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Season 4

Stargate SG-1 is an American science fiction television series, part of the Stargate franchise, created by Jonathan Glassner and Brad Wright. It begins one year after the events of the 1994 science fiction film Stargate.

It aired in the USA on Showtime (Season 1-5) and SCI FI (Seasons 6-10), from 27 July, 1997 to 13 March, 2007. There are 214 episodes in 10 seasons.

Stargate SG-1 premiered in South Africa on SABC2 on Tuesday 16 March 1999, at 21h30. Only the first three seasons aired on SABC2 - it was not renewed by the channel and was later picked up by DStv's actionX (now M-Net Action) channel, which began broadcasting the third season on 13 December 2005, almost three years after the season ended on SABC2.

The series later premiered on TopTV's Fox FX channel on Saturday 1 May 2010, at 18h15. See "Seasons" below for seasonal broadcast dates and times.

Season 4 premiered on Fox FX on Thursday 27 January 2011, at 17h30. New episodes broadcast daily, seven days a week. There are 22 episodes in the fourth season.

FX Repeats

Daily: 01h55, 12h15

Episode Synopses


Based on the 1994 science fiction movie Stargate, the show is based on the premise that devices known as  Stargates exist not only on Earth, but on other planets as well.

By using these devices, travelers are able to visit other planets in a matter of seconds. The primary aim of the four travelers of this show is to venture forth into unknown territory to gather alien technology to help protect Earth against an evil race of alien called Goa'uld.

The action begins when aliens temporarily invade Earth through the Stargate and Colonel Jack O’Neil is called out of retirement to lead an SG-1 team to Abydos, the ancient Egyptian-like world where he left his friend Daniel Jackson years earlier.

Discovering his friend alive and well, O’Neil also learns their old enemy, Ra, was a Goa’uld, one of the many System Lords who uses the interstellar portal to conquer planets.

Employing an elaborate cartouche that reveals an entire network of Stargates, O’Neil and his SG-1 team travel throughout the galaxy in an attempt to save the Earth from the Goa’ulds’ wrath.

Main Characters

General Jack O'Neill
As the commanding officer of the SGC, General O'Neill's assignment is to defend Earth from possible hostile invasion and to explore new worlds and return new technologies to Earth for study and further development.

When he joined the Air Force at 18 years of age, O'Neill proved himself to be an exceptional and gifted airman. Assigned to a special training program for covert operations/infiltration, he was trained in the skills of wilderness survival, special weapons and tactics, assassination, demolition, chemical weapons, the manufacture and detonation of explosives, and is a field expedience specialist.

He resigned from service when his son Charlie died by accidentally shooting himself with O'Neill's gun. O'Neill never recovered from the loss, which drove his wife to eventually leave him.

He was recalled by his former commanding officer to go through the Stargate on the first mission precisely because of his willingness to die. Instead, the mission gave him a new desire to live.

Capt. Samantha Carter
Captain Samantha Carter's assignment is to ascertain possible hostile threats, to continue analysis of stargate technology and to analyze and return materials, technologies and knowledge for further development.

She has served in the Pentagon, was previously a flight officer in the Kuwait theater, and has received special training in the F-117/F16. She in an astro-physics genius, holding a Ph.D. in Quantum Mechanics and is a plasma/particle physics expert.

She is also an expert on gate technology, having read every bit of information known to exist and has studied the permutations of the gate symbols at length. When the plug was pulled on her gate research project and she was transferred to another base, she continued her research in private. She was able to resume her obsessive work with the gate when the SG-1 team was assembled.

Carter is single and unattached. She is fiercely loyal to the SGC, and not only brings her extensive scientific knowledge to the program, but also her military training.

Dr Daniel Jackson
Dr. Jackson joined the SG-1 team on a voluntary basis to study the cultures of other planets. He holds a Ph.D. in Anthropology as well as a Ph.D. in Linguistics, and has prior experience with the culture of Abydos.

He is an expert in ancient cultures and languages in addition to current ones; he speaks over 20 languages including ancient Egyptian. Originally he was contracted by the military to decipher a mysterious hieroglyphic cartouche. His subsequent translation of the cartouche allowed the Stargate to be opened for the first time.

He married Sha're, an off-world human and native of Abydos, after he chose to stay behind on the planet following the first mission, and he became something of a deity to the people of Abydos.

His humanistic, liberal approach is often in conflict with O'Neill's militaristic approach. Some see him as a soft, brainy, clumsy scientist who carries a wide-eyed enthusiasm with him through every mission.

Teal'c is a member of the alien race known as Jaffa, of the home planet Chulak.

Similar to humans in overall appearance, Jaffas have an "X" shaped incision or marsupial pouch in the abdomen. When a Jaffa reaches approximately eight years of age, a Goa'uld larva, the infant form of a parasitic being, is placed in the Jaffa pouch in order to mature.

There is a strong symbiotic relationship between them as the Jaffa is guaranteed powerful healing abilities and immunity to myriad diseases including all viral or bacterial infections for as long as he carries the symbiote. For this reason, Jaffa live to be very old.

Teal'c, although he looks much younger, is actually over 90 years old. After a seven year gestation period, the mature Goa'uld parasite seeks out a new host, (usually human).

All Jaffa have a mid-forehead tattoo or symbol indicating that they carry a Goa'uld symbiote. The Serpent Guards are the elite or royal guard of the Jaffa in service to the Goa'uld Apophis.

They wear the heavily armored "serpent head" helmets. Teal'c had served as the First Prime of Apophis, but after aiding the SG-1 team during their first mission to Chulak, he left his family and culture behind and returned to Earth as a voluntary member of the SG-1 team.

His main reason for joining SG-1 was to try to set straight the misdeeds of his past, and to win freedom for his people from the Goa'uld.

General George Hammond
As the Commanding Officer of the Research and Defense Unit, General Hammond commands the SGC and all SG units.

His standing orders are to analyze the threat potential of alien races, defend Earth from possible hostile invasion, and to analyze and recover technologies for study and further development.

He received decorations for meritorious service in the Kuwait theater and in Vietnam. Special background and previous service include serving with the Project Bluebook Re-Evaluation, and as Commanding Officer of the Groom Lake Operations Facility.

He is a hardened military leader, and a wise man who is willing to do whatever is necessary to defend the interests of his country and all humanity.

Dr Janet Frasier
Dr. Fraiser is a military doctor and Captain. General Hammond hand picked her to work in the SGC because of her expertise in exotic diseases.

Dr. Fraiser's skill and compassion enable her to face the most peculiar cases brought to her by SG-1 and all the other SG teams.

Season 4 Episodes

Episode 1
Small Victories

O'Neill, Carter and Teal'c return to Earth. Soon after, O'Neill and Teal'c must risk their lives to keep the Replicator bugs from gaining a foothold on Earth, and Carter goes to an Asgard planet to help Thor find a way to defeat the Replicators which are attacking an Asgard planet. (Part 2 of 2).

Episode 2
The Other Side

The SGC receives a distress signal from a planet which seems to have ties to Earth. The people on the planet are facing extinction at the hands of their enemy, and need help. SG-1 gates to the planet to offer aid, but as the situation grows more dire, they discover not all is as it seems.

Episode 3

A Tok'ra scientist brings a phenomenal new technology to the SGC: armbands that give the wearer greatly increased strength and speed. They were built by a race called the Atonieks, a now extinct species that predates even the Goa'uld. Guest starring Vanessa Angel as Anise / Freya.

Episode 4

The SGC plays host to a woman from Teal'c's past, a Jaffa who claims she has succeeded in communicating with her symbiote and convincing it to turn against the Goa'uld. If true, the symbiote could offer up a wealth of information. Guest starring Vanessa Angel as Anise / Freya.

Episode 5
Divide and Conquer

When a member of the SGC attempts to kill a Tok'ra official, it is revealed that he was the victim of a Goa'uld mind control process that programs individuals for violent, suicidal acts. The Tok'ra test the rest of the SGC personnel. Guest starring Vanessa Angel as Anise / Freya.

Episode 6
Window of Opportunity

Stargate Command is trapped in a temporal anomaly, but only Jack and Teal'c seem to be aware of the fact. They are faced with the dual task of convincing everyone that they're reliving the same day over and over again, and trying to find a way to break the time loop.

Episode 7

A chance discovery on the ocean floor gives the Russians access to Stargate technology. But when the a Russian scientist turn to the SGC for help, the SG-1 team is led to a remote military installation in Russia - and an unnerving mystery. Guest starring Marina Sirtis as Dr. Svetlana Markov.

Episode 8
The First Ones

While on an archeological expidition on an alien world, Daniel Jackson is captured and held prisoner by an Unas (last seen in season 3's Demons), and must use his many skills in order to survive. The rest of the SG-1 team go in search of him, but soon run into trouble themselves.

Episode 9
Scorched Earth

SG-1 is caught in a conflict between two civilizations trying to colonize the same planet. SG-1 studies the situation, and concludes that the visitors' vessel is terraforming the planet for a type of life unlike any they know - sulfur-based life, rather than carbon-based.

Episode 10
Beneath the Surface

After visitong a world experiencing an ice age, the minds of Colonel O'Neill and the rest of the SG-1 team are erased by the ruling elite of the planet. They are then used as forced labor in an underground alien facility, under new identities that have been created by their captors.

Episode 11
Point of No Return

The SG-1 team becomes aware of a conspiracy theorist who has heard rumors about the Stargate. Not only that, but he thinks he's an alien and claims to have vague memories of an alien life. General Hammond sends the team to Montana to investigate this seemingly ludicrous threat.

Episode 12

Using two recovered Goa'uld death gliders, Area 51 personnel have created a hybrid vessel that looks like a Goa'uld death glider on the outside, and a jet plane on the inside. Colonel O'Neill and Teal'c take the new craft out for a simple test, but they are soon marooned in space.

Episode 13
The Curse

Daniel discovers that his mentor, Dr. Jordan, was killed in a lab explosion while analyzing the Osiris Jar, an artifact recently recovered from a "cursed" 1931 expedition to Egypt. Jackson travels to Chicago to attend the funeral and see his friends and former collegues again.

Episode 14
The Serpent's Venom

When Apophis and Heru'ur decide to enter into an alliance, SG-1 must try to stop them. Teal'c goes to Chulak in an effort to recruit some of his fellow Jaffa warriors to help fight the Goa'uld. On Earth, Jacob Carter and the SGC receive a transmission from the Tok'ra through the Stargate.

Episode 15
Chain Reaction

The SG-1 team must adjust to a new commanding officer, because General Hammond decides to step down as commander of the SGC. Shortly after, O'Neill discovers foul play behind the general's resignation, and he must team up with a former enemy to get to the bottom of it.

Episode 16

Ten years into the future, Samantha Carter and Doctor Fraiser have discovered a dark secret that threatens the entire human race. The former members of SG-1 must again team up in order to send a message back into the past, in order to hopefully prevent this terrible disaster.

Episode 17
Absolute Power

In an almost magical whirlwind, Daniel is reunited with the Harsesis child, Shifu (last seen in the episode Maternal Instinct). The child teaches Daniel a lesson by giving him some Goa'uld genetic memories and launching him on a spiritual journey. Daniel soon begins to behave erratically.

Episode 18
The Light

Lieutenant Barber of SG-5 unexpectedly commits suicide by jumping into a wormhole vortex. While investigating the cause of Lt. Barber's suicide, the SG-1 team travels to a planet where they find a Goa'uld pleasure palace, and they become transfixed by a beautiful, deadly device inside.

Episode 19

Carter tries to motivate a brilliant student by taking her through the Stargate. But a routine excursion takes a deadly turn when they are attacked by beings of pure energy. O'Neill orders an immediate evacuation, but a swarm of the life forms block their path.

Episode 20

The SGC makes contact with a world whose address was taken from the Ancients' repository of knowledge, and sends through a MALP probe. An alien virus infiltrates the SGC computer and gathers classified data. When the virus is presumed killed, it has actually sought refuge in Carter's body.

Episode 21
Double Jeopardy

While offworld, the SG-1 team encounters the Goa'uld System Lord Cronus (who previously appeared in Fair Game and Crossroads) while trying to undo a mistake they supposedly made on a previous mission. They confront Cronus with the assistance of an unexpected source.

Episode 22

As SG-1 helps to evacuate the Tok'ra from the planet Vorash, matters are complicated when a spy reveals their location to Apophis. The team attempts a daring plan to take out the Goa'uld's powerful fleet, but the captured spy soon escapes, jeopardizing their plan. (Part 1 of 2).


Season 1 (22 episodes)

Channel: SABC2 | Premiere: 16 Mar 1999 | Finale: 10 Aug 1999 | Tuesdays, 21h30
Channel: Fox FX | Premiere: 1 May 2010 | Finale: 22 May 2010 | Daily, 18h15

Season 2 (22 episodes)

Channel: SABC2 | Premiere: 2 Sep 2000 | Finale: 27 Jan 2001 | Saturdays, 21h15
Channel: Fox FX | Premiere: 23 May 2010 | Finale: 20 Jun 2010 | Daily, 18h15

Season 3 (22 episodes)

Channel: SABC2 | Premiere: 14 Sep 2001 | Finale: 8 Feb 2002 | Fridays, 21h15
Channel: actionX | Premiere: 13 Dec 2005 | Finale: 9 May 2006 | Tuesdays, 21h00
Channel: Fox FX | Premiere: 21 Jun 2010 | Finale: 12 Jul 2010 | Daily, 18h15

Season 4 (22 episodes)

Channel: actionX | Premiere: 16 May 2006 | Finale: 10 Oct 2006 | Tuesdays, 19h00
Channel: Fox FX | Premiere: 27 Jan 2011 | Finale: 17 Feb 2011 | Daily, 17h30

Season 5 (22 episodes)

Channel: actionX | Premiere: 17 Oct 2006 | Finale: 13 Mar 2007 | Tuesdays, 19h00
Channel: Fox FX | Premiere: 17 May 2011 | Finale: 7 Jun 2011 | Daily, 18h15

Season 6 (22 episodes)

Channel: actionX | Premiere: 10 Jul 2007 | Finale: 11 Dec 2007 | Tuesdays, 19h00
Channel: Fox FX | Premiere: 8 Jun 2011 | Finale: 29 Jun 2011 | Daily, 18h15

Season 7 (22 episodes)

Channel: M-Net Action | Premiere: 11 Mar 2008 | Finale: 5 Aug 2008 | Tuesdays, 19h00
Channel: Fox FX | Premiere: 30 Jun 2011 | Finale: 21 Jul 2011 | Daily, 18h15

Season 8 (20 episodes)

Channel: M-Net Action | Premiere: 28 Oct 2008 | Finale: 10 Mar 2009 | Tuesdays, 19h00
Channel: Fox FX | Premiere: 19 May 2012 | Finale: 7 Jun 2012 | Daily, 17h30

Season 9 (20 episodes)

Channel: M-Net Action | Premiere: 9 Jun 2009 | Finale: 20 Oct 2009 | Tuesdays, 18h00
Channel: Fox FX | Premiere: 8 Jun 2012 | Finale: 27 Jun 2012 | Daily, 17h30

Season 10 (20 episodes)

Channel: M-Net Action | Premiere: 26 Jan 2010 | Finale: 8 Jun 2010 | Tuesdays, 18h00
Channel: Fox FX | Premiere: 28 Jun 2012 | Finale: 17 Jul 2012 | Daily, 17h30

Season 4 Cast

Dr. Daniel Jackson

Gen. George Hammond


Col. Jack O Neill

Major Samantha Carter

Dr. Janet Frasier


Senator Robert Kinsey

Sgt. Walter Harriman

Major Paul Davis




Major Coburn


Ambassador Joseph Faxon



Dr. Steven Rayner

Dr. Svetlana Markov


General Kerrigan

General Vidrine

Hebron / Tanith



Martin Lloyd


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