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Written by TVSA Team from the blog News on 02 Jun 2008
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After two years of meticulous preparation, the eNews Channel launched its 24-hour news service on Sunday 1 June at 19h00, which is a first for South Africa.

"We are taking what is already a powerful brand on e.tv and expanding it into a 24-hour news channel," said Bronwyn Keene-Young, e.tv's Chief Operating Officer.

"Our research into what South Africans want from a multi-channel environment proves undoubtedly that news is at the top of the list.

"We are particularly proud that the eNews Channel is being established by the same team that was responsible for the success of eNews over the past four years.

"The set-up involved a multi-disciplinary team of highly committed professionals including news, IT, engineering, archives and operations specialists who have put in a tremendous amount of work to make this a reality."

The studios have the latest technologies like high-definition plasma touch-screens, robotic cameras and satellite newsgathering trucks.

Redi Direko and Jeremy Maggs officially launched the channel when they kicked off with their primetime News Night slot at 19h00.

They will anchor the weekday primetime 19h00-21h00 News Night slot and Maggs will present a new half-hour show, Maggs on Media, on Sunday mornings at 09h30.

Says Maggs: "To be part of 24-hour news has to be the biggest media happening in years. Some of my career highlights include interviewing Larry King and doing a better job than he would have; visiting Cuba for a week long outside broadcast and getting my first newspaper by-line on The Herald newspaper in PE. And this moment counts as one of them."

Redi Direko agrees that there are numerous opportunities waiting to be explored at eNews Channel. "Working with an experienced and great journalist like Jeremy is one," she says.

"Being on a 24-hour news platform means that we will be reaching more people who are informed and have the latitude to exercise their choice. It is important to deliver a world-class product. So, that is a huge challenge."

The channel is available on DStv Premium and Compact bouquets, on Channel 403.

eNews Channel Line-up

Time Programme Information
06h00-09h00 Morning News Today The latest morning news headlines, weather, sport and business. Anchored by Mcfarlane Molele and Tshepang Motsekuoa.
09h00-12h59 News Up-to-date news bulletins, sport and weather information. Anchored by Uveka Rangappa.
13h00-16h00 News Day The latest afternoon news headlines, business news, sport and weather. Anchored by Andrew Barnes and Robyn Smith.
16h00-19h00 News Up-to-date news bulletins, sport and weather information. Anchored by Iman Rappetti.
19h00-21h00 News Night News Night with Redi Direko and Jeremy Maggs is two hours of all the day's primetime news, business headlines, sport and weather. Includes interviews with newsmakers of the day, special reports and breaking news.
21h00-00h00 News Up-to-date news bulletins, sport and weather information.
00h00-05h29 News Repeat of News Night.
Time Programme Information
05h30-05h59 Early Weather Detailed weather forecast for South Africa for the next 24 hours displayed in graphic animation.
06h00-17h00 News Up-to-date news bulletins, sport and weather information.
17h00-20h00 News Today’s top news stories, business headlines, sport and weather. Includes interviews with newsmakers of the day, special reports and breaking news. Anchored by Lebogang Nthathe.
20h00-20h30 Sports Night Wrap of weekend sports news and results.
20h30-00h00 News Up-to-date news bulletins, sport and weather information.
00h00-05h29 News Repeat of the top news stories over the past 24 hours.

Current Affairs Shows

The following current affair programmes are inserted into the daily line-up.

Time Programme Information
Tuesdays, 21h00-21h30 3rd Degree 3rd Degree is a hard-hitting investigative current affairs show hosted by Debora Patta. It aims to expose wrong-doings and incompetence and to interrogate the actions of those in positions of power and to put them on the spot.

09h00 (Wednesday)
23h00 (Thursday)
12h00 (Friday)
12h00 & 23h00 (Saturday)
Tuesday, 21h30-22h00 3rd Degree Plus 3rd Degree Plus is the viewers' opportunity to debate the issues tackled by 3rd Degree with Debora Patta.

09h00 (Wednesday)
23h00 (Thursday)
12h00 (Friday)
12h00 & 23h00 (Saturday)
Saturday, 09h30-10h00 Inside Out Inside Out goes beyond the rhetoric, looking instead at the human being behind the headline. Hosted by Pat Pillai, Inside Out includes conversations, debates and panel discussions about society; success, leadership, business and lifestyle in a new global era. Inside Out is informative television for the intelligent, upwardly mobile, thinking viewer. Expect interviews with influential leaders in business, sport, politics, culture and social enterprises.

11h00 (Saturday)
23h00 (Sunday)
10h30 & 23h30 (Monday)
12h30 (Tuesday)
15h30 (Wednesday)
22h30 - 23h00 The Showbiz Report The Showbiz Report is South Africa’s only dedicated entertainment news show. Nicky Greenwall showcases local and international showbiz news with a focus on what’s making headlines now. Nicky travels the country and the globe to bring viewers up to the minute coverage on the stories the world is talking about.

Repeated at 10h30 & 23h30 (Sunday)
11h30 (Monday)
15h30 (Tuesday)
09h30-10h00, Sunday Maggs on Media Maggs on Media focuses on the full media mix – reporting on critical issues facing journalism, advertising and branding. Hosted by Jeremy Maggs the show talks to key players and reports from the field.

17h30 (Monday)
10h30 (Tuesday)
23h30 (Wednesday)


01 Jun 2008 23:34

I was not impressed with this channel, it lacked the wow factor. It looks like they just duplicating what is already on the open time slot. I will give it a chance though.

01 Jun 2008 23:55

I didn't recognise Redi with that hair.

Bra Bizza
02 Jun 2008 00:41

McFarlane has crossed the floor?

will also give it a chance and i'll comment after they've been on air for a month

02 Jun 2008 01:12

Im very biased - Im supporting eNews 24 - my friend is one of the anchors :-)

02 Jun 2008 01:25

Yes Bra Bizza Mr Moleli crossed the floor long ago when he saw the Sniki ship sinking....lol! You knew I was recruiting mos when he was on 3...lol!

No Need to ask which team I bet for in this case....Oh well since you ask I am betting for the e news channel - prime time all the time!

Who is your friend Lavhee.... I wanda!

02 Jun 2008 01:33

HAVE TO AGREE! lacked the WOW factor, studio all 20m2! Also after 15 minutes of supposed "Prime Time ALL the time", you know the news... if you were subjected to the full 2 hours, you would know the wording off mby heart!

Bit disappointed, was hoping for more it to POP more... but, will give it a month... see how they do....

02 Jun 2008 07:05

An addition to the above: the lunchtime news broadcast on eNews Channel (13h00-13h30) will be aired at the same time on free-to-air e.tv every day. 

It is the only broadcast that will crossover between the two channels, although The Showbiz Report and 3rd Degree will also air on both the free channel and the eNews Channel (at different times).

17 Jun 2008 19:48

Ag, just rehashing what they already have on the Etv channel, it seriously lacks intelligent people, they try to hard to be different and in the process miss the point of being objective in their news broadcast, but we all know why, ................ Deborah Patta.

17 Jun 2008 23:27

Funny thing is, when Bafana Bafana were to play Equatorial Guinea on Saturday, I was watching this channel on Saturday early morning. They said the match will be playing tomorrow at 18h30 and I thought they meant Sunday. I nearly missed this match because of their recycled trash.

This is where I said enough is enough; I am done and dusted with this channel. You can recycle trash up to a point but this etv they go on and on about the same thing.


08 Jul 2008 05:04

Hey Chumza

With regard to your comments on ETV News 24- hours ' it seriously lacks intelligent people...' Granted you are entitled to your opinions and I am sure there is relative merit in your statement. However I strongly suggest that you make a point of not generalising. 

I went to the same high school as Uveka (News  anchor 9:00- 1:00) and trust me that kid is as sharp and intelligent as she was back in the days. If anything she is fast becoming one of SA's finest media/journalism professionals. It's too easy to be critical and IM SURE IF YOU WERE IN CHARGE OF PRODUCTION, YOU WOULD DO A MUCH FINER JOB...seems as if its just as easy to be sarcastic. 

All the best.

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