Listen Up, Lupi Speaks!

Written by Brown Shuga from the blog SHUGAS BLOGIWOOD on 27 Sep 2007
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I don’t care what your name is but when Lupi speaks, you sit up and LISTEN. .!!! 

Luphumlo Ngcayisa is that guy on Metro FM breakfast that always has something to say, regardless of what the topic is. 

Lupsta Blurb

I fell in love with Lupi when I first heard him on the YLENS with DJ Sbu dissing celebrities for this and that. I guess what made me like him even more was his honesty and just how blunt and fearless he was. My fellow Ylens fans would remember….

I must admit though, the first time I heard his voice I thought he sounded like a woman but wondered why they would call a woman “Uncle”….
Then of course “curiosity” started kicking in…”what does he look like?”, “is he gay?”… you know mos, all those stupid things we wanna know… 

Well, right now, ask me who Lupi is and I will tell you that he’s one of the best things to ever happen to Metro FM. After about 2 months of “breakfast show hopping” (you know what the April 07 breakfast radio changes did) my dial got stuck on Metro and it had a lot to do with his opinionated but sometimes twisted mind… 

Okay, this is beginning to sound like I have a crush on the guy…let me stop and tell you what he had to say….

Brown Shuga: I first "met" you back when you were UNCLE on YLENS. How was that experience for you?
Lupi: It was awesome , we provided fresh entertainment the bonus was that there was no face attached to the name. YFM was more LIBERAL & relaxed I could do as I please without the fear of being reprimanded by the powers that be. The listerners were not as PC. 

BS: Why did you choose to call yourself Uncle and not Lupi? 
Lupi: I am now 10 years in the industry and yet very few people know who I am.I am extremely shy and enjoy being an ENIGMA

BS: Why should I listen to Breakfast with Thomas?

BS: What is your response to people who say the show is boring when you're not there?
Lupi: I have never encountered such people. The beauty about the show is that Thomas is not an insecure “little Radio PERSONALITY”.He gives every body a chance and hence there is UNITY and every body has a unique offering.

BS: Besides Metro FM and managing Unathi,Thomas & The Naked DJ , what else occupies your time?
Lupi: PHILANTROPHY WORK. I’m a social activist who is constantly trying to get funding from Peter to support Joseph. We have just started a recruitment drive where we work with r corporate to get our listeners placed by recruitment agencies. Upon placement the listener SPONSORS an under privileged child and part of the agreement is that the listener will visit the child at least once a month. 

I am setting up a men’s club, where progressive thinking men irrespective of race, colour, creed or sexuality will gather on a monthly basis and discuss various issues from socio economic factors ,religion,politics and body lotions!!! 

One of the people you've managed is Vinoliah Mashego, where is she?
Lupi: She is in PTA raising her son and has since become a devoted ZCC member. I haven’t spoken to her in ages. I miss her terribly. 

This is Lupi man

BS: What do I need for me to succeed as an artist manager?
Lupi: If you can mother children then you will pass with flying colors. 

In one interview you said "“I’m bisexual on Mondays and Wednesdays, homosexual on Tuesdays and Thursdays, heterosexual on Fridays, asexual on Saturdays. Then I go to church on Sundays." What does that statement mean?
Lupi: People obsess a lot about sexuality and sexual orientation. I’m of the belief that there’s more to us humans than who we have sexual intercourse with.

BS: If you could change one thing about local celebrities today, what would that be?
Lupi: Do we have celebrities? 

You seem to have an opinion on everything under the sun. How do you stay informed?
Lupi: My opinions are a reflection of my observations. I take a huge interest in people and how they respond and react towards situations. I interact with people from all walks of life . I am not into TV and my main source of information is books and conversations 

One thing that we need to know about you....
Lupi: I love LOVE

Q & A:

Birthday: 30 December 1976
Pet Hate: Ignorance, Homophobia & Xenophobia
Favourite food: Samp & Beans
Favorite form of relaxation: Sleep
Favourite hangout: Sophia Town in Newtown
Favourite Movie: Devil Wears Prada
Favourite TV programme: Not Into TV
Favourite actress - Local: Pamela Nomvete & Vatiswa Ndara
Favourite actor - International: Denzel Washington
Favourite music: Mood Music
Favourite person: My Mother 

Best advice you received?
You are entitled to every thing this life has to offer 

Worst advice you received?
Men Don’t Cry 

Your source of inspiration?
The inquisitive nature of children’s eyes 

How do you keep in shape?
I walk for an hour four times a week, eat six meals a day (half portions),no carbohydrates after 16h00 and visit a HEALTH SPA once a month 

Favourite drink?
Lime & Lemonade 

The best thing about being on radio?
You get to share your life with millions of friends 

Favourite item of clothing: UNDER WEAR 

Three words to describe yourself?

What qualities do you admire most in a person?
Any person who has as insatiable appetite for LIFE 

You'd never forgive a friend who...? 

The person you SMS the most is... ?
My best friend Tshepo & The Naked Dj 

The one thing that your life would be meaningless without? People I interact with on a daily basis socially and professionally 

What's the most extravagant thing that you've bought? 
An Alesi Kettle & Toaster and had to pay four thousand rands for each item 

On what do you enjoy spending your money?

Do you cook well? 
Lupi don’t cook , clean or drive. Get hired help!!!! 

Who had the most influence on you as a child? 
I was raised by the village if I were to single out one person it would have to be my mom! 

What was the hardest lesson you've learnt? 

Do you speak to God often? 
Yeah even though we disagree from time to time. 

What's your most memorable experience? 
There are so many , I cherish every moment good or bad cause its part of my journey. 
I have fond memories of my child hood principle among them is the day I spoke for the first time.It was a Sunday morning and I was 5 years old. We were going to church and I hated the METHODIST CHURCH because the service was boring. 
The week before I had visited the ANGLICAN church and was taken aback by the colourful service .I detested the shoes my mother had chosen for me to wear that particular Sunday so I used them as an excuse for not going to church. 
My exact words were ZIYA NDITYA EZIZI HLANGU as in these shoes are too tight. My entire family was beyond belief with joy and needless to say I was allowed to go to the church of my choice

Most embarrassing experience: 
Life is a rehearsal we make mistakes all the time

That's Lupi Ngcayisa and my conclusion? He rocks!!!


26 Sep 2007 15:36

Aaahhh wow!! Thanx for bringing Lupsta closer to us... I lahv him to bits...!! I copied his phrase (if I can call it that)... now I use it all the time - He told Thomas that the Timbaland song "makes me want to loose my morals"...eish that's deep in a way.. now I use it to describe how im feeling about someone or something.hehehe

U rawk Lupi...

26 Sep 2007 20:02

27 Sep 2007 00:40

Yah ...thats him  he actually sounds the same as the guy on metro ... I am one of those people who love his show with Thomas but will constantly act like I dont care if I miss it. Those guys ROCK>

Foxy gal
27 Sep 2007 01:11

OH BS you have made my day!! Lupster ROCKS big time!!!!!! I Loove the breakfast show team they have unique & interesting personalities, the show is not the same with 1 of them missing!!!!!

27 Sep 2007 01:12

APPLAUSE APPLAUSE APPLAUSE SHUGA--------you ROCK sisi for bringing this man to TVSA!!!!!!

Love him, Love his answers, love the vibe that comes out of the interview--strange ne!

BS: Why should I listen to Breakfast with Thomas?

That's the kind of response I love abt him--the other day they were discussing how back in the days people looked after themselves and well well groomed and he said he hated how today's men don't give a damn abt how they did and he suddenly changed and said "Like you Thomas! You  have so much potential!"

BS: If you could change one thing about local celebrities today, what would that be?
Lupi: Do we have celebrities? 

Damn, i wish u would have explored this cause i know he has a sound reason for this statement!

Favourite actor - International: Denzel Washington 

ME TOO!!!!!!

On what do you enjoy spending your money?

Couldn't he find biker shoes or are Harleys so comfortable you can ride them in anything????

I have fond memories of my child hood principle among them is the day I spoke for the first time.It was a Sunday morning and I was 5 years old.............
My exact words were ZIYA NDITYA EZIZI HLANGU as in these shoes are too tight. My entire family was beyond belief with joy and needless to say I was allowed to go to the church of my choice 


Thanks BS---you have effectively become my favourite person for today *mwah*!

27 Sep 2007 01:13

"refreshingly different"..(I dont listen to the show though)

27 Sep 2007 01:14

*themselves and were well groomed and he said he hated how today's men don't give a damn abt how they looked and he suddenly

27 Sep 2007 01:17

I like Lupi very much. I have been wondering about him, thanks for the interview. Best of all, we share a birthday!!!!

Xhosa Chick
27 Sep 2007 01:21

Aaaah, Ive found my soulmate!
Love him, love him big time. 
(call me)

Xhosa Chick
27 Sep 2007 01:25

Ive just re-read this interview, and I love Lupi, yho. He says the things that id say. The male version of myself. (swoon)

27 Sep 2007 01:25

Wow thanks Shuga...I love Lupi so much ...I never miss the Family Show ...I'm always look foewad to wake up in the morning just to listen to this intellect boy...

27 Sep 2007 01:36

Oh Gaad!!!!! do we have people like him in this world!!!!  I LOVE YOU LUPI, YOU ROCK. as for wena Shuga, hayi i dont know how you do it.

27 Sep 2007 01:51

Lupi is very Opinionated and thats what i love most about him.....

27 Sep 2007 02:01

Nice 1 Shuga, Lupi u ROCK (period).

27 Sep 2007 02:02

Hi Lupi you can holler @ me anytime and shuga gaad bless you child

27 Sep 2007 02:02

hate him or luv him bt honestly he is gud yeses. Keep up the gud work

27 Sep 2007 02:08

Shugga  YOU CONSTANTLY DO THE RIGHT THINGS ,YOU NEVER STOP TO AMAZE ME YOU ROOOOOOOOCK.As for Lupsta,one never get enough of him.If i were to write book about him ,i would write so many books about social and political aspect of life. he is fearless and free , he defines the word free spirited somebody. LUPI YOU ROCK

27 Sep 2007 02:10

I didnt know him until i heard on Metro & i was like WHO IS SHE? & I was dying 2 c her face bt i heard she is not she,he is the MAN. He is Mr Entertainment!!!!

Xhosa Chick
27 Sep 2007 02:21

Can someone hook me up with his digits, bathong?
Is he gonna read this?

27 Sep 2007 02:31

eish mara that Lupi soooo ...anyways I rather not say less I ruffle more feathers...LOL  
  kodwake ngiyayithanda imbhadada kaLupi (the shoes)

27 Sep 2007 02:35

XC  he is probarbly logged on as we blog ,what a shame he is probably going to read your comment and go to your profile only to find that you look like shenaynay from Martin and I promise you he'll run for his life yaaa! it serves you right for changing your beauty queen picture ha ha!

27 Sep 2007 02:39

I'm actually friends with his sister at Tech. I could try to hook you up Xhosa Chick?

27 Sep 2007 02:43

Off topic... eish I see this days ga dintshe ka TV articles.. Can anyone who watched RGB recap it  please..? I couldnt watch the show last night.

27 Sep 2007 02:43

Haikhona XC.......

Xhosa Chick
27 Sep 2007 02:46

Whoooo, pls do, Amazing, bathong. 
And wena Spono, thetha! Ruffle whatever feathers u need to ruffle!

27 Sep 2007 02:51

TDC lahvee...ther were three guys, i ddnt knw anything about them but something wasnt right but wulnt wanna go there much..... ke no Queen, imama ka Owami, Arthur's then love, was there to give her side of the story, uyakhumbula ukuthi bethini u Arthur last week mosi..... ehhhee.... ke darling, the rest is history and it continues at!!! Kidding man but i only got the second half of the show cos i was watching WWE Smackdown!!!!
Someone else will hook you up!!!

27 Sep 2007 02:57

And I see there is no longer a recap from VIP, Brown SHuga and even Cande girl who once had one. I have been recaping it for two weeks but happened to miss it last night you know mos wednesday nights...are party nights. Another thing have realised is that not even TVSA admin is doing TV with Lelo.. this is unacceptable where are the TV recaps??? Cause the only recap that is available week in and week out is the Horizon Deep bus with the lovable Lahvee...!!

27 Sep 2007 03:08

<<Peachy said<<-ther were three guys, i ddnt knw anything about them but something wasnt right but wulnt wanna go there much>>

werent those guys 3SUM..on RGM..

Foxy gal
27 Sep 2007 03:14

 Yes they are 3SUM .... on RGB sponono! LOL

27 Sep 2007 03:15

Thanks BS U just also made my day. I must admit I find the show not as interesting if Lupi is not there!! He rocks n he knows it!!

27 Sep 2007 03:15

27 Sep 2007 03:16

spo...angazi uyazi.....but they did, probably.....!!!

27 Sep 2007 03:31

Lupi o ya rocka big time. Who can forget when he was uncle on the Y-lens, outspoken and honest is what i call him.

27 Sep 2007 03:38

eish foxy maybe I'll start another show RGM (realgoMoza)....LOL

uLupi usebenzisa nhloboni yerelexa...Ngiyazbuzela nje  for my sista

27 Sep 2007 03:41

Xhosa Chick I knew you were gonna fall for that LMAO. Hayi shame uyamthanda ne?

27 Sep 2007 03:42

LOL Sponono! I suggest you don't recommend it for your sis! U ya bona ungathi uLupi u ne growth, maybe ha i sebenzi.

27 Sep 2007 03:42

The show was njee 2 mi. It was 3sum those party animals always INVITED. Bt i wanted 2 c them standing in those tyt pants. Amstel i wonder abantu what did they c when u were NAKED. Heee that guys outfit (dont his name). And he said he wanted 2 b different. Eish i wasnt concentrating i was bored bcoz Queen was saying the same thing, fake laugh etc. Thanks Dinny 4 changing ur hair style & NO COMMENT with the new style. And thanks Shuga u were luking fabulous & Trevor usile sana its 4sum LOL

27 Sep 2007 03:43

Sponono Awume ngoku' sukela u Lupi, abanye bayazithandela lana

Xhosa Chick
27 Sep 2007 03:47

Sponono wrote: "uLupi usebenzisa nhloboni yerelexa...Ngiyazbuzela nje for my sista." 
 U can see his hair isnt relaxed straight mos. Just for it to be comb-able. Im sure yi-blow out lena

27 Sep 2007 03:47

Personally I'm bored to death with the Arthur and Queen saga. Angisafuni nokwazi ukuthi what went down at 999. These two are toying with us because they know sihlala sifunukwazi noma indaba ayisifuni. Can't you guys smell this publicity stunt

27 Sep 2007 03:47

Personally I'm bored to death with the Arthur and Queen saga. Angisafuni nokwazi ukuthi what went down at 999. These two are toying with us because they know sihlala sifunukwazi noma indaba ayisifuni. Can't you guys smell this publicity stunt

Xhosa Chick
27 Sep 2007 03:50

Whoooo, 3sum! LOL
(didnt watch RGB AGAIN)

27 Sep 2007 03:53

Apparently KhanyiM had a tiff with Amstel because she thought he was giving Mandla the eye, so says Amstel.

27 Sep 2007 03:55

I think the new hair do Dineo is rocking is much better than its predecessor I wasn't feeling that wavy weave/wig

Foxy gal
27 Sep 2007 03:58

TDC (MOD) u c what u've done now?! this was suppose to be all abt LUPI not RGB.... Somebody pls do the RGB recap!

27 Sep 2007 04:00

@XC...Im sure yi-blow out lena...hi hi hi LOL

.  oh well iyamsetha shem..bengizobuza ngo-khilimu wobuso awusebenzisayo  kodwa ukuphapha ke lokho. nizoze ningiphoxe balandeli bakhe..LOL .but thanks for y'all advice...I think he's a brilliant ou (blow-out and all)

27 Sep 2007 04:03

Ah Foxy mina I asked nicely that someone do a recap.. anyway guys am out see yall tomorrow!

27 Sep 2007 04:13

amazing then you wont like the new DRUM cover, cause she is rocking that "wavy weave/wig"

Xhosa Chick
27 Sep 2007 04:14

LOL @ Sponono's " bengizobuza ngo-khilimu"

Its probably Creme la Mer, my friend!

27 Sep 2007 04:19

If you didn't watch  RGB  you didn't miss much. Other than Suga looking so fine at an event in MafTown. I don't blame Brown Matsime ( that irritating guy form Selimathunzi) for being all over her like fluff on a cheap suit.

Threesome were there not saying much. Amstel was going on about how Khanyi is jealous coz he's so hot, Mandla could be giving him the eye. 

Queen was a waste of  film ( RGB should ask for a refund). I'm sure she's in cahoots with Arthur, because she was as vague about the issue as he was last week. I can smell a publicity stunt a mile away. THey are both gaining a lot of attention over this. 

A child star count down was also in the mix featuring Psyfo, Crazy lu, Nnekwa Tsajwa, Carly Fields, Wright Ngubeni, Dineo Nchabeleng, Mzanbiya, Msawawa, Pabi Moloi and Kamza from 5fm. Psfo was numero uno on the countdown and Kamza was no 10. THat's all I remember.

This weeks S'funukwazi was on Zenzo (eish surname ya khona andiyiqondisisi) from Tsotsi and Rythm City. He was wearing TImbalands and some messed up 3/4 pants and a jacket and yoh yoh yoh yoh he looked nasty and he claimed he was trying to be different.

That's all I could catch in between my uncle (uninvited visitor) aned my mom yacking the whole blessed night.

27 Sep 2007 04:23

Monchooza I bought that new Drum just to perv over Trevor but that weave/wig is still traumatising me. Will anyone suggest a psychologist who specialises in badweavemonia. I still get nightmares.

27 Sep 2007 04:23

Thanks XC..uLupi...uneKHOMPI..shem....lokhilimu uyamsebenzela.

BTW(this reminds me of that Bantu-English blog/articel last month...ikhompi is for a Bantuenglish...hi hi hi..was it your article XC???...I really enjoyed it)

27 Sep 2007 04:26

XHosa Chick you're probably right about the Creme de larme thing. He can probably afford it. With his life of luxury chauffer, chef and bartler in the mix nogal.

27 Sep 2007 04:31

I loooove Lupi, I havent seen him live. On the 24 Sept 2007 I thought I will be able to see him at Panyaza Soweto but I was dissappointed coz I didnt.

I just love the way he talks, his opinions and his sense of humour. I also love their show, it rocks.

Love you

27 Sep 2007 04:33

lupi o mpolaya xho! le nna i thot ke mosadi till i saw him on 3Talk a while back. he never ceases to amaze me, the things he says...he once said "zolani from freshly ground should start respecting her fans by dressing properly" azange ke fele so!....and this is what he had to say ka ms mneno "babalwa must just go back to the e/cape and open up a shebeen" 
he just rocks, he always has something to say about everything.... 

27 Sep 2007 04:43

and this is what he had to say ka ms mneno "babalwa must just go back to the e/cape and open up a shebeen" tjo hi hi hi.

27 Sep 2007 05:08

Eish sani hayi shame u Babes. Just when I thought the Xhosa Schlebs stick together Lupi had to go and rain on Madame Chikita's parade.

27 Sep 2007 05:15

ngamany amazwi uLupi uyedelela and gets away with it in the name of "telling it like it is"..hi hi hi hi
I know a few tv/schlebs like that...who can say whatever and get away with it..
.( I remember V-mash used to make funny faces about Sis Brenda'z false teeth and she got away with it  because we loved both of them)

before you start defending him...I'm not saying he should stop, coz aboGareth nabo Sbudah have done the same thing for ages, where they say whatever is on their minds about schlebs even if its not long as it makes good radio..its fine....(just like how we LOOVe Shwashwi) ...besides I'm sure he also says a lot of positive stuff and he's well informed

I actually found Zolani Mahobe dresses quite nicely in her shows  (not all ..but not so bad that she's "disrespecting fans"...(think of Kelly Tshitshi)

Lady D
27 Sep 2007 06:07

Give me Lupi anytime f the day.I will have,whether raw or well done it doesn't matter.I just looooooooooove him

27 Sep 2007 06:08

eish mara that Lupi soooo ...anyways I rather not say less I ruffle more feathers...LOL 

i believe ke vaseline spopo. wa shina. but it suits him. wish i looked this good with oiled skin.


27 Sep 2007 06:28

iv seen her performing ka "stomach-out" a couple of times ko bassline...maar lately she's been dressing "nicely" so i guess she toook lupi's advice.
so... lupi o 31 and he's been in the industry for 10 tla ke belaela!

27 Sep 2007 06:51

he!  perfoming ngo Stomach-out??! Yho! into ziyenzeka! 

One of the people you've managed is Vinoliah Mashego, where is she?
Lupi: She is in PTA raising her son and has since become a devoted ZCC member. I haven’t spoken to her in ages. I miss her terribly.

ive always wondered where Vinolia went.. well, now i know (ziyenzeka alright). Lupi i want your hair!

27 Sep 2007 06:52

the first time i heard lupi's voice i went ,this women has a nice voice ,i stiil cant believe he is a guy ,he has really impressed me and the commets are brilliant ,this is one smart gay guy i have known so far .

keep it up my bro rock

Xhosa Chick
27 Sep 2007 07:11

Yarley are u from the Eastern Cape?

27 Sep 2007 07:21

Lupi you are great dude. The 1st time I had u on radio was that show during the day and I was so convinced that you were a fabulous woman..... 

BS thank you for a great innerview as always I must say it  been a while since you gave us good innerviews keep it up gal.

@ yarley  is he gay? how do you know? am I mic'ng sumthin?

27 Sep 2007 07:26

Has any1 seen Khanyi in the CTM ad, i thought it was funny.

I take it i didnt miss much on RGB then. 
I hope the weather stays like this so the isnt a beach party.

27 Sep 2007 07:28

bt the way i 4got 2 tel u Lupi was my boyfreind & we used to luv TOFOLUX & buy handkerchief with flowers 4 each other during birthdays. y i 4got into engaka & that hairstyle its his old hairstyle. He used 2 luv 2 relax with SHEEN CARE RELAX

27 Sep 2007 07:35

Did anybody listen to YFM last night...Sugar has a serious CrUSH on Sbuda...

Lady D
27 Sep 2007 07:36

Ting that simply means o tsene in the industry at the age of 21,nothing is belaetsing(if there's such a word) about that bathong.Phela Lupi has been around,he worked le Brenda,van toeka af.

He is such an inspiration!!!I love his way of thinking,plus o tshwere staele like we say mo Pitori

27 Sep 2007 07:38

XC why are you sking u yarley where he's from ? is it because of this comment this is one smart gay guy i have known so far .

Ye Bhuti
27 Sep 2007 07:42

Lupi is just too good i would love to meet him one day.....

27 Sep 2007 07:55

<<yarley-said,this is one smart gay guy i have known so far . >>

wena how do you know this..are you saying all the gay guys you know of are domkops...hi hi hi aboSomizi bazokmura estratini LOL

(although he was a bit vague when answering the question, just like that Afternine dude whatshisname again!!!!...but still thats not conclusive, he could be bi- .)  but I like the way he answered that sexuality question...I also think sexuality is overrated

27 Sep 2007 08:01

i-stomach-out sika Zolani 
is supposed to showcase her freshly-zilali-ness...phela some of the bigger bellies are actually sexy in a traditinal sense of girls in the country-side or girls in the ngoma group  ike Izingane dont diss them is they perfom their Maskand with their bellys out least she dont show the punan like some ho'z...LOL...(I love that white chick in the band though..she's so cute and fragile  like a paperdoll)

27 Sep 2007 08:10

Sponono you are worrying me I'm going through your comments and to me sounds like you are having company can it be our little friend Johnnie walker you know in sepedi we call it (lenaka la monna wa mosepedi) are you walking my dear?

27 Sep 2007 08:16

Phela Lupi has been around,he worked le Brenda,van toeka af. ....LoL
o ratile dilo ka bonnyane gee!
no setaele sone o se tshwere...badly le teng, no doubt about that.

27 Sep 2007 08:16

He is gay?

27 Sep 2007 08:59

Spice  I'm tryin so hard not to Walker  until Friday......but if its there what should I do...hi hi hi hi..I could share with you but the net hasnt advanced so far ngabe siyazishayela mabloggas from one Johhny..LOL

Xhosa Chick
27 Sep 2007 10:16

No Spice. Its coz I know a Yarley  from the E Cape

27 Sep 2007 11:06

BROWN SHUGA  ,my dear you do your job  i just  want to thank you so much,im not in SA but i know all mogozi n celebrities,well done.can u  get  something abt SOPHIE NDABA i like her so much n i seen some photos like she lost some weight but im not sure,well done

27 Sep 2007 11:36

BS this is gud work but i nid i history ka lupi, 
who'd de guy eyayingu mgobozi on UW fm kwiprograms zika SIs KCI

27 Sep 2007 12:08

When I first heard him on Metro I thought it was Kutloano Skhosana- uphi yena kanene?

@ BS.. you had to mention DJ Sbu somewhere, nneh? LoL

Brown Shuga
27 Sep 2007 12:19

<<thought it was Kutloano Skhosana- uphi yena kanene?>> Not 100% sure but I think she's at SAFM...

Bey, this Sbu thing is only a joke man, that's where I heard Lupi for the first time and he used to shock Sbu with some of his comments....

27 Sep 2007 14:59

awe shuga mylity thanx for this, * is he the dj that u said gave u a cold shoulder the other day* ng'funnkwazi, lupi u r such a darling gay or straight i love u, i like ur confidence mtshana,

28 Sep 2007 00:31

28 Sep 2007 00:33

Lupi is not just confidence but Interlligence, I wish he share some of his brain with Florence Ledwaba, sometimes she gives comments like hloho ya hae ke lekopokopo

28 Sep 2007 02:22

Do you speak to God..."Yes even though we disagree from time to time"

Xhosa Chick
28 Sep 2007 03:29

I wonder him and God baxabana ngani!

28 Sep 2007 04:30

  i love  Lupe  guy's  and  idon't  care  what  people  say  because  people always  talk .  i' love  the way  he  express himself and their    show  with Thomas  rooooooooooocks

Miss L
28 Sep 2007 04:37

Howzit magange, u know i also thought lupi was a gal and wondered why kusithiwa " ÚNCLE" KUYE. He is the only reason I lislen to the breakfars show.

U yarokkkka joe...............
3 sum could learn alot from!

28 Sep 2007 07:36

Why a phatsima???????????

28 Sep 2007 07:41

LOL Lady R.O!!

pink babe
28 Sep 2007 09:15


Brown Shuga
28 Sep 2007 12:29

<<He told Thomas that the Timbaland song "makes me want to loose my morals"...>> i heard that!!!! I was laughing my lungs out...he he heh 

So glad you guys enjoyed him, he's awesome!!!!

29 Sep 2007 01:33

The guy is rawkus. The first time I heard him was on KCI's afternoon drive on Umhlobo Wenene. He was Gudayva then. I must admit, I m hooked to da breakfast with Thomas.

01 Oct 2007 05:28

Saw Lupi @ Zambezi on Friday nite I must he looks very young and shy.....

03 Oct 2007 03:13

Loopey could just possibly be the most annoying person on radio radio right now. He's a self righteous know it all with no sense of humour whatsoever. Thomas needs to find a real female sidekick.

Xhosa Chick
04 Oct 2007 02:58

"...he looks very young and shy....."
Ncoooh. Sweet. Come seek refuge with me, Lupi.

04 Oct 2007 09:07

tjho! Bubbles......

can't believe I missed this artcile, it's great Shuga

04 Oct 2007 09:10

donno what happened there..... this is what I wanted to say before my hand quickly reached for the mouse....

Can't believe I missed this article, it's great Shuga, reminds me of why I joined TVSA in the first place. Keep up the wonderful work.

05 Nov 2007 02:08

well, its true that people are different. i hate that Lupi guy with passion. as bubbles put he is self-righteous, mr know it all., blabber mouth. why is he biting  (sp) abt the bush about his sexuality, if it was someone else he would have blabbed it. if he is gay, why cant he say it. i think Thomas would do so well with a real female and just dump this drag queen.

16 Apr 2008 03:29

oh my word i think zo is RUDE!!!!everyone is entitled their own opinions beliefs and practices...i adore lupi i think he rocks and most of all i love his honesty..the world needs more people like him!!! the "powers that be" at metro need to remove the chains on him and let him be who he wants to be without restrictions..i can't believe how he's been confided to silence these days...the show isn't as it used to be but anyway its not completely boring...

21 Jul 2008 08:43

Regardless his sexuality the guy is brilliant...

24 Sep 2008 05:38

Oh ngumani le Bari inobuso obushinny?

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