Reality check, take 6!

Written by Moagisi from the blog Bringing good TV back! on 07 Apr 2009
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Smses from last night:

Busi: It’s F%&*ed up man, totally fu%&*ed up.
Me: I know! I bloody knew it! Jo! It’s still deep though. (red crying face)
Busi: I actually want to cry, my heart is really sore, can’t believe this. (red crying face)

When the Dr calls you back...

Last week we figured that Bulela would find out his status from the medical test he would have to undergo for his American scholarship. In last night's episode the doctor who had done Buela’s medical checks called Zimele tellign him that he would like to see Bulela again that afternoon. At this point, I already knew that the fat lady had sung. Couldn't deny it anymore.

Both Lebo and Zimele fetch their son from school in the after school. Bulela was walking up to the car with Dineo, when Lebo stepped out of the car to meet him and told him that Dr Singh wanted to see him again. Bulela asked why, and Lebo said she did not know. She handed Bulela a change of clothes (mommy dearest), told him to change and hurry back so they can go. No one knew then why the Dr would want to see Bulela again. Except for Dineo, who had a knowing and nervous look about her. Dineo wishes Bulela all the best at the Dr's and Bulela, with what would be the last smile of the episode, says “sure” and walks off.

At the Doctors

Lebo and Zimele are waiting anxiously outside the consulting room, more curious than worried at this stage. A downcast Bulela walks out of the consulting room, stands by the door and gestures for his parents to enter.

“Mr and Mrs Moloi. How do you do? I’m Dr Singh. Bulela has requested me to tell you what I have just told him. As you know we have conducted a battery of blood tests on Buelal, and one of them has come back indicating that Bulela is HIV positive.”

In came the sad music and the devastated looks on both Lebo and Zimele’s faces. the disappointment in the room was almost tangible. Bulela stood behind his sitting parents looking down at the floor. Zimele asked the Dr if this was going to affect the American scholarship and the Dr confirmed, as we had foreseen, that American policy does not permit the issuing of visas to HIV positive people, and that he would be handing his report to the board and unfortunately Bulela would lose the celebrated opportunity.

On the way home, Zimele is shouting at Bulela out of frustration saying to him that he told him to stay away from girls this year and asked Bulela if it was that girl, Dineo, he was walking with after school. Bulela does not reply. He couldn't believe it himself.

Reality check, take 6!

First it was Lebo who found out that she was HIV positive, when she tested due to being pregnant. Then Zimele went to get tested when Lebo told him she was positive. Lulu and Zakes were prompted to test after Zimele told Lulu that his results. Lulu tested positive, and Zakes tested negative and was told to come back for a second test after the six week window period. Now, Bulela has tested positive, which tellsto us that Dineo must be positive and so is Zakes. Bulela is the 6th person to test positive in this trail of deception and careless sexual behaviour, and it’s really heart breaking.

Bulela's reaction to the news was definitely the most touching and real of everyone. The other's seemed to move on too quickly, but maybe that's just a coping mechanism. After they fetched Mihlali from Lihle’s house, we see Mihlali reach out from across the back seat to hold her brother’s hand who is sitting silently looking out the window of the car. Mihlali’s hand cluches his, and Bulela wipes a falling tear with his free hand, his eyes still fixed on the world outside his window. Pain is like a language of its own. He said nothing, but Mihlali sensed it.

When they arrive at home, Mihlali asks her mother why Bulela does not look happy and Lebo replies that it is because he is no longer going to America. Mihlali, being the extra sweet sister, says to her mon that she will make Bulela’s favourite brownies and maybe that will cheer him up.

Later, Lebo finds Mihlali cutting the brownies in the kitchen and Mihlali offers her a brownie, but Lebo says that she will have one later. Mihlali asks her if it's because she is not feeling well. Lebo, understanding where the question is coming from, tells Mihlali that just because she does not feel like something doesn’t mean that she is sick. She adds that Mihlali should stop worrying about her because mommy is going to be alright. Sweet.

Run Forest, run!

If we could all physically run away from our problems and leave them way way behind and have them disappear in the distance, we would. Bulela is missing at supper that evening, having snuck out of the house without telling anyone. A worried Lebo tries to call him on his cellphone after Mihlali returns to the table saying Bulela is not in his room. But Bulela has left it and we they hear the phone ringing somewhere in the house. Mihlali says to her parents that Bulela never leaves without his phone.

Cut to a hooded Bulela running in the dark and dusty streets. He stops under a huge billboard that looked like it was the length of an Olympic swimming pool and takes off the hood of his sweater to read it. It read, : “Without a condom, it’s the same as sleeping with everyone that he or she has slept with.” Including your father (that’s just my addition). Touched by this, but obviously too late, he hoods up again and continues to run.

Supper is over and Bulela has still not returned. Lebo calls Lihle to check if Bulela has not visited Mandla, Lihle’s son. Mihlali says to her worried mom that maybe Bulela has gone to see his girlfriend. Lebo asks her husband to go and look for their son and Zimele drives around the township looking for Bulela. He stops at his former hangout spot, the shebeen, to see if he won’t find Bulela there. His old flame, spots him from across the room and looks quite happy to see him, but Zimele just waves back with a polite smile and walks out again. Old flame looked surprised to see him leave. It’s not that kind of party lady, not anymore.

Finding Forest

Zimele finally catches up with Bulela who was walking in the street (even forest got tired of running eventually). Zimele hoots, Bulela stops and looks back and Zimele gets out of the car and says “Bulela, wouldn’t you like a lift?” (nice approach). Bulela tells him that he just wanted to run as far away from his problems as they could. They both get in the car and go home.

Bunking Bulela

The next day at school, Mr Cele is teaching an uninterested class and I wondered if it wasn’t all the negative energy coming from the usually eager Bulela, who was least interested in the day’s maths lesson. Dineo walks into class late and Bulela asks Mr Cele if he could go to the bathroom. A while later, Mr Cele asks Zakes to go and check on what is keeping Bulela in the bathroom and when Zakes returns to tell Mr Cele that Bulela is nowhere to be found, Mr Cele is confused.

After school, Eddie stops by shop to drop off Bulela’s school bag and tells Lebo that Bulela bunked school. Lebo just takes the bags, not saying anything. Eddie wonders why she doesn’t look surprised and Lebo says that Bulela had called and told her not to be surprised if the school calls her and tells her that he had jumped the fence (don't know if this was true or if Lebo was just covering up for her son).

Eddie tells Lebo that the school principal had told him that the board had withdrawn the scholarship but the principal didn't say why. Lebo says that she cannot be the one to tell Eddie the reason for this and that perhaps Bulela would tell him himself. Eddie says to Lebo that theynever used to keep secrets from one another and Lebo replies that this is one secret she cannot tell him. Mr Cele says to Lebo that sometimes he wishes that he could take all her pain and wash it away forever. Sigh.

Bulela blames Dineo

The next day at school Bulela pulls Dineo aside to confront her about him testing HIV positive when she was his only intimate partner, as he had told Dr Singh and his parents. Bulela tells Dineo that because of her he is no longer going to America. He accuses her of lying to him about being a virgin and sleeping around. Dineo tries to defend herself by replying that she was a virgin, which was true, and that she only slept withone other person, Zakes. Before sprinting away in anger, Forest, sorry, Bulela tells Dineo that both she and Zakes should go and get tested.

We’re in this together

Dineo visits Lulu at the canteen to tell her that she went to get tested and her outcome was positive. Of cause at first Lulu did not want to speak to her and was being rude, but when Dineo told her she was also HIV positive, Lulu softened. She sat with Dineo and told her that she is sorry and will be there for her. The two young girls hugged, realising that what lives inside them is much bigger than their fight and they in fact need each other now more than ever, especially because they’ve not told their families.

The gloves are out: Bulela vs Zakes

Bulela goes out looking for Zakes and when he spots him he starts to shout his name as he approaches. I have never seen Bulela this angry. He actually looked much older after the fact. He went from sweet and soft boy to angry and violent man in one episode. Hey, you wouldn’t take it lying down either. Zakes, who is standing with a friend, hears his name and sees a very angry looking Bulela coming towards them. Bulela launches into Zakes, gunning to tear him into pieces, throwing Tyson punches and aiming for a bite of an ear. Ok, slight exaggeration but I’m trying to illustrate his anger ok.

Zakes was lucky his friend was there because he quickly grabbed Bulela from going all Baby Jake on Zakes. Bulela continues shouting and screaming at Zakes as the friend is pulling him away, saying things like “You know what you did!”. Zakes says to Bulela “You don’t know anything,” and walks away. Mr Friend tries to get Bulela to calm down, telling him that violence does not solve anything. Too true and I can’t imagine how Bulela, and his family, will react when they piece together the missing puzzle of where the virus came from. Bulela turns around and sprints away.

In other news

Remenber last week I told you about the woman coughing up a storm at the Moiloi’s shop, who turned out to be Theki’s wife - and I called her Mrs Theki because her name failed me - who Zimele suggested she go and get tested, and that resulted in Theki going to confront Zimele at the braai and telling everyong there that Zimele is HIV positive. Well, her name was Mirriam and I say was because in yesterday’s episode Tefo called Zimele to tell him that Mirriam had died. Mmmh...another one bites the dust. It gets deep, it gets steep and we weep.

Soul City, Monday 20:30, SABC 1!

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07 Apr 2009 13:14

Just asked about u let me read bfr I comment, yesterday a cried shame it is indeed sad for the Moloi's

07 Apr 2009 13:29

missed it....nice recap, thanks

07 Apr 2009 13:39

Zakes says to Bulela “You don’t know anything,” and walks away
I cant wait to see the reaction of the Moloi's when they find out who infected Bulela. Ya ne after watching yesterdays episode we must really condomise, otherwise the element of suprise will eliminate us.

07 Apr 2009 13:39

Mihlali’s hand cluches his, and Bulela wipes a falling tear with his free hand, his eyes still fixed on the world outside his window.

This was so touching, it was the moment in this episode that had me in tears

gunning to tear him into pieces, throwing Tyson punches and aiming for a bite of an ear.

Gal, your sense of humour is what makes me love your recaps, please consider doing the recap of Hopeville (as I will  miss it gain today)

When I heard that everyone else in this equation, BUT Zakes is positive I began to wonder if it is a window period or he is "immune" to the virus and was hoping that someone will elaborate futher on this because he has the virus and it is not visible in his blood then it is a problem.

Thanks Moagisi for a fun filled reca, and you are right Bulela was the first person to show emotion when he didcovered his status. Shame all this from one person. UMihlali wenkosi!!

07 Apr 2009 13:41

Ya neh..bana ba otlwa ka bogopo ba batswadi ba bona. i wonder if Zimele will ever forgive himself.

07 Apr 2009 13:44

Poor Bulela, he is the only one I feel sorry for in this whole AIDS saga.

07 Apr 2009 13:45

Hey ingculazi iphendule uBulela uZola Budd!! Imnika amandla ngiyakutshela LOL.

Anyway I double pain for Lebo-eish it's difficult being a mother!

07 Apr 2009 13:46

Oh and big ups to the Soul City writers, they have really upped their game yazi!

07 Apr 2009 13:47

Hey ingculazi iphendule uBulela uZola Budd!! Imnika amandla ngiyakutshela LOL. 

LMAO @ TheLady!!!

07 Apr 2009 13:47

i enjoyed yesterdays episode for sure.....Still i say...what i enjoy more about this season of SC is that it is very much educating.......if people dont learn from this...hayisuka they deserve every bad thing coming to them

07 Apr 2009 13:50


07 Apr 2009 13:51

Lebo deserves an award...i think she is perfecting the role she is is Themba

07 Apr 2009 13:53

true monchoosa

07 Apr 2009 13:55

...hayisuka they deserve every bad thing coming to them
True Monchy, hayi phela akukho okudlula lokhu, SC has done it's part.

07 Apr 2009 13:57

Lebo deserves an award...i think she is perfecting the role she is is Themba
Lebo is really good and Themba needs the money and more jobs that's why he is playing his part so well, uyafa indlala.....LOL

07 Apr 2009 13:58

I couldnt help but cried too Molilo...shem man poor Bulela

07 Apr 2009 14:01

LOL Nonny uxalile

07 Apr 2009 14:02

if people dont learn from this...hayisuka they deserve every bad thing coming to them

You can say that again....Can you believe a guy friend of mine said last night: this is not real man, its just a bout ignorance

07 Apr 2009 14:18

07 Apr 2009 14:21

You can say that again....Can you believe a guy friend of mine said last night: this is not real man, its just a bout ignorance
Yohhhhhhhhh, in this day and age, I can't believe that there are still people that think like that.

07 Apr 2009 14:24

SC rocks!!!!it had me in tears&surely if we dont learn from this then we doomed.

07 Apr 2009 14:34

Mihlali’s hand cluches his, and Bulela wipes a falling tear with his free hand, his eyes still fixed on the world outside his window......

Eish this part also tore my heart into a million pieces...shame umntana man! It just felt so so real.

07 Apr 2009 14:37

@ Phikza: tell him that it  is real. 

This is one of the INFORMATIVE soapies of a life time I have ever known and also entertaining. I missed it yesterday_moagisi you're the best_has anyone told you lately.

SC makes you feel that you can be part of the crew, struuuu!

07 Apr 2009 14:38

They say love is blind...but after this AIDS pandemic my love has wide open BIG eyes, i hope people will learn from soul city, it touches the soul.

07 Apr 2009 14:38

You can say that again....Can you believe a guy friend of mine said last night: this is not real man, its just a bout ignorance

I hope that the majority of people who watch it don't think like this

07 Apr 2009 14:43

Man the whole nite i was thinking of this disease....Geeze man!!!! One foolish mistake then u r BUSTED QHA!

Let me read now...

07 Apr 2009 14:49

Nonny, FB Gmail NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

07 Apr 2009 14:51

One foolish mistake then u r BUSTED QHA! o ka bolela gape mYNAME!

Nna I put a soul city booklet that talks about rlationships and HIV on my coffee table for evryone to see, read n have a discussion afterwards. I like the last page or two that shows the link between yourself and makhwapheni of makhwapeni of makhwapheni wakho! SCARY!

07 Apr 2009 14:54

Nonny, FB Gmail NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Awelani, OK Ok, there are some people engibacrossaya on FB so I'll meet u at gmail rather.

07 Apr 2009 14:54

Yohhhhhhhhh, in this day and age, I can't believe that there are still people that think like thought exactly, Nonny

tell him that it is real....Khafo, undicaphukise nyani(got realy pissed)

07 Apr 2009 14:56

I like the last page or two that shows the link between yourself and makhwapheni of makhwapeni of makhwapheni wakho! SCARY!
OMG, really scary, especially when u personalize it.

07 Apr 2009 15:00

Soul City writers has really done a good job, the story feels so real and at some point i felt like i knew them. That takes a good writer to make a critic like me feel that way. I liked the conversations between Bulela and his father when he found him and that he was proud of being his father and that he hasnt let them down. Though I find it hard to bealive that he would have been that understanding if he himself wasnt positive knowing Zimele before his status.

07 Apr 2009 15:09

Hey good people!

Last night's episode was baaie interesante. What I'm still wondering about though, is whether Mirriam's death meant that she was also infected and that relentless cough was just the last mile. Or maybe they didn't say what killed her to test our thought processes. I mean all we know about her is that she coughed, but I'm sure some of us speculated about her status because she had a run around husband too.  

Like David Kau says, you can't even cough in public these days.

07 Apr 2009 15:46

I'm totally gutted; its not fair. Soul City, I know you are trying to get people to condomise and make the right choices and everything, but a little respite please?! Goodness, its almost as if the virus is in the air at the rate at which character after character is catching it. Is it reality? I dont know. At the risk of howls of protest from my fellow readers of Moagisi's blog- I for one think that this time, fiction is stranger than reality. shoot me.

07 Apr 2009 16:07

Like David Kau says, you can't even cough in public these days.

HAHAHAHA...and that is not a funny haha laugh,but a nervous ;eish' laugh..kunzima.  I was also extremely touched & angered by last night's episode.  funny thing is I want to be angry at Zimele but I am becoming more & more sympathetic to him by the sec, I blame Dineo for Bulela's condition!! Maybe Im being irrational, but naye mani he should have scrutinized..eish..

hahaha @ Run Forest Run -  thats exactly what i said while  discussing Bulela's stress relief method with a friend..hihii..

Last night's episode also reminded me of the discrimination against HIV + ppl by some countries through entry & visa policies- how are we to eliminate the stigma of the virus if so called first world countries are still treating it like the plague- i mean really, itt would make more sense to deny ppl with TB entry than HIV- TB atleast that is airborne..its so ridiculous.....I found this interesting piece of information on the net.  

" As of 2008, some 8 countries bar entry of all
people living with HIV based on their HIV positive status
only; with an additional 5 countries denying visas for
even short-term stays.2 Twenty-nine countries deport...
individuals once their HIV infection is discovered. There
are 103 countries with no HIV-specific restrictions on
entry, stay or residence. For 21 countries, the information
is contradictory; and for 17 countries there is no available
information"    Most of the policies were established in the 80's & early 90' s wen ther was stil quite alot of fear & misunderstanding about the 

I'm just thinking imagine how many ppl wud get kicked out of the county if SA had that policy..yo! And when they deport them, where do they expect them to go..its a real outrage.  Ppl end up being separated from their families, having their lives ruined - with this type of behaviour as the global village,we are far,far from looking HIV/Aids in the face & punching it! 

07 Apr 2009 16:13

I feel you skinkl, Good recap Moagisi!!!

07 Apr 2009 16:22

Hey Cande, finally you pitch up, lol! You also think that they are going to wipe out the entire cast like skinkl?

07 Apr 2009 16:40

I'm just thinking imagine how many ppl wud get kicked out of the county if SA had that policy..yo! And when they deport them, where do they expect them to go.

That would be something else and we'd get so much flack for it. But we bow to America and let them get away with all sorts of discriminations and interrogations on health, religion etc. And you know, they'll tell you that they are only trying to protect their citizens, which would be true in some respect.

07 Apr 2009 16:43

Goodness, its almost as if the virus is in the air at the rate at which character after character is catching it. Is it reality?
Now u sound ignorant, just read ur comment again skinkl and ur'll realize that this is reality believe it or not.

07 Apr 2009 16:47

I'm just thinking imagine how many ppl wud get kicked out of the county if SA had that policy..yo! And when they deport them, where do they expect them to go..its a real outrage. Ppl end up being separated from their families, having their lives ruined - with this type of behaviour as the global village,we are far,far from looking HIV/Aids in the face & punching it! 
I agree Lantombi, well said gal.

07 Apr 2009 16:53

*clap*clap* another brilliant recap Moagisi - always enjoy reading these even tho i never miss an episode...well done. So this means uBulela got the disease from his father................

07 Apr 2009 16:57

Thanks zolx! Yep, talk about something coming back to bite you, in the you know what.

07 Apr 2009 17:18

Sorry its long, im too tired to read but i watched the show, sad indeed what happened to Bulela, very sad,i msut say each time i watch SC i vow to go for a test but once the programme ends i forget or simply think it snot important, but jah,, im really learning a lot, eish uLebo ngiyamzwela maan. but this virus is all over SC its unbelievable, they are really exxagerating. i mena the only person who doesnt have it is Mihlali.

07 Apr 2009 17:40

Guys you starting to not face the reality here. For all you know everyone whoz around you have the disease. Wake up and smell the coffee people. Damn!

08 Apr 2009 09:07

I think Bulele has to blame himself  for  not using protection from onset.ohhhhhhhhhhh....... Zimele wa tle wa fetsa lapa la hao hle monna.

08 Apr 2009 09:43

Im not ignorant @ nonny, its a figure of speech and me wondering out loud if the entire cast of actors are going to be infected? you must scrutinize!

08 Apr 2009 09:53

Zimele wa tle wa fetsa lapa la hao hle monna.

LMAO! Eintlik ha ke tshege kea lela. Haai, no, o ba feditse stru. But like Lantombi says, for a few seconds in every episode I also symphathise with Zimele. With all of them really because truly they are all to blame for not protecting themselves like Lebo said in the one episode, but now they have this incurable disease and we can't kick them when they are down.

08 Apr 2009 10:07

but Msoe we just saying that it seem as if everyone in the show is going to end up HIV+, it will be boring man. We not saying people around us may not be HIV + but not 80% of them bathong

08 Apr 2009 10:09

Soul City puts me off sex...well for a couple of hours lol.  but its so real and i make sure that i rub the lesson in whoever i'm watching with. this recent episode i watched with my teenage cousin...eish ppl we need to be careful. its also so true that we cant give the responsibility of our lives to other ppl, married or not. i know of so many ppl who were married but died of the desease cos the husband wasnt faithful and being oomama we forgive and forget and then the desease comes to remind us of the past..mmmnnnnncccccmmmm

08 Apr 2009 10:10

How about also having people who just cough like Theki's wife n having the society suspect that they are HIV+ and have them test HIV- and only have TB?? that is also reality mos. That as soon as you start coughing then people suspect you HIV+

Option Strict
08 Apr 2009 10:11

Guys it's realy true, it's possible that everyone around you has the virus cos AYIBHALWANGWA on the forehead. They are not exxagerating this is happening!!!

08 Apr 2009 10:15

yes it is true Option Strict, but the current statistics of HIV infection in the country and the statistics in Soul city have a huge difference

08 Apr 2009 10:16

People must just wake up and realise ukuthi vele AIDS is there and it kills and for Bulela he cant blame Dineo ngoba he is a smart ass student i am sure he knows about sex education and also that both partners engaging in sex are equally responsible

08 Apr 2009 11:16

Well, well and so the saga continues... I must admit that this was my first episode of soul City in many a years, but my oh my i'm in shock.  The reality of this situation is so reflective of the HIV pandemic here in SA and how it multiples so easily.  The bilboard that Bulele read during his Forest gump run, only makes me wonder how often he had passed that very bilboard and never thought twice.  Thanks for keeping us informed.  I can only hope that people will think twice before they have SEX without a CONDOM, because heaven forbid that you end up sleeping with your own father or brother.

This is deep and I love reading all your comments.  This is a great forum for talking about HIV and AIDS. 

08 Apr 2009 13:37

To be honest, i only watched SC last nite to see Zuluboy...but somehow i found myself getting hooked by the story. It really was an eye opener,ongezwanga izolo akasoze azwe

08 Apr 2009 14:00

All bloggers should know their status by now, neh. If not, take action_get tested.

08 Apr 2009 14:14

Khafo, i know mine -so im example already...follow me...

08 Apr 2009 16:05

You have captured it... how things truly come full circle. Bulela, now being the sixth one to come up positive as you said, shows the ultimate consequence of his father's actions. Bulela's reaction to the news was moving, and I can only imagine how he will feel when he finds out that Daddy dearest is an NB link in the chain... its too scary to think how real all of this actually is. "It gets deep, it gets steep and we weep" - indeed! Thanks for another brilliant post Moagisi!

09 Apr 2009 15:22

Mo,u know i love ur SC recaps.I look forward to them every tuesday even though ke letse ke shebile SC the nite before.
I do want to state,for the record(lest i be accused of being ignorant),i am under no illusions as to how rampant this horrid disease is in this country and the rest of this beautiful continent.but i do feel that SC jst cannot make everyone positive bathong.i mean to create the impression that there ARE NO responsible people out there who condomise is also creates a hopeless situation and i don't think the situation is hopeless.we r going to fight this disease tooth & nail for as long as we live and to create a hopelessness thing about it will only serve to demoralise and lead to despair.i do believe that showing the other side of it ,of HIV - people living positively and making a positive contribution to society as a whole will be just as effective as the shocking side of having a whole lot of people HIV will have an effect of creating aspirations,people will aspire to remain negative and want to continue to live and make a difference emzansi and africa as a ya,i realise that the spread of this disease at this stage is such that we have to resort to shock tactics to instill fear.but i wud much rather propagate change in sexual behaviour not only based on fear but on the understanding that it is in our absolute best interest to i naive?

09 Apr 2009 15:37

yazi mizbono i wanted to convince myself that they are exagertaing...but then i bsides the vague philosophical reasons i couldnt explain to myself why subsaharan africa has such high hiv/aids stats....

its intereseting that bulela looked at the love life billboard while he was running after the news....i think they are doing a great job...but is it really effetive...are the scrutinize adds effective

ever since the campagnsstarted, nothing grabbed my attnetion like this soul city series....and i think perhaps we do need to be shocked in order to really  assimilate what the wonderfull love life crew is preaching.

Brown Shuga
11 Apr 2009 12:56

Wow!!! Moagisi you rock bra!! This is such a well done recap, reminds me so much of when I first joined TVSA. Cande please man, call me or SMS me on Mondays to remind me, I always forget the show!!!

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