All My Children - December 2008

Written by TVSA Team from the blog All My Children on 27 Nov 2008
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Monday 1 December 2008

Anita agrees to help Jamie find out if Paul Cramer had access to the DNA test that had been conducted on Babe and Bess. Jamie believes there is a chance he could be the father of Babe's baby. Babe is suspicious when JR claims he wants to make their marriage work and locks herself in the nursery when JR shows his true colours.

David and Krystal get proof that Ace is Babe's son. Bianca offers Ethan the shirt she wore when she gave birth to Miranda as a way for Ethan to get a sample of Cambias DNA. Erica accuses Zach of dragging Bianca and Kendall into another nightmare involving a Cambias and warns him not to hurt her daughters.

Tuesday 2 December 2008

Babe admits to Jamie that it could be possible that he is the father of her baby. Krystal's arrival prevents Babe from telling Jamie the truth about Ace and Miranda. Ryan and Greenlee embark on their honeymoon and are consumed by their love for one another.

Ethan admits to Bianca that he has conflicting feelings about not using Bianca's shirt in a DNA test. Kendall and Ethan agree to avoid romance and are content to be friends. Bianca feels a twinge of jealousy over seeing Maggie with Jonathan. Jonathan asks Maggie if Bianca is the person she was in love with.

Wednesday 3 December 2008

Greenlee, Mia and Kendall mange to overpower Jose. Ryan and Aidan eliminate the last of the Calatravas brothers.

Bianca begins to tell Erica and Jack the truth about her pregnancy but stops herself when Erica voices her contempt for the child Kendall is supposedly carrying. Jack and Erica are served with subpoenas to appear as witnesses for the prosecution in Kendall's murder trial.

Maggie denies Lena's accusation that she has feelings other than just friendship for Bianca. Jamie shows up in Babe's bedroom, wanting to make sure she is okay after her earlier argument with JR.

Thursday 4 December 2008

Mia takes Aidan back to the Pine Cone. Seeing Kendall's distress, JR takes her to the bar at the Valley Inn. JR and Kendall commiserate over Babe and Ryan, respectively. Alan Singer informs Kendall that her trial will be starting soon and demands she take a DNA test.

Jack informs David that David and Erica's phony affair has come to an end. Erica is thrilled when Jack kisses her and states they are a couple again. Jack tells David and Erica that they will have to cast suspicion on as many people as possible when they are called to testify at Kendall's trial.

Using Joe's computer at the hospital, Jamie gets confirmation that he could be the father of Babe's baby.

Friday 5 December 2008

Ryan informs Kendall and Bianca that he found a doctor who is willing to switch the results of an amnio to make it seem as though Kendall is pregnant.

Bianca urges Kendall to trust Ryan after Kendall admits she fears Ryan could be setting her up for a fall. Dr. Helen Lossin tells Bianca, Kendall and Ryan that an amnio could put Bianca's baby at risk. Ryan assures Kendall that he can find a way to "prove" that she's pregnant.

Babe becomes furious when Jamie insists on having a paternity test conducted after the baby is born as an amnio could result in a miscarriage. JR grows cold towards Babe after he spots Jamie's college ID on the floor near the entrance of the secret passage.

Monday 8 December 2008

Maria's emotions get the better of her as she lashes out at David and Brooke. Erica is forced to put up with Greenlee as she voices her confusion about her love life.

Greenlee decides to give up on Juan Pablo and set her sights on Ryan, which doesn't please Erica. Ryan becomes fed up with Kendall's lack of trust. Tad and Krystal argue about the situation with Jamie, Babe and JR, with each parent fiercely protective of the children. Jamie tells JR that he will demand a paternity test after Babe's baby is born.

JR takes Babe to the hospital, where he gets confirmation that Babe lied to him about the date her baby was conceived. JR informs Babe that he is going to have a paternity test conducted after the baby is born.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Kendall asks Erica to help her stop pushing people, especially Ryan, away and learn how to trust. Erica has been called as a witness for the prosecution. Erica tries to convince a devastated Kendall that she regrets telling the police that Kendall had access to Jack's gun.

Boyd tells Aidan that he couldn't locate the preacher who supposedly married Kendall and Michael in Las Vegas. Jack becomes alerted when Bianca turns away as he tries to hug her. After hearing Erica say that Bianca has gained some weight, Jack becomes even more convinced that Bianca is keeping a secret.

Maria puts on a brave face in front of Sam and Maddie. Maddie becomes upset when she hears a news broadcast saying that Edmund had been shot.

Wednesday 10 December 2008

Dr. Helen Lossin draws Bianca's blood as part of their ruse to make it seem as though Kendall is pregnant. A compassionate Helen explains to Bianca how she coped with her own rape and subsequent healing process. Erica later arrives at Bianca's and they lovingly reconnect.

Mia accuses Kendall of using Aidan. At the hearing, the judge dismisses the previous court-ordered DNA test and accepts Helen's claim that paternity can be proved through a blood sample.

JR tries to pick a fight with David when he encounters him at the roadside bar. Tad tries to get Babe to tell him what she's been hiding, but Krystal knocks Tad unconscious and warns Babe not to trust him.

Thursday 11 December 2008

Bianca admits to Jack that she's pregnant with Michael's baby. Kendall and Bianca convince Jack to keep their secret from Erica. Erica becomes alerted when Reggie insists that Kendall is innocent of murdering Michael.

Ryan resists Greenlee's advances. Greenlee remains determined to save Ryan from Kendall and prove that Kendall is lying about being pregnant. Bianca urges Kendall to trust Ryan. Kendall later goes to Ryan. Simone asks Mia to give her an alibi for the night of Michael's murder.

Krystal encourages Babe to use the same paternity test as Kendall and to do whatever she needs to in order to make sure that JR is determined to be the father of her baby. Opal, Marian and Liza arrive at the mansion after being invited to dinner by Babe. Liza is jealous when she sees Tad with Krystal. David has JR arrested for assault.

Friday 12 December 2008

Bianca is appalled when JR explains Babe signed over custody of Bess to him. JR refuses to allow Bianca to see Bess. Babe reveals the details of JR's blackmail to Bianca and later heads out to confront Paul Cramer. Adam threatens to send Jamie to prison unless Tad tells him where Colby is.

Krystal convinces Tad to help her and David find the homeless man JR claims Babe and Jamie tried to hire to commit murder. David anticipates meeting the homeless man but encounters a gloating JR instead.

Stuart refuses to talk to Adam until Babe is reunited with Bess. Ethan wants to give Zach the chance to admit that he is his father. Zach refuses to tell Ethan, Erica and Kendall if he is or isn't Alexander Cambias, Jr.

Monday 15 December 2008

In Llanview, Babe encounters Kevin Buchanan, who leaves before Babe can tell him about the baby switch. Babe accuses Paul Cramer of stealing her baby. Paul warns Babe he will claim that Babe was complicit in the scheme if she reveals the truth. Babe attacks Paul, who throws her to the ground. Jamie arrives and begins to strangle Paul.

Kendall refuses Bianca's request to try and intervene with JR on Babe's behalf. Bianca later goes to question Tad. Kendall offers JR her friendship. Jamie steals money from Adam's safe. Adam warns Jamie that Tad had better reveals Colby's whereabouts soon. Brooke sneaks into Adam's bedroom and pulls a gun on him.

Tuesday 16 December 2008

At the country chapel, Babe admits to Jamie that Bess is really Miranda and is surprised that Jamie had already figured out the truth about the babies. Jamie assures Babe he doesn't hate her and suggests they kidnap Ace (Babe's son) and run away.

Adam hands a copy of the DVD incriminating Jamie over to Brooke but warns her that he has others. Brooke and Tad use the DVD to try and track down Rod, the man JR and Adam used to implicate Babe and Jamie in the phony murder plot.

Bianca admits to Tad that she sometimes believed Miranda had survived the crash. JR flirts with Kendall. Zach avoids a confrontation with Ethan. Kendall gives Ethan a shoulder to lean on. Bianca urges Zach to be truthful with Ethan.

Wednesday 17 December 2008

Zach and Ryan prepare to attend a meeting Zach has arranged at Ryan's penthouse. Meanwhile, Bianca, Kendall and Ethan are shocked when Greenlee answers her door naked. Greenlee continues to exhibit strange behaviour. Greenlee tells Ethan that all she needs is Ryan, not the Cambias fortune.

Bianca confronts Jonathan for stealing her shirt. Zach addresses the group and admits that he is Alexander Cambias, Jr.

Jamie convinces Babe that the only way to guarantee that JR won't take Babe's son away from her is to make JR believe that the baby boy died. Krystal warns JR that he will lose Bess. Erica gently explains to Lily that wearing provocative clothes can send the wrong messages.

Thursday 18 December 2008

Zach admits to Erica, Jack, Kendall, Bianca, Ryan, Greenlee, Ethan and Jonathan that he is Alexander Cambias, Jr. but denies being Ethan's father. Zach explains why he kept his identity a secret. Ethan rejects Zach's job offer and leaves. Kendall asks Ethan if he is really going to give up.

Babe informs Krystal that Jamie knows the truth about the babies. Jamie promises Krystal he is going to help Bianca get her baby back and also reunite Babe with her son. Babe admits to Krystal that she's falling in love with Jamie.

Aidan agrees to help Jamie secure fake identification but doesn't realize what Jamie and Babe are really planning. Autumn, Chantal and China later give Lily a milkshake laced with alcohol.

Friday 19 December 2008

Ethan and Kendall wonder if Ethan's mother, Edith, lied about him being a Cambias. Ethan admits to Kendall that Edith was never affectionate with him. Kendall gives Ethan a kiss goodbye as he prepares to leave and they are soon making love. Maria doesn't agree with Zach's decision not to tell Ethan the truth.

Meanwhile, Erica informs Edmund that Zach is really Alexander Cambias, Jr. Edmund realizes the extent of Maria's lies and later tells her that their marriage is over. Ryan is concerned when Greenlee tells him about her recent strange behaviour. Jack decides to get Derek involved when Lily's principal refuses to take action against the girls.

Monday 22 December 2008

Babe writes a letter to Bianca explaining the truth about the babies as she and Jamie formulate a plan to get Babe's baby back and go into hiding. Meanwhile, David tells a shaken Krystal how he plans on getting Paul to confess and then explains that Paul will commit suicide. Jamie comes across David holding Paul at gunpoint which allows Paul the chance to escape.

David and Jamie take off after Paul. Jonathan isn't pleased when Ryan and Greenlee tell him Greenlee might be pregnant. Greenlee and Ryan put their fears aside as they assure one another they'll be good parents. Zach remembers happy times with Maria.

Meanwhile, Edmund confronts Maria with her secrets and lies. Maria pleads with Edmund, who insists that their marriage is over. Maria refuses to leave Wildwind and her children.

Tuesday 23 December 2008

At the hospital, Greenlee learns that she isn't pregnant. Unable to stop herself, Greenlee tells Anita that Kendall paid Bobby to try and seduce her (Greenlee). Ryan finds Kendall in bed with Ethan.

Ryan fails to convince Ethan to have a DNA test conducted to prove Ethan isn't Zach's son. Ethan refuses to take money from Ryan, who learns Ethan is planning on leaving town.

Ethan is later arrested for the attempted murder of Ryan. Tad enlists Stuart to pose as Adam and they successfully get the bogus DVDs incriminating Jamie and Babe from Adam's safety deposit box after fooling Alfred. Jamie and Babe act like a couple. Jamie succeeds in getting some sleeping pills from Joe.

Wednesday 24 December 2008

Jamie and Babe work to prove to JR that they are in love as Jamie asks JR for money to leave town with. JR fails to convince Jamie to give up on Babe and ends up giving them money.

Tad and David overhear Jamie and Babe discussing their next move. Tad, David and Aidan threaten Rod into leaving town for good. Derek informs Ethan and Kendall that the rifle used to shoot Ryan was found in Ethan's storage locker. Kendall warns Ethan not to say anything until she can get a lawyer for him.

Zach places Bobby in charge at the casino. Anita confronts Bobby over the fact he tried to seduce Greenlee for money. Aidan comforts a crying Anita. Greenlee turns to Maria for help over her odd behaviour and fears something could be seriously wrong with her.

Thursday 25 December 2008

Tad and David inform Jamie and Babe that Adam no longer has anything to use against them. Jamie and Babe claim that they are in love and are going away together but don't reveal to Tad, David and Brooke that they are planning on kidnapping Ace Buchanan. Tad and David realize Jamie and Babe are hiding something.

JR tells a disbelieving Bianca that Jamie and Babe are leaving town. Ethan doesn't want Zach's help. Livia will serve at Ethan's attorney. Kendall assures Ethan she believes in his innocence. Ethan warns Kendall not to look for Ryan's shooter on her own.

Anita tells Aidan she believes her marriage is over. Bobby becomes angry when he sees Aidan comforting Anita. Aidan becomes alarmed when he witnesses Greenlee's strange behaviour.

Friday 26 December 2008

Babe confirms to Bianca that she and Jamie are leaving town. Babe doesn't correct Bianca, who assumes Babe and Jamie are going to kidnap Bess. Babe and Bianca share an emotional goodbye. Babe has arranged for a messenger service to deliver the letters she wrote and anticipates Bianca being reunited with Miranda.

Jamie ignores David's warnings to stay away from Babe. Tad captures Krystal in a net and implores her to tell him the truth. Jamie and Babe head off for Llanview to get Babe's son. Tad follows Krystal and David, who realize what Jamie and Babe are doing.

Kendall prevents Greenlee from falling off the balcony. Meanwhile, Ryan visits Ethan, who protests his innocence and warns Ryan that he is still in danger. Maggie is disappointed that Jamie is leaving town but enjoys spending time with Jonathan.

Monday 29 December 2008

A disguised Babe and Jamie arrive at Kevin Buchanan's victory celebration with the purpose of kidnapping Babe's son. David and Krystal also arrive, followed by Tad. Jamie manages to get Ace's nanny to drink champagne laced with sleeping pills and she passes out.

Meanwhile, Krystal shares an emotional goodbye with Jamie and Babe, who later has Ace in her arms. David knocks Tad out. JR stands up to Adam, refusing to allow him to send Jamie to jail. Brooke gloats to Adam and JR that the DVDs were destroyed and they no longer have anything to use against Babe and Jamie.

After Brooke leaves, JR tells Adam that Babe and Jamie have left town for good. Babe's letters are delivered to Bianca, JR and Tad. Jonathan tries to come between Maggie and Bianca, who were on the verge of making up. Jonathan voices his love to Maggie, who agrees not to see Bianca as much.

Tuesday 30 December 2008

Tad demands the entire truth from Krystal after reading Jamie's letter and soon realizes that Bess is actually Miranda. Tad makes it clear that there can never be anything between him and Krystal. Kendall tosses Babe's letter to Bianca aside without reading it.

JR reads the letter Babe sent him but doesn't reveal the contents to Kendall, who asks JR to allow Bianca to be a part of Bess' life. Bianca arrives at the mansion to see JR. Babe and Jamie set out for Florida with Ace, who Babe renames James.

David is furious when he reads Babe's letter. Greenlee turns to David for help in finding the cause of her strange behaviour of late. Later, Kendall finds Greenlee trying to get back down the mineshaft to find her box. Kendall stops Greenlee from hurting herself. Jack and Erica's relationship is solidly on track.

Wednesday 31 December 2008

JR is relieved when he realizes Bianca doesn't know the truth about Miranda. After asking Bianca to stay with "Bess," JR breaks into Bianca's in order to steal Babe's letter. Erica catches JR and demands he give her the letter.

Babe and Jamie hear a news bulletin on the radio stating that a search is underway for Kevin Buchanan's kidnapped son. Jamie tries to ease Babe's fears. A police car approaches Babe and Jamie. Tad wants nothing more to do with Krystal. David is furious with Krystal when he realizes she knew Babe and Jamie were going to kidnap Ace.

Tad finds Bianca with "Bess." Ryan taunts Zach as he sets out to determine if Ethan is innocent and Zach is really the person responsible for the shooting. Ryan and Aidan search Zach's office and make a discovery. Maria refuses to give Edmund a divorce. Edmund calls Zach to Wildwind and tells him he can have Maria.


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