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Season 1

Green Wing is a one-hour British television comedy series created by Victoria Pile and set in the fictional East Hampton Hospital Trust.

Although set in a hospital there are no medical storylines; the action is produced by a series of soap opera and Commedia dell'arte-style twists and turns in the personal lives of the characters.

The series originally aired in the UK on Channel 4 from 3 September 2004 - 4 January 2007. There are 17 episodes in two seasons, as well as one 90-minute special.

Green Wing premiered in South Africa on DStv's BBC Prime channel on Tuesday 14 August 2007, at 20h30.

Series Synopsis

Green Wing is part surreal soap, part innovative comedy drama. The plot revolves around the lives of the staff of the East Hampton Hospital Trust, an NHS hospital with staff ranging from the slightly unusual to the completely bizarre.

Despite a general lack of medical attention, Green Wing follows new surgical registrar Dr Caroline Todd through her first day at work and beyond, starting out as she means to go on - dishevelled and under-deodorised having spent the night in her car.

Apart from the idiosyncratic Dr. Caroline Todd, there’s a host of other bizarre characters - Dr McCartney, the fop-haired, wise-cracking heartthrob; the lustful love god Guy Secretan; Dr. Alan Statham, a stammering neurotic; the tyrannical, age-obsessed Joanna Clore; and the terrifyingly unpredictable staff liaison officer Sue White.

Season 1 Synopsis

Caroline arrives at East Hampton for her first day of work, where she begins work with Guy and Mac. She soon develops feelings for both of then, first believing that she loves Guy, but then - after a day out with him - realising that it is Mac she truly loves.

At the same time, Martin begins to fall in love with her, and Angela becomes Caroline's lodger.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Alan and Joanna try to hide their relationship from the rest of the staff, unsuccessfully. Then Joanna becomes attracted to Lyndon Jones, the hospital's head of I.T., with Alan becoming jealous of Lyndon.

Sue becomes jealous of Caroline as she starts to fall for Mac, and does her best to try and stop her, even to the point of attempted murder. However, Caroline is having problems in the form of Mac's current girlfriend, Emmy.

Martin is having problems with his exams, as well as avoiding letting anyone know that Joanna is his mother. Boyce is busy mocking Alan and having a relationship with Kim.

With Alan and Joanna's relationship falling apart, Alan becomes a Christian, but this is mainly due to the attractive chaplain.

Mac decides to move to Sheffield to get a better job, taking Emmy with him. Before he leaves, Mac bets Guy that he cannot sleep with Joanna. Guy accepts the bet and takes her home.

However, Martin has discovered some shocking news and tries his best to stop them having sex, but is distracted by Karen's affections.

Caroline does her best to break up the relationship between Mac and Emmy, but it is Emmy who breaks up with Mac. Lyndon soon tells Joanna that he finds her disturbing, and Joanna then puts an end to Alan's new-found Christian beliefs.

After Guy and Joanna have sex, Martin arrives to tell them that Joanna is Guy's mother. She met Guy's father whilst she was an exchange student in Switzerland. Guy then stabs a syringe full of Botox into Martin's legs as an act of revenge.

Martin is taken away in an ambulance, and Caroline helps Joanna, but Guy punches Mac in a drunken rage and steals the ambulance. Mac tries to stop him and gets on the ambulance, which drives away. Guy drives the ambulance to Wales, with Mac and the paralysed Martin with him.

Whilst Mac tries to phone the police, Guy drives into a field and almost goes over a cliff.

The first seaosn ends with Guy, Mac and Martin teetering on the edge – a literal cliffhanger – while ending up in a discussion about which of The Three Musketeers they are most like.

Season 1 Cast


Dr. Alan Statham

Dr. Angela Hunter

Dr. Caroline Todd

Dr. Guy Secretan

Dr. Mac McCartney

Dr. Martin Dear

Joanna Clore

Sue White

Car Salesman


Harriet Schulenburg

Lyndon Jones




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