Zuma fathers baby with Irvin Khoza's daughter

Written by maddie from the blog Zuma fathers baby with Irvin Khoza's daughter on 01 Feb 2010
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Okay I woke up on Sunday Morning switched on my laptop, internet explorer and the times website  and i'm greeted by the below headline.

I read the story, the comments, went to the mg website and read the comments there as well and now am interested to see how you bloggers feel about this, I'm sucker for all your replies.

Zuma fathers baby with Irvin Khoza's daughter

Iron Duke said to be betrayed by his daughter's relationship with president 
Sonono Khoza, a 39-year-old divorcée, was pregnant when her father, Orlando Pirates boss and chairman of the soccer World Cup local organising committee, was invited to share the stage with the newly elected president during a post-election bash at Nkandla, KwaZulu-Natal, in June last year.

It is unclear whether the "Iron Duke", as he is known, knew then who was the father of his unborn grandchild.

The Sunday Times can today reveal that Sonono gave birth to a girl on October 8 last year, barely three months before the country's most famous polygamist tied the knot for the fifth time.

Baby Thandekile Matina Zuma, now nearly four months old, has been registered in her father's name, and brings to 20 the number of children known to have been fathered by him - along with the 19 Zuma is officially said to have had, with his ex-wife, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, his late wife, Kate Zuma, and his current wives and girlfriends.

Sonono, who has two other children from a previous marriage, is an events manager in the marketing division at the Johannesburg headquarters of one of the major banks.

A close family friend has told the Sunday Times that a delegation from KwaZulu-Natal, acting on Zuma's behalf, visited the Khoza family in December last year to discuss the Zulu customary damages, inhlawulo, that are due when a child is born out of wedlock.

On the morning of Sunday, January 17, the arrival of Zuma's motorcade at the Khoza family's Diepkloof Extension , Soweto, mansion, piqued the interest of neighbours and set tongues wagging.

Zuma, who was in Johannesburg for the ANC's national executive committee lekgotla held between January 15 and 18, spent almost an hour with Sonono and her mother, Matina.

When the Sunday Times contacted Sonono for comment on Friday night, she said: "I don't know what you are talking about. I definitely don't know what you are talking," before terminating the call. She did not respond to an SMS asking for comment.

Asked how she felt about her new grandchild and the fact that Zuma was the father, Matina responded: "No, we are not excited."

Pressed to elaborate, she said: "I can't talk about (that). Bye."

Khoza, whose youngest daughter, Zodwa, died of Aids-related complications in 2006, was not home for either of the two meetings held to discuss the arrangements following the birth of the baby.

Several family friends told the Sunday Times that Khoza felt betrayed and humiliated by the president's relationship with his daughter, particularly as he considered Zuma - who is six years older than him - a friend.

Khoza was awarded an honorary doctorate in philosophy from the University of Zululand for his role in the development of sport while Zuma was chancellor of the institution in 2004.

Repeated attempts to speak to Khoza about the matter were unsuccessful.

The president, who left Switzerland yesterday and is now in Ethiopia for an African Union summit, being held in Addis Ababa until February 2.

Zuma's spokesman, Vincent Magwenya, refused to comment yesterday.

Zuma's younger brother Michael Zuma said he was unaware of the child or the relationship.

The addition to Zuma's brood shows that the president has again had unprotected sex with a woman who is not his wife - something for which he apologised three and a half years ago.

In May 2006, following his acquittal on a charge of rape, Zuma made a speech in which he said: "As I testified in court, under oath, I am HIV-negative, having undergone an HIV test in March this year. I wish to state categorically and place on record that I erred in having unprotected sex.

"I should have known better and I should have acted with greater caution and responsibility."

In clearing Zuma of rape, the court found that he had had consensual sex - with the daughter of another friend. "Kwezi", as the woman was identified during the trial, was the daughter of one of Zuma's closest friends and comrades in exile and referred to him as malume (uncle).

Zuma's polygamy, which is a source of much public debate, was again thrust into the spotlight this week at the World Economic Forum's annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

Asked by Newsweek International editor Fareed Zakaria, who was moderating a panel on South Africa, about his "many wives" and whether he loved all of them equally, Zuma responded, "Absolutely," drawing howls of laughter from the crowd.

The birth of the latest baby has triggered speculation that Zuma may be planning to take another wife, which could land up costing taxpayers. According to the ministerial handbook for members of the executive and presiding officers, spouses legally married to the member in a polygamous marriage are entitled to a variety of benefits.

Zuma's wives are each entitled to a personal assistant, a post worth R145920 per year. Air travel, medical expenses and security costs for the spouses are also borne by the state.

His first wife is Sizakele Khumalo, who he married in 1973 and who lives at his homestead in Nkandla, KwaZulu-Natal. He has no children with her. As well as his late wife, Kate, and his ex-wife, Dlamini-Zuma, in 2008 Zuma married Nompumelelo Ntuli with whom he has two children. Earlier this month he tied the knot with Tobeka Madiba-Zuma, with whom he has three children.

He is engaged to 45-year-old Gloria Bongekile Ngema, with whom he has one child, and has an adult son with Minah Shongwe. - Additional reporting by Shanaaz Eggington

source: http://www.timeslive.co.za/sundaytimes/article284367.ece


01 Feb 2010 08:43

here we go

01 Feb 2010 08:59

lol...@ the Timeslive comments, cant go a day without one article and its comments......

01 Feb 2010 08:59

The President is coming to dinner, lock up your daughters!!!!! How could you sleep with your friend's daughter? So this is what being african and honouring your culture is all about.   

01 Feb 2010 09:09

lol CourtneyJhb,
someone wrote ko timeslive that its only a matter of time before he has children with kids of the heads of states tht he meets up with on his presidential trips abroad. 

I refuse to get worked up anymore about zuma,anc,juju or anything related. i'll wait for the next election nd while i wait,im gonna mind My own business realy realy hard....got a legacy to hook up and they wont stand in my way mos...

just had to say this tho..: NXA!.....done...

01 Feb 2010 09:14

impoxo ye president

01 Feb 2010 09:36

This is a good example of how to set a bad example. There is'nt a decent bone in this man's body.

01 Feb 2010 09:46

kgane ke eng ka ntate oo? Zuma dont use comdom?

01 Feb 2010 09:50

@Matha...He use CONDOM not COMDOM.  

01 Feb 2010 09:56

Hhayi ja ne.............. I guess Khanyi Mabu and JayZee are always ready to hog the spotlight. I think they should get together

01 Feb 2010 09:59


Iyooooo ndiyayi first borner k ele (taken from my grandma, rest in peace lady).

Guys mna im still shocked about Bongo's death from Family Bond while u shocked about ubaba wethu uGedleyeyekisa or whatever name maan. This father (thank God he is not mine) will neva grow up if its true.


01 Feb 2010 10:34

Hhaybo uBongo passed away??

01 Feb 2010 10:41

yep, motor bike accident

Da Diva
01 Feb 2010 10:47

So this baby iz number 20 no guyz plz Mr ZUMA try 2 behave ufuna zifundeni izingane zethu? As our Father what should we learn 4m u that u can lie around without using a Condom. I'M VERY SORI NGOBONGO MAN THAT'S VERY SAD.

01 Feb 2010 10:49

Ke mang Bongo guys?

Da Diva
01 Feb 2010 11:28

@holiday Bongo iz Mandla Thabethe who owns Sosibo productions and plays Bongo on Family Bonds

01 Feb 2010 11:34

Hhawu Holiday, we Family Bonds!

01 Feb 2010 11:46

Awu*cryn*hw cum i ddnt hear ths,i love MT he was such a hard worker. May his soul rest in peace. Can people stop wt ths motor bike craze already.

01 Feb 2010 11:47

tltltltlt @ a 4months baby....haahahahaha!!!

so sorry about Bongolicious...:-(

lady gaga
01 Feb 2010 11:49

Hai nee,i wonder how his followers feel now.proud or stupid.... Nx! Bhongo bathong,may his soul rest in peace.

01 Feb 2010 12:00

Reply from: Green.arrow 2/1/2010 2:59:13 PM

lol...@ the Timeslive comments, cant go a day without one article and its comments...... 

I have to admit Pastor Ray's comments made my rather dull friday last week.... I couldnt help it but crack laughing at the stuff ppl write.... (apologies if you are a Rhema fanatic)


baby e
01 Feb 2010 12:12

Mshini wame mshini wame. 
Thata mzolisto thata

01 Feb 2010 12:16

i'm sorry to say this but the guy is worse than a dog.what do these ladies see in him beside been a president?

01 Feb 2010 12:27

all in the name of MONEY babestar akukho okunye,

01 Feb 2010 12:44

*sigh* smh... I am Michael Jackson... SPEECHLESSS!!! tjo! *smh* let me not judge this man and his woes - Maybe he needs to set up a meet and greet with Tiger woods and compare notes... Tjo!

01 Feb 2010 12:58

Well Zuma like Zola is just being a typical zulu self... There I said it lekanne la ntlhoya. And yall voted for the prick nxa.

01 Feb 2010 12:58

Child number 20,ya ne...

01 Feb 2010 13:14

Fuc*ked Mshiniwame…. 
Fuc*ked the legal system
F the taxpayer
F Aids
F the government 
Previous time they said Mbeki framed him. Who is it now? Nee vok this fellow dont wanna grow.

01 Feb 2010 13:17

2 thnk dat d Pastor Ray article is unda entertainment,what is ds world coming 2 somebody's home is breakn n dats entertainment! 2 thnk dat evry1 de is condemning d man as if he is d 1 divorcing his wife whn its d otha way round. D church of God is rly unda attack.

01 Feb 2010 13:22

Ai cha as much I lyk zuma but this whole thing ayenzayi it's starting to annoy me abafazi uyena manje usengenele ekumithiseni ai cha Zuma plz man don't let ur comrades en the ppl u leading to disrespect coz i can c dat it's coming there.
Guiz man!!!!!!! ay suka

baby e
01 Feb 2010 13:30

Lets not blame Zuma only. i mean sonono why did you allow him to enter you withhout a condom.

01 Feb 2010 13:36

baby e - sonono ga se state president.

01 Feb 2010 13:41

@ tizoz......hai those comments made my day too on friday......i felt bad actually coz i was looking forwrd to the crazy comments since i saw the article on thursday night....:-(..:-)...
@lela....i find it a lil strange though tht the second time arround still he is NOT the one doing the divorcing,but its the wife????....i think its a bit convenient????..but hey....??

01 Feb 2010 13:43

South African Politics is not like the American one where a character of a person is scrutinised to check the suitability of a person for the presidency.  President Zuma never promised us that he is done with having children and marriage.  ANC die hard fans knew that Zuma is a polygamist and a father of many children.  I'm just surprised that people are now complaining about his public life and how much his wives and children cost us tax payer but in all fairness when we made that cross, we knew that we are voting someone who has questionable standards and beliefs.  This for me is not an issue i think what we should rather debate is the Cwele's saga.  I mean really he should resign clearly you can't have someone who holds such an important and intergrity driven portfolio to be entangled in such a sensitive crime.  The ANC should recall him, it does not matter if he did not know about it, I mean he is the minister for Intelligence Services.

01 Feb 2010 13:44

@Lex, even though but we all know that he slept with an HIV positive woman, WHY did she wleep with him without a CONDOM??. I mean really now!

01 Feb 2010 13:49

Bana ba Khoza ba wetswe ke leru le lentsho,,,ba swa ka Aids ka ofela.  

01 Feb 2010 13:52

can someone pls explain the zulu culture more precisely am a bit confused now.

wazi ngiyabona ezinye izinto kodwa this is the same person who apologised not so long ago in her rape trial for having unprotected sex with an HIV positive woman and then was praised for coming up with the best plans for combating the disease and encouraged us young people to abstain, condomise and be faithful to one partner and now he goes and do the opposite in a country that has the highest rate of infection and mainly due to people's sexual behaviour.

something that is crippling our economy.

anyone who still takes this man seriously must be examined.

01 Feb 2010 14:04

I am Michael Jackson... SPEECHLESSS!!! tjo! *smh* let me not judge this man and his woes - Maybe he needs to set up a meet and greet with Tiger woods and compare notes... Tjo!
Lol segololo, love your work.

01 Feb 2010 14:16

Tholi - akere Zuma said he went for tests and he came out negative,so maybe that's why she slept with him without a condom.My point in the previous response to baby e when she enquired as to why sonono slept with him,but people are not questioning her,was to higlight that Sonono wont be scrutinised,but zuma will,because of the post he holds.

01 Feb 2010 14:18

Typical South African men, they just cant control their wi wi. 20 kids? mental health in SA is in a sorry state.

01 Feb 2010 14:21

i have never wished this for any one before...MARA U Zuma ngathi ingamvithiza i AIDS..imenze i joke for the whole world to see...sies President Bit*h

01 Feb 2010 14:24

Reply from: Toodecent 2/1/2010 6:58:21 PM

Well Zuma like Zola is just being a typical zulu self... There I said it lekanne la ntlhoya. And yall voted for the prick nxa. 

TDC! TDC! TDC! oh no you didn't you dont want to start the holy war with the Zulu's I will give you a Falaqa....lol

01 Feb 2010 14:29

Moonch hai thats nasty ....He has a right 2life like any other humna being khona if ni busy ni he is spreading AIDS do u knw his status including the women he sleeps with ......

Who are  we 2judge becoz only GOD knw what goes down between the sheets seni busy ni ZUMA this & that!! 

Yes he is a president and needs to set a good example  but he still living his life which he is entilted with no judgement he had abantwana abaningi b4 he was elected no-one made a big HUHA!! manje its like his killed umuntu 

yEkelani Umsholozi oksalayo HIS  YOUR President like or not IF ITS 2MUCH hamba SHIYA UMZANTSI NAMA CULTURE WAYO WE 2WESTERNISED HAISUKA !!

01 Feb 2010 14:30

Maybe he needs a rehab. This baba is addicted to sex.

LOL Monchy.... Maybe thats when we will get the cure, dont u think?

01 Feb 2010 14:34

into kaMsholozi izowa one day ngoba uhamba eyifaka nje noma kuphi....

01 Feb 2010 14:36

Hai Mabhenheza thats not a culture ukumithisa ngaphandle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What i know is if a man iphandliwe yintombi he goes & ask the parents, pay ilobolo & make her his wife not direspecting ur wives uhambe uncenceshela i sperms zakho to any hole oyibonayo............Hai ntombi yini!

Im not holier either bt he is the PRESIDENT & he should act like yona.

01 Feb 2010 14:38


but that's what Zola and Zuma r using to defend their ways, that's why I was saying ukuthi anyone with a clear understanding of what the zulu culture entails should at least explain so we don't end up painting every one with the same brush and please don't sugat coat izinto

01 Feb 2010 14:41

Just now i started thinking about Nicholas Sarkozy  and Crala Bruni and ...i smiled a little. Theirs is also an anomaly for a presidential situation...but its a little endearing.....and then *shaking ma head*  we have our presidential domestic situation shem...just too embarassing....

Im curiosu about your question too Maddie, and to add to it genuinly, does the polygamopus practice also excuse his sleeping arround with women he has not married, isnt that cheating????...
Shouldnt o maKhumalo and them be angry or something.....
Im glad Nkosazana Dlamini ....Zuma(ddnt wanna say this one lol) is not a part of his shenanigans any more. What do the children say, Im sure Dudu would come out supporting him  anytime..but i wonder what the others are saying...
anyway lemme quit all this wondering....

01 Feb 2010 14:43

Wena Maddie uma ucabanga ikhona into enjalo kuCulture? yebo isithembu siyasenza ngokwesiko ngoba ayikho into engalungile ngaso kodwa ukuhamba umithisa nje yonke indawo akuhlangani nesiko noma ngame ungumZulu noma ngabe uliShangane umsangano wodwa nje lo ukuthi ukuhambe udla amaqanda emizini yabantu ngaphandle kwemvule isiko.... umhlanzo wenja nje lowo **in my best Chief Buthelezi voice"

01 Feb 2010 14:43

@Mathaz - I agree with you but if you read the comments made here, you will note that bloogers have issues with the way in which he conducts himself. These are my issues with him

1. He is a role model to a whole lot of people, young and old morally and otherwise. I find it rather distrurbing when someone who was just acquitted of raping an HIV+ person (Well we know what the outcome of that matter was). Point is he slept with an HIV+ person and then had the nerve to stand in front of the whole nation and publicly apologised. Hardly two years later he has another love child - not forgetting that the wife she just married a few days ago has a nine month old. I must say though  - wa chisa JZ. 

2. Then there's us the TAXPAYERS who are really screwed by the government. Let's talk service delivery - when my money should be used wisely like FIXING THE DAMN ROADS, my money will be supporting Mr President's lifestyle. I cannot even afford to take my children to a private school mare I tell you gore his children are set for life. Private schooling, Univeristy fees, medical bills not forgetting bodyguards. Zuma is 68 years for crying out loud. When the child starts primary, where will he be? or how old will he be?

3. I have a respect for other people's cultures. I am not against polygamy. Mare e yona ke woman abuse. Can you guys imagine the humiliation that these ladies are feeling.  The embarassment the children have to endure? Nnyaa bagaetsho.

4. There's also the Zuma-Khoza (Irvin) relationship. It is alleged that Mr Khoza is not happy about the BY-PRODUCT. Well, in my view, every relationship  has boundaries. It is understandable if Mr Khoza is unhappy. For starters, he has already lost a daughter to Aids and then comes Mr President. His HIV status is unknown. Secondly, whether Sonono and JZ had consensual sex as adults is irrespective. Zuma should have at least had the decency to respect Mr Khoza's family.  I mean for all the times that he has visited  the Khoza household he looked at Sonono and siad to himself "Jy, one day is one day".

I am sorry guys, but my respect for our president just went outside the window. 

baby e
01 Feb 2010 14:47

@ GA - u will not stop wondering till you get the answers. 
i really wonder if the first wife is happy with all this. it really sad.

01 Feb 2010 14:54

That's what you get when you vote a standard 2 graduate into the highest position....all he knows is shagging.

Thank you South Africans for yet again for your short-sightedness. A lot is still to come, before his term ends he would atleast have married 20 wives and we gonna continue footing the bill for his wives.

We really have a shugga daddy of a president.

Who's next? Khanyi Mbau?

He really is conquering women instead of leading our country


01 Feb 2010 14:55

uZuma should not forget that he's president of South Africa and not amazulu for pete's sake the man was voted by most tribes in sa (shangaan, xhosa, sothos, etc)

in as much he wants to stay true to his culture he should not forget to be representing other cultures as well.

Mandela and Mbeki never promoted their Xhosa culture instead with Mbeki it was all about being proudly African.

lotata wi sphukuphuku and if this is what we subject ourselves to then it say a lot about us S Africans.

01 Feb 2010 14:59

uZuma udlala ngezingane zakhe .... i wish one was able to choose family, mnxm ngabe akanangane..or maybe he would only have uDUDU

01 Feb 2010 15:02

and By the way it is NOT Zulu culture to go around impregnating women ... 

Culture says- you marry someone, then impregnate them .....mnxm

01 Feb 2010 15:04

by the way when is Duduzile getting her cabinet post she was also one of the key supporters of Msholozi during his trying times.... even MaMkhize got a top job... who would have thought....

01 Feb 2010 15:14

I still had a bit of respect for Zuma but after this I can say he does not deserve my respect. He is supposed to be setting an example. Sleeping with your friend's daughter is totally unethical. I regard my friend's kids as mine so how can he do this and to make matters worse this guy holds the highest office in the country. This Sonono lady is also to blame in this whole mess. How can you betray your father like that and sleep with his friend whom you know very well that he was accused of raping a lady who is HIV+. amanyala kuphela la culture or not......

01 Feb 2010 15:16

Ngigeza izandla njengoPilatu kuZuma. He really dissaponted me sometimes I think I'll wake up and kuthiwe iphupho nje lento yakhe and after I feel alright.

Please people this is not a Zulu culture that's just him trying to boost his ego.  

Kodwa this ladies bona yini ngabo babona ini. Imali? Haybo I feel for you people wake up and smell AIDS.  its gonna catch you one day and uJZ at least uzobe emdala.  Would you like it ukushiya yo kidz at an early age?

Wake up mantombi asemzansi, maybe among the bloggers ukhona nje whose on the que to be pregnanted and be married.  Hayi sisi please drop it.

I wonder when do you get time to be with all of this children because they need evey minute of yourself and on the other side you've got a busy schedule. Please stop playing with osisi rather play with your kids they need your attention.
Sekwanele Msholozi siyakunxusa bantu

01 Feb 2010 15:23

If this is true...mina i am deeply disappointed and ashamed :(

01 Feb 2010 15:25

Maybe usebenzisa imbiza (mvusa ndoda).... 
We really dont wanna end up like Zwaziland where mothers will do anything to trade their daughters to da king.

01 Feb 2010 15:26

maddie, are you saying he should also get other tribes/races preggas..not jsut zulu's...LOL  its not fair  hey...
jus kiddin

01 Feb 2010 15:27

Sleeping with your friend's daughter is totally unethical. I regard my friend's kids as mine so how can he do this

lets be realistic the chick is not young at all hey....lol

01 Feb 2010 15:30

Correction " Swaziland"...

01 Feb 2010 15:46

Asked for comment yesterday, Zuma's most vocal backer - ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema said: "What is political about this? You [journalists] must call me on political issues, not social issues." 
hahahahahahaha!!!! kwakwakwakwakwakwaa!!! u go Juju Babe! lmao

Political analyst Professor Steven Friedman said that Zuma having a child out of wedlock was "not an issue".
Friedman said: "Zuma is a polygamist and has multiple partners and he has been public about this. I think we are mature enough to distinguish between politician's private [and public] lives."
Sooooooooooooooooooooooo TRUE!

01 Feb 2010 15:52


u just went and picked up a few comments and pasted them here when the majority of south african well at least those with internet access are so disgusted by this man's behaviour.

the blind loyalty is going to kill this beautiful country of ours

lady gaga
01 Feb 2010 16:02

Hey this is really bad since the world is watching us bcs of de soccer world cup.we need positive attitude so we make africa proud bt ngale leader yethu i dnt know,mfm!

01 Feb 2010 16:03

Umongameli wa Mzansi akadlaliswa ngekhekhe

01 Feb 2010 16:14

Uphambene wena Tholi....sometimes I wonder nje ukuba ingqondo yakho iyasebenza na.....ofcourse this has everything to do with us. 

He is our president and he should lead by example....khawuyeke ukunyathela ngayo ingqondo le yakho (use your brain instead of your ass)

01 Feb 2010 16:17

Its about time Zuma goes international i should hang out with the ANC Youth so i can meet him any one with Infor Lol!!!!

01 Feb 2010 16:20

people must not confuse things...zulu culture allows polygamy..not cheating....which is what zuma did..he cheated on his wives by pregising another woman..

and no Mababes i did not say JZ has aids..mara by the looks of it he is campaining for it

01 Feb 2010 16:29

Thank you Monchooza,we are not against his polygamy,but having a child out of wedlock....

01 Feb 2010 17:24

Sorry to be off topic guys. @GA I'm saying  Zelda is divorcing Ray as fact not opinion just like it is a fact that Linda divorced him. You can even go back and read the article it says Zelda and her lawyers served him with divorce papers and just like last year, the church elders are trying to work it out as requested by Pastor Ray. What I'm saying is that I'm happy whan people discuss the reallity of what happened and not turn it around to suit them. What people should be questioning is his character problem that makes his wives leave him, or the fact that he re married(within a few months nogal) while his wife is still alive which is agains the bible, there i would understand but to accuse Him of divorcing his wife when he is hurting and has even temp stepped down to nurse his wound like last year or was it 2008. Not that I didn't find most of those comments funny myself, my phone even ran out of battery frm me reading those the whole night.

01 Feb 2010 18:28

apology too Maddie for the offtopic
@ Lela....u are right that if anything people and he himself should be questioning the charafter about him that makes his wives divorce him. Kodwa im just wondering if for the purposes of him being able to get re-married (as before) they are not deliberately conspiring so that its the wives who always serve him not the other way round.  Its just an out loud thought on my part...because if he was the one serving doesnt the Bible then fully "forbid" remarriage?
But about the situation, i beieve all of us have a re[posnsibility to work out our own lives and salvations, perhaps its because i dont hold anyone one..even mega pastors in any higher esteem than the person i meet in a taxi,so im not shaken in any direction whatsoever. 

01 Feb 2010 19:06

lol@Tizoz giving Falaka..hahahah

as for Msholozi i am shaking my head with shock...

I THINK Zulu culture allows polygami very much, that is why as much as some of us are against it we have learnt to accept him and his many beatiful wives and children.

Maara cheating??? and having a kid to prove it?? 

He has slept with an HIV positive woman before, he is marrying almost every second year and has 20 children. hat more does he want bandla?? and how does he fit all these women in his busy schedule...What about preaching message of safe sex? what about being faithful to his wives? leading by example?? HIV/AIDS...

and trust MAlema and his friends to NOT think about the implications of this story and talk a lot of rubbish!

01 Feb 2010 19:44

@Green.arrow Shouldnt o maKhumalo and them be angry or something.....LOL Green.arrow, these man don't care about the wives when they sleep around and the wives actaully don't have a problem with it....really sad :-(

Funny enough my dad is just like Zuma I actaully have no idea how many kids he has because he never talks about them but siyezwa nje if abantu bekhuluma about his other children. Naye he's a polygamist although he had two official wives and others on the side. it's humiliating and embarrasing for us as his kids hence I never willingly share this info with other people seng'yanitshela nje coz aningazi lol

01 Feb 2010 21:15

haaaibo Mambox....the wives actaully don't have a problem with it......it aint right.
But atleast you are able to have a chuckle about it coz otherwise the other alternative is to cry non stop, and futhi as the children what can you really do. 
Thats the thing...south africans aside, you wonder how the news is received closer to homne, i mean its stressfull enough to have that uncle who misbehaves ko weddings and staff when drunk...so i cant even comprehend the pain, embarrasment and humiliation the children must be going through..or have they accpeted it???.... 

I could not help but chuckle at Malema stoned faced repsonse to journos about teh question (malema style..the nandos ad captured his tone prefectly)..when he siad Zuma is our elder, we dont talk about elders in that fashion......to the cheeer,applause and laughetr of the audeince???

01 Feb 2010 23:25

Lol @ GA about crying non stop. About our off topic, that's the best you can do not holding any one in high regard because when things like these happen you will be going around sweating trying to defend that person like they were doing in that site. That is why mna ngoku I'm looking for a church like Assemblies of God, Faith mission but I don't know if there is any apha eNorth cz I'm tired of these dramas and popularity contests surrounding the charismatic church. If any one knows AOG or Faith apha enorth please let me know, that's if iblukhwe namacici ziyanxitywa.

02 Feb 2010 00:41

totaly with u Lela
hey...he hee...u know at home we also left bo charismatic and went to AOG. You just took my mom's words at the time,bout 5 years back now. At the time i was reluctant because you know the music team and too much intsruments euphoria...but i coupla years later, a bit of wisdom later i understand and AOG is my first home (back home and here mo makgoweng), id take difela tsa sione le icilongo anyday.
When u say the north Lela u mean North of joburg?...AOG joburg that i go to is in Berea, i dont know nothing ka faith mission tho'...

02 Feb 2010 00:50

PS: ko AOG iblukhwe namacici azinxitywa (i assume this means they are not worn...lol) at church definately!....and uhm....i think everywere else too...but uhm...u know how it goes...

02 Feb 2010 07:53

yazi thinking about this saga ... it means Mr President is Irvin Khoza's son-in-law, tjo zuma has no shame bathong ... a son-in-law is older than the father-in-law.... hhayi Zuma nc nc nc nc nc nc.

@Lela, apart from AOG that is in berea, you can find those churches in the locations...  i used to go to that one eseBerea but until parking became a huge problem for me,  you know more than anything in those churches, i love worship.

well unfortunately, AOG doesnt allow women to wear trousers, whether in or outside church, but nowadays people do wear them outside church

Faith mission ... they dont wear trousers too in church only outside church, but ke i wouldnt know in the big city, you know moss, laws change to suit the place ...lol

02 Feb 2010 09:18

When Zuma married MaNtuli and Thobeka they already had kids with him so it is a normal behaviour for him to have kids before he marries except for MaKhumalo of course. 

02 Feb 2010 09:45

U will never find this crap here in Botswana: one word for SA president: SCEBERESH.

02 Feb 2010 10:01

LOL @ Matha, watch what you say.....you could easily fall a victim.....this man is a sweet talker.

02 Feb 2010 11:06

LOL @ Holiday!

02 Feb 2010 11:19

uzuma yi charmer boy

02 Feb 2010 11:19

uZuma yi charma boy...abantwana bakhala ngaye lol

02 Feb 2010 11:26

When Zuma married MaNtuli and Thobeka they already had kids with him>>

02 Feb 2010 11:37

Damn this must be the most energetic old man ever.. @ 67 & still has enough, ladies ka nnete Zuma o monate. LEGEND, Now i understand why he like "umshini wakhe"

02 Feb 2010 11:53

Faith mission ... they dont wear trousers too in church only outside church, but ke i wouldnt know in the big city, you know moss, laws change to suit the place ...>>>really? I go to Faith Mission & I wear pants even when im on stage in the P & W.

02 Feb 2010 12:19

haaaibo Mambox....the wives actually don't have a problem with it......it aint right GA their husbands don't care and they're not given a choice...and really there is much they can do so they learn to accept the situation

My father has eleven children, only 5 are with his wife then the other 6 with different woman.... he had my eldest sister before he got married, but didn't marry her mother, then got married - had three children with the wife, he was working in the mines - out of the blue he comes back with a child...apparently the mistress left the child and the hostel's door, the wife accepts the child...there's nothing she can do b/z society says he’s a man and you can’t blame him…he works really far & blab la bla….then the wife gets has her fourth child, a year later he leaves JHB and he works in the EC...same year he gets another mistress preggies and the child is also dropped at his work place…takes her home to the wife…and again she’s told to accept it b/z he’s a man & he’s only sees her during the weekends coz of work…

After that the wife has another child… then comes along another woman - my mother – who he wants to make her his second wife...but she doesn’t want to be wife no. 2 – she chooses to be a mistress – but a different kind – the one that is known by everybody….the wife’s happy that she’s the mistress, the family….wife’s kids like her, the wife & the kids even go to her house for the holidays & the wife knows when the husband is not at home he’s at her house & all (If you ask me I don’t think my mother & the wife liked it each other…think they did everything to keep the peace)…

They have two kids me & my sister….a year later after my sister’s born – to both woman’s surprise there’s another mistress and guess what she’s just given birth to a baby girl….both woman are mad but they learn to accept that there’s a third woman involved – so if he’s not with the wife or my mother she’s with her…oh as if that wasn’t enough there were other mistresses – but lucky they didn’t get preggies….

When all this is happening we as kids don’t have a say in it all – I was even asking myself why is my mother still with this man…b/z he was irritating the hell out of me….then my mother heard that he had a one night stand with a cousin of her…and when she confronted him he blamed the person that saw him with my mom cousin…my mom said he was like “yho nguMbekeni ke wonke lo” …that was it for my mother…she broke up with him. Then 2 years back I found out my dad in 2003 he was going out with a 27 year old….and the wife knew but she did nothing – I was disgusted, embarrassed… Mambox I know how the whole things feels…

At least Mr President takes care of him other children…my dad only paid the damages for the children with mistresses but he never did anything else… - the only kids he supported was the 7 that he stayed with…

02 Feb 2010 12:26

Faith mission ... they dont wear trousers too in church only outside church, but ke i wouldnt know in the big city, you know moss, laws change to suit the place ...>>>really? I go to Faith Mission & I wear pants even when im on stage in the P & W

Like i said ms.Tebby 
laws change to suit the place .... lol or it differes from town to town.

02 Feb 2010 12:32

@Sips,,Damn this is messedup family but just be strong. 

02 Feb 2010 12:41

@Mambox, JESUS also said do not break my commandments, all 10 of them i.e. DO NOT COMMIT ADULTERY!!! SO u still wanna play the Bible? U better ask Sips.

02 Feb 2010 12:44

eish these people are taking poligamy ish way too far ... culture my foot ..

culturally Polygamy is only allowed if  the first wife gives her approval to it and there are legitimate reasons for the second marriage/third or infite(is there such) marriage. 

like if the first wife is very ill or unable to bear children(this is what happened with MaKhumalo, and Zuma took advantage of that and kept bringing women and children), or she can't look after herself or her family or she is too weak because of an illness. If the first wife doesnt approve it then the culture prohibits it, reason being, there should be peace in the household, ancestors shouldnt be bothered by noise and endless quarells...LOL

What Zuma is doing is not culture or allowed polygamy, this is plain and simple cheating put together with forced polygamy which equals to abuse .. MNXMm

02 Feb 2010 12:51

 Holiday....you have no idea, but I’m closer to my mother's family than my father side...ever since they broke up I’ve sort of looked at this from a distance & that  helped a lot

02 Feb 2010 12:57

I'm actually quite surprised that I havent said anything about this matter.

I think him marrying all these women was a way to keep them quite about the life that he led.

He had all these kids while he was married to someone. The ages of his kids tells you that he had kids while he was married to kate, maKhumalo and to Nkosazana.

He is hiding behind this polygamist thing.

The baby issue is just plain disgusting.
I do not want to hear him or anyone in the ANC preaching abstinence to me when they themselves cannot practice what they preach. The ANC is not saying a word about this, they are not saying whether they believe it's right or wrong.

So I really hope they dont come back and tell me to abstain.
If they do, then someone needs to tell them to tell their president that first.

He can sleep with as many women as he likes but he mustnt make it my expense. The tax money I pay can cover a lot of expenses I have but unfortunately I'm supporting him, his wives and his kids.

02 Feb 2010 13:08

Zuma as a person has a right to his private life.  But as public figure and more importantly as a president he has to be a leader.  

As south african we need to accept that our leader is an ignorant, uncultured and stupid person.  We voted for him and have to live with it.

02 Feb 2010 13:16

stupid person - i don't think Zuma is stupid Mavhungu... uncultured????

02 Feb 2010 13:20

Jacob Zuma is sleeping around... Sleeping around is Sleeping around. Kante where is Floyd Shivambu (ANC Fools oops Youth  League) to explain sleeping around when one needs him? He is sleeping around without protection..

02 Feb 2010 13:23

Mavhungu ... i understand you angry at Zuma but dnt call him stupid, he isnt, Zuma knows the culture but abuse it, what is doing is not culture, he is just covering his disgracing ways with culture ...

02 Feb 2010 13:33

It's funny how people only practise culture when it suits them or when it's convenient for them

02 Feb 2010 13:46

zuma is giving y'all heart attacks? did you see The Times - today's edition?

02 Feb 2010 13:47

Dear sis Dolly

“I am a gentlemen in his late 60s. I am married with 3 wives, 1 divorced me and the other one passed on, so i have made vows 5 times(ie married 5 times) and have 20 kids. The latest baby is from a relationship with a 39 year old whom I am not married to. I have just married my latest wife and engaged to another. Now I am not sure if I should marry the 39 year old. She is the child of my friend and I don’t want to cause a rift between me and my friend. Please help. 

Anonymous. Enkandla.”

Nokia 5110
02 Feb 2010 13:54


02 Feb 2010 13:58

@Best Achiever and Sips  - point taken.

But for me sleeping aroung without protection is being stupid and ingnorant to the fact that there are diseases out there and yes every disgusting thing that he does will fall under the culture hat.  Thats nonsense.NXZ

The next thing Julius Malema will be telling us that according to culture we are not suppose to comment on our elders sexual relationships.


02 Feb 2010 13:59

BA nasty!.....lol

02 Feb 2010 14:07

Zuma knows the culture but abuse it, what is doing is not culture, he is just covering his disgracing ways with culture ... well said BA 

It's funny how people only practise culture when it suits them or when it's convenient for them...
tell me about it GML

kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa BA 

@Calendar -
the ACDP leader's comments killed me " Zuma should undergo  therapy for his sex eddiction"

02 Feb 2010 14:11

i understand you Mavhungu ...like i said .. what Zuma is doing is not cultre, i know Zulu culture, and this is not IT. ... he is hiding behind it and that real irritates me...

Nonetheless i wont call him stupid, simply because he is old enough to be my dad(well my dad is a bit younger than him...LOL,) ... he is ignorant yes and he is selfish to his wives especial MaKhumalo and the second wife(seeing that maKhumalo didnt have a choice but to agree on him taking a second wife, he couldnt bear him children) and all these other women after MaKhumalo are just as ignorant as Zuma... Mnxm ...

yazi lengane kaKhoza ... how do you go and sleep with someone who publicy admitted to sleeping with an HIV positive women and have more than handful number of wives .. yhu hhayini bethunana

02 Feb 2010 14:11

The next thing Julius Malema will be telling us that according to culture we are not suppose to comment on our elders sexual relationships.   According to timeslive Sasco said  that we should not talk about Zuma like that because he is an elder and matters of the bedroom should not be discussed out in the open and talking ill of elders is "un african".

Lobby the girl
02 Feb 2010 14:13

lol, imagine my son saying when I grow up I want to be a president like Jacob Zuma and have ten wives..

02 Feb 2010 14:14

The next thing Julius Malema will be telling us that according to culture we are not suppose to comment on our elders sexual relationships....kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa....  Mavhungu he has already said it - "we are Africans and sitting here all of us,  Zuma is our elder , so we are not qualified to talk about that" i wonder what he would have said is he wasn't asked at a a youth league press conference....

02 Feb 2010 14:19

No need for Mr Khoza to get upset, Zuma's got a daughter too, let them play draw finish and klaar.    

02 Feb 2010 14:20

@ Best Achiever  -Nonetheless i wont call him stupid, simply because he is old enough to be my dad

Yes we should always respect our elders no matter what they do or say even the Bible says so!!!!!!!


But grown ups should act like grown ups.

02 Feb 2010 14:23

No need for Mr Khoza to get upset, Zuma's got a daughter too, let them play draw finish and klaar.................kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa....@ Holiday.... But Zuma didn't forced himself on her...she wanted it too....tl tl tl tl tl tl

02 Feb 2010 14:26

@Holiday ... im just imagini Khoza saying "lalela ke Ndodana (listen my son)" since he is now his son-in-law.... and Zuma responding "hhayi bo ungihloniphe ngimdala kunawe(ie, you must respect me, im older than you)" .... imihlola le

Brown Salt
02 Feb 2010 14:27

guys this is tooo depressing, can we not talk about something else?

02 Feb 2010 14:27

@ GML-It's funny how people only practise culture when it suits them or when it's convenient for them, i couldn't agree with you more there.Zuma wa nyontsha PERIOD.

02 Feb 2010 14:29

"we are Africans and sitting here all of us, Zuma is our elder , so we are not qualified to talk about that"

it's very funny how they say we should not talk about elders like that when before and after the elections they attacked an elder Desmond Tutu suggesting that he might have slept around as well, also Helen Zille when she said Zuma put his wives at risk by sleeping with an HIV positive woman.

ANC people are liars, hypocrites and chauvinistic pigs with double standards

Imagine if this story broke down before the elections as it seems like the woman got pregnant before JZ was inaugurated

02 Feb 2010 14:30

I think the Term "being AFRICAN" is used loosely these days

What exactly does it mean?

Sleep around
Call people names
have sex all willy nilly and call yourself a polygamist
Take a shower
Have corrupt friendships with friends
Give all your friends good jobs
Marry as many women as you can, afterall you're not footing the bills
Defence nonsense and declare yourself unqualified to talk about it

What does it mean to be AFRICAN

02 Feb 2010 14:38

some African men are a huge disappointment, are there any good african men out there please come forward and show us that we can still have hope and leave a good legacy for our kids

02 Feb 2010 14:40

where are the die hard Zuma supporters, Beyonce, Awelani and Brown Sugar, i remember some of us were cyberly attacked before and after elections on this site?

02 Feb 2010 14:41

it's very funny how they say we should not talk about elders like that when before and after the elections they attacked an elder Desmond Tutu suggesting that he might have slept around as well, also Helen Zille when she said Zuma put his wives at risk by sleeping with an HIV positive woman. maddie i thought about that when i read Julius's comments and i just laughed at how opinionated the guy is

02 Feb 2010 14:51


But reading this, i felt soooooooo..... am actually lost for words. 

From Facebook..........

Written by: Lukhona Mnguni
COPE and COPESM member, in his personal capacity

Dear Mr President Jacob ZumaShare
Today at 4:54am
Dear Mr President Jacob Zuma

After having read the front page story of the Sunday Times (31/01/2010), I feel compelled to write to you as this ordinary citizen that I am. Because I am a commoner, my judgement of your actions could be regarded as disrespect. Equally you might be indulging in all these sordid acts because you feel that you cannot be questioned and brought to book.

As a young man I have an interest in the way in which those in power are behaving, so as to ensure that we have good, moral and ethical leaders to look upon. A public figure who does not inspire confidence or does not conduct themselves in a manner that seek to inspire development of society, should be eliminated from the limelight and sent into the deepest of corners so that their misleading acts are shunned. To me you happen to be such an individual.

In your address during your inauguration and also in your first State of the Nation address, you emphasised greatly on moral regeneration. The reason why religion has seemingly failed to produce members that embody the values taught in religious institutions is because the preachers themselves are failing to be upright leaders who live out what they preach. You are such a preacher to me.

Given your past record that displays you as a man who is easily tempted by indulging in sexual intercourse, it is very difficult for me to throw water over the claims made by the Sunday Times. To me it is irrelevant that the person you impregnated is the daughter of Dr Irvin “The Iron Duke” Khoza, I would still feel the same way even if it was just yet another woman. If this baby was born under normal circumstances, it means that you must have slept with this lady around January 2009. During the same time you had already paid Lobola for Thobeka Madiba-Zuma and you were planning your wedding day with her. At the same time you were already having the pleasure of being attended to by two wives. I suppose given that you were busy campaigning for the 2009 General Elections, the challenges that you faced couldn’t be accommodated by your wives, you needed to find solace and release your masculine energy on another woman outside wedlock.

What nauseates me the most is the fact that this lady got pregnant, meaning you had unprotected sex yet again. To me it is clear that you have unprotected sex with your wives, because you do it so easily with “omakhwapheni”. It means you are a risk to your wives, because you seem to be fishing for HIV, so that you can take the catch home and distribute it evenly amongst them. Unless there is preventive medication for HIV that you have and we the ordinary people do not have access to.

The Zulu Kingdom should be ashamed at how you have paraded their culture of polygamy, a culture that is in fact to me very demeaning of women. To me it symbolises true qualities of chauvinism and patriarchy, whereby if a man is not satisfied with one woman, then they can go get another. Meanwhile society would vilify a woman who would take a second man. Polygamy also promotes cheating on your wife, because you must first know the second wife, well in your case sixth, intimately on stolen moments away from your wife. So during that time you are lying to your wife or wives claiming to be seeing no one besides them and even to God, whom you made such a pact with when getting married.

Polygamy reduces women to objects that are used to just satisfy the egos of many men out there, who see having many women as a sense of superiority and ac

02 Feb 2010 14:51

These are the times when I am ashamed to be called SA'n with all those ANC boons ruining this country. That's why I never vote, I'm not wasting my time till I see some kind of change in the way this country is being run

02 Feb 2010 14:54

continues below.........

You occupy the highest seat in our land and many people will find a way of using your acts to justify their mistakes and atrocious behaviours which resemble yours. You are not a beacon of hope to me, but rather that one of disaster.

It is impossible that you could raise all your 20 children, so it means that you promote unstructured families whereby kids grow up with single parents. You promote and justify cheating. You promote for society to discredit the three pillars of fighting HIV, because you do not Abstain, you do not get to Be Faithful, you do not Condomize.

What are you good for? Absolutely nothing. You are shaming our country and making it seem as if we are unable to be led by principled leaders.

You are a health risk to your wives, you are a financial risk to the taxpayers who must pay for your opulence and you still pledge your support to communists.

I ask of you to step down as President, before you turn South Africa into a quagmire that resembles your sexual life and its animalistic behaviours.

02 Feb 2010 15:02

Jah neh....some people can clearly articulate themselves...well written and very valid point.  I like that the writer was clear and unambiguous and was not emotional about the issue but clear to the point.  Well said...

02 Feb 2010 15:03

Shoo Calendar.

This is so true and well written.

I wish he could come back to explain his actions to the very people that voted for him

02 Feb 2010 15:08

sekushoda ukuthi sizwe ukuthi uZuma ulala nabafana abancabe manje

02 Feb 2010 15:13

Guys have you thought that this might be a business transaction between Zuma and Khoza? What if, and I repeat, What if Zuma had some money that he owes Khoza and he needed to pay him back but could not do it up front because he knows the media is always watching? I say The Sunday Times should find out how much did Zuma pay for 'Inhlawulo' because really I seriously bealive there is so much more on this story than what meets the eye. Remember when the police found an AK47 at Khoza's house and he simply responded by saying "Ask Mr Zuma'. Something fishy is going on here and Debra Patta or the Sunday Times should find out what.

02 Feb 2010 15:17

Well written indeed... 

What are you good for? Absolutely nothing....tjoo!!!!!  - this reminds me of Jackie Chan's singing in Rush Hour ....tl tl tl tl tl tl tl

02 Feb 2010 15:20

hhayi bo Msoe ... that can never be the reason for Zuma to humilate his wives ... kahleni bakwethu ukuzama uku reasonela amahlazo .... what Zuma did is humulation to his wives and no debt can ever equal that humilation ..Tjo

02 Feb 2010 15:25

@BA: I am not justifiying what Zuma did. Actually if you look at my thinking you will see that its could even be worse if what I am thinking is true. I am disgusted with what the president has done. I have lost all the respect I had for him because of this wont even mind if he were to step down. Im just exploiting the possibilities here.

02 Feb 2010 15:26

Guys have you thought that this might be a business transaction between Zuma and Khoza? 
@Msoe - after reading this article written by Mondli Makhaya 10 October 2009, I think .......................



02 Feb 2010 15:28

i do understand you Msoe... all im saying ukuthi there isnt anything that Zuma can say to justify this, if for whatever reason he need to equate things between him and Khoza, heshould have tried other ways NOT This! ...

02 Feb 2010 15:33

FK: My thoughts excatly!!!!!!! Now the big dogs need to find out where does Mr President fit in all this.

02 Feb 2010 15:34

Msoe there's something there  now that you metnion it...

Sips  your story needs to be told, tis quite innerestin and would make an engaging tv drama...am tempted to still it and sell to the lady's of Society

02 Feb 2010 15:36

Business transcation..NO i don't think so...as hard as Khoza may seem, to me looks like a loving father, dedicated to the well being of his family.

02 Feb 2010 15:39

TJO!!!!!!! i just followed the link FK.......... hayi i GIVE UP with South African politics....tjo...

02 Feb 2010 15:42

Whatever Zuma's circumstances were at the time there is just a line that you do not cross.  Whichever way we look at this whole situations, what he did is wrong.

Are we women so attracted to men in power that we would stoop so low and forget our morals and values?  The lady in questions is not a spring chicken and I dont think if it was not Zuma she would have gotten pregnant. She new that she would be set for life.  Haai man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

02 Feb 2010 15:47

Mso I wonder how you vundulula'd this Jackie Slebe article ..haayi cha nokho  iyababa

02 Feb 2010 15:48

@ Monchoo-sekushoda ukuthi sizwe ukuthi uZuma ulala nabafana abancabe manje that could very well be true.

02 Feb 2010 15:50

Haaibo Lex!!!!! LOL

02 Feb 2010 15:51

I'm still Tjo'ing on that man who may or may not have a missing tooth.

02 Feb 2010 15:51

Cheesa >>To me even Juluis Malema is lost of words that is why he says they are not allowed to comment on older people's stuff

true..he even had a little smirk like he's saying..."now what have you done baba...been defendin you too many times"....but then again this is a four months old story I'm sure Juju and the rest of the big guys knew all along just hopin it wont come out till the wedding

02 Feb 2010 15:55

FK >>that man who may or may not have a missing tooth...If I was Irvin...I would have gone straight to my dentist after that article..LOL

Moochoza and Lex....now you are stretching his immorality standards a bit to ofar...LOL..well if that happens I hope it would be among the 20 kids not ours..neeways he'd neva do that  uJZ uyayithanda igqe full stop

02 Feb 2010 15:56

@ FK........And the plot thickens. Tjo.

02 Feb 2010 15:58

kwa kwa kwa @ .If I was Irvin...I would have gone straight to my dentist after that article..LOL

02 Feb 2010 16:01

Come 2014 no woman is SA should cast their vote for this man. He absolutely has no respect for women at all. He does the same thing for all his wifes, makes them pregnant, marries them, leaves them there to look pretty and goes on to the next victim.... Nxh!!!!

02 Feb 2010 16:07

As long as you'll share the moola Sponono... :-)

02 Feb 2010 16:14

@nonzuzo - I am one of the people who put my X next to the ANC.  Fortunately or unfortunately the ballot paper had Mr Zuma's face on it.  

Come 2014 I will still put my X next to the ANC.  Whether they have Zuma's face, Juju's face or whoever's face there, it should not be a problem to me.  Unless between now and 2014 a new party comes into place and convinces me strongly in terms of what they can do for me.  I don't want a party that will tell me that the ANC can't do, this and that.  Campaign outside the ANC and sell your manifasto to me.

As for Mr Zuma - I will reserve my comment as e le motho o mokgolo. (RESPECT)  However, I am not for what he has done or doing.

02 Feb 2010 16:26

If I was Irvin...I would have gone straight to my dentist after that article....kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa...

But JZ is our president and we're told to sumbit ourself to the governing authorities for their authorities have been established by God – if we rebel against their authority we’re rebelling against what God has instituted. Yes all this money for his weddings, damages and all is coming from us and he will be judged by God for ukutya ukubila kwamabunzi ethu ngokungafanelekanga..

Da Diva
02 Feb 2010 16:32

Guyz let us nt call him in names we all do mistakes bt we want 2 b 4given. So who we are 2 Judge? Bear in Mind this lady became preg b4 Zuma become a PRESIDENT.

02 Feb 2010 16:36

AMEN to that Sips
Two wrongs don't make a right.  He will have his day on judgement day and mina, andifuni ukuphoswa yizulu ngenxa yokuba ngadelela ummeli wami.

02 Feb 2010 16:36

Come 2014 no woman is SA should cast their vote for this man. He absolutely has no respect for women at all....... Zuma is a people's person....i dought that no woman will vote for him..... didn't you see the number of people who  supported him during his rape trial……am sure some took leave from their work so that they can be there…and the woman who was dancing & wanted to kiss Kemp after the trial

02 Feb 2010 16:41

Bear in Mind this lady became preg b4 Zuma become a PRESIDENT. 

02 Feb 2010 16:51

LOL @ sponono - neeways he'd neva do that uJZ uyayithanda igqe full stop ,nna I think he's a sex addict,if there's a hole,then Mr President will put it in,LOL!

Da Diva
02 Feb 2010 17:14

@nonzuzo i will still vote 4 ANC in 2014.

02 Feb 2010 18:27

Da Diva and Tholi you both need to wake up or maybe use your heads for a minute.

Da Diva
02 Feb 2010 18:56

@Toodecent Like it or not if u are still a South African Citizen Mr Jacob Zuma iz yo president and the Ruling Party iz ANC dear.. Zuma must b a bad person bt maybe He's better than U...

Da Diva
02 Feb 2010 19:02

Toodecent in yo comments i see so much hatress, maybe u are the 1 who iz supposed 2 use your BRAIN and starts 2 look back&see the good things dat Msholozi has done in a couple of mnths.

02 Feb 2010 19:19

Yah, this is a VERY BAD image of our country. At least it'd be acceptable if he did all this in a manner that wouldn't include infedelity. First marry then make kids. He can marry 20 women, but at least he must not be a lughing stock all over the world. Do it okusemthethweni Zuma. You've passed thru this girl friend age. I'm sure your wives are not complaining coz they know they benefit a lot from your post.

02 Feb 2010 19:27

Tjo! So what has he done Da Diva, please educate me?

02 Feb 2010 19:36

The prezzi really need a falaqa to beat his totolozi, maybe angeke lisaphakama.

02 Feb 2010 20:13

Diva yes I need help, to be rescued (my country rescued) from the sex crazy old man hiding behind zulu culture. Yes I dislike JZ and what good has he done? Giving friends jobs, shagging like crazy, marrying lotsa wives and not using condoms even though he can buy those using my tax money? I never approved of this man and wrote a lot about him towards elections... you my gal you brainwashed . ANC isnt all that..

02 Feb 2010 20:15

And this is about his cheating and unsafe sex spree not what the goverment has been doing which is nothing BTW also the goverment isnt the ANC its the whole Parliament.

02 Feb 2010 21:25

I think we should bury this article as Sonono denied having a baby. She said she only have two kids who are at school.

Da Diva
02 Feb 2010 22:15

Da Diva
02 Feb 2010 22:19

@Lela just bcos u are turning a blind eye in everything dat your PRESIDENT Has done now u want mi 2 educate u?? That's a JOKE U know sometimes Ppl are so Funny.

Da Diva
02 Feb 2010 22:28

I get your Point Floh.

03 Feb 2010 09:31

this is only his first year as Pres imagine how many kids he will have in another 4 years time.OMG it scares me.Eish mara why nimu votele nan

03 Feb 2010 09:34

@ Tholi

is it before or after they had a child.

if before then why did he pay inhlawulo.

if after the lady was preggies then he still cheated on his wives

03 Feb 2010 09:46

"look back&see the good things dat Msholozi has done in a couple of mnths."

@ Da Diva,
Askiiieeeees??? What good things has he done exactly?

03 Feb 2010 09:48

NoMugabe ungcono unomoya omubi nje qha. I'm also sad about Bongo, he was the greatest entertainer ever. Rest in Peace bro.

03 Feb 2010 09:49

500 000 jobs

03 Feb 2010 10:08

Tholi i dont care about the status of their relationship ... whether he built the ocean in the sky took Sonono up there to make their vows.... all that doesnt justify what he did.

how does a married man, i mean president man  cheats  on his wives(not the v btn i and e), Tjo hhayi cha... where is respect for his wives in all of this, i mean 3 wives, respect for his kids  and for the country(not that the contry means anything to him)... hhayi nogal ... this is real unjustifiable ..... 

03 Feb 2010 10:11

Just a note: There is a difference between promiscuity and polygamy

03 Feb 2010 10:14

how does a married man, i mean president man cheats on his wives(not the v btn i and e), Tjo hhayi cha... where is respect for his wives in all of this, i mean 3 wives,.

what if they knew about the whole thing huh? what if he discuse everything with them huh?

03 Feb 2010 10:16

A proud nation we are as our President jumps from hole to hole in his quest to be the father of the nation. 20 and still counting

03 Feb 2010 10:25

what if they knew about the whole thing huh? what if he discuse everything with them huh?

musa ukuzenza ingane wena .... didnt you hear ukuthi Nompumelelo Ntuli and  Thobeka Stacey Madiba  are not in good terms ...hehehhehehehe(ngisaba ukuthi ngithi bayalwa) Nompumelelo didnt even attend Zuma's wedding to Thobeka .... ungazodlala lapha wena....

the only thing they get to know ukuthi abageze beyohlawula..mnxm

03 Feb 2010 10:30

I still do not get why most of you guys are so worked up over this.  Can we all agree that the 20 kids that he has are not all from his three wives?  My point is Zuma has always been cheating and having illegitimate kids, why did you all vote for him?

03 Feb 2010 10:33

Correct me guys if im wrong , but I hear that one of  his wives is leaving/divorcing him

Da Diva
03 Feb 2010 10:45

@Best Achiever whether Mantuli attended Mabhida's Marriage or nt Its non of yo buzness, washada azi(MANTULI) ukuthy uZuma uzoshada noMABHIDA so angisiboni isdingo se jealousy &let us nt even go there....

03 Feb 2010 10:52

Correct me guys if im wrong , but I hear that one of his wives is leaving/divorcing him>>> u wrong, no one is leaving!

03 Feb 2010 10:54

Da Diva ... how does one attend someone's marriage?

Nokia 5110
03 Feb 2010 11:06

LOL BA at atteding someone's marriage

03 Feb 2010 11:08

English BA English- it's tough

03 Feb 2010 11:11

@BA lol hhay kodwa ujoji....

baby e
03 Feb 2010 11:23

But i must say Zuma has taste for light skinned and the facials for all the woman look like KSKD

03 Feb 2010 11:34

Hayi uphambene wena Da Diva uyafana nje nalomongameli wakho, I am sure unechaphoti

03 Feb 2010 11:50

mina nje all i am saying is that...kuseza okuningi this guy uzosishiya sibambe ongezansi.......as bad as the ANC says Thabo Mbeki was......to me he is still 10 times better that Zuma

03 Feb 2010 11:54

@BA your sis dolly comment is circulating on emails now, I just got an email on my work email address.....LOL

03 Feb 2010 12:18

@Best Achiever whether Mantuli attended Mabhida's Marriage or nt Its non of yo buzness, washada azi(MANTULI) ukuthy uZuma uzoshada noMABHIDA so angisiboni isdingo se jealousy &let us nt even go there.... kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa...Da Diva...uthwasile nhe....kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa...i think you should try to calm down....

kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa....@ BA "how does one attend someone's marriage"

Hayi uphambene wena Da Diva uyafana nje nalomongameli wakho, I am sure unechaphoti
haybo Sobza....everyone is entitled to their own opinion….bethuna i think we should all respect other people’s views even if they we don't agree with them

03 Feb 2010 13:50

Yester night did anyone watch a programme on SABC 1 @ 21h00-22h00 Topic "Married over 50 years" or something like that

I didn't see it from the beginning but there was umkhulu he's 94 still making babies the other one was like 6/8 months. I don't how many has got married cause some of the wives passed away.

There's this one wife am sure she's btwn 45-50 and she's got kids age 5 and 10 if am not mistaken. She was recommending umkhulu ukuthi he's still good in bed. She's not good ke in English this white guy who was interviewing her was asking - if she says mkhulu is still good how many times a week do they make love. And the wife said Monday 5 games, Tuesday 5 games, Wednesday 4 games, Thursday 6 games and Friday 5 games and then Saturday or the weekend he'll go to her sister. Hayi bathong siyayizwa imihlola kodwa.

So Msholozi is still young and fresh when I compare him with this mkhulu he's still going to make more babies

03 Feb 2010 14:00

LOL@Akas is the most energetic old man indeed.. @ 94 and still going On? I wouldnt mind one day to be a Step - mother of his children. 

03 Feb 2010 14:04

So Msholozi is still young and fresh when I compare him with this mkhulu he's still going to make more babies

ofcos Akas, if he can afford bringing them up, why not?

<<<Uphambene wena Tholi....sometimes I wonder nje ukuba ingqondo yakho iyasebenza na.....ofcourse this has everything to do with us.

He is our president and he should lead by example....khawuyeke ukunyathela ngayo ingqondo le yakho
(use your brain instead of your ass) >>>

@Sobza, i will pretend as if  i didn't see this

03 Feb 2010 14:14

DA Diva all I wanted was for you to educate me on that point, seeing as you aint gonna do that I will go back to silent blogging this article. Hi Sobza my F!!!

03 Feb 2010 14:15

AkaS i saw that but i didn't finish watching it coz i wanted to sleep early...

94 still making babies the other one was like 6/8 months.....Wow!!....

And the wife said Monday 5 games, Tuesday 5 games, Wednesday 4 games, Thursday 6 games and Friday 5 games and then Saturday or the weekend he'll go to her sister...kwakwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa....what is she talking about ?? they make love 5 times a day??  tl tl tl tl he'll go to her sister and do what.....shag her sister too?? Hayi sisayiva imihlola nyani AkaS

03 Feb 2010 14:20

Hi Sobza my F!!!

Lela shlobokazi.....unjani ke kodwa?

@Sobza, i will pretend as if i didn't see this 

suit yourself.....nam andinalo ixesha lonoqatiko

03 Feb 2010 14:40

suit yourself.....nam andinalo ixesha lonoqatiko
I will ingone this one too.

03 Feb 2010 14:51

@ Sips I think she was meaning rounds cause she was trying to speak English. Nxi you should have seen naye umkulu wakhona lo naye evuma ukuthi he still enjoy sex and he's still very busy men in bed. What make him strong is the food he eats he doesn't eat the mealielie we buy in the shop but the home made one so the wife(s) prepares it).  He said he really takes care of himself.

I think usisters was charmed by umkhulu so naye is one of the wives.

Hayi ubungahleka when this lady pointing at her thing and say "Here oh I get too much" and she'll laugh hayi uyamchaza umkhulu shame

Da Diva
03 Feb 2010 15:03

Da Diva
03 Feb 2010 15:05

@Sobza yazin wena Shlama ungasgjwayeli kabi nx *bleep!* you...........

03 Feb 2010 15:11

Hayi ubungahleka when this lady pointing at her thing and say "Here oh I get too much" and she'll laugh OMW for real AkaS...kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa....HIZZZ....... she must have had 3 shots of something... still that's too much for their age 5 rounds a day for 5 days a week...."HERE I GET TOO MUCH"........you're killing me here.....hayi inoba umnika kamnandi....oh sister would be another wife nhe...

03 Feb 2010 15:21

@DaDiva, that what i was trying to avoid by ignoring that idiot's attacks to us.
but it sounds like shim really looking for trouble.

03 Feb 2010 15:52

AkaS,I also saw the programme,but it was already playing when I tuned in.Didn't they say the old man has 94 children?And I heard the woman saying '10' when the white man asked how many times a night they have sex,haai zuma o tla siama jang tota le bannabagolo ba nnetse go iphanya ka thobalano sterk thata jaana,nee vok man.

I dont give a rat's ass how some people defend zuma,the fact is he had a child out of wedlock,which means,not even implies,that he cheated on his wives.Another thing,taba ya gore he wasnt yet president when Sonono became pregnant is irrelevant,the bugger was already running for president,akere he is the president of his party and if the party wins the elections,he is the one who was gonna be president.

Haai man guys,let's just for once face the truth and tell it like it is,ao,nx!

03 Feb 2010 15:52

@DaDiva, that what i was trying to avoid by ignoring that idiot's attacks to us.
but it sounds like shim really looking for trouble.

Keep talking, someday you'll say something intelligent....you've got nothing to lose after all. If ever there was a vaccine for stupidity, I'd get you one....Tholi and Da Diva take the cup for stupidity

03 Feb 2010 16:02

usfumbu ubona uqhaqhazela.

03 Feb 2010 16:24


03 Feb 2010 16:30


03 Feb 2010 16:44

ikunatsi ibuhlungu....JZ will service it

Da Diva
03 Feb 2010 16:51

Sobza yin vele waliwe yin awhlukane nathi SCEFE

04 Feb 2010 10:15

This is so childish.

04 Feb 2010 10:25

@ Lex Didn't they say the old man has 94 children? kwakwa kwakwa no I didn't hear that but I know he's got more 50 children

04 Feb 2010 10:43

If he's got more than 50 children does he even remember their names....tjo i dought he has a solid relationship with each child...bet he doesn't even know their personalities.....

04 Feb 2010 11:21


05 Feb 2010 15:19

Eish ngaze ngahleka!!!!! LMAO!~

11 Feb 2010 15:41

Did u guyz hear that Zuma have a 30 year old boy from Zimbabwe...Dudzai Nyamuramba they really look alike strue.

11 Feb 2010 15:47

Holiday, he is part of 20 children. I also hear that. But Zuma says he cant remember him. People are just trying to set him up.

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