Movie Highlights On M-Net Stars In June 2008

Written by TVSA Team from the blog MNet Stars on 11 Jun 2008
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Movies on M-Net Stars in June, 2008:


Monday 2 June at 19h30

1994 Directed by Hugh Wilson. Nicolas Cage, Shirley MacLaine

Widowed former First Lady Tess Carlisle lives the quiet life in a small Ohio town. Bored, lonely and missing her former life in the limelight, she enjoys making life difficult for the Secret Service agent assigned to protect her.

When Doug learns that he will be saddled with her for another three years, he’s horrified. He’d rather protect a rattlesnake than this cantankerous old lady. Their already fractious relationship escalates into an open battle of wills, but beneath all the tetchiness is genuine affection.


Monday 9 June at 19h30

1991 Directed by Michael Lindsay. John Malkovich, Andie MacDowell

Jake and Tina live the life of the idle rich but right now, Jake’s money is tied up in a Third World country cocoa deal, and he’s flat broke. Holed up in a posh London hotel, Jake suggests they sell Tina’s Henry Moore bronze, which is worth about $50 000. Tina objects.

Jake then comes up with another plan: pretend it has been stolen so they can claim from the insurance. But before they can put their plan into motion, the bronze is stolen, leaving the couple wondering just how much they can trust one another.

Monday 16 June at 19h30

1988 Directed by Richard Donner. Bill Murray, Karen Allen

In this ‘80s update of the Charles Dickens’ classic, Bill Murray plays Scrooge, aka Frank, a mean-spirited TV executive whose lust for ratings has lost him the love of his girlfriend and the respect of his colleagues.

While putting on a madcap televised version of A Christmas Carol, Frank’s life inexplicably begins to mimic the show. Ghosts whisk him away to show him his past, present and future, and Frank starts feeling something he’s never felt before: remorse.

Monday 23 June at 19:30

1989 Directed by Joan Micklin. Patrick Dempsey, Kate Jackson

Patrick Dempsey plays Randy, a student who discovers an unusual way to earn money to pay his way through college. It starts innocently enough, with him delivering a pizza to a beautiful, older woman. He soon discovers that she’s in need of some loving, and when he’s done, she tells him that if a client asks for “extra anchovies”, Randy will know they want more than just pizza.

As Randy’s career as a gigolo takes off, things become increasingly complicated at home: his girlfriend is suspicious, his father suspects he’s gay, and his mother has just ordered a pizza with “extra anchovies”.


Sunday 30 June at 19h30

1995 Directed by James Orr. Chevy Chase, Farrah Fawcett

Ben, 11, has been the man of the house since his dad walked out a few years before. Now his artist mom is dating a US Justice Department guy who’s as dull as dishwater. Ben chats to his mates, who have some brilliant ideas on how to send a man packing.

One involves a father-and-son camp, Native American style. Ben invites Jack to join him on such a camp, convinced the city slicker will hate every moment. But Jack has more than one surprise up his sleeve for the youngster.


Tuesday 3 June at 19h30

1993 Directed by Martha Coolidge. Richard Dreyfuss, Irene Worth

When their widowed father leaves Jay, 15, and Arty, 13, with their grandmother so he can go look for work, they think they’ve died and gone to heaven: Grandma owns the most wonderful candy store. But the boys soon discover that Grandma Kurnitz is an embittered, joyless old woman who is not in the habit of handing out sweets or kind words to anyone. So they turn to Bella, their sunny, not-quite-all-there aunt, and Louie, their garrulous but crooked uncle, for warmth and guidance.


Tuesday 10 June at 19h30

1999 Directed by Bruce McCulloch. Molly Shannon, Will Ferrell

Mary is a nerdy Catholic schoolgirl who dreams of getting a Hollywood style kiss from school jock Sky. Unfortunately, Sky doesn’t even know she exists. What’s more, he is dating the most popular girl in school so Mary resorts to practising her kissing technique on inanimate objects - like trees.

When she is sent to special ed class, she makes two friends, one of whom may make a rather nice boyfriend, if only she’d stop obsessing about Sky. Then Mary gets her chance: Hollywood is offering the winner of a talent show an acting part in a new movie. If Mary can become a Hollywood star, she may just get her Hollywood kiss.


Tuesday 17 June at 19h30

1988 Directed by John Hughes. Kevin Bacon, Alec Baldwin

Kevin Bacon plays Jake, an aspiring writer who, immediately after marrying his childhood sweetheart, Kristy, starts wondering if he did the right thing. Is this really what he wants - a hum-drum job as an ad executive and a house in the suburbs?

When Kristy announces that she wants a baby, Jake feels as if he is trapped in Yuppie-ville for good - until it emerges that becoming a dad isn’t as easy as he assumed it would be.


Tuesday 24 June at 19h30

1986 Directed by Moshe Mizrahi. Tom Hanks, Cristina Marsillach

Tom Hanks stars as a Royal Air Force pilot whose plane is shot down over North Africa in 1942. He is taken to Jerusalem to recuperate, where a friend introduces him to a pretty Jewess.

David, the son of a Protestant minister, is fascinated with Sarah’s Sephardic culture and religion, but when they fall in love, her staunchly conservative parents forbid her to see him, even hiding her clothes so she can’t leave the house.


Wednesday 4 June at 19h30

1984 Directed by Paul Mazursky. Robin Williams, Maria Conchita Alonso

It’s the early 1980s and America and Russia are still giving each other the cold shoulder. When Russian saxophonist Vladimir’s friend speaks of defection, Vladimir is not impressed. He’d never do that, despite his cramped Moscow apartment, the lack of privacy and the long queues.

But one day, Vladimir gets a chance to visit New York - and defects in Bloomingdale’s. Vladimir is in his element, but he soon discovers that his new life in the Big Apple is virtually a carbon copy of his old one.


Wednesday 11 June at 19h30

1994 Directed by James L Brooks. Nick Nolte, Albert Brooks

Matt (Nick Nolte) is a 40-something struggling actor who has just taken a job as a chauffeur to tough-as-nails filmmaker Burke (Albert Brookes), which may just lead to a role in one of his epics. Just then, Matt learns that his ex is going to jail and that he’ll have to take care of their daughter Jeannie, a precocious little six-year-old. Playing Dad is a new role for Matt, one which will test him to the limits. And how will it affect his fledgling romance with Burke’s comely assistant?


Wednesday 18 June at 19h30

1990 Directed by Andrew Bergman. Marlon Brando, Matthew Broderick

Aspiring actor Clark Kellogg arrives in New York City to join film school, maybe even become the next Marlon Brando, But things get off to a rocky start when a thief makes off with his luggage and money.

Next thing, Clark is offered a job: collect a package from the airport for importer Carmine Sabatini and earn yourself some cash. After meeting his new boss, an imposing Italian who is a dead ringer for that fellow in The Godfather, Clark is convinced the package contains drugs. But no, it’s a giant lizard.

Wednesday 25 June at 19h30

1981 Directed by John G Avildsen. John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd

A year after John Belushi (The Blues Brothers) made this movie, he was dead from a drug overdose, aged just 33. Despite his drug problems, he shines in this offbeat suburban satire, playing Earl, a respectable man who comes home from work every day to a nice house, a nice wife, and the same old same old. All this changes when Vic and Ramona move in next door. Loudmouthed, obnoxious and pushy, they shove their way right into Earl and Enid’s lives, shattering not only their peace and quiet, but also their boredom. Perhaps the neighbours from hell are not such a bad thing after all!


Thursday 5 June at 19h30

1991 Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. Anjelica Huston, Raul Julia

Meet the Addamses: a wealthy, close-knit family who delight in all things black. Morticia is the elegant matriarch, whose hobbies include knitting and doing unspeakable things in the basement. Gomez is her swashbuckling husband, who has a passion for Morticia and all things sharp.

Their kids, Wednesday and Pugsley, play games involving electricity and guillotines. Then there’s Granny, Lurch and Thing. There’s only one thing missing in this deliciously dysfunctional family - Fester, Gomez’s long-lost brother. So when Fester suddenly reappears, everyone’s delighted. But what the Addamses don’t know is that Fester is an imposter, sent into the creepy mansion to find Gomez’s fabulous fortune. Fester may even resort to torture to get what he wants.


Thursday 12 June at 19h30

1993 Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. Anjelica Huston, Joan Cusack

In this sequel to The Addams Family, Morticia and Gomez decide to have a baby. But the arrival of Pubert doesn’t go down well with Wednesday and Pugsley, who start plotting how to get rid of him.

Mom and Dad hire a nanny to keep them amused, who sends them off to summer camp where they encounter something completely alien to them: happiness.

Meanwhile, Fester is falling for Debbie, who has a habit of marrying men for their money. Will Fester get hurt? Will the Addams kids get happy? And, most importantly, will baby Pubert lose his moustache?


Thursday 19 June at 19:30

1991 Directed by Frank Oz. Bill Murray, Richard Dreyfuss

Bill Murray plays Bob, a man who has every known phobia known to man, plus a few no-one has ever heard of. When his new psychiatrist, the egotistical Dr Leo Marvin, announces that he’s taking his family on holiday, Bob is understandably distraught.

He tracks down the doctor to his new holiday home in New Hampshire, where he manages to win over the locals, the doctor’s neglected family and even the staff of a nearby mental institution. It’s only Leo who can’t stand Bob, and as he tries one thing after another to get the unhinged fellow to leave, he becomes just a little unhinged himself.


Thursday 26 June at 19:30

1994 Directed by Nora Ephron. Steve Martin, Juliette Lewis

Philip is a counsellor who is in need of some counselling himself when his girlfriend dumps him over the telephone. To make matters worse, his landlord wants Lifesavers to vacate the building. The only bright ray on his horizon is co-worker Catherine, who’s secretly in love with him, and a collection of eccentric clients ranging from a pregnant woman and a songwriter to a transvestite and a serial killer!


Friday 6 June at 19h30

1995 Directed by Randall Miller. Sinbad, Phil Hartman

Kevin is a smalltime con artist whose latest get-rich-quick scheme has him on the run from two murderous thugs. At the airport, he is mistaken for lawyer Gary’s long-lost friend, and quick-thinking Kevin seizes on this as a way to stay alive for a few more days.

Kevin aka Derick moves in with Gary and his family, and before long the fast-talking imposter is solving everyone’s problems and passing himself off as a rich, successful dentist. One manic caper follows another, until his past comes back to plague him like a sore tooth.


Friday 13 June at 19h30

1990 Directed by Arthur Hiller. James Belushi, Charles Grodin

Imagine having your whole life on your Blackberry and then losing it. How would you feel? Lost? Dazed? Confused? This is the way ad executive Spencer Barnes feels after losing his Filofax, the paper version of today’s electronic diary. But it may not be an altogether bad thing.

Spencer has been way too preoccupied with his career and he’s neglected his family. He’s also forgotten to have fun. Which is where Jimmy Dworski comes in.

Jimmy, a smalltime con man who has just nipped out of his minimal security prison to watch his favourite baseball team in the World Series, picks up the Filofax -  and the key to Spencer’s Malibu mansion. Time for some well-deserved R&R while Spencer runs around like a chicken with his head chopped off!


Friday 20 June at 19h30

1993 Directed by Thomas Schlamme. Mike Myers, Nancy Travis

Meet Charlie, a guy whose fear of commitment has made him break up with every woman he’s ever dated. One day he walks into a butchery to buy haggis, a Scottish delicacy, and meets Harriet. She’s pretty, sweet, and can wield a mean axe.

They fall in love and start dating. But as the wedding day approaches, Charlie begins to suspect that Harriet may be Mrs X, a female serial killer who chops up husbands on her wedding night. Is Charlie losing his mind, or is he really about to lose his head?

Friday 27 June at 19h30

1987 Directed by Fred Schepisi. Steve Martin, Daryl Hannah

Steve Martin plays a modern-day version of Edmond Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac.

The story all starts when beautiful astronomer Roxanne arrives in the tiny town of Nelson to observe a new comet. Fire chief CD Bales and fireman Chris both fall in love with her. Although CD has a way with words, he has a big nose that gets in the way of romance, so it’s handsome but dimwitted Chris who romances the lady, with CD’s words. When Roxanne cottons on, will she be able to see past CD’s nose - and into his gallant, glorious heart?



Saturday 7 June at 19h30

1990 Directed by Mike Nichols. Meryl Streep, Shirley MacLaine

Meryl Streep plays drug addict Suzanne, an actress who has been living under the shadow of her famous showbiz mother Doris for years. When Suzanne overdoses, she is sent to rehab, where she slowly learns to overcome her addiction. Encouraging her and berating her from the sidelines is Doris, who fails to see that she, too, is addicted - to alcohol.


Saturday 14 June at 19h30

1989 Directed by Francis Veber. Nick Nolte, Martin Short

Reformed bank robber Lucas is opening his first legitimate banking account when he finds himself in the middle of a robbery. The thief, a very nervous, clearly inexperienced Ned, takes Lucas hostage. Realising that he will be suspected of masterminding the robbery, Lucas helps Ned to get away.

On the way to Canada, they pick up Meg, Ned’s six-year-old daughter. Turns out Ned dreamed up the audacious plan to help Meg, who hasn’t spoken a word since her mother died. Despite himself, tough guy Lucas finds himself bonding with the desperate duo.

Now all he has to do is get the two across the border and convince the cops that he’s the innocent one in this whole affair.

Saturday 21 June at 19h30

1986 Directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Kathleen Turner, Nicolas Cage

Set in 1985, the story follows Peggy Sue, a soon-to-be-divorced woman, who faints at her 25th high school reunion. When Peggy wakes up, it’s 1960 – and her 42-year-old mind is in her 17-year-old body.

Confused at first, Peggy begins to relish being 17 again, reconnecting with people who, in 1985, were either old or dead. Ignoring Charlie, the boy she would eventually marry and who would eventually cheat on her, she tries to date other boys, but Fate seems determined to throw her and Charlie together.

Saturday 28 June at 19:30

1993 Directed by Harold Ramis. Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell

Phil, a weatherman at a Pittsburgh TV station, just wants to do his job and get out of there, but a blizzard makes it impossible for him and his team to leave town. Resigned to his fate, he goes to his hotel room and falls asleep. The next morning, and the morning after that, and that - it’s still 2 February.

Phil goes from shock and elation to depression and resignation as he discovers that whatever he does, including wooing the lovely Rita, is instantly undone the minute the radio starts playing “I’ve Got You, Babe”


Sunday 1 June at 19h30

1984 Directed by Martin Brest. Eddie Murphy, Judge Reinhold

Eddie Murphy stars as Axel Foley, a maverick Detroit cop who lands in hot water when his latest sting operation goes pear-shaped. So when an old friend is murdered, Axel takes two weeks leave to investigate the matter in his private capacity.

In Los Angeles, he stands out like a sore thumb, but is unfazed, posing as a writer for Rolling Stone magazine, helping two bumbling detectives foil a robbery and charming a woman who works in an art gallery.


Sunday 8 June at 19h30

1987 Directed by Tony Scott. Eddie Murphy, Judge Reinhold

When loose cannon Detroit cop Axel Foley learns that an old friend, an LAPD cop, is fighting for his life after being shot, he heads for the City of Angels to help his colleagues find the man or woman responsible.

Teaming up with two of his old cop buddies, he also sets out to solve a series of high end “alphabet” robberies that has the LAPD stumped. Complicating matters is a new chief of police who is more interested in scoring political points than solving crimes.

Sunday 15 June at 19:30

1994 Directed by John Landis. Eddie Murphy, Jon Tenney

Eddie Murphy returns as maverick Detroit cop Axel Foley. This time Axel is carrying out a routine bust of an auto chop-shop when all hell breaks loose and his beloved boss is shot dead in front of him.

Turns out the chop-shop is a front for a counterfeiting ring, and the trail leads Axel to a Los Angeles theme park. Enlisting the help of two old cop buddies and two park workers, Axel soon finds his killer, but the real culprit is someone much higher up. This will require some undercover work of an unusually wild nature.


Sunday 22 June at 19h30

1995 Directed by Betty Thomas. Shelly Long, Gary Cole

Los Angeles of the ‘90s is a grungy place, filled with gang wars and hijackings, but the Bradys are happily stuck in the ‘70s, where their biggest concerns range from what to do about a bruised nose before a big date, or where to buy some really groovy platform shoes.

They are so positive and nice that they drive their neighbours mad. But a greedy developer’s plans to raze the neighbourhood threatens to put a dent in the Bradys’ can-do veneer.


Sunday 29 June at 19h30

1996 Directed by Arlene Sanford. Shelley Long, Gary Cole

A year after the Bradys managed to save their home, they are dealing with new problems. Greg and Marsha are fighting off a powerful sexual attraction, Peter is agonising over his future career, and Jan is so desperate for a boyfriend that she’s invented one. Then, to make things really tricky, a man arrives claiming to be Carol’s long lost first husband. The Bradys, being the nice people they are, invite him to stay, but the kids decide it’s time to play detective …



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