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Rhythm City Teasers - July 2009

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Rhythm City Teasers on 30 Jun 2009
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Coming up on Rhythm City in July, 2009:

Wednesday 1 July 2009
Episode 518

Lu and S'bu think Miles is steadily losing his mind. Lu is shocked to discover Wandi is lesbian. Tshidi gets an advance from an (unsuspecting) Zondi to pay her dealer.

Thula and Sunay score a success with the online video marketing campaign. She pressures Thula to obtain Kilowatt Club's database from Suffocate.

S'bu gets Smokey to sign away the rights to his music for Driehoek. The girls agree to remain with Hustle. S'bu comforts Gail and things get passionate.

Thursday 2 July 2009
Episode 519

Lu wrestles with the problem of her prejudices. Wandi forces the issue by confronting her about them.

Miles decides to escort Lu to David's pre-MIA party although he insists David has ulterior motives in inviting him. Sunay proposes Thula become her manager. Tshidi objects.

Sunay later urges Thula to surreptitiously get Suffocate's list from Fats. Smokey invites Gail to leave with him to the States. He tells her that he loves her.

Friday 3 July 2009
Episode 520

Having managed to get the information from Fats, behind Suffocate's back, Thula is desperate to get some clarity about his role as Sunay's manager.

From the moment Miles arrives at Lu's pre-MIAs party, David and his agents of destruction sow paranoia and mistrust in his mind.

As Lu starts to perform, they put the final part of the plan into action - and Miles loses it, in front of everyone.

Monday 6 July 2009
Episode 521

While everyone is struggling to come up with an explanation of why Miles punched David, Miles tries to get people to believe he in fact is the victim of David's machinations.

Stone is offered a promotion at work, raising the possibility he might have to move to Pretoria. Gail is still undecided over whether or not to take up Smokey's offer to join him in the States.

Tuesday 7 July 2009
Episode 522

David's back at home and it feels great. Lu reminds him it's only temporary. David tells Ronald he plans to bring a charge of assault against Miles - and sue him in civil court.

Following the advice of friends, Stone doesn't tell his parents about his promotion, his raise, and his proposed move to Pretoria.

Tshidi lets slip to Sunay the fact that Thula once earned his living as a rent boy. Smokey goes on a final club tour before his departure for the States.

S'bu and Gail end up kissing.

Wednesday 8 July 2009
Episode 523

Gail and S'bu can't face each other after their kiss the night before. Just prior to Suzie Kromboom's recording session, S'bu gets a call from her to say she won't be able to make it.

Hustle is panicking - and then Kop suggests Tshidi.

Stone is extremely excited about the possibility of getting his own place in Pretoria. Suffocate has received a promotional SMS that makes him extremely suspicious.

Thursday 9 July 2009
Episode 524

Suffocate confronts Thula about stealing his distribution list. Thula fingers Fats. A depressed Tshidi confides in King.

Things are still weird between S'bu and Gail, but the crisis of finding a session singer keeps them distracted, for now. Fats forces an impromptu audition of Mpumi on S'bu.

Miles' assault on David comes back to haunt him.

Friday 10 July 2009
Episode 525

Miles' lawyer reveals, that apart from the police investigations, David is also bringing a civil claim against Miles for R100,000.

Thula confronts Tshidi after Sunay reveals she's heard about his rent boy past. Mpumi is terrified of performing in public, but Fats hears there's money to be made if she agrees to the recording.

Gail and S'bu keep avoiding the issue of their feelings for each other…and then they start kissing…

Monday 13 July 2009
Episode 526

It's the morning after the big night between S'bu and Gail, with one of them suffering from seriously cold feet.

Kop is excited about buying a car with Stone, to his son's increasing displeasure. Miles is convinced David drugged him on the night of the party, but his obsession is only pushing Lu and David closer together.

Mpumi makes an important decision about her singing career.

Tuesday 14 July 2009
Episode 527

S'bu ducks and dives, which drives Gail crazy so she makes the decision to go to America.

Miles gets tested to try to prove David drugged him. Lu tells Miles she cannot handle his erratic behaviour and to stay out of her life.

Stone is so not excited when he sees the kind of car his father has in mind for him. Nervous Mpumi starts studio rehearsals.

Wednesday 15 July 2009
Episode 528

David agrees to intercede on Wandi's behalf with Lu to try and resolve their rift. Mpumi goes into studio to record for Hustle. As the downloads begin to generate money, Tshidi becomes hopeful it may be a way to ease her current financial concerns.

Sunay, however, has other ideas. Gail finally drops the bombshell that she's leaving Hustle and South Africa. Miles tells S'bu to do whatever it takes to prevent her from going.

Thursday 16 July 2009
Episode 529

Mpumi is excited about her new career, but Fats cautions her to keep it secret. Stone begins to understand that buying a car is going to be a long, time-consuming process, due to his dad's involvement.

David receives a setback in his campaign to reclaim Lu's affections when she discovers he has accepted the MIA's invite on behalf of both of them.

The tension over Sunay escalates between Fats and Suffocate. Gail announces her departure date, to S'bu's great sorrow.

Friday 17 July 2009
Episode 530

Lu allows herself to be pressured by Victoria into revealing the reason why she's not moving in with Wandi. Miles learns from his GP there are indeed traces of a drug in his bloodstream.

Sunay lies to a financially desperate Tshidi about the money made from the down loads. Miles advises S'bu to grasp the woman he loves with both hands - or live to regret his loss for the rest of his life.

Monday 20 July 2009
Episode 531

Miles pulls off a coup when he arranges for Driehoek to guest perform at the MIAs. Ronald, posing as a journalist, asks Wandi if she'd give an interview about being openly lesbian - claiming Lu as his source.

Suffocate tells Thula that if Sunay did steal his SMS client distribution list, he wants her out of the club. Sunay goes to Suffocate with a sob story and come-to-bed eyes he finds hard to resist.

Tuesday 21 July 2009
Episode 532

Although Suffocate manages to resist her advances, Sunay tells Thula he came on to her.

David manipulates reconciliation between Wandi and Lu after their confrontation.

S'bu can't bear to say goodbye to Gail and spends the rest of the day drinking at the club. Later, during a conversation with his friends, he realises he does in fact love her. Hoping he's not too late, he makes a mad dash to tell her.

Wednesday 22 July 2009
Episode 533

S'bu has one last chance to tell Gail he loves her, but will it be too little, too late?

Tshidi has to approach Zondi for another advance on her salary. Elmarie is promoted within the Hustle family and Lu tries to explain herself to Wandi.

King drops by unexpectedly and meets Kop and Mamokete. David offers to drop the charges against Miles in exchange for an apology.

Thursday 23 July 2009
Episode 534

Elmarie has an idea of doing a swimwear shoot with Driehoek. An incensed Miles has a shouting match with Lu, after hearing about David's offer.

Sunay is so incensed that Tshidi has finally got a few hundred bucks out of her towards paying the drug bill that she bullies Thula into cutting Tshidi out of the video clips.

Friday 24 July 2009
Episode 535

Wandi tells Lu she has to get rid of toxic Miles. When S'bu finds out how much the case could cost his father, he totally freaks out. Elmarie tries again to approach S'bu over the Gail saga, but he totally loses his cool. Mamokete and Kop confront a lying Tshidi over the rent money she owes them.

Monday 27 July 2009
Episode 536

Lu is pleasantly surprised when S'bu tells her Miles want to apologise to David. She asks Wandi to be her official date for the MIAs.

Stone's car trauma continues.

Elmarie offers to be S'bu's date for the MIAs. S'bu agrees, but is concerned his reputation as a "hot ladies' man" might be affected.

Tuesday 28 July 2009
Episode 537

David shocks Miles by wanting him to repeat his apology in public - at a press conference. Stone is extremely unhappy about buying the ancient jalopy on which his father has set his heart.

Ivan makes it clear to Zondi he expects him to continue to milk Sunay for as much as she can earn. S'bu realises asking Elmarie to the MIAs was probably not the best idea he's ever had.

Wednesday 29 July 2009
Episode 538

Elmarie is anxious about the MIAs. Stone figures out how to repair Kop's wounded feelings.

Siya makes an unexpected reappearance in Tshidi's life. David moves into the next phase of his plan to win back Lu, and starts to get Wandi on his side. Lu makes an enormous decision about one of the men in her life.

Thursday 30 July 2009
Episode 539

A demoralized Miles decides he's not going to go to the MIAs that night. Wandi and Lu head off to the event, where Lu is in for many surprises. King pays Tshidi a friendly visit at work. Elmarie opens up to S'bu about the real reasons she came to Jozi.

Friday 31 July 2009
Episode 540

The aftermath of Wandi and Lu's moment of closeness begins to ripple through their lives.

Elmarie's brother arrives to take her home. Tshidi continues heading off the rails, and Thula begins to worry about her expectations around the download business.

Siya and Sunay initiate a new era of co-operation. Stone tries to talk to Tshidi, but she freaks.

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30 Jun 2009 23:56

Can't wait! Wandi makes ME wanna go homo!hot hot hot. This character suits her! Enough about Suney and Tshidi already!Stone wil have 2face Charlotte in Pta,David n Lu should jst get back 2gether

01 Jul 2009 07:54

Lots of twist here...I foresee Suffo shagging Sunay lol...This Lu, Miles, and Dave drama is not gonna end anytime soon huh.......Tsidi and King, these guys are so compartable (^_^)

01 Jul 2009 08:32

Sounds exciting. I wish the whole Lu saga would end now. It's becoming tired

01 Jul 2009 10:37

Poor miles, they think he is totally loosing it and David is always getting away with it. Interesting stone is buying a car but why his fathers choice? heheheh.

01 Jul 2009 11:02

tshidi, fell so sorry 4 u, bet yu cant play sunay's game

01 Jul 2009 11:19

The aftermath of Wandi and Lu's moment of closeness begins to ripple through their lives.   OMW!!!  Lu and Wandi together noooooooooooo......

When is Thembi coming back, Sbu and Gail don't look good together and can't Stone stand up to his father??????

Lady NA
01 Jul 2009 12:36

Hi everyone, So Gail gone for real...

01 Jul 2009 13:25

S'bu has such bad luck, every woman he declares his undying love ups and leaves. I say bring back Thembi. What is the matter with Sunay, she is the one who wants Suffocate.

01 Jul 2009 13:37

Agree Firstdvd, Tshidi and King will make a nice couple, sparks were definitely flying last night. But I have seen King somewhere. I think I saw him on etv's soccer series. 
I Loled when Sunay told Suffo that he wants her, Now that just made my day

01 Jul 2009 14:27

So Gail gone for real...

Gone? wait lemme read slowly...

Tshidi and King will make a nice couple
Eish i missed it last nite...will catch up tonite (hopefully)

01 Jul 2009 15:04

Genaro, Ronald combination always winning its strange, at least one of their plans should stall. one day they will be villains

01 Jul 2009 15:12

i jus knew dat Wandi was lesbian......ya the character really suits her!!!

01 Jul 2009 19:44

hm. stone moving to pretoria means that he can have a boyfriend. he already is spending a lot of time with his gay friends as it is that's why they don't see him that much at kilowatt these days.

02 Jul 2009 10:20

wow, this month is gonna be hott with a double T. but i dont like what is happening to Miles, cant David's plan fail for a change, cant he be the one to lose, just once....His forever victories are starting to get to me.

02 Jul 2009 10:25

I have a question about the guy who handed Milea the video, How can his surname be Moyo when he is white. Those Sizzle aka Driehoek girls are realy annoying, didn't they know the score when they first got involved with S'bu.

02 Jul 2009 11:20

Eish m alte this tym........anyway I jst love the guy King .........I alwayz like him i also thnk they can make a good couple with Tshidi.

02 Jul 2009 12:21

Me grr olwayc l8.bt i thnk siya/king (thelionking) wl hlp tshidi 0n ha drug habit....

02 Jul 2009 12:35

Im b0rd seeing genaro winning,y cnt sum1 bring hm dwn.lo0k at [b]barker[/b] he ws dwn n atleast silverter aka ma-vester ws killed by hs Fellow fwnd.i dnt say genaro mst b kill n0.bt he mst atleast gt d pain hs c0usin 4 d ppl aii.if i wr miles i cud hv set a b0mb 0n redempti0n rec0rd n dem0lish ol in it.......i mis charlotte bath0ng/mense/ppl damit...... Shame phuki i stil hv ur video u n dave duin wt wt at d 0ffice shame.n st0ne g0 4 a valiant valaza mfana mfana

02 Jul 2009 15:18

@thelionking, I was also thinking about the same thing yesterday that maybe King will be the one who'll help Tsidi leave drugs.I think they should keep King, he can make the sopie even more interesting!

02 Jul 2009 15:19

i hate 

02 Jul 2009 15:28

King says he likes Tshidi but then he turns around and sells her drugs. I guess business is business.

Hope Wandi is not going fatal attraction on Lu.

02 Jul 2009 16:30

i like whats going on between sbu and gail,and i hope she doesnt go to the US

03 Jul 2009 08:57

Gail loves sbu i saw it in her eyes she will turn Smokey down .Tshidi must befriending bab people ,david i hate him .sbu make a move to gail .thula stay away from that gogo .lucilla run as fast as u can from that lesbian .

03 Jul 2009 09:26

rythm city is starting to lose the plot, the lu, miles and david saga is dragging too long, david never get's caught kids will start thinking killing people is the right thing to do. aii i think the script must be flipped now. dont tell me gail is leaving i was starting to warm up to her

03 Jul 2009 09:49

@thelionking (ref to ma vesterr death), RC falls under SOAPIES...and 'guys' a soapie doesn't have an end! When Barker goes down ur expecting Genaro to go down like Barker...No RCen!

03 Jul 2009 10:16

i thought is  the tym for David to be xposed, so now he wins. there is something worng with the objective. Shame for miles after loosing Andisa. tshidi o tlameha ho noa lesheleshele leo a iphehletseng lona. lu stay away from homosexuals.

03 Jul 2009 10:20

So that is what thelionking wrote, I couldn't understand what he was saying. Thanks for the clarification Firstdvd.

@  MAPHOSH, Calm down margareth, it is only a soapie.

03 Jul 2009 10:22

@ Tinizo, Miles didn't loose Andisa, he dumped her, there is difference, he is only getting what he deserves.

03 Jul 2009 10:45

People need to realise that David at the moment is invincible, people are too lazy to take him on. You guys say that he needs to be exposed. you are right, but who on RC is capable of that. Miles is weak, he is very emotional whereas David is cold and calculating, He is not scared to get his hands dirty (case in point, Phuki and Nonti). This is a man capable of watching a person die. So until there is someone capable of taking David on, then you guys will have a long wait.

03 Jul 2009 13:26

The next thing, 'they' will be wanting Kop to bring Genaro down! lol

03 Jul 2009 13:55

why does it always have to be David winning why not Miles?

03 Jul 2009 15:20

Come on David give up, you tried him once, you ended up killing Rachel, you're tryin again, you'll end up killing yourself. I'm waiting for the day to witness Lu giving birth to a BLACK BABY. Thats wen you'll know wat the word Miles mean. you'll travel those miles until you crumble down...  

03 Jul 2009 16:00

Lol @ Firstdvd.

This time I don't think Dave wants to kill Miles but he just wants everybody to think that he is mental tha's all and of cos Lu will go running into his arms(Dave's arms).

03 Jul 2009 16:02

People need to realise that David at the moment is invincible, people are too lazy to take him on. You guys say that he needs to be exposed. you are right, but who on RC is capable of that

wink**wink @
Calamity...remember me Tazzy?
Now back  to RC: How i wish Ronald could turn the tables and take down Genaro. Ron seems to be only one who is as bad as Genaro (cold blood murderers)

Thats all folks..........Have urself a killer weekend.......:-))

03 Jul 2009 16:06

Besides David is a go-getter, he doesn't wait around for Lu to make up her mind, he is assisting her make her mind. What has Miles been doing, he has been slagging off dave to Lu. I say he doesn't deserve Lu. I'm not saying that Dave deserves her either. But Miles should stop saying that Dave is out to get him and do something about it, cos guess what, he is out to get him and everyone is starting to doubt his mental capacity. You snooze you lose Miles.

03 Jul 2009 21:14

A million dollar Q?  is ''' who is the father of the child that Lu is carrying?'' David myt run around, make Miles look as if he's becoming crazy and get Lulu all to himself, but you know wat.? Lulu wont hide the prgnancy for ever. Wat if Miles fathered the baby? Who'll be the crazy one at last? Look at the time wasted trying to play the nice guy. After all Miles and Lu aint divorced yet.

04 Jul 2009 05:09

i jst dnt lyk the fact that Dave have to alwys win evry time . jee

05 Jul 2009 11:45

Siya's coming back... Hmmm... eye ccandy, can't wait!!

06 Jul 2009 15:55

Tazzy, aka TerryN what happened to you.

07 Jul 2009 08:20

So Miles has practically handed Lu on a silver platter to David.  

07 Jul 2009 09:30

Miles is such an idiot...He knows it is a setup but no he's falling for it nx! He's really losing it

07 Jul 2009 11:13

Miles is loosing it cos its really boring to be made a fool out of. One minute you see something, by the moment you run to get a witness, on your return you find the evidence gone. Kanti wat type of security system does Miles have, the one that lets any stranger gets as far as his living room without being heard. 
I providesecurity services, Miles vuk'emaqandeni and smell the coffee, you'll lose everyone you love cos they'll think that you're going nuts"

07 Jul 2009 13:15

Tazzy, aka TerryN what happened to you.

@ Calamity
Tecnhical problem(s) happened, gal. At least i did not loose my identity and friends...:-))

07 Jul 2009 13:15

Tazzy, aka TerryN what happened to you.

@ Calamity
Technical problem(s) happened, gal. At least i did not loose my identity and friends...:-))

07 Jul 2009 15:05

Good to hear from you TerryN.  This will take some getting used to. 

Back to Miles, why was he pushing S'bu to talk gail into staying, it is not S'bu's fault that he decided to sucka punch poor (LOL at this)Dave. Dave is really milking this situation for all it is worth. have you guys noticed the way Ron looks at David sometimes. I think Ron realy hates the guy, the only reason he is sticking with him is cos he is afraid he is going to set Gordy on him.

07 Jul 2009 16:15

Ya...Ronie is up to no good!

07 Jul 2009 16:15

Ya...Ronie is up to no good!

07 Jul 2009 16:27

Ay shame akabhayizi uTshidi ugila izimanga in these days.

08 Jul 2009 13:12

Tshidi s just out of control, and her parents are now giving her free reign. They think that she just works too hard, but who can help her.

08 Jul 2009 14:08

damn sbu n gail.. they suit each other

08 Jul 2009 14:54

@Calamity, King will help her! *dats my wish though*

08 Jul 2009 17:14

Does Thula really think that Sunay loves him? she'll only suck his blood and move on with Siya, jus wait and see, he'll remember someone else's advice'''''''''' chao/////

08 Jul 2009 17:16

Shame poor Wandi, uyazifela ngo Lu. Have you ever noticed the look in her eyes eveytime she speaks with Lu?

09 Jul 2009 10:07

rythm city is starting to lose the plot, the lu, miles and david saga is dragging too long, david never get's caught kids will start thinking killing people is the right thing to do. aii i think the script must be flipped now. dont tell me gail is leaving i was starting to warm up to her. how can so1 alwas win no rythm city bouring when coning to DVD

09 Jul 2009 10:22

You are melokuhle, Wandi wants Lu. Lu is so prejudiced, what does she think Wandi will do, jump her bones.

09 Jul 2009 10:35

Shame poor Wandi, uyazifela ngo Lu. Have you ever noticed the look in her eyes eveytime she speaks with Lu?..........@ Melpkuhle.....ummane umbone nje usistaz ukuthi uthando lugcwele amehlo  i mean the gal really loves Lucilla  en it's a shame dat Lucilla doesn't buy that.

As fro Thula .............the guy will regret this is Sunay ...........she's jsut using him to make money for her but akaboni same as Tshidi.

Gail en Sbu ..................u both look very cute but to be honestly with u..........I don't want u to be couples......Gail is good with Smokey

Calamity unjani kodwa my sweetheart

09 Jul 2009 20:23

ubfs, didn't you say the same thing before???

10 Jul 2009 09:05

@ Firstdvd, this is not the first time we see this statement. phat01 and ubfs sound like the same person.

10 Jul 2009 10:29

hi the rhythm citizen''''''''' shame on you sbu first was thembi and now gail lets hope that gail will come back i like the girl!!!!!!! i wonder what kop will say when he find out about the drugs poor kete will just die;;;;;;;; eish children!!!!!! david must go to .......! u lu belongs to miles and for yena david must hook sunay this time 

10 Jul 2009 10:49

Thula is starting to irritate me. he got poor fats into trouble because he wanted to please his sugar mama.

10 Jul 2009 13:55

Howzit peoples. Nico here and yes, newbie!

Any welcomes left for me? Anywho, our very own Mpumi singing.. jah ne!

13 Jul 2009 14:39

@ Nicoleezy, welcome. 

Well, Moumi is OK as a singer but she is not WOW. I loled when Fats told S'bu that Mpumi does what he tells her. Lucky for him Mpumi wasn't there or he would be in the dog-box.

14 Jul 2009 08:25

Okay, here is a thought. What if Elmarie is David's daughter.

14 Jul 2009 10:47

@calamity,anything is possiblr

14 Jul 2009 12:11

But wud be plane bizzare!!!!!!!

David puts a stop to the say "no man is an island". Hav u forgot he was busy with inyangas and his african "roots" (Dont ask me which ones)

Has anyone ever took a look at Wandi's bod??? God knows how much "extra spice" he put in during his cooking...

Sbu' bathong!!!! For us the rule is "touch is move" but wena bra... 'touch is indeed bye-bye...) geza boy!

14 Jul 2009 13:27

Sbu' bathong!!!! For us the rule is "touch is move" but wena bra... 'touch is indeed bye-bye...) geza boy!
Lol Nicoleezy. S'bu has serious bad luck, he should be visiting the lady that did David's house cleansing.

14 Jul 2009 13:33

lol lu is turning lesbo

Lady NA
15 Jul 2009 08:35

Gail is taking a break for just 1month, hopefully when she returns they will get 2gether with Sbu.

15 Jul 2009 09:30

King King King, I don't get this guy, he says he likes Tshidi but actions speak louder than words.

Lulu is sush a hypocrite, she is treating Wandi like she got Herpes or swine flue or something. If I was Wandi i wouldn't even talk to her. Lu is clearly a homophobe. 

Aaah S'bu, what can I say about dear old S'bu. Obviously he is scared, after Thembi desserted him he is scared that if he goes in too deep Gail will do the same.

15 Jul 2009 16:05

He Cityzens... do u c mara dat no relationship on rethym gets to last dat long (or never ends) other than Bra Kop and his once-hit-by-stroke wife...Kete-baby...

Sbu (nd suffo) has al a bratha needs needs to hit on any gal, i mean he looks lyk The Game for "toilet dump" sake!!! Eish my gal is onto suffo its not even funny...

15 Jul 2009 16:12

As 50 wud put it: Gangsta sh!t

15 Jul 2009 19:06

Gail october is gone and the sexiness is gone all thanx to the idiot Sbu vilakazi.

15 Jul 2009 19:11

please can David's plan back fires at him for once pleaaase.

16 Jul 2009 08:28

Uyaazi isibukubuku??? uSbu uyiso isibukubuku as for Sunay I knew ukuthi lento izokwenzeka i just feel sorry 4 thula after izinto amanzele zona uthola 500 only yoh!

16 Jul 2009 19:47

Atleast Thula got R500,what about poor Tshidi?eish!!i feel sorry 4 her

Tash 1
17 Jul 2009 13:59

Knock! Knock! am i welcome in da house? Gud-day peeps.

UTshidi sisidenge, wat waz she thinking, befriending u Sunay?  As for  Thula Suffo has the answers. At least R500 is better than nothing.

Genaro! Genaro!Genaro! luv to hate u!!

Sbu and Gail wuld be gud 2gether.

17 Jul 2009 14:03

Who the hell is writing Rhythm city,How can David kill so many people and play miles without being caught.i am so fed up with it

Tash 1
17 Jul 2009 14:09

Well said motlaupin, haven't u heard, GENARO was shot dead by Ron! (My wish)

17 Jul 2009 14:32

17 Jul 2009 18:31

Sunay is playing everyone, Miles, Sbu, Tshidi, are all the victims.As for Thula, he was fore warned. He must not cry wen he reeps the concequences. Now Sunay Stole the destribution list, Gave him R500 from the fat R16 000?

I no longer feel soory for Tshidi, now she's doing drugs, she always agree to being made a door mat by her age group, she does not have a mission in life, She threw her friends aside then befriended a Snake. I jus wish to see Mpumi succeed, on her new carrer. Then she'll feel left out again.  i wonder how she'll feel seeing Siya being taken under her nose by the so called friend? jus like wat happened ngo Thula.


17 Jul 2009 18:34

Did you hear Tshidi say she wants to pay some bills, Oh gosh with wat? The boyfriend and manager was given a mere R500, wat will she get, Coffee at Chilas i guess

18 Jul 2009 13:33

Whos NEXT?? Sunay n Suffo......I'm loving it :-)

20 Jul 2009 10:42

So Sunay has moved on to Suffo, it seems she is only interested in men who wil advance her career. I agree with you on Tshidi melokuhle, It seems like she just can't say no to drugs. The litle money she has, instead of paying rent, she uses it for her next fix. She just annoys me, I just want to shake some sense into her.

20 Jul 2009 12:20

you saying shake? Id like to punch her nose so al.the coke will come out stupid naive tsidi she couldve been so much better.......nci nci nci

20 Jul 2009 12:31

Hey guys...........long tym but i do miss u..............anyway Tshidi is out of control so there's nothing we can do about her ryt now all she need is rehab.

Sunay,...................is a snake enishaya niphila...........i feel sori for Thula coz he was warned by Suffocate en wena Lucilla vuka emaqandeni.

20 Jul 2009 12:59

hi people how are you..........

guys Gail can not go,her and SBU r just one cute couple,she has to make up her mind hey..........

20 Jul 2009 12:59

hi people how are you..........

guys Gail can not go,her and SBU r just one cute couple,she has to make up her mind hey..........

Tash 1
20 Jul 2009 13:37

Molweni peeps, tough luck for Sbu.

I understand Gail will be going to France soon with her Hubby.

20 Jul 2009 13:43

understand Gail will be going to France soon with her Hubby.


Sbu must not forget that he's engaged to Thembi

Tash 1
20 Jul 2009 13:48

Yep, in real lyf she's married to a Frenchman.

20 Jul 2009 14:17

@T1...Who, Gail?

Tash 1
20 Jul 2009 14:36

Ewe buti/sis. UGail got married in C/Town, they wil b goin' 2 france 4 their 2nd marriage. coz they dd so  eKapa without the Grooms French family.  Ths happened in real lyf not ku RC.

20 Jul 2009 14:37

so guys does it mean she is leaving rhythm city for good..........? too bad,i was enjoying what they had with Gail

20 Jul 2009 14:38

Hello Zille

Tash 1
20 Jul 2009 14:47

She might b, coz she wants to concetrate on her new album.  Enough said abt Gail, Sbu might huk up no Tshidi, wat du u think guys?

20 Jul 2009 16:04

So she (Gail) still sings, I thought that was a lost course. 

Hell no Tash 1, that is a bad idea.

20 Jul 2009 18:50

david genaro:  "she's in comfortable shoes? man"...
Bold guy:........(blank face)
David genaro: "..i mean she carries a wallet not a purse man"
Bold guy.."..u mean she's gay..."
...lol...genrao is sooo artistic with words...

One of my favorate Dvid Genaro lines is  " ubuntu is not just aperating system...." .....

20 Jul 2009 18:51

that was supposed to be........" ubuntu is not just an operating system...." .....

21 Jul 2009 09:16

I just wish that Sunay becomes bankrupt & Suffo throws her out of Kilowatt, I mean after getting R16 000 from Zondi & only giving Thula R500 and Tshidi nothing.Now thats playing plain mean.

21 Jul 2009 10:39

Suffo is too damn soft ngaphakath...He's falling for Sunays dirty tricks nx!

21 Jul 2009 11:12

Sunay is really an interesting character

21 Jul 2009 11:16

is sunay using men or men are using her i just wish suffo should just submit the asigment and move on,,,,,,,,,,,and be careful suffo with protection please  so mpumi is going to sing good move girlfriend i just hope tshidi doesn't get jealous ,,,,,,,,,, and just be aware of manipulative sunay  

Tash 1
21 Jul 2009 11:47

Sunay, i hate u bitch!!  y dd u tel 2la tht Suffo wanted to have sex wit u?  Lier! Lier!  Suffo pls, DO NOT DO IT.  I can c Suffo n' 2la fighting over her, mara y!!!

21 Jul 2009 13:56

y z David alwaz winning his missions pliz rearrange ur scripts>!!!!!!!!!!!!!

21 Jul 2009 14:20

...lol...genrao is sooo artistic with words... 
Agree Green.arrow, genaro has the best lines on TV. 

Damn Tash 1, you hate Sunay with a passion.

22 Jul 2009 08:09

I missed RC yesterday, had to work late, anyone care to update me? Pretty please.

Tash 1
22 Jul 2009 15:05

Calamity, get real, what Sunay said was utter rubbish. Do u agree wit her sana? hope no. By the way Moweni Mablogs.

23 Jul 2009 08:25

I agree Tash 1. I have never liked Sunay and I don't think I ever will. Anyway, missed RC again, seeing that none of you want to update me, I will watch the omni on saturday.

23 Jul 2009 08:33

Iyho akakhala uSbu, goodness, was it him or the booze????

23 Jul 2009 09:15

I have been watching RC...but i missed this blog...was on leave for 2 weeks.
Now lemme catch up..

23 Jul 2009 09:15

S'bu was crying, Oh lord I have to watch it.

23 Jul 2009 10:03

Guys uSuda was crying like a new born.... @felfel am not sure if it was the booze or not but eish inyembezi ezingakayana...Did he cry that much when Tembi left? I don't remember seeing him crying at all. I was laughing - thinking it's your own doing that mfana.....that's the "freedom" you were talking about that's making you cry now...tl tl tl tl tl.....

23 Jul 2009 10:23

I'm still on Miles and Lu's saga. Aint Dave asking himself why  isn't Lu telling him about the pregnancy. Have you realised that nowadays she always wear that one buttoned jacket. 
Or else, will one day Wandi n' Lu get angry with each other such that she'll spill the beans jus like how Lu did to Victoria about her status. Asazi, seems we're having three many termination of pregnancies........ will she?

23 Jul 2009 15:08

Sbu's cry was just hilarious!
@sips-he didnt cry at all when Thembi left,shame he really loves Gail

23 Jul 2009 16:31

Yes i was Mash......oh! he didn't..i thought as much...Ncoooh!! askies S'buda... @melokuhle he should be asking himself that...ag! Lu makes me sick - the woman annoys me like crazy...And why isn't the belly showing? Its been quite some time kaloku....

24 Jul 2009 08:21

Sips, didn't Lu find out last month that she is pregnant? Besides most women start showing when they are five months or so.

Tash 1
24 Jul 2009 08:58

Hey guys, ndonwabile my team beat tht team las 9t.  

cry baby!! Gail is taken n' gone, so deal wit it! As 4 uTshidi yena................

24 Jul 2009 11:21

@ Calamity - was it last month? my bad - So she's given time to sort her stupid mind about lamadoda mabini....its such that i don't like Lu...this whole thing yakhe of not knowing which man she wants btn mbuzi David & the crazy Mr V is so irritating....i mean why won't she just move out of David's house, get a house for her & her unborn child...and be her own person...she just can't live with out a man...when she found out about Mr V and Sunay she went straight to David's    arms, then found out the stories from Gina about David - what did she do - went to Vikalazi's arms.....(i don't even think she went to Miles b/z of those stories - i think she didn't want to see Miles happy while she wasn't...that's why she slept with him so that he could break up with Andisa) then she could go back to David but the pregnancy prevented her from doing that...she doesn't know who knocked her up & she wants "space" from both man's coz she wants to think.... Woman get your own place uzocinga kwakho...
Tshidi.....i want you to be beaten up like no body's business by King's bosses...you are so stupid.....

@Tash 1 - mna andonwabaga ngenxa yalonto.... :( :( :(

Guys remind me how did David ended up owning Redemtion Records instead of Lu

24 Jul 2009 22:33

I hate David for he kind of behaviou he has anyway the part he plays suits him......Wow as for Sbu i like the way he s being treated by Gail let her keep him in a bib suspence But i dont want her to goooooooooooo.......wow as for Tschidi i dont realy think she can play the game of Sunay she must loose; after all i tell Sbu "PLS BRING BACK TEMBI3 i love her so much;

24 Jul 2009 22:51

How can i forget about Miles? oh Miles ur part is now getting me on ma nerves cos ure allowed to be fooled around and i really loved Andisa  and i knew she was going to bring back happiness in ur life but u messed everything up wat a shame. Lulu i dont know wat u want at the end ur becoming very boaring with ur series of confusion pls try and make a stand and dont let Wandi inniciate u into her kid of life styye cos ure too responsible to be tat kind. lol next month is gonna be hot i cant wait to see wats on the top.

26 Jul 2009 20:05

ENOUGH ALREADY....................DAVID

Tash 1
27 Jul 2009 09:19

@ Calamity well  said abt Lu, she is undicided!! 

Am glad we are CHAMPIONS OF THE  2009 VODACOM CHALLENGE!!!  AMAKHOSI AMAHLE made my wkend.

27 Jul 2009 10:56

Guys I watched the RC omni, I loled when Mamokete's neighbour just wouldn't leave. And when Miles said "David is a snake dressed like a goat". I just couldn't hold it together.

Lu is being unfair to Miles. The guy took his company with her help of cos, and she expects Miles to go crawling to him for forgivejness.

27 Jul 2009 11:03

Sips, remember when Lu started cheating on Miles with David. Innitialy David wanted to buy shares in the company and Miles didn't want him as a partner. Well that's when he came up with the plan to get rid of Miles cos in that way Lu would inherit. However unbeknown to them was the fact that Miles had actually updated his will and S'bu was bound to inherit, then Gordon stole the will. So Lu inherited by default, based on the old will. And she in turn sold Redemption to David.

27 Jul 2009 11:22

I just wish Lu could make up her mind..by the way who is the father of her baby?

27 Jul 2009 11:43

hi all im new here, jus needed to add my 2c worth coz frankly im tired of lu and her drama,basically rc world revolves ar her like she's an angel when she doesnt knw who her babydaddy be.. And wil Tsidi eva get a break coz its ridiculous nw.

27 Jul 2009 12:52

for once let david be caught and lu should realise the truth about him eeh it's boring

27 Jul 2009 15:28

Hey guyz

Amen she's gone (gail), Bt Tshidi mara what she's doing now is really stupid (i agree with you crystalnoir), stone yena do you think he's going to buy his dadies dream car or his dream car? 

Lu please she must give us a break and stop act like a child this is a real world she must wake up

27 Jul 2009 20:36

Tjo mbuzi David lost it wit lu today just nje her chin grew an inch longer. Utshidi u tshele u stone wat a weak a@s he is, i was embarrasd on hs behalf shame that poor softie ngeafro. Sunay mus take off those strings on her head she is a pretty girl i thnk um i stand corrected.

28 Jul 2009 07:02

Stone or Papa's dream car...lol gud1 Mpiloh,, yeah Stone is stucked in between ;-)

28 Jul 2009 08:11

Lol finally got to see the monster in David, to make matters worse he is going to tell Miles to apologise in the papers.

28 Jul 2009 08:33

I was just on the etv website and got to see the RC teasers for Aug, all I can say is wow! The writers are really turning up the heat.

28 Jul 2009 09:37

Ur making me go n check it out Calamity>>>>>www.etv.co.za

28 Jul 2009 10:53

So, Lu is having twins, hope they don't have different fathers.

28 Jul 2009 13:30

I was just on the etv website and got to see the RC teasers for Aug

Wow! lemme go n check it out..i love them hot gossips.

28 Jul 2009 15:01

hey! Calamity u also made me go and check out the Teasers, interesting...Tshidi arrested, Gail coming back....sounds like its gonna be fun next month.

30 Jul 2009 17:33

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