Death For Minor Offense (9 June 2009)

Written by TVSA Team from the blog 3rd Degree on 09 Jun 2009
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Episode Title: 3rd Degree Feedback
Broadcast date: 9 June 2009

Last July, a 69-year-old man with Alzheimer’s was apprehended at a Shoprite in Kriel, Mpumalanga for attempting to steal a R7,99 chocolate. While petty theft is considered a minor offence, Shoprite detained Frederick Brown in a holding room and handcuffed him to a chair where he allegedly sustained injuries.

He was later pepper sprayed by police, an act caught on CCTV, and taken to the police station where he was locked up in an unfurnished, dark holding cell. The police refused to let Brown’s family see him and did not call a doctor, although they were aware of his mental condition.

Five hours after his arrest, Brown died of a heart attack in police custody. Brown’s family wanted answers, but when the police and Shoprite investigated, they found that nobody was responsible for his death.

3rd Degree investigates what happened on the to ask: could Brown’s death have been prevented?

3rd Degree is on etv on Tuesday's at 21h30.


Ms. Jay
09 Jun 2009 10:03

this I must watch

09 Jun 2009 11:06

sad that he had to die but crime is crime...will watch to get the full story

09 Jun 2009 11:18

Kakapana the man had Alzheimer! Probably forgot he had a chocolate in his hand...Terrible disease  Alzheimer! While rapists & murderers roam our streets...

09 Jun 2009 11:41

Shame man! For a stupid R8 chocolate!!!!!!

I feel u MsDee. Its a shame yhazi....

Eish no Prison Break today, i have 2 watch this (i hope i wont change my mind)

09 Jun 2009 14:47

this is a must see, kriel is just around the corner from where i stay.. Aint ever going the shoprite ever!

09 Jun 2009 15:25

Shame poor Brown, dont do crime people

10 Jun 2009 07:59

i hope that shop closes down and that most of all, the policemen who did what they did. Lose their jobs completely.....the police is to respect and be protected by, but they are more likely the ones to be put behind bars for life!!!

everyone covers up for oneanother in the police. It is okay for them to do all the things that are against the law but if an old helpless man takes a choc because of his condition and must die a horrible way like he did? Im disgusted in the police!!!!

10 Jun 2009 08:01

kakapana, crime is crime WHEN IT -IS- CRIME.... in this case crime wasnt on the old mans side.

10 Jun 2009 08:42

Shame ON ShopRite And SAP Officer Sonja Swart .

Both of you are The Disgrace and Shame of South Africa.
Your Actions lead to the death of an Old Defenseless Pensioner Mr Frederick Brown.

What Right have you , to manhandle and mistreat Mr Frederick Brown, Ultimately killing him in the process.

To Officer Sonja Swart , You are the most hartless and Coldest person on his planet , May you actions manifest in you own family.
Perhaps then you will realize what you have done .
a Total disgrace to the police uniform you are.
We don’t need people like you in SAP , or Even in S.Africa.

We Call for your dismissal form SAP.

To Shoprite , What an embarrassment and discrace.
I will encourage all of South Africans, to boycott Shoprite.
And Call for the Closure of Shoprite in Kriel .

To Browns Family .. May God comfort you all through these hard times .

May Justice be served!!!

10 Jun 2009 09:55

The story is so sad - 2008 our justice system is still so poor . Where are we leading our country ppl? To start with that stupid policeman was shaking the pepper spray b4 Brown could even appear around the corner not aware of the CCTV camera. Brown was handcuffed to the chair by the non police officers, but they failed to handcuff him to the police car. Yes they are police but are they above the law to change statements whenever they feel like. This time justice must be served for the comfort of our own country. And as for Sonja Swart "mam you are a disgrace and a disappointment to our young democracy". Someone up there is not doing his/her job. 

10 Jun 2009 10:23

Shame on shopite and the SAP department

I just want to say to shoprit and the SAP department what would they have done if it was one of therer close friends or family memeber that was treated like and dog and died because of ppl that is lacking in there wrk and not doing it propley but got time to do shopping in the time of need whr a grandfather,father and a husband is bleeding to death in a cold lonely cell what would u have done hey??? u should be ashme on yourself and be fired from your postions and wrk shoprite shoild be close down for good .Ijust want to say to all the ppl that was part of this shoprite the SAP depatrment aND WHO EVA  uR all murderes and may God b with u on the day u need his help hope that u cant eat or sleep at nyt  u r all murders.tHE POOR MAN WAS SICK AND U JUST LOOK PAST IT AND SAW IT AS STEELING.If u could onlydo uyour wrk better when it come so rape,murder or mugging then i would understand mut u let the real crimanals walk away free and the onen that need help and that are sick u put away and u murder them .

You r a disgrace to us...
From very angery 22year old girl

God be with the brown family and fridends.

Debrah do your thing gal bring hulle skande uit op die wit lappe.     



10 Jun 2009 10:34

yesses i was fuming after watching that show.....infact this has motivated me into exposing some of the police officers I know that do such things...nxx

10 Jun 2009 10:35

as for the postmotems(sp) how incompetent are these Gov officials...

10 Jun 2009 10:39

dbpreston - you are completely preposterous with your statements!!! Hopefully what you wished upon others will come back to you in two fold!!!!! What a disgusting person you must be!!!! 

I agree that this was a tragedy that happened. Firstly his family should have been looking after him and not let him wander around, secondly shoprite should not have arrested the poor man and thirdly the police should have let him go. 

To hold one person from the SAP and a business like shoprite responsible is RIDICULOUS!!!!

10 Jun 2009 10:47

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Some1 please help. I cant open any blogs. I get this message above

10 Jun 2009 10:50

GML it actually means its time u logged off tvsa and do ur work. TVSA is blocking u ngestyle,lol

10 Jun 2009 11:29

ja nhee. I watched this yesterday. Firstly it was 4give & 4get then this. 

Rest in peace Mr Brown. Shame guys did u hear his wife? She said she just want 2 b with him.....Shame i could c she misses him so much. 

Dont get me started with that Inspector if she is an inspector. That woman was so COLD maan. 

And that NO COMMENT from that Shoprite nc nc nc. You r all ruthless!

Jean Ann
10 Jun 2009 11:38

Debra, you should have asked the "superintendent" how she would have felt if that was her father or grandfather - would she have covered up for the cops if it was??? She and the policemen on duty at the time, who most certainly man-handled Mr Brown should be dismissed!!! They are 100% responsible for his death!! There should be a full investigation .

10 Jun 2009 11:49

I know the Brown family. They hated that old man when he was alive and only untill they heard they could profit from his death were there tears and contacting media and playing the grieving family. I've seen him countless times walking dirty and in a daze around town and when I called the family their response was to mind my own business.

Now everything is a scandal - terrible that you did not interview more people in town, then you could have gotten a better picture of the family and how they conducted themselves.

You only saw one side of the coin

10 Jun 2009 11:55

PS. Do you really expect Police Officers to be WARM and FRIENDLY with all they see on a daily basis??

10 Jun 2009 12:05

What Mr Brown's son in law should have done was to explain to the cops in simpler terms what Alzheimer meant maybe and maybe they would have understood his reasons of taking the chocolate without paying because in my books he WASN'T STEALING the damn thing, he probably forgot that he had it in his hand.

I LMAO when Debra told the Sup. not to "dear" her...tjo! Debra can be so harsh but it served Mevrou (sp) Swart right. I still need to know how did the deceased sustain that wound on the head. I can't even begin to imagine how helpless the poor soul must have felt during his last hours.

10 Jun 2009 12:08

I beg your pardon Viviene?????????

Now lemme go & do my cup of coffee.......

10 Jun 2009 12:09

I'm glad I didn't see this becoz I despise the police and I don't care who says what.I was in a situation once where they were supposed to save and protect me but all they did was to make it even more worst!

10 Jun 2009 12:10

GML: u not the only one, i have been struggling for the past two days also. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!

10 Jun 2009 12:13

@ Vivenne the fact of the matter is that a person has died. He died for a lousy 8 bucks.

10 Jun 2009 12:17

@Vivian,mna I don't care about the family story,God will solve them if they realy did that to that man!This is about the police who are supposed to SERVE and to PROTECT but only seem to ABUSE and to GET AWAY WITH IT!

10 Jun 2009 12:31

R8.50 Calamity LOL (sorini kuyahlekwa noba kufiwe guys)

10 Jun 2009 12:35

Amen to that peaces!!

10 Jun 2009 12:42

So why crucify the spokes person for the SAP?? 

I would rather have spoken to the officer on duty and the two damn fools that arrested the man. And the security guards at shoprite (I heard they started the whole incident) NOT the spokes person who wasn’t even there. Of course she will protect her own, wouldn’t you??? I would have been much more interested in what THEY had to say.

You are taking your ‘judgment ‘ a little far don’t you think?

10 Jun 2009 13:22

Nope I don't mna!

10 Jun 2009 14:01

I thought judgement is reserved for GOD??

You are understanding me wrong

1. It is despicable what happened
2. Where was the duty officer? They never said who it was that went shopping for groceries – from what I heard it was a Rudi somebody that was in charge and his officers were unable to contact him to get guidance on what to do with Mr Brown
3. Why was the 2 officers on the video not interviewed?
4. Why was the security company not interviewed?
5. Why is the Sup the bad person – she wasn’t even there (you think she is cold because she did not sing cumbaja??)
6. Why was the Station Commander of SAPS Kriel hinding behind a Sup? Why did he not have the balls to be interviewed on camera??

10 Jun 2009 14:48

its sad that the man died...yes..and i hear that he had Alzheimer, but Shoprite claims that they were not aware of the old's man condition, so its their word against the family. 
whether he stole a R2 or R8.50 chocolate, crime is crime people. 

yes he was an old man and those police should'nt have sprayed him with pepper spray since it seemed like he was not resisting arrest...but we should not make excuses to justify criminal activities, like "oh he's poor, old, just a child, etc"

it was wrong for  the police to keep him in that room for more than five hours, without them charging him and following all the correct procedures, but let us not blame the police for every little thing that goes wrong-because although most of us have bad perceptions about them (cops) they are many who are doing a great job in protecting and serving the community (maybe not that one who sprayed Mr Brown) but there are some good cops out there. 

let us nto compare one criminal activity to the next, becuase to me crime is crime and when it is committed it affects someone in one way or another. 

may Mr Brown rest in peace...

10 Jun 2009 15:23

I don't want to be insensitive but:

Does the family have proof that they spoke to businesses? Did they write it in a letter with a photo of Mr Brown? Or did they think the people would have to guess?? I know the BROWN family is lying! They never did such thing since I am also a business owner in the area.

People on this show was portrayed as heros and instead they are zeros and the real heros were insulted!! Shame on you!!

10 Jun 2009 15:42

Shoprite detained Frederick Brown in a holding room and handcuffed him to a chair where he allegedly sustained injuries. This once happened to me a group of friends ko Shoprite in Montana................let me read the rest of the article

10 Jun 2009 15:45


10 Jun 2009 15:45

I think SHOPRITE should

10 Jun 2009 15:46

I think SHOPRITE should revise

10 Jun 2009 15:46

I think SHOPRITE should revise their

10 Jun 2009 15:46

he was locked up in an unfurnished, dark holding cell - Kanti hlding cells are furnished? There one i went to was not furnished, did even have a bed...........i thought that was normal.........

10 Jun 2009 15:47

A system glitch???

I think SHOPRITe should revise their policies!! It sounds extremely RACIST!!! Since it is black people who own Shoprite in Kriel - makes you think if they would have done the same to a black 69 year old??????????????????

mana melita
10 Jun 2009 15:50

Hayibo, Viviene who are the real heros in this whole thing? whom where insulted please tell you're not referring to the police or even shoprite.

10 Jun 2009 15:51

Since it is black people who own Shoprite in Kriel - makes you think if they would have done the same to a black 69 year old??????????????????


10 Jun 2009 15:52

I don't understand you Viv

10 Jun 2009 15:55

i agreed with you about Police being not friendly....but what does this have to do with race manje? ANd Khona since when is Shoprite owned by Black people?

Can someone please tell me if holding cells should have furniture?

10 Jun 2009 15:58

Ok-I didn't watch-I just wanna were the cops suppose to know that Mr had Alzheimer for sure?

10 Jun 2009 15:59

I just went out for 2 hrs & now????? let me read the replies....

Im on TVSA for sho

10 Jun 2009 16:02

Ok-I didn't watch-I just wanna were the cops suppose to know that Mr had Alzheimer for sure?

TL I think the son in-law went 2 police station & told them but they refused to let him see.

I stand 2 b corrected if im wrong.

10 Jun 2009 16:10

LOL@ a furnished prison cell..hahhah MJJ why were you arrested?

10 Jun 2009 16:11

One question before I go home bathong, is Viviene also One & Only ?

10 Jun 2009 16:16

U-Viviene ngusomashishini ophuma eKriel.

"They never did such thing since I am also a business owner in the area". 

Now uhambe kakuhle ntombazana. Ungalibali ukuzombathisa, kuyabanda apha kweliGoli. Ciau

10 Jun 2009 16:17

So she/he is not 1 & Only

10 Jun 2009 16:21

lol @ myname analyzing Viv........Wena Candy can ask that privately............myname - u said you stay in Pta? We should have lunch at your flat on Sunday....u cooking mos right?

10 Jun 2009 16:22

Goodbye Good people

10 Jun 2009 16:23

bye bye myname ubeshushu nawe va Llalla

10 Jun 2009 16:23

And no - police cells are not supposed to be furnished - wdf? Is it a hotel?

My point is, I know Sup Swart and what she has done in the last 20 years for Kriel community. She has bought down crime, helped the mines with copper cable theft etc. She is compassionite and caring and also helped me with my son when he was in trouble. So, she is a hero to everyone in this town. People always joke that her house is the second police station because she NEVER shows anyone away - no matter what happened or what time of the day/night.

The Brown family on the other hand has a reputation of note in this town and I am telling you it is just about the money.

What happened here was terrible and disgusting and they should pay - BUT don't shoot the messenger. The Shoprite security and those 2 SAPS member should be punished!!!

I agree with U2 - dbpreston's comments are utterly disgusting!!

10 Jun 2009 16:26

felfel, don;t say that......i'm at home and it's so called............I'm getting a gas heater 2moro..............this electricity heater is not working...........

10 Jun 2009 16:29

Viviene I am shaking my head in confusion here. What is your angle. There are no heroes in this story. Is the storemanager at shoprite black.? 
Since it is black people who own Shoprite in Kriel - makes you think if they would have done the same to a black 69 year old??????????????????
How do you figure this one Viviene?? First you blamed the family, then the police and now it is the storemanager, what next? 

@ Kakapana, I agree crime is crime but one doesn't have to die for being suspected of stealing a chocolate.

10 Jun 2009 16:29

Isn't it an utter shame!!  The SAPD is supposedly there to protect the citizens of this beautiful country, how can we turn to them for help if this is the way they treat an elderly, helpless man??  I feel that a murder has been committed, and ever so conveniently the suspects are also the ones who have to decide who the guilty party is!!

I think this matter should be taken up directly with mr Zuma, the culprits are walking away with a smile on their faces!  If I were a lawyer, I would have formed a group of informed and concerned lawyers and would have pursued this matter till the very end.

Don't let the bastards go unpunished!!

10 Jun 2009 16:30

LOL Mjj. Ufuna uzohlekisa ngam ne shack yam????...uyavuya! And im not good at cooking, why dont i come 2 ur place & futhi this coming weekend im so FREE.
So what do u think about that sana?

I will read ur response tomorrow.

 Ndi late so bye bye.

10 Jun 2009 16:32

I hear your argument Viv but ndisatsho mna I don't care about all these other people!What I find repulsive is the fact that the police pepper sprayed someone for no reason and now we're supposed to see them as heroes!They have just proven how cruel and ruthless they are.I Know it's not all police but isizwe sifa ngomcinga oyi 1!Most of the time they abuse the tittle of "being the law"

10 Jun 2009 16:34

thanks for replying..........i'm so lost at this article..........anyway, I'm going to the stadium this sunday................I'll invite you end of

10 Jun 2009 16:38

Was Sup Swart  forced by Debrah to be on 3rd degree?

11 Jun 2009 10:52

Hey guys, I just want to know if there is any ways we can stand up for the old man's rights? Ok, so there may be racists involved, bad cops, bad judgement, bad department store management, family failure... but who's standing up for this man? I am from JHB and here there are NO good cops, ive known a few in my life and they were all corrupt. I want to know how I can make a difference to prevent someone going through the same that Mr Brown went through... this should be a reason for us white sorry asses to get up and do something about it!!! NO white men can stand together yet the black community will stand for eachother till the death... what the hell people? Viv, I have family in Kriel too, I havent been there in a while, but although my family stayed very much amoungst the black people, they never had any troubles there. I am not a racist, I just hate anything that acts like it doesnt have a damn brain. 

Ok, so my point is... What can I do, as an average person that satys so far from these happenings, to prevent or help change this country? I made my vote in the elections... how many of you guys did that? And why can't we make a difference without being part of parlament? Anyone got advice?

By the way, Hi guys, Im new here. lol.

11 Jun 2009 11:37

I think it is disgusting what happened to the old man.  He didnt know he was stealing.. The people responsible should be tortured.  I hope they never have peace in their lives but they have no feelings so they are probably quite happy with the unhappiness this has brought to so many people.

If it had been my dad I would have insisted that a doctor go to the jail holding cell and demand to see my father.  Surely the police could not refuse entry to a doctor.

Rest in peace, 
Police got to hell for ever.


11 Jun 2009 11:48

"If it had been my dad I would have insisted that a doctor go to the jail holding cell and demand to see my father. Surely the police could not refuse entry to a doctor"

Now there's an idea-than someone standing and hysterically shouting that the man is sick...come now..cops have heard that a thousand times already..get a doctor there if they don't allowa shim in...then make the noise.

11 Jun 2009 11:49

poor vivian! LMAO!!!!! you are on TVSA for sure

11 Jun 2009 12:39

I have a feeling some of the replies here are from Sup swart herself....

11 Jun 2009 14:26

According to the CCTV the old man wasnt being a threat and my opinion is he should not have been sprayed. If he had been let out at 6 when he should have been led out he proprably would have been alive today. If everyone was doing their job this could have been prevented. The family warned everyone that he had alzheimers desease, what more could they do. The fact of the matter is a man died that took a R7.99 bar from the shop while murderers, drunk dirvers, rapists, thieves are ot on our streets. Who cares if the family are after the money?? Is a mans life justified for that??

11 Jun 2009 14:31

hawu monchooza, lol

KK 2008
11 Jun 2009 17:57

It is terribly sad the way the old man had to die...I am a psychologist by profession and worked with Alzheimer patients and cannot imagine how frightened Mr Brown was in those cells. I think what twilight is saying is important. We need to find ways as a public to do something, create a group on FB to urge both SAPS and Shoprite to take action against the culprits involved and not cover up for them. As young people we need to speak out, name and shame the SAPS and Shoprite at every opportunity we get. The Brown family need to organise a march, churches around Kriel, schools, old age homes etc need to exert pressure on both SAPS and Shoprite and call them to own up, take responsibility for the loss of Mr Brown. 

As a 27 year old  black professional who deals with these helpless, old and frail Alzheimer patients, I am terribly saddened.It has nothing to do with is about humanity. I feel like that is my own grand-father and need to ensure justice prevails.

11 Jun 2009 20:13

Three overweight cops doing their duty cause they cant catch anything else than an old man. Sitting their asses through on vechile cushions and commanders chairs. Sonja you and our whole command (fat) are a disgrace to the whole law in forcement! Get ur buds up and do some real training and catch murderers and rapists!

11 Jun 2009 20:18

This is bad....

11 Jun 2009 20:59

Hhehe i wanda kthen ku replya abelungu iskakhulu, bavelaph dan, bavuke ngceni nxayel xhego

12 Jun 2009 10:20

I think that it is a disgrace for any person to be treated like that for R7.99 surely Shoprite could have made a choice especially if the man was known to them I for one will definately never shop at Shoprite ever in my life again and I do normally buy my monthly groceries of about R3000 there and I think if everyone would stop supportting Shoprite and donate some money to the victims family. 

And the Female police officer Please Please is that what we have to deal with she should be locked up for murder

Brown Shuga
12 Jun 2009 15:21

<<<Can someone please tell me if holding cells should have furniture?>>>  LOL

<<<(you think she is cold because she did not sing cumbaja??)>>> What's that?

So did Sup. Swart say they won't be investigation to establish if there was any wrong doing from their side?

15 Jun 2009 12:06

Does anyone know how we can make a stand for what we believe in? 

You know, over the weekend I got into a confrontation with someone I truly love and would do anything to protect them. But we had 1 point that we couldnt agree on, but now i have to accept that others don't feel as strongly as I do for our futures, but I would like to get into contact with people that feel as I do and that can help me do something, I may not be able to bring the cops to justice or anyone else for this crime but I need to know that I can change circumstances for another victim, and when I know I can, I will. I am no hero of any sort, but isnt it time we became responsible for our own lives and others around us? Clearly our police are not doing it, are we aware of what is going on around us or are we too busy concentrating on the world economy to do anything about our current situation that we find ourselves in. Can anyone help me out here? I have a full time job and a part time job, what can I do to help the comunity? 

I hope that you all can find it in yourselves to stand for the human race as we do not have the correct leadership from the authorities.

Many thanks.

15 Jun 2009 13:23

When I heard about this poor 69 year old man, who on top of it has Alzheimers was treated with such cruelty by our so called police officers, I could not contain my anger.  I could just picture my father being in this man's place.  It really saddens me so see such brutality and just wish we could all do something about this and bring these people to justice.   Concentrate on those criminals who commit haines crimes!!!! These are the people that are destroying our communities.  

My heart goes out to the family and may God be with you. 

15 Jun 2009 14:41

Saw this show and was horrified with what happened... in a nutshell... a harmless 69 year man(suffering from alzheimer's) with a massive gash to the back of his head, dead in a police holding cell for stealing a R 8 bar of chocolate,..yes, of course the police were responsible for his death, started to panic and did not have  enough time to get rid of the body....yes, that is what happenned....only in South Africa !

15 Jun 2009 15:52

Is this true about the Brown Family that the treated the old man so badly when he was alive?  I dont agree with what the police did but if what you say is true maybe he is better off dead.  Shocking what people do to our old you should be ashamed of your self I hope you never find peace whoever is responsible be it both the police and the family.  What was he doing in Shoprite by himself anyway.

15 Jun 2009 15:58

Miss Brown i am outraged confused and affected by this .

                            Strength wishes  to you from my heart.

To be aware of:

1 The Police in South Africa has always been slack in polishing their act when it comes to matters like this. 
2 Time and again we see this thing in our country.
3 Many cops we see are agressive and unfit for dealing with the public due to low standard of training and selection.
4 Shoprite Chekkers also took the law in their own hands.
5 Sonja Swart is stone cold unfit to carry a gun.
6 We killed this man with our cops.
7 This did not happen because the victim was white but because we have always had cops with recless , sadistic and agressive ethics reguardless of colour.
8 You can fall victim of death and robbery because the thug knows that police are retarded at responding to the reporting of crime at our local police stations.
9 Only the cops defend dirty cops.
10 Violence is a culture across all races in this land. 
11 And last but not least : Many Police fire arms are used in crime .

Where is Whity Basson hiding out ? Does he still live on that nice farm out on the Blaauklippen road in Stellenbosch or what?(next time i will name the place) Dont use your back rooms in your shops for holding cells , the man died!!! Your people gave him to people who killed him for your ripp-off piece of chocolate . Put down the Brandy and coke and shape up
Hey man ,you are the CEO ,do something!

15 Jun 2009 16:18

to MS 

The important thing is this :

Cops must not cause the death of people in this land.
They must rather prevent it. Go on what you see and not on what you read.(if you saw the episode)

15 Jun 2009 16:40

Kak apana "... thus ees n eeleegill gathering, you have 10 seconds to disperse..."

Not all but many of the powlies eees thugs.
 where have you been sleeping

they run into a night club in stellenbosch and fire a shotgun at the roof in the middel of a crowd of students one day. Cops in our country has low standard of conduct and they brought it with them from the old south africa.

every second person in this country is aware of the stereo type cop voice that people joke with. the humor is a sign that many cops are seen to be thick.
In the caledon square police station 1991: " Listen in this place we can asault you!"                                     

Seargent Nell in the bad old days

15 Jun 2009 20:34

spykerhond I did see the episode and responded to it.  Earlier today i was going through this web site and read that the family were as much to blame, if thats true we will never know because everything is hidden these days we dont know the half of what goes on in police stations and with familes, maybe you should scroll up and read.  Some ppl are even defending swart. So what now who do we believe.  The bottom line is the old man should not have been left alone with this disease.

I agree that cops must not cause death - so how are we going to prevent it.

15 Jun 2009 21:18

Mmmmmmmmmm! I feel Debra is some responses

"Reply from: anefrid 6/12/2009 2:13:08 AM

Three overweight cops doing their duty cause they cant catch anything else than an old man. Sitting their asses through on vechile cushions and commanders chairs. Sonja you and our whole command (fat) are a disgrace to the whole law in forcement! Get ur buds up and do some real training and catch murderers and rapists!"

16 Jun 2009 20:43

MS dont you mean he should not have been left alone out there because there are dangerous cops out there killing people for chocolate. Sometimes the degree of the disease can be at such a mild state still that you can drive  , go for a walk and even do your email and you just start to forget little things like : walk out , forget to pay. then : Ok sorry  here is the money relax dont blow a gasket. Then the cops would say : 
Yehs Baaht dont get harregat with me hey (spray you with mace because shooting is too much paper work) . And forget completely to protect and serve .
And we all sometimes say that oooh the police have such a tough job and there nare some good cops out there and (south africans dont complain) blah blah blah.
before we know it we have cops killing people , expensive internet , bad costomer service, racist liberals, reality tv and muggings etc !!!!!!!!!!!!!

16 Jun 2009 21:00

Oh sorry "how are we going to prevent it" 

Just passop vir n cop and ask the guy to pay and then make a civil case for a chocklate. this is not house breaking even if he stole it. but let us not teleban somebody if he is a old man. to use a brain to think is not too tough.

I was robbed at gun point one day and the cops did not lift a finger to help me, but shoprite loses a *bleep!* chocolate and the dumb cops kill sombody for them.

we have a retarded powleese force with such a bad response time that shoprite have to handcuff people. EVERYBODY MUST SLAM SHOPRITE WINDOWS AND BURN THEIR SHOPS IF IT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAT HE WAS LEFT ALONE THAN THE FACT THAT HE DIED IN A POLICE HOLDING CELL.

18 Jun 2009 08:44

Burning shop rite down isnt going to bring the old man back

29 Sep 2009 14:18

i feel sori 4him...died 4a chocolate,they shud hav let him go free the moment 
they realised that he had d desease

29 Sep 2009 14:25

somebody should have just paid for that chocolate and leave the old man.

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