Full Circle

Genres: Drama
Broadcast on: M-Net, M-Net Series Showcase, M-Net Edge, M-Net City



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Season 1

Channel Premiere Finale TX Time Episodes
Audience Network 09 Oct 2013 06 Nov 2013 Wednesdays, 21h00 (double bill) 10
M-Net Series Showcase 28 Sep 2014 12 Oct 2014 Sundays, 20h00 (quadruple bill) 10

Season 1

Full Circle is an American television drama series created and written by Neil LaBute and set in a restaurant called Ellipsis that examines the human condition and relationships through a series of conversations between 11 people whose lives, unbeknownst to them, are intertwined, leading to a dramatic conclusion.

Described as "a modern day La Ronde meets My Dinner with Andre", it explores the nature of human contact and true togetherness in our current technology-driven world.

One attempted connection leads to another. And then another.

Set in a restaurant called Ellipsis, Full Circle bears witness to the complexity of human interaction. Each episode centres on two characters and the tangled drama of their relationship.

One of them returns with another character in the following episode to reveal a whole new aspect of the riveting story. What happens when it all comes full circle?

The episodes are as follows:

Episode 1: Tim & Bridgette

Unhappily married, Bridgette (Minka Kelly) shares a last meal with her lover, Tim (Tom Felton), before he returns to school in England. Tim begs her to run away with him. Once a loyal mother and wife, Bridgette finds herself completely torn between the life she chose and the one she truly wants.

Episode 2: Bridgette & Stanley

Handsome and successful attorney Stanley (Julian McMahon) dines with his wife, Bridgette. Tensions rise as Bridgette calls out their troubled marriage. As they reflect, Stanley alternates between anger and apology. When Bridgette shares her dreams of pursuing further education, Stanley becomes critical and openly flirts with a waitress. Soon, Stanley will discover the choice is not his to make.

Episode 3: Stanley & Jace

Stanley is with his old friend and client, Jace (David Boreanaz), an outrageous comedian whose recent act has embroiled him in a Twitter war with a young, gay high school student. The scandal could end his career. Stanley begs him to publicly apologize, only to find that this time, there is no turning back for Jace.

Episode 4: Jace & Chan'dra

Jace meets Chan'dra (Keke Palmer), whose life has been permanently impacted by the comedian's recent offensive joke. They meet for lunch and the comedian tries to right the wrong, only to find out Chan'dra is not like other teenagers. She doesn't just want a simple apology — she wants to know why the joke was made in the first place.

Episode 5: Chan'dra & Cliff

Chan'dra is looking to make a good impression on her crush from school, Cliff (Devon Gearhart). As they eat, Chan'dra begins to suspect Cliff is hiding something — a secret about the tragedy involving her brother.

Episode 6: Cliff & Trent

Cliff is waiting for his secret date to arrive, someone he met online. As he waits, he runs into his father, Trent (Billy Campbell). They decide to lunch together, engaging in a father-son heart-to-heart. Little by little, Cliff begins to wonder what truly brought his father to the restaurant.

Episode 7: Trent & Trisha

Trent and his wife, Trisha (Kate Walsh), are celebrating their anniversary. They reminisce over their time together, despite the hiccups they may have encountered along the way. But sweet romance turns into rage when the restaurant's pianist, Peter (Cheyenne Jackson), begins to flirt with Trisha and taunt Trent.

Episode 8: Trisha & Robbie

Trisha, a schoolteacher, is taking out Robbie (Noah Silver), a student in her class, to reward him for his work. Throughout, Robbie casually brings up some intimate details about Trisha's life, information that he would have no way of knowing. How does he know these things?

Episode 9: Robbie & Celeste

Robbie and his mother, Celeste (Ally Sheedy), celebrate his birthday with brunch. They chat, both in English and their native French. Soon, Robbie cuts to the chase, making an outrageous request for his birthday present. One that his mother inexplicably consents to.

Episode 10: Celeste & Tim

Celeste is out with Tim who has returned from England. Just as the tension breaks, the restaurant's former pianist, Peter, appears. And he's looking to get revenge on his former employer. Peter traps Celeste, Tim and many others guests from the past — and confronts them all with mind-boggling questions about life, love and death.

Full Circle was executive produced by Nick Hamm for Momentum TV. LaBute created Full Circle and serves as writer and co-executive producer.

Season 1 Cast

Tim Abbott

Bridgette Murphy

Stanley Murphy

Jace Cooper

Chan'dra Stevens

Cliff Campbell

Trent Campbell

Trisha Campbell

Peter Barlow

Robbie Fontaine

Celeste Fontaine

Det. Karen Tanner


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