K.B: Big Brother's Super Flirt!

Written by Brown Shuga from the blog SHUGAS BLOGIWOOD on 06 Nov 2007
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Phew....I almost messed up! 

I interviewed Kabelo soon after BBA2 started and as usual I recorded the conversation but later I tried to retrieve it but it was nowhere to be found and I was convinced that I had deleted it by mistake. 
I have been avoiding him since then (now he knows why) coz I was like "OMG, he's gonna think he wasted all those hours he spent with me over lunch and at the 5FM studios, thinking bengimfuna vele coz I can't produce the interview."....well, guess what, a week before BBA 2 ends, the recording suddenly appears while I"m busy fiddling with the recorder...

(ooh bathong, I hope you buy this story, it took me a while to invent.....)

Back to KB...

I interviewed Kabelo Ngakane "cosily" one fine Saturday afternoon and finally sitting down with him at a restaurant of his choice in Melville, I let out a sigh of relief that it actually happened!

Out of EVERYBODY that I've interviewed so far, his was the most difficult interview to secure and that made me want it even more coz I was like, "Kanjani? How can he be too busy for Blogiwood?"  
And really, there was no way I wasn't gonna interview Kabelo Ngakane. I mean, KB? The funny and hilarious Channel O VJ who is now the Big Brother Africa host??? No flipping way!
Besides, if you've met him you'll know that there is no better FLIRT in this universe and there's just something about flirts that I find umm...well, cute! Or maybe it's just a Kabelo thing.....

Okay, really now, if you are in Africa and you don't know who KB is, then in plain Xhosa, vuka emaqandeni...ummm..sorry, no time for translations.
Besides, there is that little nifty thing called "GOOGLE"...umm remember that little website gals go to after meeting a guy? Yeah, that thing where you go type his name, click search and see what results come out so you can check whether or not he's worth your valuable time? Yeah, that thing! Google KB's background there...I'm in 2007 now! hahahah

KB ON BIG BROTHER ...remember guys, it was still early days..

Brown Shuga: Big Brother Africa - How did that happen?
My bosses at Channel O told me to go for auditions coz there were auditions around the continent so I went there about 3 weeks before leaving for Jamaica, well, they took a chance, my audition was good, that’s how it happened.

BS: When did you find out, when you came back?
KB: No, I was still there... I had just come back to my room, when I got the call to say I got the job....I couldn't even scream coz I was so tired, I just said yeah. It took sometime to sink in though.

BS: It’s a huge thing!
KB: In terms of presenting on the continent yeah, and the millions of viewers who watch the show, damn, that's good numbers. 
For people to see your face and know that you exist and for you to be associated with the brand. In that respect, yep and meeting the head of Endemol in Africa and him saying to me “KB, this is a very nice addition to your cap.” So cool.

BS: Why do you think they settled on you?
Because of my energy, and familiarity around the continent is not a bad thing. I believe I’ve been made to feel at home in every one of the 22 countries that I’ve been to on the continent. 
The only country I haven’t been to is Malawi and even then interaction with them has been high enough for me to know that they like me there. And that’s a plus man.

BS: The fact that the people of Africa like you?
Yes man. And that they are familiar with me. It makes it comfortable to hang out and to do my thing. They never told me why they chose me, I'm assuming and actually a bit of me didn’t think I’d get it…

BS: Why, did you look at the profile of previous host?
LB: No, I didn’t even think about the previous host. I mean I’ve auditioned for BB, I’ve auditioned for presenting Idols before so I thought maybe I’m not the kinda guy they’re looking for. 

BS: I’ve come across people on the net that are like “Why KB??”
Oh , I also read that on that wordpress big brother blog and I saw that even before I started presenting, I must say it wasn’t the best criticism to be confronted with before you even start working

BS: Oh dear you read it before?
Yeah and psychologically that messes with you. I think the opening show was quite cool…

BS: Oh yeah, I was laughing the whole time!!!!
Even with that nervousness and that at the back of my mind, I still managed to pull it off and I went to read again the other day and now they were saying they’re warming up to me…so it's life. 
I spoke to my big sister Zandile Nzalo and she was like “Yo man it’s all about getting positive energy, you don’t need to be reading that stuff, that doesn’t help you. It’s not opinion based on your skill....”

BS: It’s definitely about personal preference coz they started criticizing even before they watched.
Exactly so I was like “cool, let’s move on, it happens”

BS: Do you think it’s unfair for people to compare you with the previous host?
It’s unavoidable. Even the housemates are being compared to the ones before? 

BS: What do you think of the housemates?
The sms’s are saying a lot. There's a lot of conflict, I mean people like conflict, people like drama, we read the tabloids because there’s drama and they sell because people like that. You don’t like it when you’re in it or you’re the one being criticized, so you can imagine if the housemates got hold of the sms’s that are being put on the show…geezz!

BS: Did you have favourites? (remember, this was early on guys...)
KB: Nope.
BS: Who do you think is gonna win? Due to what you’ve observed so far..
Most of the time it’s based on strong characters that win.
BS: Well, who are the strong characters?
It’s also proven to the contrary coz the strong characters are not always the ones who make it through. Sometimes it’s been those that have been nice to everybody.
BS: Like Tatiana?
And Maureen…other people think Bertha is a snake, others think Bertha is the queen, the dynamics are crazy, you can’t pick a winner.
BS: Damn, you are so politically correct
Come now, I'm not going there with you.. 

Punchununu ma Justo!

BS: What did you think of Justice?
I think he’s a weakling. From an observer point of view…that issue that he made about the “ass”!!
Damn, if it hurts you discuss it and move on but he took it over a long period of time.
It got me thinking that he’s a weak guy, a man doesn’t deal with sh*t like that. 

Men, especially African men don’t know how to deal with the new African woman. Who’s assertive, who says what she wants, who’s not afraid to tell you “I’ll crack your skull” and is successful. How they’ve dealt with it was to use force coz it was like “ I can’t deal with you through reasoning" so therefore when they can't deal with it by using force, some men tend to take the sulking route. 
It's like "Sh*t, there hasn’t been a dictionary now of the “African way to deal with the African woman. Therefore I can’t hit her, swearing doesn’t do anything to anybody” so it’s an issue.
This is why we’re having a problem in Africa. That was a good example of how do I deal with this as an African man now.
Up to some extent, Justice knew what he was doing man, coz it just felt like he was milking it for what it was worth and he’d get sympathy.

BS: Well, he did get us to talk about him and to notice him. So you thought it was better that he left when he did?
I don’t think it’s better, I just think people will prefer it. Come on, who do you think you’re talking to man?
BS: (Laughs) What do you mean? I’m just asking questions…
You’re fishing for me to say things ha haha 

BS: Well, you can’t say I didn’t try. Would you date somebody like Meryl?
(Pause) I had to think about that huh!…so I guess it’s a maybe more than a yes or no, I don’t know if that works for you. 
One thing though, the little that I’ve seen of her character is, because of how she dealt with Justice, I think she’s very spontaneous and she sometimes doesn’t think before she does things and I also don’t like dealing with conflict, I’d rather we just got along and because I know I’m gonna speak to you with respect, I’m thinking that you know it too and she doesn’t so because of that, I wouldn’t date that kinda gal. She’s got a nice booty though…

BS: Mncim...someone told me that you’ve just recently become single?
How long is recently?Yeah I’m single.
BS: How long
Almost a year…
BS: Not true! I saw you at some function with a gal and that was like 2-3 months ago
I’m sure you got some photographers who will show you different pictures taken over the past few months with me and different friends.
BS: Is that what they’re called ha ha ha. With all your travels in the continent, have you dated outside of SA?
: …I’ve almost always dated outside of SA
BS: So you would marry outside too?
: If it made sense yeah.

BS: So it might be an Ofuneka…. (ok, this was before I started liking the gal)
Ofuneka might have a nice bum
BS: It’s very flat….
Yeah there you go, I’ve seen better in Nigeria believe that…
BS: Yeah, I must say when I first saw her I thought Naija’s got more gorgeous women
Africa’s got gorgeous women period! So I think a bit of shallowness from me, yeah I like them pretty too.

BS: What sort of woman appeals to you?
A sense of humour, a sense of reason, I think I enjoy a people’s person coz I am too. It would be impossible to hang out with me if you don’t like people.

BS: And the most romantic thing you’ve done for a gal?
You don’t expect me to talk about that *bleep!*??
BS: Yeah, you are gonna tell me and my little recorder over here…do you think you’re romantic?
Hell yeah, I’m very romantic?

BS: Oh okay tell me then… 

Borrowed from his 5FM blog! Thanks KB

CATCH THAT IN PART 2 (sorry, it depresses me.....a bit)

BS: heheheheh okay, let's move I hear you play soccer for Supersport in the media league, what do you think of SA Soccer at the moment? 
I think there are some more growing pains, I suppose some people would have said growing pains should have happened a long time ago and not now but it’s unique to us and therefore you take it and run with it. 

BS: Your take on 2010?
I’m looking forward to it, African people that I’ve met are like “hey we’re coming to your country!"
BS: Ba tlo driver ko kae? Already there are problems...
We’ll come up with ways to bring the games to the people. It would be sad for them to come up to SA and watch it on some TV Screens is what it is man, we’ll find a way. Traffic is a problem!

BS: What will you be doing in 2010?
I’ll be entertaining the masses. One way or the other I’ll be presenting something. 
I’ve got my entertainment company KrazyBoy entertainment, I produce conceptualize etc. There are 2 documentaries that we've done for UNICEF on Channel O. One is SPEAK AFRICA, and we did one when they held the Bob Marley 60th birthday celebrations in Ethiopia. We haven’t done much but the few projects that we’ve done have been huge. 

BS: Great man, the way did you find parking for your Jeep outside?
My what? You are too smart for your own good, you know that!!  I’m driving my Golf today.
BS: C'mon, don’t act so surprised, you were the one telling the whole of SA that you are driving a Jeep.
BS: On Metro FM!
Well, it’s all Glen Lewis' doing... 
BS: And then I read an old interview that you did and you said something about it being your dream ride ...
Yeah, I’ve been looking for that stuff since forever man. I've always loved the brand nje….

BS: What's happening with Urban Massive
Well, we’ve put it on hold for this year but it will be back next year. It’s quite an interesting show.

BS: So what are you doing on Channel O now?  (what a stupid question)
KB: For now I’m only doing Oboma but One Drop is also coming up soon..

Like I said, this is just Part 1? 
Part 2 promises to be juicier coz KB talks about why he left Metro FM (sfun'ukwazi), how he got to do The Assylum on 5FM and why he's still at Channel O.  Keep it locked!!


Meme J
05 Nov 2007 17:44

Whichever photographer took that photo of Meryl deserves the bottle treatment!! The girl is so much prettier and more petite in the flesh. Take it from me .......... Nice interview, Shuga.

06 Nov 2007 00:03

I hope part 2 will be more vibey.When reading this innerview,I think he was in his playful mood and dodging questions. About Meryl KB,she is too hot to handle.u will not be able to handle the heat.

Hehehehehe,Meme J,your luv 4 your homegal is too deep. I luv your homegal too bits.Hope I will get  a chance to meet her one day. Send her my luv if u c her.U mean u will give the photographer a ghetto clap (bottle) ? 

Funny,I think u are too sweet 4 that.

Shugs,as always, vibey inerview,respect lovies.

06 Nov 2007 00:35

reading...reading...will comment later.

06 Nov 2007 00:55

love his energy..thanks Shuga, can't wait for part 2!

06 Nov 2007 01:05

Nice one Shuga, I tried concentrating on the article, but izingovolo (aka Rabbit teeth) za KB kept disturbing my concerntration, but ke shame, atleast he has a nice personlaity thats fo sho!!!!

06 Nov 2007 01:13

Man, if i kuld have half this guys energy id be able to mack hoore.

06 Nov 2007 02:16

Lol izingovolo usile Non but i have 2agree i think he must stay behide the scenes yena his a gud presenter kodwa shuu,,,

06 Nov 2007 02:22

Mabhebheza I'm serious, kuze kube imanje I haven't had time to properly read the interview ngoba izingovolo zakhe are seriously in my way.LOL

Xhosa Chick
06 Nov 2007 02:26

I wonder if this interview will reach 100 replies...

06 Nov 2007 02:32

Mission impossible XC, as u can see it's Worls War Three for this interview to reach even 20 replies!!!

Xhosa Chick
06 Nov 2007 02:35

Hayi Annonymous, ndiyanqanda. Andimfuni umntu ogezayo. There's no need yokuba raw apha. Tyhini! Hayi zithande wethu!

06 Nov 2007 02:35

I meant it's World War Three.............I mean kuwumzabalazo to even reach a mere 20 replies for this interview, and NOW thanx to me & my spelling errors I might just get Mr Zingovolo to 20 replies soon.........LOL!!!!

Brown Shuga
06 Nov 2007 03:14

What's up with the nastiness guys?? For the record, KB's career does not depend on the number of replies this article gets. 
He is a talented presenter and will continue to rise and rise, regardless of what you think of  his "zingovolo" as you put it. Rock on KB!

Xhosa Chick
06 Nov 2007 04:09

Is Zandile Nzalo really his sis? Wow, thats nice

06 Nov 2007 04:14

Mina I love his job and I want it..

06 Nov 2007 05:57

Hi guys he is funny & energetic bt his luks a big NO NO. And i think he is doing a great job. And those gils if nithi bahle kumabona kude but lento ndiyibona apha lisikizi or let mi say maybe they r not fotogenic

Meme J
06 Nov 2007 06:01

Say my name, say my name! So I have a KB secret to share ... uhmmmm ... The ubercool one has announced me on television! So, it's not necessarily a pretty tale. I was so p**ssed off with Justice frothing over the beer bottle incident that I voted like a few times ... well, a bit more than a few times .... So on the Sunday ahead of the first eviction get a call from MNet telling me I've won a competition. I'm like baffled. Say it's impossible, tell her I know our newspaper's running a competition but I'm not allowed to enter as I'm a staffer. She explains no, no, no, it's to do with SMSes. So like wow, that's cool. I didn't even know I was in a competition. Then watching eviction and suddenly KB's announcing me as the first O'Boticaro winna. Did I blush and duck behind my computer. Next minute all phones in the office, my cell, are ringing off the hook. Even calls from SA. So, KB and me, we have a bit of shared destiny :))) ......... And hey, Shasha, think u got me right on the ghetto klap ... but the moment would prob have passed!! ............... Will give the luv to Meryl. She's supposed to get back from Zambia today ...... And, hey, I feel Meryl. The girl brought me flowers, dammit!!! Seriously, though, she's just way more than the sum total of what u got on the TV. OK, OK, I'm not her agent .... :) Great day!

06 Nov 2007 06:24

great interview Miz Brown  awunamahloni ne!!  KB cool dude

06 Nov 2007 06:30

cha, yena akamhlanga shem. he needs to see his dentist as in like yesterday.  was it neccessary really to say  (my sister, Zandile Nzalo).

06 Nov 2007 06:50

hee hee  his a hard worker,but......................................

06 Nov 2007 09:06

Of course KB knows he's no Taye Diggs but he doesn't let that hinder his career.I also rock on china!

06 Nov 2007 09:08

Oh,I meant rock on china!Who is Zandile Nzalo?

06 Nov 2007 11:33

Hawu Onkez bathong... Zandile Nzalo is the woman that Bob Mabena chose to marry over Melani Son ...

Miss K
07 Nov 2007 02:05

Great interview Shugs as always! OMG I thought I was shallow until I read some replies here! Obviously KB is a great presenter and his looks are not a factor as u can see how well he's done for himself! All I can say is that I admire u my brother and I know there's greater things coming your way. Rock on!

07 Nov 2007 03:14

KB has really taken his career to another level fo sho and he is really a great presenter.  All tha best in his endeavours.
No offence Shugs, but there's just somethin' amiss in this interview....i just can't put my lil' finger on it...Ok...lemme wait 4 Part 2.

07 Nov 2007 05:37

sorry ms brown, i thought " only true opinions expressed here, an you handle it?"

looksa like some people cant.

07 Nov 2007 05:39

oops typa, i meant , can you handle it, and looks like. sorry peeps i am stilling the computer

07 Nov 2007 07:10

You know I really hate it when some pleople trash presenters without good reason. Imagine what the poor guy must be going through. Big up to him for rising above it. Well, I don't watch Big brother but  I know this dude is good. He likes travelling. Just ask him how the concert (in Ethiopia) was which he attended with Rudeboy. In pictures they are both cosily armed by women in colourful turbans.Mhmmmmmm.

07 Nov 2007 08:58

Good interview Brpown Shuga. Now I want to know anout his personal life? You know all the juicy details. That is what we are interested in.

09 Nov 2007 13:07

does anyone know if glenzito from metro is married, has kids or a girlfreind? the guys getting old not to say he isnt gud at wot he does. guys please help out, this is a question ive been searching everywhere 4 but just cant seem to find an answer.

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