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Written by Amazingly from the blog My Side Of The Screen on 19 Feb 2007
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And so it ends.

After 8 seasons, Will & Grace have graced our screens for the last time.

In the second part of the finale, it turns out that Will & Grace have indeed gone on to live different lives; separated after a fight and Grace’s move to Rome.

They meet up 2 years later and although they are amicable toward each other, both of them decide that they have outgrown their friendship.

Fast forward about 16 years and they happen to meet again when they drop off their kids at the same college. And as they walked arm in arm to the cafeteria I thought NO! It can’t end like this!

After all, this is Will & Grace. They have always worked out their differences. Even Grace’s marriage to Leo or Will’s relationship with Vince did not sever the ties that bound them together.

So how can it be that they couldn’t make up after they had kids? It’s not as if Will ended up bitter and alone. He had Vince. And Ben. Why then couldn’t they put the past behind them like they always did.

Will and Grace is the epitome of what a perfect friendship is like. You stick together through thick and thin. No matter who comes into your life or what you go through, the one person you can always count on to be straight forward with you, to stand up for you and to stand with you; the one person you can be yourself with, you can be gross with, you can be honest with, it’s your best friend, isn’t it?

Sadly, no, it isn’t.

In real life, friends come and go, even best friends.

There comes a time in your life when you walk away from a friendship, whether it be in one quick break up or gradually over a period of time. Sometimes you don’t even know the reason behind it, you just grow apart, want different things, go different ways.

But I didn’t want real life with Will & Grace. I wanted the happy ending but I suppose it would have been too clichéd. Or it would have ended like Grace’s dream. One of them fat, the other bald, hating each other for keeping them from what they really wanted.

Instead, we got a broke Karen, Jack selling himself short to that weasel Beverly and Will & Grace separated.

All’s well that ends well though and Will & Grace kiss and make up when their kids plan to get married; the weasel dies a gruesome death and Jack and Karen spend the rest of their days together…. With Karen being the only one looking as good as she did 16 years before.

And what would Will & Grace be without some classic lines from Karen & Jack:

>>KAREN: Oh, you'll do it. You'll do it the same way any other self-respecting woman does. Get on your back, point your heels to Jesus, and think of handbags. <<

>>KAREN: Hey, honey. What's up?
JACK: Oh, nothing. I'm not desperately trying to get hobbit germs off my kissing hand, if that's what you're thinking.

>>JACK: [SIGHS] Oh, it's okay. Like you said, if you could do it with Stan, I can deal with Beverley. It's exactly the same situation if you turn your binoculars around <<

AND – it may not be of any significance, but did you know that George Clooney (and ER) was mentioned in the very first and very last episodes? Somehow, I always manage to retain useless information like that.

I won’t deny shedding a few tears as Karen and Jack sang Unforgettable.

I cried for the lost years of friendship between Will & Grace and for the fact that an era has come to an end.

It really does feel as if I’m losing a few good friends.


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