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Generatons Teasers - June 2010

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Generations Teasers on 31 May 2010
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Please note: because of broadcast of World Cup games, Generations will be on at 19h00 instead of 20h00 as from Thursday, 10 June.

We've added times to each episode to clarify each day's broadcast time.

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Tuesday, 1 June 2010
at 20h00
Episode 3090

Zamani almost has heart failure when Ntombi enters the room in a very skimpy nightie … Khethiwe's stung when her ideas for Pep go unheard. For once Gladys hits on a brilliant solution to a friend's dilemma.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010 at 20h00
Episode 3091

Zamani can't quite hide his bitterness in the face of his brother's good fortune. Samuel's unsettled when he's unexpectedly summoned to Mashaba Media.

The pain of seeing the wedding shoot is almost too much for Dineo to bear.

Thursday, 3 June 2010 at 20h00
Episode 3092

Karabo is starting to put two-and-two together, and doesn't like what it adds up to. An old copy of Sista magazine dredges up some old memories.

A stranger arrives in town, and looks set to stir things up

Friday, 4 June 2010 at 20h00
Episode 3093

Ntombi's shocked by what she finds in her living room, or rather, whom.

Dumisani is at first confused then angry about a note on his desk. Jason hits on a brilliant idea for the Funky Fashions radio show.

Monday, 7 June 2010 at 20h00
Episode 3094

Queen tries to save face and ends up backing herself into a corner.
The fact that it's the truth doesn't make it any less painful for Zamani to hear. Sara dismisses Patricia's comment about something going wrong for her.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010 at 20h00
Episode 3095

Senzo rushes down to the foyer to try and sort things out …Things are a little scratchy in the Khumalo household this morning. Dineo has a mean streak in her and isn't afraid to use it.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010 at 20h00
Episode 3096

Ntombi is shocked when Sharon solves the riddle for her. Gladys is hurt when Ajax refuses to tell her what is in the mysterious boxes.

Ngamla is pleased to have a potential new client on board. Little does he know …

Thursday, 10 June 2010 at 19h00 (19h00 timeslot begins)
Episode 3097

Karabo is very enigmatic about an instruction she gave a staff member. Khethiwe is unimpressed when Dumisani embarrasses her. A group of adults are left shame-faced when Prince puts them in their place.

PS: The episode is followed by a State Of The Nation Address by President Zuma at 19h30 and the FIFA Opening Ceremony at 20h00.

Friday, 11 June 2010 at 19h00
Episode 3098

The 2010 World Cup has everyone abuzz. Kenneth manages to get the entire open plan laughing. The festivities at the shebeen are dampened when Ruby receives a chilling phone call.

Monday, 14 June 2010 at 19h00
Episode 3099

The tension in the Moroka house makes the visitors uncomfortable. Things aren't much better in the Shabane household. Paul reels when he hears about the accident.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010 at 19h00
Episode 3100

Dineo's moved to tears by the loving treatment she gets. Ngamla agrees to take his arch-rival on … on air!

Sara's nervous about moving out of her house.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010 at 19h00
Episode 3101

Dumisani tries to make amends but to no avail. Karabo feels the walls closing in on her.

There's shock and disbelief at the studio when a trip down memory lane reveals something extraordinary.

Thursday, 17 June 2010 at 19h00
Episode 3102

Kenneth is as excited as a little schoolboy about tonight. Samuel goes for his meeting and is rattled by what gets said.

Chuffed Ajax is too busy signing autographs to notice that he's being conned.

Friday, 18 June 2010 at 19h00
Episode 3103

Dineo hides her glee when she's presented with a chance to get revenge. Steve continues to convey mixed signals to a highly frustrated Queen.

What's supposed to be a therapy exercise deteriorates into a blaming game.

Monday, 21 June 2010 at 19h00
Episode 3104

The first day at a new job is never an easy one … Lungile makes it clear that he's willing to fight for what he wants. Three young troublemakers show up and look set to create havoc.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010 at 19h00
Episode 3105

Ajax and Zamani give chase when the school boys make a run for it.
Ngamla's unimpressed when he reaches out and gets snubbed.

Khethiwe lies about a telephone call she makes.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010 at 19h00
Episode 3106

Holding down two jobs is starting to take it's toll… Seems Senzo will be getting his trust fund after all. Gladys proves what a good heart she has.

Thursday, 24 June 2010 at 19h00
Episode 3107

Dineo's determined to get to the bottom of the Lungile Mabena mystery. Sara realizes that she'll have to speak up or forever hold her peace.

It's the night before deadline and Samuel still has no idea for his column - or does he?

Friday, 25 June 2010 at 19h00
Episode 3108

Dumisani lies about reading the therapy file. Ngamla is not impressed when Jason hits the nail on the head.

Karabo tries in vain to fight a passionate kiss …

Monday, 28 June 2010 at 19h00
Episode 3109

Kenneth overhears the tail-end of a phone call and looks grim. Khaphela is stunned when he's upstaged during the radio show. Queen's plan seems to be working like a charm.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010 at 19h00
Episode 3110

Ajax seems to have a stalker. Everyone is stunned when Steve shows up at the Moroka house and lets rip. Lungile slips up and says something which sets Dineo's mind racing.

Wednesday, 30 June 2010 at 19h00
Episode 3111

Dumisani's past seems to be coming back to haunt him. Karabo makes a last-ditch attempt to keep Mabena Industries out of Ezweni. Steve is furious when he gets put on the spot on live radio.

Generations is on SABC1 Mondays to Fridays.



31 May 2010 16:40

yipee, i am first!!!now let me read

31 May 2010 16:41

Just registered n first comment yipee!

31 May 2010 16:44

am first ... is it me or generations has become "boredomations"? ... not impressed at all!

31 May 2010 16:47

Hayibo! I can't believe this. Im second!!!!!!! now thats Ayoba!!!!!

31 May 2010 16:50


31 May 2010 16:51

ok i was 1st to read and 3rd to comment!

31 May 2010 16:53

im fffiiiiffffttthhhhhh yey!!!!!!

31 May 2010 16:54

oopsy im 7th...sad...but stilll am in the top ten, let me read and see

31 May 2010 16:55

Sikho i'm with you on this one ... i have no clue what's going on in this soapie anymore!

31 May 2010 16:59

atleast I`m in the top 10. yippe now let me go read.

31 May 2010 17:05

So stieve is back i hope is for good this time then who is Lungile

31 May 2010 17:09

ngamla is back from london or he didn't go?

31 May 2010 17:10

I`m not sure maybe I`m still confused will realy analise & say something tomorrow.

31 May 2010 17:40

lungile is that guy kising karabo on the photo.

31 May 2010 17:44

Zamani almost has heart failure when Ntombi enters the room in a very skimpy nightie....

I almost had a heart failure reading that line! are they honestly going ahead with Zamani and Ntombi! poor Senzo and to have Zamani as

31 May 2010 17:50


you are so not alone! why is everyone "live" on the radio??

31 May 2010 18:02

Who is karabo kissing

31 May 2010 18:56

This is a huge disappointment but ke when u look for sumthing da whole day it shows up when u sulking humh

31 May 2010 19:26

Yeah top 20... Hey all I hope u all Gud n I hope gen is packed with drama this month

31 May 2010 19:37

Mxim I am so disappointed... I am so confused n dnt know wats happening...

31 May 2010 20:08

It seems like we are all confused, maud help please!!

31 May 2010 20:41

Yees i made it 2 top 1000 nd whos lungile

31 May 2010 20:42

Karabo is leaving generations. I hope she finally find love wit this lungile guy and drives off into da sunset with him. Plz gen make it a happy ending, dnt kill her!!!

31 May 2010 21:29

Bernij dnt worry i think she will find love with this lungile guy or i hope so.

31 May 2010 21:32

Tshwani yokazi
01 Jun 2010 00:44

I dnt understand what what going on...who is Lungile, I'm confused

Tshwani yokazi
01 Jun 2010 00:45

I dnt understand what what going on...who is Lungile, I'm confused

01 Jun 2010 01:16

Is Paul and Karabo still going to get married?I am not sure

01 Jun 2010 03:14

ths teaser z really cofusing, why cant they just leave it re ne re ka sheba fela withoput being confused

01 Jun 2010 07:50

I think lungile is the man whos kissng karabo in the picture but thats my thought

01 Jun 2010 07:54

Eish, we were waiting for the June  teasers and now this ........ mxim!!!

Nokia 5110
01 Jun 2010 08:32

@ QueenBee lol , u can say that agian its so confusing doesn't look like will have drama this month .

love inc.
01 Jun 2010 08:45

hey guys

sexy d
01 Jun 2010 08:52

im also confused khaphela sbu and steve on radio wat the hell is going on @ maud please help..

01 Jun 2010 08:53

Lolest its so interesting especially when we are all confused for a change lets rather watch hahahahaha

01 Jun 2010 08:57

hey guys !!!!ya bora this month

01 Jun 2010 09:03

My wish is for Lungile to be a guy and Jason will find him attractive bajole can't wait to see Senzo crying for Jason for a change then once he's lonely he will act like a man that will convince Ngamla then Senzo will be getting his trust funds after all. According to what i saw on the pic the guy who was kissing Karabs was an indian man therefore he can't be Lungile but lets watch.

01 Jun 2010 09:04

Maud where are ? We need ur help

01 Jun 2010 09:09

i am not gonna crack my mind abt gen ,i don't get anything they wrote on the teasers or is it the english they wrote that is so difficult to understand what they are saying.dahh

01 Jun 2010 09:10

The only hope i have on this soapie is seeing Zamani listed under call-actors, at least that gives me hope that sooner rather than later he will be leaving....wake me up when he's gone.

01 Jun 2010 09:10

Poor Zamani, it could just simply be a dream. let's bet on that.

01 Jun 2010 09:18

Please end Paul & Karabo's painful love story, its so boring,  we all know paulie is taken with the little one except for Karabo. Kari-kari is not naive maan. Sara behaving like an 16 year old mnxim. 

I will watch becoz i am addicted but its not what i was waiting for. We are so tired of these weddings that never happen or last longer. The only relationship that is interesting is Senzo and Jasss (in Senzo's voice)

01 Jun 2010 09:21

K guyz since our beloved friend is missing lest put 2 And 2 Together. A new guy arrive in town, lungile knows what he wants nd hes willing to fight for that thing right ok . Karabo doesnt want to do business with the mabena industries .WHY? coz its the guy lungile. Dinny why is so interested in finding whos lungile the mystry, coz she thinks karabo knows lungile and maybe they are having an affair and this will help her get paul if karabos cheating. Karabo in vein fights a passionate kiss from WHO? ITS ALL GOES TO LUNGILE. thats what i think

01 Jun 2010 09:33

I also dont know what going in this soapy. Zamani must slip into something comfortable like a coma!!! at least we wont have to see this guy i cant take it anymore. Everyone seems to be falling in love with someone.  i watch it because i have nothing else to watch what a bore.  i really expect more this month.

01 Jun 2010 09:50

Yes,Msjackson.lungile is missing his one and only karabo they had a great time at the states,between karabo and paul  nothing will work out.

01 Jun 2010 10:24

@Ntoko you are right the guy in the picture looked indian.

01 Jun 2010 10:36

The guys not indian hes black and not only indian man are found in india. OR ANOTHER GUY(LUNGILE) IS GONA KISS KARABO. lest wait and see

01 Jun 2010 11:48

Hoooray, i made the top 40, NOW let me scroll up and read your comments, you expert analysts wannabe

01 Jun 2010 12:26

Hei, dis is not ayoba guys. Gen is boaring dis month, I think lungilie will be Tau 's twin brother with da image of tau. plzzzz tell me is Hlomo leaving Ntombi or what? Im really confused here..........

01 Jun 2010 12:28

I also thought the guy in the picture was indian but hey may be my eyesight is failing me.  Andinagxaki ukuba ngubani ophuza uKarabo as long as its not Paul, i hate this story line........i feel like opening my mouth and shouting....ENOUGH

Dineo its okay little one your time will come, you will have lying, cheating Paulie to yourself and some hot thing will come and snatch him away from you, just like you are doing now.

Karabo and Paul are even,,,,,they both cheated on their wonder Ms Moroka wathatha ixhesha elide kanje ukuphindela emva.......

01 Jun 2010 12:49

yawns boooooooorrrrrring

01 Jun 2010 12:54

hay guys please Teasers may look very dissapointing this month but take it from me, there is lot of drama coming this month.we will see twoman, one new guy and the other awell known charactor from Gen joining us.

just concetrade on the guy in the photo with Karabo.

01 Jun 2010 12:54

yhu uyadika uGENERATIONS, i've bin reading the teasers since yesterday bt nangoku andikamlandeli....i hate dis

01 Jun 2010 13:07

@maud......the new guy, is it Steve, sham Queen, you left him and decided to come back to ECC of Ezweni and now you want him  back,,,,,,,libala

01 Jun 2010 13:14

I think Karikari also cheated when she was abroad. She even hinds mum Rubi as Dineo was eavesdropping. Lets wait and see. Ope they are not going to kill her. Let her have a sweet and memorable departure but not a sombre one coz already I am still mourning about the sad news of her departure. Sooo sad!!
Zamani pliizzzy. Stop that!! Makhumalo is tooooo advanced for you!!!!!!!

01 Jun 2010 13:30

i'm just confused. i think they want us not to know wat is happening. Let's sit and watch maybe we are going to enjoy.

01 Jun 2010 14:04

hey guys im new, but uDumisani ave endcaphukisa, nyani andimqondi nje noKhethiwe ukuba umfuna ntoni? i really hate dis couple

01 Jun 2010 14:12

@Tantak - you are definately right there lot of drama is coming, they can tell us the whole story we might just loose interest,keep watching 

have you guys ever wondered what happened to Karabo, why did shecome back sick and where were her laggages, the truth is still going to be unvailed just watch the space.

and one of the woman in Generation is pregnant, and her boyfriend /fiancee is not the father of the baby,

01 Jun 2010 14:24

hey Maud wa re thusa weitsi mara, otherwise I cant wait for the drama.

01 Jun 2010 14:29

and one of the woman in Generation is pregnant, and her boyfriend /fiancee is not the father of the baby,..........@Maud, say what?????? OMG so Khethiwe did the do with Khaphela? sorry guys at the moment khethiwe is the only potential candidate i can think of. LOL

01 Jun 2010 14:37

sorry MakaB, Karabo is & paul is not the father.

01 Jun 2010 14:39

@MakaB.......My guess is with Karabo, she and Sara are the only engaged woman in Generations at the moment...........boyfriend/fiancee not the father.......hmmmmmm

01 Jun 2010 14:43

Or it could be karabo whos pregnant coz we are talking about a boyfriend/ fiancee and we dnt knw what happen in india with the guy

01 Jun 2010 14:46

Karabo could have come back pregnant maybe it wasnt just the fever she might have promised the other man that she is coming back to S.A to dump Paulie. just a thought.  Bathong is Steve the only man that can bring Queen to life?

01 Jun 2010 14:55

@MakaB - lol - like i said keep watching
welcome  Nomhla wamukelekile kwashukushukumani

01 Jun 2010 15:03

They had 2 wait for the World cup until they cum up wid that Drama??? Now whose gonna focus on Generations while the visitors are all over???? Mina i will be very busy selling Magwinyas and Fish, i will give Maud my contact details to update me on daily basis :-(

01 Jun 2010 15:05

hi everyone iyo kwazekwashuba kwagen....maud u a giving me a fright about someone who is pregnant......i  am asking myself  who.

01 Jun 2010 15:07

I cant help feeling that the whole storyline was changed to fit the depature of Karabo. If Karabo came back to dump Paulie then why was she so jolly when she came back. Wouldnt it have been easier for her to dump Paulie then trying to resurrect the then falling apart relationship? I seriously think the Generations writers changed the whole script and inserted the Karabo cheating part. It just looks out of place. Karabo left because she missed Tau, she couldnt have had an affair while still triying to sort out her issues. Also if she was, it should have been obvious to us viewers not for her to start remembering things she did in India after she quit Generations.

01 Jun 2010 15:08

TVSA ADMIN...Please correct the mistake hle, this is embarrassing (Mantshosho replied to article Generatons Teasers - June 2010)

01 Jun 2010 15:26

@Msoe....That is so making sense dear...

01 Jun 2010 15:27

@maud so ngamla is back i thoght he said he is going to visit lunga

01 Jun 2010 15:53

yes dear he is, although there is not much action on his side
@Msoe- you are right there lot of things where chnage tp suite the situation .
like Dlomo and Ntombi if it was not the situation on hand, do you think the two love birds who has been through thick and thin together can be separted by just a mare unvailing and Senzo sagga? we all know how strong was their love.

@ntoko - i dont think i will be available love, infact its been days that i dont get the changce to watch generation, so you can imagine from the 10th i will be so busy rubing shoulders with the big guys LOL

01 Jun 2010 16:13

Good one Maud i will do anything for our visitors including washing their feets as u know that will pay me lots of Dollars  

@ Msoe u are intelligent i think u can re-write the whole storyline and cum up wid sumthing extermely hot, I am not sure if i am happy wid some actors and actress they got i think we need to see new faces like abo Danny,Sdumo,Greg nabo Muzi i think that will be the day when i dedicate my entire tym to Generations for now let me snooze please guys wake me up when the entire June episode is m kidding

01 Jun 2010 17:03

hi folks, i need a vuvuzela ringtone, can some1 send me a site where i can download? real urgent!

01 Jun 2010 19:47

hey guys  Generations is becoming more confusing.

01 Jun 2010 20:50

Confusing and boring DINNY is ve...ry jealous. Why is crying for a man who told her that she loves karabo and now she hates karabo for her mistakes typical slut dineo.

01 Jun 2010 21:28

Poor Dinnie, crying over Karabo's wedding dress.  You can't and should'nt have it all Dinnie, 3 men from one family, Thomas, paul & Kenneth.  Maybe u should just turn Lesbian and have Thandeka Mashaba too, seems u lyk family affairs.
Listen to you mum girl, Paul is somebody else's man.

Zamani Zamani Zamani, you're lyk a love sick puppy idiot. GET ova it boy.  Kenneth holding little Chrissie made u seem almost human...... I SAID ALMOST!!!!

02 Jun 2010 07:09

Zamani's dream made me laugh. 

02 Jun 2010 07:33

Dreaming about another man s wife thats not ayoba and ntombi takes him as a friend. Why cant he date with gladys and both leave gens.

02 Jun 2010 08:10

lol Zamani thought babysitting Crissy will make Ntombi fall 4 him, shame poor Zams "GROW UP BOY" or try uGladys

sexy d
02 Jun 2010 08:31

morning all im still confused so i wont say much but keep watching the soapie

02 Jun 2010 08:41

All am enjoying is dat Gen wl be at 7pm - that's the only thing that makes me happy.

02 Jun 2010 09:07

hayi hayi hayi Ntombi and Zamani giggling like that was so STD 2

02 Jun 2010 09:17

lolest Monchooza ave bengcikile nami

02 Jun 2010 09:28

lolest @ so std 2 u remind me of da Zulu book uMasihambisane ibanga 2 kwakwakwakwa

02 Jun 2010 10:18

Gen is so interesting...Karabs is preg iyho surely she cheated the time she was away.....thats wat is bothering her. Kheti and Dumi are working on my nerves...Ntombi's shocked by what she finds in her living room, or rather, whom. (i think will be Ngamla).....

angela motlogelwa
02 Jun 2010 10:22

da blackrouz
02 Jun 2010 10:24

This to me is kina interesting..Sbuda back on board and  who is Lungile and Zamani  get a life for yoself okay when is it going to sink in yo head that  that woman is not of his  class,pedigreee etc

angela motlogelwa
02 Jun 2010 10:24

i am confused what are dumisanis past? and who is Lungile

02 Jun 2010 10:37

why is poor dineo crying over karabos wedding dress. i think she should leave karabo to enjoy the wedding as she did when marrying kenneth.
as for zamani he is bloody boring. cant wait to see olungile. drama drama the whole month.

02 Jun 2010 11:04

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! im in de top 100 :-)

02 Jun 2010 11:21

Oh God when is Karabo leaving Gen? Poor Khetiwe when will she learn? mxm no word on the making up of Khumalos

02 Jun 2010 11:31

ya guys let wait and see,the guy who kiss rakabo in the photo is not an indian,is the black american mina ngithi it must be lungile

zamani,u ntombi she's not your type,umdala,unengane and she's married

02 Jun 2010 11:34

Poor Khethiwe...watz up wit Dumi???i hope Khethiwe finds the truth about Dumi's

02 Jun 2010 11:34

Poor Khethiwe...watz up wit Dumi???i hope Khethiwe finds the truth about Dumi's

02 Jun 2010 11:38

do u really think so Musa? yazi nami i think twice manje about this Lungile guy, and Paul dumped Dinny yo yo yo yo i cant wait 2 c Paul when he finally gets the truth, as 4 Zamani i think we have another gay couple cuming up

02 Jun 2010 11:45

shame Dinny, you didnt have a wedding dress. you just wore a trouser suit. no wonder you are crying over Karabo's dress. I wish they can get married b4 Karabo leaves gen, ake ashade bandla naye kunini amadoda edlula kuye wonke

02 Jun 2010 11:52

how can i aim fo top 20 when sum blockers dont sleep? i'd rather aim for top 100 thanx

02 Jun 2010 11:53

Ok guys, which/what photo u talkin about?  Please advise bo, i also wanna see this Lungile guy.

sexy d
02 Jun 2010 12:06

khethiwe should just dump dumisane besides he is not a marriage type

02 Jun 2010 12:39

no man this is boring and who is ulungile.

02 Jun 2010 13:39

How can someone claims that he loves u so much can luk straight in ur eyes and tell u dat its annoys him 2 b with u all the time? dat he needs some distance? Dumisani really sucks and i really dont knw why Khethiwe is still wt him.

02 Jun 2010 14:18

hahahahahaha i love you all guys ur comments ayi ayi ayi

02 Jun 2010 14:45

@Tazteeq, thanx luv.  I guess am behind as i watch it on Sat morning.  Its sooooo cold where i live and i go to bed at 7pm.  As from nxt week Thursday, i will watch it as it cooks.  LOL> 
Bakithi uKhethiwe wayalwa kwathiwa akobekezela -<LOL> bcos really, why' she's acting lyk dat?  Its like she lives in anada planet where the sun doesnt shine at all.

03 Jun 2010 07:04

tl!tl!tl! Tazteeq Dineo is after men from the same family thats why we call her names. 

03 Jun 2010 08:11

Goood Morning all

03 Jun 2010 08:41

Good Morning LOVEBRY, good morning bloggers, ZAMANI has so much anger and jealousy inside him.....he freaked me out yesterday when samuel announced his news.

03 Jun 2010 08:59

@MakaB...Zamani is a psycho

sexy d
03 Jun 2010 09:13

wow wow ntombi kid has a new name Hurrican Christina lol

khethiwe you wont win with queen stop trying to organise some people wedding and sort out you rollercoaster relationship...

Dinny it was no need to snap at karabo like that she was only trying to help you..

03 Jun 2010 10:00

@Maud..... where does generations get bo hurricane Cristina? I as want my baby to act. Guys, Princie he is a natural, he makes me laugh. Pls maud help

03 Jun 2010 10:03

All i can say for now is that (The less i say the better)

03 Jun 2010 10:04

Morning all

cant wait either for this Lungile Character

03 Jun 2010 10:12

Hi people:

I luv reading urs guys tjo niyandichaza..

Thank God also for Tazteeq, where is Maud ke ngoku ? I mic reading your comments dear....

Zimbi ilokhwe zikaKetti these days. 
I wonder wht is Karabo going to do now that she saw Paul and Dinny oh no

03 Jun 2010 11:30

How culd they play with my conscience like that. After feeling sorry for Karabo and feel  like plucking off Dineo's eyes for stabbing a friend's back, how can they make her a cheater juss like that.

03 Jun 2010 11:44

@Musarigo  Karabo is starting to put two-and-two together, and doesn't like what it adds up to, I think in this point and tym she's gona stop coming up wid the excuses to defend Paul lyk the reason why Dinny was crying because she misses her marriage or maybe  because she never had a wedding dress ect. they always have something to say to cover their lies.

03 Jun 2010 11:55

pls update guys I didn`t watch yesterday pls pls.

03 Jun 2010 12:11

to night is the night guys to watch this lungile guy i hope he is hand some

03 Jun 2010 13:12

@Musarigo - i dont have tie to watch Generation these days dear, and i only blogg by chances.

Karabo will be involved in an accident  question is, is this her departure or something else,

Waze wayikhalela indoda yabantu U Dini Jehova,
if you think your child is good enough you can take him/her to the auditions,
advertise him/her on Magazines, introduce the baby let the child be known,
i will forward you an e-mail address where you can send you baby picture to.

03 Jun 2010 13:24

please Maud forward that email i want my precious daughter on our big screen

Dineo shem wa kwatisa nxa!!

03 Jun 2010 13:53

Tonight generations   wanna be hot.Paulie,Dinny and Karabo

03 Jun 2010 13:54

People the Lungile guys is yours trully BUYILE MDLADLA. I have no doubt in my mind we can bet on this AYOBA

03 Jun 2010 14:01

jika but Buyile Mdladla was on generations a few years ago durning Sanies day he used to be called Alex and he owned a motor bike.

lady gaga
03 Jun 2010 14:05

is Karabo the one who is going to be HIV maud?? *hi frend, waving*

lady gaga
03 Jun 2010 14:05

HIV Positive, i meant

03 Jun 2010 14:46

Maud plis TELL US is karabo going to be HIV+

03 Jun 2010 14:50

Jika i also say its BUYILE Mdladla, the guy on the pic looked like him

03 Jun 2010 15:03

Es Waar MakaB @Buligirl perhaps he changed his name

03 Jun 2010 15:10

You guys just get carried away, just wait and see.

03 Jun 2010 15:26

HIV Positive, cha'' nonono  and where did you get that one, i dont remember saying that.

and if there is anyone who is Positive why do you think is a woman, why not Dumisani, Khaphela once dated a prostitude why not him

just dont miss the wednesday episode, you will never forgive yourself

Nokia 5110
03 Jun 2010 15:32

heheheheheh @ maud kanti wena how do you know all this ? just asking .

03 Jun 2010 15:48

Buyile Mdladla.........he was on Gen years back, i just hope its not him. What are you talking about Karabo being HIV+, yo

03 Jun 2010 15:56

Hi guys @MAUD thanks for the tidbits at least it's got me more an more interested in Gen tho i was losing interest
my guess this Lungile guy should be one of the guys from Class Act should be Muzi
Dinny just one stupid woman
i think the woman who's goin' to get preg is Sharon with......

goodday fellow bloggers

03 Jun 2010 16:15

Nokia 5110 that is for sure how does maud know all these things. Maud are you related any actor or actress from Gen. Or r u related to the guys behind the scene.

03 Jun 2010 16:42

lets just say i know people who know people, if i tell you i might blow my cover

03 Jun 2010 21:00

@maud....u make us look 4ward to the next episode after reading yo blogs. Thanx

03 Jun 2010 21:54

All are right maud u are an angel 4rm God we appreciate what u doing thank u so much and please dont stop keep doing friend.

04 Jun 2010 07:04

Mornibng guys are you guys prophets? you predict things as they are or do you have first hand info tjo!

04 Jun 2010 07:18

I think kenny is digging his own grave by employing sbus family and in-laws watch the space they might bring him down in the future.

04 Jun 2010 08:09

Khetiwe is going to realise a little too late that there is no love between him and Dumi, she is just too desperate for love. She will make guys feel proud that they can boss ladies around.......let me warn you gents.......some of us are very tough.

As for Karabo, i don't like feeling like i'm watching passions where when a secret is supposed to be revealed something comes up. If you have done wrong you have done wrong just come out to the open Paul will either say goodbye or leave you for Dinnie.

04 Jun 2010 08:43

Shame it was sad when Ntombi went down memory lane and dang have they grown no Sibusiso..

Khethiwe khethiwe please maan sto this Dumi is not into this thing he just wants to have someone to make coffee for him.

dineo you bore me to death rhaaaa

04 Jun 2010 10:20

morning guys, did you see the guy at the bar yesterday, that pic he took out with him and Karabo? is it the same person on the pic that Karabo has? I dont understand plz help

04 Jun 2010 10:54

@Sweetpoison - yes thats the same person. 

now lovely gen people  the fun begins. i have to admit most people did get the lungile guy right, the question is what is his mission, what we all know he has come to fight for Karabo, and please dont ask me if he will win, he will work in one of the Two advertising agency ,he will be very close to dinny , and Dinny has the reason for that.
 ilike the scene between Karabo and Dinny, they way Karabo throw her words at dinny with a smile i enjoy it.
it looks like the accident  its sooner than we thought.

Khethiwe Nxaaaaa, smilig after being humilated , woman ngenzele i coffee- poor Khethi.

04 Jun 2010 12:56

hi guys, im also new. i just like this umgozi...whats happening with untombi? is it true that her real hubby doesn't want her 2 kiss udlomo anymore?

04 Jun 2010 13:08

Eish walambe ke untombi u kiss nnje?

sexy d
04 Jun 2010 14:32

ya i also lyk shaz new hair do as for come back soon..

This accident i hope it wont be the end for the mighty karabo moroka...

as for steve just solve things with queen cause i can tell you  still loves her..

As for khethiwe no comment that women just dehydrates me @ohboy welcome hope you will enjoy your stay

04 Jun 2010 14:44

that hair do, I was looking at it. hope hairdressers did see it carefully

04 Jun 2010 15:03

@maud....pls don't 4get those details u said u will forward.

04 Jun 2010 15:08

Maud thanx you are such a darling. Please keep us informed. 

Shaz sure that was a good hairstyle you looked good.

As for Dinny I now think that Paul will be yours now that Karabo has his own Lungile.

Khetiwe you want Sara's relatives to stay at your place so that you move again to Dumi's res.........

04 Jun 2010 15:11

i wont , i just need to convince one person to except your pictures and send it forward as you know , there is hundreds of pictures  some of them even the agencies dont get to see them

JouMira Mira
04 Jun 2010 16:08

boring,  weet nie hoe kom doen Dineo en Paul dit nie net nie en kry klaar nie( u know i- s.x. ) cause ingathi bafuna ukula.... , so get it over and done with niyasidika man.

04 Jun 2010 16:17

@Tantak- Paul has lust ,Dinny is obsessed, she just want to belong, 
bye everyone have anice weekend dont forget to watch our lovely soapie neh

04 Jun 2010 16:17

@Tantak- Paul has lust ,Dinny is obsessed, she just want to belong, 
bye everyone have a nice weekend dont forget to watch our lovely soapie neh

04 Jun 2010 16:17

oops sorry man

04 Jun 2010 19:16

Maud u r a blessin to this site. Always lookin forward to your comments

05 Jun 2010 15:21

Hi im new here

05 Jun 2010 15:27

Bra Khaps dumblings at the wedding not ayoba. Then get custard n jelly 4 cuisine

05 Jun 2010 16:52

Dinny u stop ur voot voot nonsense ka ths Mashabas, havent u learned ur lesson. Mapholoba plz be criuos, Dumplings ka stew mo lenyalong over my dead body!!!!! Kari wena le Lungile u make a cute couple u can both elope i dnt mind

05 Jun 2010 19:05

Babybabes u have a point there i wouldnt mind karabo nd lungile dating i think they make a cute couple and karabo wont share him with slut dinny

07 Jun 2010 08:18

"If Karabo wants to play dirty, i dont mind my hands getting dirty too"  what did Dinny mean abt this?  She's the one who wanna steal K's man, and now how's she playing dirty?  Nxa!!!!

07 Jun 2010 08:32

Good Morning all

07 Jun 2010 08:44

morning all!!!!! i hope u guyz had a wonderfull weekend.

07 Jun 2010 08:57

OMG so glad ma husby uSbuda is back, miss him & ntombie big time.

07 Jun 2010 09:38

Hi guys! How was everyone's weekend?

07 Jun 2010 09:55

Morning guys the Dlomos made up at long last the candle lit dinner was so romantic.  Zamani stop your jelousy and stay away from Sbudas wife or else you will be sjamboked ask your friends Jason and Senzo.

07 Jun 2010 10:02

Good Morning 
I like the way Sbu has handle things on friday it was so romantic. I wish they can be like this forever and sort their problem and be happy again. As for uKhethiwe yena uyangicasula bo. 
Sam why can't you give uShaz a hope that one day you'll be mom & dad not shouting at her you irritating me now.

07 Jun 2010 10:29

Why is it alwayz like this, when a woman want something in a relationship she should get but when it comes to the man hel no i think things should be the same both sides and shaz should listen to sam probably somedy hel change his mind if she push him she will end up like sbu and ntombi. She must be patient whats the rush.

07 Jun 2010 10:36


u re right Tazteeq tltltlt hey u

07 Jun 2010 10:55

Shaz wants a baby becoz their relationship iyabhora, they sure look like actors so she is trying to make it real with a baby. Phela Shaz doesn't live in the real world, hers is dream land remember when she wanted to go fishing with chief in that tight fitting dungaree becoz Sbu won the chief approval after fishing trip. She knows the Khumalos love the Hurricane and now she thinks they will love Future and then her in turn........ha! ha! ha!

sexy d
07 Jun 2010 11:13

Morning all hope you have a g8t weekend

07 Jun 2010 12:25

hi everyone i am spo tired this World cup is draining me man, eish
Sbu uyahlanya he cant just come back and expect to pick up the pieces just like that, 
and know , whats wrong with Steve?

07 Jun 2010 13:07

Come on guyz when sbu does something gud u complain what do u want. What he did on friday was a start give him a break hes tryng. By the way ntombi should respect sbus wishes sometimes instead of being the stubborn wife who knows konkhe.

07 Jun 2010 13:22

Hee ee after what did to Ntombi at the three towers? 4give and 4get? Ntombi no.

07 Jun 2010 13:26

I mean sbuda

07 Jun 2010 13:34

Good afternoon guys i  was just reading ur nice comments, I missed Ngamla honestly the candle light dinner was romantic, as for Sbari and a low budget wedding no comment we will see,

Dinny the less said the better ,

Karabo febiology doesn't suite u gal therefore u beta start acting or start packing hahahahaha, 

Jason and Senzo i wish they could just end ur part it seems as if they ran out of lines nothing interesting anymore,

sexy d
07 Jun 2010 13:46

i agree with Ntoko 100%  about senzo and jason there is no relationship there all they talk about is their work, sbu and their friends nothing about their relationship no kissing no nothing boring with the capital letter B and NTOKO WHAT IS FEBIOLOGY?

whatz wrong with khaps with a low budget does this mean he does not love sarah like he loved cleo...

Mfundi please do something about samuel wardrobe..

07 Jun 2010 16:44

@sexy d, remove the "ology"

07 Jun 2010 21:25

Karabo... karabo u go gal i wish u should put those two bastards a lesson starting by little dinny and then paul.

08 Jun 2010 06:54

Morning all i still dont see why sbu visited Kenneth was it to thank him or tell him he will bring him down.  Why would anyone waste their petrol like that we all knew how it was going to end. anyway Kenny

08 Jun 2010 06:55

Morning all i still dont see why sbu visited Kenneth was it to thank him or tell him he will bring him down.  Why would anyone waste their petrol like that we all knew how it was going to end. anyway Kenny usile

08 Jun 2010 06:55

Morning all i still dont see why sbu visited Kenneth was it to thank him or tell him he will bring him down.  Why would anyone waste their petrol like that we all knew how it was going to end. anyway Kenny usile maan!

08 Jun 2010 06:55

Morning all i still dont see why sbu visited Kenneth was it to thank him or tell him he will bring him down.  Why would anyone waste their petrol like that we all knew how it was going to end. anyway Kenny usile maan! sbu

08 Jun 2010 06:55

Morning all i still dont see why sbu visited Kenneth was it to thank him or tell him he will bring him down.  Why would anyone waste their petrol like that we all knew how it was going to end. anyway Kenny usile maan! sbu asked

08 Jun 2010 06:55

Morning all i still dont see why sbu visited Kenneth was it to thank him or tell him he will bring him down.  Why would anyone waste their petrol like that we all knew how it was going to end. anyway Kenny usile maan! sbu asked for

08 Jun 2010 06:55

Morning all i still dont see why sbu visited Kenneth was it to thank him or tell him he will bring him down.  Why would anyone waste their petrol like that we all knew how it was going to end. anyway Kenny usile maan! sbu asked for it.

08 Jun 2010 06:56


08 Jun 2010 07:15

I dont understand why Sbusiso wafuhleleka nje afletin kaSenzo witout knocking, 2 me he got what he wanted phela dat is not his house, he must give them a break man, phela nabo basemathandweni!!!!!!!!! LOL Queen its unlike her, but at the end she was good thankx 2 Stevovo

08 Jun 2010 07:45

Hi guys, i was so frustrated yest, there I was sitting, very cozy,sipping a  hot chocholate waiting to hear what little dinny is going to say after u Karry sent her to CT, (away from Paul)..... the electricity went off! Can you beleive it! I hope it wont happen whiles im buzy watching soccer coz im not going to all the games:)

Anyway,... u Dumi is so out of hand, he is making sure ukuthi uKhethi feels useless. I think she should end it with Dumi & make sure she proves to him that she can be good ad exec.

Nokia 5110
08 Jun 2010 08:28

lol@ Buligirl easy easy sis yini walwa kangaka .

08 Jun 2010 08:55

Sexy d Honey  I wouldn't have said it better myself please remove ''ology'' and put a instead of i .....But i was so excited to see Karabo putting the little mitchy on the line,
Ngamla Baba what a nice dress code u had yesterday, siyaye sithi ngala emakhaya uDurban lo mjitha uyakwazi ukuhlanganisa ukotini.

But he wasn't angry after he entered Senzo's flat its like he wanted to laugh but i am sure not everyone noticed

08 Jun 2010 11:25

Haai People.....Long time no blogging

Guys can someone tell me...isn't that guy that is smooching Kari, Buyile Mdladla in real life...if it is didn't he act on Gen during that time of Florence Masebe using a different name to the one he is using at the moment...hayi Gen uyasigezela kodwa!!!!

08 Jun 2010 11:34

What is an intern doing in meetings with the CEO, MDS and whos who interns are supposed to file papers nd clip them not big meetings no wonder why dumi dismiss gens suprises me sometimes the writers are crazy ne dnt get me wrong but they are believe me.

08 Jun 2010 12:17

True that make that most times they do things that are so not real!!!!!!!

08 Jun 2010 12:45

@ MAUD Your replies are like a mini skirt. Long enough to cover the essentials, short enough to remain attractive. I like it lol. Ha ha ha. 

I dont like the accident thing. Cant our dear Kari juss go in one piece. Again why making her guilty. When I felt like tearing lil Dinny apart for being heartless to a dear friend., how culd they play with my emotions like this. 

08 Jun 2010 12:52

@Tazteeq! lmfao! yhu! tht wud b nice hey! some1 needs to bring her back to reality!
@MsJackson: they've een toying with us for quite some time those people! sometimes they have kak story lines which feel like some fiction thing form hollywood! there's a reason some of us dont watch the bold and the beautiful you know! next thing you know folk be rising from the dead or some *bleep!* like that! 

sexy d
08 Jun 2010 14:16

Well done Queenie for pulling that one off you are a star as for khethiwe i dont feel anything for you cause you had a chance to start again elsewhere but chose to be with dumisane so i say Dumi keep hurting her may she will wake up and smell the coffee..

09 Jun 2010 06:47

Morning guys Ajax and Zamani stop making fools of yourselves. Zamani what posssesed you to confront Sbuda like that you are too young to play with the big boys! sho generubbish can be so unreal sometimes.  i think its Dineo who is going to have the accident on her way to or back from Cape Town.

09 Jun 2010 08:56

Dineo deserve the accident shes evil and i think shel karabo and itr paul fault

09 Jun 2010 09:00

Meant kill karabo and its paul fault

09 Jun 2010 09:14

09 Jun 2010 09:20

hi bloggers, i am a new kid on the blog, pls welcome me.

I think Steve is keeping a secrete from Queen, i think he is married now to some1 else, thats why she holding back everytime Queen talk about their relationship.

uZamani uyangicika, who does he think he is anyway, he almost fell when sbuda shouted at him but he didnt even touch him.

09 Jun 2010 09:22

"she holding back", sorry i meant he is holding back

09 Jun 2010 09:36

during that time of Florence Masebe using a different name to the one he is using at the moment...hayi Gen uyasigezela kodwa!!!!

@ Chix
you are so right. Wasn't he lumka's boyfriend or something with an accent. I hope they aren't trying to pull a fast one on us.

09 Jun 2010 10:17

Welcome soapies

09 Jun 2010 10:42

Surely this Zamani boy was offside, It seemed too western for me. Who would dare touch sbuda on such issues. 
As for the Interns thing, it boggles the mind. Hey somebody please correct the flag displays we see, they are sometimes not walled right.

09 Jun 2010 10:47

@jjj- i had to keep my replies short , to keep you guys wondering and looking forward to the next episode.
Maybe Buligirl, maybe not

09 Jun 2010 10:51

Welcome Soapies be at home

09 Jun 2010 11:02

@Chix yes I remember him as a biker, there are lot of people they could have used not Buyile man. Eish Generations kodwa

09 Jun 2010 11:17

Hello guys what a weather in Dbn just wanna read ur comments the less i say the beta keep 'em rolling 

Love ya all (10000 kisses)

09 Jun 2010 11:34

@ Ntoko it is raining cats and dogs in Durban. 

Wats wrong with Zamani's face, is a make up or he's tress or is he sick

Hi Soapies

09 Jun 2010 11:47

guys you have to understand that , it was short notice the was not much time for auditions, hense we all know that They had to turn the script around to accomodate Karabo,s departure.

09 Jun 2010 12:51

i dont know if you guys remember sbusiso also used to act back in the days he was a dirty guy and he used to hang around at back of the moon and play cards and then he came back as Sbusiso Dlomo.