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Celeb Q&A: Patricia Lewis

Written by TVSA Team from the blog Celeb Q&As on 30 Aug 2006
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Fave TV show:

Oprah without a doubt. I love that woman to death. She’s just such a good soul and it comes across. It’s such a thrill that millions of people are able to get to touch her somehow, even if it’s just watching through a television show.

She radiates goodness, she encourages other people to be good and give. I absolutely love her. She’s my favourite woman in the world except for my mother.

Fave TV theme tune:
Dum de de dum de de dum Bonaaanzaa. I was very little girl when it was on and whenever Bonanza started I used to jump up and dance with my sister.

Out of all the contestants and winners of the TV talent competitions we’ve seen, both locally and internationally – who’s your favourite been?
It’s the guy in America who didn’t win it, he came second but ended up selling more albums than the winner. That Barry Manilow lookalike. When the big fat Ruben guy won, this guy came second. Clay Aiken.

If you had a wish granted what would it be?
Now that I’m a mommy I see children so differently. If I see a child suffer I want to die because now I can relate with my own child. I put him in their situation and I just want to cry for them.

If children around the world could just have enough to eat and are warm and grow up to be good adults the future would look pretty rosy.

What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?
Hell – I’ve done a lot of scary things. I presented a TV show called Bang Jan Dooie Jan. Scared John Clever John or Dead John or something like that and I’m scared of everything. I’m scared of the creepy crawly in my swimming pool, I really am.

In the show I was forced to swim with Great White sharks – I did a cage dive but there’s a huge big gap in the cage and he can put his nose in and bite your head off. I’ve seen all the Jaws movies and I’m big movie fan and man, I was so scared to get into that water that I was actually numb.

I couldn’t feel anything – that’s how numb and scared and crying and in a state I was but I had to do it because I was in a television show. That was the worst out of all the episodes.

A possession that you don’t have that you’d really like:
You know what - I’ve been so blessed in my life that if I had anymore I’d be a disgusting spoilt brat. I’m happy with everything I have and my husband is such a good man – he spoils me with lots of things that women like, like diamonds. He’s given me my share of diamonds – I’m in no position to ever wish for more.

If you were in a different profession, what would you be?
I’d be in property. I’m actually exploring the property market - I find it very exciting.

Fave movie of all time:
Grease. Grease is the word is the reason for be becoming an entertainer. I was nine years old when Grease was released.

My mother bought me the album – she made me an Olivia Newton John type outfit, I would stand in front of the mirror with my hair brush as the microphone and play the album and dream I was Olivia Newton John.

From there onwards I decided that was it – “I’m gonna be on stage, singing.” Not really believing it would happen. I never gave up though. Lots of doors were slammed in my face. For seven years I tried to get a record deal but I never gave up.

What do you most enjoy doing on a Friday night?
For the last ten years, on a Friday night I’ve always had a show. Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays are my busiest time as far as singing shows are concerned so my off nights are a Sunday and Monday night - on those nights I just sit with my family on the couch and watch TV and get takeouts. I don’t cook.

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