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Generations Teasers - January 2009

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Generations Teasers on 14 Dec 2008
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On Generations in January, 2009:

Thursday, 1 January 2009
Episode 2721

Ntombi senses something's amiss but can't put her finger on what it is. The boys start the New Year off with a whimper instead of a bang. Karabo can't deny what's in the ring box isn't quite what she wanted.

Friday, 2 January 2009
Episode 2722

Ngamla won't reveal what the mystery item is he's frantically searching for. Khaphela doesn't have the heart to relay what the doctor had to say. Dineo suddenly feels very isolated and alone.

Monday, 5 January 2009
Episode 2723

Ajax's surprise visitors are in for an even bigger surprise than the birthday boy himself. A suspect piece of clothing creates considerable tension in the Dlomo household. Senzo is caught off guard by Samuel's shock announcement.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009
Episode 2724

Khethiwe announces she's not going to lay a charge against Belinda. Ntombi's worried her little brother might be setting himself up for a fall. Everyone is shocked by the gory picture that made it into the newspaper.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009
Episode 2725

Ngamla picks up that Dineo is battling to cope. Palesa seems to be settling into her new home a little too quickly. Dumisane can't hide his horror, which sadly gets mistaken for disgust.

Thursday, 8 January 2009
Episode 2726

Paul gets a surprise phone call which he's very excited about. The visit by Queen and company seems to be just what the doctor ordered. Kenneth is all on is own when disaster strikes.

Friday, 9 January 2009
Episode 2727

Khethiwe gets an sms and freaks out. Samuel realises he's out of his depth and asks for advice. Sharon offers her help but gets snubbed for it.

Monday, 12 January 2009
Episode 2728

Palesa's very cagey about what happened over the weekend. Ngamla admits he has no doubt that Senzo is indeed his nephew. Karabo's patience is slowly but surely running out.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009
Episode 2729

Paul doesn't like hearing he's making a mistake and gets his back up. Dineo makes it clear who's the boss at Mashaba Media. Dumisane gets some shocking news about the envelope that was delivered to him.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009
Episode 2730

Ntombi and Sara have a disagreement about Christina. Queen unwittingly puts her foot in it. Khaphela is shocked when an enraged Khethiwe loses it.

Thursday, 15 January 2009
Episode 2731

Samuel needs help and ropes in his Fridayends. Karabo has finally had enough and snaps. Sharon decides to get her own back with Palesa.

Friday, 16 January 2009
Episode 2732

An invisible baby causes a bit of an upset at Mashaba Media. Ngamla concedes that something must be amiss with Senzo. A guard has to intervene when Belinda flies into a manic rage.

Monday, 19 January 2009
Episode 2733

Scheming Dineo gets a sudden urge to go to Canada. Dumisane's pained by what he has to do but knows he has no choice. Paul plays it brave when the doctor breaks the bad news.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009
Episode 2734

Palesa's in a state because of Samuel who is nowhere to be found. Sara is peeved when Ntombi does something to prove a point. Ace overhears something he's not supposed to.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009
Episode 2735

Thomas arrives at the office and makes a shock announcement. Khaphela's unnerved when Khethiwe almost finds something he never wants her to see. Queen is on a mission to cheer someone up.

Thursday, 22 January 2009
Episode 2736

Fed up Ngamla warns Dumisane he can't stall any longer. Ajax wants to write a song for the strongest, bravest woman he knows. Looking after Kenneth is taking it's toll on Paul.

Friday, 23 January 2009
Episode 2737

Dineo almost has heart failure when she hears who's running the show. Samuel and Palesa's excitement about the doctor's visit soon turns to horror. Ajax unwittingly plants a grisly seed in Senzo's mind.

Monday, 26 January 2009
Episode 2738

Thomas's visit to his father looks set to end in a fist-fight. Khethiwe gets some good news for a change. It's a shock for the Ezweni team when a surprise shareholder shows up at the board meeting.

Tuesday, 27 January 2008
Episode 2739

Khaphela hears about last night's events and battles to hide his jealousy. Karabo's miffed to hear Paul's been keeping secrets from her. The police officer on duty is wary about the strange question he's asked.

Wednesday, 28 January 2008
Episode 2740

Dineo is suspicious about her ex's sudden change of heart. Paul's worried when he gets even more bad news about Kenneth. Sara gets a distressing phone call from her niece's teacher.

Thursday, 29 January 2008
Episode 2741

The rift between Pales and Samuel seems to be getting wider by the day. Queen is taken aback by Khethiwe's urgent request. Ace goes searching for a pen and is upset when he finds something else instead.

Friday, 30 January 2008
Episode 2742

Karabo is surprised to hear how someone stuck up for her. Ajax comes up with an impulsive plan to cheer Sharon up. Ngamla decides enough with letting things slide… it's time to take action.


La Dolce Vita
14 Dec 2008 23:18

Vague...very vague

15 Dec 2008 00:50

Haiiiboo!!!!! The story/teasers are so vague. So does it mean that Senzo is one of the Dlomos? Does it mean that Dinny is taking a break from Generations by going to "Canada". Very vague i tell yu.

15 Dec 2008 01:00

Halala halala halala? How many times. Three times like the Oga from Nigeria. I am the second one to post for January 2009 - Confed Cup year

15 Dec 2008 09:08

Vague indeed.....and also confusing....its a puzzle....hard to complete it!

15 Dec 2008 09:19

January teasers is not interesting u can`t really come up with the story. guess will have to wait 4 january and see

Ms. Jay
15 Dec 2008 09:23

vague indeed.....yep we have to wait an c

15 Dec 2008 09:32

2009's teasers are out already, WOW bengingalindele ke, Will print out and read them, Will chat soon..............Take care

15 Dec 2008 09:49

y so many secrets mvundla..vague is the word....

15 Dec 2008 09:55

Is it me or what? Jan is obscure.

15 Dec 2008 09:55

confusing and not interesting at all.

15 Dec 2008 09:57

Myname, its not you.

15 Dec 2008 09:58

Guess I will have to wait and see for myself in January!!

15 Dec 2008 10:03

Thanks Qondi, i even read it twice but still clueless, cant predict at all.....

15 Dec 2008 10:09

vague,vague, i dont even know what it mean,mara this generation teaser is vague indeed

15 Dec 2008 10:11

Its so impossible 2complete de puzzle wit gen dis mnth. Wil Ken get betta anytime soon, Dinny nd Thomas are starting to irritate me.

15 Dec 2008 10:19

Morning evry1!   

Qaqamba said i must send her greetings in the name of Luv,  uyanikhumbula.
Exccept that Sbuda will open his heart 4 Senzo, there is nothin interesting on Jan.

15 Dec 2008 10:29

Soooooo vague, we will have to wait and see. Mhhh but Sibusiso accepting that Senzo is his niece that something else.

15 Dec 2008 11:29

hello evry1, i also feel that sbu is opening up to senzo might be a big thing.i mean senzo could have some shares at ezweni.

15 Dec 2008 11:32

but why is dinny rushing off to canada? has that got anything to do with gracy?
this is so confusing!

15 Dec 2008 11:35

15 Dec 2008 11:39

Hai, it looks like Paul is the surprise shareholder.

What piece of clothes that puts the tension in the Dlomo households? Hope it's not a kanga plus is hot now.

15 Dec 2008 11:43

Hope it's not a kanga plus is hot now....LOL Khafo

15 Dec 2008 11:48

Nam im thinking that Khafo ukuba Paul is the one. And dear whats i-kanga?

15 Dec 2008 13:19

@ myname: 
A kanga is a brightly coloured and decorated piece of cotton cloth for women to wrap around the body as a garment, worn originally and esp. in East Africa_hope you're covered sana  *with a lectures stick on the board and spectacles*

15 Dec 2008 14:03

Jeez talk about being teased!! This is realy iritating they writing riddles what is this?Shdve of just written "Up,Down look around Generatons mght be underground"

15 Dec 2008 14:13

LOL Khafo....dankie sani now i have a picture

15 Dec 2008 14:42

Dineo almost has heart failure when she hears who's running the show. Whoever it is, serves her right. I am sure is also Paul Mashaba........
mmmmmmmmhhhhhhh......shares at Ezweni and running Mashaba Media.

I don't want to stress about Dec teasers. It's xmas_the staff must be rushing for their xmas lunch or dinner. 

It's time to be jolly mabloggers!

jerry boy II
15 Dec 2008 14:44

marvellous, now I know what's Jan is about, shall see or kanjani...........

15 Dec 2008 14:49


peace t
15 Dec 2008 15:03

its difficult to understand what is going to happen , the scope is too vague  - which makes the soapie not exciting for the month of January - we don't want to kept on the dark

15 Dec 2008 15:10

don't want to stress about Dec teasers. It's xmas_the staff must be rushing for their xmas lunch or dinner. 

Hayi Mayb!!....Guys is that kenneth actor realy releasing a gospel album?
WOW!! If thats true wudve neva guessed,talk about dnt read a book by its cover.....
Dineo realy looks like a poodle tryna be intimidating, shym Dinny im pissing in my pants....wanna slap u to thy kingdom come!!And hve Moses slap u bck to the present again!! ....anyways This my 2nd post simz like uSis Khethiwe aint the only one braking thngs around here HOLAAAAA!!!!!

15 Dec 2008 15:21

Palesa moves in with Sam. Senzo is a Dlomo.......Interesting.

15 Dec 2008 15:25

To all of you its my last day...'m gona mic u.....see u next year...enjoy...ciao!

15 Dec 2008 15:26

Hayibo GML wudnve taken a genius to figure that out!!
Dnt take me wrong buddy but......ndiyakuJumpela!! 
Where  did u hear the palesa mving in wth sam thing!?
Those two are a match made in a cows Kraal.....SHITY!!!!

my face
15 Dec 2008 16:10

This is all so confusing for me but I will have to watch to get clearance.

15 Dec 2008 16:30

Senzo is caught off guard by Samuel's shock announcement.

Palesa seems to be settling into her new home a little too quickly.

These two statements tell me that Palesa is moving in with Sam

15 Dec 2008 17:24


15 Dec 2008 19:35

Hm!mistry shareholder + paul getting n xciting and he hiding secrets from karabo?!OMG,I HAVE THIS NASTY,EERKY FEELING THAT GRACE IS FLIPPING COMING BACK!!!

16 Dec 2008 00:43

Aiybo the blockers on generations teaserz seem 2 be new lana kwa tvsa,or do u only blog kuma teaserz e generations kuphela? ayi mina i am only familiar with 2 or 3 names and the rest andibazi

ada flo
16 Dec 2008 15:24

Gen still has the highest number of bloggers amongst other soaps even though the January story is vague as majority complained.  For me, it is full of suspence.

16 Dec 2008 16:38

@ Ajax comes up with an impulsive plan to cheer Sharon up.
Does that mean Ajax and Sharon will hook up? Tjo, i don't know what to say...

17 Dec 2008 10:02

Do we talk about December episodes on January teasers, they came very early.

Since Ajax and Senzo so that picture of Sam and Palesa´s baby, what will happen next will they gang on Palesa to tell Sam or will they do the honour ?

17 Dec 2008 10:09

The rift between Pales and Samuel seems to be getting wider by the day
Why do they keep bringing in new characters when they can't  create good storylines for the current ones?? Bathi abazokwenzani abasha nabadala bevele bezibhedela nje??

17 Dec 2008 10:22

@Zah000 can you please direct that mbuzo to Mr Mvundla and his crew, we have no answers to that.

17 Dec 2008 10:43

Kenny is coming back_I saw the smile yesterday, manipulation is in his blood. Ace is now the star of the season. 

Ntombi, Ace & Paul are going to be a powerful team. Waze wa khala uMaKhumalo bethuna nge hairstyle yakhe.

17 Dec 2008 11:52

@Khafo:Waze wa khala uMaKhumalo bethuna ...

Mara mina i feel for u Makhumalo especially if you've been in the same situation.imagine ukuthejwa umuntu okhohlakele and possessive(or any1 for that matter who holds a big position),it shows that there is sumthin in u. 
bt then as for the hair style i will not say pe!

17 Dec 2008 12:47

Hey people i'm new please welcome me,,i just love the fact that kenneth is hiding his recorvery.i'm wondering what will ukenny do to dinny & tomy this time for taking over his campany and turning it seems as the january episodes will rock

17 Dec 2008 12:54

I thought it would take ACE ages to put the will together.....
Kenny is back!

La Dolce Vita
17 Dec 2008 13:07

it seems that "vague' is the flava of this blog
@ tshuta...u finished me saying u don't know wat vague means!!!!
UHAMBA NINI uBELINDA????!!! Her contract must end now hayini bo.

17 Dec 2008 13:12