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Written by Tashi from the blog Tashi's TV on 29 Apr 2009
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vuzutv_smallConfirmed: the new channel taking over from channel GO on DStv will be called Vuzu. No kidding. There's no news as to what the name means - apparently it'll be revealed sometime in the future.

As previously reported on TVSA, GO is being reinvented, along with K All-Day, which has already been replaced with Koowee that debuted on 6 April.

Koowee is an Afrikaans (and Zulu in the future) channel for children aged between 1 to 6 and Vuzu will be for the same age group, if the name's anything to go by.

Is it just me or does it seriously suck?  I've sat here looking at it, thinking "Am I missing something? Am I in the twilight zone thinking that it doesn't capture anything?"  Even if it does have some kind of meaning  - does it sound like a pre-school channel or is it as hip as it's obviously supposed to sound?

It's aimed at 18 to 24-year olds, as GO has been and the signature international shows on it will remain the same: Gossip Girl, Kyle XY and Entourage.

The Simpsons and South Park, which have also been on M-Net, will be regulars on the channel too.

There's also going to be a focus on local shows, including: The Verge - a tech show that's currently on GO about gaming and gadgets; V Entertainment - a round-up of celeb gossip and news, Scar Tissue - a stunt show (sort of like Jackass I imagine) and Street Cam - also a new show featuring single women interviewed in vox pop. (SO much to say about this - at another time).

The channel's going to be integrated with an online social network and mobile (in the future) so that viewers can interact with the channel on TV through the web. There's also going to be in-studio TV-J's (TV DJ's) in between shows who'll DJ news and interactions with viewers etc.

Snaparazzi speculated that Elana Afrika would be one since she's been so involved with GO but now that she's doing I Wanna Be and with the name of the channel it doesn't seem likely she's Vuzu-ey (WTF?) enough for it.

If you can lift the twlight zone on the name - please do!

PS: Been browsing and I see there's an iphone YouTube type site called Vuzu where you can upload videos from a phone. I'm thinking an explanation could be that the channel and iphone are planning on doing the mobile stuff together.

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29 Apr 2009 16:14

Hayi Hayi Hayi, what happened to creativity? Even Zakumi sounds like a good name in comparison to Vuzu...gaad i wouldn't be caught dead trying to 'bling' up the name. i'm Vuzu'd, are you Vuzu-ey enuff? gaaawd!!!!!!!!!

29 Apr 2009 16:21


29 Apr 2009 16:25

kwa kwa kwa kwa Belz. Really now, from GO! to VUZU! Even read backwards it still sux.

30 Apr 2009 00:14

Talk about trying too much.Even with GO,they had these odd shows (like Star Trek,vintage Spiderman) and it was all just a "ooh,look at how edgy,funky and cool we are" ploy.I like saying the name though although I feel like correcting it to "vuvuzela" afterwards.

30 Apr 2009 05:31

i wish they would start entourage over so i can catch up

03 May 2009 15:07

I think they might ThatDude, as far as I know they're going to start Gossip Girl from the start so the should do it with Entourage and Kyle XY too to make everything fresh and new type thing. I reckon a lot of peeps missed Entourage and Gossip Girl - GO's always had the sense of things being tucked away so the should big them up now.

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