SCD 4x05: Bye Bye, Brenda

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Strictly Come Dancing Episode Recaps on 29 Feb 2008
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Inevitably and predictably, actress Brenda Ngxoli became the fourth celebrity contestant voted out of Strictly Come Dancing 4 last night, along with dance partner Quintus Jansen.

Both Brenda and Quintus expressed mild disappointment at being eliminated, but one got the sense both were highly relieved that it was all over.

Brenda has a hectic acting schedule as it is, while Quintus is getting married at the end of March. Neither seemed to have the soul to continue in what is an immensely gruelling competition.

This week the celebs danced the Samba, but none of them were able to achieve the lofty heights of Emmanuel and Lindsey's Paso Doble last week, which earned them 37/40 from the judges.

Schmodel Tanya van Graan and SCD veteran Brandon Eilers began the night, but Tanya was scolded by Skelly (Dave Campbell, who gets more skeletal with each passing episode) for not giving it her all.

Tanya has been the star on the move in recent weeks, but came crashing back down to Earth this week with 28 points - an average score of 7/10 per judge.

She managed to take third place on the night, but largely because Brenda and Ashley Hayden were much worse.

Emmanuel Castis and Lindsey Muckle once again turned in a polished performance, with Emmanuel being complimented on the way he brings a unique character to each dance interpretation.

They scored 30, which put them in joint first place with Trevor and Hayley after the judges' round of voting.

Brenda and Quintus followed, and as in previous weeks Brenda looked fine. This time, however, there was nobody much worse than her to save her, and her overall score of 24 from the judges put her tied in fourth place with Ashley.

Dave told Brenda that while he appreciated that she got into character before each performance, she was concentrating too much on her character and not enough on her technique.

Comedian and presenter Trevor Noah and partner Hayley Hammond turned in a good performance to equal Emmanuel's score, without being overly flashy.

Ashley and Muntu ended the evening with a wooden performance, which ensured they had to enter into the dance-off against Brenda.

Before the dance-off Brenda - in response to a question by Ian von Memerty about how she felt being in her third consecutive dance-off - seemed to have all but given up already, saying she would accept her fate whatever happened.

Ashley, however, indicated that she was going to go all-out to remain in the competition, which is exactly what happened.

Salome, Dave and Lilian outvoted Tyrone to keep Ashley in the competition, while Brenda and Quintus heaved a collective sigh of relief that their ordeal was finally over.

This was how the judges voted in the first round, before public voting:

Emmanuel: 30
Trevor: 30
Tanya: 28
Brenda: 24
Ashley: 24

TVSA blogger and moderator Toodecent attended last night's live show - look out for his coverage, coming soon.


28 Feb 2008 23:43

My highlights - Trevor telling he "has not rythm", that cracked me up. 
Also, Lillian going all gaga over Emanuel...I mean really Lillian. 
And when Ian called Sandy a hyena after the laughing, eish, that was funny.

But shame, I couldn't decide who danced the worst last night between Brenda and Ashley. This season is really predictable as far as who is gonna leave each week.

28 Feb 2008 23:47

Oops, I meant, Tyrone telling Trevor he "has no rythm"...

29 Feb 2008 00:03

It sounds like a tough one this eyar & the more i dont watch it the more i panic. Anyway thanks & gudbye Brenda & ur coloured accent

29 Feb 2008 00:06

meant this year

29 Feb 2008 00:46

Brenda..u still rock..even if they voted u out....

29 Feb 2008 02:13

Eish between Tanya, Emmanuel and Trevor there is a stiff competition...I think Ashley is nect followed by Tanya...
The final is between Emmanuel and Trevor..
Missed yesterday's episode though

29 Feb 2008 02:18

As for uBrenda i realise that yeterday bekufuneka emnkile she did not have what it takes but she tried and did not give up

29 Feb 2008 02:23

29 Feb 2008 02:23

roflmao whats up with Brenda's face on the pic??

29 Feb 2008 02:49

thsothso aphume uBrenda uyadika...............

29 Feb 2008 04:58

TDC make it snappy buddy

29 Feb 2008 05:15

What's wron with tryone hey! does he just like to be unique? last he was the only one who voted Brenda out and yesterday he was the only one who wanted to  keep Brenda. A thi mupfesesi houla muthannga.

29 Feb 2008 06:26

I love trevor think he should win but emmanuel good also. Think they should be in the final as for Tanya and co they really need to be more creative otherwise they will be leaving after boring Ashley. And what is up with Ashes dress that was one bad outfit and one funny dance routine.

Vote Tevor for president!!!!!!!!!!!!!

29 Feb 2008 09:53

ooooh nkosi yam, i'm so sad ngobrenda ngxoli wam. i thought she'd make it until ekugqibeleni

04 Mar 2008 02:52

I'm happy that Ashley won on Thursday. Now i think the competition is tough! I wonder who'll be leaving this week...Trevor must pull up his socks....otherwise.....mathata....

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