm Dead bfore i let him BEAT ME!"

Angela got nothing on MADEA!

01 Oct 2010 16:50

kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....i love Angela's lines they just kille me...."everytime Marcus lies he says *You know what i'm saying*

01 Oct 2010 16:59

Madea is crazy........."Lord of Meshack, Shadrack and that Billy Goat, Lord of Mary....J Blige.....Kwaaaa Madea praying

04 Oct 2010 08:41

LMAO @ Madea prayer... Tjo! that old woman is hectic!

Did any of the bloggers watch this over the past weekend?

AM eager to hear your thoughts?

04 Oct 2010 11:08

i watched it but i think i love the first one
and Yes Angela is the boom

"Marcus i want the password " lol

04 Oct 2010 11:44

zozoe - you are a malik yoba fan, right? 

04 Oct 2010 11:45

Was chatting to a friend who saw it this past weekend and somehow he laid to rest my rambling mind on the question "What happened to the Patricia and Gavin marriage?"

my friend simply said "you see it everywhere! think of all the couples that divorced that you know - some of them it might have been a shock that they were not as happy as they seemed to everyone. you see happily loving couple one day, the next you hear they are not together any more and you wonder what happened? but they never tell! "

Is it then best to air all your dirty ish so the marriage should survive? everyone knew about Sheila, Angela and slightly Dianne's bizniz but trheir marriages survived! Noone knows what happened to Patricia and Gavin's marriage... *sigh*

04 Oct 2010 12:05

YAAAAAAAAY!!!!! I've won the Tyler Perry hamper, Big Thanks to Segololo and Ster Kinekor :-) 

04 Oct 2010 12:47

Hey Taz, ster-kinekor will call to confirm the delivery... ask Option strict, she won for the Twilight one... and they do deliver even though they take time... I have sent thru your details to Ster-Kinekor... 

I still have ReneC's package for Toy story - ReneC, we need to finalise this delivery before my kids decide to own it...

04 Oct 2010 13:24

Malik yoba???????? i dont understand

04 Oct 2010 13:34

CTFU @ Madea's prayer
Congrats Fel
I love the suprise at the end of why did i get married too....too hot

04 Oct 2010 13:35

MALIK AYOBA!!!! hehehehehe

04 Oct 2010 13:51

Hi Ya'll I'm new here...
I saw the movie on Friday ... Yho i couldn't blieve it, Dianne cheating ... and Mike oh I hate the man with passion, he's bustard ... how could he just budge in there , oh lord... was so so angry ! And that Troy guys acting up on Shiella, we all understand that unemployed guys gets depressed mara to act like that , it's big no, no!

04 Oct 2010 14:36

joh hape felfel you not helping ka ho ts'eha, i just wana understand hore o reng

04 Oct 2010 15:37

I watched it yesterday. Think i like the second more, well they both nice

04 Oct 2010 16:01

i just hate the fact that Gavin had to die, and a painful death too.

04 Oct 2010 16:14

@zozoe : because you like the first movie... it did not have that much drama as this one... and most of the drama in this one is centered on Malik Yoba (Gavin)

04 Oct 2010 16:16



WHY DID I GET MARRIED TOO? became the biggest opening weekend for a Tyler Perry movie in South Africa. The movie opened number 3 on the Top 10 with a gross box-office of R1,053,452 on 40 prints this past weekend. It also improved 52% on the original WHY DID I GET MARRIED’s opening weekend (R694,343). It also outperformed previous theatrical releases directed by Tyler Perry like DIARY OF A MAD BLACK WOMAN, MADEA’S FAMILY REUNION and DADDY’S LITTLE GIRLS.

WHY DID I GET MARRIED TOO stars Janet Jackson, Jill Scott and Tyler Perry, himself.

WHY DID I GET MARRIED TOO is playing at cinemas nationwide.

04 Oct 2010 17:06

Reaction to press release: 

Dear Tyler Perry 

Your next movie FOR COLORED GIRLS should be released way earlier onto our circuit than Why did I get Married too? did due to the fact that piracy is a major issue this side and waiting almost a year to release your movie is not gonna benefit you... 



08 Oct 2010 15:16

More Madea's lines..." Madea's class reunion"

Actress: "How do you tell if your man is cheating on you?"
Madea: " You think your man is cheating on you?"
Actress: " Yes"
Madea: " Thats how you can tell"

08 Oct 2010 15:42

Madea's class reunion?

Hello mstick...

09 Oct 2010 20:45

oh, I love anything and everything that has Tyler Perry on it.  My favourite memorable quote comes from Madea goes to jail\\

Dr. Phil: What is wrong with you? Why do you feel the need that you gotta "get" somebody all the time?
Madea: Well when you gettin' "got" and somebody done "got" you and you go "get" them, when you get 'em everybody's gon' get got.
Dr. Phil: Yea but you're gettin' the gotters when they didn't do anything to even get you.
Madea: Yea but if the gotters get me I'm gonna get my glock.

11 Oct 2010 09:53

yes, Carino... there's Madea's class reunion... It's a play..

11 Oct 2010 10:28

Is it then best to air all your dirty ish so the marriage should survive? everyone knew about Sheila, Angela and slightly Dianne's bizniz but trheir marriages survived! Noone knows what happened to Patricia and Gavin's marriage... *sigh*

Segs, I agree with your friend. I have this friend of mine who in my eyes had a perfect marriage and everything seemed to be going well, and just out of nowhere three weeks ago she told me that they have separated and are heading for a divorce.

To say I'm still shocked is an understatement. And she's only telling me now how horrible it has been all along....mentioning all that has been happening, and she's been keeping everything within. And the problem is that, no one believes her as the picture we have and what we are now hearing are opposites.

I don't think that people should air their dirty laundry, but they should at least be honest with people that are close to them. Because now she's giving us a bad side of the husband that we never knew, and it all sounds made up. 

11 Oct 2010 10:46

Nna I think most people who put an "all-good" front are actually the ones that are having problems.

11 Oct 2010 11:19

lmlo you guys...

"Kenta oil" is my fav...no actually all of them are...

I personally think the stage plays are better than the movies:
Class re-union
Family reunion
Why did i get married
The marriage counsiller
MADEA GOES TO JAIL....its the best!!
And the christmas one...forgot the name...lol, yazi Madea can put a snorty snobish woman down good.

I heard there is diary of a mad black woman and i ca do bad all by myself stage plays?..this i havent watched yet

11 Oct 2010 12:09

yah, GA totally agree that the movies have a lot missing!!!

13 Oct 2010 13:41

Hello Cariri:-)

24 Nov 2010 10:06

Im having a Madea reminiscent day,..and i cant stop singing Ella's song from Madea goes to jail stage play:

You young thangs dunno how treat a man
Wonder wonder why im single with a no rock on my hand..
A man should be treated like he is king..
If he brings back the money then thats all a a need.

You better cook and clean and wash everythaaang...smile and grin,hand your man a pen so he can write check! payin all your bills, and you give it to him and he'll give it you and say...wu u uh uh uh uhhh...how does that feeeelll *Ella sliding off the couch with her round gorgousness*...aww

Cook cook and clean clean..wash everythaaang..smile and grin...

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