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Isidingo Teasers - July 2010

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Isidingo Teasers on 27 Jun 2010
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Coming up on Isidingo this July, 2010:

Thursday, 1 July 2010
Episode 2891

After walking out of a live broadcast and some soul searching, Nandipha finally comes to a decision about S'khumbuzo.

Ben tries to get closer to Braam as Marlien goes in search of the truth. Zeb takes liberties as Agnes plays the doting wife and Dougal returns from Cape Town.

Friday, 2 July 2010
Episode 2892

The mystery woman calls in on Len's show and promises to come in and accuse Ace to his face.

Benjamin reveals all about the accusations that have been flying around and Marlien confronts Farrow. Maggie promises to find Dougal a story that will redeem him in the eyes of his editor father.

Monday, 5 July 2010
Episode 2893

Will Ace confess the truth to Nandipha about the man in the video?

Events in the Le Roux household work to the outcome most desired by Benjamin. Agnes thinks Badman is gone forever and the mission is successful but she is in for a surprise.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010
Episode 2894

Lolly thinks Ace could well be guilty, so will she really fight to prove his innocence?

The Bokamoso website crashes ... will Lesedi manage to fix it herself, or is she biting off more than she can chew?

Zeb thinks he has the key to getting rid of Badman but will he be able to make the personal sacrifice required?

Wednesday, 7 July 2010
Episode 2895

Lolly unearths an old flame of Ace's who may lead them closer to exposing Pam.

Lesedi is forced to apologise for a rash decision she once made. Zeb watches a longed-for dream disappear but gains a touch of hope in his personal life.

Thursday, 8 July 2010
Episode 2896

The woman in the S'khumbuzo "Ace" Nzimande video approaches Len directly. Vusi and Lesedi act the bride and groom with unexpected results. Dougal finally finds his story.

Friday, 9 July 2010
Episode 2897

Lolly, Len, Ace and Frank work their way through a maze of mirrors. Thato has things to say about Lesedi's love life. Dougal finds that journalistic life in Africa can be invigorating.

Monday, 12 July 2010
Episode 2898

Frank tries to pressure Rajesh into taking Lolly back on board as a reporter. Lesedi resolves to win Vusi and Prada is there with Advice.

Zeb is feeling good after reading Dougal's article and thinks that this will convince Agnes to take him back. But a delivery late in the day throws a spanner into his plan.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010
Episode 2899

Ace's video nightmare woman is on the run and resorts to desperate and dangerous behaviour.

Lesedi decides to risk it all in her quests to test Vusi's feelings. Maggie and Agnes deal with the post world cup blues.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010
Episode 2900

Lesedi decides to finally tell Vusi she loves him, come hell or high water.

Len and Kimberly are flirting outrageously ... will they get it on right under Barker's nose? Agnes is still waiting for Zeb to sign the divorce papers will he do it?

Thursday, 15 July 2010
Episode 2901

Barker discovers a threat to his 'family', he takes steps to shut it down. Lesedi has gone out on a limb, but the limb breaks, along with her heart.

Rajesh finds himself feeling a rising jealousy.

Friday, 16 July 2010
Episode 2902

Len and Kim give Barker a rev about his sex life and a run for his money. Lesedi is astonished by the casual cruelty of Vusi.

Rajesh cooks steak and a guest arrives who will appreciate it.

Monday, 19 July 2010
Episode 2903

Kimberly's credit card is cut up as Barker cuts her off, forcing her to turn to Georgie.

A deeply hurt Lesedi takes Vusi's concern as insensitivity and needs time away to heal.

Rajesh mocks Eddie's crass mannerisms only to receive proof of Eddie's good taste - he has to eat humble pie before Priya.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010
Episode 2904

Kimberly is disconcerted when Georgie calls an emergency meeting of the casino shareholders -  just what is Georgie planning?

Maggie finds Lesedi's letter and hands it to an excited Vusi who looks forward to the dinner "tomorrow night". Eddie messes with Rajesh.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010
Episode 2905

Len makes a decision about Barker's behaviour that could lead him into serious trouble.

Vusi gets ready for the date while Lesedi makes plans to go out. Rajesh's suspicions are glaringly obvious to all.

Thursday, 22 July 2010
Episode 2906

Barker is asserting his authority over Kimberly, but what will happen if he pushes her too far?

Priya decides she needs to confront Rajesh about his jealousy, but he is avoiding the subject.

Vusi and Lesedi have to face the world ... as lovers.

Friday, 23 July 2010
Episode 2907

Is Kimberly being swayed once more by Barker's hold over her? Is Rajesh's jealousy going to flare in the face of Frank and Priya working together?

Lesedi throws caution to the winds and follows her heart.

Monday, 26 July 2010
Episode 2908

Kimberly and Len conspire to enter the beast's cave and steal his treasure. Priya, worried about the fate of children, baffles the men around her. Maggie breaks a promise and opens the stable door.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010
Episode 2909

Len and Kimberly put the pieces of the plan in place and schedule their assault on the beast.

Priya has the best intentions but not necessarily the best method. Maggie finds the stable empty and blames Prada.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010
Episode 2910

Kimberly and Len make their play to frame Barker. Frank puts pressure on Priya to raise the issue of Hiranya's guardianship with Rajesh.

Maggie's resolve not to spread rumours backfires.

Thursday, 29 July 2010
Episode 2911

Barker decides to deal with Kimberly with a surprising proposal. Priya opens a can of worms with her suggestions about Frank as guardian.

The wedding rumours have spread like bushfires and cause all kinds of problems.

Friday, 30 July 2010
Episode 2912

Kimberly seems to be back under Barker's thumb but she is hatching a new plan to bring him down.

Rajesh is still opposing the idea of Frank as Hiranya's guardian and he is about to shock Priya with the real reason he is opposed.

Zeb is determined to woo Agnes back but his attempts just seem to make her more determined to divorce him.

Isidingo is on SABC3 Mondays to Fridays at 18h30.


27 Jun 2010 20:45

am 1st

27 Jun 2010 23:22


28 Jun 2010 00:32

Ws reali waitin 4 the len kim story. Cnt wait...

28 Jun 2010 07:53

Vusi and lesedi.....its about damn time!

28 Jun 2010 08:45

u said it tumi, its abt time for Vusi and Leseli

28 Jun 2010 08:45

barker and Kimberly, will they ever stop?

28 Jun 2010 09:15


28 Jun 2010 09:25

what this show needs is a "golden couple".  The kind of couple that are mean't to be together forever and will overcome every ostacle and weather any storm to be together. A  "Bo and Hope" of Isidingo so to speak...Every soap has one... I say Len and Lolly would make the perfect golden couple...

28 Jun 2010 09:31

Hala m number 8

28 Jun 2010 09:55

kimberly and lan whats up with that

28 Jun 2010 10:00

Rajesh and Priya have they slept together yet?      How can Zeb keep quiet about the poisoning?

28 Jun 2010 10:06

Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn whats happening to Mzansi's no.1 show? yes Gen may have more viewers but Isidingo has always had the best storylines and actors. The show is now boring since they tried to be popular by hiring the President's daughter because of the hype and now they also turn the show into some "idols" thing by hiring that boring dude Ace. Save this show, it's dying a slow death hihihihihihihihihihih

28 Jun 2010 10:42

hey guyz m knew here.isidingo siya borrrrrrrrrrrra dis month.PRIYA AND RAJESH MAKE A CUTE COUPLE. WHY U GEORGIE ANGAKHUTSHWA UYA BORA

28 Jun 2010 11:27

i thnk priya n rejesh dd it n as for ace,yooo help me on da 1...hes gettng on my nerves.lov u ol

28 Jun 2010 11:56

Sarocks, Sarocks, Sarocks how could you???? but anyway since u mention it I see what u talking about,but with Ace no,no,no,no his no boring dude... 

28 Jun 2010 17:20

isidingo is boring this days cum on len and kimberly pliz!

28 Jun 2010 20:03

BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! put Len and Lolly together, bring back CHEREL

28 Jun 2010 22:37

I agree with sarocks,isidingo siwile shem&the president girl!!i tried 2 like her in ths show bt Phssh!! Oh my God uAce yena doesnt bring isidingo's grooves back,

29 Jun 2010 09:25

Does anyone speak properly in here.  Poor Lesedi Zeb will black mail you for ever.

29 Jun 2010 10:35

yesterdae i wz watchn isidingo nandipha usemathandweii 1...n it seemz lyk u ma agnes akaythandi lonto if ndijonge ryt.

29 Jun 2010 12:55


29 Jun 2010 15:23

interesting month

29 Jun 2010 15:30

i think that isidingo shud bring back most of the old actors, coz the new pple are killing the show. especially ledesi and ace

29 Jun 2010 18:42

Hi guys i think dis is de end for isidingo,De thing is u ol lost dat something but  i don't know ? but keep trying wish u ol de best

30 Jun 2010 10:45

Whats with Dougal does he have a bad memory.  After one beer his personality changes.  I think ACE is being framed.  Poor Nandipha just when she thought she had found happiness.  Agnes why do you frown when you see Nan with another man your son left her for another woman so why shouldnt she have a man in her life/    Barker what are you up to with Braam and Farrah.  Poor Marlien.

Benjamin go get a life

30 Jun 2010 13:49

finally Vusi & Lesedi hook up.  I think Cherel will be back in the month of August.

30 Jun 2010 18:26

Excited that Cherel will be back in August, looking forward to here return I hope that Rajesh is exposed, he is way too squeaky clean for my liking lmao...remember he has a child with Cherel

01 Jul 2010 10:11

How do you know that Cherel is coming back?  I wish she was the best

02 Jul 2010 10:36

Who believes Ace

ABove I meant to say I wish Cherel was coming back she is the best

02 Jul 2010 12:24

ace got guilty written all over his face, he'l be lucky if he gets away with it.

i hope farrow tells the truth, shame poor Le Roux family

02 Jul 2010 12:42

i hope hz not guilty.

05 Jul 2010 01:25

Hey guyz... I think I may have an idea how Marlien is SOOOOO very confident that Braam will NEVER fluke another babe... maybe Braam is impotent or has some sort of mysterious illness??? Maybe that's why she feels that he will NEVER mess around... how can a guy mess around if he can't get it up???  Anyways, I simply love Braam, Marlien and Fia.... almost teared when Braam was so desperate to prove his innocence... BUT, he shouldn't have told Farrow to keep away from Daniel... HELL HATH NO FURY.... I hope that Braam gets his good son back and kicks that bum Benyamin out.

05 Jul 2010 01:25

Hey guyz... I think I may have an idea how Marlien is SOOOOO very confident that Braam will NEVER fluke another babe... maybe Braam is impotent or has some sort of mysterious illness??? Maybe that's why she feels that he will NEVER mess around... how can a guy mess around if he can't get it up???  Anyways, I simply love Braam, Marlien and Fia.... almost teared when Braam was so desperate to prove his innocence... BUT, he shouldn't have told Farrow to keep away from Daniel... HELL HATH NO FURY.... I hope that Braam gets his good son back and kicks that bum Benyamin out.

05 Jul 2010 05:25

I just thought Isidingo is the best mzanzi soapie. What happens these days, so boring? Agnes who claims to b a christian does not and will never 4give Zeb. Zeb go to the Police and report Sechaba. Be a good man even if u don't get Agnes back.

05 Jul 2010 07:59

Parsons should not have stayed with Thandi. The bottom line is she allowed Zeb's sperm in her body. Now he encourages his mother not to reconcile with his father? If this was during Moses' time they (Zeb and Thandi) would have been stoned to death both of them. Agnes is so evil that she should not claim to be a Christian. Zeb should report Sechaba to the police and to his father. He may lose Agnes there are many women out there. If it was me, I would sign these divorce papers and move on. How can one stay with unforgiving heart?

Daniel is so blind just like Khethiwe and Puleng from Generations and Rhythym City, respectively. He choses Farrow over his father? If Farrow loves Daniel, how could she then encourage Daniel to hate his own father? She is a snake.

sexy d
05 Jul 2010 09:13

well said stemo i just think Farrow wants Daniel to grow old like her and not having the love of parents..

As for Lesedi and Benjamin i think they should get a life..

05 Jul 2010 10:25

Agnes tell badman (spelling?) and Zeb to get out.  Zeb is like a little beast.

What is going to happen with Ace?  He must tell Nan that he slept with this woman it was before her time so she cant be upset with him  I dont believe that he abused anyone. 

Farrow the truth is going to come out Marlien is going to make sure of that

06 Jul 2010 08:31

Finally vusi and lesedi are together.farrow u can't hide the truth forever,Braam is trying to build his family thats why his wife believes for Agnes u don't have a good heart like a devoted christian and Zeb sign the papers ma Agnes wil never forgive u.

06 Jul 2010 10:42

Hayi but Farrow has no morals i think that she and Len made a good couple now she is wrecking such a good family apart WHAT is her problem but like that little brat Benjamin said "once a white trash always white trash" if she was black we would say that she is a Witch doctor. Think MaAgnes needs introduce FARROW to her shambok ( that FaRROw needs to learn that you don't do things like this and get away with them) no can do HAYI KHONA GPY

06 Jul 2010 14:14

What's up with Farrow i mean the gal is so cruel how could she 
destroy a relationship between a Father & a Son.

What kind of  a person is she??????????????

07 Jul 2010 08:34

Yoh shame Nandipha looked like she needed a hug last night ! the poor women has been thru enough if you ask me enough! Farrow must burn in HELL.

07 Jul 2010 09:53

What happened last night missed the episode went on the fan walk was so awesome.  Is Alex guilty of abuse?

07 Jul 2010 11:28

nandipa, u keep shouting at ace for what he did and call him names, yet u still run back to him to dig up more details,i dnt understand u, havent you heard enough???

sexy d
07 Jul 2010 11:40

guess not hey JENN

07 Jul 2010 12:52


07 Jul 2010 12:53

Farrow,Farrow,Farrow....i like that girl. I like her personality,she's cool. She knows how to play evil and pollite at the same time. I like her wadrop. She's not wrong by fighting for her relationship,any woman can do that in other not to loose her man. Thumbs up Farrow!!!!

Ace????????????no comment

08 Jul 2010 09:57

Nan listen to Ace, you make me mad you just fly of the handle without listening.
Lolly you doing a good job for once in helping ACE.  Rajesh get a life please

08 Jul 2010 10:01

isidingo :::::::::::::::::::::::::Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring i hate ace i dont think he can act at all , dont even get me started on lesedi.................i use to love this show but now i dont care if i miss two weeks of it.

08 Jul 2010 10:30

@ zandilez--that make the two of us...isidingo is so boring, i just dont know what to comment about it anymore.

when is Cherel coming? maybe things will be better if she comes to shake things up

08 Jul 2010 10:56


08 Jul 2010 12:12

I wish Cherel would come back but she is on Binnelanders maybe she can work on two soaps.  Lesedi if you say sorry once more I will slap you. 

Zeb dont get your hopes up!
Agnes will not forgive you

08 Jul 2010 13:23

Kanti wenzani uZeb le ebangela divorce????

08 Jul 2010 14:45

@Ntoko Mma agnes is mad cos Zeb went behind her back and gave Thandi his sp**m, Thandi got preggie, at 1st they thought Zeb was de dady but DNA proved otherwise. If I was Mma Agnes, I would also do the same "divorce the bastard". kudala u Mma agnes abekezelele udodi lapho ku Zeb, I mean donating a Sp**m to your daughter in law sies!, its the same as sleeping with her (since the results are the same).

08 Jul 2010 15:24

Lesedi is cuming better lately, @ first she was strange really strange. She's becoming pretty now shameeeeeeeeeeeee

09 Jul 2010 09:16

Lesedi cant even look pretty in a wedding dress.  Gee Lolly you have a lot of work to do. Dougie do you have a brain cell?

09 Jul 2010 10:07

 She's becoming pretty now shameeeeeeeeeeeee

@titidi---are u kiddin???

10 Jul 2010 15:24

Farrow and Cherel will make the best of friends I love both their characters. Ace Ace Ace you started off well what happened, and I cant understand how he could of been so cool when he was being "accused" of abusing a woman, in such incidents a mens raak somer befok lol.....he took it way too cool for my liking. Why is he not fighting for Nan if he loved her so much so to speak, I dont like seeing her hurting like that, she went through much with cheating Parsons who also professed to have loved her, now she is going through it with Ace. Lolly did a good job. Is Cherel returning with the child he had from Rajesh, he also needs to be exposed he is way too squeaky clean for my liking. I think I want to marry Len lmao, he has such sex appeal

10 Jul 2010 15:28

@titidi Likewise I love Farrow, I laughed myself sick at her expression when Daniel said he was going to give the R2 million away to charity, with a calm expression and not giving anything away she answered "you know what I think when you are calm and thinking straight you can decide what to do with the money, in the meantime leave it in the bank" I was in stitches. The producers need to keep her character she spices things up, let her befriend Cherel and then we will have a force to reckon with

12 Jul 2010 14:48

Where do you hear that Cherel is coming back.  I heard ages ago because binnelanders were not renewing her contract but they obviously did as she is still on that show
Maybe Lolly and Ace will get together cos she saved his ass

12 Jul 2010 15:50

i agree with u :"Lesedi  becoming pretty" 




12 Jul 2010 21:53

Cherel has a baby with Rajesh when did happen in the please refresh our memories.....
Lesedi it must be the wedding gown i thing every woman looks pretty in their dress like that

13 Jul 2010 11:14

Lesedi what a fool you are.  Scorpion bull shit  what a laugh.
Sorry she isnt pretty

13 Jul 2010 12:11

ledesi you are so stupid listening to prada. he is just another fool,you just make yourself look desprate when you make up ridiculous things like that

13 Jul 2010 15:27

Lesedi is not ugly but a natural beauty  African lady she and  Vusi  deserve each other.

14 Jul 2010 08:31

yes vusi and Lesedi deserve each other but she's not beautiful.

14 Jul 2010 09:21

Far from beautiful, but bloody stupid to listen to Prada, what does he know any way he is the other way, although I do love him he is so sweet.

Shame poor Lolly, but what did she mean you should see what I did to her she hardly touched the other woman she didnt have a chance or did I miss something.
Nan stop playing hard to get, you are going to lose Ax.

15 Jul 2010 10:55

Ijoooooo, Len & Kimberley, Barker o tlo bolaya motho!!!!!!!!

16 Jul 2010 15:59

shame u Lesedi nechicken curry yakhe!!

19 Jul 2010 10:52

morning guys

How was your weekend 
And have a lovely day.

No Comments so far,pls update me.
I missed out last week.

20 Jul 2010 06:15

Vusi and lesedi will be together finally,i just love vusi,love the colour of his skin As for rajesh and his jelousy ah ah no comment

20 Jul 2010 08:41

hawu but what Barker is doing to KImberly is not on how can he take away all her fund like that, i think that he still has a thing for her even though he does not want to say anything to anyone about it. He is in the nile (in denial) about alot of things shame. If you cant have her then nobody can think that is his approach on things. why wont Zeb sign the divorce papers and free Agnes

20 Jul 2010 10:22

Agnes will get soft and take Zeb back, I bet.  Barker get a life leave Kimberley alone, she is free to do as she pleases you dont satisfy her. 

Gee Vusi only gets the letter tonight and things the dinner is tonight poor guy
But how stupid he knows the letter was given to him last week

20 Jul 2010 10:51

but Lesedi should've sent an sms rather, its quicker & its guaranteed that he would've received it  same day instead of writing a love-letter.

21 Jul 2010 01:47

i am sick and tired of lesedi period.she can't act,she can't act,she can't act it's a pity coz isidingo has really good actors and to ruin it all for to get more money from the zuma goverment because the way i see it it's just pure nepotism for lesedi to be there she can not act.isidingo is goin to loose their viewership ratings for the whole of nkandla :-( lol

21 Jul 2010 11:30

@mamidabas- calm

21 Jul 2010 15:58


21 Jul 2010 18:59

it is mamidabs.sies vusi just had zweli's sloppy seconds.boring

22 Jul 2010 18:56

yeah vusi & lesedi deserve each other but she still can't act.i'm starting a campain to get lesedi off isidingo.there i said love len & kimberly their are so twisted

23 Jul 2010 09:49

Vusi how can you kiss those lips, she can hardly keep her mouth closed.  Barker you are going to be sorry.

23 Jul 2010 10:06

ms2 i feel u.i mean how could he really???

23 Jul 2010 10:31

Isidingo has lost the ploat.......

23 Jul 2010 10:32

Isidingo has lost the plot........

23 Jul 2010 10:41

hayi bo maBloggers, Lesedi is not that bad

23 Jul 2010 11:06

shame but Vusi and Lesedi make a good couple shame i guess they are both UGLY ppl so they compliment eacother very well!!!!!

23 Jul 2010 11:09

Vusi how can you kiss those lips, she can hardly keep her mouth closed. Barker you are going to be sorry. u have made my day Gosh for crying out load, u made me laugh out loud....................hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh tltltltltltltlltlltltlltltllllll


23 Jul 2010 19:11

i see lesedi is more interested in a booty call from vusi than the family business.for the record that's not how all black woman run their for that mouth :-( yho!

24 Jul 2010 17:07

@STARDUST20 I am so with you on that, Lolly and Len have a chemistry that all can see. Why dont the producers hook the two of them up together. I believe Cherel is coming back, I wonder what Rajesh is going to do, as she had his kid hmmmmmm cant wait to see the look on Priya's face, and what's up with her and that cop does she like the man or what

24 Jul 2010 17:09

@ms2 Cherel will be coming back to Isidingo in August as someone's secretary but they not saying whose :-)

26 Jul 2010 10:47

the cop is trying to make Rajesh jealous and it seems to be working very well for him.gpy.
and finally vusi and lesedi r together 
so whats next on isidingo and og barker is ruthless how can he do that to Kim KIM

26 Jul 2010 10:53


26 Jul 2010 11:01

How do you know that Cherel is coming back PERFUME?

sexy d
26 Jul 2010 12:04

i know i might be behind but i only watched the omnibus yesterday and wats up with lesedi and vusi i mean they are like 2 teenages sis man..

26 Jul 2010 12:47

To the writers that Priya-Eddie scene is boring really calling him @ nite and saying is for fun and Priya was smiling.

Gan't wait for cherel to cum.

Guys leave Lesedi and Vusi alone they are in love.

26 Jul 2010 15:35

Yha people are somehow,lesedi can act and why are people against her,is it because shes zuma's daughter? No guys that girl knows how to do it,shes good and that has nothing to do with nepotism...give her a break,shes good period!

26 Jul 2010 17:07

Good day. I am not a good fan of Isidingo, but Lesedi is not that bad. Maybe you guys are not judging her as an actor but you bring her private/personal life too much into this. Her acting is fine with me and she is attractive. Please give her a break

But anyway we are all entitled to our opinions

I'm outta here............

26 Jul 2010 23:13

Some of you guys need to check your grammar and spelling........... Proof enough that our education system let us down... anyway, please leave Lesedi alone. I think she is adorable and cute. It takes real guts to get out there and act. It's even easier to be armchair critics. Stop moaning and moaning and moaning... EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY has corrupt politicians. Do some studying of only a few countries and you will see that we are not so bad. Do you know that people in Europe eat just about ANYTHING? In Holland, they eat veal... do you know what veal is? Would YOU eat veal in a hurry knowing EXACTLY what it is? Talk about civilisation. Anyway, I'm one very proud South African and I pay my T.V. License AND my taxes with a smile. Now, please back off and quit moaning. It says something about your education.

27 Jul 2010 09:32

I dont have any thing against Lesedi i just dont like her mouth and believe me it has nothing to do with her being Zuma's daughter (so what if she is anyway does she ever see him now that he is so busy with his four wives). 

I think Kimberley and Len are disgusting.  This is supposed to be a family show not a porn movie with the two of them sweating like pigs.

Maggie please learn to keep your mouth shut

12 Oct 2010 19:35

hey beeaaattccchheess,i'm back, miss me this one is for kugan, guess you haven't travelled much have you,veal is actually baby calf so what's wrong with that! don't you eat eggs.... so whats your point?thats the problem with you people you always settle for less.friend you need to go out into the world and see what some countries do to corrupt politikos.stop stop stop thinking like that and wake the f********ck up people,we are being hoodwinked don't y'all get it.thought we had some brains obviously not!maybe your education has let you down dear KUGAN boy coz you're blind but i'm hear to let you see the light son!

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