Binnelanders Teasers - September 2008

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Binnelanders Teasers (2007 - 2010) on 26 Aug 2008
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Coming up on Binnelanders in September, 2008:

Monday 1 September 2008
Episode 482

Everybody is at odds about Daniël's future. Malan wants to apply for visitation rights. Ingrid accuses Jennifer of not doing enough to pacify Chris and At sets his next smear campaign in motion.

Tertius waxes lyrical about how brilliant his ex is, making Daleen feel like a dunce. Matrone reaches the end of her tether with the meddlesome Gert.

Tuesday 2 September 2008
Episode 483

An hysterical woman accuses Jen of performing an illegal abortion. Matrone blows a gasket when she finds out Gert is using his own family to do maintenance work in the hospital.

Tertius finds out Toeks is completely in the dark about him squatting in her flat. Franz hides his fascination and concern when Anna tells of a dream that came true.

Wednesday 3 September 2008
Episode 484

Daleen is excited about her prospects with Tertius. Gert's meddling in hospital affairs drives Matrone to the edge, and Jennifer begins to realise that the mystery woman's allegations may have to be taken more seriously.

Thursday 4 September 2008
Episode 485

Jen tells Chris about Elna's visit. Anna shows Daleen sketches of her visions. Matrone discovers Gert receiving gifts. Daleen tries to impress Tertius. Ingrid advises Matrone. At and Coen's plans for Jennifer take shape.

Friday 5 September 2008
Episode 486

Franz is baffled about the results of Anna's tests and starts to wonder if the headaches are psychosomatic. Chris and Jennifer believe they have found in Coen a solution to their problem with Elna. Ingrid confronts Gert about the laptop.


Monday 8 September 2008
Episode 487

Jennifer reads Elna's patient file and realises she assisted in an illegal operation; Gert asks Ria for forgiveness; Pippa discovers the truth behind Anna's visions.

Tuesday 9 September 2008
Episode 488

Elna's acquisitions against Jen are a concert to the Binnelanders family. At misuses Jen's situation to gain points in the Daniel visitation rights saga. He and Chris strike a deal.

Franz informs Richards about his suspicion that Anna has been lying about her headaches and that she is a lonely and scared child. Matrone is glad that Kitte is returning from honeymoon.

Daleen is still doing her bit to impress Tertius and tries to convince Gideon to let him stay in Bachelors Haven.

Wednesday 10 September 2008
Episode 489

Jennifer is furious when she discovers that Chris paid the blackmail money. At lies to Ingrid about how he obtained visitation rights to Daniel. Kitte is upset to discover that Gert started running the show while he was away.

A hung-over Tertius needs to be reminded that he agreed to move in with Gideon and the boys - to Quinton's disgust.

Thursday 11 September 2008
Episode 490

Chris just entangles himself further by lying to Jennifer again regarding Elna. Tertius is struggling to adapt to living in bachelor heaven. Toeks gives Matrone an earful about Gert's interference and Kitte also picks a bone with Gert. Malan pitches a new idea for content for the Nagskof website to Rian and he loves it.

Friday 12 September 2008
Episode 491

At offers to help Jennifer with her trial. Toeks finds proof of someone being in her flat. Pippa phones a friend to help Malan with his video project. Matrone and Toeks fight about the Kitte and Gert disagreement. Jennifer finds out about Chris lying to her.

Monday 15 September 2008
Episode 492

Despite Quinton getting Tertius into trouble, he shows his mettle when it comes to skills in the emergency room. Chris tries his best to make up with Jennifer. Rian is pushing for Malan to generate more video-content for the site, but Pippa's less than impressed with the paramedics-insert.

Tuesday 16 September 2008
Episode 493

Pippa's opinion of Malan's video causes friction. Chris refuses to accept the situation with Jennifer, and Tertius receives shocking news.

Wednesday 17 September 2008
Episode 494

Danny dies and Roxy is quite devastated. Roxy wants Malan to place the footage on the website. Pippa and Malan have a massive fight. Tertius apologises to Toeks that he stayed in their flat. Daleen does not rectify his version when she and Toeks discus the matter. Toeks and Matron make peace after Ria told Toeks how difficult it was to work with Gert.

Thursday 18 September 2008
Episode 495

Malan finds himself in a serious predicament when Danny's wife threatens to sue him. On top of that Pippa decides the two of them need a break from each other. Gideon has to resort to drastic measures to save Tertius' patient.

Friday 19 September 2008
Episode 496

Pippa tries to solve the problems between her and Malan, but in the process digs a bigger hole. Tertius blames himself for Mr Oberholzer's weakening condition, much to Gideon's concern. Roxy and Malan are highly excited about Rian's new plans.


Monday 22 September 2008
Episode 497

Pippa is upset about Malan getting drunk. Gideon tells Tertius that Mr. Oberholzer didn't make it. Daleen tells Pippa and Stefanie about Rian Chopper. Rian and Malan offer Roxy a job.

Tuesday 23 September 2008
Episode 498

Stefanie confronts Rian about his ultimatum to the Trust. Malan and Pippa are still as odds, and things get even more complicated when Roxy gets involved. Matrone is in a state about Gert's decision to accept the job offer in Tasmania.

Wednesday 24 September 2008
Episode 499

Stefanie does Gideon a huge favour, but he's ungrateful and fights with her and Tertius. Will he realise in time that her contribution is the key to his innocence?

Despite Malan's attempts Roxy continues flirting with him. When an unknowing Pippa invites Roxy and Rian to dinner, Malan desperately asks for Rian's help. Daleen accidentally brings Stefanie to dinner - will she and Rian be able to make peace? Pippa thinks Rian is in love with Roxy and Malan decides to encourage the notion.

Thursday 25 September 2008
Episode 500

Malan and Pippa make time to discuss their relationship, but Roxy's got other plans. Matrone admits to Jennifer that she's afraid Gert will manipulate her in to going to Australië. Tertius celebrates his innocence at Nagskof and Daleen is hurt that she did not get an personal invite. Franz receives upsetting news regarding Rian's treatment.

Friday 26 September 2008
Episode 501

Rian blames Franz when his dreams of walking again are shattered. In spite of Lorenzo's best efforts, news of Elise and Veronica's return spread like wildfire. Quinton confronts Malan when he realises there's chemistry between him and Roxy.

Monday 29 September 2008
Episode 502

Matrone comes under increasing pressure to make a decision about the move. Quinton decides to make a play for Roxy while Pippa and Malan try to figure out how best to salvage their relationship.

Tuesday 30 September 2008
Episode 503

Ingrid discovers Stefanie and Malan are fighting. Quinton refuses to let Elize and Veronica stay with them. Daleen miffed because Tertius is impressed with Jennifer. At hears Malan's chopper crashed. Matrone tells Jennifer Gert wants an open relationship. Pippa hears about Malan's crash.


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28 Aug 2008 06:31

Elise and Veronica returning, good news....

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