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Written by maddie from the blog Star Signs - Gemini Woman on 31 Mar 2009
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Firstly I must admit that I'm a sucker for Astrology, especially personality profiles.
I'm not into daily, weekly, monthly and yearly forecast but I sometimes find myself reading the listed just for interest sake.

I've been to so many websites that talks about astrology and find my personality profile and that of my friends,lovers, family, colleagues spot on I was left amazed.

I'm a gemini woman born on the 14th of June, and I know Brown Sugar is also one and that explains her fetish for gossip column writing, one of the gemini traits. I also know some of our bloggers star signs e.g. TDC  a virgo, Beyonce a leo, segololo r u a Libra? It would be nice to know some of your star signs people, that might say a lot about some of your responses here on TVSA.

I'll do profiles for other signs in my next blog(you can make suggestions as to which sign you want me to profile for both men and women). I know some of you might not necessarily believe in this, which is understandable, but I'm writing this blog so we can have fun.

To all the Gemini women:

Marrying one Gemini woman is like living with two different wives. Confused? Don't be, we are just talking about her dual personality. She has a dual nature and is capable of displaying different personality traits at different points of time. However, your major task will be to get her to commit. She is so fidgety that it becomes very difficult for her to become deeply involved with one person or place. The mind of a Gemini female never settles down at one place and her thoughts are always wandering. 

However, if you do manage to blend with her at the mental, spiritual as well as physical level, you will be introduced to a woman full of passion. In her youth, she is least likely to be bounded by a relationship or commitment. She may love your most irritating habits one minute and be extremely sarcastic about your new stylish haircut the very next. Maturity may bring a little bit stability in her. All this doesn't mean that Gemini women are not romantic at all. Infact, for them, romance is the one of the easiest means of communication. 

Since they always have some thoughts to express, romance never goes out of their life. However, commitment is an entirely different term. A Gemini girl may love your intelligence, but she will also notice your lack of interest in creative arts. It is same the other way round too. Puzzled? You should be, at times, even she is baffled by her own complex nature. She is so vivacious and full of life that with her, you will forget even the deepest of troubles. She has the ability to light up the most somber of surroundings with her presence. 

A Gemini woman will be full of the small, sentimental gestures that keep alive the romance in a relationship. She will always find new ways of telling you how much she loves you and will shower you with her alluring charm. She may act like a typical woman at one point of time, be a nervous wreck the other minute and engage in an intelligent conversation the very next second. She has the feminine charms, but she will never be clinging on to you. One thing that you will never find in a Gemini woman's characteristics profile is monotony and boredom. 

She finds something good in all the men she meets and then, wants a man who has all of those qualities. However, this can't be and then, she keeps longing for that perfect man! She can be your best friend, your sports partner, your racing competitor and your lover, all at the same time. Just remember one thing, she is single-handedly giving you all this, so don't expect consistency from her. A Gemini female can look at other guys, even when she is sincerely in love with you. Change is in her nature and she has to learn to control her own behavior. Just make sure to keep her interested in you and she will remain totally devoted. 

She will never be suspicious of you and will expect the same from you in return. You may be out till 3 in the morning and she won't even bat an eyelid. A Gemini girl will always respect your individuality and you will be required to do the same. She may forget to do the dishes every now and then, but you can have the most soul-satisfying conversations with her. She will keep your intellect as well as creativity stimulated. Motherhood will come naturally to her and she will make a happy and gay mother, who will respect the individuality of the children. 

Gemini woman makes an excellent hostess and will charm the guests with her grace. They will be treated to the best of cuisine, that too in silver cutlery. She can easily get along with anyone, right from your boss to the peon of your office. With a Gemini wife, you will feel as if you are with a different woman every other day. When she wants to speak, she will speak and when she wants to fly, she will fly. You don't know how she flies; just listen to her imagination and you will know. She is full of hopes, desires and dreams and you are welcome to share them. Just make sure that you are with her when she needs you! 

I'll do her love relationship compatibility in the next part


31 Mar 2009 12:13

okay people here we go

31 Mar 2009 12:23


31 Mar 2009 12:27

im pisces so i'll let the gemini's shine on this one................moving right along>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

31 Mar 2009 12:30

i'm a gemini and am so NOT romantic!

Ms. Jay
31 Mar 2009 12:32

I dont follow star signs so I am outta here...................................

31 Mar 2009 12:35

So Maddie does my star sign say anything about me loving my woman with a bit of meat? Phela I hate thin or rather slender women...feels like being le ngwana at times.

31 Mar 2009 12:35

i'm a gemini and am so NOT romantic

why aren't you romantic dear.

I must say ke romantic blind

31 Mar 2009 12:38

@tdc - you'll be surprised ha, 

I'll do your profile later

31 Mar 2009 12:39

i'm a gemini and am so NOT romantic!

kwa kwa kwa kwa

31 Mar 2009 12:42

I am a gemin but not sure if I can relate to the above since I dont do Horoscopes....

31 Mar 2009 12:43

i think u should start with mine maddies before u TDC's star sign im to curious i wanna more about meself.

31 Mar 2009 12:50

what's your star sign dali or your date of birth?

31 Mar 2009 12:53

I do that all the time maddie! eg when I meet a guy I check how compatible we are based on astronmy, how he handles his finances and how he's likely to behave generally

I am Libra-I must say some things bout a Libra woman are just me.

31 Mar 2009 12:56

pisces maddie

31 Mar 2009 12:59

I'm a gemini and i find myself usually relating to some of the descriptions made about gemins though i try not to let that define who I am. Its easy for me to say "i get bored easily" because geminis are generally fidgety people who's mind wanders and always looks for more, but I try not to live like that and try to sustain my interest in things and people....etc..

I met a guy who's also a gemini, matter of fact we share our birthday and we have so much similarities, thank God I'm not gonna marry him, one Gemini is enough in a home,lol

But then again not all geminis are the same, it also depends which moon u fall under, etc (or so i was once told).

31 Mar 2009 13:03

I dont follow star signs & I dont want to entertain that.

I have never believed in them but I used to read them to try to learn more about people's characters(department at which im still getting a zero).

then one day i read far too details much coz i was bored, and under what "was my star" there were a lot of details about things that were to happen for me in that particular week & everything was just matching....while I was still  reading that at the end it said I must put my name & adress so they could send me a talisman I should carry around always to me would bring me good luck in my life...I thought " talisman??? this is the devil himself writing this" and never again had I read those things, that was 6years ago!...

31 Mar 2009 13:03

i think romance is hard work madz. i don't like plannin and doing things that require preparation, mood setting. If it's the spontaneous and creative kinda romance, i'm cool with it. Candle-lit dinners, rose petals on beds, runnning bath waters, hayi noh ngiyabonga mina!

31 Mar 2009 13:05

@theLady - same here dear, aren't u amazed at how accurate astrology can be when it comes to compatibility.

apparently gemini and libra  are so compatible 90% 

@felfel - gemini and gemini - though u might have anything in common, but ur relationship will be so chaotic.

@dali - i'll get to pisces profile soon 

31 Mar 2009 13:08

ms teddy - i also don't follow the daily forecast 

that might have been a phsychic reading - i don't follow that as well
i just do profiles that's all

31 Mar 2009 14:06

I'm Aquarius. Do that next time. My man is Gemini and they tend to be moody at times

31 Mar 2009 14:17

@GML - dat's one of the best compatibility ever, stay there love, u'll never regret it, dats according to Astrology of course.

am a gemini woman and have been with an aquarius man before and dat was the best relationship ever, he was my soulmate.

am also friends with an aquarius woman - best friendship ever, love them to bits

shoo am becoming a TVSA resident astrologer 

31 Mar 2009 14:23

hey Maddie what about two scorpios....i am one and so is my crush

31 Mar 2009 14:28

LOL Pooky>>........i am one and so is my crush , hi hi hi hi

31 Mar 2009 14:36


The Scorpio woman and Scorpio man will either date and become the ultimate love match or date and sting one another to death. There will be no in between.
The Scorpio woman and Scorpio man both agree that emotional intensity is their way of life. They can instantly reach the depths of the other’s soul and yet if there is a conflict neither the Scorpio woman nor the Scorpio man is likely to forgive or forget.

Sex and power go hand in hand for these two and when they make love it is an overwhelming experience. The Scorpio man and Scorpio woman will communicate telepathically with their bodies as they make love.

31 Mar 2009 14:37

i think romance is hard work madz. i don't like plannin and doing things that require preparation, mood setting. If it's the spontaneous and creative kinda romance, i'm cool with it. 
>>>>ke nna eo & ke gemini.  Or maybe is because i'm not a believer ya teng,  dunno !!!!!

31 Mar 2009 14:39

I read astro signs now and then but ive never really bealived in them or follow what they say about me. I bealive i'm my own person, unique and only God knows what will happen to me in the next minute, next hour, tommorrow and so forth. By the way I'm a scorpio.

31 Mar 2009 14:59

mmmmmmmmmm!!!!! ok .

sweetie my baby
31 Mar 2009 15:11

I'm a gemini - very, very stereotypical, except for the romance part.... but in all other respects, i fit the profile completely.... eish.

31 Mar 2009 15:20


31 Mar 2009 15:25

lovely article maddie... u rite about most.

@ Pooky , hi ! alright

31 Mar 2009 15:33

hi ! alright thanks....u?

31 Mar 2009 15:46

im good sisPooky.
@ Maddie .Sex and power go hand in hand for these two and when they make love it is an overwhelming experience. what do u mean by that?

31 Mar 2009 15:49

Discrimination against some of us, so um gonna do ME,lol **Sagittarius****

Sagittarius is not known for her ability to stay within the confines of a budget. Very tru

Not one to care about such details as a price tag or a credit limit, Sagittarius will often spend beyond her means. Tru again

This can lead to frequent financial difficulties, as her optimistic nature tells her that tomorrow will take care of today.

Sometimes she is quite correct, but not always! Isnt everybody??

The most compatible signs for our Sagittarius the “Centaur” are those of Aries and Leo and, Libra and Aquarius can also make excellent partnerships with Sagittarius,,,hubbisto is a Leo

31 Mar 2009 15:54

Your hubby is a leo? no wonder a le sweet so. Leo's are the sweetest shem!!!

31 Mar 2009 15:55

LOL.......... awelani everytime i c ure name my face light up. i think im in 'love' with u!

31 Mar 2009 15:58

the best years of my sexual life were in the hands of a gemini man....

31 Mar 2009 15:59

awelani - i am going to do others bathong

31 Mar 2009 16:00

i am a Cancerian ,  and its explains me as i am.

31 Mar 2009 16:01


just T
31 Mar 2009 16:02

nice one maddie, i am taurus do a profile about me plizzzzzzzz

31 Mar 2009 16:02

@Cody,,,sweet my voet, dude can be moody too, lol
@dali..then c'mon, lets experiment,, what do u say?? gal on gal action,lol
@Maddie,, azange washo, so i thot u were valeling me and others ko ntle...askies

31 Mar 2009 16:04

the best years of my sexual life were in the hands of a gemini man....

Thats make the two of us Toxic...
He is a great date - charming, witty, funny, clever, talkative, creative, adventurous, old lying dog, cheater, master of seduction....etc

BUT If you are looking for a great fling, the gemini man is your top choice.

31 Mar 2009 16:05

I'll do iprofile for all star signs but I must warn u the blog is going to be too long. le se ke la complaina gore le lazy to read becos blog ya ka e telle.

31 Mar 2009 16:11

awe u r naughty!!!!!............LOL i meant ku na ku rhandza hi ku wa ni tsakisa not ku nila ku trya ku endla any funny business with u. what about ure hubby?????????

just T
31 Mar 2009 16:12

siyabonga makhosi

31 Mar 2009 16:12

LOL @ dali,,he can join us, always wanted a three some anywayzzz, tl tl tl tl tl tl,,

31 Mar 2009 16:17

Wink** wink @ just T

Im also a Taurus...May 14 1900

31 Mar 2009 16:18

is that how u r shelaring me awe, by asking me to have a threesome wit u + ure hubby no im not that easy shela me properly neh...........LOL

31 Mar 2009 16:24

Maddie your my Twin i'm also born 14 June..........and i'm a sucker for star signs i always analyse them.........

what you said abt Gemini's its true and not true.....we are so not romantic well i for one i'm not romantic.........yes our mind never settle down we always wondering that is why till today i dont have a BF........

31 Mar 2009 16:24

MADDIE, kanti your profiles di tloba in one article????????? i suggest one profile per article....

31 Mar 2009 16:33

I met a guy who's also a gemini, matter of fact we share our birthday and we have so much similarities, thank God I'm not gonna marry him, one Gemini is enough in a home,lol

@felfel............i will never ever again go out or marry a Gemini.....3 of my Ex BFs are geminis and believe me it was nice when we first started then in the long run relationships were a messssss............

31 Mar 2009 16:34

@toxic - a ke re ba complaina, ba re ke a discriminata

31 Mar 2009 16:36

in relationships - gemini soul mates are Aquarius and Libra -- u'll never go wrong with this match. i'm talking from experience and leo man and gemini - the sex is out of this world

31 Mar 2009 16:38

Your hubby is a leo? no wonder a le sweet so. Leo's are the sweetest shem!!!

Cody i dont think sweet and Leo can be put in the same sentence.......Leo's can be so cruel.........

31 Mar 2009 16:40

Maddie, are u saying good matches for gemini women are aqua, libra and leo?

31 Mar 2009 16:45

mstick ma lil sis was also born on june 14 u r her twin too

31 Mar 2009 16:46

i am a Libra & i heard that a Libra & a Libra are a perfect match & i kind of believe that.

Brown Shuga
31 Mar 2009 16:46

Nice article Maddie :-) the description fits me, let's say abt 90%. The cuisine part, not batting an eyelid when HE comes home at 3:00am?? Dude, I'll bat more than just an eyelid at that! So Maddie, how do we match up with Pisces men?

31 Mar 2009 16:46

@Maddie, donts say code "ba complaina, ba re ke a discriminata:, uncode, rather say " Awelani says  bla bla bhla",

31 Mar 2009 16:48

yep, toxic - the best of the 3 ke aqua and libra. as i've said i've been with an aqua before and dat was the best for me, sex, communication, understanding, he completed me, he was my soul mate bathong.

31 Mar 2009 16:49

then Y did u break up MAddie??

31 Mar 2009 16:50

Maddie you havent answered Supa's question, i'm also curious at what this means

31 Mar 2009 16:52

Maddie, how do we match up with Pisces men? @BS

Suga don't even go there, worst match ever(pisces), if u want to try u can but tell me about the experience afterwards.


uncode " awelani a re ke a discriminata" ha ha ha

31 Mar 2009 16:55


31 Mar 2009 16:57

Sex and power go hand in hand for these two and when they make love it is an overwhelming experience. 

they're the same, both passionate and kinky, so they understand each other, dat's why the sex becomes overwhelming.

scorpios are dangerous, they can sting if u dare get on their wrong side.

31 Mar 2009 16:58

I'll do her love relationship compatibility in the next part

I'M GOING to wait for this so i can print it out.

The cuisine part, not batting an eyelid when HE comes home at 3:00am?? Dude, I'll bat more than just an eyelid at that! 


31 Mar 2009 17:02

LOL @ awe coding and uncoding...The best years of my sexual life were with a Cancerian..the liar, cheater, damn-good between the sheets b*stard...damn I miss him.

I seem to be attracted to Arians...those tend to be long term relationships too

31 Mar 2009 17:05

Cody i dont think sweet and Leo can be put in the same sentence.......Leo's can be so cruel.........

@mstick.......If you push us too far hell yeah, we will show you how it rains! Leo's are sweet if you are sweet to them.Im a Leo and just the sweetest thing!!!!!!

Brown Shuga
31 Mar 2009 17:07

So Maddie, if thats the case then I might as well cancel the date 2nite!

31 Mar 2009 17:10

dearest BS

 maddie forgot to tell u that this does not mean that this thing must dictate to you who u r gonna date its just guiding you thats all, if u r dating a piscean and he's treating u good hang on to him u neva know he might be 'the one'

yours astrologically 

31 Mar 2009 17:11

LMAO,, tl tl tl tl tl tl

KK 2008
31 Mar 2009 17:16

Oh my word maddie it is scarry how beffitting this is. I am a GEMINI woman and had to copy and send this to my fiance cause he does not understand!!! My birthday is 22 May!!! I am a bit dumbfounded because I have always HATED these astronomy/horoscope things. Just maybe there is some truth in them after all. Sad thing is I do not know my fiance' date of birth...neither does he really...they sort of guessed it and now I cannot ask you to do our profile matching etc

Brown Shuga
31 Mar 2009 17:18

Hahahahahaha Dalisto! Phew @ that! Tox, wil read thru da mails 2nite, am phone blogging, tvsa bad 4 my laptop

Brown Shuga
31 Mar 2009 17:21

P.S. Are there any MARRIED Geminis out there ??? Need 2 know how far we go love-wise lol

31 Mar 2009 17:21

@KK2008, u dopnt know YOUR FIANCE's birth day?? and he also dont know?? was he born in the 1930's??

31 Mar 2009 17:21

wena KK go ahead and marry mushangaan waka hina dont listen to maddies pls. dont dissapoint ma brother now.

31 Mar 2009 17:22

Well mine is Capricon 25 DECEMBER

31 Mar 2009 17:27


31 Mar 2009 17:29

@ BS, I am a gemini too who dated a piscean for 4 painful years. Trust me I tried hard to make it work... it just doesn't. There is just no compatibility, no common ground because you just have such strong opposing views of life. It really is hard my dear, and funny enough you end up being the one compromising alot of your values to accomodate the stubborness of a Piscean.
I am happily in love with a Libra man. Maddie is correct in saying that Gemini's and Libra's make a perfect match.
I am living testament of what works and what didn't.

31 Mar 2009 17:31

...they sort of guessed it and now I cannot ask you to do our profile matching etc...
Ag shame KK, skies yeva.

31 Mar 2009 17:34

ouch! whatever happened to you happened and does not mean its gonna happen to BS so leave her and her piscean, things r still cool between them.

what worked fo you might not work for BS

what does not work fo u might work fo BS

on behalf of all sane pisceans i apologise fo what our fellow piscean did to you.

31 Mar 2009 17:36

BS, go and prepare for your date before these girls change your mind.

31 Mar 2009 17:43

Dali this is my experience dear.  An experience I wanted to share in light of the topic being discussed. I am well aware of the fact that things may turn out differently for BS by virtue of the fact that over an above the fact that she shares  Gemini traits with billions of other people in the world, she is ultimately an individual. Learn to take comments with a pinch of salt and not the literal and final. life and experiences are too complex to develop one template to suit all.

Disclaimer: My comment did not mean to put a bad light on pisceans in any form. My best friend/sister is a Piscean, the most wonderful women I know : ) It just so happened that I my relationship with a piscean was not the greatest.

31 Mar 2009 17:49

good fo u! now dont go and have a heart attack  on my account! say hi to yo sis fo me!

BS go  on that date and enjoy yoself dear!

31 Mar 2009 22:38

Maddie, i'm a gemini and i'm such a bad entertainer, i can't cook and i'm always caught with no food and end up offering people ice-cream and chips and stuff...

Anyway, just got out of a 6 year relationship with a libra. It was on and off and i would go in and out of phases where i'd either love him to bits and totally believe he's the love of my life forever. Or, i'd get really annoyed by him and break up with him. Each time, he'd woo me back until in january HE decided to end it. This was during one of my "on" phases, and now i can't get over him. Today would have been our 6 year anniversary.

Maddie, was he my soulmate? Am i gonna find another? Help!

01 Apr 2009 11:07

i will never ever again go out or marry a Gemini.....3 of my Ex BFs are geminis and believe me it was nice when we first started then in the long run relationships were a messssss............

Sheeew, please dont remind...those painful years! 
I dont wanna think about about that bloooooody cheater!!

Maddie, i'm a gemini and i'm such a bad entertainer, i can't cook and i'm always caught with no food and end up offering people ice-cream and chips and stuff... 

ROFLOL @ Foxxxy

01 Apr 2009 11:19

But at the end of the day you can't really rule people out becos of their astological traits, this is just like saying I don't date Xhosa men cos they are like this & that and Zulu men and Swati women are best suited becos of this & that. 
People are different and are individuals. I'm a gemini and so is Foxxy and it's said that geminis are best suited with Libras but that same Libra would probaly find Foxxy to be a better partner than me. My brother is a sagitarrius and believe me he don't fit the profile at all, not a single trait. So ladies its nice to read something about urself and relate but don't let it rule ur life and ur decisions...reeaally now.

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