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Generations Teasers - July 2009

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Generations Teasers on 30 Jun 2009
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Wednesday, 1 July 2009
Episode 2850

Paul discovers something of Karabo's and is livid. Queen puts her foot in it and decides to rather leave. Ngamla overhears something about photos and is suspicious.

Thursday, 2 July 2009
Episode 2851

How on earth do you find someone if you don't know where to look? Gladys is so excited it makes Samuel wonder if he did the right thing. Dumisani's unnerved when he gets summoned to the boardroom.

Friday, 3 July 2009
Episode 2852

Ajax pooh-poohs people's concerns, is confident he'll get what he wants. Ntombi surprise visitor has a shocking proposition for her. Dineo's about to make a run for it when she gets the fright of her life.

Monday, 6 July 2009
Episode 2853

Khethiwe's had enough and finally puts her foot down. Karabo is not happy about the stunt Paul pulled. Sharon's bid to cheer up a friend has the opposite effect unfortunately.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009
Episode 2854

Tripping over golf balls is not a good way to start the day… Ngamla's in no mood to be forgiving. Khaphela tries to reach out but to no avail.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009
Episode 2855

The women hold their breath as Paul makes his dreaded announcement. Ajax's frame of mind goes from bad worse. Dineo's shaken when Ace hits the nail on the head.

Thursday, 9 July 2009
Episode 2856
Senzo's big day has arrived and he's terrified. Kenneth makes a shock announcement. Dumisani tries hard to resist temptation but finally caves.

Friday, 10 July 2009
Episode 2857

His brother's comforting words are too much for Paul who breaks down - he sobs. Khethiwe gets her wish sooner than expected. A surprise meeting ends up in a fist fight.

Monday, 13 July 2009
Episode 2858

Gogo urges a torn Khaphela to come clean. Ngamla relishes being the one to drop the bombshell about the shares. Ajax finally gets what he needs to execute his revenge…

Tuesday, 14 July 2009
Episode 2859

Kenneth tries a different approach and finally gets his way. Ace is thrown by what he sees during his snooping mission. Will the boys be in time to stop their friend from doing something crazy?

Wednesday, 15 July 2009
Episode 2860

Dumisani is increasingly annoyed with the situation at work. A gossiping Gladys adds fuel to an already simmering fire. Khethiwe's getting deeper and deeper into a situation she doesn't know how to get out of.

Thursday, 16 July 2009
Episode 2861

Dineo gets an uneasy sense someone's been going through her stuff. Queen's words leave Karabo worried and unsettled Gogo walks in unexpectedly and is furious about what she sees.

Friday, 17 July 2009
Episode 2862

A ranting Kenneth's words manage to hit home. Paul realizes for the first time that coming clean might not be the best thing. There's a moment when two almost-lovers reconnect again after a long time…

Monday, 20 July 2009
Episode 2863

Zamani's disturbed by what he reads in Ajax's notebook. Khaphela's adamant he won't give up without a fight. Dumisani snaps and says something he might soon come to regret.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009
Episode 2864

Gogo is not impressed when yet another man comes knocking on Khethiwe's door. Dineo's visit is clearly a cry for help. Shaken Paul realizes the paw-paw's about to hit the fan.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009
Episode 2865

Sharon lies about why she didn't want to go to the party. For once, Queen has the good sense not to keep pushing for details. Who on earth could Kenneth be ordering roses for?

Thursday, 23 July 2009
Episode 2866

Karabo and Dumisani are unaware that someone's listening in on them… Ace gets a cry for help but doesn't quite know what to do. Khaphela hears the words he really didn't want to hear.

Friday, 24 July 2009
Episode 2867

Thomas is not sure what to make of a surprise phone call. Dineo says she can't come home but does not get the reaction she expects. Samuel gets to understand what it means to have a friend in need.

Monday, 27 July 2009
Episode 2868

Some harsh words hit a nerve and Gogo breaks down and cries. Kenneth seems to be very excited about his upcoming party. Zamani insists he wants to make things up to his little brother.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009
Episode 2869

Karabo's dream might come true after all… Queen unwittingly pours bags of salt into still very raw wounds. Paul is stunned by what his new package will entail, and gets even more surprising news.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009
Episode 2870

Thomas is oblivious of the scheming that's going on right under his nose. Samuel goes to Ezweni to apologise. Dineo feels ill when she sees what she's walked in on.

Thursday, 30 July 2009
Episode 2871

Annoyed Zamani's getting fed up with his brother's attitude. It takes a lot to reduce a man like Kenneth to tears… A familiar face shows up at Ezweni and asks for a job.

Friday, 31 July 2009
Episode 2872

Senzo makes tracks when an argument turns hectic. The boys come up with a plan to cheer Khaphela up. Paul tries to get his brother to open up but is warned to back off.

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30 Jun 2009 16:10

Hey, I'm first. Lemme read

30 Jun 2009 16:16

Thomas is back!!! I want to see this. Adn Khapela finally tells Khethie.

30 Jun 2009 16:16


30 Jun 2009 16:17


30 Jun 2009 16:19

don't miss Gen this month it's gonna b very hot

30 Jun 2009 16:21

haa there are also tears from men nogga, i am coming,  can someone miss call Loreal

30 Jun 2009 16:21

The only interesting part is seeing Kenny in tears.

30 Jun 2009 16:24

Koktail , JP ,Dali and the rest zivezeni ziyawa la

30 Jun 2009 16:25

a men knocking at Khethiwe,s door Adam, or Ace,

30 Jun 2009 16:28

until the real man/ note Man not men is in tears , it proves that our kenny is back.
as for Dad- (Sbusiso) time up ,you had your time, kuzoshuba, Paul will be back to lezampahla zakhe zomzukwana.

30 Jun 2009 16:30

wat you mean maud..i am here

30 Jun 2009 17:25

I am not sure if am the only one confused by these snippets, they have too many names i dont recognise.

30 Jun 2009 19:13

So Zamani is back hmmm!!!!

30 Jun 2009 19:33

Not only th names tizoz bt Gen's teasers are alws shallow. U jst hav 2watch 2undrstand.

01 Jul 2009 07:54

Happy new month ma GB,

01 Jul 2009 07:59

Morning good people !remember me? i am back from my maternity leave.i'ts been 3months .

01 Jul 2009 08:41


Dali sana i heard tht it was u who was rapping abt AJAX last nite,, haaa anyway thanks sana for taking care of my kids KEEP IT UP THE GOOD WORK,,

Ppl Zamani is coming back, mid July,, even next week he can start,, just watch the space, hope we wont hear any scandals abt him again,
Khethiwe sis im soo sick and tired abt your pregnancy even my 2 yr old boy can see tht u are abt to pop out your precious baby,
Khapela u are soo naive and childish !!!
Gogo wa Khethiwe warata dintho!!
Senzo since when now u are saying "DAD" WHEN U CALL SBUSISO??? hehehehe ,
Dhlomo u are soo cute these days whts up??????
Paul &Karabs we are not kids , dont dragg things u will loose the interest of the storyline, and i didnt see tht pill last nite was it morning afrt pill?????
Dinny are u preggy in real life or its just an act?
Where are u Kenny and Ace?????????

sent  30 June 2009

01 Jul 2009 09:51

Morning guys thankx for welcoming me. I can"t wait 2 c Kenneth back on track.

01 Jul 2009 10:01

very interesting this month

01 Jul 2009 10:03

qaqamba thanx for pointing it out the date of your blog

it annoys me too

01 Jul 2009 10:17

kenneth is back wonderfully,

01 Jul 2009 11:04

Morning everyone

No one must miss generatioins this month.

Kenneth and are coming back hmmmmmm, alala Dinny.

01 Jul 2009 11:09

Gladys is so excited it makes Samuel wonder if he did the right thing: What exactly did he do that can excites Gladis? Nyaf nyaf.

01 Jul 2009 11:15

Hey,everyone im new and gen is gna b hot this month

01 Jul 2009 11:47

Well Gladys is always excited but this time we'll have to see what did Samuek did to the poor girl.  Hey I wonder what?

01 Jul 2009 11:49

Well Gladys is always excited but this time we'll have to see what did Samuel  to the poor girl. Hey I wonder what?

01 Jul 2009 11:55

hey morning lovely people,

can someone tell me ukuthi since when u khethiwe become this high person, because the last time i check she was saying sorry bhuti for speaking out of ten, manje sekacomela u gogo ,she is now speaking, zuama forgue desert and she even change the tone, wasiza u mufu  u Tau ,talk about lefu lahao lamphidisa .he cishe wafs ukhethiwe ehlupheka.

Dinny ,keep dreaming, unfortunately you are dreaming a wrong dream ,try dreaming sweeping at the tavern in the location.

father christnas prince Samuel, please change the hair style , maybe i will start taking you serious,

Mr S was wearing Jack Mabaso,s Jersey yesterday , did he inherit it from Busi.

lady gaga
01 Jul 2009 12:06

hey guys



im so glad uZamani is cuming back to Gen, i read about it last month from some newspaper,anyway Welcome back ntwanas.

Ukhaphela isishimane sokuqina!!!!!

Karabo, Dineo bayabora shame!!!!

01 Jul 2009 12:06

Ya ne igole i changa abantu ne.  uKhethiwe used to be the sweetest and respected everyone but now iyoo!!!!!!

Hmmm Dinny wait until Kenneth comes back I think you should start looking for another sugar daddy, Kenneth ga tsamaisane le matlakala.

01 Jul 2009 12:09

When is Khaphela going to Mahlabathini to look after his cattle well if he has, and stop controlling uKhethiwe.

lady gaga
01 Jul 2009 12:30

are we still going to have to put up with Ajax and his stinking attitude for another coming month, please Bra Mfundi do something i cant take it anymore!!!!

01 Jul 2009 12:39

Ajax , Dumisane, Khaphela & Paul are boring and now kubuya another boring guy u Zamani i was so happy when he was leaving i Gen.

01 Jul 2009 13:14

at last zamani is coming back,mayb Ajacks wil get his mind back,khetiwe am seeing preg come-on.i miss shazz,were r u baby girl,as for gamla pls give him back afri media (mashabs media) i miss his attitute as boss.

01 Jul 2009 13:16

Tjo.. I see GOGO is a permanent member of the cast now....

01 Jul 2009 13:19

Damn why I am so late ........anyway stl gonna read

01 Jul 2009 13:24

How I wish that Ajax, Khaphela, Dumisane and Paul could go overseas for good, they are so boring.

Mna ndi mele uKenneth to come back I really cant wait to see that part.  Poor Dinny ndilila nawe.

Pepsi Cola
01 Jul 2009 13:24

Hi guys!!!

@Carino, haa jo really we still going to stay long with uGogo, but atleast she is going to sort out uKhethiwe

@ Lady G, 
are we still going to have to put up with Ajax and his stinking attitude for another coming month, please Bra Mfundi do something i cant take it anymore!!!!
sure jo Ajax attitude suck big time!!

01 Jul 2009 13:30

Ya it seems like she's (uGogo) here to stay

01 Jul 2009 13:35

ugogo akandwebanga sana, and it seem like she has been programed have you
notice how she mentioned the word indoda efana nawe in all the sentences when speaking to Khaphela , because indoda yakhe yashona why dont she just take u khaphela as i bhincane lakhe, plus bayafanelana

01 Jul 2009 13:37

The problem with uGogo ingathi ufuna uKhethiwe a thandane no Khaphela.

01 Jul 2009 13:45

makamthathe yena , ukhethiwe tasted the springwater from Dumi so mabamuyeke please,

i remember one day i said Karabo must stop taking that bath everynight before she sleeps and i can see she still does, makalibale ngo Paul she is too clean for him.

01 Jul 2009 13:48


Naughty you maud. uGogo sega gugile.

01 Jul 2009 13:50

@Hazey- uGOGO ufuna indoda eqotho for her Khethiwe efana no Khaphela [ anyway I think Khaphela already told u Gogo about ow he feels ngo Khethiwe]

01 Jul 2009 13:50

hi guys.  im also new here ngibona ngizophatheka kakhle.  eish Khaphela must go le ehlathini eyohlala khona ayeke Khethy phansi.....  Dinny ngikhala kunye nawe dade kuyeza kuningi kuwe okubi

01 Jul 2009 13:54

Mpums thats why I keep on saying Khaphela must go back to Mahlabathini I mean everyone can see that Khethiwe is inlove with Dumisane even no Gogo.  uGogo no Khaphela baya bora big time!

01 Jul 2009 13:56

lol do you knwo that the jersey is Jacks? By the way some characters have sam eclothes just different colours. I dont like the way the dress dineo and shaz sometimes....ngathi zimpahla they got from isale in the streets. 

Hayi maan Mpums...zamani is sweet..Kanene who did he date b he left? Sharons friend?

01 Jul 2009 13:59

Koktail uZamani agana ivavavoom.

Sorry dear but I had to this uZamani uya bora.

01 Jul 2009 13:59

i use to like him a lot  Koktail, and him with everything he was wearing, i sometimes wish they can change the script or bring him back as a ghost  coming to hunt Sbusiso.


01 Jul 2009 14:01

Hayi shame ugogo those times are gone makayeke uKheti ajole nendoda ayithandayo.Ugogo is curious did u notice her yesterday at gwigza"s xa uKheti no Mr D besendelana isms.

Do u think Little Dinny can take away Paul frm Karabo or its just her magination.

01 Jul 2009 14:10

Remember what she said yesterday her parents chose a  man for her to marry  so she wants to choose for uKhethi and that man will be uKhaphela.

Dinny, oh its just her imagination but i wont be surprised if that will happen phela ulittle Dinny is capable of anything.

01 Jul 2009 15:34

@koktail..........Zamani is a bore with a capital B. l don't miss him at all and not looking forward to his comeback, but l would love for Palesa to come back, l loved her walk and the way she used to say Nxaaaa.

01 Jul 2009 15:41

Oh dear not Palesa again!

lady gaga
01 Jul 2009 15:42

eish BigMama my friend uyathanda ukuphuma eceleni.  whats wrong with Zamani, as for u wanting uPalesa back, hai ingihlulile mngane!!!!!!

01 Jul 2009 15:44

Hayi Hazey u"re kidding Khaphela of all people haaaaa!! but u"re right.Khapela is digusting makasheve  

01 Jul 2009 15:49

Noma anga sheve orite.  He must go to Mahlabathini for good, he belongs there.

01 Jul 2009 16:10

@BigMama-u r right why Zamani @ least if it was Vuyo Nogabu who is coming back it would have been beta

01 Jul 2009 16:13

even for u Palesa angake kulunge if Mfundi can decide to give her another chance @ least he must bring u Lumka back To stay with her dad and her brother how about that Gen bloggers

01 Jul 2009 16:26

no one must come back , all i want is to see Jack ,just once,guys am i asking too much, i miss that lether glove on his hand.

01 Jul 2009 16:30

@maud-u right about Jack since Kenneth [the evil 1 is no where 2 b found] we really need some1 who is evil to make the soapie mo interesting

01 Jul 2009 16:42

lol...ja neh. Bring Lumka back and have her and senzo live in with ntombi and sbu and make ntombiz life hell...

maybe lumka be in an accident resulting to her losing blood and BOOM....sbu and Senzoz blood dont match hers....turns out that Lumka was Busi's daughter....and the father...the late Paul Moroka...LOL:-)

01 Jul 2009 16:43

Till 2morrow guyz


have a gud evening don't 4 get to watch i Gen

lady gaga
02 Jul 2009 08:29


Ahi Bo, Ugogo sekazocasula she is showing off 2 each and every person ngoDumsane akasahloniphi nezivakashi, can't she let go & let uKhethiwe make/ decide 4 herself what she want with her life, 

nangoke omunye uKhaphela he is turning everyone against Dumsane useyanyanyisa lomkhulu (uPitch Black Afro Yezindevu) akahambe aye Emahlabathini uyekolusa. AYIYE!!!!!!!!!!!

02 Jul 2009 08:39

mmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhh all interesting plp..i am glad Kenny is back....@ Maud ahahhahah uyandihlekisa maan.....i wonder what Khaphela did? MMHH Gladys take the man hahhahahha....i taught Khethiwe is alredy had a baby i'm i wrong?

02 Jul 2009 08:42

hahahahha uthini Lady gaga plz dnt do that to Sam......the worse part seiviwe ngumamgo Queen shhhhuuuu......i am wondering those pills Karabs takes is it after pills or what?

02 Jul 2009 08:47

Morning everyone. Can someone please update me on Gen. 
Yesterday we had a power failer at 7:55.

02 Jul 2009 08:55

morning guyz

@Thabie-u have 2 catch it on Saturday my doll, it was so interesting i can't even tell u because lots happened izolo

02 Jul 2009 09:15

Morning everyone

Do you guys think that uDinny go on with the abortion thing?

02 Jul 2009 11:20

It looks like Senzo is only trying to impress "DAD" on inviting him for Golf.

02 Jul 2009 11:29

No .lady gaga. dont u c ukhaphela uthanda ukhethiwe.guys if ukenny ebuya what is going to happen ngo Dinny

02 Jul 2009 11:32

Holla ma gbs! Im still on leave! But i'll be watching all de way! Even the repeats in da keep rocking guys! Peace..

02 Jul 2009 11:32

I thot gogo came to take Khethiwe to KZN, it looks lyk she is here to stay.

02 Jul 2009 11:34

Dinny should just find Thomas and tell him about this, it is their mess.

02 Jul 2009 11:56

HI Dali wami, i miss you so much enjoy your leave

02 Jul 2009 13:08

uGogo is going to stay longer than we thought.  She's here to stay.

02 Jul 2009 13:14

yoo untombi uzalelwe inja endlini, shame i felt sorry for her, she wanted to tell Dad the word that Chrissy has attered and dad was so busy excited about Senzo.
thats why ngithi angilifuni iveza endlini yami.

02 Jul 2009 13:18 are cracking me up with ur afrikaans comments on that other blog...had to follow u and tell u in english

02 Jul 2009 13:19

uSbusiso naye uya bora.  Since he found out that Senzo is his son he really forgot about his two daughters, shame I feel sorry for Ntombi too.

02 Jul 2009 14:02

Remember guys uNgamla wayefuna ubaby boy that is why e- excited kangaka bt I feel sorry for Ntombi.

02 Jul 2009 14:07

ha Koktail - you know me 24 hrs diesel, they started it they are going to end it, meet me  there ngiyabangena.

Chrissy is the the first child to Mr S , so ntombi must chill

lady gaga
02 Jul 2009 14:10

ntombi must just deal with whats happening because soon it will be over, the father and son relationship is  fake, they are both trying too hard to impress each other................

02 Jul 2009 14:10

02 Jul 2009 14:51

i just want to c Ngamla 's reaction when he finds out that Senzo i gay.hmm he'll be having 3 daughter and no son.

lady gaga
02 Jul 2009 14:58

hai, hai, hai Tshilo dnt start with nonsense. where did you get dat (senzo gay)

02 Jul 2009 15:05

wanted to say Chrissy is not the first child

02 Jul 2009 15:10

Senzo is not gay is just that he is not ready for a relationship.  Ngamla cant afford to have 3 daughters and the 3rd one being a shim

02 Jul 2009 15:14

with kenneth back it's gonna be interesting

02 Jul 2009 15:18

wow i didnt knw tht Senzo is gay. wow intresting but ga atshwanelege at all.

02 Jul 2009 15:22

i am with yuo Tshilo cause what kind of a man thta doesnt want woman hahahah!

02 Jul 2009 15:30

you can not have it all,
sbuda cant have a son,
Karabo cant have a child
Dinny & Kenneth cant have Peace
Khaphela amd Sam obvious
as for sharon and queen cant find love

Thendo DA BRILZ Vhulahani
02 Jul 2009 15:34

Oh ma word i olmost got a heart attack thinkin dat SENZO is gay neva on earth. N poor khapela is in luv i saw him blushin lyk oh ma word wen gog told him wt a gud man he is n dat khetiwe shuld find sum1 lyk him lol. N poor SAM lonly once more. SHAZ confused weda she lyk ajax senzo or sam.

02 Jul 2009 15:41

@Tshilo- u're right, i think Khaphela must take u Queen and Sam must go back to Shaz

02 Jul 2009 16:02

Yimihlolo yaQueen angasitsini lesilevu lesinjena (Khaphela)

02 Jul 2009 20:05 new plz welcom me!

03 Jul 2009 07:44

Hi Good people

Thank God it's Fiday, whoever didn't watch i Gen during the week kusasa iyaphinda frm 10:00 make sure u don't miss it otherwise u will miss it 4 eva.

Feel @ home Muru, enjoy yo stay with us.

03 Jul 2009 08:33

oh my dumi is suspended ,i think he should consult amadlozi as that sangoma told him to do ,and gladys and sam what are they up to .

03 Jul 2009 08:39

@Thendo DA BRILZ Vhulahani,Im not saying Senzo is gay but it wuld b very much interesting if he can b gay.i dont hate Senzo nor Sbu,but Sbu act as if having a son is better than having a daughter and i feel he shuld treat them the same as they r all his children.

03 Jul 2009 08:56


Shame poor Dumi I feel sorry for you.

Karabo I think you should give up, Dinny has already made up her mind.  Girl stop taking those pills please!

Sbusiso come on have you forgotten that you have a wife and daughter, please man.

lady gaga
03 Jul 2009 09:03




03 Jul 2009 09:07

I also cant wait to see that part, kenny please come back and sort Dinny out.

Pepsi Cola
03 Jul 2009 09:17



Is Dineo that depressed, stressed, misreble in that way that she can't even 
dress-up properly and use make-up, she must take a mirror & look @ herself. Akasacazi shame sekuyi sono ngaye!!!!!!!!!!!

03 Jul 2009 09:22

I am sorry to say this but I am going to say it anyway.  Akuna sono total she new what she was doing when she was sleeping with her step son what did he expect.  Honestly I dont feel sorry for you Dinny.

03 Jul 2009 09:41

Shame on u Dumi...i can't wait to c Gladys and Sam sleeping together cause that's what will happen.......but guys in really life things like that happen when you stressed and u just do things without day u regret....

03 Jul 2009 09:42

Whats up with Dave.  Why is he treating gay Senzo like that may he is also gay.  Phela na Dave doesnt have a woman in his life.  Can you imagine the two of them in a relationship?

03 Jul 2009 09:57

Hey guyz I can many new bies anyway u all welcome ................

Back to Gen

Kenneth ..........Where are u ndoda there's some certain thing u need to sort about ur lil Dinny so phuma lapha ucashe khona.
Ntombi ................u know i alwayz love u but this tym u need to relax coz Sbusiso is urs en he loves you very much as for Chrissy.......she's stll young so there's no need fpr u to panic jst calm down my angel.
Thomas...................u need come back from Cape Town, coz Dinny is caring ur child so usungubaba.
Khetiwe..........................eish u r in trouble coz uGogo doesn't buy any of something dat has to ddo wit uDumisani.
Dumisani.....................Don't wori my brother wena owasekhaya no matter how wrong u r but u will find another job Ezweni is not the only company that can hire ppl so relax en b there for Khetiwe phela nina u such a good couple n Gogo must accept dat either she like or not.
Sharon................Cha sistaz umlomo wakho awuvaleki u can't keep a secret atleast for one day..................cha shame u nor a gud liar.
Ajax....................hope u will copyy to ngomsebenzi wakho.
Paul............uthwele kanzima brothaz
Samuel......................Haibo kwenzakalani ngawe ..........Are u gona b with Gladys or it will be a one night stand.
Gladys.............mubambisise uSam angabe esaphunyuka kunini waba single it's tym for u to get  life .

03 Jul 2009 09:59

can you guys think of sam and gladys ele couple - my my...

03 Jul 2009 10:01

but who is keneth going to get flowers for? cant wait...

03 Jul 2009 10:04

Good morning 

Muru welcome to the tvsa family

Will Senzo be able to impress Sbu about this golf thing. 
I feel sorry for Dumisani even if though he did this to himself. 
I cant wait for Kenneth's return. 
As for Dineo she is going to reap what she have sown.
Karabo must give up on adopting Dineo's child and concentrate on making her own baby.

03 Jul 2009 10:06

Cant think of Sam and Gladys as a couple,  hmmmmmm

Pepsi Cola
03 Jul 2009 10:07

Hey Guys did u c smile sika Khaphela when Queen was assisting him 2 dish out for those Homeless people, really Queen knows how to press bottons on a man.

Heeyi angasamoyizeli umkhulu Khaphela, it was my first time seeing uKhaphela ngaleya ndlela, (Imagine Queen with uKhaphela disaster.............)

03 Jul 2009 10:09

I agree Winkies Karabo must give up and concentrate on making her own baby.

03 Jul 2009 10:11

Queen and khaphela, no no no!  Khaphela is too old fasioned for Queenie.

03 Jul 2009 10:17

Morning all


03 Jul 2009 10:17

Morning all

Long time,

03 Jul 2009 10:25

@Pepsi Cola,  angifuni nekuyicabanga yaKhaphela naQueen yi disaster sibili. Ntombi aseuphole kancane sisi, kutawulunga Mr. D. uyakutsandza, Chrissy too.

lady gaga
03 Jul 2009 10:26

Gladys and Samuel a couple - why not????

03 Jul 2009 10:34

hay where u've been my darling (with Queen's voice) LOL
Anyway I want the following blogger ukuba baziveze since ngikhona mina apha

Bigmama, Qaqamba, Maud, Koktail, Xobho, Phumzz, Kamrha, TKSM(i know u bakc luv), lady gaga, GML, Pooky, Dali, miss.tebby nabanye nabanye can i feel u plz izoze icishe impepho yami

03 Jul 2009 10:42

hay ubuyaphi?

03 Jul 2009 10:45

I'm here JP.

Ukenny is buying flowers for Dineo, but pretending they are from Thomas.

03 Jul 2009 10:47

Morning ppl.. 

im here JP sana,, things are much better thn b4, lets chat abt Generations ppl, 

Senzo and Sbuda are becoming boring now,, not sure why,, 
Samuel shame u are soo loney why didnt u ask Sharon
Dinny ,Dinny behappy tht Kenny still is not aware of your pregnancy yet
Gogo pls go home, maaaa
Khethiwe  im not sure wht is Mfundie will do abt your preganancy
Khaphela get a life Mapholoba, i saw tht lady for u , she from the shelter,, 
tht guy with sunglases lookalike nomunye wethu kwa TV SA, HAAAAAAAA 
Ajax ,Ajax cant u do smthing excitting for a change, just make us PROUD .. your character is soo borrrrrrring,, 
Karabo dont u like to have a baby of your own in Generations?????
Dumisani pool up your socks, do wht Sangoma asked u to do, wena,,

03 Jul 2009 10:49

Cool GML.............wat u saying gal .............dat can't be true phela Kenneth doesn't know about Dinny's pregnancy

Pepsi Cola
03 Jul 2009 10:52

Hey guys were Maud 2day!!!


lady gaga
03 Jul 2009 10:54

hey JP and all of u guys

did Kenny return, didn't watch yesterday, be be sa ngishela!!!lol