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Season 1

Channel Premiere Finale TX Time Episodes
SABC2 07 Apr 2020 29 Sep 2020 Tuesdays, 19h30 - 20h00 26

Season 1

Melody is a South African musical drama television series about a young and talented penny-whistler from Athlone who uses music as a form of escapism from her impoverished background and abusive father.

When she gets an opportunity to audition for a music scholarship, will she stand up against her tyrannical father and follow her dreams?

Melody (Kim Bowers) is 18-years-old - pretty, insecure, self-conscious and a somewhat introverted young woman. Her dire domestic circumstances and her constant emotional sparring with her tyrannical father Eric are a source of strength, which propels her to perform good deeds.

But this is her biggest hindrance to achieving her goal, which is to escape her abject poverty.

Eric (Abduragman Adams) is 50-something-year-old, embittered, poker faced, beer bellied, flippant and extroverted. He wants to be good father but he fails because his need to drown his sorrow overshadows his want.

In his few sober and guilt ridden moments he promises Melody that he will quit the booze, find a job and provide a respectful home for them. However, he breaks each promise as consistently as night follows day.

Jack (Moeniel Jacobs) is a gang leader and local shebeen king who has an insatiable need for respect but uses violence and intimidation to achieve his ends.

Aunty Florrie (Celeste Williams) is a kind hearted, friendly and peace-loving spinster who lives on her own with her cats and music instruments. She is the township's source of teaching music and providing entertainment for the young and the old.

Bevan (Riedwaan Damon) is Melody's love interest - the neighbourhood clown who feels he is ready to attain his big break as a professional musician.

Nazli (Aeesha Petersen) is a tall, slender and beautiful final year performing arts student at UCT who is secretly in love with Bevan - but he gives her a cold shoulder because of his "love" for Melody. 

Junior (Aya Ngobo) is Melody's younger brother with albinism, who worships her unconditionally.

Melody was created, produced, written and directed by Theo E. Davids. The series was produced by Gemini Twins Films and The Ergo Company with producers Dumi Gumbi, Cati Weinek and Theo E. Davids.

Music was composed by Geo Hohn, Edward George King, Celeste Williams and Allou April.

Season 1 Cast

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Abduragman Adams	...	Eric (as Abduraghman Adams)
Kim Bowers		...	Melody
Aya Ngobo		...	Junior
Riedwaan Damon		...	Bevan
Celeste Williams	...	Aunty Florrie

Recurring / Guests

Moeniel Jacobs		...	Jack
Aeesha Petersen		...	Nazli
Faldela Brown		...	Mrs Fredericks
Jesse Frankson		...	Mr Villet
Mu'eed Jacobs		...	Balla
Ayden Croy		...	Archie
Reece Muller		...	Young Eric
Shannon Klein		...	Patricia
Mogamat Shareef Carelse	...	Young Jack
Zubair Samuels		...	Young Sergeant Oliver
Kirsten Williams	...	Young Florrie
Yasmina Abdol		...	Jade
Yusuf Abrahams		...	Riedwaan
Vincent Nel		...	Sergeant Oliver
Luke Lucas		...	Roubie
Heather Krieger		...	Mrs Arnold
Joyce Engelbrecht	...	Mavis (as Joyce Englebrecht)
Anthea Oostenwal	...	Mrs Julies
Thaaqib Whittle		...	Dicky
Mustapha Jacobs		...	Tjokka
Noorbanu Dhansay-El Feky...	Kulsum
Simone Ann Redelinghuys	...	Arty Receptionist
Jamie-Lee Brandt	...	Aunty Florrie's Musician
Zion Hartnick		...	Aunty Florrie's Musician
Lucian van Wyk		...	Aunty Florrie's Musician
Chanel Baatjies		...	Aunty Florrie's Musician
Candice Consani		...	Aunty Florrie's Musician
Munsief Jacobs		...	Aunty Florrie's Musician
Yusraa Barideen		...	Aunty Florrie's Musician
Tamia Mashonga		...	Aunty Florrie's Musician
A-Jay Adriaanse		...	Aunty Florrie's Musician
Shevino Barends		...	Aunty Florrie's Musician
Zoe Caswell		...	Aunty Florrie's Musician
Zoey Begg		...	Aunty Florrie's Musician
Maxine Splinters	...	Aunty Florrie's Musician
Jaden Engel		...	Aunty Florrie's Musician
Tatum Whittle		...	Aunty Florrie's Musician
Yasmina Abrahams	...	Mrs Fredericks' Team
Gafsa Brandt		...	Mrs Fredericks' Team
Sylvia Petersen		...	Mrs Fredericks' Team / Tannie
Augustus Splinters	...	Mrs Fredericks' Team
Bronwyn Hendricks	...	Mrs Fredericks' Team (as Brownwyn Hendricks)
Chantal An		...	Mrs Fredericks' Team
Glenda Peters		...	Mrs Fredericks' Team
Nazareen Munsamy Paulse	...	Mrs Fredericks' Team
Priscilla Petersen	...	Mrs Fredericks' Team
Sonia Carelse		...	Mrs Fredericks' Team
Suad Hermans		...	Mrs Fredericks' Team
Zaida Samuels		...	Mrs Fredericks' Team
Llewellyn Paulse	...	Mrs Fredericks' Team / Older Man
Marco Ricardo Collins	...	Mrs Fredericks' Team
Adrian Beeders		...	Homeless Man
Abie Clayton		...	Evangelical Preacher (as Pastor Abie Blayton)
Constable Ndzimande	...	Policeman
Warrant Officer Goosen	...	Policeman
Zaib Vlotman		...	Teacher
Dueter le Roux		...	Old Woman
Llewellyn Paulse	...	Soon to be Drunk Man
Severo Gordon		...	Thug
Carley Vollenhoven	...	Sumaya
Loken Daniels		...	Faghrie
Brownwyn Hendricks	...	Soup Kitchen Guy
Abigail Davids		...	Concerned Neighbour
Lyle Jacobs		...	Lean Boy
Mymoena Hendriks	...	Supportive Shopper
Llewellyn Castle	...	Bartender
Allou April		...	Music Star
Soraya Vlotman		...	Rachmat
Breanna Johnson		...	Kid
Haley Kanna		...	Kid
Jude Abrahams		...	Boy 2
Sandy Saaiman		...	Auditioner 1
Simone Redelinghuys	...	Auditioner 2
Severo Gordon		...	Thug
Chelsea Thomas		...	Nazli's Friend
Kay-Dee Griebelaar	...	Nazli's Friend
Abronine Barlow		...	Nazli's Friend
Riedwaan Bullock	...	Drunk / Shebeen Patron
Llewellyn Paulse	...	Drunk / Shebeen Patron
Ruben Engel		...	Elroy
Anoeshka Dixon		...	Matric Ball Couple
Keno Alton Davids	...	Matric Ball Couple
Kashief Paulse		...	Thug
Ryno Matipa		...	Thug
Alfonzo Solomons	...	Examiner
Mtelo Skhumbuzo		...	Delivery Man
Mr Pieterhull		...	Sheriff of the Court
Marco Julie		...	Tubby
Andrew Viljoen		...	Doctor (as Dr Andrew Viljoen)
Dean Harper		...	Music Shop Owner
Christina Prins		...	Bottlestore Cashier
Cameron Geswind		...	Unknown Man
Lazero Thomas		...	Druggie
Mogamat Nashief Herbert	...	Guartjie
Shane Heldsingel	...	Tour Guide
Rodger Theys		...	Bergie Man
Dalene Theys		...	Bergie Woman
Maruwaan		...	Car Guard
Christina Prins		...	Bottlestore Cashier
Zelda Hinsta		...	Magistrate
Amy-Marie Pienaar	...	Prosecutor
Vernon Piedt		...	Hassan
Vincent Hendricks	...	Male Counsellor
Ian de Jongh		...	Mr Moses
Lucinda Abels		...	Choir Mistress
Suad Hermans		...	Jade's Mom
Alex Caswell		...	Priest
Shavino Barends		...	Muso
Candice Consani		...	Cheryl
Jason Bresendale	...	Hooded Man
Aqeela Munsamy		...	Assistant

Season 1 Cast

Eric (as Abduraghman Adams)



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