EXCLUSIVE: BB Revolution Host Revealed!

Written by Brown Shuga from the blog SHUGAS BLOGIWOOD on 25 Aug 2009
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(oooh guys, I know you had all forgotten that I still have a blog here but I'm sure BB addicts will welcome this

Sorry MNET, seeing that you guys are inviting everybody else to the BB house except me, I thought the best way to get back at you is to spoil your lil' surprise lol.
I'm not always this nasty, only when I don't get what I want....which, in this case, is to spend a night in the Big Brother House!!!!!!!!
*in my best Jennifer Hudson voice*
♫ Biggie, One night only, One night only ♪


The name is
Ikponmwosa Osakioduwa


Don't worry, he calls himself
I.K so that's all you gotta remember! 

How do I know he's the new host?

Well, I got my sources....

How sure am I he's the one?

Well, I was 99% sure and then I went on Twitter to search for his profile and his ONE AND ONLY (where is One & Only by the way?), umm..sorry...I meant, his ONE AND ONLY TWEET on August 14th made me 100% sure!


Now come on Africa, we can't have our BBA host having only 62 followers, start following so that by the time the show starts, he's at least got a few more nyana shem...heheh.

So, who is this I.K? Well, you can start by checking out his TVSA Profile HERE....

kemi and ik

Apparently dude is a  Presenter for Studio 53 in Naija, he hosted Temptation Nigeria  2-3 years ago on Mnet (with Kemi Adetiba) and is currently also a DJ on the Lagos based radio station, Rhythm 97.3 FM.

While we wait for the "official" announcement, here are a few Fast Facts about I.K, the new Big Brother Africa tl tl :

1. I.K got married in 2008
(almost ended that with a "sorry ladies" but I'm not sure if he's THAT cute)


I hear his wife gave birth to a healthy baby boy last week Friday so CONGRATULATIONS on the new babatjie, Mr Host of BBA4!

2. In 2007, JUICE, a magazine in Naija named him "The Next Big Thing On TV" right!

3. Word on the street is, (in other words, two unrelated people have told me that... ) given his relationship with Mnet, dude didn't even audition! Well, IF that is true then shame on them for putting all those other peeps through auditions whereas they knew from the word go ukuthi bafuna bani...!

4. The people of my home Nigeria seem to like I.K. coz I've read only good things about him.

5. Here's a 2008 interview he did with LINK

6. Oh, and if you wanna hear his voice, check this out... LINK

Sjoe, enuff gossip for one night, I SO hope I'm right!

rev logo

Big Brother Africa: The Revolution
starts on DSTV Channel 198 on Sunday, 6 September 2009 @ 19:30!

Hope this lil article won't get me banned from the launch :-)

Congratulations to I.K on getting the gig and massive, massive respect to KB Ngakane for holding it down for two seasons.
Nigeria rules Big Brother (hence NO shower-hour) so it was only a matter of time before we had a Nigerian host.
*waits for the thunder & to be misunderstood*
I hope after I.K's tenure we'll have one from Ghana, Kenya etc. It belongs to the continent after all. Big Up I.K, I don't know you but will be supporting you and I hope the rest of the continent will do!

P.S. Mnet, I'm not doing anything on Friday night *wink wink*

Hello bloggers! I have missed the place!!!!!!!!!


24 Aug 2009 21:43

Thanks for the juice BS! Sorry to hear you not invited to the BB house :( Is Tashi going again though? Would be nice to get some sneak-peeks before the show starts.

24 Aug 2009 21:53

I hope he doesnt speak forren though! And there better be a coloured person either 4rm namibia or SA!! Most of all, I hope we hav interesting characters like last time (Mimi any1!?)

Brown Shuga
24 Aug 2009 21:58

hahahahahah Piz, what's up with u demanding coloureds now?? Lucille is coloured mos and she was in the house and was probably one of the MOST boring in there... heheheh. I say we should have an openly gay boy in there, the house will be SO MUCH fun!!!!

Hey Robza, I'm sure Tashi is going, she'll let us know.

24 Aug 2009 22:05

I hear there are two caucasian folk from South Africa and Mozambique going into the house. Dunno how true that is, but some racial diversity would certainly be 'revolutionary'. :D The Angolan is another light-skinned individual.... as speculated. The producers of the show are so far up Nigeria's a$$ that the show will never be the same again, and I'll never love it as much as the first season. Tapuwa was a LEGEND. Prepare for censorship overload again! Not just in the shower - any 'controversial' convos are gonna be cut away from like last year :( I hope the house's decor is at least easy on the eye and doesn't trigger my gag reflex this time around. :(

Brown Shuga
24 Aug 2009 22:07

Hawu Robza, kanjani manje coz they said "no rules" and housemates can even "whats the word?" (conspire what what) ???

24 Aug 2009 22:10

Hehehe,i got more followers than him on twitter,lol. As 4 BB,um dishless so y'all have fun.

Brown Shuga
24 Aug 2009 22:12

<<<<Hehehe,i got more followers than him on twitter,lol>>> kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa

24 Aug 2009 22:20

No, Brown Shuga, not that. I think its great that they spicing up the game with the USA-styled Biggie. I'm talking about the general censorship. Season 1 was the grand-daddy of BBA. It had a great, not to mention articulate host and it was no-holes barred television. Housemates could say and do as they pleased. We had a special time called  'Shour Hour' unique to our edition of Big Brother even though countries like Finland, Belgium and so forth showed their housemate in the showers. But now that's gone. When housemates talked about anything controversial happening in their countries, the cameras would switch away in the 3rd season. All because the SA producers are too scared to lose Nigeria's voting-base as they are the 2nd largest subscriber audience, so they have to do exactly as they say. We even have a bloody Nigerian presenter now. *sigh* It's all about the money at the end of the day for them - f*** what the true fans of the format want. :(

Brown Shuga
24 Aug 2009 22:30

yeah, I hear u. I missed the first BBA coz I didn't have DSTV then but I've heard awesome things about it. Ungakwati, kuzolunga!

24 Aug 2009 22:31

Welcome back to blogging! And yes, you are spoiling mnet's surprise big

25 Aug 2009 01:18

Madam Brown Shuga, the programme is called BBA Africa and not BBA South Africa, so the other participating countries should be given the opportunity to host the show. Don't whip up sentiments!!!!!

Since you enjoy watching naked bodies your wish may yet be granted. Currently I am in Nigeria and I have noticed that only Nigeria has a separate channel for BBA 4. While the other participating countries will be tuned to Channel 198, Nigeria  will tune to Channel 199 named Channel 199 BBA Ni. So keep your fingers crossed, Channel 198 may carry the shower hour. Unfortunately I willl be back in SA before the programme starts, so I have no choice than to watch channel 198.In addition, Nigerians must request for Channel 199 BBA Ni to be activated on their decoders by sending an SMS to Multichoice.

Brown Shuga
25 Aug 2009 06:02


25 Aug 2009 06:16

Hawu! Lucille is not coloured! She is a damara/nama, the xhosas of namibia...yes she speaks afrikaans but thats bcoz everyone speak afr in namibia...I am gona miss KB...@DOROTHY, ja and??

25 Aug 2009 06:19

Bring on the Nigerian accent,it never gets old.BS,the One & Only is also the name of Sol Kerzner's new ultra-expensive hotel in Cape Town.Maybe thats where he's staying?

25 Aug 2009 06:49

Eish no man, i'm gon miss KB my man. I hope he is a good host and angasibori.............. Teary

Brown Shuga
25 Aug 2009 06:53

LOL Onkez, can they afford that hotel? Hear it's expensive!! Okay Piz, I'm sure there will be a coloured and we do have white people too in Africa so that would be a welcome inclusion too! I must forget abt the gay element coz it's illegal in Nigeria and some other african countries konje.

25 Aug 2009 07:46

enjoyed reading dis! welcome back BS! no DSTV no BB!

25 Aug 2009 07:50

Eish Dali that means no TVSA for you. During BBA those are the only active threads. You will see

25 Aug 2009 07:56

eish i remember dat from last year cleve. jerrr itz gonna be hell!

25 Aug 2009 08:04

Next year nami i will be able to participate in these DSTV blogs,lol, GOd will come through for me.

Ruby Red
25 Aug 2009 08:07

brown shuga, thanx for a great post.

if they want to revolutionise bba, by bringing a pidgin-speaking no-looks host, from nigeria after all the pandering they did to remove shower hour coz fucking-funneka was gagging for some nunu, and then go on to call the lukewarm fluid an african bba4, i feel we are getting short-changed here.

what about the rest of our sentiments.
know how the mice felt in animal farm? me. i guess very soon multichoice will be all-nigerian.

and dorothy777,  we are gonna watch bba4, without the shower hour, only not as much. and whats up with parental control, facility, its not there in nigeria?

25 Aug 2009 08:12

Ya ne it is that time of the year when TVSA will be unfriendly to the dishless, hopefully next year I will be part of the crew.
Welcome back Shuggs, will read BBA like I always do here.

Tash 1
25 Aug 2009 08:15

Big ups to BB4, can't wait, mara Y shower hour guys? We want it oooooooooo.

Ruby Red
25 Aug 2009 08:26

i know for a fact thet in nigeria for this season, you have to apply to watch bba, yes, you subscribe, then you, apply either via sms, or e-mail to watch it.

i would have thought if all the problems the mother continent is facing, corruption, poverty, escalating HIV figures, unemployment, prostitution, crime................etc, if all these problems received such propmt and effective attention then maybe we would be halfway thru solving them by now.
i am just saying its surprising the expediency with which they set up committees to loook into ways of making bba4 celibate and chaste and managed to come up with a tasteless chunk of crap.

i do sincerely hope they have done much better with the housemates, given us diverse races and cultures. am also intigued by the less than average numbers of of white participants in bba, they not interested?

25 Aug 2009 08:32

LOL Ruby!!!! uvuthamalangabi. yah, someone call me when BBA is over so i can come back to TVSA.

25 Aug 2009 08:38

ehe now-o.  Me go watch BBA4.  BS, why are you hiding your pretty self so much so?  Look now-o, I missed your reviews.  Did something happen-o to you madam-o?  God forbid!!!

Anyway, thank you for giving us the low down and I will be listening to pidgin english and watching idiotz.  And they better be good-o.

Ruby Red
25 Aug 2009 09:33

FK...........if we gonna watch idiots, they better be naked. (shower hour)

25 Aug 2009 09:41

Mna i miss KB's quirky, down-to earth style already shem. Let's see what Shug's new Beau brings lol lol.   Roll on Sept...*and the drums slowly and softly start beating*

25 Aug 2009 09:45

Lol RR - can't wait to get back to nite blogging.  The last time I enjoyed blogging at nite was during American Idols. 

25 Aug 2009 09:49

Hawu Piz and Shuga, what's with the AND re: dorothy's post?

Nyway, kwa kwa kwa kwa kwak  wkakakaakakakakakakakakak @ MNET getting the carpet dragged from beneath their feet. this is the true definition of EXCLUSIVE!!!!!!!!!!! Well done ausi!

25 Aug 2009 09:52

shame at least IK now has 65 followers, i'll b his 66th :)

lady gaga
25 Aug 2009 10:00

hey BS are feeling this guy or what????? i just see something here bt dnt know

25 Aug 2009 10:16

Haha BS! Poor mnet. Wena what did you wanna go and do in the house anyway?

25 Aug 2009 10:24

@Tox, lol, I see he's still on 66 followers

Ruby Red
25 Aug 2009 10:36

someone in nigeria must be a good *bleep!*, first a bbnigeria clocked as a  bba, then a nigerian presenter.

am gonna wait until this low IQ( sorry IK) struts his stuff then i can be his follower.

i think they would have done better bringing gaetano.

can we have a bba of former housemates........... i miss tapuwa.

Ruby Red
25 Aug 2009 11:58


25 Aug 2009 12:24

How right you are Red maybe Gaetano if not KB. I suppose we should give him a chance. Fancy having to apply to watch after PAYING for my subscription, WOW!

Tash 1
25 Aug 2009 13:12

So no action on BBA4 ths year, naija wats wrong wit u?

kiki X
25 Aug 2009 15:27

Oh yes big ups to you KG NGAKANE for holding it down for 2 seasons,you did a great job and i mean this from the bottom of my heart.......Love You!!!

Lets see what this Naija dude has got to offer with his 65 followers.

25 Aug 2009 15:36

Hello bloggers! i have  missed the place!!!!!!,thats the problem when ppl makes money they forgot where they coming from.

Honey we missed you a lot,how long we must wait for this?Good to see our ADM back.

25 Aug 2009 15:44

thanks Brown Shuga- for the Scoop and we missed you welcome back.

25 Aug 2009 17:52

KIKI X its 66 followers man!

25 Aug 2009 21:18

@Ruby Red

It appears you are already biased even before the show starts. BBA Africa is not on Channel 198 in Nigeria, so there is no reason why shower hour should not be shown. The show is not BBA South Africa. Other participating countries apart from South Africa and Nigeria should also produce the host in subsequent editions. Also BBA 5 should take place in another country outside South Africa. Please try and adapt to changes. Take it easy. Haba, you are already stressed before the show even starts!!!!!!!!!

Brown Shuga
25 Aug 2009 21:37

<<<Also BBA 5 should take place in another country outside South Africa>>> kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa
you must first #lightupnigeria Dorothy! lol.

But really Ruby, some of the stuff u said is harsh, tjo! What did they do to you? Heheheh.

As far as I remember, this whole thing of sending an email or sms to subscribe to the BB channel started last year... and it was coz of the uproar that followed the Ofunneka/Richard saga....

Speaking of Richard...  I heard he and Ricki have a baby now and Max is married to some Zambian gal...

25 Aug 2009 22:14

Too funny! BS imagine a gay col cape town guy, kwa kwa kwa! There wont b whites, their morals are to questionable!! PS @dali, thats what u get 4 making fun of me 4 blogging alone for ANTM!

Brown Shuga
25 Aug 2009 22:41

<<<BS imagine a gay col cape town guy, kwa kwa kwa!>>> kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa THAT and a w dude who is irritated by "kwa kwa kwa " like @brad tl tl tl tl tl tl tl tl tl tl

25 Aug 2009 22:50

He he B uyakumosha u twitter,why ubiza abantu ngama gama wabo ka twitter?

Brown Shuga
26 Aug 2009 06:59


Ruby Red
26 Aug 2009 07:53

what i dont like is having to water down the excitement just so one country can get its wishes. what happens if there is another outcry this year, maybe from even another country, would they make more changes, ban bba?
its ok to receive feedback and to incorporate it in your changes, but judging by the outcry on these boards, removing shower hour is not so popular.

and dorothy, get your facts straight, there is no shower hour, and no nudity on bba this year, period. if they gonna change that maybe, but for now, thats how it is.

26 Aug 2009 08:03

lol Paralyzer  u neva forget neh... oh well have fun while it lasts! BB doesnt play all year!lol

Ruby Red
26 Aug 2009 08:08

somebody said about an openly gay dude in the house, would be fun, but he would not is not tolerant of independence.

26 Aug 2009 09:02

first bba 3 was dull because d house was filled with idiots, bein naked wudnt havee made much difference.....except to other idiots maybe
and like somebody said earlier this is big brother AFRICA. if u ask me KB shudnt have presented more than one year. ya he is good n all, but we r lookin 4 fresh,new,....and revolution. maybe ik is it..

26 Aug 2009 09:24

it was hard enough adjusting to that new bigbrother voice lastyear i cant imagine without KB,s voice ,but i guess change is good i just hope is for the best, not after all the monthly payments i will be paying ,they better deliver.

Brown Shuga
26 Aug 2009 17:44

Lol Cheeesa!

27 Aug 2009 12:44

Waving at toxic!

28 Aug 2009 03:29

Shugs - you were 200% correcto!! They've officially IK as the host, goo juice-meister!! - this from the release, came in today/yesterday ...

"... In line with the fresh new take on Big Brother, there’s a new face at the helm of the series. M-Net has now officially confirmed the name of the series host and joining the Big Brother team is talented, well-spoken and charming Nigerian television star IK Osakioduwa who’s already well-known to audiences across the continent.

An Economics graduate from the University of Lagos who began his broadcast career as ‘Wild Child’ on Nigerian radio station Rhythm FM 93.7, the dynamic IK soon moved into television. A presenter on M-Net’s flagship Afro-chic lifestyle program Studio 53, he has also helmed two other M-Net productions in Nigerian, the game show Temptation Nigeria and the stand-out stand-up series Comedy Club: Live in Lagos."

Brown Shuga
28 Aug 2009 13:16

Hahahah thanks Tashi! Have fun in the house and do everything TWICE! 1 for you, 1 for me :-)

30 Aug 2009 21:44

Hawu BS i thot u said u r bac where is our sunday mgosi article?

02 Sep 2009 10:36

Hi BS welcome back, you've been trully missed!!! I'm normally a silent blogger but I had to welcome you back.

24 Nov 2009 13:14

Shuggs my love I have missed your intelligent and highly entertaining blog. Usandikhumbula my sweety pie? I heard you getiing married.

29 Nov 2009 00:33

you can search for his profile by using

29 Nov 2009 00:34

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