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Written by Brown Shuga from the blog SHUGAS BLOGIWOOD on 07 Feb 2008
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Definitely my favourite comedian in South Africa, David Kau must be the busiest comedian around coz he's hosting every 2nd event out there! Okay, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration but damn, the man is all over! 
He must be pretty rich too coz I a little birdie whispered that he charges something like R30K to MC a gig so yeah, what you make in 3 months, he makes in 2 hours!  And don't forget, that was a 2007 figure neh? LOL

Anyway, having been recently nominated for Star Comedian in the Stars of Mzansi Awards, I hooked up with David to try and get to know him better and also to see if he deserves all this support I've been showering him with!

You know me, I don't like talking about all that history yokuthi he was born in Kroonstad, school what what etc etc, I just wanna get to the point and tell you what we talked about. 
If you really have no idea who this guy is (I won't ask where the hell you're from), you can check out his info on the following websites:  

Back to the interview....

Brown Shuga: Congratulations on your recent marriage man, were you wearing your signature hat at the wedding?
David Kau: NO I wasn't wearing a hat, I didn't make time to have one made or get 1 that would have matched my suit.

BS: I wanna know, what makes a young black man like you decide to get married?
Being in Love with the woman that I'm with now and knowing that being with her makes me feel like not meeting anymore women other than friends or business associates.

BS: Did you have to pay lobola?
David: I wanted to pay Lobola but my wife's dad is Greek and it's not HIS culture so he did not allow me to pay Lobola.

BS: Lucky you! I hear your wedding was broadcast on Top Billing! Wow, that makes you "A LIST", how did that come about?
David: I met one of the producers when Top Billing took me to Croatia and they mentioned they would be interested in filming my wedding. I don't know if that makes me 'A list' because I'm not quite sure what makes people 'A list' in South Africa.

BS: Being on Top Billing kinda does coz I hear they are very selective of what events they cover. 
So David help us out, so many of my sistas have trouble "getting & keeping" a black man. What's your advise to them? I'm serious. 

I think most women, not just black women - and some men - always think that there's more out there, and there's something better. Curuosity more than anything is what causes people to break up and date more people. I think once you're with someone and you're ready to put them 1st in your life without them asking you, it's time to start thinking how you can help them become a better person rather thinking you want to meet someone else thats better than them. It's not about being black or white but because our experiences have been with black people, most people would think it's about race.

BS: And if you could advise us of one thing we should stop doing in relationshps?
David: I think I've kinda answered this question in my previous answer but to add to that - STOP LYING TO ONE ANOTHER if you know the truth will come out, rather be the one who tells it first.(This is a *bleep!* long interview ...!) 

(Check out STOLEN pictures of his wedding HERE)

BS: What happened with the column you used to write for The Times?
My column is still there - every friday. It's just that it's hard to find. Sometimes they put it on the front page on the website (it's in the paper every friday), sometimes you need to search for it under columnist ... 

BS: Cool, I guess I just exposed the fact that I'm not a subscriber heheheh. In 2007 you released your DVD, I did These Jokes First, how did it do in terms of sales? 

David: So far it's sold over 10 000 copies and I haven't even marketed it yet. I should be having one of those dodgy tv promos on tv soon I've paid for one already, I just got too busy with my wedding and being a bit lazy.

BS: That's cool. Looking at the DVD now, is there something about it or on it that you wish you had done differently? 

David: I should have sold it for R129 instead of R100 (retail)

BS: Hahahaha! On the DVD there is a part where you joke about Indians & then repeatedly go "I'm kidding, I'm kidding." Do you worry about offending your audience when you are on stage? 

David: Not really but sometimes when some people are a minority in the audience you wanna make them feel more comfortable. It's not always Indian people I do the same if there's kids in the audience. REGARDLESS - I always aim not to offend but to make fun of someone, that's why I can tell my jokes about whoever even if they are in the audience. 

BS: Did you apologize to Babalwa Mneno about that Bafana Bafana joke?
I apologized to her about what the Sowetan and Penny Lebyane (on her show) lied about me having said in that joke, not for the joke. 
The *bleep!* Sowetan wrote is embarassing not just for them but for black journalism as well. The thing I like about it is it's on film because I said it on tv. There'll always be problems when you take a joke out of it's context and tell it somewhere else other than to people who that joke was for. I don't even write my jokes down so you can imagine when some journo does that ...

(I didn't hear what Penny said but here is what the Sowetan wrote:

David kau in alien remark (
Patience Bambalele
31 October 2007
Comedian David Kau shocked the country on Saturday with his crack on live television that model Babalwa Mneno enjoys sex with foreigners.
Kau dropped his clanger during the South African Film and Television Awards at Gallagher Estates, Midrand.
The comedian was alluding to President Thabo Mbeki’s criticism of the national soccer team’s name.

“I think Bafana Bafana need to change to Babalwa Babalwa because she sleeps with foreigners,” Kau wisecracked.

He compared Mneno with Bafana Bafana after the team failed to make their mark in the African Cup of Nations.
“They both got chowed by foreigners,” he quipped.

The audience was left aghast. Kau realised he had dropped a clanger and quickly added: “Well people, that’s my opinion.”
Mneno, the leggy model who flaunts her body in revealing outfits, is famous for attracting bad publicity.
The beauty was left tongue-tied when asked for a comment, then pretended to be her manager, Sarah.
“I am Babalwa’s manager and you can ask me all the questions,” she chimed.
“Babalwa no longer entertains tabloids. She doesn’t want to comment on things that don’t involve her work.” )

BS: Don't you think it was offensive to say that though?
David: That's up to the audience to decide. 

BS: And why do you laugh at your own jokes so much? (On the DVD)
It's not about laughing at the jokes, it's a feeling that I can't explain. You just have to be there with me in that moment. 

BS: Can your fans expect another DVD this year?
I'm not going to rush it, only if I have material funnier that my dvd now. Also i'm not done selling the other one. My long term plan with the current one is to sell 100 000 copies. I want it to be like TUPPERWARE to black people - every family must have one or want to borrow it from next door. If i do a dvd this year it will be comedy sketches not stand up ... unless a miracle happens.

BS: Do you think South Africa is warming up to the stand up comedy phenomenon or do we still have a long way to go?
It's happening city by city ... there's still space for massive growth.

BS: And how do you come up with the jokes David?
David: Most of the time I wait for a joke to come to my mind. I don't sit down and decide I'm going to write jokes.

BS: So if you don't write them down, how do you prepare for a show then?
David: Sometimes I listen to my other shows on my ipod. Most of the time I do nothing, I'm worried about ticket sales, there's people who wanna talk to me about *bleep!* - i never really have time. Maybe in the future I'll start telling people I don't want anyone talking to me before shows, looking me in the eye, kicking people out of my changing room - for now I just go on stage and try remembering as many jokes as possible. 

(Actually, having read his column on The Times, I think it's proving to be difficult for him to be funny there. I enjoy listening/watching him rather than "reading" him.)

BS: Yho, impressive. Will there be a Blacks Only Comedy DVD coming up anytime soon?
David: Maybe that'll be the stand up comedy dvd I do this year. I have filmed most of them so if the other comedians want to be in the dvd and we can agree on the terms then there'll be a Blacks Only dvd this year.

BS: Just remember who came up with the idea neh??? 
I attended your 2006 Annual Christmas Party in Kroonstad, it was mad fun but I hear the 2007 one was even hotter. How did that idea come about?

David: They get hotter and hottest every year - it started at my Mom's house with me and some friends, my sister and her friends. I paid for the DJ and some meat and people came with their own booze and their crew. Got bigger and biggest! After three years it got too big for my mom's place so I moved it to that guest house. It still costs me money because there are no sponsors at the moment but for me it's always been about having fun with friends,family and fans -3 F's.

BS: Nice, I actually didn't think there'd be a party in 2007 coz of your wedding. Was there no honeymoon?
This was the 6th year so I would have been stupid to not have one - it's a brand and it's becoming a business so my wife understands. Our ideal honeymoon is to go to Greece but their summer is only after July. For now our house and dvd collection is our honeymoon.

BS: So do you pay the artists that perform at your party?
David: Most of the artists are my friends so I just pay their accomodation/travel/food/drinks. All the DJ's get paid though. That's why I didn't have performances this last christmas because I couldn't ask my friends to perform for free again. Will wait till I have a sponsor. I had 5 DJ's though - Sfate,Jawz,Choice,Milkshake, and the Naked DJ.

BS: Your party actually introduced me to DJ Sfate (from Bloem), brother rocks! 
What do you think makes it so succesful though coz EVERYBODY who's in
Welkom/Kroonstad/Virginia/Odendaal & around goes to your party?
Because people come there to enjoy themselves and everybody is welcome, it doesn't matter who you are, where you from, what you look like - there's non of that *bleep!* that comes with partying everywhere else.

BS: Are there any initiatives that you are involved in back home?
I have a Charity foundation - The 111Kau Foundation, I try and help my old primary school and I help put some kids through high school. I also help out with a Home for abondoned kids and a day care center near Centurion. 

BS: What can your fans look foward to in 2008?
October will be 10 years since I been a comedian, and I'm turning 30 in April - you can look forward to shitloads !!!! And one or two surprises.

BS: Surprises like maybe Pure Monate Show coming back? Am not really a fan but apparently it was popular...
: I don't think so !
BS: Why not?
David: You'll have to ask SABC Comissioning editors/Programme manager/General Manager , they make the decisions what tv shows are on tv.

BS: Not!! A while ago, I heard about some straight to DVD movie you were working on, what happened to that idea?
I've been struggling to raise the money to make it but the idea is still there with a million others, but I'm getting closer to making it.

BS: Do I need to audition seeing that you're my homeboy and all :-)
No you don't have to audition but you'll need a screen test or something. You'll have a part somewhere.

(...Produced by David Kau.....Starring Brown Shuga, Lee Kasumba........, he promised her a role too!!!) 

David in Croatia

BS: What do you do for fun, besides make friends on Facebook, of course!
I hang out with my close friends and my wife - braais at our house, half price movies on tuesdays (if I don't have gigs), watch a tv A LOT!!!

BS: And your favourite TV Show?
The Entourage - if I have to name just one

BS: So why are you on Facebook?
: A friend of mine Kaone kept on bugging me about it, I was curious - now I'm bored with it. I'm enjoying chatting to my fans though.

BS: Your thoughts on people who actually hook up on FB?
They're very brave !!!

BS: Hahahahah you meet your soulmate at the strangest of places man!! So what do you think of those Status Updates?
I think people take that *bleep!* too serious. 

BS: The Stars of Mzansi Awards, what do you think of them?
David: I think there should be a prize money for each of the categories, instead of one big prize because you can't compare all those categories. It's great that all the awards winners will be decided by the public. 

BS:  And why should we vote for you in the Star Comedian category?
I think people should vote for who they think is the funniest of all those comedians, and who has made and contributed positively in changing the comedy industry.

BS: Mncimmm...acting like you don't want the million! We know you want it...So what CD are you listening to at the moment?
HHP - Acceptance Speech 

BS: Thank you for your time David, will defs be voting for you to get that Comedian award!!!
Thank you.

Check out   for more information on the awards, nominees & how to vote for your favourite celebrity!


07 Feb 2008 00:19

I want it to be like TUPPERWARE to black people - every family must have one or want to borrow it from next door.

Nice one BS!

David rocks!

07 Feb 2008 00:22

yeepy I'm first..LOL

great interview...(except when you ask the same question in different way...hi hi reall wanted the advice neh!!)...I like his take on relationships, true that we keep lookin for the better person who doesnt exist

you are so right about his sunday Times column...its difficult to match live/spoken comedy with written commedy.....when I read the column...I just ...sigh!!!  otherwise  the brother is funny live...

07 Feb 2008 00:23

ok dimago i'm second  hi hi hi

07 Feb 2008 00:37

The interview seems to be all serious.. was he still pissed with stolen pics why no little jokes mara heh David? Anyhow he seems serious in most cases, last saw him at Intenetix 2007 . Eish about Babalwa I LMAO at he joke and somehow I think he meant it and its for real anyway ahahahaha...until she confirms Robert.LOL

07 Feb 2008 00:56

I wonder wat penny said on her show about Babs joke.... I think it was funny  what David said that's my opinion though...... oh and i love his dvd its just too hilirious.

07 Feb 2008 01:02

Nice that that's out of the article plz...........LOL............jus kidding!!!

BS: I wanna know, what makes a young black man like you decide to get married?
: "Being in Love with the woman that I'm with now and knowing that being with her makes me feel like not meeting anymore women other than friends or business associates."
I had goosebumps after I read this, it' so sweet and so true!!!

07 Feb 2008 01:02

I think he's very lucky that he didnt have to pay lobola, this marriage is going to last. Nice one BS. LOL @ tupperware.

07 Feb 2008 01:19

yeah TDC..he sounds serious...y'd think he's being interviewd by Times magazine...he didnt loosen up...oh well

07 Feb 2008 01:27

@ Sponnono, I think he was afraid to loosen up coz he knows that thina TVSA bloggers, asilali edleleni, so he chose the serious safe route..........LOL

07 Feb 2008 01:29

Nice one.....

07 Feb 2008 01:57

LMAO on the Babalwa joke,g's man this guy is so funny,........ppl who hook up on fb r brave ROFLMAO......hey i know Dj Sfate,his the dj @ Las Vegas in BLOEM,kwai man........thanks for the advise on relationships though,lol.....n the tupperware thingie that is so brave of him to say,he he he

07 Feb 2008 02:36

Hawu, lol @ da joke about Babalwa, and the Tupperware story.

07 Feb 2008 07:11

Shuga should have asked about 1 joke he makes in the bedroom hehehehehehehe eish...mara.

07 Feb 2008 07:37

would have loved to know how they met, what he thought of her the first time he saw her(lave at first sight mabye??)...who made the first move etc.etc.

07 Feb 2008 07:52

Nice interview as usual Shugs.... 

I want it to be like TUPPERWARE to black people - every family must have one or want to borrow it from next door. ....Lol. Original Kau as usual.

08 Feb 2008 00:22

BS: Do I need to audition seeing that you're my homeboy and all :-) ....BS  do you want to tell us that you are from Kroonstad?   ke homeboy ya hao jwang?

08 Feb 2008 02:47

.....wetlips, ke homeboy yahae ka free state province BS is from Welkom,kroonstd falls under free state lolly....

Brown Shuga
10 Feb 2008 09:01

WHY Pooky??

10 Feb 2008 10:08

david's big fan!!!!

11 Feb 2008 02:31

BS ur frm welkom?wow!!anihow luv david hes original,da tupperware "joke" very hot.POOKY,i agree wit also luv2 knw hw he nd hs wife met,jst out of curiosity haau BS,make that tha first q on ur nxt interview wit hm.okay!!

mangi mapatane
19 Mar 2010 11:54

i want it to be like Tupperware to black people............!!!

nice one BS..LOL!!

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