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Rhythm City Teasers - August 2010

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Rhythm City Teasers on 27 Jul 2010
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Coming up on Rhythm City this August, 2010:

Monday 2 August 2010
Episode 801

Franco declares Gina has confessed she did not act alone in the murder of David. Ronald confronts Gina with the information.

Tshidi's suspicions that all is not well with Puleng's relationship leads her to a discovery. When Fats hides Kop's brothers in the storeroom of the Kilowatt Club, there are consequences.

Tuesday 3 August 2010
Episode 802

Franco visits Gina again then commissions his lawyer to find out everything about Gundi.

S'bu tells Kop that he'd like to swap the driver's shares in Hustle for the firm's bakkie. Suffocate tells Tshidi that Puleng has to ask for their help before they can step in to deal with Ngozi.

Wednesday 4 August 2010
Episode 803

Puleng is surprised but concedes when Ngozi drops another bombshell. Mamokete is taken aback when Kop gets excited about 50 being a new beginning in his life.

Franco pays Gundi a surprise visit. Lu and Miles deliberate on whether to keep the inheritance David left for Buhle.

Thursday 5 August 2010
Episode 804

Franco tells Miles that David's will is a miscarriage of justice and asks him not to oppose it when he challenges it in court. When the cops arrive to take a statement from Puleng she can't bring herself to implicate Ngozi.

He threatens she'll never see her child if she ever does anything like that again. S'bu tells Kop he has to lay him off.

Friday 6 August 2010
Episode 805

Kop makes a desperate move. Some unexpected news is delivered to Gundi. Ngozi is making real his threat to Puleng who is still too afraid to report his abuse to the police.

Tshidi and Mamokete think they have a solution. Ronald is onto Franco's game, but can he outwit him? Something has happened to Earl.

Monday 9 August 2010 (National Women's Day)
Episode 806

Her mom's response to the revealing of Ngozi's abuse isn't at all what Puleng expects.

Ronald tells Miles that Lu's on the hook as an accomplice in David's murder. Miles undertakes to help cover up what he thinks to be the truth.

Tuesday 10 August 2010
Episode 807

Franco, desperately scrambling to get the will overturned, makes a veiled threat on Buhle's life.

Puleng finally plucks up the courage to leave abusive Ngozi.

At 9-Nine FM, Earl seems to be sliding deeper into a morbid depression. Kop still hasn't told Mamokete he's lost his job.

Wednesday 11 August 2010
Episode 808

Ronald sets about creating a fall guy out of Earl. Gina tells Ronald that Gundi is in cahoots with Franco. Miles hears Franco is definitely mounting a legal challenge to David's will.

Ngozi discovers Puleng has left with Matric. When Fats learns Kop no longer has a job, he fears compromises will have to be made to the big birthday bash.

Thursday 12 August 2010
Episode 809

Lu and Buhle leave for Mafikeng. Ronald puts his plan to implicate Earl as David's murderer into action. Tshidi is stunned to discover Puleng has returned to Ngozi. Gundi, relieved to learn her cover has been blown, implores Gina to come clean with Franco.

Friday 13 August 2010
Episode 810

Tshidi's alarmed when Puleng says she might move to the East Rand with Ngozi. In desperation she contacts Ngozi's wife.

Kop is still hoping Miles will phone about a job at Redemption, when Japhta says he's found a job that needs a driver and a bakkie. Gundi tells Franco that Gina's accomplice could be Earl.

Monday 16 August 2010
Episode 811

When Kop announces his new job might cause him to miss his birthday, his party planners are thrown into alarm.

Ronald puts his precarious and complicated plan into operation.

Ngozi's wife agrees to speak to Puleng and has to go to some lengths to show Puleng what a monster Ngozi really is.

Tuesday 17 August 2010
Episode 812

Puleng flees her enraged lover. Preparations for Kop's birthday continue frenetically, even though the guest of honour is missing. Franco and Ronald walk into the office to find a terrifying sight. Franco makes an evil pact with Gundi.

Wednesday 18 August 2010
Episode 813

Franco explains to Ronald what really happened after David was shot. Ronald tries to warn Gina her life is in danger.

Lu is unimpressed with Miles because he won't put his child's safety ahead of David's estate. Puleng is surprised by the arrival of Ngozi. Kop turns the tables on everyone.

Thursday 19 August 2010
Episode 814

Everyone at 9-Nine FM is in shock over Earl's untimely death. The police visit Puleng. Franco assigns Gail to interview new Hip Hop sensation Boboza.

Puleng moves back to her mother's house. An unexpected, but familiar, face is back. Franco slowly and fearlessly unravels the truth about himself to Miles.

Friday 20 August 2010
Episode 815

Thembi - Rachel Phakati's daughter - arrives in town. Puleng and Suffocate have become very close due to the Ngozi saga. Stone worries his friends will reject him again. Puleng is inspired to contact Mpumi. Boboza has second thoughts about having dissed Ivan Tshinawa.

Monday 23 August 2010
Episode 816

In studio Lu experiences a creative block. Although he knows Hustle is not financially fit to make Boboza an offer, S'bu asks Fats to find out how much money it would take to poach the rapper.

Stone reveals to Tshidi what the mystery job is, but asks her to keep it a secret.

Thembi is reluctant to let S'bu know she's in town.

Tuesday 24 August 2010
Episode 817

We discover Thembi is now an extreme vegan. Puleng, Mpumi, and Tshidi resolve to spend more time together like back in the day.

Miles signs up Lu for a celebrity sing-along. Stone registers his company. Ngozi returns for a final attempt to win Puleng back.

Wednesday 25 August 2010
Episode 818

Thembi tries to convince everyone she no longer has any feelings for S'bu…while her ex-lover finds out unexpectedly she's in town. Fats spoils a golden opportunity for S'bu to schmooze Boboza.

Tshidi lets slip to her parents the reason Stone is back. Stone has an unpleasant encounter with Japhta. A nasty surprise awaits Lu upon her arrival at the first rehearsal for the celeb anthem.

Thursday 26 August 2010
Episode 819

S'bu turns up at Lu's home to confront Thembi. Franco offers S'bu astute advice about the feud between Boboza and his producer, Ivan. Mpumi declares Puleng's bravery has given her the strength to end her affair with Zondi. Now Lu and Sunay have to duet.

Friday 27 August 2010
Episode 820

Miles has to fend off Sunay's advances, while Lu and his ex mistress spat to boiling point. Miles makes a move on S'bu's coveted prize. S'bu and Thembi agree to stay apart. Tshidi confronts Zondi on Mpumi's behalf, but is later surprised by her friend's confession.

Monday 30 August 2010
Episode 821

Miles starts to make his move on hip-hop artist Boboza. Lu finds out Sunay will stop at nothing.

Stone is trying everything to impress Johnny, who is extremely confident they will be awarded the tender.

Thembi arrives for her dinner date with S'bu. A knock at the door reveals someone whom S'bu is not very happy to meet.

Tuesday 31 August 2010
Episode 822

S'bu meets Thembi to try and convince her that they are destined to be together.

Stone feels compromised when Johnny introduces him to Sydney Tshabalala, the head of the tender panel. Lu is shocked to discover Franco is financing the celeb campaign song.

Rhythm City is on e.tv Mondays to Fridays at 18h30.


28 Jul 2010 01:08

I guess im the 1st! Ive always wanted to do this!

28 Jul 2010 05:08

Ohh cool thembi is back,intresting month!

28 Jul 2010 05:40

Yippeee!!! I am the 3rd. Hi all what is happening in RC this month? Let's read.

28 Jul 2010 05:51

Finally, Puleng I am so happy u have seen the light. Please don't let Ngozi manipulate u again.

28 Jul 2010 07:51

Yes Yes Yes, Thembi is back and Stone! Am looking forward to this month.

Lobby the girl
28 Jul 2010 07:54

Morning Guys..made it to top 10..lemme read..i will be back

28 Jul 2010 07:56

yay i made top 10 lol

28 Jul 2010 07:57

Poor Earl, does he kill himself or does Dave get rid of him cos he knows too much or he allegedly tried to off him, I hope my questions get answeres. When they say that Franco reveals himself to Miles, does it mean that he confesses to being Dave cos he knows that he can't do anything about it as he has convinced the cops that he is not Dave

28 Jul 2010 08:08

I cant wait 2 c thembi,wats wrong with franco,i hate his style of dressing

cherrie ka cleo
28 Jul 2010 08:09

interesting month yhooo!!! sunay, thembi n stone r back shooooo!!!

28 Jul 2010 08:23

RC will be HOTT HOTT HOTT for the month of August nice and Thembi is back should be interesting never mind that Sunay

28 Jul 2010 08:26

numebr 12 


Lobby the girl
28 Jul 2010 08:45

Franco and Ronald walk into the office to find a terrifying sight.. 
mhhhhm interesting..i think David will forget his pretends and get busted
Franco explains to Ronald what really happened after David was shot

Maybe he finally confess to Ronald that he is David..

28 Jul 2010 09:02

lets hope ga ba motshentsha e ne thembi i like the old thembi Mabatho montsho.

28 Jul 2010 09:46

This month is rocking. Have a great day MaBloggers. 

28 Jul 2010 09:56

David should just confess to Ronald and i also hope that Mabatho is still our Thembi.

Vigorous aka ThePenultimate
28 Jul 2010 10:24

huuurrreeyy i made it to de top 20 in my first month!

28 Jul 2010 11:28

top twenty at least yeeeeeh

28 Jul 2010 11:51

wow thembi is back at last n sunnay cho


28 Jul 2010 12:00

So Puleng finally leaves Ngozi, good for her. Stoan and Thembie are  back yaaay, wonder if Gail is going to feel jealous or threatened by Thembie.

Japhta o tjatjarag maan, I wonder what he will say to Stoan.

sexy d
28 Jul 2010 12:13

made it to top 20

28 Jul 2010 12:20


King Msaka
28 Jul 2010 13:13

i guess im number 20

sexy d
28 Jul 2010 13:57

looks like its gonna be intresting this month..

28 Jul 2010 14:54

Its about time Puleng

28 Jul 2010 15:02

ok Stone and Thembi coming back interesting, but Puleng not speaking out wa hafa,how can she allow a man to kick her like that everyday. but gud thing she will speak shame.

28 Jul 2010 16:12

stone and thembi are back ,what a interesting month

28 Jul 2010 18:54

Okay, I know that they say that never look a gift horse in the mouth but then when someone is that generous, you have tp ask yourself why. S'bu just be careful

28 Jul 2010 19:00

well boring i think,old characters being recycled .Ginaro never dies well that will make me  stop watching this !!!

28 Jul 2010 19:12

Noticed how Fravid Genaro acts everytime he sees Miles, Lu or Gail? Like an excited 12 year old.. infact like a retard and he changes his tune when with Ron? touchpad am with you 100%. Am watching i Rhythm City because I can relate you know, it's all about Kasi hustlers but if they're gonna take the Bold and Days route, I must just ditch. Phela sesikhathele oomafavuka, kunini bafwethu? Hayi suka mani!

28 Jul 2010 21:30

the gay is back stone.....when charlotte is she coming back,it seems evry1 including little monster sunay is bk

29 Jul 2010 08:46

Im so glad u Puleng is being bitten up coz she did not listen to her mother n izwi lomzali alidliwa mpuku Thembi ios back Im so glad yeeeeeeeeeeeee welcome back gal

Vigorous aka ThePenultimate
29 Jul 2010 11:31

@ Xtru - Noticed how Fravid Genaro acts everytime he sees Miles, Lu or Gail? Like an excited 12 year old.. infact like a retard... ha...ha...hahahahahaah (GPY)

29 Jul 2010 11:34

from : Sherlyn

Wow atlast Thembi is back!!! Let hope Sbu will be trilled. What about Charlotte is she coming back too ?. Puleng need to told that a woman`s life without a man is perfect 

sexy d
29 Jul 2010 11:36

hope you all noticed this but franco said he sad bcos buhle is his son(even though he tried to  it) lu open your eyes and miles better hurry up with the evidence to show that Franco is actually David..

puleng just shout help and people with help..

29 Jul 2010 12:15

You know Puleng...........Puleng...............why mara? The body is bruised and you still put a smile for people.The way Matric was looking at her...........scary..it was like she saying why are we still here ma........

If Thembi is back what will became Sbu and Gail................I know Gail still loves Sbu. 

Lobby the girl
29 Jul 2010 13:17

Guys, there was something that Lu said to Fradavid yesterday, i didn't catch that part..anyway Lulu said david used to say that and he said old habbits..i mean even a dom ass like me can understand that he was telling him gore old habits die hard.daaahh..lulu catch a wake up woman..

29 Jul 2010 18:21

@ Lobby the girl, Franco said that Buhle had inherited David's empire

29 Jul 2010 18:57

Franco is so camp. Tjo Puleng, please get out of there, Doesn't she realise the damage that it's doing to Matric?

29 Jul 2010 19:07

Update me phela Calis (calamity) Gape I'm on a hunger strike ya RC. please help bathong, what's new? All I know is probably Danger beat up the poor Puleng again ne? Tjo, le ena ona lesebete maaan! Uyezwa nawe ukuthi the guy's name is Danger yet you go, Í'll take my chances" and now she's forced to lie about it from all the people who care about her!

30 Jul 2010 07:54

@ Xtru, well Franco bought the hustle shares from tshinawa and Miles hit the roof when he Franco told him, Matric was hitting her doll and calling it stupid. Suffo saw the bruises on Puleng's hand and he promised to sort Ngozi out for her. He revealed that he was also abused as a child by his father who would also hit his mother so, he knows the signs, and he had an idea what was going on, he was only waiting for her to ask fro help. Puleng implored Suffo not to do anything.

30 Jul 2010 07:56

And S'bu and Miles had another blow out after Miles tried to convince him that Franco is only buying the shares @ hustle to get at him, you know how Miles is, he always thinks that the Genaros do what they because they want to get at him, which is usually the case but that was the wrong time to tell S'bu that.

sexy d
30 Jul 2010 09:45

@Xtru ha a na sebete but o na le mogodu how can you stay with sumone who beat u like a boxing bag..

30 Jul 2010 11:43

30 Jul 2010 12:08

Where is verisimilitude? The so called Genaro destroyed lives unchecked, but when he was killed, writers fooled us with his mystic resurrection for vengeance. What about those promising lives that David Genaro wasted abruptly for his own gain? The plot is non-felicitous, simplistic, non-didactic, anti-exemplum and invidous. Let the plot lampoon a la-la-land vignette.

30 Jul 2010 12:36

Lolest sexy d. On Oprah yesterday they were talking to a woman who was abused by her husband. She married this guy and after that he told her that she is is his wife and should do as she is told. She divorced him, and he lured her into his house and tried to kill her. The expert actually said that, the first time you are hit, you are a victim but the second time you become a participant.

30 Jul 2010 14:20

Tsho bathong!! Uthini manje Cals?  It seems Franco's intent on living up to his brother's name. Phela, I have a feeling Hustle is going to be a huge empire and then Fravid will buy out or kill uSbu for the sole ownership. Sounds as though uMatric will turn out to be her father's daughter afterall --- wait for it--- just because her mother likes the pain. It is worse phela uDanger is even a Zulu man, talk about perpetuating the stereotype!!

30 Jul 2010 15:16

@ Outspoken please take it easy with that English.......you are killing us.Tjo bombastic words from Harvard University.And I agree with 100% the writers fooled us.there...............

30 Jul 2010 16:05

30 Jul 2010 16:08

u puleng uyangdina, nokuhlale eshawa kodwa not doing anything about it. ungozi ngingavele ngimdubule 1 time. suffo thatha u puleng no matric and be a happy family.

30 Jul 2010 18:17

Exactly sitka

30 Jul 2010 20:21

Now that I know Puleng will leave that beast, I can comment with the widest smile. I laughed very loud when Suffo started the conversation with Ngozi. He said women are not safe alone on the street. Ngozi said "yes u r right". Suffo then added saying "Some women are not safe at home because there is "Danger" i.e Ngozi.

30 Jul 2010 20:22

30 Jul 2010 20:38

Shoo! uSuffo wathi ke "Wonke amododa a shaya bafazi izingulube" i.e all men who beat their women. Then Ngozi replied "What are u saying" with guilt all over his face. Sho! The part which made me burst into laughter was when Suffo said "u heard me" then Ngozi immediately stood up and said "I have no time 4 this". Ja, neh! Like they say "O molato o a ikatlhola." i.e. U judge yourself when u r guilty. GPY!!! Suffo is good.

30 Jul 2010 20:44

Wanted to say "All men who beat their women are pigs". Hahaha!!!GPY!!!

30 Jul 2010 20:59

@sexy d-"ha a na sebete, o na le mogodu" yoo thusang!! Ke a swa ke ditshego, hahahaha!!! Heeee!!! Haaaa!!!. Le ntshegisetsang ga kana kana!! Shoo! Hooo hohooo hooo!! Ja neh? Ke botshelo.

30 Jul 2010 21:02

31 Jul 2010 07:39

The Ngozi i.e. Danger part was hilarious.

01 Aug 2010 15:06

stemo u r funny!

02 Aug 2010 07:47

Happy birthday to Lungsta.

sexy d
02 Aug 2010 10:44

morning all

02 Aug 2010 10:55

@ Outspoken U are confusing us DAMN, that higher grade ENGLISH i wud love to know what you were saying aniwho, Usuffo shud just take Puleng and Matric and leave with them because Ngozi does not appreciate them at all what type of man beats his wife infront of his own child that is being and ANIMAL and he deserves a MOBB attack on him like they do in some townships in SA, take the law into their own hands and maybe even KILL him

sexy d
02 Aug 2010 11:18

Mtric calling the baby stupid the next we know she will begin to beat the doll and try to immitate it saying "sorry ngozi, i wont do it again sorry" shame poor baby to experience this at her age..

Suffo just marnate and penalbeat the bastard sis ntate o mokana mo ngwaneng..

02 Aug 2010 11:33

lol Sungodess, that's not even higher grade english, not even university entry level english, I think you will find that kind of english in a english professor's article on the language

02 Aug 2010 12:37

Bathong Puleng that is beyond stupidity tjo this young lady love to be beaten up.Tjo friday........................That Danger has no shame,poor Matric......this is trauma a lot of kids with abuse in their household they grow up to be problematic. 

03 Aug 2010 07:35

Tjo Puleng, you love him? You need to get out, being in denial won't help you. The psychological damage done to poor matric is huge. You need to move out cos at home there is danger, aka ngozi

03 Aug 2010 08:55

Suffo, well done. You can't force help on someone who does not want to be helped. You will only help when Puleng takes a first step. You heard. She said "You stay out of this because you don't know anything".  As much as you care as a friend you don't force yourself. Even God does not force Himself on anyone.

As for Matric, this is traumatising for her. She knows what is going on.  Wena Tshidi, that's a child. Do you think if you go to court with this Matric story the Judge will believe you? A two year old child being a witness???? The only witness you have is Puleng herself because she told you what Ngozi does to her. 

Puleng the ball is in your court. People will not help you unless you take a first step. Finish and klaar!!!!

03 Aug 2010 10:07

True that Stemo...........Unless she takes a stand against the Danger she's living with no one can do anything.

03 Aug 2010 11:42

Damn whats wrong with this Puleng or she wants to die first before she realize that this NGOZI guy is a serious NGOZI.Damn women wake up and smell the coffee dammit

03 Aug 2010 14:33

Does anybody else miss Ding Dong? Still remember when he told Thula politely to shut up , 'Nje nge gama lakho'. I still lol when I remember that!

03 Aug 2010 14:36

OFF TOPIC:Still can't believe that Ekasi our true stories is back by popular demand, hopefully they will do a better job of acting this time with season 2 almost on the way

03 Aug 2010 14:56

OFF TOPIC:Still can't believe that Ekasi our true stories is back by popular demand, hopefully they will do a better job of acting this time with season 2 almost on the way...i' m behind u calamity...they were acting like school kids...ingathi benza i-sketch, but i liked the fact that they showed more new faces & less known faces

Hee uRonald usemasimbeni, cant he see that is David, or i have forgoten Lu can be such a fool

03 Aug 2010 15:39

So Ronald is Judas. You know, he must now kill David permanently. 
What Gina started is for Ron to finish. 

As for Lu, please stick with Miles. Miles loves you very much. If you keep on opposing him, David will keep you his prisoner again and this time with lethal consequences. There is no Franco here. David is so clever that he even faked the fingerprints so that they look different. Those doctors have done a wonderful job.

03 Aug 2010 15:52


03 Aug 2010 16:46

I know that doctors have the ability to reconstruct a person's face, they make you look like someone, they even have the ability to make you sound like that person. Lol, saw this in the movies Hitman and Once upon a time. So fingerprints should be a cake walk

Exactly stemo, that is David through and through. I don't think David would leave any stone unturned in his plan to cause ultimate caos on RC land.

03 Aug 2010 18:41

Puleng, it is not your fault

03 Aug 2010 18:53

Lol Fats saying that Suffo is afraid of Ngozi!

04 Aug 2010 02:23

Suffo wants Puleng as soon as she splits up with Ngozi? Shoo, I would love to see that. It can be tricky though because "The abused often becomes the abuser". I would suggest Suffo and Puleng both seek help before they get involved in the new relationship. Can anyone tell me what will happen to Ngozi after he makes the last attempt to win Puleng back? Will he be killed or arrested? People like him don't deserve to live.

04 Aug 2010 07:46

Lol stemo, I think Suffo meant that he knows that people who have been abused often go back to the abuser so with his wealth of experience he will be there to hold her hand and protect her if Ngozi ever comes near her. You are right about them not getting involved as soon as Puleng leaves cos usually people tend to hero worship people who saved them from a bad situation and they mistake it for love.

04 Aug 2010 08:41

@Ingenuity- And remember Suffo was also abused in the past and was also in jail. Think of Dumisani in Generations. 

I have seen relationships where "the good samaritans" rescued the women out of the abusive relationships. In the long run "the good samaritans" are actually the monsters hidden in the sheep skin far worse than the previous abusers. 

That's what I meant  by "tricky". Some will tend to "Remember I took you out of the house of bondage, Is this how you thank me????"

If Suffo really loves Puleng,  he must just not rush into this.
It is going to be tricky for Puleng. She must just wait. She is still young.

04 Aug 2010 09:11

Like Suffo says, Puleng has to leave of her own accord. In the meantime, she is still blaming herself for Ngozi being such a monster.

sexy d
04 Aug 2010 09:27

what the hell was that lawyer thinking by telling franco that the only solution for him to get all the davido assets is that buhle should die before 21 and telling him its impossible..well honey nothing is impossible in the genaro family..

04 Aug 2010 10:17

I have always known that Lucilla is stupid but I never thought she is this stupid what was she thinking about telling Franco the truth about David's death.

Ginah my darling that was David Genaro you were talking to yersterday.

04 Aug 2010 10:27

Now Franco wants tp assassinate poor buhle

04 Aug 2010 10:37

well honey nothing is impossible in the genaro family.. i'm with you on that sexy
franco a.k.a david will make sure that  lil'buhle die's before 21

puleng let your friends help you, coz they cant help you if you dont ask them to

04 Aug 2010 11:49

@ladyjay my darling me too I have always knew Lucilla is stupid but now she's very dom.......and what's with the nerversness all the time..............Franco a.k.a David will make her life hell and kill little Buhle if he found out.

JouMira Mira
04 Aug 2010 13:41

David is back, kinda lyk him, i lyk da way he talks thats cute. Ungabona ukuthi usisiKHOKO,a man that does'nt fake anything. u Lucilla can't act she's stupid

04 Aug 2010 14:13

lucilla is the most stupid woman i have ever see  nxa

04 Aug 2010 14:18

You gotta love RC :-)

04 Aug 2010 15:45

Hi guys.Can someone help me with the preview of yesterday's episode.Couldn't watch, we didn't have electricity in my area last night.Plizz....

04 Aug 2010 18:03

I see uFravid is getting on everyone's nerves in here!! lol  Mina ngigcwala ngesikhokho - - - uMsafofo!! ""Eintlik yazini ne, amadoda ashaya abafazi yizingulube la kimi"and uDanger went "Ängizwa?" esho echachazela hehehe you know he will make him fill his pants up one day. Everytime Puleng goes"it's my fault, I will fix things up and we will go back to being ok again"I feel like slapping the sh#$t out of her!! Dammit woman! Ngize ngithukane ngiyi1 ne tv yessses maaan! I have enuf stress in my life, I don't need your too Puleng, thank you very much!

04 Aug 2010 18:47

Tjo, Puleng has got herself a bodyguard.

04 Aug 2010 20:00

Aowa! Le ge ba reng tlhe!. So now Ngozi ke mogatla jaanong? I mean Ngozi is now Puleng's tail? Shoo! Hai man!! A kganthe Puleng wa bo rata botshelo bo ntseng jaana? Does she really love this kind of life? No no no!!! Next thing he will sit with Puleng in the toilet. No! No! No! Ngozi must be stoned to death. I just wish I can be given a part in RC to come and grill Ngozi alive in an open flame. Lol!!!

04 Aug 2010 20:05

Aowa! Le ge ba reng tlhe!. So now Ngozi ke mogatla jaanong? I mean Ngozi is now Puleng's tail? Shoo! Hai man!! A kganthe Puleng wa bo rata botshelo bo ntseng jaana? Does she really love this kind of life? No no no!!! Next thing he will sit with Puleng in the toilet. No! No! No! Ngozi must be stoned to death. I just wish I can be given a part in RC to come and grill both Ngozi and David alive in an open flame. Lol!!!

05 Aug 2010 07:57

Sorry guys for repeating myself. I clicked twice because I thought the first click didn't go thru.

Cecilia Rabuthu
05 Aug 2010 09:49

Hi Beautiful Bloggers

Puleng is too stupid 2 realize dat Danger is really dangerous.  Unless she's being admitted 2 hospital she won't leave Ngozi.  No matter what Tshidi n de others r trying 2 do she's so stubborn.  As for, David-Franco he irritates me so much

05 Aug 2010 10:03

hahahahahahahaha Guys tjo Puleng...................she's in C-Max Ngozi Prison.Im glad RC reveals this kind of abuse the are women who are going through this situation and it shows the's no life in those relationships, you only killing yourself.

05 Aug 2010 10:07

@Xtru dont take it personally it will get in your nerves.

05 Aug 2010 11:17

hellow ma beautiful RC

ddnt watch yesterday's episode i was at the gym

guyz  if you have notice every story a actor kuso u ngozi a.k.a danger  uya abuser or hiz doing something that is against the law  i'v seen hm on etv(ekasi storyz)
maybe its the way angakhona in real life.((((((((((hides)))))))))))))))))

05 Aug 2010 11:35

lol cnazo, I think it is called typecasting, once you play a certain character, you tend to get cast in a similar role . I think maybe it is cos you played that role really well and they can't help but cast you in a similar role

sexy d
05 Aug 2010 13:28

puleng jst get out of that relatonship..

as for david a.k.a franco for a person who grew up as a farmer really knows how to blackmail other people to get what he wants

05 Aug 2010 14:31

@sexy d - That's how a leopard was defined with it's spots. 

Gundi was supposed to report this to correctional authorities or her lawyer. 

She should have told Gina who would tell Ronald. Ronald would tell Lulu. Lulu would tell Miles. Miles would conclude by saying "You see, we have David for you. Ngishilo ngathi uDavid uyaphila, la mbuzi ayifanga". So "Franco" is David.

So how will he contest that will in court? because, David and Buhle are not blood related.

05 Aug 2010 14:56

la mbuzi ayifanga".(in miles voice)

05 Aug 2010 16:36

Like the lawyer said, intent won't come into it, the only 3 waysthe court is going to give Dave his inheritance back is when Miles and Lu (Buhle's legal guardians) hand over the inheritance or if Buhle dies and when dave reveals himself.

05 Aug 2010 18:33

I must say that S'bu is looking extremely cute today!

05 Aug 2010 20:14

@ingenuity- Lu and Miles are not guardians. They are parents. I mean full blood. So David will have to reveal himself finish and klaar. He has started the fire he can't put out. Anyway what happened today? I missed it.

06 Aug 2010 07:33

Puleng, Ngozi is not going to go anywhere, he doesn't have any money, unless goes and mooches off some poor unsuspecting woman. All Puleng had to do was lay a charge of assault, the police even came to your house and Ngozi would have spent a few nights in jail. Even if they offered him bail, he can't afford it so he is looking at a long strecth in prison.

sexy d
06 Aug 2010 08:04

Ngozi telling puleng gore ena he is educated and puleng is not cause she does not have a matric who do you think you are u are just a man cause you are besides that you are just a dog, you wear, sleep and eat puleng sis man i could be ashamed if i were you suffo just hurry up and sort this man..

Miles is right they should not give franco those assets i mean this is just the repayment of all the bad things he did to miles and lu..

GPY when that policeman said to puleng o tlile ka baaitjie(he only came with a jacket)

06 Aug 2010 08:09

Morning uyadina Puleng,how stupid can you ...

@sexy d i agree with you phela Puleng does everything for Ngozi,Ngozi was just a sperm donor nxa ......

06 Aug 2010 09:28

Morning yall,

Motho o loileng Puleng ga a sa phela( A person who bewitched Puleng is dead) 

How stupid can one be, giving away Tshidi's name to Kotsi( Ngozi) like that. He is going to hate Tshidi with passion now.

Shame Gina she is in for the " BIG SUPRISE".....................DavFranco and Gumbi........ALLIANCE..........SHOOOOOOOOO

Lobby the girl
06 Aug 2010 09:57

Ngozi o a ntena hle..Puleng shem she is very afraid of him..everytime when Ngozi talks..she's like Im sorry, askies...

06 Aug 2010 12:39

Haaaaaaaaaaaaa guys you make me laugh........Ngozi  and Puleng gives me stress I just take it personally I sometimes forget it is just acting.I  mean really Puleng giving away Tshidi's name sies wadina maaan nxaa.

06 Aug 2010 18:47

sitka, when Ngozi was sitting @ Kilowatt and Suffo looked at him, I wanted him to just drag him to the back and kick his ass until he said uncle.

06 Aug 2010 18:50

What more proof does Kop need, is he waiting for Puleng to die and then he will act.

09 Aug 2010 19:07

Is Puleng's mother crazy, so Puleng should just let Ngozi hit her so that Matric would have a father, the idiot doesn't even have a job if her only reason is that she needs financial support. Like Dr. Phil says, children would rather come from a broken home than live in a broken home.

10 Aug 2010 08:00

@calamity- What did Cuba say? Did she say Puleng should just stay with Ngozi? Oh My God!!!!! Kanti abanye abomama banjani?? First she hated Ngozi but now??? Please help me on this one because I don't understand.

Puleng supports Ngozi and Matric 100% but now this??? Why Cuba why??? I thought you care about your daughter, you are just as evil, sis man!!!!!!

I just wish that Puleng gets out of this relationship then want's nothing to do with her mother. She can just stay at Khuse's place alone with Matric while she pushes her own catering business. She is too young. She must just wait before she moves on.

10 Aug 2010 08:17

Morning ya'll hope ya'll had a fantastic long weekend, YOH GINA lie as u knw it is over I tell u over DAVID GENARO never makes empty promises he is gona make your life a living hell shame man, just give him a name (LUCILLA) vele she can act so she can be killed by GENARO anyway, uGundi shud not trust that man he is a snake and like Miles said izolo when Ron called FRANCO the devil. Puleng my dear u need a hug and that stupid mother of your i dont understand because it is not like DANGER is supporting you now is it.

10 Aug 2010 08:48

Is Puleng's mother crazy, so Puleng should just let Ngozi hit her so that Matric would have a father,and that danger ak.a ngozi dznt even support  matric.puleng if you know whats gud for you leave  ngozi

sexy d
10 Aug 2010 09:32

Hau bathong cuba encouraging puleng to stick le monna who abuses her sis bomme ba bangwe ga ba na sebete ba na le mogodu straight and 2 beers Puli baby just get the hell out of that relationship looks like you are the only one who can save yourself..

Halala David is starting to over come Franco day by day did you guys notice his eyes when he was threating gina and oh he finally said the magic word yesterday CHINA (in david voice)

10 Aug 2010 09:52

@ sexy  d  yes i did notice that and i was like OMG now thats our Genaro

10 Aug 2010 12:14

sexy d i've notice that.... and even a fool can see that its david and hiz about to reveal him self now

10 Aug 2010 12:44

Cuba said to Puleng that it was difficult to raise her on her own and she must dp everything in her power to hold on to Ngozi and she shouldn't tell people her business. When Kete told her that they heard noises, she said that Ngozi has an agreement with her uncles, she is just thinking about the Lobola, that's all.

10 Aug 2010 13:17

Where will she get the lobola cause ngozi can't even buy food for the so called family..

sexy d
10 Aug 2010 13:54

Good question Huny i mean the man is useless with a capital letter U

Calamity i agree with you Cuba just want the lobala money..

10 Aug 2010 14:27

@calamity- Oh but calamity! That "good for nothing"?? He is useless. Puleng will hold on to Ngozi for what??? Kant' unjani lo Cuba? Yes you are right I agree with you she is just after that lobola money. 

But I am still confused. Did Ngozi pop out that lobola yet? If he can't even buy a single napkin? No!!!! This is the part I can't understand. No!!! ba teng mos boTshidi le ba gaKhuse. Ba tla kgona go thusa Puleng go godisa ngwana. Le Suffo, o rile o tla ba tlhokomela. So now Cuba o kaa eng ge are Puleng a ka se kgone?

10 Aug 2010 14:27

Fa ele gore ke madi a batlang, tell her gore madi ga aboloke ope she is putting the life of her daughter in danger just because of money?

10 Aug 2010 15:46

I thought Cuba will be the first person to come to her rescue and put some sense into her mind but It looks like al she wants is money. I don't even understand how the hell is this FATTY (Ngozi) is going to get that money.

Puleng must stop listening to her stupid mom, Puleng has done a great job raising her baby without Ngozi even now that he is around he isn't doing anything all he is ever done is to be ungreatful old man who doesn't appreciate what Puleng is doing for him and his kid.

10 Aug 2010 15:57

Ngozi's uncles have gone for negotiations with Cuba's, I think he is going to be paying in instalments, obviously Pulemg is going to be paying for it, in essence she is going to be marrying herself. Ngozi also has to pay the damages i.e for getting Puleng pregnant. Ngozi hasn't paid the lobola yet, there's just an understading that he intends to marry Puleng

11 Aug 2010 06:04

Then let her exit. She has nothing to hold on to. The exit door is wide open. Ngozi is just a barking dog without canines. She can just take Matric and take refuge in the Police and Khuses. Her mother betrayed her daughter and her granddaughter.

11 Aug 2010 07:48

Why did Puleng run to her mother's. She was still telling her that she told her to do everything in her power to hold on to the man. She could have gone to Suffo mos. Did you guys see the smirk on Ngozi's face when he finds out that Puleng has left with all her clothes.

11 Aug 2010 08:47

@Ingenuity- Did her mother say that? Anyway, that's Puleng's home. She was not married in the first place. Finally, she did the right thing. Well done!!! That was the first step. However, Ngozi will manipulate her into coming back but for a short while.

Thanks to Yolisa who will be in the picture again to take Puleng out of the house of bondage by talking some scary sense into her.

So had they moved to the East Rand who would pay rent? Shoo, it would have been a disaster.

11 Aug 2010 11:54

Why did Puleng run to her mother's. She was still telling her that she told her to do everything in her power to hold on to the man.>>

she said that cos she knows that Puleng will go back to Ngozi anyway and she'll be the bad person to her daughter again. so she wants Puleng to do this on her own. azibonele ububi baNgozi yena msalofu!

11 Aug 2010 12:45

From past statements made by Cuba, it doesn't seem like she wants her to do this on her own. When Puleng first told her about Ngozi's temper, she told her that, she should stop doing what she is doing to make him angry and not when she hears that Ngozi hits her, she tells her that it was hard raising Puleng on her own so she needs to do everything in her power to hd on to Ngozi.mm

11 Aug 2010 12:49

Damn phone, anyway, remember that Cuba only accepted Ngozi when she heard that he wants to marry Puleng and the uncles have had discussions. Cuba thinks that Puleng should stay with Ngozi cos she can't raise Matric on her own and public perception.

11 Aug 2010 13:15

@Ingenuity i agree she could have gone to suffo i mean the dude wouldnt touch him if she was there...

Wow gina finally you put 2 and 2 together well done..

11 Aug 2010 16:44

@calamity- Public perception?? No!!! No!!! No!!!!  Cuba!!!! Puleng is so young. Yes she made the big mistake by allowing that scumbag to take advantage of her. But now marriage???? no no no!!!! Marriage should not be used as a form of quick fix. Marriage should be based on love and huge responsibility.

She is doing just fine at the moment by raising Matric alone. She has her business and huge amount of customers are supporting her. So who knows, gore motlhomong o tla ba le masente a extra a tlo go mo thusa go tsweletsa dithuto tsa gagwe pele. Wena Cuba! Monwana wa gago o mongwe o supa Puleng, mee e meraro e supile wena.

Please leave Puleng alone. She does not deserve that scumbag.

11 Aug 2010 18:53

Tjo Miles feels justified in keeping the inheritance, he probably thinks he has finally got one over Genaro but seeing that his son is in danger, shouldn't he just give the inheritance back? Cuba depresses me.

11 Aug 2010 19:46

Eish bathong,  kella le wena Cals I found myself going.... hayi kodwa nawe mama awunaqiniso because Cuba was just sooooo nyanyising you know!! nx!! Eish I gotta say... again, uFranco is too South African for an Italian. When he went ýou don't think I can china?" to Gina, I was shaking in  my pants. guy's eveil people, truly.

12 Aug 2010 00:45

@calamity- What did Cuba do now?? Eish I have not been watching RC this week. I will just watch the omnibus on Sat. Shoo! It looks like Puleng will be forced to go back to Ngozi. So there is no refuge at home. Tshidi please put pressure on Kop and Kete to banish Ngozi sothat Puleng can live by herself there. Ke lapile ke selo sela.

12 Aug 2010 07:49

@ stemo, Puleng went back to Ngozi. He told her that he can change and he, Puleng and matric will be a proper family. Cuba was practically forcing Puleng to talk to Ngozi, telling her that the youth of today when things don't work out they don't stay and work it out. But guys, that is the reaction of most parents out there, they would practically take you back, the husband doesn't even have to come and get you, the scandal of it all is just too big, If I was Puleng, my 4 brothers would kick Ngozi's ass.

12 Aug 2010 09:13

@Ingenuity - I give up. He has been saying this I don't know for how many decades. I strongly hate this kind of manipulation because it really slows one's life down. 

Yes, it is true. You can't stay when things are like this. You can't stay in  relationship when you are afraid of your partner. What is it to work out with people like Ngozi? They were not married and Ngozi is an unfit father of that child. So the exit door is all wide open for escape. Just run!!! 

Can anyone tell me what happened to Puleng's father?

Puleng! just as you were thick-headed when your mother tried to separate you from Ngozi, be more thick-headed to her when she now forces you to be with Ngozi.

Anyway, this is shortlived. O etla Yolisa go tlo

12 Aug 2010 09:35

That fat ngozi even threatened Mamokete, i was shocked seeing he is staying in their back room.

I wonder if he will beat Mamokete and Tshidi if they trick him again.

Miles o a bora mbuzi ke wena.

12 Aug 2010 10:03

Puleng come on now. You obviously going to believe that monster after everything he has done to you.

As for Cuba how can she be so stupid what happened to that women who used to stand for her child, who used to stand up to Ngozi. I can't believe she changed when did she became so soft to Ngozi. Even Mamoketi is trying her best to help if she can only convince Cuba to rescue her baby from DANGER>..........

Gina you are so clever you know that...................

sexy d
12 Aug 2010 11:00

i know guys it is wrong but do you still remember that cuba was the only person who didnt like ngozi now all of the sudden the very same people who forced her to accept ngozi are telling her a different song so i think cuba is doing this in order to see how far can puleng stand for this and how long will it take her to get the hell out of that relationship with pride instant of running away..

12 Aug 2010 11:12

@sexy d i agree with you,how can Puleng be so stupid ,letting Ngozi (Danger) smooth talk her like that ,why cant they let the whole community to beat up Ngozi because his also a womanizer....

12 Aug 2010 11:14

Im so glad that Gina saw that Gundi is Franco`s conspirator shame poor Earl taking a fall for the murder he didnt commit worse part he even didnt know about it....

sexy d
12 Aug 2010 11:19

@sweetpink i agree but hey you know the saying" Everyman for himself" I mean Ron just saw the oppourtunity and he is using it..

12 Aug 2010 11:34

Cuba ne!...makes me mad that there are Cubas in real life.  Yoh to think my mom nearly came to varsity..lol to come and "talk" to a lecturer I just simply wasnt happy with for no major reason exept i found his way of presenting crystal structures really crappy wjhe  everyone was happy with him..lol ....she'd murder anyone who hurt me in anyway whatsoever. Its really scary to think some parents do this things.
Puleng is a victim. She is unable to find her own strength etc..and it happens, someone must step in and help her. 

Ngozi..the barstado creep!!...i must not bump into that man at a mall coz ignorance wil get the better of me and ill prance on him like a lunatic....

And Kanti why Suffo a sa.......

Dear Rythm city producers.
I plead with you to include in the script thingies of yours...a part were Suffo roughs Ngozi up. I genuinly think thats how real brothers ko kasi would deal with this if someone they cared about was being hlukumezad this way. Trust me i have seen it. This "we must leave her to deal with it when she is ready" crap ke dintho tsa makgowa,  ......pretty pleazzz...*puppy eyes*. If anything this would encourage communities to take a stand when they see such things happeing if my opinion isnt representative of all kasis /neighbourhoods.

12 Aug 2010 11:50

lol Green, Fats did suggest to Suffo that they should go rough him up and Suffo said that they can't cos the last time he had a talk with Ngozo about there being danger at home for women, Ngozi hit Puleng. I am hoping that after Puleng leaves him for real, Suffo will just go and give him a taste of his medicine.

12 Aug 2010 12:34

That look on Danger's face, its like he wanted to beat Mamokete and Tshidi. Puleng sham poor darling, i thought your mum was not gonna open the door for that thing, but hey there she was opening the door jus like a mom-in-law who is happy to see Son-of-a -bitch -in-law. I mean did you see the way Ngozi abecenga ngayo uPuleng, trying really hard to be civilised, but Puleng should have said no, change and then i will come at my own time not now Ngozi but sham due to lack of support from mama, there she was going back to the beatings.

12 Aug 2010 13:45

maaara calamity...that right there is an even bigger reason why they were supposed to go badge in, take Puleng le Matric forcefully..i mean if they go as a mob they would succeed, while others are packing,some are blekseming him.

That look on Danger's face, its like he wanted to beat Mamokete and Tshidi...tl tl..that was funny...i kept thinking what would my mom do (wwmmd)..first of all she wouldnt have had to lie to get puleng out..and Ngozi looking at her that way she would have told him were to get off, bloody woman abuser!!...Lord i shutter....nommater how dangerous her actions. Mmago ngwana o swar thipa bogaleng, and Puleng ke ngwana Mmamokete if we look at things in the good old, ubuntu traditional sense.....eish...im frustrated with this story latseba,...pardon me guys....

12 Aug 2010 14:29

puleng is so stupid what the hell is doing going back to that dangers when will she learns that ngozi monster is using her first  of all she is paying for their rent,food and he still beat her up, i think its time 4 suffor to make a move on puleng and save her from  this loveless relationship

12 Aug 2010 15:04

i gotta give props to NGOZI, the actor not the character, ever since i saw him in Yizoyizo i was impressed how he truely potrayed a character we dont normally see on tv...inkabi. The staunch Zulu that is normally a taxi owner or queue marshall erenkeni. But why did he have to abuse a poor Tswana/Sotho girl...cos now some girl told me all Zulu's ke bo Ngozi and she wont do a Zulu since she saw wat Puleng is going thru...nx.

12 Aug 2010 15:38

taxi driver, haaaaa haaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaaa haaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

12 Aug 2010 19:01

Puleng is just the limit, but that's what abused people do, they blame the people who are helping them instead of the abuser. Will have to wait until tuesday when she finally leaves the that jackass.

12 Aug 2010 19:49

Yes!! She gave Miles an ultimatum. Either Miles gives the will back to David or she goes until the mass is over. At last Buhle is safe. But Miles is not thinking straight. Shoo!! Suffo is straight and concise. He will wait until Puleng seeks help. Tshidi ene o lastig. Wa phapha! O kae yena le Dylan? Puleng oa boifa oh shame man!

13 Aug 2010 07:40

Guys, let's face it. No one in the world even the best shrink can change or force help to a human being. So if Puleng wants to be with Ngozi so be it or if she wants to leave Ngozi again so be it. 

I am also tired of people interfering in other peoples lives. She made up her mind that she wants to be with Ngozi again. We all heard the old say "The ball is in our court". We are only here to advice not to force ourselves on people. 

So this is the last time I comment about Puleng and Ngozi. 

So now that Lulu and Buhle are going to Mafikeng, Sunay will be in the picture again to seduce Miles. Do you all think Miles will fall for Sunay again???.

Then David will be after Lulu again. Oh no, Could this be back to square 1 again??

13 Aug 2010 07:48

And remember, fa Lulu a tsamaya, motse ola o tla sala le Miles. But now that house happens to be David's and Miles' house is in ashes since Naomi saga. So if David decides to go back to his house, what then Miles??

13 Aug 2010 07:50

Lol stemo, you are thlrowing in the towel when it comes to Puleng. I just hated her attitude towards Tshidi, like Tshidi made her leave Ngozi, it is not like she held a gun to her head.

13 Aug 2010 08:51

I also hated her attitude you know and poor tshidi was trying to help.

I thought the house was in Lu's name.................

I feel sorry for Earl having have to take a fall for something he didn't do SHAME>>>>....

13 Aug 2010 08:59

hloni -i agree with you on that all zulu's ke bo ngozi,my friend dated a zulu guy last year and they broke up and he saw her in a resturant with her guy he beat her in front of her guy

tshidi you've done your part dear ,leave puleng and her abusive man.
if she needs help he will cum 2 you,lyk safo said

eish well done gina,you know how 2 play with some1nz mind.i lykd that part wen she was telling gundi that earl was hiz lover and hz the 1 hu helped him
i cant wait to see franco's face or shuld i say david le mbuzi....

13 Aug 2010 11:52

geez puleng ke setlaela period

13 Aug 2010 12:00

:-(...hai, i guess Tshidi and i will have to try to fall back ge untill tuesday (is it?)...very hard though...

13 Aug 2010 12:23

Damn Cuba and Puleng.How can they let the bastard do the evil things to her.But it shows what happens in real life.For heaven's sake why Puleng is sticking with Ngozi an electrical appliance fixer...if he was having money I would understand that she is persevering for his money.A leopard does not change its spots..Puleng should have known much better.....

sexy d
13 Aug 2010 13:43

Could agree with you more lejazz

hola miles do you really think davido money is gonna erase all the bad things he did to you well think again cause he will reveal himself and fight for what is his..

Ronald man we you should be ashamed to frame a dying man GPY ***Whispering*** i can also frame him is just too boring to act just retire...

13 Aug 2010 16:33

I am not sure that it is such a good idea for Miles to hang on to David's money, you can see that it is all about revenge for Miles, he forgets that S'bu is also tangled up in this mess. He does not have only one son. S'bu is also so naive and he is so angry at his father it is hard for him to actually take Miles at face value when he tells him that Franco is not to be trusted. Miles should stop telling S'bu that David is doing this to get back at him, I mean I would be angry too.

13 Aug 2010 19:01

Finally, Puleng fights back!

13 Aug 2010 19:59

@calamity- it's about time. I laughed so loud when Puleng hit Ngozi with an object and he fell down on the bed. Whaaaa!!! Haaaa!!! Haaaa!!!! U know why I laughed so loud? Because Ngozi to Puleng "I am clever than you, so I will teach you things" So thats what Puleng learned from her master. Kwwaaaa!!kwaaa!!!kwaaaakwaaaa!!!

15 Aug 2010 13:56

((soapi crits..? just ask me" vuvuzwela" the creative-writer-cow with fun! ))
vuvu blows a laod congrats.. noise facing to "the bossy NGOZI", Beat the "heck' out of her..oh! i wish it was reeel,this poor girl is so "very" dumb,cant some1 introduce her to her size...(i mean "age" not your southern body parts ,majitha,any way do you have any..?) vuvuzwela supports POWA.bt not a crap freaks like puleng charecter ..haybo wena!!! ungoz emmbi kangaka,despite da age

16 Aug 2010 07:42

laughed so loud when Puleng hit Ngozi with an object and he fell down on the bed.
@ stemo, Puleng has got a knife in her hands.

16 Aug 2010 08:30

Whaaahaaaaaaa haaaaaaa haaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

A knife? Whaaaaa ahaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eish!!!!! So Puleng with a knife? Whaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaa haaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! 

I can't picture her with a knife unless she uses it in the kitchen, heeeee heeeee heeeeee!!!!!!! Yena fela one a tshwanetse go betsa Ngozi ka pane mo tlhogong mme a idibala.

16 Aug 2010 09:07

morning,cant wait for tonights episode...

Patronus Charm
16 Aug 2010 11:14

Cannot wait for the sizzling hot Thembi(i.e if she is Mmabatho still) to return, as for the queer I am not as enthusiastic as everyone else. But bigups to David/Franco's return.I was expecting something much more dramatic than what they had unfold since I believed the story to be unique,nevertheless I am still awaiting the final David's acknowledgement of his identity(i.e. if we are not going to be continually horror stuck by this Franco person). I hope for it to be made of sterner stuff that relates to cool action like Prison Break or any other hot creation.

16 Aug 2010 14:52


16 Aug 2010 14:56


16 Aug 2010 16:02

It is with baited breath that I await for tonite's episode

16 Aug 2010 18:52

heish!....*biting nails*....
Yolisa just got her POWER back!....

16 Aug 2010 18:54

mxm @ the looong ad break....WTH etv!!!

16 Aug 2010 18:59

Ngozi is dangerous va ka hina. Ron actually offs Earl, from reading the teasers I thought that Earl kills himself. So, is Suffo going to kick Ngozi's behind?

16 Aug 2010 19:01

Just wanna say...Tshidi is me shero!!!...
Somethings need someone to push and nudge a little....thats how it should be. And now the muscle pple (Bo Saffo) they are gonna flaunt their muscle when most of the job is already done. ....am dissapointed.

heish and i havent been paying attention to the other storylines...
So Earl is dead?...

16 Aug 2010 19:24

Yeah! Finally!! Shoo!! I have never seen Ngozi been humiliated this way. Ouch!!! A woman calling a man a little boy "Mfana". Shoo I just wish she was a Xhosa. That word for the boy who did not go to initiation school? Inkhwenkhwe? That would be more sabotaging. Eish shoo!! I won't say further except to say Wwaaahaaaahaaa!! Whaaa!!! Whaaa!!!

16 Aug 2010 20:08

A re Yolisa "Monna ke yo a na leng motse e bile a dira. Wena Ngozi ga o monna ka go nne o fepiwa ke mosadi" (You are not a man because a woman is supporting you. A man is the one who has his own house and who works) Shoo! ka be ka gopola mafoka a ga Japhta. Puleng and Yolisa did well by not using violence. Words were just enough. Hoooo!! Hoooo!! Hoooo!! Hoooo!! Just to keep him alive and humiliated. Whaaaa!! Whaaaa haaaa haaaaaaa!!!

17 Aug 2010 07:43

I loved it when Kete had Ngozi by the shirt, it is about time that Ngozi got the taste of his own medicine. 
Lol Green.arrow, very true indeed, but as the saying goes, Mma ngwana o tshwara thipa ka bogaleng (lol this is my best pedi), in Puleng's instamce it was true. But the real hero in all this is Yolisa, it took courage for her to do that just to show Puleng what kind of a man Ngozi is.

17 Aug 2010 07:50

It's been a long time RCitizens. I hope Puleng appreaciates what Yolisa, I mean the poor woman took a beating just to show her what kind of monster Ngozi is. If Puleng ever goes back to Ngozi, heck I will kick her a** myself.

17 Aug 2010 08:08

VIVA to standing up to women beaters VIVA Ngozi enough is enough and I saw tonights clips looks like SUFFO is gona give DANGER a LEKKER beating vandag ( now that would be nice hey nice )

17 Aug 2010 08:18

Mma ngwana o tshwara thipa ka bogaleng (lol this is my best pedi)...ah, but if you have this line no Ngozi will ever mess with Ingenuity....and Puleng did it literally lol, ....good on her.

Yolisa, Yolisa Yoli!

But really guys, in real life that could be dangerous ne..thats why bo Big muscle (Suffo) have to be near by when the confrotations happens...*a thought*

phindy a.k.a rabbit
17 Aug 2010 08:23

Tshidis character clearly defines a gud friend, big up gal u did the right thing and as for Ron cha cha cha!!!! my man awunabo ubuntu, nxxx, poor EARL

17 Aug 2010 08:41

Poor Puleng she didnt want to read POWA pamphlet because she knew they are just near home. 

17 Aug 2010 08:42

Shoo! I salute Yolisa for taking that stance. Athi "mina angigusabi wena Ngozi, ngoba uyigwala!". When Puleng was busy defending Ngozi. Eish!! that stupid woman.

Eish! I used to say Tshidi o lastig. I withdraw my words. Tshidi is a really  true friend who really cares. Mpumi ene is one of those who bite friends behind their backs. If it wasn't for Tshidi, Puleng was sunk in Ngozi's clutches. 

Halala!!!! Yolisa halala!!! Wathint'abafazi wathint'imbogodo!!!!!!

And le gona I don't think Puleng o ne a tla tlogela Ngozi if it wasn't for that violence. O mo tlogella ka go nne o beditse Yolisa pele ga gagwe. 

Well as for Suffo, I would not really say he is a hero. My heroines are Tshidi, Yolisa le yena Mamokete. They did this in a clean manner without violence from their side.

If Puleng wa boela go Ngozi??????? Nee! Ek dink nie so nie!

Kop, ene ke monna hela ka ge a apere borokgo. O ne a tla dirang?? Ke legatlapa hela.

17 Aug 2010 09:47

Kop would have said that they shouldn't interfere in other people's business.

17 Aug 2010 10:17

Puleng girl I am glad you finally stood up for yopurself................

I can't wait for tonight episode- Ngozi for you to get to Puleng you have to pass through to bra SUFFO and I do not see that happen because he will beat the hell out you.

Kop make sure you come back early for your Party.......HOEEEREEEEEEEEEEEE

Tjooo Ron you are so cruel...........

17 Aug 2010 10:22

@calamity - haaaaa haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! Calamity wa ntshegisa. He would say that exactly in his Tswana accent, heeeeeee heeeeeee heeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! Yo calamity, heeeee heeeeee heeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! You made my day. 

Ga ke so bone monna wa legatlapa. E kete Kete ke ene o gogang monnagwe ka nko. Whatever Kete suggests he often responds "Ya mara o right waitsi Kete". When is he going to think on his own?? 

17 Aug 2010 10:39

@ladyjay - So does it mean that Puleng will still go to work today? So that's where Ngozi will try to take Puleng away because the time of being a 24 hour security is now lapsed. Eish, being a prisoner neh? I am sure Puleng can now inhale Oxygen. All she was inhaling was Carbon dioxide. 

Whaaaaaaa haaaaaaa haaaaaaa ahaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! Whaaaaaa haaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!, I am still laughing even now. Yolisa made my day last night. 

"I am not afraid of you because you are weak and you are not a man but a small boy" 

Whaaaaaa haaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaa haaaaa!!!!!!

17 Aug 2010 10:48


"A man provide for his family "

Lets see if he will be able to pick his size now (SUFFO)

17 Aug 2010 12:14

Guys, I think Yolisa has done enough damage to Ngozi, So Suffo can just add to that damage with words but not physically. 

"Remember not to hit a man or should I rather say a boy when he is already down" Hheeeeeee heeeeeee heeeeeeeee!!!!!!

17 Aug 2010 12:27

Well as for Suffo, I would not really say he is a hero. My heroines are Tshidi, Yolisa le yena Mamokete. They did this in a clean manner without violence from their side....here here stemo. But just to safe a Suffo always has to be in the picture when such things happen, a real life Ngozi usually knows no bounds. Could be dangerous.

17 Aug 2010 16:55

Ga ke so bone monna wa legatlapa. E kete Kete ke ene o gogang monnagwe ka nko. Whatever Kete suggests he often responds "Ya mara o right waitsi Kete". When is he going to think on his own?? 
Lol, stemo, Kete completes Kop, and Kop knows that he has to agree with everything that Kete says if he knows what's good for him, remember when she told him that he is not going out with Ngozi to watch the opening match, he meekly agreed to stay at home. So in essence Kop knows which side his bread is buttered.

17 Aug 2010 16:59

It is scary that there are men like Ngozi out there who abuse women. Who try to make themselves feel like men but beating on a poor woman. But then I always say that, if a man raises a hand against me, his a** is out the door.

17 Aug 2010 17:06

Lol Tazteeq, that's a bit extreme.

17 Aug 2010 18:47

What, not even a single punch. I am not one to advocate violence but damn it, there should have at least a punch, a slap, anything. Did Ngozi threaten Suffo. Suffo is also a tormented soul, it does make sense why he didn't want to interfere because of what happened with his mom.

17 Aug 2010 18:59

Ya neh! "If u want your wife u have to pass thru me." ja! Yolisa said it. Ngozi o weak! Ke legatlapa. So he could not fight a younger boy. So he practically lost. U see no violence was neccessary. Suffo is here to act as a wall. Guys! Ngozi will be arrested, Yolisa pressed charges and Puleng le ene is going to press further charges. So nna ke bona Ngozi a tlo nna Mrs ko kgolegelong. Heeeee!!! Heeee!!! Heeee!!! Whaaaa!!! Haaaa!!!

17 Aug 2010 19:03

I guess the reason why David didn't reveal himself to Ron sooner is cos he didn't know whether he could trust him. So he thought Ron could also be for trying to kill him!

17 Aug 2010 19:08

Eeeeehhh!!!...so Dave finally revealed his true identity to Ron, as if we didn't know that Franco is DAviD. So what's next...

17 Aug 2010 20:37

missed it:(

So Suffo ddnt  suffocate Danger?....i also dont advocate for violence but Ngozi deserved a hot one from someone his fist size....aretse ruri....

17 Aug 2010 23:37

It seems he is going to get it tomorrow. Fats will also be in the mix.

18 Aug 2010 04:41

We knew long time that David is not dead. Miles please give David his estate or lose Lulu and Buhle. What belongs to Caesar give to Caesar. Will Gundi betray her friend?

18 Aug 2010 07:37

We all knew that it was David, Lu is in denial, Miles knew all along, Ron had his susicions at first, remeber when Ron told him that It's me, we can meet somewhere. Even Gina knew. I saw the highlights and Gundi has got that sharpened toothbrush of hers and she is ready to strike.

18 Aug 2010 07:41

Franco slowly and fearlessly unravels the truth about himself to Miles. 
So on thursday David finally comes out to Miles.

18 Aug 2010 07:51

Washa SUFFOCATE I agree with you Green.arrow but a nice tight fist or slap would have beed a lovely sight to see yazi uNgozi need to get a beating of his life and if the Kilowatt boys can give him a pleasant beating please leave him black an blue!!!! I am not saying that violence is good but uNGOZI is a pain in the u know what. RON RON RON does he really think that things can dissappear so easily and quickly hawu kodwa the GENARO reveals himself to his CHANA (nice one) @ GUNDI what you gona do becoz GENARO doesn't make empty promises he carries them through all the way next thing is that GUNDI might just kill herself or GINA will wrestle her and GINA will win the battle!!!!!!!

sexy d
18 Aug 2010 08:03

Finally Franco has admitted gore ke David its long overdue china..

Well done suffo for standing up for puleng its about time

18 Aug 2010 08:46

Suffo you rock man hope most guys out there can be like suffo all that im just waiting for is to see him inlove with Puleng....

18 Aug 2010 08:47

@Sungodess- No no no!!! I disagree with you. Suffo was just diplomatic with Ngozi. He said "Come and get your wife if you really want her". Ngozi was simply supposed to push Suffo aside which he didn't do.

The coward here is Ngozi not Suffo.

Violence is not an answer unless acting on self defence. Did u expect Suffo to throw a first punch? Suffo lost his mother, remember?

He has a business to run rather than wasting his time and energy on that loser. 

Like I said, he lost, he is a loser. He is just a walking corpse. He has nothing. 

18 Aug 2010 09:58

David is now back but i think something went wrong when they operated on him, his bevahiour its like he loses it sometimes, its like he is mentally retarded. We knew all along that it was him, all the signs were there only the stupid ones didnot see it , i mean the likes of Lulu,

Ngozi needs a hiding please someone show him how its done, man who beat up women are scared of other man. When Ngozi tried to take Puleng away it was like a father trying to take home his daughter, he is way too old for Puleng, i didnt like the matching.

18 Aug 2010 10:23

But this is rubbish how did David knew that he was going to be killed and write down his twin to over see Buhle's estate. Guyz basenza amabhari la....

18 Aug 2010 10:30

@Huny that is the new will and was found after "Franco" .

It was placed by him obviously.

18 Aug 2010 11:00

Suffo you are the man.....................not a boy
 like Mr NGOZI himself....

18 Aug 2010 13:57

ngozi utayele kushaya bafati it's about tym u face tintsanga takho  mshaphe soffo

18 Aug 2010 14:18

@Huny  earl dissapererd after genaro's death and he come back to find the will i think that david asked him to put it in that drawer and find it ............coz he discovored that lu and bunhle will get everything thats why he decided to give little bunhle redemption and his unreal brother franco which is him self nine fm and the reason he gave bunhle redemption is coz he thought that he was his son and he was going to have access to his sons company as his uncle

18 Aug 2010 16:27

But this is rubbish how did David knew that he was going to be killed and write down his twin to over see Buhle's estate. Guyz basenza amabhari la.... 
@ Huny, am just also going to add my two cents. The will came up after Earl came back cos when Dave died he still thought that he is/was Buhle's father, hence the will named Franco as the administrator until Buhle turns 18, in this way he would administer Buhle's estate however he chooses.
I am still waiting for the link between Earl and Dave to be revealed.

18 Aug 2010 19:00

What is Gundi going to do? Puleng should have let them kick his teeth in. OK am officially confused, how is Gundi and Gina's plan going to work. Poor Kop, being abused on his birthday, shame man

18 Aug 2010 19:04

hey Suffocate is gud hey, I`m sure Puleng has learnt a lesson.

18 Aug 2010 19:14

@ calamity- I was expecting far worse than this but oh! shame Puleng does not like violence. And I think bo Suffo were just respecting Bra Kop's b'day. Oh! bra Kop is a sweet lamb of God. Anyway, it is good no blood outcome. Calamity why did Gundi cut her arm? Pls help me. I am confused.

19 Aug 2010 07:25

Mamokete just kills me, nobody asaults her husband. They should have let her at him. Gundi and Gina, I am guessing the blood was for effect, but what is the plan there. Are they taking Gina to isolation, so she won't have people trying to kill her at every chance. Now this is a puzz;e.

19 Aug 2010 07:29

Ngozi deserves a handbag and high heels beating. I mean when Kete jumped at him like that!

sexy d
19 Aug 2010 09:04

Guess now we know what really when down ka david now the truth is revealed i also wish i have an insurance like davido they fake ur own death when your life is in danger dave is really a genius..

well done to gundi and gina for their trick hope gina run as fast as she can

GPY mamokete throwing herself like that ko ngozi they could have let her hit him o sele o betsa basadi le bannabagolo

Wow stone looks good without that hair..

19 Aug 2010 09:36

i loved how mamkete jumped on Ngozi and then tshidi was like: ushapa mamaka...and then everybody:hey wena ushaya umamkete....and poor ngozi did not even shapa mamkete...lol

19 Aug 2010 10:04

Thank you guyz it make sense now. But I still think they are playing with our minds here. What kind of insurance does. These soapies basenza abodom-kop baka Jigger from generubbish.

19 Aug 2010 14:09

Are we still children to believe David has a microchip which signals when he is about to die? *bleep!* all this. This is for children to watch. Science fiction? I have long passed that stage. I love ekasi part in RC so David Genaro is contaminating the ekasi soapie with Days of our lives crap. sies man!!!

sexy d
19 Aug 2010 14:23

now i think its time for puleng and suffo to get together we miss couple like this in RC..

@Stemo i agree with you RCt  that we are 2 years old..

sexy d
19 Aug 2010 14:23

now i think its time for puleng and suffo to get together we miss couple like this in RC..

@Stemo i agree with you RCt  that we are 2 years old..

19 Aug 2010 17:11

And puleng and suffo will live heappily ever...untill we need action....

Okay, now that Ngozi got a beat down i can focus on Davido...and Im quite confused. a microchip?...whatever is happening, in true soapies style, their reasoning will be far fetched ofcourse, but Stemo...ah ah..science fiction is not just for kids;-)

Have to say lenna Mmamokete killed me when she decsended/fell upon ngozi after he hit ntate Kop, shweet man.

19 Aug 2010 18:39

The micro chip thing is a bit far fetched. I will be on google overtime trying to research this. They should have kept it simple. It just sounded so out there while Dave was explaining to Ron, sounded like ripley's believe it or not!

19 Aug 2010 18:58

Now Cuba has changed her tune. Tjo, I know that it is just going to drive Miles crazy knowing that Franco is David and he can't do anything to prove it.

19 Aug 2010 20:24

I missed the micro chip story? What was the explanation guys, ke kgopela fill in?
And i fear that for soapy purposes they may have stretched it (the micro chip story)beyond reason thus defaming my fav genre of films (sci-fi) :-(.

Cuba mara ruri...nc nc nc...hai ill leave her alone kagobane the issue is done with.

19 Aug 2010 22:36

@Green. arrow- he said that microchip was hidden inside his arm or wrist. So when David was shot, it transmitted a signal to Switzerland insurance co. which faked his death. And thats when they took his dying body from hospital and swapped it with some Somalian dead body. His real finger prints were also swapped with the ones he has now. But didn't people check whether the body is his before they cremated it? Sho mara David o re dira bana, man!! Miles must just give David his will or he will lose Lulu and Buhle.

20 Aug 2010 00:04

Ngiyabonga kakhulu stemo...
Okay...from a soapy,drama perspective i dont think it was that much far fetched.
The story of faking deaths, taking someone who is about to die and swapping bodies was done so many times in your Days of our lives,the bold  and other soapies...and dramas. This is not suprising.

The swapping/changing of finger prints part has also been done, one recent example was in prison break. 

The  microchip inserted inside one's body as a "death sensor" or whatever, is also conceivable to me. 

I think how far fetched from reality this concepts are ( the micro chip, "changing fingerprints")  realy depends on how far you think technology and science is capable of going today or in future...and nna i DO believe that if this is not yet possible ko bo ma secret services, it will be in future...
Infact, the microchip concept is already a reality, although its still a subject of debate due to health risks,ethical concerns etc...here is a link:
I also know there are NWO conspiracy theorist who have a lot to say about this microchips, ...bla bla bla
Im Intrested to hear what Calamity finds regarding the microchips issue

Back to RC
I can see how someone like David who new he had many enemies could have put such meticulous measures in place to make sure  that he evades death should his body guards and his 6th and 7th senses fail him. And if conspiracy theories or dramas like PB are anything to go by...people like David can have access to such classified secret service technologies to protect themselves.

20 Aug 2010 00:18

But didn't people check whether the body is his before they cremated it? This one i think even a run of mill mortician kwa gae kwa can manipulate this one for a good price...okay, its just that black people ba hloboga (we have to see the dead person) so for sure we would notice..ke ra rena bommago Diphuka, but white people dont always want to see the dead body...and Lucilla is a veeery morden woman,*\*?.....plus she was guilt ridden at the time and so maybe a bit negligent...
So this one is not suprising me either....?

sexy d
20 Aug 2010 07:54

morning all

20 Aug 2010 17:19

Like Ingenuity said, Lu is in denial, she prefers David dead and buried.

20 Aug 2010 19:03

Am glad that it is the original Thembi that's back.

23 Aug 2010 07:32

Tghembi is back, let the games begin.

23 Aug 2010 07:41

I have built a bridge over the whole microchip thing and got over it. Now, Stone and Thembi are back.

sexy d
23 Aug 2010 08:10

yipee its our thembi

23 Aug 2010 09:06

morning guyz

thembi and stone are back.......stone is ugly as alwyz,atsho ngezinyo elishotayo
kop thought it  it was his 50th birthday....but only to find out he was was turning 49
GPY mamkete uhlazeke(embarassed) . ((((((hides)))))) 

sexy d
23 Aug 2010 10:31

but how come mamokete does know age ya monna wa gage what a disgrace..

23 Aug 2010 11:20

I really don't understand exactly how did Gina got out of prison can somebody expalin to me.

I am glad Stone and his friends have sorted things out..............

sexy d
23 Aug 2010 11:30

@ladyjay i think Franco/David payed  the warder to release the gal who will be alive in the cell because he thought gundi was going to kill gina instant they came up with an idea that gundi must cut herself and lie in a poll of blood so that the warder can think gina is the one she suppose to leave the cell...

Hope this will help..

23 Aug 2010 12:10

Thanks Sexy d.

 And hope Gina runs as much as she can for her life because the monster wants her dead.......

23 Aug 2010 18:43

So, Lu says that she doesn't want to leave in a world where David is alive, but I would have thought that she would want to move out of the house which holds so many bad memories for her. Those couches, so bright!

23 Aug 2010 19:02

Is that Fana Mokoena I saw?

23 Aug 2010 19:52

Oh i see...thanx sexy d, 
I hope David wont find out the trick and hurt Gundi's family.

Also dont get why Lu and Miles call that house their home....*

Good on MmeMokete...Ngozi hurt 2 nerves coming back and even quoting the bible...nc nc nc.

24 Aug 2010 07:21

Lol Green.arrow, I mean Ngozi knows that Kete likes quoting the bible, so he probably thought that if he could quote the bible he would get some sympathy from her. He should have never hit her husband lol and on his birthday nogal. I miss Naomi.

24 Aug 2010 09:40

uuuh hhi hi..Ingenuity..just watched the repeat and that part just kills me. I love it when Zulu (is it?) ladies are angry and they say "ungab'ullllinge u...bla bla"...thts just fierce!

Calamity....i think* you saw Fana Mokwena...he looks very diffrent. 

24 Aug 2010 09:40

Oh g0d thembi s bck.nw pls bring bck chalotte pls. Stone oso bck.n bring bck naomi coz dave is back.let RC rock.calamity u dnt w0ri abt me agen.

24 Aug 2010 09:44

Fana is a big actor.i lyk hm whn he was a doctor at generati0n.hs cul n g0na help stone b hs own b0ss n build hs parents big mansi0n h0use.go0dboy g0od

24 Aug 2010 09:45

Fana is a big actor.i lyk hm whn he was a doctor at generati0n.hs cul n g0na help stone b hs own b0ss n build hs parents big mansi0n h0use.go0dboy g0od

24 Aug 2010 11:35

Ngozi you sick.............bastard!!! I can't believe your nerve to go to Kete and o bue ka bible. 
You go Kete you should have called Suffo so he can sort him out.....

It was nice to see Puleng and her Friends togethr again.

24 Aug 2010 12:08

Please ma-loggers up date me on yesterdays episode I missed it.

24 Aug 2010 12:27

But how did THembi find out that Miles and Luchila were living together and in David Genaro's house, why did she not go to the Vilakazi mansion and i bet you that house is spooked by now. Since Naomi left no-one ever mentions it. Do you think it vanished. Thembi said something like...i wanted to move into a hotel but well i never thought to phone you guys....When Thembi left, i think Lulu was staying with David and Miles was out of hospital or something

After everything DAvid put you through, you still live in his house, Miles why did you move out of your house, scared of Naomi's ghost or what, 

I mean guys no-one ever mentions that the house belongs to Dave and the Vilakazi mansion

24 Aug 2010 12:59

i was laughing out loudest when Ngzi was quoting the bible to Kete, hhyayi that man amazes me,

24 Aug 2010 18:59

Puleng take a bow. Lol @ Ngozi even changing his language, yesterday it was the bible and today is another language, can Ngozi stoop any lower.

24 Aug 2010 19:02

tough time calamity....makes pple speak in strange languages, good thing he va up coz tomorrow he was gonna come back begging in tounges....heish
A re "Izinkinka zi mu kibele nga phezulu" tl tl....Danger mara...

Puleng mtanam....well done (in Trevor Noah's Leornard Choene voice)

Oh and i must say...Fana Mokoeana is just brilliant, loved his RC debut. I wonder what his character is all about. Im kinda tired if him playing crooks offlate, i hope he'll be a "good guy" this time arround.

phindy a.k.a rabbit
25 Aug 2010 09:02

some ppl cannot and will neva change how dare daz ngozi come and try to soften puleng and afta dat  uyathetha manje, threatning puleng abt dat he'll neva c matric again wara wara ........come on ngozi u such a coward.  hawu! u sunay uyabuya, i jst h8 her

25 Aug 2010 09:52

@vinc if you remember very well lu and miles asked her the same question and all she cood say was i am a genalist.

25 Aug 2010 09:53

Ngozi is such a bastard- He will never change no matter what,  instead he is getting worse..

FOOLISH     MAAAAAAANNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!.......... LOL..........

25 Aug 2010 10:08

Why  is Sunay cuming back omg she's so trashyyyy

25 Aug 2010 10:11

That bitch iz back(SUNAY) i hate her

sexy d
25 Aug 2010 10:13

@calamity they say the way to impress a gal you better speak her language lol telling people to go to hell he he he that man

25 Aug 2010 10:18

Kganthe Ngozi ga a tshwarwe naa? I thought when they said he makes the last attempt, something fateful will happen to him.

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