Spotted! The 'I Hate Kuli' t-shirt

Written by Tashi from the blog Tashi's TV on 15 Dec 2008
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On Friday night Ice schModelling agency had their end-of-year party in downtown Cape Town, I went through in goss-search and spotted this for the first time:

A T-shirt made by Kuli Roberts.

Word is: apparently she says that if so many peeps loathe her, she thought she may as well make some cash from it.

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15 Dec 2008 15:04

heheheheh.. *////shaking my head////*

15 Dec 2008 15:07

Ohhh good she knows!!!

15 Dec 2008 15:09

nci nci nci wuuuu,  Kuli is something else. Hayikhona man

15 Dec 2008 15:09

Nc  nc nc nc nc  *shaking my head*

15 Dec 2008 15:14

LOL Kuli is sly & smart at the same time.

15 Dec 2008 15:17

Kuli apparently said since people dont like her..she will sell those Tshirts to those who claim they dont like her.

To Kuli: we not stupid., y wud people make u rich by buying your Tshirts if they dont like u? apparently her bff (ha haha) Khanyi is also doing the same!

15 Dec 2008 15:20

Can't help but laugh at this one uKuli kodwa..

15 Dec 2008 15:20


15 Dec 2008 15:22

Thats Kuli "oka spice Gooi Bokkie Robertson" Roberts....

15 Dec 2008 15:29

WTF? Next we'll see 'I HATE THE BUFFALO'

Shuga babe
15 Dec 2008 15:35

ag maan won't buy it even if its  5oc. mnncfm

15 Dec 2008 15:42


15 Dec 2008 15:43


15 Dec 2008 15:45

@ myname: Thats Kuli "oka spice Gooi Bokkie Robertson" Roberts


15 Dec 2008 15:52


15 Dec 2008 16:00

The things we do...............

15 Dec 2008 17:06

Apparantly proceeds from the sale of these T-shirts will go towards her favourite charity or something (Sparrows?)....check her FB profile.

Brown Shuga
15 Dec 2008 17:58

<<<WTF? Next we'll see 'I HATE THE BUFFALO'>>> Why would the "buffalo" do a T Shirt coz there's no Tshirt in the world to accomodate that chest....

The T shirt up there is pretty cool...the "I Hate " font is relevant.

15 Dec 2008 18:20

he he he BS???

15 Dec 2008 18:28

Problem is i love her ten much.i wonder if RGB is really gona show Amstel's msebenzi wamadlozi he had at his momma's house on sunday.

15 Dec 2008 18:33

Cande yo gal is parked outside my building manje uze kuAmsto.yerr! her legs are pale white.Amsto unxibe something engathi yitight epurplish lol.

15 Dec 2008 18:55

niyahlala phi wena noAmstel Cnglemama?? eish those two??? 1 minute they fighting the next they are the best buddies

15 Dec 2008 19:18

Somebody send this link to the BUFFALO pls!!! kwa kwa kwa kwa--- Cande you are her facebookfriend pls direct her here he he he

Kuli, please crete the I LOVE Kuli Tee's, mina thats the one I'l buy. I dont know if Hlubi told you ukuthi I have a girlcrush on you :) ngamphathisa umlayezo kwiblog yakhe...

15 Dec 2008 19:39

Cande its yeoville.i wil upload da pics on my tvsa profile sumtime this week,i just asked sumboy to snap me nxt 2 ilamborgini lol,so many groupies outside yoh!and its pouring.Bey lets hope uKULI will honour our wishes and do the love t-shirts.

15 Dec 2008 19:42

Beyonce and Cnglemother - niyagula nina...... Nam i want a "I love Julius Malema" T-shirt

15 Dec 2008 19:43

Cnglemama & Beyonce watch Miss SA on SABC 2 now

15 Dec 2008 19:48

Ok pls move to this blog coz the other 1 is full 4 operas.

15 Dec 2008 19:49

loL at Mjj and his obsession with Julia!!!

15 Dec 2008 19:51

Mjj pls blog 2nite i missed u.the weaves are on top form hola magirls!.sum1 sms miss-thang BS

15 Dec 2008 19:54

Bey pls take note of da wrong weave i think its Mpho.what happened 2 brazilian weaves bathong?

15 Dec 2008 20:01

Ok where are we gona blog?

15 Dec 2008 20:04

Who's this white anty singing country music?

15 Dec 2008 21:58

@ nonny..LOL Kuli is sly & smart at the same time.

my thoughts exactly there.

15 Dec 2008 22:04

BTW u Madam Khanyi(like Andile kept on calling her on Friends like these) unayo kanti into ayifihlayo...remember uSbu asking her ukuthi which soapy is she gonna be acting on...and she kept on saying  "I CAN'T TELL"

Khanyi...hlebela mina, did you not say that you wanna act on an afrikaans soapy on one of these SA magazines' interviews?...could it be uwelela kwa  SEWEN DELAAN?

17 Dec 2008 08:40

morning bloggers missed u like crazy 

dear kuli

kuli plz grow up 

i dont like u 

wont buy the t shirt 


17 Dec 2008 08:43


17 Dec 2008 08:57

Oh so thats the t tl tl tl This is too much,wonder who was wearing it.

17 Dec 2008 09:04

I hate Kuli, Ama Kip Kip, Dankie San, Kwali and so on! Why would a sane, sober-minded person buy one of these T-shirts?

Nomakula is giving herself too much credit but if you like it buy it.

17 Dec 2008 09:17

But mina i like Ama KIP KIP nje?? can someone please buy me the t-shirt for a christmas pressie

17 Dec 2008 09:28

i read their(Kuli and Khanyi) interview on TL and have a feeling they were lying. i dont see Kuli giving Khanyi sound advice.
as for t-shirt stunt i dont buy it...period

17 Dec 2008 09:35

Where is cnglemother? Someone is going to be angry after reading these replies about Kuli......Anyway i finally got JM's email address.....

Sorry to go offline but i need to tell cnglemother something - Our Princess was in Japan, and she was received very well

17 Dec 2008 09:40

everything is slow today wazup ppl ??????????????

17 Dec 2008 11:43

NtandoN, I ssssssoooooooooooooooooooooo agree with you... but like i have admitted before, I am a fashion victim so if it doesn't make sense, you won't see me in it

17 Dec 2008 11:48

I want the Durban Rocks T-shirt-in fact someone get it for me this xmas pretty please.

La Dolce Vita
17 Dec 2008 12:59

Im joining Cnglemother on loving KULI...she's bold and vulgar bt she does it with panache...I think I'll go buy myself the AMA ZIM ZIM T-shirt i saw a guy wearing it on 'So U think u funny"
@ dali...u're doing the xact thing uKuli ayifunayo ngokuphendula saying she must grow ur wara wara fishpaste...DON"T HATE
@ toodecent..i wonda nyani ngubani wearing that t-shirt..uneDAIRY str8!!

17 Dec 2008 13:04

La Dloce Vita go hang ure self and kuli and hlubi for that matter

u love her i dont so get off my back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

or may be u r kuli or hlubi nxa........nxa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

why vele???????

let me go for lunch........ nxa.....nxa!!!!!!!!!!!!

17 Dec 2008 13:10

ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!  o Kuli bacinga ukuba ba special. NXA. NEXT!!!!

La Dolce Vita
17 Dec 2008 13:11

Hayi nyani ndiyakubona ulambile..

Sana Lwam
17 Dec 2008 13:51

Who would want to hate uKuli? "Azosihleka amaChina bantu'bamnyama"

17 Dec 2008 14:00

Dear Az..i think u shud buy the t shirt...

17 Dec 2008 14:59

nxa........nxa.......nxa ...........

Sana Lwam
17 Dec 2008 15:04

whats up Dali, cant find th T-shirt?

17 Dec 2008 15:10

sana lwam its La Dloce Vita he/she/shim is on my case why vele?????????

Hayi nyani ndiyakubona ulambile............. can u plz translate this as well

Sana Lwam
17 Dec 2008 15:14

Here goes:

No really I can see uou are hungry...................


Sana Lwam
17 Dec 2008 15:15

- its supposed to be you

17 Dec 2008 15:18

nxa....... she really is on my case nxa...

ill start replying in shangaan maybe then some ppl will get off my back....nxa

Sana Lwam
17 Dec 2008 15:21

wakutolobela nwana'mani

17 Dec 2008 15:23

u ni tolovela xinkwa xo oma

17 Dec 2008 15:24

LOL @dali just go for 'I HATE La Dloce Vita' t-shirt

17 Dec 2008 15:47

i LOVE KULI ROBERTS -  I'll definitely buy this one and the Ama kip kip cos I love supporting south african initiatives.

people let's stop being haters, Kuli rocks and we know it

Sana Lwam
17 Dec 2008 15:50

yes Maddie now will u be watching RGB?

17 Dec 2008 15:54

i would mos def buy that one luksta

17 Dec 2008 16:00

Kuli Rocks, KUli rocks, Kuli rox... she rox she rox she rox she rox she rox rox rox rox rox rox.....

17 Dec 2008 16:05

Yo Bey got inspired by uMzwakhe

Brown Shuga
17 Dec 2008 16:12

I'm selling a T-Shirt called I HATE TVSA BLOGGERS !!!! Definitely will sell amongst mzansi celebs and WAY-TOO-serious bloggers!

Sana Lwam
17 Dec 2008 16:15

NtandoN will be the first to own a t-shirt

Sana Lwam
17 Dec 2008 16:16

kidding NtandoN

17 Dec 2008 16:16

LOL................ ja bs

Brown Shuga
17 Dec 2008 16:26

P.S. To the Kuli haters, it's okay not to like her but don't expect her to disappear just coz u don't. There are people who hate you just as much and there you are, still breathing. Just do ur thing and leave Kuli alone. The whole bitch thing is REALLY JUST an act. She is a woman, mother, daughter just like us. Besides, I don't understand why women are the ones hating on her when her 'so-called' anger is directed at the cheating & lying men! Didn't mean to preach but I've been quiet enough on the subject and just needed for my opinion to be heard.

17 Dec 2008 16:29

still dont like her ..................

Brown Shuga
17 Dec 2008 16:35

Why vele??? LOL I'm gonna buy u the T-Shirt me Dali. What's your size?

17 Dec 2008 16:39

no thanx not even if u paid me. i dont like her period ............

17 Dec 2008 16:40

Well said BS, if people would know just how sweet Kuli is and how emotional and how much of a good mother,sister and daughter she is. I guess it's really difficult for people to separate your work from who you are cz most people don't know her personally but know her from her column.

17 Dec 2008 17:55

<<i read their(Kuli and Khanyi) interview on TL and have a feeling they were lying. i dont see Kuli giving Khanyi sound advice. >>I read one of her articles over the weekend and it made sense... had very sound advice and practical. i just liked the cover, i don't buy mags though (except fitpregnancy) so if you can get a link or summarize the article, that would be great, blue...

17 Dec 2008 17:59

I wonder how a funky I love TVSA t-shirt would sell...

17 Dec 2008 18:48

i'd b da 1st to buy it

ayoba ..........

17 Dec 2008 19:20

That one won't sell Segololo....I hate TVSA will sell like hot cakes..........

I love Julius I love Julius

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