Video: Malema Hurls Abuse At BBC Journo

Written by TVSA Team from the blog News on 08 Apr 2010
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ANC Youth League president Julius Malema hurled abuse at a British journalist working for the BBC at an ANCYL press conference at Luthuli House this afternoon, calling him a "bastard" and an "agent" and kicking him out of the room.

The journalist - Jonah Fisher - asked Malema about his recent visit to Zimbabwe and the MDC's disapproval of it, and when he felt the answer didn't make sense he interrupted for clarity.

Bad move.

Pointing his finger repeatedly, Malema went on a rant about how "this" (in reference to Luthuli House) was built by a revolutionary party and was a house of Struggle revolutionaries.

He told Fisher he knew nothing of the Struggle and that "here you behave or else you jump", at which point the journalist laughed.

That incensed Malema, who told someone he called "Chief" to get security to "remove this thing here", in reference to Fisher.

"You don't come here with that tendency - that WHITE tendency. Not here. You can do it somewhere else," he ranted. "If you've got a tendency of undermining blacks - even where you work - you are in the wrong place."

As Fisher began gathering his things to leave, Malema continued to humiliate him. At one point he called him "a small boy" who "can't do anything".

Fisher responded by saying he hadn't come here to be insulted, at which Malema yelled at him to "Go out, bastard. Go out. You bloody agent".

This video was recorded from the eNews Channel on DStv.


08 Apr 2010 18:30

tjoe, what a week!!! we are definety living in interesting times, this is what i call reality TV at its best. 

i was LMFAO when he said "come out " meaning go out....eish, but isingisi siyahamba when one is overcomed with emotions.

Da Diva
08 Apr 2010 18:32 tl tl tl tl tl tl...tjo Malema u are killing mi.....ay e e.

Da Diva
08 Apr 2010 18:40

@Kakapana lol... Bt i love the way he pronounce his did he have 2 chase him like that?? PLZ my Malema stop it.

08 Apr 2010 18:42

U are is gonna become popular now...Once again, Malema sets trends...for wrong reasons (debateable ofcourse)..but he sets them one after another....*sad*

08 Apr 2010 18:58

kwakwakwa! @ Kakapana, we do live in interesting times. Malema just misbehaved period. I wish someone could make him show us the rubbish thats wrapped under Fisher's trousers. He was just showing off that he has power or authority & he is abusing it

08 Apr 2010 19:18

Lmao,this man doesn't seize,he is a JOKE!he is the hook that all whites are going 2 hang black stereotypes on.His actions have no consequences which makes it easier for him 2continue like this. I'd honestly love 2know what's keeping him in that office,it isn't intellect&struggle credentials(which he doesn't have)aren't enough 2keep someone in office when he is so defiant and is diminishing everything that was built by the ANC.Its hard 2have faith in it lately.

08 Apr 2010 19:29

08 Apr 2010 19:41

Lollymolly: he is the hook that all whites are going 2 hang black stereotypes on

Not all whites :) Although not as widely reported or visible, there are many white folks who are perfectly well aware of what their fellow black South Africans are like. They know that Malema and other haters like him have agendas that go beyond that which is reported.

A major reason South Africans still refer to each other as blacks and whites is because of fear-mongerers like Malema, Terre'blanche, the PACYL and others, who keep reiterating our differences as a bad thing, rather than celebrating that we are all free South Africans.

These assholes are tearing our country apart and far too many people are letting them. All the white peeps I know loathe Malema and his kind, yet all of them have good black friends. They aren't idiots. They don't see Malema as representative of anything other than fear and hatred.

In much the same way, blacks don't see all whites as that AWB guy - that's also not true. He doesn't represent whites; Malema doesn't represent black people. Both represent nothing but unevolved *bleep!*.

It's just a pity that the media constantly indulges these idiots, rather than showing the good work many people of all races are doing in SA.

08 Apr 2010 19:42

I am a young black South African and I am shocked,Julius is not a good example to the youth at all.I have no idea why he is still in office,he does not think before saying anything because he knows he can get away with it. ANC is clearly not doing anything at all about this.To think that people are supporting him is makes me sad.

Da Diva
08 Apr 2010 19:45

Malema meant what he said dd u see his face....the insults were unnecessary at all calling bastard, agency, white need unless they have their own personal agenda... that journalist is 4m britain if i'm nt mistaken where the journalist were making funny of JZ's personal life.

Da Diva
08 Apr 2010 20:18

Well said Luke............

baby e
08 Apr 2010 20:24

Malema is a disgrace to South Africa and the whole black society. 
ke ngwana wa ga mang tota?

08 Apr 2010 21:00

@ green.arrow,tjatjarag lmao,kwakwakwakwa,That's Jujubaby for u!

08 Apr 2010 22:12

We are entitled 2have good,ethical leaders 2look up to,but when our leaders(starting from the man who holds the highest seat in the country) can't be held accountable for their actions.Their actions do not inspire confidence& nor do they represent or depict a devolpmental society.These acts should be shunned by society&julius deserves to be subjugated from presidency if those in power understand what presidency is!The ANC has disintergrated,there is nothing democratic about the running of this country. A pleas to Mr Zuma:If you don't do it because you feel morally compelled to,then please take Julius away or shut him up purely to install faith in the people. Thank you Luke,great addition...

09 Apr 2010 06:51

The ANC has disintergrated,
Agreed. All because they had one goal of getting rid of Mbeki. Now that he is no more there is no leadership in that organization. The reason they are scared of disciplining this idiot Malema is because of the 2012 elective conference that is on its way. 

Just look at Mantashe, he is becoming useless and a non entity.

A pleas to Mr Zuma:If you don't do it because you feel morally compelled to,then please take Julius away or shut him up purely to install faith in the people. Thank you Luke,great addition...
Well said and well put.

09 Apr 2010 07:12

Morning beautiful bloggers,
I came home late at around 21:45 & my cousin sent me an sms saying, "Plz check e-tv news at 10, Malema is sick". I coudnt wait for 10.

Iyoooo guys nna i was embarrassed strue bob. I was really flabbergasted. I couldnt find any humour. Im with the blogger who said he meant EVERYTHING. Did you watch his face? His gestures? he was fuming & rude. I just stand there like a statue. 

Shame poor journalists! I felt for him to be honest. 

Malema is a psycho & he needs to go to Emagezeni. But i keep on wondering, what his father (The Zumaship) is gonna say about this? Is he gonna defend him like he normally does. Malema should step back now, his time is OVER. We can not have a president like that. He is more like AWB.

He must stop this *bleep!* coz everything that comes from his mouth stinks.

09 Apr 2010 07:35

Haai shame...I REST MY CASE!!!
He is already labelled "anti-white" all over the world...Somebody need to stop this Malema character.

09 Apr 2010 07:50

Tjatjarig(sp) is not a new, it basically means o a phapha, and you call the person Tjatji. I must say that I was so embarrased by what happened, apparently it all started when the guy asked him what he thought about the MDC's reaction to his visit to Zim and he said that he doesn't take the MDC seriously cos they hold their conferences in Sandton and the guy pointed out that, Julius also lives in Sandton. But guys, on a serious note, what can be done? The British press already give SA a tough time, this is just playing right into their hands.

09 Apr 2010 08:22

I bet u julius malema got something on jacob zuma,and thats why he think his untoucheble and nobody can do a thing to him. Thats one stupid motherfucker,how can they gave him so much power,his just a youth league pres and nothing more.

09 Apr 2010 08:24

julius malema,robert mogabe,something smelly hey.

09 Apr 2010 08:34

This really is embarrassing, no leader behaves that way infront of the press nogal. I am asking myself what the people who voted him into power are thinking. Pity some colleague of mine found this funny

Now we know that ANCYL is supporting every evil thing Mugabe is doing to the people of Zimbabwe and they also want our country to be like Zimbabwe. Malema with his father Zuma are destroying everything Mandela fought for all those years in prison. Malema is dividing our country  

09 Apr 2010 08:35

I wonder why these jounalists didnt all leave coz to me they were like school children. Did u hear when he said they must stop laughing & they did, Geeeze!!!! Calling some1 a "thing" HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder how is Fisher doing?

09 Apr 2010 08:48

Juju is an embarassment i honestly dont know why the ANC doesnt get rid of him im tired i think i will start switching of my tv everytime he comes on cant take his stupidity anymore what does he have on Zuma? i smell a rat. 

09 Apr 2010 08:50

tl tl tl tl tl tl.....yes Kapakapa siyahamba sona....

09 Apr 2010 08:51

My heart goes out to Fisher  shame.
Malema is like Khanyi Mbau but in different fields.

09 Apr 2010 08:52

umalema uyanya stru

09 Apr 2010 09:03

Now we know that ANCYL is supporting every evil thing Mugabe is doing to the people of Zimbabwe and they also want our country to be like Zimbabwe.

and the current SA president was openly criticizing what Mugabe was doing when Mbeki was on quiet diplomacy. Now all of a sudden, Malema is visiting Mugabe and thinking their land policy is a success. 

Poison, interesting observation. Malema is holding the country in hostage through its president.

09 Apr 2010 09:04

I hope what Malema did won't cause aparthid to start again!  We want no more killing!  Eeish Malema you are such an embarassment!

09 Apr 2010 09:05

I wonder why these jounalists didnt all leave coz to me they were like school children.

The media deserves the treatment they got from this idiot. I don’t feel sorry for them; they been entertaining this guy for long on issues that are irrelevant. It will teach them now to focus on issues that are of importance to society.

09 Apr 2010 09:16

<<I am asking myself what the people who voted him into power are thinking.>>if we have to remember the "youth" that voted in to power, you must remember that they are the same ones that flashed their bums at the press during that election conference so do we really need to know where that "youth" is? 

what was really uncomfortable for me was teh people sitting right next to him - calmly looking at this and not seeing anything wrong with their image... none of the 2 guys tapped him, said or did anything..

09 Apr 2010 09:17

you see julius is now out of order he thinks he can rule every one he must think again.i think he should step down because he's misleading the youth and should step down.voetsek malima  

09 Apr 2010 09:18

Shem, as much I had my hand over my mouth the first  time I watched this... He still killed me die with the word "tjatjirig"....and with the reference to Terre'Blanche and that wild horse... that even animals didnt  take too well to the man. LMAO

09 Apr 2010 09:24

Stupid man. Probably felt left out of the spotlight and had to grab attention for himself. What a tool.  

Im with the blogger who said he meant EVERYTHING.

There is nothing as sad as a racist who has no reason to be one. He is rolling in money he did'nt have to work for, did not finish school for what ever reasons. 

I sometimes get the feeling he regrets the fact that the armed struggle passed him by and therefore has no valid credentials ,is insecure and a hater for the sake of it.

09 Apr 2010 09:46

To say that i'm shocked is an understatement, i dont' undestand why he had to be all emotional about him staying in Sandton, in all fairness the journalist's question or comment was legit.  The ruling party must reign on him NOW.  He is so bitter and so young to harbour so much hate towards white people and to think that he has his eyes set on the presidency, Lord have mercy on us...I don't understand why the rest of journalists did not leave as well in solidarity with the humilated BBC one. 

09 Apr 2010 10:08

I don't understand why the rest of journalists did not leave as well in solidarity with the humilated BBC one. 
That is what I was thinking as well. They should have left. They all want to sell newspapers don't they?

09 Apr 2010 10:16

South African Politics are more intertaining that our celebrities

09 Apr 2010 10:17

Malema was nt gud abt wat he said coz he evn humulate dat guy by sayng he is a smll boy how cud he evn if im blck bt het he was wrng at all

09 Apr 2010 10:18

I am a South African I am a proudly South African I am an ANC and pround to be one of the youth of ANC but I am not proud to have a leader like Julius please Mr President just step in and fire Malema assomblief

09 Apr 2010 10:21

it seems as if politics are nw gettng out of hand ths malema behavour is wrng if nothng cn be done it wll lead to a climax

09 Apr 2010 10:23

dini wat do u thnk cn be done?

09 Apr 2010 10:28

Zuma must fire him Mbira

09 Apr 2010 10:30

We should have known that nothing good was to comeout from his Zimbabwe visit and then again what do we expect from a guy who once said that Zuma's supposedly rape victim enjoyed herself after she requested taxi money tl tl tl tl tl tl tl.  Where are the educated leaders of the ANC???  Where are the self respecting members of the ANC, people wake up Malema is a dictator in training.  Cyril Ramaphosa, Tokyo Sexwale, Zola Swkeyiya, Matthews Phosa, Jeff Radebe, Monthlanthe, Nkosazana Dlamini, Lindiwe Sisulu etc please save us from the ANCYL please.

Amazing Supermember
09 Apr 2010 10:43

Hey Peps

What Malema did yesterday is as equal to what that AWB man do to the poor woman during the interview. I personally do not feel sorry for that white man.

baby e
09 Apr 2010 10:48

Mbeki must be dancing up and down like a lunatic on this. and LOL to all this. Hye

09 Apr 2010 10:50

Where are the self respecting members of the ANC, people wake up Malema is a dictator in training. Cyril Ramaphosa, Tokyo Sexwale, Zola Swkeyiya, Matthews Phosa, Jeff Radebe, Monthlanthe, Nkosazana Dlamini, Lindiwe Sisulu etc please save us from the ANCYL please.

The only people who will save us from the ANCYL is us, the average South African , the voters. 

We need credible opposition parties, the time is right. If we as South Africans want to experience true democray we need to fight for it and preserve it.

As someone once said " Democracy did not fail Africa, Africa failed Democracy".

09 Apr 2010 10:54

baby e lol jo u nw thnk wat im thinking

09 Apr 2010 10:54

baby e lol jo u nw thnk wat im thinking

09 Apr 2010 10:56

amaizng septembr how r u?

09 Apr 2010 10:56

Malema gaitse gore he is just giving babega dikgang ba mafatshe asele a story to write

09 Apr 2010 10:57

Did you watch his face? His gestures? he was fuming & rude. I just stand there like a statue. 
that was my reaction le nna, i couldn't believe, a person in his position, was actually saying that, in that platform nogaal. Haai somebody need to say or do something abt this... cz Malema is out of line....

I mean if he felt like he was been undermined/disrespected by that jurno, he could have sorted him out, bt didn't have to resort to such languange(&engrishhhh, ya haeee) u--- hee--eee

09 Apr 2010 10:59

lmao @ baby e...

09 Apr 2010 10:59

Guys...I CONDEMN what Malema said with all my heart. come no one says anything about Fisher saying that Malema is talking 'rubbish'.......that on its own is not exactly polite. I do agree that Malema's response was unwarranted of cause...however this guy is not exactly innocent either.

09 Apr 2010 11:00

sbam hey ths whole thng abt politics wat do u thnk abt i?

09 Apr 2010 11:00

sbam hey ths whole thng abt politics wat do u thnk abt i?

09 Apr 2010 11:01

ngqesta ola

Da Diva
09 Apr 2010 11:02

Hayi bo Comrade Dini...Malema cant b fired bcos he ddnt break any SA should have knwn that as a Member of ANCYL as I do...when these Britain Journalist Abuse JZ im their Newspaper no1 ever complained abwt jst bcos Malema chased him away then She must Step mh guys it cant work like that...

09 Apr 2010 11:05

YOu are all playing into Malema's hands. He is raising your emotions................. Shoo Malema ke BOZZA making people feel that he is alive and kicking...

I just laughed mina and frankly I don't care about him.

Shy Girl
09 Apr 2010 11:13

09 Apr 2010 11:18

YOu are all playing into Malema's hands. He is raising your emotions................. Shoo Malema ke BOZZA making people feel that he is alive and kicking...

I just laughed mina and frankly I don't care about him.

Amazing Supermember
09 Apr 2010 11:21

I am good Mbira how are you?

Da Diva
09 Apr 2010 11:24

@Ngqesta...i agree with you 100%....what Malema supposed 2 do, i dnt fl sori 4 fisher.

09 Apr 2010 11:29

Malema must be given a vote of no confidence so that the youth league can have fresh elections earliest. Btw, when are they having those elections? Is he automatically re-elected?

09 Apr 2010 11:33

This Mense ......................................................... is extremely pathetic. This ........................ is SAD!

Amazing Supermember
09 Apr 2010 11:34


Don't blame Malema only also blame that Boer that threatened a woman on national television.

09 Apr 2010 11:35

@ Mbira... what do i think abt what?

09 Apr 2010 11:35

We should all care because he is planning to be the president of this country in the near future, Malema should not be taken lightly, he's gor immense influence and he is a leader and therefore should act as one.

09 Apr 2010 11:38


O khi ke moago wa mokgahlo wa maikemisetso a magolo and ga o tsebe selo ka maikemisetso
Mokhi o te tshwara gabotse goba wa fofa.
Kgosi o nko hwetse security se tlose selo sekhi
Ge e le gore o ka se te tshware gabotse re tlo bitsa security se go ntshe ka mokhi
Ekhi a se ntlo ya ditaba yekhi ke ntlo ya maikemisetso a magolo o se ke watla mo ka mokgwanyana wa makgowa.
O seke watla mo ka mokgwanyana wa makgowa e seng mokhi o ka e dira ko gongwe.
Ge e le gore o na le mokgwa wa go nyatsa batho ba ba ntsho le mo o berekang o tlile mo lifelong le le wrong.

Fisher reply : Ke matshila

Matshila ke ntwe o e fihlileng ka borokgong ke matshila, O moshimanyana man o ka se dire selo nxa bastard e tswa ka mokhi wena lekomonese.

09 Apr 2010 11:43

@ AM, what steyn did was uncalled for.. he was rude and being a bully(racist) who didn't want his views to be challenged, esp, by a woman(black woman to be exact).  So his behaviour disgusted me... as well

But what Malema did, is almost the same thing.. when they challenged his views/statement,  he displayed an irrational behaviour.  I'm sorry, bt am nt not going to excuse him jst because he is black.... aa.. ha e bereke yalo
bottom line he was rude.. and didn't display a good leadership.

09 Apr 2010 11:44

@Nqgesta...kodwa wasn't malema talking rubbish?

09 Apr 2010 11:47

that's why i will not vote for the ANC, am grateful for the liberation and all but ABSOLUTE POWER DOES THIS.

I'll vote for any opposition just so there's balance and accountability so that there won't be abuse of power

09 Apr 2010 11:48

@Sbam...Steyn did state his reason, the woman was not giving him a chance to speak, she kept on interrupting him.
 Atleast he did not get vulgar and insult anyone on national Tv, he just up and left and told the woman she mustn't dare interrupt him again in future and that they will deal with each other behind closed doors ( l am not done with you )

The interview was for both of them to state their views and give each other a chance to speak and questions later...

09 Apr 2010 11:50

Souce: unknown, Reliabilty:unknown

Some journos out there please confirm if he really said the stuff below

Let me tell you before you are tjatjarag (excitable, I think) – this is a building of a revolutionary party and you know nothing about the revolution. So here you behave or else you jump. Don’t laugh.
Chief, can you get security to remove this thingy.
If you are not going to behave, we are going to get security to take you out.
This is not a news room this, this is a revolutionary house and you don’t come here with that white tendency, not here. You can do it somewhere else, not here.
If you have got a tendency of undermining blacks even where you work, you are in the wrong place. Here you are in the wrong place.
Journalist: But that’s rubbish
Malema: You can go out…rubbish is what you have covered in that trouser – that is rubbish.
That which you have covered in [your] clothes is rubbish, ok?
You are a small boy you can’t do anything. Go out…bastard! Go out! You bloody agent!
We cannot be allowed to be undermined in our own terrain, you can do that in your own offices, but here, once you come in here – this is not a playground, this is Luthuli House. It’s the head quarters of a revolutionary party which has liberated the people of South Africa.
Here you come, you restrain yourself and behave in a manner that is befitting of being in the head quarters of the ANC.
It’s not a beer-hall here, it’s not a drunk beer-hall – cheap beer-hall, this. And you ask anybody including political parties which tried to undermine this house what happened to them.
You can undermine all of us but not the house. Never undermine the house. When you are here, you are in a different terrain. You are in our space and you are going to behave in a manner that is befitting of being in the ANC office.
You don’t howl here especially when we speak and you behave like you are in an American press conference? This is not America, it’s Africa.
You must behave in an African way. If you are in Rome you do as the Romans do.
These things you write about us and insulting us, that is your space [and] you can do as you wish. We don’t have a problem with that and we have accepted that you are abusing that space [and] you are abusing us in that space.
[But] you don’t come and abuse us in our own space, in our own house. This is my house and you will behave according to the rules of my house. We are not forcing anybody to be here. If you feel you are offended by the removal of this gentleman, you are most welcome to walk, you are free to go.
We don’t force anybody to come here. We would be worried if the SABC doesn’t come, but the rest of you to be honest, we really don’t care.
SABC is our own but the rest, it’s ok whether you come or you don’t come. We don’t have a problem.
And if you feel offended in solidarity with this gentleman, like the solidarity of other journalists who connived with a corrupt journalist which was exposed by the Youth League, you are again free to walk. The corridors are open.
Let’s not push each other to a point where we will have to engage each other differently because we are not going to be undermined by young boys and then we say ‘no, we need to restrain ourselves’.
When we are in the BBC studios you can pull us around and say whatever. You do that anyway when we have interviews with you. You just come in when we try to respond and you ask further questions…we never fight with you at that level, that’s your space. But here, my brother, you need to ask the South Africans – if you’re not – what the ANC is and what does the head quarters of the ANC mean to them.
So these are the head quarters of the AN

09 Apr 2010 11:50

@Dini ... O-mo Botse Botse! Has greater coherence in Sepedi .... Which is this child's principal language .... Still SAD! We will soon be too embarrassed to admit our heritage because we won't want to be associated with bigots like this infant.

09 Apr 2010 11:57

I heard the first paragraph but i know that he told or should i say berated journalists who were present and said that they are obsessed with an individual (himself of course) and said that an obsession is actually a sickness, how I so wish Deborah was there, wonder what she could have done.

09 Apr 2010 12:09

Yah, Mathaz... I wish debs had been there!

09 Apr 2010 12:11

Iyooooo this is long moss but i didnt hear this part ......."Here you come, you restrain yourself and behave in a manner that is befitting of being in the head quarters of the ANC...................." until the end.

09 Apr 2010 12:14

how I so wish Deborah was there, wonder what she could have done.

ACTION dear thats all i can say. Those two hate each others guts. Thank God she was absent.

Crazy Jess
09 Apr 2010 12:22

Why is this idiot still President of ANCYL?? Why hasn't Zuma suspended him??
I think Malema has some great "ish" on Zuma. That's why he won't even dare to stop him or suspend him. He really is an idiot with no respect. Now we know that you can't appoint someone without matric to lead a country and someone with woodwork for matric to lead an organisation. Eff him.

09 Apr 2010 12:22

News just in:  "ANC condemns Malema's behaviour"

The aggressive and insultive behaviour to the said journalist that culminated with Mr Fisher walking out of the Youth League press briefing cannot be condoned at all,” the organization said in a statement.

It said the “unfortunate outburst” by Malema did not only reflect negatively on him, but also reflected negatively on the ANCYL, the entire ANC family, our Alliance partners as well as South Africa in the eyes of the international community. 


I think that he should be punished maybe suspended or called for a disciplinary hearing...Malema knows too well that he will be verbally reprimanded but no action, we need action from the ANC, they must prove to me and other people who care about our beloved country that Malema is not holding them to ransom..

09 Apr 2010 12:25

Now we know that you can't appoint someone without matric to lead a country and someone with woodwork for matric to lead an organisation.  I could not have said it better...academic credentials are so important for a leadership position especially for the presidency..

09 Apr 2010 12:29

Malema please slow down listen to yr elders.  You are really overdoing it. I wish 
things can change in SA.

09 Apr 2010 12:33

itjhuuu!! kwa kwa kwa kwa! bathong!

09 Apr 2010 12:36

@Crazy Jess and Mathaz...Please allow me to disagree with you, not everyone with Matric can do wonders. The way you were brought up, the values that you learn as you grow, respecting yourself before others (you cannot respect anyone if you don't respect yourself), kindness, confidence, pride about were you come from and knowing were you are going and yes education are "some" of the factors that make a great leadership.

l have seen and heard about great leaders who have done well, without Matric.

09 Apr 2010 12:39

@Frieds...There is nothing wrong with SA, but the leaders. Malema managed to recall Thabo Mbeki, why can't they recall him? Does he hold information that will destroy them, if not why do they let him get away with everything?

09 Apr 2010 12:51

BigMama but education says something about a person...

09 Apr 2010 13:02

but you believe  the "condemnation" yeo ya  ANC at malema,....tomorrow they will say something different and say that they meant x instead of y with this supposed condemnation.. they did the same with the "dubula" song maloba.....

LOL @ are my hero for thlaloso yewe ya se rogane ka nnete a bona taba

baby e
09 Apr 2010 13:03

@ Da diva 
did the journalists call JZ a bastard? 
Bloody agent? NO - What they did was that they asked him about his actions. showering after having sex with an HIV positive woman (suprised that he is taking an HIV Aids test) to proof what i dont know. 

Malema is a pure racists and mind you teams are already complainign to FIFA about the recent developments in SA - are all whites safe if the president of the youth league for the ruling party can say such on national tv. 

i condone what malema is doing and all that he has been doing. its a disgrace to the world.  

09 Apr 2010 13:06

excuse me hle....i didnt finish reading what you wrote Mathaz....Indeed it lacks bvelieveablity and does not show any commitment to do anything about him at all.....
I read that and ended up saying bla bla bla....

09 Apr 2010 13:09

Julius must be stopped, he provokes the AWB's to start with their things of killing voor die voet. A seke a dira lerole kogodimo moo le be le kgama rona. 

OR      ........... HER LOST IT, HE MUST CONSULT.

Da Diva
09 Apr 2010 13:19

@baby e bt he said Malema is talking rubish...was that right. I knw people are talking abwt this because its Malema (ANC REPRESENTATIVE)...maybe Malema was defending Himself...

09 Apr 2010 13:34

Malema is right, no one will come and ask us bull *bleep!* in our country. The media also likes to poke Malema. He was trying to protect himself.

09 Apr 2010 13:34

Malema is right, no one will come and ask us bull *bleep!* in our country. The media also likes to poke Malema. He was trying to protect himself.

One and Only
09 Apr 2010 13:57

I think I should start blogging again because the way things are going I won't be suprised if it's banished in SA.

I see sanctions coming our way pretty soon and the man on the street's the one who would be hit hard by such while the elite members of the ANC still mantains +/-R10m in their accounts as it is with Mugabe & Co.

JM & JZ are representing the normal behaviour, thinking & attitude of all the ANC members, black people are undermining themselves and the next thing would be accusing other races of doing such.

Come 2012, people are just gonna forget this and vote for the ANC even if Malema's face's on the ballot paper.

09 Apr 2010 14:03

LOL@ Dini's translation.....

09 Apr 2010 14:05

For the first time in my blogging career I agree with you 1&O

09 Apr 2010 14:08

Ladies and Gentlemen
Where I am boredom has just got the betterside of me, Julius is nothing but a Public nuisance, and a disgrace to the South African Rainbow nation.

@njingalwazi there is nothing protective about what he did, this shows how South African Press is still considered as nothing by the likes of julius Malema

09 Apr 2010 14:24

That's whay Senior leaders of the ANC don't wanna be harsh on him because of the 2011 ANC elections, well Gwede has got nothing to losem he does not have his support mos so he might just as well tell him to think before he speaks.

09 Apr 2010 14:46

I would love to hear Mbekis comments on all of this.......
that will be very interesting

Da Diva
09 Apr 2010 14:47

I will vote 4 ANC in 2010 bcoz of a service delivery coz elections will b not about Malema bt about who is delivering...i'm sure MY MALEMA will Withdraw his statement since the Seniors of ANC HAS already blamed him 4 his behavior.

Da Diva
09 Apr 2010 14:49

I will vote 4 ANC in 2011 bcoz of a service delivery coz elections will b not about Malema bt about who is delivering...i'm sure MY MALEMA will Withdraw his statement since the Seniors of ANC HAS already blamed him 4 his behavior.

Da Diva
09 Apr 2010 14:52


09 Apr 2010 14:56

e bt he said Malema is talking rubish...was that right.

Da only selected what you wanted to hear, the journalist said "this is rubbish" when Malema continued insulting him. Please watch that video and listen carefully.....stop this selective listening, it is a skill after all.

You are certainly defending the undefendable

baby e
09 Apr 2010 15:14

@ Diva - he had already said things offending things to him. calling him a thing - selo how would you feel you if someone called you that. 
i personnaly feel that Malema was told that what he had said in ZIM was out of hand and when the Jurno asked him - he threw all his emotions on the poor guy. 

Malema o tsositse lerole la dikatse waitse

09 Apr 2010 15:17

DA Diva please "come out" of here......(just joking)

baby e
09 Apr 2010 15:30

Da Diva, the world would not forget that and mind you with his previous records. he will not be allowed to set foot in Euro, America and him being influential in ANC - that will apply to the whole South Africa. do we deserve that NO.

baby e
09 Apr 2010 15:35

@ Kakapana COME OUT LOL hey 
Diva we are entitled to own opinions so........

Da Diva
09 Apr 2010 15:41

@Sobza i dnt defend him ...the Journ. Was wrong cos malema was talking abwt MDC Members who ar staying at Soweto.

Da Diva
09 Apr 2010 15:47

Sobza ...i'm nt defending him the Journalist waz wrong, Malema was talking abwt MDC members who are staying at Sandton/Soweto 2 go bk 2 Zim and face their Problems....then The Journ ask what abwt Malema because He's staying at Sandton too...NB According c my Knowledge Malema is nt a MDC MEMBER

09 Apr 2010 15:47

Baby e you have it right there 
It is going to be even thugher to get to England since have already introduced their new South African Passport holders entry Law into the Great Britain Their Visa requirements and cost will be more complicated just The Americans

09 Apr 2010 15:48

meant just like the Americans

Amazing Supermember
09 Apr 2010 15:51

Just watched ET's funeral pics.

I have no tear for him to shed.

09 Apr 2010 15:55

Da diva - o confused... 

The journalist asked about Malema's opinion about the MDC plight in Zim
Malema responded that he doesn't care for people living in air conditioned offices in Sandton
The journalist pointed out that Malema stays in Santon too
Malema then said the journo is being tjatjaarig... and lambasted the journo
The journo said "this is a joke"
Malema then started telling him to behave and stop underminig black people if he is used to doing that in his office
The journo said "rubbish"
Malema said "what is in his pants is rubbish"
the journo packed up with Malema screaming come out! 

do you follow - valid questions did not need a defensive mode

09 Apr 2010 15:57

just saw the pics of Terry's funeral - why are there 2 graves?ET is only one body, right? 

 Is the other one for Malema... lol! (sorry, couldn't resist"

Amazing Supermember
09 Apr 2010 16:00

I think one is for his guns to continue torturing people in hell where he is going.


09 Apr 2010 16:01

I think I should start blogging again because the way things are going I won't be suprised if it's banished in SA. 
I will be a happy woman if u do that One and Only? I really really miss you

One and Only
09 Apr 2010 16:04

MDC members shouldn't be blamed for staying in Sandton as they are in exile, just like the ANC did not stay & face apartheid before 1994 but like cowards ran away and used fancy words like exile to justify their lack of backbone.

It's funny that now all of a sudden Whites are seen as racists who are ill-treating & underpaying their employees while 99% of the companies we work for are White-owned. How have they been treating you?

99% of the taxi industry is black-owned, please go and ask the drivers how they are treated! They don't even have payslips nothing, they are pay- as-you-go sim cards.

I personally would rather work for white-owned than black owned company, who it's sex pest Director would interview women by having sex (sex-junction) with them instead of advertising posts through career junction.

09 Apr 2010 16:16

kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa Amazing Supermember uyangiqeda....

09 Apr 2010 16:24

Julius Malema makes my skin crawl, its so disgusting to speak to another human being like that.  What kind of example is he setting for the youth.  Somebody fire the "BASTARD"

09 Apr 2010 16:24

@One and Only....hai cha my boy, you hit it on the head. l wish someone can tell that to malema.
Blacks undermine each other but expect to be treated like kings and queens by whites.

09 Apr 2010 16:25

@Sureya...just give Da Diva 2millions rands and Juju will

10 Apr 2010 09:53

@BigMama..... I'm so tempted to do that rite now, even will to give DA Diva 4 million...Lol

12 Apr 2010 07:59

For how long is Zuma and them going to do damage control ?

Not long ago Zuma was ensuring investors somewhere in the UK that SA is not going to Nationalize mines, 3 weeks after Malema went to ZIm to discuss nationalisation with uncle BOB.

He was told to stop singing the " Kill the Boer song", and what he does ?
He continued to sing the song. His list is endless.

The question is ,  Do we realy need a youth league?
I for one I don't think so, they nothing but trouble.

12 Apr 2010 13:35

malema has issues which only he can deal with however...

i personally can understand where he was coming from with regards to that british journalist, just that what he wanted to put across didn't quite come out in the right context. the way i see it when he was going on about WHITE tendencies what he meant was BRITISH tendencies (esp those of hte british media). the british media has always had it in for us south africans and south africa nje. and i mean ALL south africans. there is nothing we can say or do that they will see in a positive light. whether it's sports/politics/culture you name it they will find something and blow it all out of proportion. as much as most people are now saying poor british journalist i can tell you now that journalist got exactly what he was looking for, and a little bit extra. this is exactly the kind of sensationalism the british revel on and it's a pity this time they didn't have to make it up julius just dished it out to them. 

read there exactly what he said and you'll see motho o was ranting and raving at the british media (about how they always disrespect us but now they're in our territory and must do as we south africans do and leave their disruptive behaviour, which is what it is, at home). he did make some good points. just that when you speak in public you don't just speak nje...there's ways of saying things without it leading up to what it is now...

12 Apr 2010 14:10

you forgot the part where he said "COME OUT, GET OUT" LMAO ai that killed me shame I was ripped

12 Apr 2010 14:49

The journalist was just as wrong as Malema...he was not suppose to interrupt Malema in any way UNTIL Malema finishes his speech and then questions would follow after the speech. The President and the lot let Malema disrespect other people before(when he demanded that the former President Thabo Mbeki should step down)...and now they expect him to listen to them when they tell him to stop singing those songs, think before he speaks and the Zim issue? They should forget bout that coz a kere they were seating with him in meetings when they were talking bout the former President Thabo Mbeki andd hee probably got out of the meetings with much more information on the ANC

13 Apr 2010 16:07

Eish...the natives are restless now because one native had the guts to stand up and tell the baas how to behave in a revolutionary house. This country needs more Malemas...more educated Malemas...we need to speak up when the white ppl are going thru the courts to erase our history. It's sad that black ppl now feel it's wrong to sing struggle's sad that black ppl think they are free...sad indeed.
Just this week, Jewish ppl were remembering the halaucast(splng)...and we are expected to forget about apartheid just 15 years after it was abolished...and the worst part is...the natives are willing to rub this history off...and forgive ppl who have neva asked for forgiveness.

13 Apr 2010 16:22

Hloni i hear u dude/dudest bt we can not b stuck in history. I know lot of ppl lost their luved ones bt we need to go forward otherwise this will never stop if we hold grudges. We've been through s*** bt ppl like Malema should learn 2 shut their big mouth sometimes. let me go home & gudnyt

13 Apr 2010 16:31

@hloni...we are not in war here, why sing the struggle songs when the struggle ended 15 years ago. We are trying to build a new South Africa and you want to do the same things that whites did to blacks.

Let go of the past dear and move on. You cannot build a country out off hate, you need to forgive and let go...

When you hold resentment towards another you are bond to that person or conditional by an emotional link that is stronger than steel. forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and get free. Sincere forgiveness isn'tcolored with expectations that the other person apologize or change. Don't worry whether or not they final understand you, love them and realese them, life feeds back truth to people in its way and time.
Just move on dude and forget about the past.

13 Apr 2010 17:05

@ one &only  kodwa uvuka kumuphi umgodi besengiyikhumbule imisangano yakho.... @ Hloni there are many revolutionary songs that can be sung that does not encourage violence and killing other races after all we trying to reconsile not to forget our past !!! what Julius did was irresponsble as a leader he is not suppose to behave in that manner... we cant justfy his lack of being diplomatic and strategic about things.... u Julius uyimbimbi ngathi akaze ashele esayinsizwa usebenzisa ubudlondlela noma isidingo singekho..... he even publicly said the ANCYL  supports ZANUPF, can you imagine the damage he has caused by that statement.... more than anything he is a liability to the ANC.... WE dont need leaders that divide the country rather we need leaders that can unite SA....

@ Bigmama how you doing my darling.... will be in Jozi this weekend

13 Apr 2010 17:20

@BigMama...therein lies the problem...u think the struggle is over...u think we are all in a clean slate...u think we are all looking to build a new SA. Well it's becoming clearer everyday how the white ppl in this country have not changed...and they will neva change. In SA...we have a situation where 15% of the population own 80% of the land and resources...and they dont wanna share do we MOVE ON from that? don't you realise it's only black ppl who are trying to build this country for everyone...while the white ppl are trying to protect their ill-gotten gains by telling us to forget and move on and that we are all equal. Maybe u also think AA is reverse racism...that it's just revenge...maybe u bliv that a black kid born today has the same oppurtunities as a white kid born today.
Well sadly...that's being naive.

The past defines one's future...and it must be remembered so as to be neva repeated.

One and Only
13 Apr 2010 17:45

Point of correction Hloni most White people have what they have today because they worked hard for it. These are the people who possesses the oldest company employee numbers. These are the people who will tell you that they started working for a certain company in 1969 and are still going strong.

The way you're putting it you would swear that PW Botha or Verwoed used to call them at FNB stadium to divide assets amongst themselves (Smith I give you a house in Sandton, Le Grange please occupy that farm in Standerton, Bester here's a business for you & so on).

Now my question is if it happens that the White rule the country again would it be faif to say Black people have benefited during their government's time so they would be denied opportunities?

The AA & BEE are not doing anything for me but is there for the Zuma, Malelma, Nyanda family members to get catering, security, construction tenders.

14 Apr 2010 09:23

@Hloni...l am not saying we should bury the past, as you have said IT MUST BE REMEMBERED AS TO BE NEVER REPEaTED.
Yes the black kid born in this generation has the same opportunities as the white kid, l strongly believe that.

You should see how (some) blacks behave after payday, they don't save for there kids future they expect everything from the government instead of working hard. You see a white kid straight from varsity driving a car and renting or owning a house, (why) because their parents saved for their future.

But with us blacks we are good at having clothes accounts at Woolies, Edgars, ect instead of saving for our kids future and taking them to the best schools because we want free things from the government. Education is the everlasting inheritance you can give to your kid.

Racism works both ways hloni, from starters we black people undermine each other. We don't have love for one another, for example lets look at the xenophobia issue. Uthini ngexephobia, do you think it was a great thing that happened to those people. When bad things are done to white people nobody complains but when it is done to a black man we cry foul.

If you enter a room with racism in your mind you will definetly see racism. l have been working for this company for 4years, not even once have l seen a sign of racism, but some guy who has been here for 5months says the owners are racist just because there are Boers. He couldn't point out anything that can prove there are racist.

Lets stop hate, please.

l totaly agree with you One and Only.

14 Apr 2010 10:07

@1 n only. Counter-point of 1969 black ppl were not allowed in those companies...and the hardest workers in this country are the black labour who are the bottom scale of economy. Ofcos the assets were divided among themselves...kanti wat do u think apartheid was all i said...they own 80% of the countries resources...u think that's becos they worked hard for it. I cant bliv this.
Let me make a practical exmpl...hope it would make sense...u have 2 kids and only 10 marbles...1 kid has 8(becos he STOLE some from the other kid) and the other has 2...if we decide this system is wrong and the marbles should be equally shared...then it is logical to expect the kid with 8 marbles to relinquish 3 of his marbles...but here we hav a situation where the kid with 8 marbles want the other kid to be ok with his 2 marbles and if he demands an equal share...he is just paying revenge.
For the record...if it wasnt for AA most of us would not be in the positions we are in...dont even think for a minute that white companies will welcome u with open arms just becos u hav a degree.

14 Apr 2010 10:27

@Big Mama...i'm disappointed that there's a black person who thinks that white kids and black kids are equal...that 15 years of democracy can erase more than 50 years of systematic oppression. A black graduate has the burden of 1st taking care of his/hers parents and siblings(talking frm experience)...and most white graduates instead still receive their monthly allowance from their parents. Do u know that a huge part of the apartheid system was to break down black families where father leave their homes for months to work for peanuts in the cities...and our mother's clean their houses and raise their white kids...while neglecting their own kids...only seeing them on weekends. When do u expect these parents to attend parents meetings at school, to see their kids playing school sports, to check if they did their homework, to be proper parents.

On u know wat sparked u know that it is mostly sparked becos the foreign nationals are being exploited becos they r desperate...and this causes a rift becos the locals would not work hard labour for 50 rand a week(would you?)...i bet u bliv this story that locals are not hired becos they are come we were not lazy before the foreigners started rolling in.

Pull the wool from ur eyes...most blacks can not afford clothing accounts...they live from hand to do u expect them to save for the future.

We all like to think it's all rosy...but the truth of the matter is that we still have a long way to go...and before we can begin to unite with other nations we must start to unite among ourselves...becos all the other races are united against us.

One and Only
14 Apr 2010 10:30

Hloni I'm a present person and make decision based on what I have seen and/or see, so I cannot date back to 1969 as I wasn't there.

Your marbles example is far fetched and it doesn't make sense to me as it does to you. Firstly what is the percentage of White people that stole from the Blacks as I'm sure that not all White people are Millionaires as a result of unfair advantage they received during apartheid.

What's the percentage of Black Millionaires as a result of AA, BEE & Tenderpreneur? The fact is that these policies are only working for the 0.00001% of the Black population. Be a better example and tell us how many tenders you have?

I know of Black professionals who through their qualification were working for White owned companies as early as 1930's, were living in White surbubs and don't know what apartheid was.

Apartheid just like racism is only present when you're poor and only exist in your poor mind.

14 Apr 2010 10:49

@hloni...We have a choice on how we want to live our lives. My aunt was a domestic worker for more than five years, while she was busy cleaning the whites house she did not stop studying. l tell you today she is a nurse and with that little she earned she managed to do something of great value.

l do believe it that the locals (some) are lazy, they want to be spoonfed all the time, l have proof on that. Foreigners have always been here, but not in millions as now. It wasn't because of cheap labour that they had to be killed, l believe it was just hate amongst each other.

Maybe you are talking about the blacks in the rural areas but not here in urban areas, everyone has a clothing account. And l am pretty sure that they can manage R150 per month for an education policy but its a pity they think of booze before their kids future.

Hai cha black people sometimes...hehehe, you will find them on strike for better education but instead of taking it up with the officials they are burning schools. Fighting for better pay in which ever department but they destroy things that of no concern to their pays like burning trains, emptying the rubbish bins on the streets. They just behave ubnormal sometimes...

One and Only
14 Apr 2010 11:48

Hloni don't blame apartheid for the uselessness & unwillingness of your parents go to school of your parents, had they went to school and get educated you wouldn't be supporting them. Why are they not working in this time of our lovely government where opportunities are open for Blacks?

Again we had Black educated people as early as 1900 and their families had always been well off. Mandela is one example, look at his family now they are reaping those benefits. How many old men of Mandela's age who are doing nothing except drinking sorghum beer all day long blaming apartheid while at it do you know?

Clothing Accounts? Don't even go there because most Black employees wear expensive clothes than those of Raymond Ackerman & Patrice Motsepe.

I note we're currently in 2010 talking about racism this, apartheid that. Come 5010 or 9099 Black people would still be singing the same tune. Mark it on your diary I will remind you.

15 Apr 2010 10:07

@one and only...dont insult my parents just becos i was raised in a way that first seeks to make sure i take care of the ppl who took care of me. This is a normal occurance in most black families...and ur naivity of this just shows ur disappointment in the kind of ppl u come from...u r black...accept will neva change. Ukuzala ukuzelula.

ok guys...maybe u'll start to open your eyes when u hear this from someone else.
This article was posted yesterday.

Wake up black nation

15 Apr 2010 16:22

Be4 i leave, i got this email late yesterday. Its long bt worthy. I hope this boy listens bcoz ppl r gatvol. Bye

Subject: By Lukhona Mguni - "Your buffoonery acts..."

Dear Mr Julius "Motormouth" Malema

At the thought of writing to you, I find myself feeling guilty that I may be dignifying your existence in the South African political landscape. I have often dismissed your utterances with the famous English idiom that says "Empty vessels make most noise"; if you visit your grade four English studies you should be able to find what I am talking about. However in light of what has transpired in our country and in Zimbabwe over the weekend I am left with out choice but to write to you.

Stupidity and obsession with power have a tendency of creating heroes out of people one does not know where they were found to even begin with. I may be too late to warn you against this, but allow me to address the challenges that you pose not only for yourself but for the youth of this country and the global image of South Africa alike. One political scholar defines politics as "thought controlled" and this is done through the media. I must applaud you for having known how to shoot off your mouth in order to get the attention of the media. Instead of ignoring you, the media made a good job of carving a somebody out of you and your disdainful tendencies though I, along with many other South African youth, believe that you were never worthy of the spotlight in the first place. After having noticed the kind of media attention that comes with phrases such as;

"We will kill for Zuma", you then became lustful over the attention of the media and now you have become in indescribable post infatuation with it.

I want to make it very clear to you that we as the youth of this country have deliberately ignored your diatribe that seeks to polarize our country, however Edmund Burke is said to have once said, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." I believe that now is the moment we acted and informed you that the majority of your political prominence defies logic even to those who are in kindergarten politics.
light of you recently; accusing journalists of receiving brown envelopes, singing "dubul' ibhunu" and you appearing in a Zanu-PF youth rally receiving a hero's welcome and scheduled to meet Robert "Mad Bob"
Mugabe, Iwould be allowing evil to prevail while I sit in sombrely silence. I giveunto you all the contempt you deserve for your recent acts.
As a leader of the Young Lions, I believe you took this in its literal sense. Lions are very scary animals and they tear right through human skull and would kill human beings in an instance, let me inform you that many people fear you in such a manner that you are as dangerous or even worse than a lion. The reference to Young Lions was about bravery, resilience and agility required of any young leader in our society.
Indeed you have all this descriptive of a lion and it has been channelled (deliberately I believe) to the wrong direction and this is the danger you have caused to yourself and our country in general. Let me air it out to you that you have inspired the wrong activism amongst already vulnerable and anger filled youths of this country. Instead of being a sober politician that provides distinct leadership, you have often shot off the hip. In his recent judgement on a case pertaining to hate speech against you, Magistrate Colleen Collis said "Mr Malema, being a man of vast political influence, be wary of turning into a man that often speaks but never talks." If these words are anything to go by, I have never heard you talk even when you try to, you make a good job of marring it with controversy, you are nothing but a ma

15 Apr 2010 16:24

down, while you on the other hand will be most likely remembered as the biggest mistake to ever hit the political world.

You see, as a human species we love to be prominent, generally, others more than others. Adolf Hitler is still a name recited daily and brings pain even on this day amongst the Jewish community, but you know what he achieved his goal of being famous. You are doing a very good job of following the notion that, "no publicity is bad publicity" and really that is all you have been enjoying. Don't you think it is time you changed focus? Unless you are incapable of being an exemplary leader, embodying good governance principles, coupled with morals and ethics.
Maybe by the mention of such values and practices expected of a leader I have already lost you, if indeed I have, forgive my ambitions of giving you a second chance out of the many second chances you have enjoyed till this day.

Your buffoonery acts have gained you a status equivalent to that of a state president, well that is the only thing that can explain you being graced with the opportunity of meeting Mugabe. Let me hasten to inform you that the Zimbabwean crisis is a humanitarian crisis and any act of political siding and lauding is despicable and highly mischievous on your part. For you to threaten that you will import Mugabe's policies that render an economy dysfunctional pays testimony that you never even took Business Economics seriously in grade eight as much as you did not take Woodwork seriously in matric. People have died as a result of Mugabe's rule and people continue to suffer and die in Zimbabwe, scores are exiled here in South Africa you see them everyday when going to Luthuli House and you still go on to endorse Mugabe's rule. I cannot be found silent on that along with many other leaders. I can safely conclude that you suffer from verbal diarrhoea and it is causing a polarization delicacy in every single fragment of our society even to the international community. Because your articulations are so narrow or rather hollow on substance they ring so loud that they reach the boarders of investors and they leave a chilling effect on them. It cannot be that you must mess up and expect someone to clean up after you all the time.

I would love to hear a reconciliatory tone from you after the passing away of Eugene Terre Blanche, instead of you saying that "I do not comment about such people." The people who killed him in disgusting cold blood, even to me as a black that Eugene had no much regard for, will never admit that your "Dubul' ibhunu" song propelled them to do such.
However reality is such that what those in power say has an effect on their constituencies otherwise they wouldn't say such things. Your desire to have mines nationalise and land reform accelerated is starting to cost lives. Thanks to you we are now with a beckoning bloody period in our country.

The saying that "Black is beautiful" resonates with me, but you are doing a good job of making Black ugly without help. The media might have made you into this monster but the youth of this country will stand in opposition to your portraying of a distasteful image about the youth of South Africa. I ask of you to do the right thing, stop singing that silly-racially charged song and start being a leader. It is never too late, you like a cat with nine lives, this maybe your ninth chance to do things right.

Yours in pursuit of happiness
Lukhona Mnguni

P.s. Share this with everyone to save our country, the economy, the Soccer World Cup and all that we'll ever have.

Cry the beloved country, now it's healed, let's not scratch open old wounds, forgive and forget for love is stonger than hate.

God Bless South Africa


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