BBN's Ebuka Comments On BBA 2!

Written by Brown Shuga from the blog SHUGAS BLOGIWOOD on 22 Nov 2007
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 When Big Brother Nigeria suddenly ended, I dealt with the loss by starting a Big Brother Nigeria Blog and interviewed 9 out of the 14 housemates. That was the best way to deal with it coz that brought me such fulfilment and introduced me to friends that I would otherwise not have met. 


Right now I'm suffering from BBA 2 Withdrawal symptoms but there's no way I'm gonna deal with that by interviewing the housemates coz the only one I really wanna talk to is Richard but since he's somewhere in a Tanzanian hotel hiding from the attacks the world is throwing at him, I had to find a way to address my loss somehow. 
My first BB love, BBN provided the perfect solution: Ebuka Obi-Uchendu!!

Never heard of him? Well, it gives me great pleasure to introduce Ebuka, the 25 year old gorgeous "loser" of the BBN crown. Heheheh, he might have lost the $100 000 & the title but he's been doing amazing things with his life since then. 

I decided to get Bubu's comments on the show, firstly because I know that he misses Richard like I do (a fact he will NEVER admit to), secondly because he's one of the few people who get me laughing the way Richard did & is therefore a perfect replacement for Richard (even if it's just for the duration of this interview) and thirdly because he always has a LOT to say!!!

BS: How has life been post BBN? 

You know, going into a show like Big Brother always gives one the impression that once you are out of the house, your life becomes as interesting as Jay Z's.
Maybe because we get to read a lot about the Big Brother contestants from the UK on OK Magazine and how they become paparrazzi material. Unfortunately, this
is Africa and the opportunities are not going to come running to you. Besides, I heard that the success rate for ex reality show contestants worldwide is somewhere around 10%! 

I'd say I'm lucky enough to be a part of that 10%. I've hosted 3 TV shows now in Nigeria, been writing a column for Thisday newspapers for over a year and also
compere events. Sadly, my law profession is still on hold! 

BS: Wow!! That is amazing man, am really happy for all your achievements!
You've been very vocal about BBA2 in your This Day column....if you were to describe it (BBA2) in one word, what would that word be?

Ebuka: Disturbing!

BS: Hahahah You also said that if BBA is PG16 then BBN should have been PG 13? What did you mean?

Ebuka: For those who watched both shows, it should be clear.
Like I stated in one of my articles, whenever there was a kiss on BBN, it was a major highlight. The kiss I shared with Helen in the kitchen, is still a major
talking point till date when I meet people. But with BBA, gosh!!! It was all over the place. It became so much that when there was no kiss, then it was a highlight! Plus we had no shower hour, and no penthouse to, know...

BS: Back when I first spoke to you about the show you were a Richard fan, now you're calling him names....when did it all change? 

Ebuka: I was a huge Mwisho fan from BBA 1. When BBA 2 started, Richard looked like a clone and I was instantly sold! I also totally loved it when he confronted big brother in the diary room after the paint fight. 


BS: That's exactly when I fell in love with him!!!

Ebuka: He was and still is original to me. When the whole thing with Tatiana started, it all seemed like a joke and I honestly thoght he would know when to draw the line. But his famous quote; "If loving you is wrong..." with Tatiana in the garden, did it for me. I am suddenly confused about the idea of marriage if after a 3 year courtship and a four month old marriage, I could turn my back on my wife for $100,000 and still tell the whole world that the money was worth losing my marriage for! 

BS: Yeah that's twisted. So what are your thoughts on him emerging as the ultimate winner?

Ebuka: Naturally, I wanted Ofunneka to win for being Nigerian. Plus she was the only person who went all the way alone, without any 'emotional support'. But based on the fact that he gave us a lot to talk about and kept us glued to the screen for all the wrong reasons, I thought Richard deserved it. 
He did work for it even if in the wrong way and with some help from Tatiana. But if the final 3 were different, my thoughts might have been different as well. Something tells me Justice might have surprised us if we gave him a chance! 

BS: Hahahahah Yho, imagine having had to tolerate MaJusto throughout the 98 Days!!! Your opinion on The Untouchables vs The Big 5?

Ebuka: I thought it was totally uncalled for especially since the reason for the division, was unbelievably petty. But it was also good it happened cos we got to see some other sides to some of the housemates that we might never have seen. When going into BBN, living in a divided house would have been the last thing on my mind. I love to be around people. Having five or four less people to talk to would have been too hard. But it was thoroughly entertaining and I don't think any of the housemates should be judged solely on that. 

BS: So who was your favourite BBA 2 housemate and why?

Ebuka: I'm not so sure that I had a favourite. I know most of them had traits that I liked. Meryl for one. She did not want to live by any one's standards. Justice, for
standing up to everyone and making the early parts of the show worth watching. Ofunneka for living in the midst of all the relationships and kissing, and still
keeping her head up. Lerato for making the other housemates know that if you do not stand up for yourself, no one will for you, and so many others...

BS: Justice keeps coming up!! So what then are your thoughts on the talk that Nigeria wants to ban viewing of future BBA's in your country?

Ebuka: It is worrying. There is a parental control facility in every decoder plus there are about 40 other channels to chose from. No one says you must watch BBA! But on the flipside, it should be a lesson to the organisers to know when to hold back on certain things. The purpoted ban is only as a result of that now infamous saturday afternoon which was avoidable!

BS: You didn't actually get to see "that saturday" but having heard what everyone (including the last 3 housemates) have had to say about it, do you think it has been blown out of proportion?

Ebuka: I still cannot say whether or not it has been. I have not seen it and the housemates all claim not to know what happened so, I don't know.

BS: What's up with your obsession with Meryl??? & What is it about her??? 

Ebuka: First of all, it's nowhere near an obsession!!! Secondly, every man likes a near perfect body. But aside that, I thought that she was giving the other ladies a run for their money by constantly being in their faces. And being the youngest housemate, that had to be commendable. 
She may have overdone some things but she still wouldn't jump to another guy the moment his girl is evicted, neither did she cause an uproar or division in the house for being nominated, nor did she date a married man! And boy, did she  ook hot on that final sunday!!!

BS: Who cares!!
You and Bertha didn't represent for Lawyers man, I'm now convinced lawyers aren't BB material....aren't you guys supposed to be smart?

Ebuka: On the contrary, I think Bertha was a bit too smart even for herself. She started playing her script very well but suddenly flipped it. That would work on the
outside world but not where a million people are watching every move and waiting for something to latch on to. Her intelligence is not in doubt but she was just too smart for the house which might then mean that yes, she was not BB material! Maybe Survivor! 

BS: Hahahah Survivor!!
Ebuka: For me, I never went in there to be a lawyer. Infact, I wanted to be everything but a lawyer in the house. I had gone through school all my life and had just started practicing law before the show started. It was a vacation for me. And I don't think I lost out for not being smart. Remember JFC? Of course you do, you were a member!

BS: Shut up!! I told you that in confidence!!!!! hahaha! You've probably been asked this several times before but I'm gonna ask you for the record...would you have done BBN if there was gonna be SHOWER HOUR? 

Why not? leaves you wondering what you missed out on huh??? 

BS: Yeah, do I get to find out? Hahaha Never mind!!! 
*An extract from your article *BBA 2 Vs BBN, MORALITY AND ARSENE
WENGER* published on This Day last month:

"People have drawn up the craziest comparisons as regards the personality
traits of housemates from both shows. For example, BBN's Gideon was the good
looking, smooth talking lover of music, who loved to work out and look at himself in the mirror at every opportunity. So was BBA 2's Kwaku from Ghana.

BBN's Yinka was the big guy who somewhat kept away from the group and was
actually writing a book before he got into the house. So also was BBA 2's big Jeff from Kenya.

BBN's Chinedu was at the centre of every quarrel and he had a verbal spat with about half the housemates before he left. Sounds a bit like Justice's story too.

BBN's Ebuka laughed at anything and everything and seemed to be liked by most of the housemates. At least until he got nominated. And so was BBA 2's Max from Zambia. Some even thought they looked alike.

Even the relationships in both houses looked like they were right out of the same script. Chinedu and Joan developed the first relationship in BBN and at some point, people felt that Chinedu liked her a little too much and so always wanted her to have her way. He was evicted right before she was. That was the exact story of Max and Lerato from BBA 2.

BBN's Maureen and Gideon seemed to have the perfect love story which viewers
instantly fell in love with as well. Everyone wanted to always see them together as they looked into each other's eyes and giggled away. Well, so is the Richard and Tatiana story in BBA 2, which has controversially been taken a notch higher. There was also the Fransisca –Ebuka- Helen triangle in BBN. BBA 2 also followed suit with the Meryl –Kwaku- Bertha episode!" 

BS: Interesting and very true observations...So compared to K's kisses with B & M, do you think you and Helen would still have taken the BB best kiss award?? (remember my BBN awards?) 

Ebuka: You tell me! Or why not take another round of votes from your readers..

BS: Hahahaha, is that confidence I detect? So BBA2 vs BBN, which one was the best and why?
Ebuka: I thought they were two very very different shows. No basis for comparison whatsoever!

BS: There are rumours that both BBA 3 & BBSA 3 are coming out in 2008,
exciting or boring news?

Ebuka: Exciting. If only we in Nigeria would get to watch!! BBSA, tell me there'll be another Elsie-Marie!

BS: I didn't watch the BBSA! Enough BBA talk, what are your fellow BBN housemates up to? Has Katung squashed the money already? 

Ebuka: Well...
Ichemeta went back to school. Should be in her 4th year in the University of Jos. Yinka is still working on his album. 
Chinedu has featured in about 4 movies now and a soapie here. Plus his album is dropping any moment from now. 
Joan, is like the queen of Nollywood now. She's in one movie after another. Is also on a soapie. Hardworker huh?
Maureen, is also into the movies. Has done about 2 or 3, done a bit of TV presenting as well and is currently on a BBC sponsored TV series. 
Gideon, is a model, had a huge single out sometime ago and his album's almost ready. He's also currently on the set of an Mnet produced soapie due next year. Helen did a bit of TV presenting on her food show called, Helen's Kitchen. She then went back to finish school, did 2 movies and is back working on Helen's Kitchen again.
Joseph went back to his Virgin Atlantic job and does a bit of modelling. Hit one with MTN recently. 
Frank got a scholarship to a dance school abroad, came back, got married and is still on his dance thing. 
Sandra has done a couple of movies too and some cameos in soapies. 
Ify, hosts the National lottery game show and also compere's events. 
Francisca is working on a talk show and is into modelling. 
Katung went back to his radio job, started a fish farm, is working on a clothing label and should be on TV soon hosting a musical gig! Phew that was long.... 

BS: Hehehehe I'm just amazed that you've talked about everyone in the exact order of their eviction!!! 
Katung went back to his old radio job?? I'm disappointed to hear that...I would have expected him to actually have followed the route you did!
So why in heaven's name are you still single???

Ebuka: Maybe because single means freedom and it works for me for now!

BS: What a boring answer!! Hahaha so what happened with you and Helen? The last time we spoke, you and her were sharing hotel rooms but still claiming to be "discovering" one another! It's now a year later, what happened? 

Ebuka: We are good friends. But not in a relationship.

BS: Do you now agree with the famous saying "Big Brother Relationships Never Last?"

Ebuka: Unfortunately, everything points to that fact. From BBA1 to BBN, they've all fizzled out. Let's see if BBA2 would be any different!

BS: You'll probably get to meet them but if you were to be stuck in a lift with one of the BBA 2 housemates, which one would you choose and why? 

Ebuka: One of Kwaku, Bertha, Ofunneka or Lerato. Only an intelligent onversation would help me through the time and they seem most likely to offer one! 

BS: Not Meryl??

I knew you and everyone else reading would expect me to say Meryl!
BS: So you gave a dishonest answer?
Ebuka: The fact that you didn't expect it doesn't make it dishonest!

I hate arguing with lawyers so the chat had to end.......that was Ebuka on BBA 2. 

Check out my 2006 Interview with Ebuka on this link:
Ebuka, The Lawyer & The Hunk. He's The Don!

(For those who like sharing, please COPY the link, DO NOT COPY THE ENTIRE ARTICLE!!! Otherwise my lawyer will be on your back)


Meme J
21 Nov 2007 17:32

Just LOVE this interview. SHUGAAAAAAAAAA ... it's topped my day with an ear-to-ear, cut me in half smile, and more than the prospect of sweet dreams. PLEEEEEEEZE send Ebuka to Namibia. Like now. And, wow, is he gorgeous ... how DID I MISS BBN!! PLUS intelligent. Eish! I think I can fly .................... And he and I are on the same wavelength on BBA2 ... Meryl, Bertha, Richard ... ha, ha ... and Ofunemama. That's what I liked about Ofu, she played as an independent. And, hey, hey, hey, please give Ebuka my e-mail address. I think we can work out sum writing gigs ... uhmmmm ... u know like a word exchange ... 2getha!! ............. BUT Shuga, pleasssssse scrap that photo of Meryl. It's about the most unflattering one I've ever seen of her. I'm sending you some new ones for your archives. The man is sharp! And so r u for representing ....

sweetie my baby
22 Nov 2007 00:18

very very nice, Shuga-shugs - good work! and how come everyone in BB Nigeria has gone on to higher heights!!! hey, let's face it, they take care of their own daar! where are all the BBSA contestants? BACK AT THEIR OLD JOBS, THAT'S WHERE
(But then again, maybe that's not a bad thing...) 

anyhoo, keep it up - altho it kills me to admit it, i'm feeling a real BB void in my life,  heysh.....

ditto on Meme J's comment about the Meryl pic, honey is HOT and that pic is NOT.

22 Nov 2007 00:28

Wow!!!Shugs,u brought back good memories about BBN,where I met lovely peeps like u,Jennifer,Nthabiseng ,Estee,the list goes on,my forever fights with Muganzi about Helen,which continued even on BBA2 while I was trying to show him how good Meryl is and he keeps on supporting the gazunga beach boy. My Naija friends(Lizzy,Emem) which I am still thick with them to date and the sleepless night I had.My love for Helen and meeting her at club Uhuru .Umhhh!! those were the days.

Those were  the days and my big brother addictions still runs in my brains and I wonder what will wipe it. Maybe I should enter BBSA3 ----?????

Thanks for the bringing back those memories. Meme J did  u pass my luv to Meryl?

22 Nov 2007 02:46

Nice one Shuga gurl......brilliant work, I really enjoyed it.......HOWEVER, Shuga were you & Bubu flirting or it's just me????lol...sorry i cudn't help noticing but I stand corrected!!!! hiiiiiii!
It's amazing how BBN contestants are progressing,all the best to them.....guys kanene who is ICHEMETA ?.... please remind me......

22 Nov 2007 02:46

Nice one Shuga gurl......brilliant work, I really enjoyed it.......HOWEVER, Shuga were you & Bubu flirting or it's just me????lol...sorry i cudn't help noticing but I stand corrected!!!! hiiiiiii!
It's amazing how BBN contestants are progressing,all the best to them.....guys kanene who is ICHEMETA ?.... please remind me......

22 Nov 2007 04:26

Dee,Ichemeta is that quite lady who was kicked out FIRST. She looked like Serena Williams.

22 Nov 2007 04:47

Got it right there Dee, Shuga is true is it just Dee and I  reading too much into it. 

Is Ebuka hot or HOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. I Loved the guy for Noticing My Meryl.

Thank Ma browniee

22 Nov 2007 04:49

Got it right there Dee, Shuga is true or  is it just Dee and I  reading too much into it.  Hehehehehe Hihihihihih!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is Ebuka hot or HOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. I Loved the guy for Noticing My Meryl.

Thanks Ma browniee Nice one!!!1

Big Sister
22 Nov 2007 05:01

Thank you very much BS for bringing Ebuka to on my PC. You know that I was addicted to BBN because of Ebuka. Uuntil now I sometimes find myself google his name just to find out how he is doing and he look gorgous as usual. Young and fresh , nawawooooooooo for you Brown Shuga and kudos to you my gal.

Brown Shuga
22 Nov 2007 05:23

Lol @ u guys. Am glad u enjoyed it. Mampelo and Dee, me, flirt? No way! Cant I (a hott single gal) just chat to Bubu (a hott single guy) without being accused of flirting? My mama didn't teach me that! As 4 the Meryl pic hehehe, i lurve that picture hahaha

Brown Shuga
22 Nov 2007 05:28

p.s. Shasha, if I remember correctely Ichemeta got kicked out first coz she TALKED too much, not quiet at all.

Meme J
22 Nov 2007 06:44

'As 4 the Meryl pic hehehe, i lurve that picture hahaha' ................... Evil, Shuga, evil!!!! ...................@sweetiemybaby, like the rhyming :) PLEASE do sumthing about this Meryl sit :) .......... Bring in the enforcers, whateva it takes. And that Shuga, trying to put on a sweet, innocent smile, BUT ......................... Yip, Shasha, I did pass on your luv ... in person, all pashmina-ed up with a hug! .......... Not sure I'll even get to see the 'Untouchables' this weekend. They're heading to the north of our country. As I'm writing this, I've had to deal with a phone call from a very excited woman who does not want Bertha in Namibia. Can u believe it? 'Me and my group DEMAND ....'. Anyway, I calmed her. But @Shuga, tell Ebuka not sure that a lift and Bertha make for a good combination. Y'know, we've seen B with a crutch, imagine what she can do in a lift .....

22 Nov 2007 07:34

Ichemeta Ichemeta and white boots....I don't miss her at all. Good to hear she has gone back to school. Good to see you BUBU...whats with Shuga and pretty boys.

What is Berthaconda doing in she following Kay around?????

Brown Shuga
22 Nov 2007 07:54

lol at white boots, that's the image i have of her as well. Noks, plz send me an email on my tvsa address, we need to talk.

Meme J
22 Nov 2007 08:24

@nokubonga ....... She wasn't coming initially ... so draw your own conclusions :) .... But they are coming as the 'Untouchables'. The woman who called said 'they could rather send Mosquito'!!! :) ......... Anyway, I'm setting up a demilitarised zone around my desk in the meantime .... And Shuga and pretty boys?!! Doesn't everyone like pretty boys :) :) :) ........ U owe me one Shuga!

22 Nov 2007 08:33


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Move along everyone... you can win a lunch date with our favourite mod, father to the all-so-fabulous BBB's,TDC ka sebele, a limosine drive from Cape Town to Jozi with the much-loved Madenza, or a nice holiday at the Camps Bay Beach Resort with the Beautiful Brainy Babes as soon as summer arrives in Cape Town.

Move along everyone... great blogging comes with great prices, at DID YOu Know?

See you there...

22 Nov 2007 09:27

this interview was a fabulous idea, Shuga, well done. Yinka still working on that album? It's been how many years now, 10? ok maybe less... I'm very happy for the ex-BBN housemates. Big ups!
Bubu is looking absolutely gorgeous...a friend of mine had a big crush on him and i'm sure she'll be pleased

Meme J
22 Nov 2007 09:28

Actually Shuga, meant to say I wouldn't mind your lawyer on my back!! Ha, ha ....

Brown Shuga
22 Nov 2007 11:15

hahahaha hope u know that my lawyer's name is BERTHA!

22 Nov 2007 11:50

@Shasha: thanks gurl for reminding me but I must say I still cudn't remember her until Nokubonga mentioned the 'white boots' has all come back to me now....Thanks Noks....

Bertha offended so many people by being two-faced, I'm one of those......I never want to see that woman in person! I so feel that Namibian woman who was screaming........Meme-J don't blame the poor woman gal!

Meme J
22 Nov 2007 12:15

Ouch, Shuga!!!! Think I need a crutch :)

Brown Shuga
22 Nov 2007 12:30

<<I must say I still cudn't remember her until Nokubonga mentioned the 'white boots' has all come back to me now.>> Yeah rightttttttttttt!!!

<<I never want to see that woman in person!>> So much anger Dee??! As our boy would say....take it easy was just a game! One day you'll be in a BB house now heheheh

Meme J, careful who you mess with!!

sweetie my baby
22 Nov 2007 12:33

heh heh heh, i think kwaku's stalking me, peeps - i spotted him AGAIN, at the Trace TV party last night at the Rand Club, with none other than your favourite gel, BERTHACONDA! Looking very couple-ish, between you and me....

this boy needs to stop following me everywhere i go, espesh as he insists on being with a different woman ever' time- highly confusing.... 

Meme J
22 Nov 2007 12:47

@Dee, I wish you could have heard this woman. It was intense. And she'd obviously consulted with a whole legion of anti-Bertha-ites :) :) ... My whole office was in stitches as I tried to calm her and say there was nothing I could do! She was even talking about knitting needles. Ouch! But in the end she agreed that B was a visitor, if an unwelcome one for some!! And said she would listen to me .... uhmmmmmmm .... But I do feel for her. She just loathed the way Bertha treated Meryl.

Brown Shuga
22 Nov 2007 12:50

Sweetie!! Damn, I was supposed to be there last night......I got an sms from someone there telling me ukuthi "some lady" was wearing "my"  red it true????? Heheheh

sweetie my baby
22 Nov 2007 14:54

OMG, shugs - YES YES YES!!!!! she SO was, and i ran my hand sneakily up and down it as i murmured 'oooooh, i love your dress, miss U'. tee hee!!! 

why o why didn't you come out and play?? all your fans were there - bouga, lee, lungstar, etc  (i told him how fab i thought he was in RC, and he blushed with pleasure, what a sweetie). it was nice to be out, but the sound was HORRID, the performing artists were nice and fra. but a good time was had by all...

Brown Shuga
22 Nov 2007 15:08

Why didn't anyone take a picture for me?? You see why I ALWAYS carry my camera with me?? LOL

23 Nov 2007 04:07

MemeJ, Shuga, please hook up Bukandy & Meryl.

Meme J
23 Nov 2007 11:07

Why can't I remember who El-Marie was??

voice man
12 Jun 2009 13:13

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