SCD 4x07: Ta-Ta, Tanya

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Strictly Come Dancing Episode Recaps on 14 Mar 2008
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As predicted since the second episode of Strictly Come Dancing 4, Isidingo star Emmanuel Castis will face off against comedian Trevor Noah in the season finale next week, after model Tanya van Graan was eliminated last night.

Despite being the most improved dancer this season Tanya was unable to stave off the inevitable, losing the final dance-off of this season to Trevor after Emmanuel and Lindsey easily made it through to the finale after the audience round of voting.

We have to say, and few would argue: the two most deserving celebs won through to the final, unlike some of the previous years when the best dancers were eliminated earlier than expected.

Trevor and partner Hayley Hammond were initially the strongest, but Emmanuel and Lindsey soon took over. The two couples have consistently been in the Top 3 each week.

Last night's live spectacular saw the couples each dancing twice and once again Emmanuel was the hot favourite, scoring a 38 for his second dance, the Rumba.

It was Tanya and her partner Brandon Eilers who kicked off the evening, however, performing the Foxtrot.

Salome Sechele thought it was well executed. "That Foxtrot was effortless, fully jam-packed full of technical skill", she gushed.

Tanya and Brandon scored 33 for the dance.

Emmanuel and Lindsey were next up with their Viennese Waltz, for which they received (by their standards) a rather modest 33. "The only thing that bothered me was your left arm, but well danced," said Dave.

Trevor and Hayley's first dance was also a Foxtrot. Tyrone complimented Trevor on his improved focus during the dance.

"I must say it was a well executed slow Foxtrot," he said. "I think what I enjoyed today was to see the focus of what you brought to the dancefloor."

The judges scored the dance 32, setting up a tense second round of dances as the three contestants were only separated by one point after the first round.

Whoever creamed the second round was almost certain to make the final, and first to try their luck were Tanya and Brandon.

Their Paso Doble seemed to excite Tyrone. "When I see you I see the passion, I see the presence, I see the precision and very importantly I saw how you persevered even when your dress got caught in your heels, that’s very important."

The judges scored it one better than the first round: 34. This gave Tanya a total score of 67 after two rounds, which was the score the others needed to beat.

And beat it he did. Who else? Emmanuel, of course.

His Rumba scored two perfect 10s (from Lilian and Dave) and two 9s, from Tyrone and Salome, for a score of 38. Tyrone was short and very, very sweet. "Poetry in motion," was all he said. No more was needed.

Emmanuel and Lindsey ended up with a total score of 71, four points higher than Tanya.

That left just Trevor and Hayley's Paso Doble, which scored them a creditable but not good enough 33, putting them in last place with 65 overall.

Salome turned out to quite the prophet when summing up Trevor's Paso. "I saw the shapes, the dedication, the fire in your eyes," she raved, her eyes flashing. "You wanted it, you wanted to be in that final and I’m convinced you will be in that final."

And so it came to pass.

Trevor ended up in the dance-off against Tanya, and despite Tyrone once again going against the crowd by choosing Tanya to go through to the final, common sense won out with the other judges who unanimously voted Trevor through to face Emmanuel in the grand finale next week.

The two most consistent dancers made it all the way, which is how it should be.

Who has what it takes to win the competition? Tune in next week to find out.

TVSA Blogger Toxic attended last night's live show - catch her exclusive coverage of the event later on TVSA.


13 Mar 2008 23:43

I'm sorry, but Trevor's paso double was just the most ridiculous thing I've seen in my life. The outfit. The 'dancing'. It was just hysterical. Emmanuel was v good

14 Mar 2008 00:04

yha nhe im glad my little Trevor is on the final but i dont trust Stevovo

14 Mar 2008 00:08

Eish, I keep forgetting to watch Strictly come dancing on thursdays for some reason. Last night at 7, i was deciding if i should watch 7'oclock news or 7h30, which is a decision base on what was on at 7h30. SCD just ddnt pop into mind, so i kept tuned to the SABC1, and went straight to bed after Genrubbish, thinking nothing was on TV anyway. EIsh...

14 Mar 2008 00:09

i thought trevor rocked yesterday. Tha dance off felt like a final!!

14 Mar 2008 00:11

It's obvious, Emmanuel will win this one without a doubt. Unless Trevor does some street campaign this week and garner for votes. I don't see him winning this one not that Trevor is bad, but pound for pound Emmanuel is the best.

14 Mar 2008 00:12

Eish, I just love me some Trevor, but it's safe to say that Emmanuel is good and he deserves to win.................

14 Mar 2008 00:14

If Trevor wins, it will certainly not be on MERIT coz Emmanuel is a better dancer than him BY FAR as in VERY VERY FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 Mar 2008 00:28

Yha neh, after yesterday's show i believe in miracles. Its a miracle that Trevor is thru to the finals...Cant wait to see Emmanuel show him who is the king of the dance floor next week...I larv Trevor though, he is cute and funny

14 Mar 2008 00:44

This is definately the first SCD to have such competitive people....all the semi-finalists were the best

14 Mar 2008 01:44

Trevor was just HOT HOT HOt on the 'dance-off' round, am just happy he is through even. There's just something slutty about Hayley Hammond, her excitement gestures always include literally throwing herself at Emmanuel..she's a damn good dancer though, can't take that away from her! looking forward to next week.

14 Mar 2008 02:34

As much as I love my Trevor - Tanya was far better and he should thank everyone who voted for him. It's going to be the final of all finals - My bet is on Emmanuel - that man was born to dance.
Good luck to both of them!!!

14 Mar 2008 03:11

Emmanuel is good,i've got nothing against Trevor but I don't think he is that good.He was stiff last nite.Tanya   she was hot ,hot ,hot. I think emmanuel is gonna win

14 Mar 2008 03:22

Emmanuel's gonna win.

14 Mar 2008 03:42

.....oops I meant Lindsey is the flirtatious one.

14 Mar 2008 04:10

Emmanuel is going to win you have my vote baba

14 Mar 2008 05:13

i agree with Ngqesta - really slutty. i wonder how Lilian and Emmanuel's girl feel about that.

i love Trevor but my money's on Emmanuel coz he has some hip action going on that just out classes Trevor.

14 Mar 2008 06:14

True. This year SCD is so hot! The celebs are taking it as they are professional dancers. I heard Salome saying Emmanuel is doing far more better than Lindsay's real partner. @Emmanuel is going to win next week! Renegade, make a reminder on ure phone to watch the last hot episode next week. you don't wanna miss!

14 Mar 2008 06:41

My vote is definitely going to Emmanuel, he is sizzling on the dancefloor but they have to watch out for Hayley's creative choreography, it is that which made her and Riaan win against Mary and Freedom in season 2.

14 Mar 2008 06:58

my bet is also on emmanuel,as much as i love trevor hes good but not enough though,stevovo was made for the dance floor. 

14 Mar 2008 06:59

my bet is also on emmanuel,as much as i love trevor hes good but not enough though,stevovo was made for the dance floor. 

14 Mar 2008 06:59

my bet is also on emmanuel,as much as i love trevor hes good but not enough though,stevovo was made for the dance floor. 

14 Mar 2008 10:57

Ok afrolicious, we hear you and we understand dat its friday!!!! LOL

Your Hotness
17 Mar 2008 04:28

I can't for Thurday just to see Emmnuel take that trophy. Halala!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Hotness
17 Mar 2008 04:29

I can't wait for Thursday, just to see Emmanuel take that trophy.Halala!!!!!!!!!! 

17 Mar 2008 06:10

Guys who was the other guy that Sandy spoke to who was with Emmanuel's sister and Tanya's mother i missed it, i thought he said he was Tanya's boyfriend, What happened to Emmanuel are they really over with Tanya..

21 Jul 2009 14:04

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