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Bold & Beautiful Teasers: May 2007

Written by TVSA Team from the blog The Bold And The Beautiful Teasers on 01 May 2007
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Tuesday 1 May
Eps 4731

Ridge explains to Nick that he plans to win Brooke back and that he gets what he wants. Ridge also wants Nick to treat Bridget with the respect that she deserves, for her sake as well as Brooke’s and Brooke agrees.

Meanwhile, Massimo tells Stephanie that he has always believed there is a chance for them at love. The family gathering is all set but Eric considers calling it off because Felicia’s health is in a serious condition.

Jackie is very happy about her engagement to Eric and he thanks Jackie for being understanding about postponing their announcement. Eric tells Jackie that he will need her support when his daughter dies.

Wednesday 2 May
Eps 4732

Kristen arrives in town for the special gathering but is nervous to see an ill Felicia. The family is coming together all under one roof just like Felicia wanted. Meanwhile, Dr. Namura examines Felicia and says that her pain and condition is worsening. Nick learns from Jackie that Eric has proposed to her. Later he sees the condition Felicia is in and becomes sympathetic to Felicia’s situation.

Thursday 3 May
Eps 4733

At the gathering, Felicia attempts to encourage her siblings to tell a funny story about their childhood, however no one seems up to the task. An emotional Ridge finally opens up. Then more family members continue to reveal loving feelings towards each other. Meanwhile, Nick and Jackie discuss Eric’s engagement to Jackie.

Friday 4 May
Eps 4734

After Stephanie and Eric state their vows the children express their concern whether the marriage will be a success. Meanwhile at the Forrester office, Taylor admits to Hector that she has accepted the fact her marriage to Ridge is over but she doesn’t regret it. With that said it allows Hector to step up and present himself to Taylor as a man who would feel for her what Ridge feels for Brooke. Back at the wedding festivities Ridge admits that what he is doing to Taylor has to be hurting her greatly. While dancing with Eric, Felicia collapses then quickly awakens and is all right, though the family knows the end is near.

Monday 7 May
Eps 4735

Bridget is surprised to hear about Eric and Stephanie’s wedding and sad she missed the party with Felicia. As Bridget and Dante converse, Dante expresses that he is deeply moved by what Taylor is going through and Bridget convinces Dante that he is just a friend Taylor will need at a time like this.

Back at the Forrester offices, a bitter stand off begins when Ridge blames Hector for breaking up his marriage. Hector boldly tells Ridge to stay away from Taylor because he will now look after her. Taylor hands Eric her resignation and expresses her true feelings about her marriage to Ridge. She then tells Ridge she’s quitting Forrester and that their marriage is over, Ridge says he’s sorry making Taylor upset.

Tuesday 8 May
Eps 4736

Brooke keeps Bridget company and tells her how Ridge wants her back yet Bridget thinks Brooke found something wonderful in Nick and can’t accept anything less. Brooke tells Bridget that she can’t trust Ridge, at least not yet.

Meanwhile, Taylor tells Hector her marriage was annulled. While Taylor tries to celebrate, she breaks down and Hector is there for her. Nick gets a visit from Ridge telling him to stay away from Brooke. Ridge gets a mysterious phone call which lets Nick in on the fact that Ridge is up to something. Later at Brooke’s pool, Ridge tries to win Brooke back by recreating their wedding in Puerta Vista.

Wednesday 9 May
Eps 4737

While enjoying a romantic evening with Nick, Bridget decides she would like the baby’s name to be Nicole. Suddenly Bridget feels a pain and panics as she knows it’s too early for the baby to be born. Both Nick and Bridget rush to the emergency room.

While Ridge is still trying to convince Brooke they belong together Hope and Catherine enter. It upsets Brooke even more that Ridge brought the children into this; she tells Ridge there are no “do-overs” in life. Though Ridge tries to apologize Brooke tells Ridge that it’s too late for them as a couple. Thomas comforts Taylor telling her she’ll be okay without Ridge.

Thursday 10 May
Eps 4738

Bridget is in pain at the hospital and pleads with the nurse to up her dosage of medicine. Nick tries to comfort Bridget and cheers her up by making her laugh. Meanwhile, Hector fantasises about Taylor, it influences him to go over and see her. Unfortunately Taylor is annoyed with Hectors attention and does not want to see him.

Later, Thomas urges Ridge to help out Taylor, which he agrees to and admits to Thomas he still does love her. Ridge calls Taylor, yet Taylor says he does not need his help. As Taylor gets off her cell phone in her car, she is emotional and distracted and her car swerves off the road.

Friday, 11 May
Eps 4739

Hector comes to Taylor’s rescue after her car accident and suggests that she take up volunteer work to forget her problems with Ridge. Meanwhile, Thorne tears into Ridge about the way he has abused his family but Ridge argues back with business issues. Ridge then helps Brooke out with R.J.’s medicine and later pleads with Brooke to not let it be the end of their love life.

Monday, 14 May 2007
Eps 4740

Felicia feels ill and doesn’t look so well when Eric sees her and thinks she should go to the hospital. Yet Felicia makes Eric promise not to take her to the hospital because she fears that she will never come out. Meanwhile, Bridget realizes she can’t go home when she sees Dr. Caspary and worries that the baby won’t be all right. While Felicia is waiting for Eric to fill her prescriptions, Felicia visits Bridget and becomes more of a sister and friend to Bridget.

Tuesday, 15 May
Eps 4741

Nick prepares an overnight bag for Bridget (who is still at the hospital) while discussing with Brooke his happiness about his children. He is interrupted by a phone call from Eric insisting that he come to the hospital immediately. Meanwhile, Bridget’s water breaks and Felicia tries to calm Bridget down as Dr. Caspary snips Bridget’s suture. Eric sees that Bridget is in trouble and is very upset for his daughter.

Eric demands answers from the orderly regarding Bridget and the baby. Sally and Jackie disagree on Eric and Stephanie’s relationship but are interrupted by a phone call from Eric telling them the news of Bridget’s baby. Felicia is there for Bridget when Dr. Caspary tells Bridget that there is nothing else they could do. Nick cradles Bridget on the bed and they bond together in grief over the loss of their daughter.

Wednesday, 16 May
Eps 4742

Everyone is in disbelief over the loss of Nicole. Felicia tells everyone that Bridget is medically okay but the pain emotionally will take a long time to heal. Nick is sorry he wasn’t there for Bridget and asks Dr. Caspary to see Nicole. Bridget is in a state of shock and the family assures Bridget the loss was out of her control. Meanwhile, Dante is informed on Bridget’s condition and he goes to Felicia to try to talk to her but she is with Bridget and Nick. Felicia places Dominick in Bridget’s arms in an attempt to tell her that although she lost Nicole, they still have Dominick.

Thursday, 17 May
Eps 4743

Ridge stops by to see Brooke and they reflect on the baby Bridget lost. He tells her that he left Taylor and his children to be with her and wants to know whom she wants to be with. Brooke says that she wouldn’t pursue a relationship with Nick.

Meanwhile, Eric thinks that Bridget’s baby was the only reason Nick and Bridget stayed together. Felicia is concerned that maybe Nick and Bridget would not be the best home for Dominick with all that has happened. Later, Dante calls Felicia wanting to meet with her to discuss baby Dominick’s future. Felicia is curious as to why Dante suddenly has an interest in baby Dominick.

Friday, 18 May
Eps 4744

Felicia and Dante are in a heated discussion about the possibilities of Dante being Dominick’s father. Meanwhile, Bridget and Taylor talk about their losses; Nicole and Ridge. Bridget tells Taylor that she fears that Nick is only with her because of the baby, but now that the baby is gone, Nick is free to be with Brooke. Nick tells Brooke how much he cares for Bridget and Brooke is thankful that he is there for her. Nick takes Dominick to spend the night with him and Bridget, but sees that Dante has something important to tell him.

Monday, 21 May
Eps 4745

Nick questions Dante about what is going on until Felicia begins to hyperventilate. Felicia talks about how she wants Nick and Bridget to raise Dominick and Nick would like to give Dominick the last name Forrester Marone.

Meanwhile, Ridge surprises Brooke with candlelit room and romantic music for Valentine’s Day. Brooke is upset with Ridge’s gift of lingerie. Ridge wants Brooke to give him another chance. Taylor talks to Hector on the phone about how he wants her to be his Valentine and she is interrupted by Dante’s arrival at her door.

Dante tells Taylor that he thinks he is Dominick’s father. Dante asks Taylor for help in finding out if he is Dominick’s father. Dante and Taylor confront Felicia about Dante possibly being the father of Dominick.

Tuesday, 22 May
Eps 4746

Felicia tells Dante that she doesn’t need a test to know that Nick is Dominick's father. Meanwhile, Ridge tries to convince Brooke to spend Valentine’s Day with him, and he also wants her to admit that she misses him. Brooke is worried about opening herself up again with the chance that Ridge may once again hurt her.

Dominick spends the night with Bridget and Nick and Bridget gets emotional because the loss of her baby still hurts. Nick apologizes to Bridget knowing it is hard for her. Nick suggests focusing on Dominick to possibly ease the pain of their loss.

Wednesday, 23 May
Eps 4747

Felicia wants the father of Dominick to be Nick. Taylor says that Dante is the father and Felicia is shocked. Felicia thinks this is a nightmare and Dante wants everyone to know. Stephanie can’t accept Felicia dying, however she is happy that Bridget and Nick will raise Dominick.

Bridget gets emotional when she sees a pink blanket that was supposed to be for Nicole, but she calms down when she sees a photo of Nick and Dominick. Nick sings a song he was writing for Nicole and becomes emotional. Bridget decides to have a memorial for Nicole and calls Stephanie to let her know.

Thursday, 24 May
Eps 4748

Dante wants to know when Felicia will tell Nick about Dante being Dominick’s father. Later, Dante goes to Taylor, telling her how he thinks that he and Felicia can work things out. Taylor believes that Dante is using Dominick to win back Bridget. Meanwhile, Stephanie tells Eric that she found a folder that said “Blood Test,” and thinks that Felicia may begin treatment. Stephanie confronts Felicia asking her about the results, but Felicia tells her that the test was to determine if Dante was Dominick’s father.

Friday, 25 May
Eps 4749

Nick can’t comprehend that Dominick is Dante’s child. Everyone is gathered for the service and a rosebush was planted in the garden in memory of Nicole. After the service, Nick confronts Felicia and asks her what he is supposed to do now that he is no longer Dominick’s father. Bridget questions Dante’s history with Felicia and why he is spending so much time with her.

Monday, 28 May
Eps 4750

Nick is upset with Felicia for lying to him about the baby and wonders how the news will affect Bridget. Dante tells Bridget how sorry he is that she lost her daughter, but something wonderful will happen. Bridget is a bit confused by Dante’s words. Meanwhile, Taylor tells Ridge that she’s doing fine without him, possibly even better than him, since Brooke is making Ridge jump through hoops to be with her.

Tuesday, 29 May
Eps 4751

Felicia tries to ensure that Bridget will still look after Dominick after she dies. Stephanie is upset with Dante for telling Nick about Dominick on the day of the memorial but is glad that he did not say a word to Bridget. Dante believes that Bridget should not be with Nick because he is in love with Brooke. Stephanie insists that Nick and Bridget have grown closer in the past few months. Nick tells Brooke the news about Dominick, yet she is uncertain that the paternity test is true.

Wednesday, 30 May
Eps 4752

Nick finally tells Bridget that Dominick is not his child; it’s actually Dante’s son. Bridget is angry with Felicia and realizes why Nick and Dante were arguing at the memorial. Meanwhile, Stephanie suggests to Brooke that Bridget and Dante should raise Dominick and Brooke be with Nick. Later, Dante has a crib delivered to his house and realizes he will need help raising Dominick.

Thursday, 31 May
Eps 4753

Bridget tells Dante that she can’t raise Dominick with him, even though she knows that is what he wants, because she is married to Nick. Later, Nick tells Bridget that he feels he can’t raise another man’s child, so Bridget begins to feel that Nick is no longer committed to their marriage. Ridge walks in as Stephanie tells Brooke she should be with Nick. Ridge grows angry with Stephanie and finally stands up to her. Ridge then proposes to Brooke in front of Stephanie.
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