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Rhythm City Teasers - March 2010 (Updated!)

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Rhythm City Teasers on 20 Mar 2010
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! Following the Big Rhythm that's gone down in the City, here are all teasers revealed for March ...

Monday 1 March 2010
Episode 691

S'bu confronts Siya about Joy's diva demands. Ivan unexpectedly arrives at The Kilowatt to make enquiries about his daughter. Even after spending a whole night as David's prisoner, Lu's fighting spirit has not been dampened. Only when Ronald reveals the reason David is still keeping her alive, does she waver.

Tuesday 2 March 2010
Episode 692

David relays that once his child is born he will have no further use for Lu and that if the child isn't his, it will suffer the same fate as its mother. Ronald suggests an alternative strategy.

Suffocate is invited to supper at Nkhensani's home while her dad is away. Ivan later asks Suffocate to keep an eye on his daughter…who apparently has a fiancée.

Siya takes Thula and Tshidi by surprise when he asks for their forgiveness.

Wednesday 3 March 2010
Episode 693

After Lu rejects David's marriage proposal, David decides his only option is to kill her. Feeling betrayed after the revelation of Nkhensani's deceit, Suffocate throws himself completely into Ding-Dong's plan.

When Theo continues to resist Siya's ideas, the music director makes a play to have him removed as manager and replaced with another candidate "more suited" to Joy's needs.

Thursday 4 March 2010
Episode 694

David, still keeping Lu hostage in her own home, is in the process of forcing her to marry him. However, there may be a way out for Lu - from an unlikely source.

Suffocate's plan regarding Nkhensani is in full swing, but something makes him start seeing her in a new light.

Friday 5 March 2010
Episode 695

A worried and suspicious Connie, in search of her missing sister, confronts David about Lu's whereabouts - with startling results.

Suffocate, feeling guilty after sex with Nkhensani, reveals to his shocked lover that he initially courted her only because of the plan to rob her father. S'bu warns Siya that Joy is sexually off-limits.

Monday 8 March 2010
Episode 696

There's a major confrontation between Miles and Naomi after she accuses him of still being emotionally attached to Lu. David and Ronald continue to intimidate Lu with regard to the now far larger and fast-tracked wedding.

Nkhensani arrives to speak to Suffocate just as he's told Ding-Dong the heist is off. The Lord has revealed to Siya that the music director can only have sex with Joy after he's been appointed her manager.

Tuesday 9 March 2010
Episode 697

Miles agonises over the fact he has feelings for both Naomi and Lu. When Nkhensani asks Suffocate why he revealed he was using her, he is forced to admit he might have real feelings for her.

This leads to her offering to do something rather unexpected to help him out of his debt with Ding-Dong. After Joy is unsuccessful in convincing her father to relinquish his managerial position, she turns to Gail and Hustle for help.

Wednesday 10 March 2010
Episode 698

Everyone is confounded by David's increasingly bizarre behaviour as he continues to plan his dream wedding. Lu fantasises about escape. S'bu warns his dad that his obsession about Lu is damaging his relationship with Naomi.

Suffocate and Nkhensani continue taking small steps towards a relationship. While Ding-Dong continues the plans to rob Ivan, Suffocate is increasingly concerned there might be more to this robbery than meets the eye.

Thursday 11 March 2010
Episode 699

Lu confesses to Connie that she is not marrying David for love, but indeed for convenience.

Theo stubbornly refuses to relinquish his role as Joy's manager. Fats eavesdrops on a drugs deal conversation.

Suffocate confronts Ding-Dong about the strange occurrences at The Kilowatt. Suffocate is held up.

Friday 12 March 2010
Episode 700

David delivers a personal wedding invitation to Miles. Ronald and Lu agree David is skating perilously close to real insanity.

Ivan has Suffocate beaten up for sleeping with his daughter. Fats is faced by a wrathful Ding-Dong.

Joy puts the squeeze on S'bu.

Monday 15 March 2010
Episode 701

Ronald explains to Lu why killing David is their only solution. Feeling the pressure of Ronald's revelation of the escape plan, Lu breaks down and tells Connie she's unsure about her imminent marriage to David.

Connie appeals to Miles to try and save what he and Lu once had.

Tuesday 16 March 2010
Episode 702

Ding-Dong has to store his loot at The Kilowatt after the security of his safe house is compromised. Suffocate and Nkhensani discover people were killed during the heist.

Connie tries to persuade Miles to intervene in the wedding.

Lu overhears a shocking conversation.

Wednesday 17 March 2010
Episode 703


Lu, reeling from the discovery that Ronald was playing her all along, has to concoct an escape plan - fast. She talks Victoria into a crude but effective way of destroying the wedding.

In the ensuing chaos, David receives an unexpected visitor from his past.



This guest bears an unexpected gift.

Some of the script, straight off the set:

Gina... hi.


I don’t remember you being on the list.

I wasn’t. I just stopped by to bring you a gift.








Man alive.


You get what you deserve, David! You had it coming!


Get her out of here!



RONALD (cont’d)
Somebody call an ambulance!


You should be thanking me. He’s a monster! The world will be better off without him.


Thursday 18 March 2010
Episode 704

David is rushed to hospital. A shocked Lu reels from the latest change of fortune.

Suffocate shows Nkhensani what was actually stolen from her father's house: heroin worth millions of Rand.

S'bu comes up with a sure-fire way to keep Theo permanently distracted from daughter Joy's career.

Friday 19 March 2010
Episode 705

As Lu quizzes Ronald about the attempted killing of David, they are informed that the head of Redemption is dead.

Joy refuses to promote her album unless Siya becomes her manager. Suffocate and Nkhensani run through the dangers posed by the ton of heroin in his storeroom.

Ding-Dong reveals he won't be removing the stash until he's good and ready.

Monday 22 March 2010
Episode 706

Lu has to act as David's proxy. Suffocate is exasperated by Nkhensani's naive determination not to let the heroin reach the streets.

Thula steals Suffocate's storeroom keys. S'bu signs up the Harmony Boys, thus manipulating Theo into relinquishing his managing of Joy.

Tuesday 23 March 2010
Episode 707

Suffocate and Ding-Dong discover the stash has gone.

Siya and Joy slip away to consummate their relationship during the music video shoot.

During a thunderstorm Siya is struck by lightning, and although unharmed, experiences a genuine religious conversion.

Wednesday 24 March 2010
Episode 708

Ding-Dong, threatening Suffocate with a gun, declares a deadline for the retrieval of his drugs.

Although Naomi has assured herself that Lu won't tell Miles he's soon to be a father she still persuades Connie to expedite her and Lu's departure from the Vilakazi house.

Lu is stunned to learn from the executor of David's will that she has to take over Redemption.

Thursday 25 March 2010
Episode 709

Mpumi and Puleng start the long road of mending their battered and bruised friendship. Miles convinces Lu he should act as her proxy at Redemption.

Suffocate throws rival thugs - who are tracking Ding-Dong and the spoils of his heist - out of his club. Ivan decides to pay Suffocate a personal visit.

Friday 26 March 2010
Episode 710

Miles finds it easy to slip into his old Redemption shoes.

S'bu and Naomi, unimpressed by this new development, try to disguise it as concern over a potential conflict of interest with Hustle Records.

Ding-Dong reveals he's holding Nkhensani captive. As the closeness between Miles and Lu increases, so does Naomi's insecurity.

Monday 29 March 2010
Episode 711

Lu tells Naomi that she's decided to inform Miles that he is the father of her soon to be born child.

Suffocate prepares for a showdown with Ding-Dong, although he is bitterly disappointed when Fats and Thula say they're not up to helping.

Finally, although he knows the consequences for him could be fatal, he phones Ivan Tshinawa.

Tuesday 30 March 2010
Episode 712

Lu treads dangerous ground with Naomi who has an ace up her sleeve.

As David's memorial service looms, a paranoid Ronald wonders just how much Lu has confided to Connie.

Desperate to save Nkhensani from Ding-Dong's clutches, Suffocate proposes a rescue plan to Ivan and also receives some unlikely reinforcements.

Wednesday 31 March 2010
Episode 713

Miles reels from the revelation that he is the father of Lu's child as she desperately tries to explain why she waited so long to tell him and Naomi does her best to spin the situation in her own favour.

Miles' response ends up surprising them all. It's an eventful night as Suffocate, Fats, and Thula wait for Ding-Dong to arrive at the club to trade the new stash of drugs for Nkhensani.

Rhythm City is on e.tv Mondays to Fridays at 18h30.


28 Feb 2010 21:10

At last thanx to our tvsa team you r the best . Guys i'm the first one.

Usual Suspect
01 Mar 2010 07:17

wow...I'm 2nd? lol

01 Mar 2010 08:17

i made it to the top 5 yippi ,let me read

01 Mar 2010 08:19

i'm de third one

01 Mar 2010 09:04

eish i know the spoiler ...now i wish i dint

01 Mar 2010 09:05

wow,im fifth.

01 Mar 2010 09:10

Thanks to e for ruining the surprise ... eish!

01 Mar 2010 09:48

@ BA ..I can't wait until the 12th, please tell me...

01 Mar 2010 09:58

Top ten... David so cruel

01 Mar 2010 10:18


i can only email you... out of respect for TVSA i can say it here, look out for PM

01 Mar 2010 10:22

The Lord has revealed to Siya that the music director can only have sex with Joy after he's been appointed her manager. HUH??????????

01 Mar 2010 10:52

Siya is not a born-again christian. he is just a jackal wearing a sheep skin.

01 Mar 2010 12:43

ooh bathong the suspense is gon kill me. HOw can they do this to us. BA plz hook me up as well

01 Mar 2010 18:39

man, this is NOT FAIR.

01 Mar 2010 20:03

its not fair.its stupid. i want to know now.

01 Mar 2010 20:27

Siya just cant be trusted..

02 Mar 2010 11:19

hi guys, i agree with u Tes i just dont buy the "saved siya" story & why would the Lord reveal to siya that he can have sex with joy at all whether its b4 or after the music video???

03 Mar 2010 08:53

We all know that Siya is only out for number 1. Why would the Lord want Siya to have sex with Joy? Isn't she supposed to be as pure as snow?

03 Mar 2010 08:56

@ megalamaniac, it is on the etv website,

03 Mar 2010 17:53

Why does David always win, thts why i find this sopies kind of boring. it has no direction....

03 Mar 2010 22:06

I jsut read it , so I know what happens. Its kinda all sudden and wierd...........

04 Mar 2010 08:34

I loled when David told Lu " I know that you want to look about, but there aren't many guys like me out there". I mean I was like who does David think he is, a gift to women? David is just losing the plot, palin and simple. 
@lumuzi, I suggest you read the rest of the teasers on etv's website. 
It is so damn hard to respond without spoiling it for everone. I have questions I am itching to ask all of you but I can't at the risk of spoilers.

04 Mar 2010 11:15

wena lulamazi or lulumizi or whatever, this is the best soapie in the land so far

04 Mar 2010 12:12

Yoh ..Dramma all the way..............

04 Mar 2010 12:14

I read the Teazers on etv interesting, thanx Ingenuity, but i have my doubts.

The rocking guy
04 Mar 2010 12:16

Its really going down this moth

04 Mar 2010 12:26

You and me both Mokema, it is just so anticlimatic. I think there is more to it than meets the eye.

04 Mar 2010 15:02

I think Khensani and Suffocation are sweet together. Ding-Dong just creeps me out.

05 Mar 2010 08:28

Lol when David told Ron about the flowers and the catering. He was like a kid in a candy store. David is just off his rocker.

05 Mar 2010 10:00


05 Mar 2010 12:29

Feel very sory for Lulu

05 Mar 2010 13:13

Lulu bore's me and  i wish Noami would just sort her out already, a little drop or two of acid  on her forhead(just like she did with that white gal) and she'll  stop trying to depend on everyone and coming in the way of Miles' relationships once again..

05 Mar 2010 15:05

Lol Pooky, Lu is to be pitied, she is one of those people who are just inherently dependent on others. She knows that Dave did all those things cos of her. Naomi, le yena is just a viper, she is just pure evil. The problem is Miles is still in love with Lu, he is just attracted to Naomi, he should stop telling her that he loves her cos he doesn't. If he didn't, he would stop talking about Lucilla every five seconds. That said, I have to say that i like the unhinged David even more. When he was planning the wedding, that had me in stitches.

08 Mar 2010 12:00

Eish,I am late but well it looks exciting this far? Somebody must bring that David back to the real world,he thinks he can continue murdering ppl like this,ag sis David!

08 Mar 2010 15:09

David's not ma favourite actor bt @ some point i thnk Rhythm C wuld b boring without pps lyk hm

08 Mar 2010 15:53

To David, the only way to keep people from talking about his business is to eliminate them. David will never see the inside of a jail as long as there are no loose ends.

09 Mar 2010 07:43

I think Naomi wishes that David will just hurry up and kill Lulu so she can have Miles all to herself. Her obssession with Miles is just too much. She knows that in the end Miles will always go back to Lu, that is fact.

09 Mar 2010 09:17

Oh Bullocks!! Why not just give us the whole dam thing.

09 Mar 2010 09:22

David is sooo last season. Gettin a bit annoying if you ask me! and OH MA GAWDNESS DID U LOT SEE Lucilla's bump? ohh no hang on thats not a bump thats a towel stuffed under her dress. wow.. Rhythm City - Low budget!!!

09 Mar 2010 09:27

Howzit guys! Beautiful day out there! Anyways just wanted to say Ding Dong's really creeepy and i hate the way he talks and walks seems too exaggerated.  And i love David, he keeps RC going

09 Mar 2010 09:37

Lol Krystal, and when he wanted Ivan to shake his hand was just hilarious.

09 Mar 2010 09:47

Ding Dong.. hahahahahahaah The walk is beyond creepy. thats sooo yizo yizo.. like so last century.. honestly hahah! funny though. I love it @ Ingenuity and Krystal

09 Mar 2010 10:47

I would not want to meet Ding-Dong in a dark dark corner. Lol M_M1986, I see that you like saying something is so last something, first it was David being so last season, and now Ding-Dong being so last century. I guess Miles is so last decade. Lol

09 Mar 2010 12:06

I can't believe that Lu is so gullible, Ron is David's right hand man who has done most of the killing fro him. Why would he suddenly have an attack of the conscious now. He literally dragged form that far off place and now she trusts him?

09 Mar 2010 13:50

@ calamity, i agree wit you when it comes to Ronald, Lulu is so naive sometimes, remember what happened to Nonti, she trusted Ron with infor and now she is history. Ron has no consience just like his master. But may be on second thoughts why did he not switch off Lu's cell when the sista came to visit.

Ding-dong is now pulling a papa action on RC, he looks like isirhelemnqa no doubt about that. I cant wait for this huge spoiler, please do not get me all excited for nothing.

Cody Z
09 Mar 2010 20:23

Hey guys,

I cnt wait 4 12th,um speechless!
Enjoy guys!

10 Mar 2010 09:39

Trust me vinc, it is huge, but it is going to leave with more questions than answers. Damn it, I will miss friday's episode, but hopefully will catch up on saturday for the omni. 

Did you read the rest of the teasers on etv's website Cody Z? I was so shocked it all seems so sudden.

10 Mar 2010 12:13

i dnt lyk tht DD man the way he walks talks s so exaggerating u knw & he makes RC 2 b lyk yizox2 i thnk its boring @ some point

Miles 's nt scared of tht Dav yaz & i jst wish LU cn tell Miles the truth,dd u c her on Miles visit acting as if everythng's jst OK btwn her & tht scumbag,WHY LU???

i thnk Suffo 's fallen for Khens!!!

10 Mar 2010 15:14

oh ho shame lu i feel for you girl!!!!

11 Mar 2010 15:51

afternoon lovely pps,its been a long day yaz!!!

12 Mar 2010 08:08

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Im the first one on the 12th......now let me read!!!!

12 Mar 2010 08:11

Tjo .....Dramma I tell you!!!! So Ronald has been playing Lu all along....nxa!!

David hope you die !

12 Mar 2010 09:09

The girl is so brave after what David did to her... He will die, i still have my doubts about this whole thing.

12 Mar 2010 09:20

Ryth City do u have to kip us in a cage like this cant you just give it  all

12 Mar 2010 09:22

Konje whats this gal's name?

12 Mar 2010 09:35

@Beke her name is Gina.

12 Mar 2010 09:37

Her name is Gina.

12 Mar 2010 10:08

Gina is back with a gun i hand....halala

12 Mar 2010 11:19

Hi Ladies and gentlemans, Im new pls welcome me

I wonder uzobanjani u RC without David Genaro

12 Mar 2010 12:43

wellcome i hope you well in joy anyway where are the khuse family this month

12 Mar 2010 14:08

David is certainly gonna be killed by Ginna . He even revealed so on the latest magazine- forgot the name though. he mentioned that its the end of him and he is going back to the theatre( excuse my spelling). so rest assured the enemy has finaly been defeated. My problem is that RC is gonna be borrriiiiing.

 When Stephano on days dissapeared the whole show died. So we need bag gus like David on the soapies. What would generation be without Ntsiki Lukhele, Julia motene.+ the question is Gene-rubish as it is now. We need somethiong to keep us on suspence not a predictable boring Soapie.

12 Mar 2010 14:29

Yeah I must admitt its gonna be boring woth out David........

12 Mar 2010 14:42

Its ok its not the end of the world, they can create a moster out of NAOMI. The story line i'm sure is gonna revolve around her seein that there is unfinished bussines regarding the Dan's death. Competition between Lu and Naomi for miles is going to be stiff i can only presume.

12 Mar 2010 17:49

I wish david dies

13 Mar 2010 21:13

Bathong David!

14 Mar 2010 12:00

I think its good That David leaves,i mean how can he win in every situation that is in his way?sometimes its unfair,i know they do that to make the soapie interesting but sometimes its boring and it becomes so predictable.i must say david can act but sometimes you got to loose

15 Mar 2010 09:46

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!I'm so happy now,the tables have finally turned on David.I mean,how do u just manage to kill,kill,kill and never have to pay?Poor Ron,maybe Naomi will hire him...

15 Mar 2010 09:54

hello ppl.........David is not gonna die.........idat can't be happening

15 Mar 2010 10:35

Wooow i"m so looking forward to see this episode interesting indeed..lol

15 Mar 2010 10:56


15 Mar 2010 11:01

Well, big Dave had it coming. I read the whole story on TvPlus, Jamie said that this is the end of the road for Dave. I do hope he is not really, really dead and he comes back in December to wrestle the company from Miles and Lu, but until then Naomi will keep us company with her evil scheme. I hope Ron will be nursing Dave back to health.

15 Mar 2010 12:58

If David dies i quit to watch Rhythm city.Come on guys dis guy is making a scene he is the reason am watchng city

15 Mar 2010 16:17

They couldn't have done it better than this. Now the script writer's creative juices will start flowing to keep David's followers glued to their screens. David's character was perfectly created and he exucuted his task beyond expectations. If RC created David why can't they create even a better character than David. I can't wait to see what's coming. Re utlwile ka hore RC etla bora without David.

15 Mar 2010 16:31

Amen to that Leqwathe. I wish people could have more faith in the writers and give them more credit, like you said ther created David, they surely can create another supervillain to rival even David. here is Naomi, she has managed to pull the wool over David's eyes. Anybody who can go toe to toe with David in my books, deserves a chance.

15 Mar 2010 16:34

Lol TVSA trying not to spoil it for everyone.

16 Mar 2010 08:30

I wonder what's gonna happen next!

16 Mar 2010 10:00

Hi Mablogers

I am just happy that finally Lu is going to be free. she is going thru a lot of stress.

16 Mar 2010 13:47

Hi guys, Finally David is getting what he deserves.

16 Mar 2010 14:13

hey people i am happy for Lu and David should die and rot in hell

16 Mar 2010 15:02

imagine rythmcity without David, there will be no soapie!Buccwe,so lets pray for David.

Savanah Dry
16 Mar 2010 16:14

Me thinks Ron planned the whole thing, do you see him in the background with hands in his pocket watching while Dave dies ...probably he will be the new Villain hopefully they will resurrected Nonti say she didnt really die but Ron nursed her and ...................
writing my own rythmn

17 Mar 2010 07:47

Lol Savannah Dry, didn't they do a DNA test on the remains of Nonti, unless they say that Ron bribed the police, but we saw her die, if they resurrect her, they will be going the Days and The bold route. Ron can't pull off the villain thing, he has a bit of conscious. But then again who knows.  

17 Mar 2010 08:37

i think uron set up udavid. god, it was getting annoying that he was getting away with everything. uneffingbelievable. lucilla will pay for a good lawyer for gina and none of the people at the wedding will testify against her in court. no problem, she'll get off.

17 Mar 2010 08:39

Imagine saying i do to the man you know is a monster and has no heart , Lulu gal you are brave, i will always wonder what their honeymoon would have been like...with Lulu so sad.Ronald rocks....

17 Mar 2010 08:44

Ron the back stabber~~~~

I can't wait for tonight's episode. 

Now that David is gonna die, what's gonna happen to lu & the Baby? I hope Naomi is ready for the heat....

17 Mar 2010 09:11

mybe Naomi is gonna be a new villain.

17 Mar 2010 09:42

Hey guys, whoa such drama ne? Never dreamt that David could be shot! I would never have trusted Ronald with my doll ever! Tshilo maybe you're right, we might be in for a female villain this time. Kinda reminds you of that woman in Scandal....I've forgotten her name....the one who blackmailed Vusi Zwane and Anne Devilliers in Generations.

17 Mar 2010 12:02

Hi all im new, but i cant resist to comment after last night i wish David can die
what a monster. Lu must make for she tell Miles cause He still loves her. 

17 Mar 2010 12:26

So if David and Lu exchanged vows does that mean Lu is the widow and she gets everything?

17 Mar 2010 15:04

i just wish David can die n leave Lu n Miles alone one thing dat will remain in their way Naomi just wish she can  aslo get killed

17 Mar 2010 15:22

i think so Mokema but nna all i can say is that watch out Naomi Lu is on her way to take her man can you handle the heat

17 Mar 2010 16:01

I just love it when Naomi goes "Monna ke wena".

17 Mar 2010 21:30

mokema, yes, she is going to get everything. ha ha ha. gina does her a big, big, big favor.

18 Mar 2010 07:43

They even signed a marriage register. Naomi is just evil to the core guys.

18 Mar 2010 07:45

i hope Miles will get his Company back...

18 Mar 2010 08:16

hey im new here hope ull welcome me with warm harns

If David dies i quit to watch Rhythm city.Come on guys dis guy is making a scene he is the reason am watchng city.

Man every thing you do no that there is pay back you cant just win every time i think now RC will b intresting and every will be wating for Mdeva when he comes back
now we going to see someting new not always Mdeva making ppl surfer 

18 Mar 2010 09:08

Welcome mnguni.
Lu conspiring to start the fire and Naomi stopping the lovers from making a duck, wow the writers are brilliant.Naomi calling Miles...her eyes...that Ron,Gina, the look on David's face when he saw her. can't wait for the 3 bullets through David's chest............... Ayoba 

18 Mar 2010 09:39

hai mina i think david will be back,,,, this is all a set up.. why david keeps saying to Ron i hope everything goes as planned, and why he said wish me luck, i bet u Genaro will be back and you will see, this was all an act. look at the way he stands, pulling his chest out waiting for the bullets, he does not look surprised or scared at the gun... haaa people this is all clear, when you watching these soapies you need to have a mind of a writer... come lets bet R100 i say!!

18 Mar 2010 09:58

Ntobenhle, u r on, R100

18 Mar 2010 10:33

I also think Dave will be back, but in these tough times, I am not putting any money on it. David's time is not up, I think there is a lot more he could do. Man alive

18 Mar 2010 10:35

look at the way he stands, pulling his chest out waiting for the bullets, 
maybe he thought he could intimidate her and she would not pull the trigger, it is a strange situation.

18 Mar 2010 10:48

yaa just like Damera spelling ( days of our lives) he was more dangerouse when he was dead alive... i think Dave has huge plans for the future, maybe he wants to bring down both Miles and lulu... eish lembuzi le ....pls someone tell me ukuthi u naomi uzophelelaphi heh?

18 Mar 2010 10:49

i dont need him to die, long live David! you play an interesting and unique role.

18 Mar 2010 11:04

good morning guys i didnt watch rc yesterday can some one update me please

18 Mar 2010 11:30

does this means end of David.. no man then RC must close down their tuck shop 
Evil David Genaro of Rhythm City is shot dead in cold blood by ex-lover
His character is larger than life. He plays an evil sex fiend , who kills and maims anyone who crosses his path.

In the eyes of those who follow the e.tv soapie Rhythm City, he has transformed this character into a real person .

Meet David Genaro, the devil himself. He met his fate on Wednesday when his ex-lover, Gina, shot and killed him in cold blood after he married Luccilla, the woman he has been obsessed with, at gunpoint.

Luccilla is played by singer KB.

Time Out met Jamie Bartlett, the man who plays Genaro. this week to speak about his career.

The interview was held at e.tv’s coffee shop in Johannesburg – and what an interview it turned out to be as we tried to get into the mind of the evil Genaro and Bartlett, the professional actor.

The lines between Bartlett and Genaro became blurred during our discussion because Bartlett spoke in the same tone as his character. His facial expressions, particularly when he wanted to emphasise a point, were as aggressive as the character he plays.

The interview was supposed to take place over a cup of coffee, but I never got to drink the coffee before it got cold. I tried to keep up with his pace because he is not only a fast talker, but he was also acting out his thoughts and ideas as we spoke.

The man who many a soapie fan has come to love, hate, love and hate again and again, was in his element. Though there was a chair to sit and relax in, he spent three-quarters of the time standing, walking up and down, acting and jumping up and down.

I was not quite sure at some stage, whether I was talking to Genaro or Bartlett.

“I play this character convincingly because I am a classically trained actor steeped in the classics tradition, such as Shakespeare, and as David Genaro, the elements of the classics are quite strong, the aggression, the evilness and all that are part of this character.

“ Genaro’ s character has bled his way into the fabric of society and this has been possible because of teamwork at Rhythm City and not because of my solo effort,” he said.

He said Genaro made him famous beyond South Africa.

“I do a lot of film work in countries such as Tanzania and Namibia. I was in Tanzania recently and there was chaos at the airport and in the bars. It was embarrassing because even prostitutes accosted me in the bars . They just love to hate this character. It is so unbelievable,” he said.

Currently, Bartlett is rehearsing a play, Death of a Colonialist, which will run at the Market Theatre.

“Going back to the Market Theatre is like going home for me because I started there. I accepted a role in this play because it asks the question I would like to ask this society. And when you look closely, you discover that we all ask the same question as a society and because we have the same challenges.

“All we need to do is to hold our hands together, all the tribes in South Africa and ask this relevant question 16 years after we won our freedom. We will then get the right answer as a collective,” he said.

18 Mar 2010 11:41

guyz umdeva angege afe but he must also go down if wins this time then we no longar waching RC we waching Devid he must sufer b4 he comes back on his feet like every one.  

18 Mar 2010 12:12

It was embarrassing because even prostitutes accosted me in the bars .
Did they accost him because of what his character did to Gina? Would have loved to be a fly on the wall when the interview took place.

18 Mar 2010 14:34

guys even if we love or haite the man he is the best acter rc has herd so far

18 Mar 2010 16:20

Why is it that when you google Jamie Bartlett, he is described as tyhe actor best known for playing shady Mike on the soap Isidingo. I know that he used to be on Isidingo but that was ages ago. Shouldn't he be known as the Actor who potrays the evil David Genaro on etv's soap. I think he is best known for playing David.

19 Mar 2010 07:16

Enough already.

19 Mar 2010 09:14

now its getting interesting....

21 Mar 2010 20:17

Very ineresting, i must say. Miles knowing that the baby is his,mmmm

Da Diva
21 Mar 2010 21:42

So David is nw Dead that's wonderful tyo dis man... Gina u dd a good job David treated u so badly... U are a Brave woman....Lucilla watchout at Naomi i dnt trust her.

22 Mar 2010 15:28

Finally david dies

22 Mar 2010 19:02

Calamity bby i ms u.anyway ppl Is nev g0ne.ron is nursing david in bakgrnd.rememb david Hs p0wer n m0ney plus he has ppl arund d world.dz wl planned.vilakazi n lu family r in danger s0on.s0 fa noami is up 2 gd coz.injy n tx gina 2 hv chang d styl n d m0ve.

23 Mar 2010 09:01

All I have to say is "Show me the body". Where is David's body. Next Dave will be wrongly cremated.

23 Mar 2010 09:05

Hi thelionking, I have my doubts about the supposed death of David, to me he didnot go out with a bang and where is the body? He should have done the whole apologising to the people he has done wrong to. Ron should just tell us he did with David.

23 Mar 2010 09:44

good day guys! @Calamity you want him to act My name is Earl undoing the wrong? I think his character made RC rock as was. and yes i would like to see the body to coz he is unpredictable even in death lol! Yena uRonald usaleleni? I guess the next evel person is Naomi then from now on. Thank God Miles knows about the baby eventually

23 Mar 2010 14:16

Hi guys ...do u really think David is dead , Naomi what is she going to do ? as for Ronald wasn't this all part of his plan !!

23 Mar 2010 14:36

Lol, rumour has it that when people know that they are about to kick the bucket they actually try to make amends for all the wrongs that they have done, It is shame that Dave didn't get an opportunity to do that. Lol Krystal on the My name is Earl, I just love the Earl Hicky, he is just such a hick, am sad it is finished but looking forward to welcoming "How I met your mother" back. 
Well, Nomthie, I hope not but Dave needs to take a break. much as I love Dave, too much of a  good thing can just be too much. I wouldn't mind if he resufaced later in the year.

23 Mar 2010 15:04

Also dont buy it gore David is DEAD

24 Mar 2010 08:50

Why is Ronald shredding papers?

24 Mar 2010 09:27

Why is Lu holding back all the information regarding the Miles' child. Sometimes i think Lu is very stupid or ignorant. She mustnt trust that Naomi but knowing Lu all her secrets will be poured on Naomi. i think she needs to be strong and be able to stand on her own without having to rely on anyone

24 Mar 2010 10:51

Damn it! I have to retype that whole paragraph again. Damn internet

24 Mar 2010 10:57

Okay, one more time, I think that Ron should come clean with Lulu and tell them that her that he in no assisted Gina. It is a coincidence, ever had of the saying be carefyl what you wish for, you just might get it, well she got was she wished for. I must say that I miss Dave already. Looking at Miles while he was checking around to make sure that noone was listening in on their conversation, that was just classic gossip behaviour.
What was Thula thinking?

24 Mar 2010 12:37

Lu and Miles will always make a good match.. yooo, they have a very good frendship happenning and they understand each other... mara guys do you remember the sad words that Lu once said to miles when they were having a fight, she said,  " you call yourself man? you are not a man,  for so many yrs we've been married and you couldn't make me preg" eish those where painful words, mara shame its all in the past.. they have to focus on the baby, and Naomi yena she must move.. hey uyalazi ilihlo lika Naomi libi njani,

24 Mar 2010 14:17

I feel you Ntobenhle, but I think Lu and Miles make better friend than lovers. They always get along without the tension of being in a relationship.

24 Mar 2010 15:13

hey m glad Lu is gonna be free now

25 Mar 2010 08:12

@ Teeh, Lu will only be free as long as she keeps her paws away from Miles, cos Naomi will have none of it. Naomi applies that philosophy of keeping your enemies closer. Why is Lu not asking how her clothes got to the Genaro when she was kidnapped. If Ron is such a nice guy these days shouldn't he be telling Lu about Naomi. 
I'm so confused by this whole David is dead thing, judging by Ron's behaviour yesterday, it seems as if he might not be part of the conspiracy theories that David is not dead.

25 Mar 2010 09:01

so now naomi will be the new and only Villian in the soapy.....

25 Mar 2010 09:07

Ron is just looking a bit shifty. Was he doing all those bad things cos he was afraid of David (Did David threaten his dog?)or is he just a bad person.

25 Mar 2010 09:24

I think the natural thing will be for Ron and Naomi to start working together. But if I was Ron I wouldn't trust Naomi as far as I could throw her.

25 Mar 2010 12:45

wow lucky for u miles you will get ur Lu back and shame 4 Naome i wonder who will be ur lover.

25 Mar 2010 13:46

Le wena Lu you trust so much how can you trust Naomi,you dont even no the woman that much

25 Mar 2010 16:01

Exactly blackiekagiso, but then again Naomi has the wofl in a sheep's skin down to a t, so if you are Lu who is very trasting then you stand no chance, the only person who can out her is Connie, did you guys see the way Connie was looking at Naomi. She knew that David was no good so it is only a matter os time before she figures out that the woman is pure evil. 

The lawyer is Carl Beukes isn't it.

25 Mar 2010 16:02

Oh heck, os; meant of

25 Mar 2010 16:07

Guys, who took the drugs? I really thought it was Thula trying to help Suffo getting rid of the evidence. I just loved it when DD said to Thula "Hey wena, nje nge gama lakho" (This is my best written Zulu)

26 Mar 2010 09:56

hey guyz we gona wach new stori now

26 Mar 2010 11:58

You mean new storyline mngunl.

26 Mar 2010 12:26

Ingenuity Khensani said she took them and destroyed them. OOh that lawyer is do damn hot,damn

sugar mabaso
26 Mar 2010 12:35

sugar mabaso
26 Mar 2010 12:44

Suffo is quite a gentleman but he sure hates to drop his guard. Lu shld make up her mind who she wants. eish! sad David is dead...really?

sexy d
26 Mar 2010 13:32

Hi guys im new and whats wrong with miles getting in redemption and acting like he owns the place and as for DD hopes Ivan teaches him a lesson not to swim with the big fish

26 Mar 2010 13:56

Zazacious, the lawyer is Carl Beukes, the star of the movie Jozi, didn't he use to be on Isidingo?

sexy d
26 Mar 2010 14:46

Dats him the one and only..calamity

26 Mar 2010 15:10

Sbu and Naomi in bed together? eyeye miles

29 Mar 2010 07:49

Say what you like but I like Ding-Dong. So, Suffo does like Khensani after all. 
Lol gaddafi where did you hear that?
Speeking of S'bu, a few weeks back I watched a repeat of Sistahood and Lungsta was the guest, I must say he looked even better. I had a drool fest.

29 Mar 2010 07:51

Lu is sometimes so wet behid the ears is scary. Why should she concern herself with Naomi's feelings, she owes her nothing, it is Miles who should worry about naomi, Lu should just concentrate on his own baby.

29 Mar 2010 10:59

Lu is some kind of stupid, really woman? Sometimes she just pisses me off and I shout at the telly cos I can't believe how thick she really is. But then again, I tend to forgive her cos really Naomi is as cunning as they come. She is really something else. That was a classic moment when she was standing there calling Miles when he was trying to run away with Lu. We all knew that Ron was lying, he just wants Lu to feel indebted to him, it is so much easy to confirm whether or Ron helped Gina, just ask the damn woman and she will tell you the truth instead of blindly trusting Ron who has proven time and time again that he is not to be trusted. For a change she should listen to Miles.

29 Mar 2010 11:09

@calamity, read the April previews on ETV website, Sbu is going to sleep with Naomi and Gail is going to catch them with thier pants down

29 Mar 2010 11:10

@calamity, read the April previews on ETV website, Sbu is going to sleep with Naomi and Gail is going to catch them with thier pants down

29 Mar 2010 11:10

@calamity, read the April previews on ETV website, Sbu is going to sleep with Naomi and Gail is going to catch them with thier pants down

29 Mar 2010 11:33

tjo this is interesting

29 Mar 2010 13:28

Thanks gaddafi, am still trying to pick my jaw from the floor. Naomi is really something. S'bu should just move out and find a place of his own. Miles is so wrong, he is so obssessed with Redemption.

29 Mar 2010 15:13

Yoo its so hot in the Kichen man.but atleast m relieved ha Lu a kgonne ho lokoloha molekong ona o DAVID dat guy i hate but o dira story se be monate but i cant stand the part ya hae ya ho bolaya batho(ROBALA KA KGOTSO DAVID GENARO NNA PERSONALLY NTHABISENG BANYANE KE TLA O HOPOLA)

30 Mar 2010 08:18

What, like JT sang, what goes around, goes around,goes around, is gonna come back around. Treat others like you want to be treated. Do unto others like you want them do unto you. After his little tryst with Sunay, S'bu is more than justified, but that doesn't make it any less sick than it is, cos it is sick what S'bu is doing. As for gail, she shouldn't be running to Miles, doesn't she know that Miles was doing regular bedroom aerobics with Sunay, did she tell S'bu, heck no, so she shouldn't try to be lil' miss goody-two-shoes all of a sardine and run to Miles, but then again, it would be nice to see Naomi out on her ear.

30 Mar 2010 08:18

Sibu and Naomi i didnt see this coming but then again this is not a surprise e ne le rragwe barata go amogana basadi remember Sunei

30 Mar 2010 08:20

After his (Miles) little tryst with Sunay,

30 Mar 2010 09:02

how do u know sbu will slip with naomi

30 Mar 2010 09:02

how do u know sbu will slip with naomi

30 Mar 2010 10:12

@ Msjackson, like gaddafi said the April teasers are already on the etv website. (I'm sorry ms Jackson)

30 Mar 2010 10:39

Aag Shame, sies tog, Suffo crying, of cos he didn't have a bawling fest but that is still good enough for me, he really does care about Khensi baby. I wonder who the guy is who has eyes on Tshidi, hope they bring someone hot.

30 Mar 2010 10:52

guys i think i've found the last piece of of David's pazzel... remember when erl came rushing to the hospital looking for Mr genaro? after that he was declared dead? I think erl is behind all this where is he now, hmmm ...i dont know stil very much sure that Mr D is in hiding and will be back.. eish mara this soapie is the best. next month has lots of action as well.

30 Mar 2010 10:55

Very perceptive Ntobenhle, it makes sense doesn't it. It seems to all fall into place.

30 Mar 2010 12:08

You may be onto something there, Ntobenhle, but remember when Lu walked into the horpital room, and Ron told her that they took Dave's body for a postmoterm, he said that it looked bad. I think don't think that if Dave is alive, Ron had anything to do with it, so, if Ron saw Dave's body, it means that maybe dave was faking being dead.

30 Mar 2010 12:28

Interesting I must say. Cant wait for Miles to find out! and def cant wait for the spin Naomi has up her sleeves!

30 Mar 2010 12:35

...May I also add that I'm not tooo convinced that Davy Dave is gone. he is afterall the Stefano DiMera of Rhythm City!

30 Mar 2010 19:51

...mm i agree with u M_M1986, i am also not convinced that David is gone, just like that?. I cant wait for Naomi and Sbu's part also. But then what is going 2 happen btween  Miles and Lucilla?

29 Jun 2010 16:30

hi guy anyway wer is tshidi

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