Meet the cast of Heroes - Part 2 (No Spoilers!)

Written by alex from the blog Digging for Bones on 29 May 2007
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The second episode of Heroes “Don’t Look Back” features some new characters to enthrall and confuse you over the next 22 weeks. We'll be meeting new characters in little increments along the way, so there plenty of these profiles up ahead. Here are three of the major ones for this week's episode…

(And if you missed it last week: Meet the cast of Heroes Part 1 - No Spoilers there either!)

The Cop

Matt Parkman

Matt Parkman (Greg Grunberg) is a Los Angeles police officer with a lot weighing on his mind. He is under-appreciated at work, his wife Janice (Lisa Lackey) is falling out of love with him and he appears to be gaining greater insight into the mind’s of others than he probably should.

It takes a savage family murder that throws even the FBI for a loop, for Matt to finally come into the role he was destined for. His insight also alerts him to the identity of someone whose name alone is enough to send chills down anyone's spine.

But there are mysterious forces working against Matt, and how come they know more about his secret than he does? For Matt it helps that he has a cool female sidekick Audrey who doesn’t think he’s that weird, really.

Where you’ve seen Greg before: All over the place! Greg has been life-long friends with Lost creator JJ Abrams and has appeared in many of his productions – Alias, Felicity, Lost (as the plane’s ill-fated pilot, poor guy) and also made a great cameo appearance in Mission Impossible 3, directed by… JJ Abrams.

The FBI Agent

Audrey Hanson (Clea Duvall) is a tough (well she’d have to be) FBI agent from whose ramblings Matt begins to realise the severity of the situation he has on his hands.

Like Matt, she’s rather put-upon by her superiors and has much to prove by solving the case of the freakishly murdered family. But she’s up against more than she can even comprehend. FBI academy just doesn’t quite cover this sort of thing, I think.

Where you’ve seen Clea before: Carnivale (as the surly Sofie), but is better known for movie roles in The Grudge, Girl, Interrupted and the best teen alien invasion movie ever – The Faculty. Yes, she’s well-suited to the role of damaged damsel…

The Pixie

Eden McCain

Eden McCain (Nora Zehetner) is actually not a real pixie with a magic wand (although that would be cool), I just call her that because that’s how she looks. Cute as a button. Though sometimes I’m thinking about frozen vegetables when I hear her name. Not good.

Eden is Mohinder Suresh's new neighbour in New York and offers help and a pretty view for Mohinder to gaze at (did you see the state of his apartment?!) as he tries to unravel the enormous mystery his father left behind. Just how useful she proves to be remains to be seen. Pretty girls can be… distracting.

Where you’ve seen Nora before: Everwood (I haven't, so it must be a post-season 1 appearance.)


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