The Grand Finale: The Girl Who Walks On Water

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Episode Previews: America's Next Top Model 4 on 26 Feb 2008
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Coming up on tonight's America's Next Top Model 4:

Episode 13: The Grand Finale - The Girl Who Walks On Water
Broadcast date: Tuesday 26 February, 2008 at 21h00
Broadcaster: e.TV

Keenyah, Kahlen or Naima? Who will walk away with the prestigious title of America’s Next Top Model? The journey to the finale has been tough and the contestants have had their highs and lows.

The Road To The Finale

Keenyah: A 19-year-old student from California strutted her way into the competition with all the confidence in the world. But she has clearly lacked discipline by overeating and has gained weight which is unacceptable for a top model. Keenyah has not endeared herself to her fellow finalists by being over competitive.

Kahlen: This shy Oklahoma girl has been transformed into a top model in front of the camera. Her pictures are her strong point except when there is a half naked male model with her. Kahlen has continuously struggled to be sexy but has made up for this by excelling on the runway.

Naima: Soft-spoken Naima has continuously held back a part of her personality and the judge’s criticism has been harsh. But as a former dancer, she has grace and poise and has translated this into her photos. Can Naima come out of her shell and convince the judges that she is a top model?

The three finalists will compete by doing a CoverGirl shoot and commercial and the model that does not impress the judges will be sent home.

The two finalists will then partake in a fashion extravaganza at the Castle of Goodhope in Cape Town. They will have to walk on a runway under water in designs by Gavin Rajah and other local fashion designers.


The votes from TVSA readers say Naima's the favourite for the win by a firm 61%. (Check out the poll results)

Will it be her or will Keenyah and Khalen manage to outschmodel her?


26 Feb 2008 04:29

can't wait for tonight!!!!! Hope this is followed by another season of ANTM cause Tuesday nights will be boring after the Apprentice :p

26 Feb 2008 04:37

yeah yeperee yhoo.. wont miss this show *excited*..
pls Eskom u have been good 4the past weeks keep it up just 4 tonight..let the be no soccer, no adevrts.NOr transimttal breaks of some sort &  no 4ne calls...

26 Feb 2008 04:40

Bad news Toxic - ANTM will be followed by Cheaters - I can't believe they are bringing that show back - it's absolutely terrible aaarrghhh!

26 Feb 2008 05:05

that's terrible news Irene--CHEATERS?????????? My gaaad!

26 Feb 2008 05:12

Ja,eish,bye bye schmodels and miss tyra and mama! tuesdays just wont b the same anymo, nothing 2stay up 4 after aprentice (exactly!)
eishkom has bn quiet with all the nonsense lately, thnk gdness
i hope antm5 comes, even in another timeslot 
*tear, tear*

26 Feb 2008 05:30

that sux...i amea who wants to watch cheaters??? not me. and isnt cheaters supoce to like play after 10 or something. that just sux big time.....

26 Feb 2008 05:40

Cant wait for the show tonight, but wat am i gonna do after apprentice from next week onwards? I guess i can jst call it an early night.

26 Feb 2008 05:41

any1 wanna start an apprentice blog? i loved last wk when all 4 were fired, especially josh!!!!!!

27 Feb 2008 03:19

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