New On Zone Reality In April 2008

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Zone Reality on 05 Apr 2008
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New On Zone Reality this April, 2008:

Criminal Profilers
Premiere date: Friday, 11 April at 21h00

According to the FBI, serial murderers and rapists get better at what they do with every crime, and they don't give up until they are caught or killed.

In order to catch these skilled hunters, investigators must profile criminals for any patterns. Of the 11,000 FBI agents in the Bureau, only 24 can call themselves profilers.

Criminal Profilers revisits the night of a homicide more than a decade old with a team of FBI Profilers. It also follows profilers as they examine the hunting patterns of a serial rapist and details how crime, like most human activities, has a geographic logic that an ex-street police officer from Vancouver is learning how to plot.


Another 101 Things Removed From The Human Body
On: Saturday, 5 April 2008 at 21h00

TVSA's Mini-Site.


Ultimate 10 Stings
On: Saturday, 26 April at 21h00

Murder plots are foiled and crime rings are brought to their knees on Ultimate 10 Stings.

The feature takes viewers inside the Beverly Hills Hotel where Heidi Fleiss and her bevy of beautiful girls ran America’s most infamous prostitution ring. The truth behind the trap set for sports car manufacturer John DeLorean and his cocaine deal is revealed.

Also, cameras follow the FBI and the Humane Society as they put the bite on corrupt officials and heartless businessmen dealing in endangered animals, and take the plunge into the high stakes, big money world of illegal fishing.

Ultimate 10 Stings is part of Zone Reality's Ultimate 10 countdown series.


World's Deadliest Reptiles
On: Sunday, 27 April at 18h00

The World’s Deadliest Reptiles is part nature special/part real drama. The show features real footage, scientific testimony, dramatic recreations and eyewitness accounts used to examine what happens when a human cross paths with a deadly reptile.



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