Girls Of The Playboy Mansion do Europe

Written by Amazingly from the blog My Side Of The Screen on 10 Apr 2007
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girls of the mansionThe Playboy Mansion goes to Europe

BY Amazingly 

Lord have mercy – Hugh Hefner has done some weird things in his life, but taking the Playboy Mansion Girls to Europe just HAS to take the cake. 

In the latest episode of Girls Of The Playboy Mansion he unleashed Kendra, Holly and Bridget onto unsuspecting London and Paris, and boy I bet he was sorry.

Sometimes I like to think that it’s all an act. An 80 year old man living with and having sex with 3 sexy girls does seem somewhat bizarre doesn’t it? At one stage there were 7 girls – SEVEN! living with Hugh, each of them his girlfriend.

Sure, he has a gazillion dollars in the bank, sure you will never need anything as long as you’re staying in the mansion, sure you’ll be famous. Who cares if you have no self respect or pride. Is it any wonder that these girls collectively have an IQ of 2?

And it was clearly obvious that these 3 would be out of their depth in a dried out puddle when they hit the streets of London and Paris.

Packing for their trip was already too much for them to handle. Actually, this would stress me out too. I, too, would be in front of the mirror checking out just how much my ass bounces in my tight outfits.

After jumping onto their own private plane in their PJ’s, they landed in London and into one of London’s swankiest Hotels, where they encountered a bidet. Or as one of them called it, a binet.

All three of them huddled around it and when they switched on he tap I swear I could hear crickets. One of them thought, and I quote, “you shove it up your a$$”

Day one saw them hopping onto a bus with a very respectable tour guide, who reminded them of Mary Poppins. I’m sure poor old Mary had to try REALLY hard to keep her cool London composure as the girls continuously showed how uncultured and uneducated they were. I swear, in the end, she was talking to them as one would a group of children. Very small children.

When they reached the Sherlock Holmes store Kendra (or at least I think it was Kendra) realised just how much she and the Queen had in common.

They both have Corgi’s, they both live in mansions and they are both English. I can just imagine how thrilled the Queen is to hear that.

THEN they wanted to meet the Queen. They were so convinced that the Queen would want to meet Hugh, they tried to coerce Mary to taking them to the Chelsea Flower show to see her. Off course the Queen would want to meet them, after all they have so much in common. Kendra even pointed out that the Queen and Hugh were both 80.

Like duh Mary, the Queen is gonna be like, so mad when she hears that you refused to take the bunnies to her.

Most touching moment? When Kendra flashed and mooned Parliament. Such class.

Then off to Paris where Holly was so overwhelmed by all the romance.
What can be more romantic than being in Paris with your boyfriend? Being in Paris with your boyfriend and his other 2 girlfriends, that’s what. 

Kendra’s intelligence shone through again when she tried and failed to order room service and when she wondered why they didn’t bother translating the menu into English.

Holly had been brushing up on her French and was acting quite sophisticated. When they went to a strip club she amazed me when she remarked that the French even managed to turn strip shows into art. She knows what art is?

At the restaurant she ordered food for the others in French and was so pleased that she was being so helpful. (PLEASE, I bet she couldn’t translate what she ordered) Her sophistication level dropped a level or ten when Mary’s éclair arrived and she uttered the words every woman likes to hear while munching on a yummy pastry: “Your dessert looks like a dick”

Their romantic trip down the Seine was filled with more words of wisdom from Kendra, who suggested that they add a stratosphere ride to the Eiffel tower to make it more exciting.
I didn’t even know she could pronounce words with more than 2 syllables.

And that’s where the episode ended. I know that they were off to Venice and Munich but I have no idea whether or not they are going to showing us any more of the Europe invasion.

God I hope so, just can’t wait to see how many more levels of stupidity these girls have.


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