Week 14: Jacques Is The Runner-Up!

Written by TVSA Team from the blog The Biggest Loser SA on 08 Apr 2008
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Biggest Loser SA contestant Jacques Pienaar (24) of Alberton walked away with a R50,000 cash prize as well as a priceless new look and body when he was announced the runner-up of e.tv’s reality weight-loss programme on Monday night (7 April) in front of a live audience in Melville, Johannesburg.

"Seven months of hard work, rigorous training and a strict diet plan have finally all paid off," Jacques said after the show. "I am a new person, with a new life. It feels wonderful."

His original weight when he entered the show was 149.5kg. His weight on Monday night was 89.6kg, a mammoth 59.9kg (132 pounds) in weight lost and a 40.07% loss in bodyweight.

At The Biggest Loser SA Reunion Show all was revealed, when each of the 11 eliminated contestants appeared with their new healthier look, showing how much weight they had lost while being out of the house.

Each contestant was weighed for the last time and before the individual weigh-ins there was a retrospective of their time in the house.

During the show, viewers and audience members were informed about contestants’ struggles – including how they tried to keep their weight off and what transpired in their lives since their original appearances.

Contestants painted a picture of how difficult it can be to remain trim – and how some gained back weight and then tried desperately to shed the kilos again.

Says Pienaar: "The time on this show has been incredible in the sense that all of us worked towards positive healthy goals – losing weight, looking better and gaining confidence. Yes, the money is wonderful, but an added bonus is how this whole show has been a life-changing journey.

"I will never be the same again and neither will anybody else on the show. Words can’t describe how good I feel about myself."

Here are the biggest losers from the Reunion Show, in order of least fat percentage lost:

Contestant Original Reunion Diff % Lost
Adil 152.3 140.8 -11.5 -7.55%
Khanyi 137.5 126.8 -10.7 -7.78%
Noori 102.7 88.8 -13.9 -13.53%
Mpho 112.5 87 -25.5 -22.67%
Rosemary 124 93.9 -30.1 -24.27%
Louis 165.3 115.5 -49.8 -30.13%
Gerna 142.2 95.3 -46.9 -32.98%
Sarah 127.8 84.8 -43 -33.65%
Shakeel 134.1 84.6 -49.5 -36.91%
Phoebe 117.9 73.5 -44.4 -37.66%
Jacques 149.5 89.6 -59.9 -40.07%

On Monday 14 April at 20h00, e.tv will broadcast the grand finale of The Biggest Loser SA, where the top three contestants (John Dokos, Sharon Haarhoff and Asanda Siloti) will be weighed in and the overall winner of the show will be announced, winning R250,000.


07 Apr 2008 23:49

Phoebe looked amazing!
Sarah and Mpho were almost unrecognisable!
I thought Noori at some point looked like the host Jasmyn and I am so proud of Adil-he looked like he didn't lose weight at all LOL!

08 Apr 2008 01:43

when is the repeat of the TBL.

08 Apr 2008 02:37

@Mphonyane as far as I know there is no repeat, this is E & not the notorious for repeats SABC.

I was somewhat dissapointed with a lot of the contestants they weren't looking really "trim." Must agree though Phoebe was looking awesome but for me the best looking was Shakeel. Jacques was looking great obviously but I wanted Shakeel to win the 50 grand.

08 Apr 2008 02:37

Can wait to see Asanda...i hope he becomes the biggest loser

08 Apr 2008 02:39

oopsy meant to say can't wait

08 Apr 2008 02:52

I loved Mpho, so beautiful.

08 Apr 2008 03:05

i think most of them looked great, it was not so obvious in their otfits but once they were on tights it was so good. Adil yena i thought he had gained. Khanyi and Adil were the worst but at least they lost something like 1- 2kgs per month. u Jacques ngathi ngingamudla9 could eat him up)

08 Apr 2008 03:15

LOL, the repeat is on Friday morning @ 1000. most of them looked good.

08 Apr 2008 03:19

most of them looked good.

True! Too true!

08 Apr 2008 03:25

they are all in shape....round is a shape isn't it?

08 Apr 2008 04:23

08 Apr 2008 04:24

Jaques, you were my favourite from day one!  I am so proud of you.  You look terrific!!  The amount of weight lost is unbelieveable!!!

08 Apr 2008 04:36

they are all in shape....round is a shape isn't it?

Farai, you're STOOOOOPID!!LOL

08 Apr 2008 06:30

Whats up with Adil and his profound answers? the guy should just admit that he struggled to loss the weight and not make excuses....

08 Apr 2008 06:46

hahhahhah Kakapana------yeah he was on some "i learnt a lot through this exercise" tip and had very little to show for that lesson!!

08 Apr 2008 06:55

Can anyone tell me why was Asanda not on the show yday? Did he eat too many doughnuts in PE and couldnt fit on the plane? Seriously though, Im concerned...

08 Apr 2008 07:01


Asanda ,John and Sharon will be on the show next week. What we saw last night is, for want of a better word, the semi-finals!

08 Apr 2008 07:03

Kandii Asanda and the other two "top finalist" John and Sharon will appear on the grand finale next week monday. Hawu kodwa how can you say that about poor Asanda, i'm actually rooting 4 him.

09 Apr 2008 00:52

he he Thanx Toxic and kakapana.... stupid me I didnt even realise Sharon and John were not there.... *Phew*

10 Apr 2008 00:43

I am so proud of Jacques, he really looked amazing but so did Phoebe, Shakeel, Mpho and Gerna, what an absolute make-over from where and how they started out.

Yeah it didn't look like Adil lost anything but remember he did lose 11kgs and his chin was off from his neck making him breathe more easier so it might not look any different for us but for him 11kgs is alot to lose in that short time he was on the show, things must've obviously been more difficult when he got home.

I'm rooting for Asanda as well (PE loyalty and all) but don't mind either Sharon or John winning.

10 Apr 2008 00:47

Yeah it didn't look like Adil lost anything but remember he did lose 11kgs and his chin was off from his neck making him breathe more easier 


10 Apr 2008 04:03

I am rooting 4 Sharon girl power

11 Apr 2008 07:03

I could not beleive the difference. They have worked so hard and I am so proud of 
them and they gave me the will power to think I can also lose the weight. Congrats to all of you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Jacques Pienaar
14 Apr 2008 04:46

Thanks for all your great comments it really  makes me feel great about what i have done thanks. Would like to say everyone of us lost weight and thats great we are changing our lives and that is what it is all about to live life longer.
From : Jacques Pienaar
            Biggest loser sa

14 Apr 2008 07:03

Hey skinnymalinks Jaqcues - great to "meet" you! Welcome and congrats!!

14 Apr 2008 07:11

Yeah Jacques, congrats on the weight loss bra.

Jacques Pienaar
15 Apr 2008 01:57

Thanks everyone
thanks for comments 
hope you all well
From Jacques

15 Dec 2008 13:54

11 Oct 2009 14:52

can somebody maybe tell me how you entre the biggest looser?

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