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Generations Teasers - August 2010

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Generations Teasers on 29 Jul 2010
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Coming up on Generations this August, 2010:

Monday 2 August 2010
Episode 3134

Ajax can't help feeling bad although he isn't quite sure why. Senzo realises he inadvertently cut off his nose to spite his face.

Khethiwe is stunned when she's barred entry from her own flat.

Tuesday 3 August 2010
Episode 3135

The trip to the hospital delivers something totally unexpected. Patricia points out why falling pregnant might be a good idea. Dumisani's very secretive about the shopping bags he brings to work.

Wednesday 4 August 2010
Episode 3136

Ace is on a snooping mission. What is he going to find? Samuel is missing the bar but would rather die than admit it. Sara decides it's time for a change.

Thursday 5 August 2010
Episode 3137

Khaphela tries to put his foot down but doesn't get very far. Ngamla's at a loss for words when he receives an unexpected invitation to dinner. Prince's attitude is getting worse by the day.

Friday 6 August 2010
Episode 3138

Khethiwe's increasingly bemused by Dumisani's strange behaviour. Senzo gets his back up and unwittingly puts his foot in it. Ruby is stunned when a young stranger suddenly breaks down and cries.

Monday 9 August 2010
Episode 3139

Sara is touched when she's greeted by a special surprise. Queen and Lungile don't realise their conversation is being overheard. After months of keeping a lid on their anger, the ladies finally have it out.

Tuesday 10 August 2010
Episode 3140

Instead of being angry about the stunt Jigga pulled, Ajax comes up for him. Ace gets a phone call and is pleased by what he hears. A vengeful, calculating Kenneth is up to no good again.

Wednesday 11 August 2010
Episode 3141

Khethiwe is stunned to see why Dumisani called her over. Zamani has had enough of being charitable and puts his foot down. Just when things seemed better, Prince proves he's far from okay.

Thursday 12 August 2010
Episode 3142

Keketso takes a hardline stance because of her concern for Ozzie. Worried Sara reveals what the gynae said to her. Dineo's not impressed when she gets used as a scapegoat for another's problems.

Friday 13 August 2010
Episode 3143

There seems to be a slight hitch in Kenneth's ominous plan. Queen lashes out at the wrong person and for all the wrong reasons. Ajax has no idea that disaster is brewing right under his nose...

Monday 16 August 2010
Episode 3144

Khaphela's excitement about having a child only makes matters worse. Jigga gets the fright of his life when he arrives at Siqalo. Zamani's playful mood vanishes after a shock discovery.

Tuesday 17 August 2010
Episode 3145

Dineo fumes when Karabo gets the better of her without even being there. Officer Pokane reveals what really went down when Jakes was killed. Khethiwe lies about the contents of a letter she receives.

Wednesday 18 August 2010
Episode 3146

Horrified Paul wakes up to his worst possible nightmare come true. Prince is singing a different tune all of a sudden. Upset Sara excuses herself when the baby talk gets too much.

Thursday 19 August 2010
Episode 3147

An emotional moment between two brothers brings a smile to Jigga's face. Queen finds a note on her desk and gets very worked up about it. The staffers at Mashaba are shocked by what the police have to say.

Friday 20 August 2010
Episode 3148

Khaphela overhears a heartfelt conversation and is touched. Ace manages to push all the right buttons during his visit to Ezweni. Kenneth's delight turns to panic when he reads what the newspaper says.

Monday 23 August 2010
Episode 3149

Khethiwe and Dumisani make the most of an intimate moment albeit for different reasons. Sara's shocked about what it says in the note she finds. Zamani arrives home to a den of chaos.

Tuesday 24 August 2010
Episode 3150

Ajax hates having to be the bad guy but knows he has no choice. Paul is in for a shock when he arrives in the foyer. Ruby's unimpressed to see who gets down and dirty on the dance floor.

Wednesday 25 August 2010
Episode 3151

Khaphela proves just how determined he is to have a child. Gladys is delighted about an amazing opportunity that comes her way. Keketso gets asked out on a date ... well, kind of.

Thursday 26 August 2010
Episode 3152

Sara's confession about the muti only makes things worse. Dineo fumes when Karabo manages to do what she could not. Dumisani receives another unexpected and very unwelcome delivery.

Friday 27 August 2010
Episode 3153

Having a murder charge over your head will put a strain on any relationship... Patricia is stunned when she's taken to task for trying to help a friend. It's not only Ajax's priorities that have undergone a major change ...

Monday 30 August 2010
Episode 3154

Jigga's homework reveals a surprising fact about the boy. Queen is gobsmacked about Prince's shock request. Ntombi is stunned to find a sobbing Sharon, and even more so by what she says.

Tuesday 31 August 2010
Episode 3155

Oblivious Samuel unknowingly rubs salt into a very raw wound. Dumisani resorts to desperate measures to get Ace off his back. Khethiwe's put on the spot and isn't sure what to do.

Generations is on SABC1 Mondays to Fridays at 20h00.


29 Jul 2010 04:05


29 Jul 2010 04:30

Yippeeee!!! I am the second, lemme read.

29 Jul 2010 04:39


29 Jul 2010 04:52

Oh Generations! Khethiwe barred from her own flat? Ya o layegile, wa phapha. She will swallow a bitter pill she can't bear. She sold her happiness to a murderer. She must just go back to her Gogo. Senzo with that trust fund? Oh man! Prince is too old any yet immature 4 his age. As for Khoza's no comments. What will the gynae say to Sarah. She will not bear children. Let's face it. Khaphela's fate is sealed with Khethiwe.

29 Jul 2010 05:54

M da 5th

29 Jul 2010 06:18

And m the 6th, but ths BOOOOOOOOOOORING

29 Jul 2010 06:18

And m the 6th, but ths BOOOOOOOOOOORING

ice princess
29 Jul 2010 06:32

Im 7th, yay! :-)

29 Jul 2010 07:13

i'm in top 10 yippeeee let me read .

29 Jul 2010 07:27

Then who is Keketso and Ozzie?

29 Jul 2010 07:39

Yippe i made it to the top 10 now let me read

29 Jul 2010 07:41


number 12
wowwwwwwwwww i can't believe this

29 Jul 2010 07:42

Yipee im number 12,nw let me read

sexy d
29 Jul 2010 07:55

wow made to top 20

29 Jul 2010 07:56

Gudmorning blog peez yepee made it to the top 20 now let me read...

29 Jul 2010 08:01

The teazers are not well written..hire me plls.

29 Jul 2010 08:02

jesis gen is so boring this month...

29 Jul 2010 08:14 and Kulie100, who was really number 12??

interesting month this is..mmmm lets see!!!!

29 Jul 2010 08:14 and Kulie100, who was really number 12??

interesting month this is..mmmm lets see!!!!

sexy d
29 Jul 2010 08:18

nope i think its boring this month

29 Jul 2010 08:20

U sara no muti, for who???? Why wud sara use umuti?

29 Jul 2010 08:26

I agree with you sweetpink. 

Lobby the girl
29 Jul 2010 08:27

Morning Mabloggers..

Lemme read, i will be back.

29 Jul 2010 08:30

top 20 ok let me read

Lobby the girl
29 Jul 2010 08:35

Officer Pokane reveals what really went down when Jakes was killed..

Who is rising from the dead manje? hayi Generrubish..hayi no..

29 Jul 2010 08:36

i MADE IT TO TOP 20 .....mmmmmmmmmmm
now let me read  gen is borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring

Lobby the girl
29 Jul 2010 08:37

Dineo's not impressed when she gets used as a scapegoat for another's problems.
Dineo fumes when Karabo gets the better of her without even being there

I just hope is the part where she finds out that Paul is still have a soft spot for Karabo or still inlove with her..

Lobby the girl
29 Jul 2010 08:39

Haibo CNAZO A.K.A NAUGHTYGAL do u know gore is boring when u haven't read it yet..ha,ha,ha

29 Jul 2010 08:54

Top 30...Yipeee

29 Jul 2010 09:04

Sam unenkani bathong and he irritate me i wish Panjo can eat him on his way to sabc.

29 Jul 2010 09:19

Wow, who is Ozzie and Keketso? yho i'm gonna be glued to ma screen just to c who they are. i hope they are interesting.

29 Jul 2010 09:23

The August teasers are not that interesting! kind of confusing, by the way who is Jakes, Keketso and Ozzie, i just have to watch every episode, morning all

baby gal1
29 Jul 2010 09:29

baby gal1
29 Jul 2010 09:31

hi blogas im new in this but made it on top 35 gen is boooooooooooring this month.

29 Jul 2010 09:34

I'm 36 out of so many bloggers  Yip Yip

29 Jul 2010 09:38

Will wait n see. Not clear whats gona happen

29 Jul 2010 09:50

im in the top 40 at least guys who is ozzie, jakes and keketso and who murders who wat?????????????

29 Jul 2010 09:57

If l were the big boss of Generations l will fire three people and replace them with something else

1 Sara
2 Queen
3 Zamani

These Guys there are boring when the on TV l change the channel

29 Jul 2010 09:57

Morning ma-bloggers amahle!!!

Did u ever notice if a person is ugly or bad most of kids are scade or don't want that person. So its obvious Lungile is bad why Prince don't want his sight ...

29 Jul 2010 10:03

Who killed who and whos keketso well ive noticed something between karabo and paul they stil have felings 4 each other hmmm

29 Jul 2010 10:09

Having a murder charge over your head will put a strain on any relationship. guys whats happening here

29 Jul 2010 10:18

Morning people

The August teaser is boring but will see.......................................
This Princie kid is starting to get on my nerves..........I dont care if Karabo dates a white man that kid should learn his place,Queen must find him a daddy soon he's becoming rebelious now............

The Anaconda scarf is back by popular demand.............Im not sure about Samuel maybe he has a pride or maybe he should go live in the gutters for a while and maybe his mind will be in the right place.

Lobby the girl
29 Jul 2010 10:23

Jakes-Jack Mabaso...kidding ha,ha,ha 
but it could be guys..with this soapies u never know..

29 Jul 2010 10:25

Prince and queen are behaving like karabos the one who should date a man who will suit them and be a father 2 prince and its nt like dat queen must find a dad 4 his son not karabo. Nd i think paul will be frame 4 murder by kenny

29 Jul 2010 10:33

z z z z

Mash 2010
29 Jul 2010 10:39

Hi everyone. Im new here.

Mrs Chix
29 Jul 2010 10:54

OMG l thot l wld be the first to read this wat tym did u guyz see the August teaser????

29 Jul 2010 11:00

MsJackson I also think Paul will be framed by Kenny for murder.Tjo guys did you read the part of Sara confessing about muti? I hope she is not going to drug Khaphela for wanting a baby.hahahahahahaha these old age turn to be nasty sometimes.

Vigorous aka ThePenultimate
29 Jul 2010 11:09

Hureeeey! I made it to the top 60. Bekezela Senzo kuzakulunga, itz not alwayz eazy to prove one'z manhood.

29 Jul 2010 11:13

Oh womanhood

sexy d
29 Jul 2010 11:31

@maud where are you dear can pls try to make us understand wats going one cause it seems like we dont  have a glue..

29 Jul 2010 12:01

@sexy d my dear you dont have a glue or clue?............

 Paul is no match for evil Kenneth...................He will learn that the hard way.We'll see how long gold digging Dinny will stick around if he's a jailbird.hahahahahaha

sexy d
29 Jul 2010 12:20

@sitka my bad i will double check next time thanx dear..

29 Jul 2010 12:49

ubani maje u jakes, ayi and what up witho keketso , shame i feel sorry for u Sara sekamdala and she can't conceive let face the truth

29 Jul 2010 13:11

Wow. Made it in2 top 100 i thnk. thanx guys 4 the fun blogger, i enjoy readin ur posts.

29 Jul 2010 13:19

We see dead people, new faces........ mmmmmmmmmmmm august. what is the best word to describe the month? Mash you are welcome dear and anyone who is new.Hey Paul and Karabo still love each other, i warned them that they making the biggest mistake of them all, i remember , i was screeming at the top of my voice they didnt listern. Hello good bloggers..

29 Jul 2010 13:31

hi guys it seem everyone will be finding note and putting their feet down this month tli tli tli

29 Jul 2010 13:40

Why is senzo poisoning himself 4rm everyone he thinks money is everything well its not. Paul is going 2 wish he was not born once kennys done with him and hes going 2 be broke and i read somewhere that paul doesnt love dinny its lust so well we see what will happen.

29 Jul 2010 14:00

hahahahahahaha tjo guys interesting comments indeed.Ntombi is two faced cow indeed even with her family,one minute she's a head of publications ,the other she's on Senzo's case.She was telling Sbuda how crazy Sam is and suddenly changed her mind to help him get a loan.She should be Kenneth's wife once and for all..................................

29 Jul 2010 14:25

i read somewer,senzo's gonna leav jason nd date lungile mabena.........,i wonder wat wil sbuda will say''...nd ppl wu da hell is keketso nd ozzie????

29 Jul 2010 14:48

Who murdered Jake? Yes, I think Paul will be framed by Kenny for that murder. This gona taint his affair with Diny. Lungile must be gay. Paul will rush back to Kari. But what will happen whn Kari is gone.

29 Jul 2010 15:01

Ntombi is two faced cow indeed even with her family,one minute she's a head of publications ,the other she's on Senzo's  @ sitka ha ha ha don't you think she's a gemine

29 Jul 2010 15:04

Guys i think Jakes is related to jigga,if you still remember that part where jigga was telling that boy not to take dikhokho tsa gagwe because they are the only thing left for jakes's memory.

Mocha choc
29 Jul 2010 15:17

So sara cnt hav children, wats the big deal? Wat dd she expect @ her age?

29 Jul 2010 15:20

I'm confused.

Lobby the girl
29 Jul 2010 15:30


u r right..uve got a sharp memory man..
Bathong where is maud to elaborate..eish

29 Jul 2010 15:36

i am speechless

29 Jul 2010 15:40

Hhay ayimnandi shame ngithy ngzozwa indaba yokphuma kwa-karabo kodwa lutho,maybe u-September izobe i-right

29 Jul 2010 15:53

Hie Bloggers... a warm wellcome to all new bloggers.

Shall not comment  about August will just wait and see.

29 Jul 2010 16:02

Hi mabloggers amahle hope u'll still remember me......i don't think gen will be boring but we will see. i think the gynae will tell Aunt Sara that she is preggies 'cause there is part that says Bra Khaps is exciting about the baby.

Sara doesn't want babies so she will get help from her friend Patricia to try and abort the baby mmmmm waze wamdala.

29 Jul 2010 16:28

Maud where are u darling we need u plz cum now. Thanks chaw

29 Jul 2010 16:56

Hi Bloggers

I think Prince is too spoilt, it's not Karabo's duty to provide him with a father figure. Khaphela and Sara are just too old to have babies. I wonder who is Keketso. Maybe Bridget is the face which is cuming back from the dead.

lolly poppy
29 Jul 2010 18:14

Booooooooooooorrrrrrrrring but who is jakes,ozzie and keketso

29 Jul 2010 18:30

too complicated

29 Jul 2010 19:24

they shud pay me 2 watch dis august.its booooorrrrrrrin.

29 Jul 2010 19:44


Mash 2010
29 Jul 2010 20:56

I think the relationship between karabo and lungile wont last.

29 Jul 2010 21:13

i smell a rotten rat between paul n kenny... Battle of the finest! Prince needs a daddy n queen must get him one n leave other people alone. New characters... Drama drama drama!

30 Jul 2010 07:06

Goodmorning guys nna i think ozzie is that boy wa tsala yaga jigga and keketso is the sister to ozzie,so what do you think guys?

30 Jul 2010 07:32

ppl ddnt maud say shes goin on maternity lv or im confusin her wit sum1 else

30 Jul 2010 07:32

ppl ddnt maud say shes goin on maternity lv or im confusin her wit sum1 else

30 Jul 2010 08:09

Gen seems boring....

30 Jul 2010 08:14

I think it was Big mama whose gone on maternity leave,if Im not wrong also!

30 Jul 2010 08:24

Morning bloggers maybe jake is that fat just i hope and pray its him sorry if im being a bitch.  i read somewhere that palesa might be coming back to gen.

30 Jul 2010 08:28

ey guys am new

30 Jul 2010 08:54

wellcome rubzi87

30 Jul 2010 08:54

morning bloggers

where's Maud?

30 Jul 2010 09:32

rudzi87 you mostly welcome, you will enjoy being part of this wonderful big family. Guys its Queen Bee who said she was going on mertinity leave.

30 Jul 2010 09:37

Sometimes i think im evil...but i cant wait to see whats coming for Paul and Dine-whore...and when it does happen, i will be the happiest person on earth.

I also think Karabo and Lungile's ralationship will not last...

As for Sara and Khaphela wanting to have children, OMG what is that??really, they are soo old...

sexy d
30 Jul 2010 09:43

maud pls show urself we really miss you..

30 Jul 2010 09:51

Sara and Khaphela having a child, they are too old to have children. Why cant they just embrace their relationship instead of complicating it. It will be good to see elderly pple having a lasting relationship and the younger ones coming for advice, not what i am seeing Sara running asking for advice from the young ones, i will never ask for advice from someone whom my partner had the hots for.......remember Khaps wanted Kethi, so why is Sara running to Kethi everytime she has a problem.

KwaKwakwakwa Senzo the owner, you thought owning a Tsalanang is like owning a flat a Siqalo.....sham when you were asking everyone to be a waitress. 

Queen find a husband and your own home, arent you tired of following Karabo around and wanting her man to become dads to your son. 

30 Jul 2010 10:15

well said vinc never watched yesterday very sick got flu plz fill me in guys as you know i am very good at it

30 Jul 2010 10:36

Maud pliz help. I dont want Lungile n Karabo relationship 2 last cozhe seems to be childish never serious the way he talks. I think Karabo n Paul make a gud match. They r both mature

30 Jul 2010 10:38

Generations, generubish or whatever- its hot. Not yet in August but already 70 replies!!!!!!!

30 Jul 2010 10:44

Hi guyz, it will be interesting to c the new faces,  maybe they will bring some spice.

@ ntoko, 
-Karabo tried to convince Lungile to warch a movie with tha little brat ( don't know why they have to force him to like uLungile).
-Sara went to Khethi for advice- She thinks she is not ready to have kids.
-Things were goibg crazy @ d bar, Sam & half the staff didn't pitch, so Senzo got uJason, Ajax & Zamani to help out.
-Prince was going about how much he hates the school & Lungile.
-Dumi invited d staff for a braai @ him place, gave a speech on how family to stick together.
- I saw u Ace but didnt get it, was buzzy with something else but I He went to see Khethi & I think he was still asking her to leave u Dum.
-Shaz was unhappy about u Sam resigning,

I don't know what else I'm forgetting, sorry

30 Jul 2010 11:00

Amen to that at least someone is singing the same tune with me. Lungile is so childish and looks gay for me. Not perfect for karabo at all. Still think gore Paul would make a great husband if the small rat Dineo was not in the picture. Lungile’s character irritates me a lot. I sometime compare him with Sam.

30 Jul 2010 11:15

I think Sara & Khaph should go to a honeymoon and never come back tjo Im sick of Sara asking everyone for advice,Sharon ,Khethiwe,Patricia and  Gladys.......Cant she thinks for herself no wonder her husband Solomon died maybe he had stress.

Princie is not the only brat and Sam.....son of a Chief he thinks the world revolves around him.

30 Jul 2010 11:21

Well karabo lyk him lyk dat lungile plays a lot which i think somehow its gud 4 karabo dats why her relationship with paul ddnt last coz they were 2 serious no jokes paul always writng his stupid book which we know nothng abt and dats boring in a relationship

30 Jul 2010 11:35

I don't like Paul and Dineo's relationship no matter how much I have tried. Can somebody please tell me what did Kenny do to make Dinny cry so much the other day. 

30 Jul 2010 11:35

@MsJackson it's ayoooba ..................true  dat.

30 Jul 2010 11:36

hahahahahahaha Taz  @ Sam's anaconda scarf k lemme read thanx lovely bloggers i will deposit R0.50c in each account as a token of thank you God bless mwahhhh

30 Jul 2010 11:53

I miss you too guys, just hectic is that time of the year (tax returns ) as soon as the pressure cools down, i will be back
thank you my friend for notifying me about Gen bloggers missing me.

30 Jul 2010 12:30

queen must find a father for her son.

30 Jul 2010 12:55


30 Jul 2010 12:56

Well i dnt want sarah 2 be pregnant coz shes 2 old 4 dat 2 me she looks lyk shes 45 or more so seeing her pregnant will traumatise me in a bad way so cnt be pregnant. As 4 queen and prince they both need a spank, princes a spolt brat, disrespeful child and queen doesnt knw how 2 control her child if she knew prince would knw dat he should have never push her mother lyk dat.

30 Jul 2010 12:57

30 Jul 2010 13:00

dine-whore dats classic i jst h8 da way they potray dat fat boy always eatin n eatin. . its nt lyk fat ppl always eat eat u knw

30 Jul 2010 13:06

Hey Gen bloggers plz welcom me im nem

30 Jul 2010 13:08

30 Jul 2010 13:11

Point of correction:im new  and gud morning 2all bloggers

30 Jul 2010 13:35

Hey guys, i'm new. I love the comments

30 Jul 2010 13:49

good afternoon everybody just enjoy all your comments

30 Jul 2010 13:55

correction: enjoying all your comments

sexy d
30 Jul 2010 14:04

welcome Mazety and SK hope you will enjoy being here..

Sarah and Khaphela should jst enjoy their old days together and forget all these responsibilities that they want to bring a child in this world..

Princie ena needs a warm clap Lungile is not the one who said his father must go to jail or better yet that paul loves dinny and not karabo..

30 Jul 2010 14:05

Hehehehe RUBY is pregnant with Kenny's child. l just can't wait to see the look on Dinny and Paul's faces.

30 Jul 2010 14:28

@BigMama- Oh gosh is that possible? I mean really and truly??
Incest??? Sis man!!!!!!!! 

The ex-wife with the stepson and now Kenneth with ex-mom-in-law? 
The brother with ex-sister-in-law?????

Generations is all rubbish just like the Bold and the beautiful
Even kids like Prince know how to control their parents relationships???? 


30 Jul 2010 14:34

Paul and Dineo are BORING.......... with big letters how would Paul and Karabo separate bcause they were serious with each other.Hey, wat went wrong with their wedding planes??????

Karabo and Lungile it won't last i can even smell their separation and Queen must find daddy 4 Princie so that he can start to have manners with Man's/Daddy/Father etc. remember de first tym he was not loving Steve

Who de hell is Jakes,Ozzie and Keketso??

30 Jul 2010 14:43

@BigMAMA -Damn how would dat happen???( i mean his ex-mom-in-law)  sis the MASHABA family is full of rubbish!!!!!

30 Jul 2010 14:53

@Ngwanab "Lungile is so childish and looks gay for me". say dat again i'm starting to believe that Lungile will be lovers with Senzo cause he said Senzo owes him anytime he can return a favour..

30 Jul 2010 15:04

well i think Jakes is Jigga's brother and Jakes killed him!! Well im just thinking...could be wrong. 

As for Lungile and his childish acts - he makes me sick

30 Jul 2010 15:05

correction ma bloggers: Jigga killed jakes...thats why the boy is wierd

30 Jul 2010 15:06

Haaaaaa Haaaaaaa guys take it easy I feel your fustration with the Mashaba family......... Sometimes I feel like shaking my TV.

sexy d
30 Jul 2010 15:11

@BigMama r u serious about ruby being pregnant with kenny child?

30 Jul 2010 15:22

@Big Mama, Yehhhhhhhhhhh......... Mam Ruby is Preggie with Kenzo's bastard?
M pretty sure that baby will be a retard, a fat, black and ugly retard!

30 Jul 2010 15:22

Bigmama where did u get dat plis tell. If its true den dat mashaba family is twisted big tym. Ruby cnt be preg hell no. kantsi whats going on in generations?

30 Jul 2010 15:30

@Ayalicious I hv  no comment about Ruby and Kenny's child bcause they are both undiscribable........

30 Jul 2010 16:37

Hi,i'm a silent blogger. Can someone pls tel me which couple u want coz i've bin reading ur coments since the Karabo,Dineo,Paul n Lungile saga. At 1st u wanted lungi 2 date karabo,now he's too childish or gayish or crook 2 b with karabo,u wanted paul 2 leave karabo bcoz he dusnt deserve her,but now u claim dey belong 2geda,i give up!
30 Jul 2010 16:40
30 Jul 2010 16:41

Hi  der, i'm new lyk ur commnents very much

30 Jul 2010 17:40

Hey mab,loggers dnt knw if I mst sy im new coz i've around rdng ur comments...I jst luv u guys,Generation sucks! Wat hel is gng on there smtymz I wish i cn open da tv & hit uGlaydis kampama...when is she gng vele i dnt lyk her @ al

Boss lady
30 Jul 2010 18:46

Generations is now turning into Days of our lives. It is boring and flipin unpredictable.

30 Jul 2010 19:17

Not ayoba!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boring

30 Jul 2010 21:54

Bonjour peeps gladys' wig grows bigger everytime dinny and paul looked cosy on friday O.M.G keneth dont take out your stress on everyone you have no respect for women if u call people sluts and whores what does that make a male whore damn u disgust me cos its not like u didnt take part in making ur life loveless

Mash 2010
30 Jul 2010 21:57

Ladyjay: Kenneth came to see Dineo and forcefully kissed. Dineo gave him a hot clap. Thats why she was crying. The scene was not shown on tv. welcome thenjiwe.

31 Jul 2010 12:17

Senzos gona regret alienating evryone he think when u are a boss u have behave lyk a bitch well no boy and sarah must stop behaving lyk a teenager whats wrong with her anyway u would swear its her first time shes married kantsi cha!!

31 Jul 2010 12:20

yestrday i froze whn Kenneth was insulting Karabo, hw dare is he? karabo should hv given him a slap on the face! nxa

31 Jul 2010 12:20

yestrday i froze whn Kenneth was insulting Karabo, hw dare is he? karabo should hv given him a slap on the face! nxa

31 Jul 2010 13:13

Senzo shame, to have money does not mean that you got everything.  In fact why did you introduce yourself to the staff instead of Samuel (as the manager) because Sbuda was not gonna do it - U so rude my man.

Jason you better find another one because Senzo is taken already by Lungile.  Queen get a life and get a man oright.

31 Jul 2010 15:14

Hehehe come on guyz who sayd lungile and senzo are gona be 2gether just because lungile helped senzo dat doesnt mean he wants to sleep with him

31 Jul 2010 15:21

i hop Senzo's plans never work at all, how could you do that to a friend Samuel - i like samuel, i really want things to work out well for samuel espcially after his unreasonable FATHER.

31 Jul 2010 17:29

31 Jul 2010 17:35

Hi bloggers, i'm new but i've been reading ur comments. I like 2

31 Jul 2010 21:36

hi im new here pls welcome me. Khaphela dnt u c its too late 2 hav kids, rather think adoption.

31 Jul 2010 21:36

01 Aug 2010 06:43

I guess this month is not interesting normally Maud would warn us in advance ...

Mash 2010
01 Aug 2010 18:51

interesting to see new bloggers everyday. Lungile will never date senzo. He may be childish but no gay. I wish ruby can be preggie with kennny's child. That will teach dinny a lesson. Guys what does OMG stands for?

02 Aug 2010 07:39

Good Morning all

02 Aug 2010 08:00

@Mash 2010- Oh My Gosh (OMG). 

Good morning too lovebry. 

Generations is so boring. Mvundla must resign as a writer. The is no story in Generations any longer.

02 Aug 2010 08:04

@Mash 2010 lol...OMG stands for Oh My Gosh/God...

Ya this month is going to be very interesting, i cant wait to see what will be left of little DineWHORE and Paulie's relationship when Kenneth is done with them, bunch of fools...

Lungile will never date Senzo or i will stab Mfundi with a bread knife to make it more painful....we still want to identify with Generations not turning it into an african days of our lives...

02 Aug 2010 08:26

morning guyz 
did i read correctly ruby is carrying kenny's child  OMG

02 Aug 2010 08:58

Guys i've been reading all yr comments and i loved them but i'm SPEECHLESS!!!!!!!!!!!.Guys what does lol stands for?

02 Aug 2010 09:14

@MAZETY you cant be for Laugh Out Loud!!!!!!

02 Aug 2010 09:15

Mam Ruby pregnant, hhayi bo, this story with 1 night stand is been done a 1000 times, please,  leave it........let it stay in mamRuby's bedroom where it happened. 

MaBloggs you are so right, yazi Lungile does look childish and the way he smiles is like those guys (players) who do not want serious relationships, but i could be wrong.  Sometimes i cant differentiate charactors from different soapies becoz of their facial expressions, for example, when Lungile was Q on Isidingo, he had that foolish smile that he still wears on Gen, so hey i just think of him as Q - The Player.

02 Aug 2010 09:26

Rubys not PREGNANT

02 Aug 2010 09:27

Da Diva
02 Aug 2010 09:33

Good Morning Every1 wow its 2 b back at home where i belong..

02 Aug 2010 09:43

Hello good people just hope I made it to the top 30 at least.

02 Aug 2010 10:01 you are too late love...

02 Aug 2010 10:33

GPY @HOSH....kikikikikikiki top 30???

sexy d
02 Aug 2010 10:41

morning all hope you had a great weekend..

02 Aug 2010 10:44

i like Kenny and Ruby as a couple

02 Aug 2010 11:17

@ Mint.........Are you sure, son-in-law and matswale. I dont think so, Mfundi focus on something else not INCEST, i fi want incest story lines, i can easily switch to SABC 1 at 18:00, 30 minutes is enough for mois (in Queen's voice).

I like MamRuby and please lets forget the night with Kenny and dont dent her image, she is lonely i know but pple who sleep with son-in-laws have no morals, please Vundla i beg you.

02 Aug 2010 11:18

Mint are  you serious or you are just kidding. Rubby and Kenny as a couple hai bo.

02 Aug 2010 11:28

@Stemo....he is noy the writer....he has people who write his scripts....he is a producer....I suggest the whole CREW be fired....

This month is still very vague....will make my comment later this month!!!

02 Aug 2010 11:41

Big Up to Miss Moroka for standing her ground and giving Kenzo what she has on him. Kenzo, please save yourself from the embarassment and stop chopping the wind with a panga, " Dinny is gone" cut your loses, jump out of a window or crawl under a rock .

JouMira Mira
02 Aug 2010 11:53

prince is a very bad boy who does not respect.

02 Aug 2010 12:16

no comment

Lobby the girl
02 Aug 2010 12:45

Good Afternoon Good ppl.. this true (with that tone of nigerian woman) 
i just love teh part ya Senzo and her/his about time Senzo stands up for himself..

02 Aug 2010 12:45

All generation couples suck except 4 Sbuda n Ntombi. Gladys,Zamani,Ajax must leave Gen umsangano. As for Prince i think there is a prob at school or frends he hangs out wit cos if he's bein a spoilt brat...then he nid a BIG SMACK

sexy d
02 Aug 2010 12:49

GPY SK he needs dumisanes dad to smack him

02 Aug 2010 12:49

I just hate the Lungile guy with passion, forget the player image. Nx

02 Aug 2010 12:50

Hahahaha Sexy D....Dumisane's dad will give him a smack and he will be scard for life

02 Aug 2010 13:51

welcome back Dadiva

02 Aug 2010 14:04

mxm not interesting hei .........will see u next month ma bloggers

02 Aug 2010 15:02

Senzo why being so rude to yo father wn he entered yo place. Mum Ruby how culd yu stoop so low. Yu even went to discuss a possible relationship with yo son in law but latr protest that yu r not that cheap

02 Aug 2010 15:39

In a serious way bra Khabza and Sara both are giving me hard tym when im watching generations, they must behave well instead of behaving lyk teens. They are old enough to have kids.

Sara plz stop going around seeking for advices you are making fool of yr self especial when u ask so called MLAMWAMI.sis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

02 Aug 2010 16:51

Generations is boring this month.................................................................Hayi baya gula kule soapie...................................Borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring

02 Aug 2010 17:24

Insemination and MisB10 u are so welcome darlings feel @ home

03 Aug 2010 00:22

it is time for the Khoza boys to leave...what they did today was bad as Princie's acting

03 Aug 2010 07:52

Good Morning all

phindy a.k.a rabbit
03 Aug 2010 08:14

halo bloggers im new here !!!

phindy a.k.a rabbit
03 Aug 2010 08:15

ppl do u hv any ideas abt hw karabo will leave Gen

03 Aug 2010 08:18

morning guys

did u saw the way that Lungile threaten Kenneth yestearday?
and  have to say kenneth will have another heart attack,and now he's wants gals to come and entertain him.Shame poor kenny!!!!!!!!!!!!

and i have to say this:like father like son .

03 Aug 2010 08:19

@phindy a.k.a rabbit i don't have any idea

03 Aug 2010 08:20

u r welcomed.feel at home phindy a.k.a rabbit .

Da Diva
03 Aug 2010 08:37

Prince z a spoiled Brat i GBPY whn He said "i kill da Monster" tyo tyo tyo. Paul shouldnt hv done that 2 Kenny,dey are brothers mos.......................................... I wonder what is Ace on abwt.

03 Aug 2010 08:38

I think kenneth wants 2 set up paul with the prostitute

03 Aug 2010 08:49

i agree with Da Diva Prince is a spoiled spoiled spoiled brat

03 Aug 2010 08:50

@Msjackson i think u right. He got too irritated yesterday.

03 Aug 2010 08:52

And i also think the girl will be drugged or something and Paul will be in *bleep!*.

03 Aug 2010 08:56


Welcome to all new ppl,

Guyz as for Ajax & Zamani,  what is their role in generations mara?
kanti ke Senzo & Ngamla niyagula nina, I was expectin smtin HOT not wat i saw fuuuu ngani
Mfundi weee give us MOREEEEEE this month is not Ayobaaaa, dont do that to us man. 

03 Aug 2010 09:12

Samuel please give Senzo a break.

Lobby the girl
03 Aug 2010 09:15

Morning Mabloggers a mahle..

I liked the part of Senzo and his was so nice, Sibusiso is starting to accept his son/daughter shame man..nice I tell you.
@Msjackson.. if u r not one of the extras or workingin gen then u must be a wold guesser (sp) my Dear..cause it always putn things into pesrpective..

Maud we still need u here..dotn hide for us please bandla..

Lobby the girl
03 Aug 2010 09:18

Wold - wild

Lobby the girl
03 Aug 2010 09:20

Eish sori guys my english is not good like that of Mawa something on the snobbish

03 Aug 2010 09:33

There is only oneway Kenny may get back at Dinny if he can only make peace with his son Thomas i bet u once Thomas is around Dinny and Paul won't rest for Senzo and Sbuda i also enjoyed that part

03 Aug 2010 09:44

Cum on guyz paul and dineos relationship is not love its lust 4rm pauls side even if kennys nt doing anything they wont last trust me

03 Aug 2010 09:46

03 Aug 2010 09:48

Reply from: MAZETY 7/30/2010 8:43:49 PM

@BigMAMA -Damn how would dat happen???( i mean his ex-mom-in-law) sis the MASHABA family is full of rubbish!!!!!

Remember that Kenny spent the night at mam Ruby's and he throw away Ruby's when he came for the second round... If the writers think like me they will use the idea and shake Dinny & Paul's relationship which has no strong foundation.

Lobby the girl
03 Aug 2010 10:00

He,he,he..BM my friend i think they should hire u as one of the writers in Gen and fire the rest of the crew..think u can do better than them combined together

03 Aug 2010 10:54

hahahahahahahahaha Tazteeq true that Princie need the belt one time,this kid is getting out of hand.Whether he like it or not Lungile is Karabo's boyfriend they should accept that Sies man.........I wouldnt  want to get back with my ex either for the sake of a spoit child who's mother doesnt discipline him.

03 Aug 2010 10:57

i killed the monster...i killed the monster
princie its tym 4 you to live gen hai kabi shame uyabora sis!!!

and i also enjoyed  sis-senzo and dlomo's part yesterday it was great
khoza brotherz are borrrring with a capitlal B if ngizwe kahle its their last episode 2dae(((((((((((((((((((((((((hides))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

sexy d
03 Aug 2010 11:28

i said it before and i say it again give prince to dumisane he will descipline the boy(just like his father did to him) GPY

Wats up with Ace why is he busy digging up dumisanes past?