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Generations Teasers - April 2010

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Generations Teasers on 30 Mar 2010
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Coming up on Generations this April, 2010:

Thursday 1 April 2010
Episode 3047

Khaphela doesn't get answers and is more worried than ever. Ngamla is summoned to hear some very bad news. Jabulani doesn't know what to do when Ntombi arrives with the police.

Friday 2 April 2010
Episode 3048

Zamani pointedly touches on a few sore points with Ajax. Sara's hurt when her good intentions get thrown back at her. Rethabile believes it's time Khethiwe played open cards about her relationship.

Monday 5 April 2010
Episode 3049

Litha puts his foot in it but is oblivious to the fact. Dineo has to cover for dear life when Karabo confides in her. An office kiss turns passionate.

Tuesday 6 April 2010
Episode 3050

Paul lies about an sms which invites him to meet for lunch. Senzo is nervous as hell about his first day at Mashaba. Dumisani is livid when Ngamla makes a mockery out of his meeting.

Wednesday 7 April 2010
Episode 3051

Ntombi reels when she hears who got a job at Mashaba Media. Kenneth knows how to push people's buttons until they snap. Sara thinks her wedding to Khaphela is off.

Thursday 8 April 2010
Episode 3052

Smoke comes billowing down the passage of the apartment as the fire gains momentum … Queen is delighted about the party she has to arrange. Khethiwe's worried about what Rethabile's going to write in her report.

Friday 9 April 2010
Episode 3053

Dineo's desperate to get out of the dinner party. Ajax isn't nearly as excited as everyone else about his 'big break' into acting. A forbidden kiss is no longer secret when someone witnesses it.

Monday 12 April 2010
Episode 3054

Tensions in the Shabane house are running high again. Anthony quickly makes his escape when a fight turns ugly. Ruby doesn't hold back when she takes on Paul.

Tuesday 13 April 2010
Episode 3055

Ntombi's battling to deal with the situation she's in. Kenneth is intrigued when an innocent question causes his brother to snap. Sara's getting tired of feeling like she comes second in her man's life.

Wednesday 14 April 2010
Episode 3056

Chattering Gladys almost gives the game away for Ajax. Sharon's not happy about an instruction she's given but what the boss wants, the boss gets. Dineo's devastated when she hears there's a wedding in the pipeline.

Thursday 15 April 2010
Episode 3057

Paul is in a frightfully bad mood this morning and doesn't bother hiding it. Zamani's nervous ahead of a big presentation he has to make. Queen's thrown to hear the lobola negotiations have been postponed indefinitely.

Friday 16 April 2010
Episode 3058

Ntombi goes all out to do something nice but gets snubbed for it. Karabo reveals some of the gripes the interns highlighted in their reports. Dumisani's temper gets the better of him, with disastrous consequences.

Monday 19 April 2010
Episode 3059

Sara is unimpressed when she's forced to play second fiddle again. Senzo gets into trouble for trying to do something good. There's shock and horror when the office hears about the arrest that was made.

Tuesday 20 April 2010
Episode 3060

When all else fails, Khaphela lets his fists do the talking. Zamani's delight at being praised for his ideas is short-lived. Rethabile can't believe what gets said at the staff meeting.

Wednesday 21 April 2010
Episode 3061

Ruby issues a grim warning and means every word of it. Karabo is stunned by an intern's audacity. Fed up Dineo hits a few nerves when she tells it like it is.

Thursday 22 April 2010
Episode 3062

Ntombi hears a shock revelation over breakfast. Dumisani overhears something that gets his back up. Samuel and Gladys are stunned to see the poster of an upcoming children's play.

Friday 23 April 2010
Episode 3063

Sharon doesn't know what to make of her hubby's strange mood. Pained Sara makes a shock announcement about her relationship. Khaphela's fed up with trying to offer help where it's not wanted.

Monday 26 April 2010
Episode 3064

Paul takes Dineo on about the wedding cover for Gloss. Kenneth is not happy when his dinner plans have to take a back seat. Khethiwe takes a painful trip down memory lane.

Tuesday 27 April 2010
Episode 3065

After trying so hard to hide it, Ajax's secret is finally out. Jason thinks honesty's the best policy but Senzo's not ready to come clean. Has Dumisani decided his relationship's not worth the effort anymore?

Wednesday 28 April 2010
Episode 3066

Things get a bit heated during a POWA talk in the Ezweni boardroom. Sara's as excited as a school girl about the trip down to KZN. News about the braai doesn't sit too well with Mashaba's staffers.

Thursday 29 April 2010
Episode 3067

Karabo is thrown when she finds an invoice for a delivery of red roses. Is Khethiwe allowing herself to be manipulated again? Zamani's resentment about his work situation is starting to show.

Friday 30 April 2010
Episode 3068

The positive feedback Samuel got goes straight to his head. Ajax is increasingly worried about performing in front of his friends. Rethabile receives a phone call which leaves her stunned.

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30 Mar 2010 23:44

30 Mar 2010 23:51

I am the first this is unbelievable .hope Aplril will be as exciting as march.this is wat i am expecting

dumisani almost kills Khethiwe and gets arrested
Senzo and Jason break up
dineo and paul make their relationship official
karabo finds another love
mam ruby hooks up with kenneth
khapela and sara get married
a totally new script for the Khoza boys and seeing more of Ajax on screen

now i can go back and read

31 Mar 2010 02:14

Long time!

Sara going to KZN again?

An office kiss turns passionate? Dineo le Paul i think................mmh, miss my lover.

I bet is Dumdum who gets a manqindi.

31 Mar 2010 02:32

Im 3rd! Yipee..

31 Mar 2010 02:38

im 4th i'll go read

31 Mar 2010 02:47

this month sounds borin to me..dinny nd paulie really dnt pique my interest very much, nor do th Khoza bros or samuel..khetiwe nd her man issues are gettin on my nerves..maybe its true what they say u hv to be in abused woman's shoes to understand kodwa mina..haikona.i dnt get it..i knw i wud hav been boilin water or oil or pokin his eyes out wit my manolo's after th 1st episode of abuse..

where's Ngamla this month or uncle JB..doesnt sound like there's much wit Kenny either..paul can just go..never been a fan of him nd kari-kari Ru-Ru nd Kenny wud be gr8 problem it would keep gettin more and more like the bold and the beautiful..its already on th path wit Dinny playin brooke lately..

31 Mar 2010 04:42

damn that was fast. senzo is working at mashaba. plot hole a mile wide. oh well.

and it would seem that sara is really getting fed up re khethi. ... probably once that khapela beats up dumi because of it. i can't wait to see that fight, actually.

i guess sibusiso tries to smoke the lovebirds out of their spot -- he does partially own the building, you know?

31 Mar 2010 06:36

Top Ten,wow!I think Bra Khaps is going to let his fists do the talking now.I don't think Khaps and Sarah will last,they are so alike in many ways and Khaps really likes his girls young.Looks like Karabo has lost her man,now who's gonna come in and steal her heart once again.

31 Mar 2010 07:43

TOp 10

31 Mar 2010 08:15

Generations has turn into BnB people move 4rm one relationship 2 another. Mfundi has lost his mind nd it sucks. Who wil steal karabos heart?

31 Mar 2010 08:27

Top ten. Oh I made it. 

But it does not look that interesting this month


31 Mar 2010 08:40

Top what what yipeeeeeeeee.

31 Mar 2010 08:58

made the top 10 for the 1st tym. yes yes

31 Mar 2010 09:34

I wonder where are my friends when i need them the most?????????????

Lady NA
31 Mar 2010 09:34

Top 20... yippie.

31 Mar 2010 09:35

I wonder where are my friends when i need them the most?????????????

Guess who?

31 Mar 2010 09:39

Hey CP, l am here unjani gal?

31 Mar 2010 10:03

Yeah, when Sbu told Ntombi that if she goes out of that door she mustn’t bother coming back, she said okay lemme rock a matching doek in case I’ll have to sleep over Senzo’s or Samuel’s. She tied it so neatly even after being given an ultimatum? Yeah when I grow up I wanna be Ntombi.

31 Mar 2010 10:12

@Sslave....l don't think it is great to be like Ntombi. She has to learn to support her husband and not do things that are against her husband's wish. It was a few days after Sbu found out about his son being gay, l understand when he wanted the ceremonies cancelled, so can clear his head and deal with the emotions he was going through.

She mighty be a supportive step mom but l think her character is way exaggarated sometimes, he saw how much pain Sbu was in. l don't to write a book about how disappointed l was in Ntombi's doings, if she wasn't stubborn no one would have been embarrased like that.

Eish woman nowadays want to be the man in relationships, even if they grew up seeing their moms bow down to their dads. For a gal who knows her culture like Ntombi it was quite a disgrace to do that and the Dlomo ancestors will agree with

31 Mar 2010 10:24

Kenneth's gonna express his love for Karabo, just to annoy Paul and Dineo. Karabo's gonna fall for it not knowing that she's being used by Kenneth.

31 Mar 2010 10:32

Ke eng ka Dineo le Paul? Ba tena.

31 Mar 2010 10:44


31 Mar 2010 10:47

I feel you BM. She could have saved everybody the embarrassment ka nnete. I think the writers made her behave like that to give us the drauma. My emphasis was on the doek. When Sbu gave her the ultimatum, she was at the door leaving without the doek and later we saw her at Senzo with it. Lol @ the Dlomo ancestors agreeing with you.

31 Mar 2010 10:49

Oooh l get you my

@Sikho... l think we must toyi toyi, we don't want another bold and beautiful, its so

31 Mar 2010 11:22

Hello Guys m new here plz welcome me before i say sumthing i will regret later.....:-)

31 Mar 2010 11:34

Hi guys i think Mam Ruby was the best dressed. 

31 Mar 2010 11:41

Ntombi akananhlonipho, how wud she feel if he was Sbuda, i hate her attitude shes got a big head ngelite.  As for Paul, he is a snake he doznt deserve Karabo, how i wish she cud find herself a real man not this half cooked Mashaba.  As for Dineo im speechless a useless uneducated gold digger girl.  Once again i say this madoda i wish u were living in another planet.

31 Mar 2010 11:53

Hi Mabloggers!!!!!

Am new here can you please guys welcome me. Am so happy cos finaly am on internet you know other IT's are selfish.

I wonder Bra Khaph's fist is going to eat who.

31 Mar 2010 11:54

@treaz....True that about Ntombi. but amadoda they are the best things that have ever graced planet earth, thina abafazi sistupid and we are the ones giving them the freedom to walk all over us.

Dineo and Pauls issue its just a disgrace, a well matured woman will never have feelings for the father, the son and the brother in-law. man goes after everything with boobs, but its upto the one with boobs to see that this is wrong or right.

31 Mar 2010 11:58

i felt sorry for Ntombi because she had no choice ukube bethathe iside laka husband wakhe thina besizothi she negleted Senzo only simply because she's his step for Ngamla he acted like a pre-school child alcohol and violence will never solve a problem but instead it will always makes the matter worse,to cut the story short he was a coward he should have faced them in a sobber habit.He lost his dignity completely, Eish Senzo is a gentlelady  hahahaha the way shim remained polite while Ngamla was pushing shim away......

31 Mar 2010 11:58

I agree with u treaz this half cooke mashaba man have turned gen into bnb nd its nt gud i wonder how they slip at nyte nd karabo deserve better. As for ntombi am speechless she knows traditions lyk the back of her head she wasnt supporsed disrespect sbu he would have come around nd the ceremonies would have contiuned

Da Diva
31 Mar 2010 12:13

More interesting neh.

Da Diva
31 Mar 2010 12:22

Welcome Ntoko and Sphethokuhle zizweni nisekhaya.

31 Mar 2010 12:39

Thanx Da Diva mwah!!!

31 Mar 2010 12:40

Hi guys ....not happy with Sbu yesterday , a for this month ayi for me its boring ...Paul & Dinny angichazeki , why would she do this ku Karabo as for Paul ukhombisa ukuthi amadoda ayizinja kangakanani ex wife kabrother wakhe girlfriends friend no ayikhona as fo Rubby i fell sorry for Kenny izophela inonsence , Khethiwe it realy shows that woman like abusive man .

but anyway we will keep our eyes on the screen & see what happens !!  

31 Mar 2010 12:56

Thanks Da Diva you are the star.

I realy dont like this Paul & Dinny whole issue its irritating. Bra Mfundi pls do something about this part atleast Ajax & Dinny or Dinny & Zamani maybe Ajax will be much mature.

Sbu you are a coward drinking doesn't solve stress.

31 Mar 2010 13:03

Top 50......nyipeeeeeeeeee

31 Mar 2010 13:04

Sbusiso needs to calm down i think i would have felt the same as Ntombi why didnt he phone the guest to cancel the ceremony himself it would have been embarassing for ntombi.  Ntombi is allowed to have an opinion she doesnt have to agree with his stupidy. she has her own views.  sbu should have stayed away now he has lost respect that everyone had for him as a business man.

31 Mar 2010 13:12

Hey buli ntombi wanted 2 be involve shes the one who sends the invites so she should have cancelled herself sometimes she too big 4 her shoes. Paul disgust me his bhuti ex-wife sisssy he want 2 take over where kenny left off.

31 Mar 2010 13:19

I will definitely say mama ruby is a super mom because she dnt aprove lento ka paul and dinny  she can't even pretend......but ngabuye ngithi it runs in the families blood naye bekayenza ama supper nyana no mashaba nxa! basifundisa ukukhohlakala yafana lento ne bnb

31 Mar 2010 13:45

@Taxteeq you are rights its being exaggerated especially on sbusiso's part its so unreal

sexy d
31 Mar 2010 13:53

sbu drinking again ag man you must just accept your son is gay and senzo going to work at mashaba media what was he thinking and cant paul find his own woman or go back to that internet dating of his and leave the leftovers of his brother and his nephew and Dineo o sele why do you wanna hurt karabo while she was there for you when everyone turned their back on you.... 

Mfundi when will karabo find true love, get married and have her own family she has everything but not that shame hey...

31 Mar 2010 14:14

You know what i think about paul hes not a good guy hes just wearing sheep skin nd as for dinny shes a slut from hell lol sleeping with all men 4rm the same family its just BROOkE from bnb

Lobby the girl
31 Mar 2010 14:16

@sexy d 

U cant have everything my Dear..

31 Mar 2010 14:30

Reply from: Tazteeq 3/31/2010 7:28:11 PM

have u seen how Paul looked at Dineo during the ceremony? i wonder what he was thinking,sies!

Sbu is wrong, i agree with Ntombi did. The unveiling wasnt about him or senzo. it was about Busi, the fact that Senzo is gay wasnt even gonna affect anything. it was ok to cancel senzo's welcoming but abt the tombstone, it was really unnecessary! he acted so stupid. but i think its being exaggerated now abt his hatred to for Gay people...

There is nothing exaggerated there, to be on the safe side with the bloggers and the gay brigade l will just say that and leave...

Da Diva
31 Mar 2010 14:50

I feel sori 4 Ngamla and i dnt blame him 4 drinking...what waz he supposed 2 do? Ntombi should have cancelled da ceremony and wait until everything is sorted, as a wife she ndd 2 support her hubby 4 once...khety u are a shameless girl... Khaphela plz 4cus on yo relationship and stop ff Khethy.

31 Mar 2010 14:58

hi all i'm new nami i don't think what ntombi did is wrong, i know its not easy but sbuda must let it go 'cause there is nothing he can do about his only son being gay

31 Mar 2010 15:26

Hi all am new lol @ Nomthie ayi boh since wen wena uyinsimbi endala kudala sinawe kulendima imina engimusha cos ngibuya over rivers bengihambe unyaka wonke

31 Mar 2010 15:29

Ma bloggers  i think thina singayidlala kangcono le generations ubra Mfundi kumele asiphe ithuma we gona bring our own script lol

31 Mar 2010 15:29


31 Mar 2010 15:31


I disagree with you. I think that Ntombi did the right thing. Sbusiso is selfish and seems to think the world revolves around him.

The unveiling was about Busi, not Sbusiso, mara No. Everything is about him.

When Ntombi kissed Kenneth he threw a tantrum forgetting about his thingie with Khethiwe.... He even forgot about his infidelity with Karabo.

Everything is about him. He should have just gone there to unveil the Tombstone and left immediately afterwards. Men can be selfish and I would have also walked if I were Ntombi.

Da Diva
31 Mar 2010 15:35

Sara looked young and Beauthful ystday tyo bt Rethabile's stomach mh mh its either she's preg/have a newborn she nids 2 do something with it coz its unacceptable lol.................

31 Mar 2010 15:48

hi i'm new, i dnt think khety knows wat she want also she must get a life 
and keep real.....

31 Mar 2010 15:50

Lol Da Diva i will check her tonight i neva notice

Da Diva
31 Mar 2010 16:56

@Tazteeq.....sbejeje tl tl tl tl tl u guyz mh mh mh

31 Mar 2010 17:30

It's funny how other people can't differentiate between fact and's acting people don't get personal.

31 Mar 2010 19:01

Top 100 lol... I wonder Woz gonna get arrested, n wats up wit bra khaps n sis sara? Dinny n paully= disgrace!

31 Mar 2010 20:40

Boring boring boring this month, if i wanted 2 watch bold n beautiful i wud hav. Come on generations i knw u can do it! Can someone plz tell me how did dineo managed to win best actress??? Ntombi definately da best!! Kenny and sbu can share da title, but definately NOT dineo!

31 Mar 2010 20:46

Yes karabo nd kenny now tht shud be an interesting power couple, karabo u shud kick paul to da curb, if he couldn't wait 4 u 4 3 months then u shud b glad he's out of your life diny deserves him... Pasop dineo dnt even think of going on a business trip or something

31 Mar 2010 20:47

vho-sara reminds me of the way my aunts acted when they found out i was ngochani. of course, it made it that much easier to move 10,000 km away from them. win-win situation.

erm, wait. that should be usara. vho-sara is a different soapie. lol.

i don't think it's exaggerated at all. i would be a dollar millionaire right now if my parents hadn't found out. no lie. well, if my mother hadn't found out. it's her money, not my father's.... [funnily enough my father didn't care, i had already given him grandchildren by this point.]

i can't believe sibusiso rocked up at work so drunk tho. queen was like 'man, you stink'... eish.

i can't believe ntombi didn't hear sibusiso leaving the house... and speaking of which, kenneth is a right bastard for sending usbu booze. and not to mention rocking up in siqalo at the end of the show.

also, gladys... oh my word.... "i think you should take cleo's lobola back and use it to pay for sara."  i thought khethi was going to melt through the floor.

and, look, it's back to back jason.... he's the groom on untold stories tonite. oh my word. and he's juggling two girls at once. oops.

31 Mar 2010 21:22

Joo! April is hot.Sara is acting like a school girl, now she is excited about the trip to KZN. Dineo yena ke Moloi. I am sorry to say that. Sibusiso is out of hand, actually Ntombi should leave him. Dumisani yena is very abusive. Queen why she keeps the secret of Paulie and Dinie?

31 Mar 2010 21:30

O right Kenneth is a bastard, and he is making things worse.

31 Mar 2010 21:31

Ha guyz kenny nd karabo no its bad. Very bad.

31 Mar 2010 22:59

SIBUDA has lost it.someone should correct him

KENNETH KENNETH KENNETH didnt your mother teach you anything..wat a waste of .....................................
ntombis days in the dlomo house are numbered at least she now appreciates the presence of baba mkulu jABS

@Tazteeq if wishes were horses  they wil never act wat we want it loses the thing of being a soapie

01 Apr 2010 08:02

The Sbusiso scene is boring now....just unrealistic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

puppy love
01 Apr 2010 08:18

Sbuda should just grow up we knw he is hurting but he must just give it tym..As for dumisane he is working on the powa campaign but he cant seem to practice what he preach..wena karabo you should leave paul n cant they bring Mr T back since he was the only one who was capable to love karabo...

puppy love
01 Apr 2010 08:20

Hai khona Dineo uyasironda leskeme saka mashaba...

01 Apr 2010 08:24

Who was the suprise visitor at the moroka house? kenneth suprised Senzo last night tell me if i'm wrong didnt they make a mistake? as much as i hate to say this i agree with Dumisani Sbusiso doesnt have to show everybody he has problems why air your dirty linen in public. A lot of people have worse problems than his.  I just think his acting is overdone now.

01 Apr 2010 08:26

atleast i made it to top 10 for today yeeeppppy Guys m fed up ngendaba ka Ngamla akaphuzi uthela umuthi enkomeni

01 Apr 2010 08:32

Lol! Ds mnth is nt interestin 2 me guys!

01 Apr 2010 08:33

lol at Sbuda u beta start acting or start packing it getting hotter and hotter but i agree wid u Buli his acting is overdone now........

01 Apr 2010 09:32

hi all i'm new ....... to gen will be interesting this month....Guyz did u notice how angry Paul was when he finds Kenny with Karabo....just wonder what Paul was thinking. 

Da Diva
01 Apr 2010 09:46

Morning everyone!! @Mantshontsho yes i noticed him and i thought he was afraid that maybe Keny told K abwt D....

01 Apr 2010 09:48

it seems as if we are all new well mantshosho Kenny knows there is a secret or crush between Dinny and Paul therefore he's trying to fake what ever it is with Karabo just to make his brother jealous and Paul knows how his brother plays his cards surely he's up to sumthing

01 Apr 2010 10:03

Sbusiso is just boring now....enough already. atleast senzo is not on some begging ish. Sbu must just go to hell. now would be the perfect time for Ntombi to walk out on Sbusiso, so that azovuleka indondo usbusiso.

this senzo storyline is prooving just how stupid Sbusiso is, i dont think i have met a business man who is that stupid...especially ku the advertising industry

01 Apr 2010 10:12

Good Morning all

01 Apr 2010 10:27

Mawiniza nami i'm so sick of sbusiso.... he is just exaggarating .....why exactly did he call the meeting or there is something that the staff did that i don't know of ....hay hay bra sbu wake up  the company has nothing to do with your family issues.

01 Apr 2010 10:36

Now i see why Afrimedia was taken from Sbu...

01 Apr 2010 11:46

mantshosho... i wouldn't say he's exaggerating.

i've worked for people who have taken out their home issues out with people on the job several times.

it's just the exact reverse of people who take out their work stresses out on their wives and kids. same thing, different direction.

01 Apr 2010 17:49

Kennys tryng 2 make karabo aware of whats going on with paul he cant just miss the ceremony nd stay with karabo 4 nothing. We all know kenny always have something devious.

Da Diva
01 Apr 2010 18:25

Msjackson i dnt think Kenneth waz invited in the ceremony so there waz no nid 2 go there and make a fool of himself.......Karabo its time 2 move on now Paul is nt good 4 u...

02 Apr 2010 02:23

no pls, it luks lyk we gonna miss keneth dis month,he is bac in action,da smiles

02 Apr 2010 07:59

Ja kennys back in action lets jst say this year. Gen people watch out.

02 Apr 2010 11:28 boring.Generations is getting worse by the day.Its more and more like b/b everyday.Changing partners every other day.Stop being like copy cats and write your own story.Ag shame ,have the writer of generations lost their mojo?????????????????????????????????

02 Apr 2010 11:42

Ja jazz i agree with u they have lost it big time we now watch Gen Bold with BROOKE-DINNY and the MASHABAS--FORRESTERS. HOW CRAZY?

02 Apr 2010 11:44

02 Apr 2010 13:54

hi guys, nna i always thought Kenny will hire Senzo just to spite Sbu. He knows very well that Sbu will not like that. on the other hand i think generations is too predictable.

02 Apr 2010 22:06

sara is going to be mighty bored, not having to look after chrissie.

and i can't believe s'bu wants to throw senzo le jason out of the building. um, he can't do that. he actually needs the approval of both khapela and khethiwe, and he'll be overruled just like he was overruled in the workplace re jason.

ah, dumb drunks. bless. [no pun intended.]

03 Apr 2010 02:13

chance for keneeth to hook up le ntombi,,boring match thou..paulie n lil dinny ,i love em....fa ele kheti le dumi wat they nid is jus a break up 4 gud

03 Apr 2010 11:37

The surprised visitor was Kenneth visiting Karabo.  What is ruby goiing to do about her daughter and Paul secret relationship, because i think that she really feels for Karabo.  Maybe she can appreciate all the help and support  Karabo gave dineo when she was homeless and lost her child.  That is how sluts like Dineo stabbing you in the back..  what kind of family is 
queen when she don't even bother to tell Karabo about Paul and Dineo?  Paul is getting irritaitng with Karabo because he wants to be with Dineo.  I wonder what has Kenneth up his sleeve for Senzo or is he just pushing sibu's buttons.  I don't think Ntombi will be happy with senzo working at Mashaba media. 

Da Diva
03 Apr 2010 14:48

I fl sori 4 Sbusiso and i understand his situation,, bt i think he should get help ASAP b4 its 2 late.....Senzo has no reason 2 hate his father bcos he knws what he's doing iz wrong...working at Mashaba media will make things worse nd Keneth iz jst using him 2 fight his battles noDlomo.

05 Apr 2010 20:54

Secret kiss: Paul & Dineo are seen makin out, its no longer a secret is it?
kari kari finds the red roses invoice from Paul to Dinny/
Sarah calls it off and goes back to KZN.
Jas and Senzo are getting married or is it Paul and Kari Kari after Mum Ruby talks sense into Paul?
We shall see wat haooens next. Cant wait.

05 Apr 2010 23:07

Wo slow down melokuhle no one is getting married not pau... Nd kar.... Or jasenzo dat wedding its just 4 gloss

06 Apr 2010 09:16

Good Morning all

06 Apr 2010 09:22

Morning guys Senzo has only just met Sbusiso he can live without him.  Sbusiso must come to his senses he cant go around disrespecting everybody he must wake up before he losses his friends and family.

06 Apr 2010 09:47

hello everyone hope u had nice easter......i also think sbuda need help....chasing ntombi like that won't help me they need to sit down as family and mend things......he is making Kenny happy, i wonder what he will do when he find out that Kenny has offered Senzo a job.

Did u guyz see the look on Dineo's face when her mother was complimenting Karabo...iyo the guilty is eating Dineo big time.

06 Apr 2010 09:48

there is an error on my post i meant to say chasing ntombi won't help him(sbuda)

06 Apr 2010 10:28

Ntombi deserves it she should have respected her husband's wishes

Da Diva
06 Apr 2010 11:19

Hi every1 i like Ruby she's a good its pity Dineo ddnt c all that....

06 Apr 2010 11:23

Jus a word of advice to Dinee, if you take Paul away from Karabo, someone will also take him away from you sisi, why not find someone who is not related to your ex-hubby and ex-boyfriend and who is not your best friend's BF. 

Ngamla....jonga apha wena siphukuphukundini, andisakwazi nokujonga ifavourite soapy yam, please go on leave or something. Its just that Sbu overdoes it maan this acting thing. If he didnt attend the ceremony fine and now he is all over the place in drunken mode. hhyayi suka, no wonder Kenny took away Afrimedia, he saw right thru you. Remember when Kenny found out about Son & wife and second time again, it was good to watch. Everytime there is trouble in Sbu's household everyone knows about it. Look now Dumetheoppotunist has taken your position, i hope he takes your shares as well. mnxim comments your worship..she is still waiting for another scar on the cheek, she is too ignorant...Sara...are you scared Khethi will take away sbari

Ruby Red
06 Apr 2010 11:31

how homophobic is Sbu hat he should risk losing everything like that just over someone being gay?

and i want to discuss something that i have alwys found intriguing in traditional-african families. why is it so VITAL to have a son. i do understand about heirs and pride but for someone to take it that far?
surely its not like sbu is childless!
does the value of a son really outweigh the value of a daughter?

answers plz

06 Apr 2010 11:55

I am coming from the traditional-african family .The elders say its important to have a son in the family 'cause that make the surname wider unlike girls, who marry and change their surnames whereas boys don't.

Having the only son that is gay to Sbusiso meant that he won't have a makoti and grandchildren that  will carry his surname.....

06 Apr 2010 12:29

Aah Sbuda im so disapointed in you chasing your wife like inja...

06 Apr 2010 12:36

Dumetheoppotunist - trust me i have seen names Vinc , but this one uyicanile LOl
its no longer a must to change your surname if you are a girl. U Sbu yisibotho nje period and ayikho into engenziwa ones an alcoholic always an alcoholic.

Ruby Red
06 Apr 2010 12:58

why cant he have another baby.....keep trying for a son?

and senzo could marry, thats not so uncommon among gays.

i know pplw from a certain country which has strict anti-gay legislation; the common practise and EASIEST way ti hide homosexuality is to marry, bag two-three kids and then go on to enjoy life.

and kenneth, i still think its much better to have a son who sleeps with men than a son who sleeps with your wife.

its just that Sbu is such a loser................this is one skeleton you can keep in your closet but with him everything has to be public and embarrassing.

Da Diva
06 Apr 2010 13:17

@Ruby Red... In this relationship its looks like jason iz a guy and Senzo is a that case i dnt think Sbusiso will accept amalobolo if Senzo Marries

Da Diva
06 Apr 2010 13:17

@Ruby Red... In this relationship its looks like jason iz a guy and Senzo is a that case i dnt think Sbusiso will accept amalobolo if Senzo eshada.

Ruby Red
06 Apr 2010 13:17

cant wait for senzo and jason to break up or leave or whatever.........i wanna see real gay people in that part...............why are straight couples allowed to openly smooch and not the "gay couple"?
maybe Mfundi is homophobic too!

Ruby Red
06 Apr 2010 13:50

Da Diva........but senzo can marry a girl rite?

only why should he? just to please a father who wont accept him for what he is?
 and did you catch sbu saying if he had raised him he would have done a beter job.

and irony has Sbu losing both wife and son to work for Mashaba Media?

06 Apr 2010 14:13

@Ruby've got a point, why cant gay couples kiss on air?! Mfundi is homophobic, why create a part knowing very well that part was going to be restricted....

06 Apr 2010 14:33

Hey Guys just woke up eish mara why Sbuda has to drink inorder  to forget  about everything??? He is a coward maan what are they teaching us here??? Among several options he could choose from in life as a role model why he chose alcohol ???? Is it a sin ukuba gay??? if yes then why we have too many gays in this world...Oh i will take it they all need a powerfull prayer ????

Da Diva
06 Apr 2010 14:46

@Ruby Red and Lovebry mh mh guys i dnt think He iz homophobic i think its da Pressure he's bn given by the Gen Viewers/fans after the first then he decided 2 cut it...

06 Apr 2010 14:57

Nobody is born gay but it depend on how u were raised and its all in the mind therefore Ngamla is 100% correct i will never aprove a gay son or a lesbian daughter i will rather send them to a priest for a special prayer....Bakithi uSenzo udinga umthandazo onamandla maybe Zondo's family bebengena ntombi then uSenzo besebenza enza imisebenzi yamantombazane epheka,ewasha,ehlanza nendlu wazibona esewu sisi Senzo....hahahahaha

06 Apr 2010 15:26

Hi everyone,

Wow  I like generations this days..... Sibu and Senzo really interesting. I for one I don't blame Sibusiso for reacting the way he does.. In situation like that i don't know what i can do... cause i don't think i can easily accept a makoti boi (how sick!!!!)

Even if S'bu have tried to hide it, eventually it would have chowed him. It's best now cause everything is in open than be like a volcano waiting to erupt!! Maybe as time goes on he will come to terms with it - time will tell.

Da Diva
06 Apr 2010 15:38

I 4 1 i wont b happy if my 1 and only son turns out 2 b gay i would blame his dad 4 everything that maybe he dd something wrong infront of my son that made my son choose 2 b a women nt a MAN...AS 4 lesbians i'll blame myself if my daughter becomes a i dnt blame Ngamla at all bt he must stop drinking now and face his problems as a MAN.

06 Apr 2010 15:39

Good day mabloggers.

I think Sbu is overreacting, He was suppose to let it go since he did hear it from Ajax. I blame Ntombi for not listening to her husband, i mean she knows her husband then why did she continue with the ceremony.

Khethiwe must get a life cos there she'll end up dead like Bridge. When Zondo leave jozi he says sumthing abt regret and abt God has already forgiven him and i think now is the results that Sbu gets for diging Zondo's secret.

What happen to Sharon is she getting fat or she's fregnant?

06 Apr 2010 18:42

06 Apr 2010 18:45

Ayobaless u know I dont like to c sbusiso like these, nkosi yami ntombi is in trouble , oh no kenneth can make you killed yourself

07 Apr 2010 09:07

I wonder if JB hasnt walked out on Sbu. Is there another side to khapela we havent seen?  nomadays i think sbu is the one who is in trouble no friends, job, family.

07 Apr 2010 09:23

sbu reminds me of ubambo lwami days!

Da Diva
07 Apr 2010 09:52

Hi every1, Dlomo iz a coward why cann't he stop drinking alcohol and face his problems as a MAN....i'm afraid that he will loose their clients now... Mashaba iz a bastard just bcos he took Dlomo's company now he wants Dumsan do the same mfm.....

07 Apr 2010 10:17

@ Sputnik......i also thought the same, you know uMazwi when he went bananas... I like Sbu but these i cant watch the show whenever he is on. Sbu must watch out, clients will leave eZweni Communications, i mean who wants to see a drunk MD falling off chairs during meetings. I do not support gay / lesbians but there are among us no need to lose your life over that

07 Apr 2010 10:17

Morning mabloggers

Y is Sbu stressing like this, if i was him i was going to prove a point that i am a man and face the reality. We all know that Senzo is a guy but he was soppose to let him live his own life of guy and be a man. No matter what other people say he need a serious cancelling.
I realy wonder what is Kenneth up too.

07 Apr 2010 11:23

Sbu is really overreacting he must learn to live with what Senzo is

07 Apr 2010 11:27

sbu dont  act like a child,to be a gay is not such a big problem,and you cant change it.wena into okumele uyenze is to give your child a support.mina im felling shame of you coz you are going to  loose your wife,family and your job ngento engenamsebenzi.wena senzo ungabi nendaba.wena dumisani ususizakele.uxakwa izindaba zakho,paul lento oyaenzayo ayifani nawe,you are such a good gentlemen but wenza into enyanyisayo,usukhohliwe ukuthi ukuze ube la okhona is becouse of your future wife(karabo)anyay baba akukho okungapheli ngiyakuzwela angazi ukuthi kwaloyo diny ochoma ngawe unani yena coz akana cent

07 Apr 2010 12:02

Bathong kante what was Sibu doing ko that meeting,if Karabo finds out abought that i dont know what well happen may be thats when she well go back to worke and Sphethokuhle le nna i think Sharon is pregnant but at fest i thoght my eyes where playing tricks on me

07 Apr 2010 12:28

@blackiekagiso i've look at her yesterday her bumbs was out but the stomach was inside y she's doing like that, is she hiding her pregnancy.

@musa1234 you are very right what does Dinny have cos is an nobody who dont have heart. Her heart is fragile cos first it was Mazi, Kenny, Mazi now is Paul, she dont know what shes looking for.

Y cant Mfundi change that scene and do something else abt this slut Dinny. Y cant Queen expose that Dinny was so close le Paul when Karabo was away. Now Paul his defending himself by saying Karabo was away for long time, I believe if you love someone no matter where he/she going to you will always love him/her, Paul his just confused he dont what is love. I think Jason & Senzo must teach him what love is,  when we talk about to be there for each other is what.

07 Apr 2010 12:37

People forget eazily...Karabo called TAU's name in front of Paul...what do you expect Paul should behave? come guyz. 

07 Apr 2010 12:45

@Holiday cum on name calling has nothing to do with sleeping wid ur hubby's son and get pregnant shortly after that drama u move to ur ex hubby's brother...after that u act like a saint aibo uDinny ufeba period shame poor Karabo i can just imagine amadoda indlela akwazi uku pretender ngakhona nx! Paul impisi nje embethe isikhumba semvu

07 Apr 2010 12:50

OMG Shazz's arse last night did she really have to walk like that pulling them like that gee wee...

07 Apr 2010 12:57

Ntoko i agree with u karabo was dreaming nd we can nt control what we dream about. Paul never loved karabo he was loving the idea of having karabo moroka in his life nd dinny is a big bi...g slut.

07 Apr 2010 12:59

@Holiday Paul must be a man and just tell Karabo that he has no feelings for her and that while she was sick she called TAU's name and also that sluty Dinny is the one, unlike pretending to be happy around her while sniking out to kiss her. now Karabo has imbarrezed herself in front of her telling her that she trust uPaul and all while that devil is bussy with her man.

07 Apr 2010 14:21

Hope you guys had a wonderful easter. I certainly didn't. Our electricity meter was not working coz rain water went into it so i had no electricity from Thursday till Saturday afternoon.

So pliz can anyone be kind enough to give me a little bit more detail on what happened on Thurdsay and Friday? You know the teasers dont say much.

Anyway, i heard S'bu will eventually kill himself and Ntombi will then be Kenny's???????

Ntombi darling, we do want equal rights but some things always remain unchallenged whether they are a man's or woman's right. So i agree that you disrespected your hubby as head of family and you should have stood by and helped him understand Senzo rather than up and leave like that

07 Apr 2010 14:30

Sbu is leaving Geberation guyz.

07 Apr 2010 14:32

@Holiday, u are right Sbu is leaving Geberation NOT Generation.  

07 Apr 2010 14:51

Can you imagine Dineo falling for Paul, her ex brother in law this shows you that she like the Mashaba men. She move from one Mashaba to another Mashaba. She is a real slut

07 Apr 2010 15:24

@Matha...i will call a guy kap Terreblanche to finish you.

07 Apr 2010 15:48

hahahaha ai khona ppl bafuna ukuba nezingane for wonke ama centuries 1994 Freedom Kids 2000 Millienium Kids 2009 Obama Kids now 2010 World Cup Kids hahahaha

07 Apr 2010 20:52

i think sbuda's problem will be over and i think senzo will save him from the fire 
and  be happy family again hi hi hi

07 Apr 2010 21:59

Sbusiso is acting more gay than Jasenzo - Jasenzo are such gentlemen who are not easly moved. Poor Ntombi shame. 

Guys i think Kenneth likes senzo in that way. Is no longer about spiting sbusiso but his own agenda... watch the space. "gay or straight who cares dis day"

Da Diva
07 Apr 2010 22:07

Sbusiso can act infact all Gene cast...u can even 4get that its a story...i liked him when he waz speaking 2 Ruby that he wants his life back almost cry....

mokgopo enos
08 Apr 2010 02:20


08 Apr 2010 07:50

Good Morning all

08 Apr 2010 08:55

yoh yoh yoh ...i am so happy Sbu will burn

Da Diva
08 Apr 2010 09:14

Morning all!!!!! @MaWiniza tyo u are so HEARTLESS.....

08 Apr 2010 09:26

Alcosbuda is selfish coz everything is about him, last nite barging in Mashaba Media to attack Senzo(he sad many a times that Senzo is dead to him) why do you care what he does with his life at least he is a responsible man than you could ever be.
When the goin gets tough he hits the bottle, Ntombi was wrong but Senzo isnt grow up already.

08 Apr 2010 09:27

Alcosbuda is selfish coz everything is about him, last nite barging in Mashaba Media to attack Senzo(he sad many a times that Senzo is dead to him) why do you care what he does with his life at least he is a responsible man than you could ever be.
When the goin gets tough he hits the bottle, Ntombi was wrong but Senzo isnt grow up already.

08 Apr 2010 09:34

i really hope there is no sexual harassment angle viz kenny le senzo... you know, it's funny for someone as misogynistic as sibusiso, he goes running to women when the needs his brain fixed. it's a shame that anne is dead. she would have slapped him around and gotten him back on track.

08 Apr 2010 10:24

I`m so happy generations this month is hot & happening. I`m happy I`m happppy I`m happppyyyy.

08 Apr 2010 10:28

Sbusiso is acting more gay than Jasenzo - Jasenzo are such gentlemen who are not easly moved. Poor Ntombi shame. 

Koppy, I think u-Right the way he utter those words from his mouth, he speaks like he is gay. This thing started while he went to Busi's grave. Who knows maybe he got punishment from his ancestors / being gay is an inborn thing in Dlomo family.

I think, everyone has learned what Generation is trying to potray about sterotypes how other people perceive gay people, it's time to move on now! We don't like to be bored now.

Ruby is a Savior / Champion to all Gen. actors. They all come to her with their problems: Kenny, Sbuda, Jabulani, Karabo, Dinny, JaSenzo & Ntombi. I suppose she also need counselling.

Poor old Sara! who said Khaphela needs to starts negotiations with her family? People who are desperate. 

08 Apr 2010 11:05

hello everyone aunt Sara shame.....she can't wait to be Mrs Ngcobo.......mina i didn't lyk the way Khaphela shouted at aunt Sara, she was just asking.There are so many ways of supporting a friend but to put your plans on hold no ways Malum Khaphela to me u are wrong.

Guyz do you watch those africa magic movies have u heard them when they are fed up with something they say  "I am finished"  that exactly what i feel about ngamla

08 Apr 2010 11:11


08 Apr 2010 11:38

JB is gone no more laughs for us.  Khapela i think you are more worried about Khethi than anything else i dont buy your story about why you dont want to start with the negotiations. 

08 Apr 2010 11:49

What was Sbuda thinking going to Mashaba media to confront uSenzo, was he looking for loyalty to someone whom he told that he doesn't exist in his world or what? Did you see his face when uSenzo thru all those questions at him it was priceless...

08 Apr 2010 11:58

Molweni pl iyu ive been struggling to log on to TV sa, finally i told them tht im the MD of this block, they manage to assist me, hahaa 


Sbusiso i think u are exzaggerating now,,its too much bhuti mann get your act together
Ntombi just wait for things to cool a bit , i knw u are Mrs Dhlomo, just give him a silent treatment for a change, dont treat him like a KING,uyandonyanyisa ngoku,
Senzo dont look back just continue with wht u are doing, u c Kenny 's other side
Shame Sarah uyathanda ukukhuluma mannnnn, wht sewuvele uyokhum,a kuni ngeengxoxo zamalobola, hayi wena, or u are in a hurry for !S##@$###
Karabs welcome back oussy ,, Paul i dont think u knw how to be a charmer so just go back to Karabs .
your comment  was brillinat last nite regarding Sbusiso's temper at work,

08 Apr 2010 12:19

@qaqamba...what did Jason say?

08 Apr 2010 12:38

Molweni bahlobo

I think Sbu is an alcoholic he was an alcoholic in real life, he's too damn good in this druken scene he's acting at. Even his face u can tell

I don't like the way they potray Ntombi's character as the wife. This is 23rd century guys no woman must take any *bleep!* from abusing husband. Y she keeps on berging and worried abt Sbu. She must move on Sbu doesn't deserve her..nxamm

Da Diva
08 Apr 2010 12:43

Who will save Sbusiso's life in fire...he needs counselling ASAP......The problem btwin Senzo and Dlomo is that both they have a Pride...

08 Apr 2010 12:46

@ Da Diva that is true ipride iyabathwaxa

08 Apr 2010 12:58


don't like the way they potray Ntombi's character as the wife. This is 23rd century guys no woman must take any *bleep!* from abusing husband. Y she keeps on berging and worried abt Sbu. She must move on Sbu doesn't deserve her..nxamm
easy said than done, Sbu is her husband , as awoman comes at ime even if you feel that is nonsence you just have to try and keep peace , breaking a home that you builded for so long is not easy, in real life a woman is always trying to keep the family together.

although i also think she is pushing too much

tv freak
08 Apr 2010 13:07


tv freak
08 Apr 2010 13:08

08 Apr 2010 13:15

@maud...It is the 23rd century maybe, but she was wrong, she should have cancelled the ceremonies and waited for her husband to digest finding his son with another man in bed. Was it too hard for her to understand the pain her husband was going through.
She is begging Sbu, because she loves him and does not want to break her family apart...

08 Apr 2010 13:36

@lovebry, sana i cant remeber but it was a brillint solution to Dhlomo's situation, pls help me if ukhona osayikhumbulayo,, DAMMIT, ngiyilibala kanjani, sorry my frnd, 
@maud,, Ntombi is the corse of all of this, she didnt listern, to her hubby, into ayaziyo kukukhala, encenga"Sbusiso singumndeni", she was wrong, totally  wrong, so must ukumuthethela sana, hope she is not ding this to Lesley Sedibe,
@BigMama i saw u last nite at Mashaba Media, bzy with the files then Sbusiso  SHOUTED u went back to your filling, haaaaa

Da Diva
08 Apr 2010 13:48

@lovebry he said they should draft the letters 2 all their clients telling them that Dlomo has a problem in the mean time bt them assuring them that everything is other control.... @Bip Mama u are true abwt Ntombi's behavior....

08 Apr 2010 14:11

@Da Diva good gal enkosi sana ungahlala phantsi,

08 Apr 2010 14:16

Thanks dear

08 Apr 2010 14:17

@qaqamba- she cant be doing that to Lesley , its just a soapie  remember.
you dont have to listen to what you dont want to listen. being a wife or not. 
the only thing Ntombi should do ukumyeka aziswimele otshwaleni bakhe.

08 Apr 2010 14:21

@maud ok mnange wami,

Nokia 5110
08 Apr 2010 14:34

LOL @ Bigmama being Shaz

08 Apr 2010 14:45

heeeyyyy maud my frendo!

08 Apr 2010 14:58

@Tazteeq no sana she is one of the emplyees at Mashaba Media, then mina qaqamba   i im working at Mam Ruby's.. then Maud and loverby basebenza e gyimini,e Siqalo Court.

08 Apr 2010 15:11

@Tazteeq...l am just an extra, l am working with Lilian Dube's agency...

08 Apr 2010 15:28

Do u know that beautiful lady works at Ezweni as a marketing sumthing,she's with a team that Dumsane or Jason work with  

08 Apr 2010 15:28

Contract to Confidential, Tazteeq, and besides extras don't get to view the full script, you just get paid to be around, sometimes say nothing at all but nod your head

08 Apr 2010 15:41

thank u BigMama,or by the way Dalisto yi personal  trainer ka Khethiwe, haaaaaa

Lobby the girl
08 Apr 2010 15:47

Okay i am out of here..u guys chat cause u know each other..i thought we strangers..i am logging out for good, No... signing off..

08 Apr 2010 15:53

@ Lobby the girl - you will be missing a lot, i just came back and i promise you one thing no more dull days in this blog starting today,
@ Dali, Hallow my friend i missing you guys. and welcme to the new members
i hope they dont catch me and block TVSA again

08 Apr 2010 15:53

@Lobby the girl........hawu, kodwa how can you do that, you can't sign off for good. You are welcome to join the crew as well, just send me a PM and l will introduce you to the entire group. Or just join Lillian Dube's agency...

08 Apr 2010 15:56

@maud...Kanti what happened to Lady Gaga? You still haven't told me about the honeymoon, kanti yini iproblem? Shame LTG will be missing a lot.

08 Apr 2010 16:02

what i can tell you is that i have the rewards of that honeymoon.

i havent been able to blog, i was just about to ask about Lady G and Jada

08 Apr 2010 20:48

For dose of you who are like sbusiso a lasson is " a gay son is well able to save a hard headed father 's life"
Sbu is so full of himself, a thank u to Mrs Senzo Zondo Dlomo Malinga wouldn't kill him.

I wonder how Mrs Senzo Zondo Dlomo Malinga plans on taking Sbusiso down, is it like father like son business. if u need help senzo give me a call my number is 098 000 0000. i would like sbusiso to b tought a lesson. 

Da Diva
08 Apr 2010 20:49

Ayi bo Senzo!!! Guess u dnt meant what u said, bring your Father down for what? Come on this is yo father 4 God sake....

09 Apr 2010 07:32

Good Morning all!!!!

09 Apr 2010 09:05

yep we are starting to get bored ngu Gen cause now we will b watching the Bold let them just stop. Senzo must stop this gay thing cause there are lots of beautiful chicks out there

09 Apr 2010 09:12


09 Apr 2010 09:39

lol @ qaqamba i thot i was de MD's assistant lol

missed u too maud, hope u back fo good

Da Diva
09 Apr 2010 10:20

I dnt understand Senzo's anger at all...

09 Apr 2010 10:27

Morning - Sbusiso and Senzo like father like son, bayadelela both of them, 
i must admit it was a brave move for Senzo what he told Sbusiso,of wanted him to live, be  strong so that he can take him down.

@Dali, i wish  my friend, it will depend on our IT manger if he decide to block the TVSA he will if not i will be around.

09 Apr 2010 10:29

@Da Diva...the poor guy was rejected by his Dad for the mere reason that he was different.

09 Apr 2010 10:45

You go Senzo , Sibusiso o wa go tlwaela , first he got Kari preg and he flirted with Khethi after all this Makhumalo forgave him, Leave him Makhumalo and find someone who will appreciate you the nerve of the man.

09 Apr 2010 10:46

Hi guys Sbusiso went around insulting Senzo he didnt care that Senzo was his son.  Sarah and Khapela ni ya bora please maaan

Da Diva
09 Apr 2010 12:40

@Mokema why should Ntombi leave Sbusiso...Sbusiso 4gave her when she Kissed Kenny, and he dated Thomas while Sbusiso waz busy with Karabo...Ntombi should have supported his hubby and obey his rules as a MAN...

09 Apr 2010 12:55

pls get rid of Dumisani he is such a stuck up!  and for Sibusiso he is totally out of control he better pull himself together or else he will lose ntombi and senzo. khaphela pls make up your mind wat u want and stop wasting sara's time.  

09 Apr 2010 12:59

They are turning Generations around and i think it is interesting. Karabo is about to lose Paul couse she is too bossy.

sexy d
09 Apr 2010 13:07

guys are you serious Sbu is leaving gen.. and big ups to senzo for the way he talked to sbusiso yesterday....As for khethiwe she must just dump dumisane before she finds herself in the morgue...Dineo o sele you dont respect or love anyone except urself....

09 Apr 2010 13:09

Molweni i cant wait for Karabo's dinner tonite, who else is invited besides me????

Da Diva
09 Apr 2010 13:32

@sexy d ................. No sbuda iz nt leaving Gene...

09 Apr 2010 14:56

yes Qaqamba do tell us. what will u be wearing? or maybe u still day dreaming of being  one of the Generations... cast/actor/extra/security/caterer or wardrobe mistress kwa kwa kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

09 Apr 2010 15:42

hahahahaha highly confidential sana, c u tonite at 8 pm byeeeeee,,

09 Apr 2010 17:07

cant wait for the dinner and ohh... the forbidden kiss thats gonna be witnessed by sumbody....

MgosiDitaba@You Must
10 Apr 2010 15:04

Can Sbuda get over the Gay thing already...... I must say Menzi the drunk act was made with you in mind. You nailed it big up Menzi. Diny & Paul YUK! YUK! YUK! STOPIT! Karabo pull yourself  together baby. Khaphela & Sara please retire.

12 Apr 2010 07:44

Da Diva if all people with problems can act like Sibusiso what will happen to our country, eh is an embarassement to his family, wife and children and the way he is treating Senzo damn him.

12 Apr 2010 08:03

Morning Mabloggers i think queen should have witnessed the kiss not Sbari he wont say anything

12 Apr 2010 08:16

Good Morning all

12 Apr 2010 09:10

dumisani is a coward abuser,he always abuse a beutiful woman i hope is a good decision when he get arrested

12 Apr 2010 09:13

guys a u serious sbula is leaving gen...

Da Diva
12 Apr 2010 10:09

Morning people... Paul nx.

12 Apr 2010 15:18

I agree with Da Diva ...... Paul Nxaaaaaaaaaaaa

13 Apr 2010 08:02

Good Morning all

13 Apr 2010 08:42

i just like umom Ruby she always tell it like it is it's a pity little Dinny she's not listen to her, the nerve of her sending isms while she knows that  the couple is probably asleep or cadling. nxa

rough rider
13 Apr 2010 09:37

hi guys i don't rilly like gen this mnth i hate dinny n paully not ayoba dinny uzozisola ekugcineni

13 Apr 2010 09:57

Paul kissing with his eyes open is soooooooooooooooooooo NOT AYOBA! Its actually so scary!

13 Apr 2010 10:28

Hi Guys Im new here.Please welcome me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hyo guys I hate Dinny & Paul.I wish Karabo wud find out and just fire Dinny and throw out  of the house that scum Paul.They will be penniles without Karabo.

13 Apr 2010 10:31

Khethiwe is so pathetic, insecure, ignorant and vitimised by her situation. How can she thinks Rithabile is having a thing for her man. Gosh she's unbelivable bt i like it when Rethabile said you can have him with that no care face.

Paul is acting like a teenager who is inlove for the first time..Karabo is so blind to see the signs of cheating man.

Kenneth i wonder wat is he up to abt Senzo? 

13 Apr 2010 10:56

Khaphela is another lost cause.He loves to prey on other people's relationships instead of his own.Sies maaan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Isnt he suppose to pay Lobola already?

13 Apr 2010 11:11

Paul kissing with his eyes open is soooooooooooooooooooo NOT AYOBA! Its actually so scary! KWA KWAKWA KWA KWA just had to laugh oh sory morning all

13 Apr 2010 11:13

Something is up with Kenny, the way he said Senzo spoke like a true Mashaba, and then corrected himself????????????.he is up to something

13 Apr 2010 11:28

this is what gonna happen ko Gen.dinie & paulie, senzo & jasy,ntombi & mashaba,lkaraboh & sbudah

13 Apr 2010 11:33

somtyms ntombi is too big headed noone was going to blame her for not siding wth senzo but no,she went on with the mqombothi, no nyama kwaysholo u babomkhulu.nempepho elfatin bathin o dinangwe sebe bizelwa kosqalo

13 Apr 2010 11:37

and why she call JB ngegama en not ubabomkhulu,no ma Afric amorden lyf should not change the way we r,she will always be a makoti morden or not but respect

13 Apr 2010 11:41

i hate what paul and dineo are doing or is dineo becoming the SA's brooke logan,Keneth,thomas and now paul ,nx nx nx and Khethiwe i hate her as well i wish she could just leave gen iyang BHORA i character yake bhora with a double big big b

13 Apr 2010 12:00

Soory guys but ukthi ngiyacikeka i know it a wrong blog but luyiswaphi oluyahide lwama nominnes for record for the year ayi everthing is loosing i shatini or ntgithi i pepper where are the nice african and kasi rythm songs kwagcwala into umtu angazazi nje nje i m not racist kodwa ayi ,if it was 3-4 yrs back bengizothi u e ke

13 Apr 2010 12:34

Haaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa Hyo babyc ungayithathi ngamandla uzakuphuleka umphefumlo .Generations its just a soapy to keep us glued on TV.

Miss Flo
13 Apr 2010 12:34

Paul kissing with his eyes open is soooooooooooooooooooo NOT AYOBA! Its actually so scary!

Tjo, that was not cool at all. I would have expected Khaphela to do that but Paul! Hai that kiss was just not inspiring and their mouths were closed, hai soka.

13 Apr 2010 12:40

On the other hand.I agree with u.uNtombi is very modern makoti.Angazi noba they want us ukuba silahle amasiko ethu nah!!!!!!!!Generations is too B&B.At least Isidingo its genuine you can see they practice culture.Indian and african weddings,kasi life mine workers,respecting abantu abadala.

13 Apr 2010 12:51

Ngamla needs to rest after all that acting he really deserves to go on leave.  Kheti get over yourself sisi nobody wants your man Dumi is using Rethabile to make you jelous why dont you get out of this relationship? I think the kiss was just grouse with the heavy breathing my son even said paul sounded like he was running very embarassing.

13 Apr 2010 13:06

<<<Paul kissing with his eyes open is soooooooooooooooooooo NOT AYOBA! Its actually so scary!

Tjo, that was not cool at all. I would have expected Khaphela to do that but Paul! Hai that kiss was just not inspiring and their mouths were closed, hai soka
>>>> it was like more of rape lol

13 Apr 2010 13:33

Hi All.....guyz why did the kiss btw Dinny & Paul took so long yazi i was so embarrased and i kept on looking down, sometimes watching TV with parents and children is not good.

Dinny doesn't listen and i just laugh when her mom asked her if she didn't have enough of Kenny & Thomas. I like Ruby she is real mother to her what right is right and same thing applies to when something is wrong.

I don't know why Queen didn't notice that Paul didn't get into the lift and follow him to Dinny's office just to see them in action. Yini kodwa Queen i thought u a clever kodwa at least you manage to give Paul a fright when u were asking him what u saw btw him and Dinny infront of Karabs.

Da Diva
13 Apr 2010 13:52

Hellooooo....ja i agree with u the kiss was scary... I like Karabo she is a good advisor

13 Apr 2010 14:27

13 Apr 2010 15:36

molweni Mam Ruby u are the best , i really liked wht u told those lawzy birds last nite, sies maa Paul awunamahloni!!!