The Real Gobhozas Revealed!

Written by Brown Shuga from the blog SHUGAS BLOGIWOOD on 05 Jun 2007
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Eish, I'm not gonna lie and say I watched Street Journal every Thursday but I can identify with TUMIE's PAIN on his/her blog, Tumie's TV Talk
Siyabonga just came out of nowhere , made us all pay attention and got us to ask questions about what makes a good presenter. He made us question the talent of people we thought were great presenters and we're so gonna miss his crazy a$$ but hey, nothing's forever, right? Even Bigga's marriage won't be...yho, ngiyadlala shame, good luck to them. 

Before I go on writing, guys, I have a confession to make:


Now, please keep that in mind and know that I'm aware of my problem and hope one day I will have the courage to work on it but till that day comes, my good friends, LET ME TELL YOU WHAT'S BEEN GOING ON....hi hi hi hi.

Ok, as I told you before, THE REAL GOBHOZA is replacing SJ and it's starting next week Thursday (I hope), 22:00 on Fo Sho and I found out who the presenters are. he he he 

Aaron Moloisane and Phuti Khomo are gonna be delivering the hot goss for us each week and I'm just so so excited about the show, I think it's going to rock!!!!
They said the show is a Heat meets Drum, meets Shwashwi typa thing and it's gonna cover both local and international gossip, fashion, music and everything you'd wanna expect from those 3 gossips. 
Now doesn't that sound like Blogiwood televized???



Any South African person that has ever watched an episode of TAKE 5 will tell you that Aaron Moloisane is one of the best presenters on Mzansi TV.

The brother is well spoken, he has that bubbly personality (on screen coz I've never met him) and I really love hearing him speak. I swear if he was to present 50/50, I'd watch. Speaking of 50/50, they should ask Aaron to do SCD next time.

Moving on.....
I think Aaron's After Nine job has just elevated his profile to another level. I reckon we can now call him A List, don't you think? He certainly will be if RGB lives up to expectation.

The casting guys made a good decision in putting him there and I can just picture him interviewing stars on the Red Carpet, can you? Picture Jay Manuel on E! Entertainment! 

Jay Manuel

I would have said Ryan Seacrest but I think he's still confused about his sexuality. 

So Aaron bhuti, go on there, do your thang and I know of a lot of blogiwooders that will be supporting you. Make us proud. 



I had a bit of a headache when I heard Phuti was partnering up with Aaron. Eish, I don't know, maybe I must comment after watching the show neh?
It's just that I can't listen to her radio show without wanting to smash something but I hope she does well as a TV host. 
I'm not hating on this beautiful sista and this really has nothing to do with the fact that I also auditioned for her part, he he I'm just being

My big mouth...Yes, I did audition and only coz I was asked to...he he he he . Spoken like a true loser neh? I don't care....

Okay, here's what happened and I'm lying when I say I don't care. I got a call from Andile (still love the man), he told me about the show and suggested I give it a go. Obviousy, I made sure everyone who was around me knew I was talking to him and exactly what he was saying (you can take the groupie outta the ghetto...gqibezela) so later I got the script and made my way to Urban Brew and THAT's where I ran into Thapelo Mokoena. 

 Oh Gaaadddddd, can't believe I just gave my haters something to mock me about!! Eish but it's the truth so sizothini??

So Phuti gal, nevermind what I think, you are a talented, beautiful girl and with your experience in the industry, I'm sure you will make a plan to silence your critics (me included).
Best of luck sweets!

Now, what do you guys think about Aaron & Phuthi? Don't you dare laugh at my failed attempt at TV presenting. At least now I know that Lesley Mofokeng and I are not meant for Television ha ha ha ha.


31 Aug 2007 10:11

good evening everyone

08 Jul 2008 07:04

I KNOW........ people are running here thinking Trevors replacement is announced hi hi hi hi hi!

08 Jul 2008 07:06


08 Jul 2008 07:11

haai, maaan... I came here running, thinking.... the announcement has been made that Sello Maake is the new gobhoza.....

08 Jul 2008 07:14

CTFU .....Carino!

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