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Written by TVSA Team from the blog 3rd Degree on 18 Mar 2008
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On 3rd Degree tonight:

Episode: Culture Shock
Broadcast date: 18 March, 2008 at 20h00

When a group of taxi drivers at the Noord Street taxi rank stripped Mnwabisa Ngukana naked, they told her they did it to teach her a lesson in wearing sexually demure clothing.

But now Ngukana is turning the tables on them and teaching taxi drivers a lesson in respect and gender equality. Ngukana says she decided to go to the media with her story to highlight the plight of women who are constantly subjected to public humiliation at the hands of taxi drivers, who say they are asking to get raped if they wear a mini-skirt.

Her story struck a chord. In Johannesburg, women put on their mini-skirts and took to the streets to march in protest against her attack. It soon became clear that hers was not an isolated incident and the taxi drivers at the Noord Street taxi rank were not the only culprits.

This week another victim, Zinhle Khumalo speaks to 3rd Degree about her horrific ordeal at a different taxi rank.

And this story is echoed in Durban where Zandile Mpanza was stripped and made to parade half-naked in public because she chose to wear a pair of khaki pants. Later her family and their neighbours the Ngcobo’s were left destitute when both their homes were burnt down.

The reason given for the arson - to punish the women in both household because they flouted an imposed ban on women wearing pants in that community. The ban is still in place at the T-section of Umlazi Township, but the defiant Zandile is fighting for her rights at the Umlazi equality court.

She has laid a charge of infringement of human rights and dignity. Her case is the first of its kind and its outcome may set a precedent for other cases.

Why are women’s rights to dignity violated in the democratic South Africa? What right do men have to tell women how to dress?

Debora Patta poses these questions to taxi drivers at the now infamous Noord Street taxi rank.



18 Mar 2008 02:18

I think society as a whole is to be blamed.  Men and women back in the day were not raised equally and also women were not allowed to get an education.  Some men still abuse women all in the name of culture, in some societies and households women do not have a voice.  Both genders need to be educated about the rights of the female group.  Women have got it bad, we are bombarded with the need to please please please men.  It's funny how those men in the rank accused her of being half naked whilst their traditional women's regalia bears it all.

18 Mar 2008 02:45

I was walking in some taxi rank and a group of taxi drivers grabbed me by force.Believe me I was fully clothed coz it was cold and anyway I don't wear revealing clothes.They said they weren't going to let me go until I told them why I was so beautiful.It was such a disgrace coz everyone was staring at me and laughing,they were even brushing my face and back and I was totally freaked out.I can only imagine how those girls felt  coz my  situation is nothing compared to theirs.

18 Mar 2008 04:05

Which language will she be using with the Taxi drivers?

18 Mar 2008 04:17

Wow i cant wait to see Debra having a go at them  but knowing how taxi drivers are she has to really dig deep to get some good reasoning from them.

18 Mar 2008 04:20

LOL @ Molilo!!!

@ Mathaz, i hear you but beg to disagree. for far too long we have blamed history and culture to excuse sick behaviour of men who try to compensate for their shortcomings. there isn't any explanation befitting why anyone would violate me for my choice in attire. education plays no role in a grown ass man choosing to act like an animal -actually, worse than an animal!

18 Mar 2008 05:04

All i want to know is wether this drivers agreed to do it just for them to be seen on TV or they really are bringing the solution, phela most drivers ba Dom.

Zee Babes!
18 Mar 2008 05:30

@Molilo - Which language will she be using with the Taxi drivers? I take offence cos my booo umdrayiseni(taxidriver)

18 Mar 2008 05:38

@Zee babes I was thinking out loud sorry I offended u and ur boo but maybe they will prove me wrong......LOL
Will he be part of the panel?

18 Mar 2008 05:41

@ Azhot, statistics have shown that abusers were at some point abused themselves.  The point that i'm trying to make is that these men have seen the way their fore fathers and fathers treat women so the cycle is continuos.

18 Mar 2008 05:49

i understand that Mathaz girl but my point is they have a choice to behave like 3rd grade humans or maybe decent human beings. See?

18 Mar 2008 06:36

Kuzokwenzakani xa isithi women abahlukumezayo xa behamba ngamagaga abo ezitratweni. atleast thina we put something on unlike them ufike umntu emile esitratweni nenye indoda enganxibanga ngasentla atsho ngelogaga ndingalaziyo loyikekayo singathethi when it cumz to us they harrass us. yini ingxaki yabo kahle kahle.

Zee Babes!
18 Mar 2008 06:38

@Molilo I was thinking out loud sorry I offended u and ur boo but maybe they will prove me wrong......LOL Will he be part of the panel Panel kae, no he wont be....he is a descent taxi driver....did I mention special oh and caring too.

31 Mar 2008 13:27

Bulie what r u on about plz use English asithethis sonke, I hardly understood half of the things u said

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