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Rhythm City Teasers - October 2010

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Rhythm City Teasers on 27 Sep 2010
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Coming up on Rhythm City in October, 2010:

Friday, 1 October 2010
Episode 845 

Stone stumbles into greater jeopardy. A makeshift studio is set up in Franco's flat and Boboza makes real progress - until he invites his mates round and gets hugely high on weed. Tshidi meets Gary, Dylan's buddy from the UK.

Monday 4 October 2010
Episode 846

Thembi is still having dizzy spells. After Franco discovers the joys of living with Boboza, it results in a fight with an unforeseen outcome.

Stone receives a tip-off that the head of the procurement company is Shabalala's wife. He confronts Johnny.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010
Episode 847

Ronald and Franco hatch a plan to account for the untimely demise of Boboza. Gary continues to annoy Tshidi and Dylan. Stone enjoys his first taste of the high life, and meets a new friend.

Wednesday 6 October 2010
Episode 848

Stone is oblivious of the trap Johnny has laid for him. Tshidi's plans to have some alone time with Dylan are once more thwarted. Franco makes Ivan a tricky proposition.

The Kilowatt gang decides to throw a party in honour of Boboza. A guilt-ridden S'bu sees sense in capitalising on Boboza's death.

Thursday, 7 October 2010
Episode 849 

Thembi is finally convinced by Lu to see a doctor. Franco manages to blackmail Ivan into agreeing to the record deal.

Stone is crushed to discover his family are too far down the list to receive a house from the new development. Tshidi finally admits to her friends she can't stand Gary.

Friday, 8 October 2010
Episode 850

Franco informs S'bu about his 15% profit deal with Ivan. Thembi gets a disturbing call from a specialist. Shabalala proposes moving the Khuse family up the housing list if Stone agrees.

Gary tells Tshidi and Dylan he may remain in South Africa - permanently. If so, he and Dylan will share a flat.

Monday 11 October 2010
Episode 851

Thembi is filled with sadness. Franco continues to taunt Ivan. Stone discovers his parents have acquired a house at the cost of Sipho and his family being bumped off the housing list. Tshidi begs Dylan to ask Gary to give them some space.

Tuesday 12 October 2010
Episode 852

Thembi has surprising news for S'bu. Tshidi and Dylan finally bury the hatchet and agree on a Gary-free dinner at her house. Stone has his hands full with some surprising developments at the construction site.

Thula and S'bu are over the moon about the possibilities presented by tracks discovered on Bo's laptop.

Wednesday 13 October 2010
Episode 853

Stone is puzzling his way through the aftermath of the wall collapse, reconciling different accounts of the accident. Dylan is increasingly caught between Gary and Tshidi. Thembi stands by her decision to leave S'bu.

Thursday 14 October 2010
Episode 854

Stone is baffled over why Johnny underplayed the severity of Sipho's injuries. His nagging doubts return double fold when Sipho's wife approaches for an increase of a cash settlement offer he knows nothing about.

S'bu and Gail want to try and get the truth out of Thembi. Tshidi and Dylan's romance hits another rocky patch.

Friday 15 October 2010
Episode 855

The workers, extremely unhappy about the accident, threaten to down tools. The situation with Thembi makes S'bu almost useless at Hustle. Things get worse between Dylan and Tshidi when Gary intercepts a phone call. Gail's snooping reveals a startling revelation about Thembi.

Monday 18 October 2010
Episode 856

S'bu must come to terms with the information that Thembi is HIV positive. Mamokete fears for Stone on the eve of the big meeting with the workers.

Tshidi labours under the misunderstanding that Dylan no longer wants to be with her and Gary's actions increase her belief.

Tuesday 19 October 2010
Episode 857

Thula nervously gives Suffocate notice. S'bu, Gail, Miles, and Lu stage an intervention with Thembi. What they discover leaves them reeling. Stone's speech to the workers is so successful Johnny rewards him with a new car. Gary tries to charm Mpumi into being an ally.

Wednesday 20 October 2010
Episode 858 

Thembi says she wants to go home to die. Life turns sour once more for Stone when Sipho's wife tells him her husband's maimed leg has to be amputated. Gary finally reveals all to Tshidi about life in the UK.

Thursday 21 October 2010
Episode 859

S'bu vows to look after Thembi. They will fight the cancer together. However a trip to the oncologist reveals limited and dangerous treatment options. The "Chihuahua" is still trying to save face and exact revenge on Boboza and Hustle.

An independent engineer hired by Stone reveals the Extension 9 project is a disaster waiting to happen.

Friday 22 October 2010
Episode 860

Thembi starts her chemotherapy. Stone uncovers more corruption. Calvin and Johnny are worried his digging around will put him in physical danger. A sexually frustrated Dylan and Tshidi arrange a 'make out date".

Monday 25 October 2010
Episode 861 

Everyone believes Gary's farewell is definitely a reason to celebrate. Johnny bribes Calvin to steal Stone's evidence, the very last thing in the world that will protect him from the ruthless Shabalala.

Thembi and Lu manufacture a reason for the Vilakazi men to have a meal together. All goes well … until Thembi collapses.

Tuesday 26 October 2010
Episode 862

Stone gives Johnny a 24-hour ultimatum to come clean about his corrupt dealings. Thembi doesn't want to have another round of chemo.

There are repercussions when Calvin lies to Thula about having told Stone about his profession as a rent boy.

Wednesday 27 October 2010
Episode 863

Stone challenges Calvin about his past. Tshidi and Dylan say a relieved goodbye to Gary. Stone's evidence of project fraud is stolen. Thembi freaks out over the new side effects of her chemo treatment.

Thursday 28 October 2010
Episode 864

Lu introduces Ivan to his praise rapper. There's a vicious attack on the Khuse household. Gail has to endure her embarrassingly bad live on air show.

Friday 29 October 2010
Episode 865

Thembi is adamant she wants no more chemo. Stone stands in the remains of his ruined room, career, and love life. Mentor Franco reprimands shamed Gail.

S'bu, alone with booze, can't cope anymore.

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27 Sep 2010 21:07

yay im first, nw 2 read.

27 Sep 2010 21:14

Boboza is killed WTF is wrong with these ppl! I love Boboza! Thembi is HIV positive and have cancer! what a freakin double whammy!!!!!! No man, this cant be right.... and they bring back Dylan.... Dylan of all ppl!!!!!

27 Sep 2010 21:19

omg,im in the top 3.let me go so happy.yipyipyip

27 Sep 2010 21:40

numbr 4 n al day was waitin to b numbr 1. tizozo thembi hiv pos ayi let me read

27 Sep 2010 21:57

dis is jst horrible how can they do dis to thembi n sbu. wanda who gave her da disease. lucas gah

27 Sep 2010 21:59

shame man, poor thembi. She finali ends up wit da man she loves nw this, hai man

27 Sep 2010 22:16

numba 5

27 Sep 2010 22:18

number 4 yho!!! Now le'me read

27 Sep 2010 22:19

number 5 yho!!! Now le'me read

27 Sep 2010 22:35

Boboza babay mara y . da dude is funi n i luv him an he brought a little life nyana to rc hawu kodwa no mo chihuahua

27 Sep 2010 23:07

Oh!come on rythm city!!this soap luvs funerals almost everybody is killed,bt anyways ths month is interestin although i don't understand why thembi is hiv pst and has cancer at th same time,

28 Sep 2010 07:03

I don't think Thembi is HIV+ and has cancer. I think everyone mistakenly thinks she's HIV+ and it turns out to be cancer instead.

28 Sep 2010 07:45

no 13 next time i will be the first one.

28 Sep 2010 07:53

@filmho thats true but i am in top 20.

28 Sep 2010 07:56

Surely Thembi doesn't have both, she may have cancer but I don't think she has hiv. I agree with filmho.

28 Sep 2010 08:10

i second you : Takwesha ,she  has cancer

sexy d
28 Sep 2010 08:47

made it to top 20 yippee

28 Sep 2010 09:17

Top 20, this is gud

28 Sep 2010 09:24

 Geez guys can you please stop with this "im number 1 or i made it to the top 5" stuff. its annoying, you're like kids

28 Sep 2010 10:16

Oh poor Thembi HIV positive that's sad for both Sbu and Lucas who slept with her. Boboza the guy is a good actor!

28 Sep 2010 10:18

Thanks Thabsi! it is so unnecessary, the comments should be about the blog not who read it first.

28 Sep 2010 11:27

This Johnny guy is bad news!

28 Sep 2010 11:27

thabsi whats the prob to that coz we are enjoying it,everyone do what  he/she likes here......dont get me wrong hayi kabi

28 Sep 2010 11:37

shame if Thembi has HIV does that mean Sbu and Lucas have it also?  so Hustle is not gona have any other artist If Boboza dies, its too depressing this month.

28 Sep 2010 11:38

shame if Thembi has HIV does that mean Sbu and Lucas have it also?  so Hustle is not gona have any other artist If Boboza dies, its too depressing this month.

28 Sep 2010 11:47

@thabsi thank you for that, its boring shame, we would lov to read comments not this 

28 Sep 2010 13:17

@thabi jst let people do wt thy wnt

phindy a.k.a rabbit
28 Sep 2010 13:20

top 30 wowing

phindy a.k.a rabbit
28 Sep 2010 13:39

1st thing 1st  @ thabsi y ure makin ths such a big deal coz if u dnt lyk it jst scroll down n read wateva u wanna read, no offence,  seems lyk its RC s gonna b more surprising and interesting this month , dats it 4 now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

28 Sep 2010 14:12

I see Generations fans have migrated to RC... welcome home PPL... lol!

28 Sep 2010 18:11

I also agree with the view that the whole HIV thing is a misunderstanding. Franco gets to see some action this month.

28 Sep 2010 19:34

Boboza is just too much work! He has served his purpose. When it is your turn to go it is your turn to go.

28 Sep 2010 19:35

Boboza is just too much work! He has served his purpose. When it is your turn to go it is your turn to go.

28 Sep 2010 20:26

No Calamity not Boboza.... they should have saved his character for future use.... not kill

29 Sep 2010 07:31

Lol tizoz, the way he was acting last night, it is exhausting just to watch him. But then people die all the time. Poor Thembi and S'bu, they have just found each other and not they have to deal with this. But then again life is never fair.

ownah m p
29 Sep 2010 09:18

poor Thembi . frst z da infrtlty thn HIV n cncr oooh i fel sry 4 her by th wy i thnk she z bin pnshd 4 th abrtn sh did bt its not fair !!!! ene le S'bu make  a grt cpl. S'bu z not lcky wth wmn hey. i luv th fct that S'bu z sptng her. in soaps'  name evrythn wi b ok.

29 Sep 2010 10:53

Infidelity or infertility ownah mp?

phindy a.k.a rabbit
29 Sep 2010 13:37

fats- i can stand him anymore

29 Sep 2010 16:14

Lol Kasi gone crazy

29 Sep 2010 16:20

Where is stemo kanti? Lol I hear you phindy a.k.a rabbit; but the person that abboys me the most is Stone, I mean for crying out loud, you should stand up for what you believe in. 
Does that mean that Boboza's untimely demise happens in the goat's house that's why they are trying to cover it up?

29 Sep 2010 21:11

Honestly, Boboza likes attention. One minute he is up and the next he is down. I have started a body count of all the people who have died on RC so far. Is Thembi going to be next?

sexy d
30 Sep 2010 08:16

can boboza go and stay in miles house and find him a person who he can share it with cause all he knows is causing trouble and that is starting to irritate me i mean sbu deserves all the happiness

Lol when franco called sbu sweetheart darm that man can act..

phindy a.k.a rabbit
30 Sep 2010 08:39

sexy d, Lol when franco called sbu sweetheart darm that man can act.  absolutely!!!!   

stone hw can u do that to ur own father,  blv me u can go anywhere n everywhere n ull find that ppl do make their family members favours, ppl will always talk whether u doin right or wrong.   

30 Sep 2010 11:44

good day/morning/evening---.. depending wht tym u read this reply

i havent read the entire october blogger but i think They should give stone a much betterrole.. yes we love him on our screens but the writers/producers cant find him a better role to play.. i can bet u that once this construction project is over he will disappear again and comes back whn thr is another short role for him to play... 

they should just find him a permanent-kind-of-a-role which is more stable and enjoyable. otherwise LET HIM DISAPPEAR FOREVER!

maybe some of u myt disagree, of which u r more that welcumd to do so!

30 Sep 2010 11:48

I have started a body count of all the people who have died on RC so far. Is Thembi going to be next? 

@calamity-- my gal i totally am with u on that one! there have been too many dead bodies in RC, one more dead body and i am going to smash my TV screen

30 Sep 2010 15:17

i also agree with calamity about Boboboza serving his purpose but there is no need to kill him like Kgakzin said there just too many ppl dying on RC, we dont need other funerals.

30 Sep 2010 16:00

Yohoooooooo!!!!!!!!! A man calling another man sweetheart? whaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eish mara RC iyabora kulamalanga!

30 Sep 2010 18:39

First it was Mandla, then Sam Sedibeng, then Rachel Phakati, then Mandla (the guy with the kidney problems), then Phuki, then Noxi, then the drug addict girl and the guy that was shot by David, then it was Naomi's husband, did I miss anyone?

30 Sep 2010 19:50

Tjo, the look that Franco gave Boboza when he saw him light up, lol, if I was Boboza I'd be very afraid!

01 Oct 2010 00:04

I really hate the mxit lingo.
Isidingo has robbed me RC moments, enjoy guys.

01 Oct 2010 07:21

So, Franco kills Boboza by accident?

01 Oct 2010 17:13

@ingenuity i think he kills him bcos of all the weed his smokin

01 Oct 2010 18:57

I don't like Sidney's acting! So all that I don't wnt to be alone was a put on by Boboza, and was he faking all those panic attacks?

02 Oct 2010 08:49

Maybe they should let the viewers choose, if they are about to kill off a minor character like Boboza, put it out to a vote and let the viewers decide. I miss Naomi and Ngozi, when are they coming back. Maybe they should focus on Ngozi getting help for his problem. As for Naomi, she already has everyone convinced that she is a few sandwiches short of a picnic.  

03 Oct 2010 13:03

Stone blood is thicker than water .......why do are you doing this to your own father.

04 Oct 2010 07:44

I am a bit surprised about what some of you guys are saying about the Stone and his father, I mean the guy is not even qualified to be the transport manager, let alone have experience, the transport manager does not drive people around. This is where corruption starts, first you give your family a job and next you will be pocketing millions. I am still not sure whether Stone will still have hired his father if he hadn't already hired someone as transport manager.

sexy d
04 Oct 2010 09:24

morning all

04 Oct 2010 10:06


Boboza is another story.Tjo the guy is a pig....................Franco must kick him out.

04 Oct 2010 10:48

morning guys

04 Oct 2010 11:52

Boboza is annoying shame. I hate people like that, I mean when they visit your home, they even take the remote and change the channel while you are busy watching nxa. Boboza has overstayed his welcome, what did he do with the 100 grand that S'bu gave him?

04 Oct 2010 12:55

@Calamity my dear I have a friend like that she comes without noticing and take over my flat,sit and eat while im buzy working.Tjo when I come from work she is buzy crying for Oprah on TV dishes and supper are waiting for me I gave her money for the bus she left now.I changed a place end of the month and a cellphone number she is not going to get me again.Sies maan.

04 Oct 2010 18:50

You have to be a saint to put up with Boboza, I mean the guy is driving Frankie up the wall!

05 Oct 2010 07:34

Oh lord Boboza, what a funny way to go!

05 Oct 2010 08:14

Lol Sitka, she's gonna get your new numbers.

Boboza is one irritating character, like Frankie said- he's a pig. He was entertaining with this Chihuahua thing but haai man, good riddens even though I dont like the way he is leaving.

So bad for Thembi, just when she was finally happy with the man she loves.

05 Oct 2010 08:16

im starting to lose interest on RC the whole crew lacks creativity, characters like phats and thula just bore the heck out of me.

05 Oct 2010 09:32

I guess accidents happen, I think that if Boboza didn't fall out, Frankie would have throttled him in his sleep. So annoying!

05 Oct 2010 13:11

Hi guyz i'm new here wow no wonder kuye kwathini ku boboza aze aziphose heish what was he thinking hoops & franco just be franco did he that coming ooh no poor sbu

sexy d
05 Oct 2010 13:22

@syuguma welcome

boboza is such a pain he must just thank his lucky stars that frankie didnt shoot him on the head, put his boby on a bag and throw him ko lesotho just like nonti...

05 Oct 2010 14:16

Syuguma welcome
thanks God boboza is dead,he was such a pain...but i feel sorry for sbu shame
no comment on stone hayi suka u dom mani,he cant even see that Johnny is a skelem

05 Oct 2010 16:41

OK, when Franco came into the house, he opened the sliding doors, how was he to know that Boboza would try and attack him.

05 Oct 2010 18:14

lol @ Calamity cant stand Bo...... okay ke he is gone, for gud.... lol

Franco: "Hi who is this"

Trick: Hi I'm Shade

Franco: "Shade! on your bike galfriend, Thank You!"

Shade (Boboza's Trick): "Hey that's no way to treat a lady!"

Franco: "I didnt see you as a lady sweety darling, sorry lets go!"

05 Oct 2010 18:48

Lol tizoz, that was a classic Genaro, and him telling Boboza never to breed.When Ron said he should say that he was taking in some fresh air and he took that big breath, that had me in stitches. Can an accident happen to Gary now?

05 Oct 2010 18:56

And he(franco)kissed boboza!!! Lord cn i plz die like boboza!!!simple and vry funny,he flied and die,hhaaaa!izinto zaku tv.

05 Oct 2010 19:11

Whn tat cop enterd d r0om wher bo falls hv u seen boboza crosing bhind editor mst try hide ppl fa whr we cnt c dm .we wana feel d truth n d happening.jst watch d repeat of RC 2mrw.chao

05 Oct 2010 19:14

(Calamity y u duin dz to)Whn tat cop enterd d r0om wher bo falls hv u seen boboza crosing bhind editor mst try hide ppl fa whr we cnt c dm .we wana feel d truth n d happening.jst watch d repeat of RC 2mrw.chao

06 Oct 2010 07:49

@ thelionking, what? I thought that was another cop who was looking out the window.

sexy d
06 Oct 2010 08:09

morning all

06 Oct 2010 08:39

06 Oct 2010 08:44

Funny how almost evryone is glad Boboza has...uhm...gone "riding his bike" to...heaven i hope.

looved that dialogue too tizoz,...classic genaro indeed.

@thelionking...aM gonna watch the repeat to see this RC editing gliche..lmlo.

06 Oct 2010 08:50

morning all the lavly pple,diz month isnt so lavly 4 me u no,wat ar they doing to Sbu,1st Boboza then Thembi

phindy a.k.a rabbit
06 Oct 2010 09:30

morning all

mina i cant talk ryt now since boboza is dead aaaaaaaaah! (crying)

06 Oct 2010 10:25

Can an accident happen to Gary now?  

 fully agree Calamity! What a bore! I think he needs to fly with Dylan, cant stand that boy, boring as hell!

mina i cant talk ryt now since boboza is dead aaaaaaaaah! (crying)

Kwa kwa kwa kwa!!!

06 Oct 2010 10:46

thelionking-Whn tat cop enterd d r0om wher bo falls hv u seen boboza crosing behind editor mst try ,i thought i was the onlyone who saw that ....RC is not ayoba this month
i feel sorry for sbu

06 Oct 2010 11:34

Watched that scene again there is no sign of Boboza just another cop who happens to be anvestigating his death pity they had to go for Bo's identical

phindy a.k.a rabbit
06 Oct 2010 12:08

he! sbu is not really concerned bwt the death bt he is only worried bwt his business falling apart thats very inhumane

06 Oct 2010 12:35

he e  dylan's friend  i bora utshidi shame

06 Oct 2010 13:41

hahahahaha Dylan's friend Gary uyisicefe,everything is not good in South Africa like in London why is he here anyway.

06 Oct 2010 18:30

Lol sitka, that's what Tshidi asked him, I think he keeps talking like that cos it is not so nice and he has his pride. I mean everything in London is expensive especially if you are not from there cos you keep converting the pound to rand in your head everytime you buy anything that costs a pound.

07 Oct 2010 07:20

Tjo, Franco blackmailing Tshini like that. But then it is worth it after everything that he has put S'bu through.

07 Oct 2010 08:03

morning guys 
well done franco or should i say david wenze kahle ngo blackmailer u ivan

sexy d
07 Oct 2010 08:13

morning all

Now the colours of franco/david is finally showing up well done cause he once  told franco that david was afraid of him now who is afraid of who Tshinawa..

Hey johnny o sele man how can he do this to stone shame poor boy o nagana gore that guy loves him you better wake up boy you are now swimming with the sharks...

07 Oct 2010 08:31

Ave angcika uGarry nobubi ngathi ubehlala ezimpohlweni not in London

07 Oct 2010 08:46

yeah, Stone is way too naive shem, i agree, he should catch a wake up :)

07 Oct 2010 12:08

eish, ustone can't catch a break. i guess this is what happens when people are raised completely immersed in the church; they end up naive to how the real world operates... first tshidi, now stone. i've been out of the country for the last few months.... does ron know if franco is really david or something? because i can't see anyone falling for this separate person. but anyhow.

sexy d
07 Oct 2010 12:23

@nkochani yes ron knows david finally told him that he is indeed david and what really went down the day he got shot..

08 Oct 2010 07:36

Lol @ Tshini going off @ Dave like that, and when Dave pulled that innocent look on his face and showed it to Dave.

09 Oct 2010 10:06

Just watched the repeat and that guy is not Boboza. Are we ever going to meet Dylan's family?

sexy d
11 Oct 2010 08:47

morning all

Please assist i just read the teasers again but still confused what is exactly wrong ka Thembi is she HIV positive or have cancer..

11 Oct 2010 08:59

@sexy d it's cancer dear.

11 Oct 2010 09:02

i think its cancer,gail's snooping around may be wat is bringing da hiv pos arnd thats why it says they get shocked  to learn its cancer and not wat they have been thinking of (da hiv)........

11 Oct 2010 09:09

May Gary pliz go back to wer he is from,........da guy is hell boring!And o stone ene likes playing dumb,cant he see wer all this is going

sexy d
11 Oct 2010 09:31

@blackiekagiso & yaday i now understand for a second there i was getting worried about Sbu health

Will Sbu and Miles ever gonna make peace?

Ya heh Johnny said it If you do it once you will definately do it again stone is getting corrupt by a minute he is even forgeting de principles he set for himself shame you better watch out cause when things start to heat up Johnny and Sydney will be nowhere to be found..

11 Oct 2010 13:57

Gary is such a waste of oxygen. Loled when Tshini said 'Nonsons'

11 Oct 2010 16:21

Oh Frankie, he is so devilishly naughty, can't help but like him. Stone Stone Stone, trust your instincts dude, if you smell a rat, there are probably a thousand more.

11 Oct 2010 18:37

Honestly, how much does Stone earn, he must bot earn that much if his family still has to quee for a free house

11 Oct 2010 18:55

Lol @ warning people about the dangers of small animals.

11 Oct 2010 18:56

Even if he earn less,him and his dad cn afford 2 build a house,ipart ka stone&jonny is really boring

11 Oct 2010 22:16

i love stone new boyfriend though, I don't know why but I just do.

12 Oct 2010 07:44

Thank God Gary was not there to pollute my screen. The guy is a waste of space. Like it or not, SA is your home, it doesn't matter if you speak with a fake accent.

12 Oct 2010 13:18

Gary is the pain in the ass,i hate his fake accent.

12 Oct 2010 18:49

What does Thembi mean when she says that they need to take a few deep breaths? Tshidi trying to impress Dylan with her cooking skills. Gary is just too much, nobody likes being a spare wheel, he just loves being the center of attention.

12 Oct 2010 18:58

I mean honestly Dylan, dude, you need to cut off that tail before it becomes to attached

13 Oct 2010 07:24

Oh yeah, Dylan had to show up with Gary there. What are the rules with regards to best friends and girlfriends. Do you need to get along with your boyfriend's bestfriend? Cos it seems this what Dylan seems to expect from Tshidi.  

13 Oct 2010 07:33

Gary ke lepona man. Tshidi would have to be a saint to put up with that Gary.

sexy d
13 Oct 2010 09:40

morning all

Why cant Thembi tell Sbu wats going i mean the dude loves her you guys can get through anything...

As for Project ya Extension 9 it smells disaster nothing good its gonna come out of it..

13 Oct 2010 14:23

It is just so heart-breaking to see, Thembi must just tell S'bu so they can get through this together. But then guys, when you go for chemo you have no guarantee that it is going to work and you become sick and some people just give up!

13 Oct 2010 18:47

Lol @ where there is smoke there is always a Genaro with a box matches!

14 Oct 2010 18:55

I think Calvin is hot except for his teeth

15 Oct 2010 07:32

I have just ginem up on Dylan. is he telling me that he doesn't see that Gary is always in there cos if he doesn't then he is idiot.

sexy d
15 Oct 2010 09:05

Morning all

guess you cant have it all

As for Stone you should know by now see gore Jonny is no gud if i were you i would start doing things my way and listen to my instict the whole thing is bull *bleep!* every time you discover something  suspicious Johnny is there to discouge you by asking you how may project have handle come on if you werent perfect they couldnt have given the tender..

15 Oct 2010 11:06

Lol sexy d.

16 Oct 2010 11:10

A deeply disappointed Tshinawe, lolest

18 Oct 2010 14:36

eish stone should just wake up, this jonny dude is messing with him, and he is not seeing it.  and guys did u ever see stone laughing or making jokes the guy is always serius, aowa he must loosen up a bit.

18 Oct 2010 19:13

Why is Lu telling such lies about S'bu? When did Thembi tell her that?

19 Oct 2010 07:23

Jumping to wrong conclusions seems to be the order of the day. What is wrong with Gary. Even if Dylan had actually broken up with Tshidi, he doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who would hop from one girl to another.

20 Oct 2010 07:49

OK, so Thembi only has three months left, so is she going to be killed?

phindy a.k.a rabbit
20 Oct 2010 08:45

i culdn't blv sbu, its lyk he was telling the whole world ukut thembi is HIV+, kumele aboshwe shame!!!!!!!!!!!!..  Gary unescefe i dnt blame dylan for callinig him a coconut

21 Oct 2010 05:49

Yeah I was a bit pived with S'bu for telling Thula that Thembi is HIV positive. RC is just breaking my heart, most of us can only imagine what cancer sufferers go through. I am glad that it is one of the main characters that has it and they didn't bring in some once-off actress to do the cancer storyline cos the message out there is that cancer affects everyone!

21 Oct 2010 07:26

Aag Shame poor Thembi, I honestly don't know what I would do if I was in a similar situation.

sexy d
21 Oct 2010 08:44

morning all

shame ka Thembi when she and sbu were finaly happy sumthing just come along shame hope she beat cancer so that they can live happy 

21 Oct 2010 09:28

eish didnt watch yesterday episode but i will watch the repeat satarday

thembi is left with three months,poor sbu when is he going to be happy

21 Oct 2010 12:12

I guess Sbu was very scared you know but there is no excuse for telling that someonehas HIV.  These days i dont feel RC may be its because i am watching aall episodes, i watch twice  a week.

But what were the writers thinking killing Boboza only to bring his twin brother from London Dylan, he irritates me and poor Tshidi, 

Stone is too serious for my liking, but have you guys noticed when Stone and Tshidi look at each other, its like they are in love or something. May be i notice this coz i know something outside the storyline.

21 Oct 2010 19:00

Lol @ Boboza's twin!

22 Oct 2010 08:15

poor thembi

22 Oct 2010 09:30

wat's up with Chiwawa, is he loosing it?
I wonder wat's going on his mind.

22 Oct 2010 10:28

Guys like really now this Thembi thang is starting to annoy me shame....wats up with her breaking it with sbu n wanting to leav?,,,,,,,, Back to oom Lucas? Poor sbu, he wnt cope maybe Gail shud reconsider n js make out with d guy.

22 Oct 2010 10:31

Uhm honestly guys i think Tshidi is gna fall for Gary cz nw shs starting to feel sorry 4 hm..................SETENE KE SEO DYLAN WATCH OUT

23 Oct 2010 21:04

If they let thembiz character die!!!they should cal 'rythm city'a'death city'.Lord help gailz head.

25 Oct 2010 19:10

It is clear that Johny thought that Stone qas going to be a walkover and how wrong was he, Stone is like a dog with a bone and I think for Stone seeing how people are struggling and then go and steal from those people!

08 Jul 2011 12:34

You guys talk hey ... lol!

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