Are We A Depressed Nation? (3 March 2009)

Written by TVSA Team from the blog 3rd Degree on 03 Mar 2009
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Episode: Are We A Depressed Nation?
Broadcast date: 3 March 2009 at 21h30

220 South Africans attempt suicide every day. With South Africa heading for recession, this figure could rise. So is there hope?

The finance minister has said that we are to some extent shielded from the international credit crisis, but this week 3rd Degree looks at ordinary South Africans facing the brunt of the credit crunch. Unable to pay mounting bills they are sinking deeper into debt and depression.

A mother and legal secretary from Germiston on the East Rand finds herself in a hopeless situation. Retrenched twice in less than two years, her bills began to escalate and her family go hungry. Both firms she worked at hit hard times when business stopped coming in.

She finally did get a job but was forced to take a huge pay cut. However, even with some income Carol is finding it impossible to put food on the table. About to be evicted and on the verge of suicide she desperately seeks hope.

Kevin Pennell and his wife Pier-Lynne are an average South African couple, trying to provide for their young family. Kevin decided to leave his job for greener pastures, but then discovered he had made a costly mistake.

Going from interview to interview, Kevin was told that he was over-qualified for the jobs on offer. The family find themselves sinking into debt; Pier-Lynne contemplates killing her whole family just to end all the misery.

Armed with a degree from Wits a young teacher from Soweto cannot find work. The breadwinner of his family, he becomes increasingly despondent, as the search for employment leads nowhere. Depressed and unable to see a way out he commits suicide.

As the cost of living increases and the economy slows down, more and more South Africans are finding debt strangling them. As their situation begins to spin out of control, they look frantically for a way out.

Tonight 3rd degree looks at the way out and the way forward by exploring solutions to these troubles.


Ms. Jay
03 Mar 2009 14:12

this would definately be worth watching

03 Mar 2009 14:19

It's a pity I don't have E-TV or DSTV, but this sure seems interesting

Ms. Jay
03 Mar 2009 14:23

what do you have then dear?

03 Mar 2009 14:27

SABC....... sad *sigh*... I'm on the route of installing DSTV though

Ms. Jay
03 Mar 2009 14:34

thats good Zah -

Cape Hustlaz
03 Mar 2009 14:40

I wist i knew before i could also contribute to thsi one..........being a survivor...maybe South Africa need survival skills and inspiration

03 Mar 2009 14:42

The funny thing is I didn't pay that much attention to TV until i discovered TVSA. So it is now that i realise the importance of installation, but all along i couldn't care less coz i preferred radio

03 Mar 2009 21:40

But this is not what's on!

03 Mar 2009 22:01

yeah man, all i saw was a case of 9 people that were murdered.

03 Mar 2009 22:02

Grrrr - thanks Paralyzer - this is what received as being on,

03 Mar 2009 22:03

kanti what happened? I PVRed Special assignment instead......

03 Mar 2009 22:03

Double grrrrrr - I didn't catch it - been watching Special Assignment -

03 Mar 2009 22:04

I dunno mjj - they didn't notify with any update about changes to it or anything,

03 Mar 2009 22:09

Tashi do you know why are they playing this too shows at the same time?? Nee maan

03 Mar 2009 22:14

I know Cande, it sucks - 3rd Degree changed times 'cos of the .... wr&*^%stling! With the wrestling and Forgive and Forget in the schedule everything shifted - I don't know if they deliberately put Forgive and Forget earlier for 3rd Degree to compete directly with SA, will investigate.

04 Mar 2009 09:59

i thought yesterday's show was interesting!!!!

04 Mar 2009 10:11

i thought yesterday's show was interesting!!!! - didnt even know something like that went down until last night...shoo hectic stuff tho

04 Mar 2009 10:19

Tjo, those people were cruel. HOw do you slit people's throats and the then shoot them 1 by one. Hhayi man those people are sick they really deserve the death sentence. You can't kill people like that, it was so cruel. NX!!!!!!!!!!

18 Mar 2009 11:26

As a nation we are lost ..... if we can go on and on and killing each other and we think we are unttouchable... then we are not depressed we are completely sick and it looks as if we are not aware.....Somebody somewhere needs to help.

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