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Written by six from the blog Survivor SA Episode Summaries on 02 Oct 2006
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Survivor SA Panama Summary
Episode 5

After a quick recap of events in the previous episode we are taken to Day 11 at the Rana campsite.

Day 11

Zayn feels insecure because he is not involved in an alliance with the players who are controlling the tribe. He says Gareth is aligned with Lezel and Jacinda. Jacinda comments that she will take Lezel and Gareth to the end if she can. Gareth states that he has an agreement with Lezel and Jacinda to try take them as far as possible, he is excited because he thinks things look good for him.

Zayn tells Gareth that he would welcome a switch between the tribes, as it would do him better at the moment. “Alliances are deep and they won’t be broken” says Zayn.

At Aguila Mzi has lost their fishing hook. He is making a hook from a bangle one of the female tribe mates brought to the island.

Nico comments that he has no time for Brigitte, he doesn’t understand what she is still doing in the game.

Brigitte admits that she has stolen Nico’s cigarettes and has hidden them a few metres behind the shelter. She hopes he will become irritated and his behaviour will irritate the tribe.

Sanele’s arm isn’t getting better and it is depressing him. Vanessa says she can see his mind isn’t in the game anymore and Mzi says he is now one of the weakest members of the tribe, where he used to be the strongest. Sanele feels he could last for a few more days, but he doesn’t see how he can survive in the challenges that may come.

Reward Challenge

Mark welcomes everyone to the challenge and Aguila get their first look at the new Rana tribe, without Ncumisa.

Mark explains the challenge stating that the most important tool people have to survive is their brain. This challenge is unlike any they have had this far, it is a puzzle they will have to use their minds to solve. The puzzle is made up of blocks that need to be organised in a specific order. Each block has a number on it and the numbers of the blocks must be arranged so they add up to a specified number vertically and horizontally.

The reward is a full meal by Nando’s. For additional encouragement the tribes can go and see what they are playing for behind the challenge area where a small Nando’s restaurant has been set up for them.

Team members have one minute to work on the puzzle and then they have to swap out to allow another tribe mate to work on it. The challenge lasts long enough for each member of the tribe to have at least two attempts at solving the puzzle. Vanessa is the first person to think she has solved the puzzle. She is correct and Aguila wins reward.

Once the challenge is completed Mark reveals to Rana that Gareth was two blocks away from solving the puzzle when he worked on it as the first member from Rana right at the beginning of the challenge.

Aguila feasts at the reward while Rana returns to their island. Rana attempts putting on a brave face and say they are not upset by their loss stating they would be more worried about losing immunity. Gareth reminds everyone that out of 9 challenges, they have only won 2 and that it isn’t a good score. He says they shouldn’t be so complacent about their losses. Zayn wishes their enthusiasm would manifest in results, he can’t understand why they don’t win. Danielle wonders whether they may be lacking a killer instinct. Lezel wants to know what Gareth thinks they are doing wrong, he says they shouldn’t accept losing so easily, they should be angry about their loss. Lezel replies that she is upset and Danielle states she isn’t complacent.

At Aguila Sanele says he doesn’t sleep at night because of the pain in his arm, he is starting to feel like he can’t go on.

Day 12

Mark arrives at the Aguila island, unannounced. He states that under medical advice they have decided to take Sanele out of the game to have his shoulder checked out. It is a medical decision and the choice is out of Sanele’s hands. While away from the tribe he will have no special treatment and will receive no luxuries. He will get the same sort of diet they are experiencing on the island. Mark assures the rest of the tribe that there is no degree of favouritism in what they are doing, the show is insisting on it for safety reasons.

Brigitte says it is a knock to the tribe as they have now lost a person they didn’t vote out. She thinks the tribe’s courage and enthusiasm will be affected as a result of this. Aguila worries he won’t come back and Sanele is emotional in the boat as he is taken away.

The crabs are infesting Rana’s shelter, forcing them to sleep outside at times. This brings them into contact with the sand fleas which are not much better. They decide to change their shelter and attempt to raise it so the crabs won’t bother them as easily.

Immunity Challenge

Mark welcomes the tribes to the immunity challenge and informs Rana that Sanele has been removed from the game for medical reasons. Rana will have to sit somebody out of the challenge.

Mark explains, “Just when you think someone is dead and buried they come back to life.” The challenge they will compete in will be about coming back to life, it is called The Graveyard. Three people will be buried in a chamber under the structure. A grave digger is appointed and given a key, they will need to dig through the sand to find a doorway into the chamber. They will unlock the lock on the door to the chamber and once in the chamber they will need to unlock the hatch above their head in the chamber. Once this is released the tribe must climb out of the chamber one by one and work through the inside of the scaffolding over the structure. The last person in the tribe must race past the gravestone and the tribe can then push the gravestone over. The first tribe to complete this will win immunity.

Rana decides to sit out Zayn. In the Aguila tribe Mzi is the gravedigger and Lezel is Rana’s gravedigger. Jacinda, Danielle and Gareth are buried in Rana’s chamber while Vanessa, Nico and Brigitte are in Aguila’s.

The challenge begins and the gravediggers must dig at the right spot under the structure to find the door with the lock they must open. Mzi unlocks his lock first and Aguila climbs out of the chamber first. They begin undoing the knots at the base of the structure so they can climb through the knots. Nico, the last Aguila person to finish, is done before Lezel manages to get through the opened door. Aguila wins immunity by a huge margin.

Lezel is very upset about the loss. Danielle and Jacinda try to comfort her, but Gareth feels they shouldn’t let go of their losses so easily. Lezel is worried as she is somewhat responsible for Rana having to go to Tribal Council but ultimately the choice for who will be voted off is between Zayn and Danielle. Lezel worries that Jacinda and Danielle are very tight and she would like to break up that alliance if she can. Zayn has no alliances so he does not know where he stands and Danielle states that she doesn’t trust Zayn.

Tribal Council

For a full Tribal Council transcript visit TC Transcripts Episode 5.

Danielle – Zayn, Gareth, Lezel
Zayn – Danielle, Jacinda

In a twist it is announced that Sanele will not be allowed to return to the game so Danielle will not leave the game, she will be transferred to the Aguila tribe to take Sanele’s place.

Sanele’s closing words
“Leaving this morning, leaving my tribe behind when I looked back at them and I realised exactly what I have enjoyed and experienced over the last few days, it’s amazing how while you’re participating in a game like this you actually form genuine friendships and you learn to rely on people in a way that you would probably not have relied on anyone outside of this environment. At one point a tear or two did drop from my eyes and it was a very, very sad moment for me”

Next week: Rana come to terms with Danielle switching tribes. On Aguila the woman have had enough of Nico.


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