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Season 10

Channel Premiere Finale TX Time Episodes
SABC1 15 Mar 2012 20 Sep 2012 Thursdays, 19h00 - 19h30 28

Season 10

The new season of Jika Majika returns with a number of changes including a revamped set and some added spice to the energy-filled show.

The show retains the services of its two presenters from previous seasons, Thembi Seete and Mpendulo Buthelezi, a working combination who have been together on the show since its inception in 2006.

The new season of Jika Majika features real dance battles between five participating regions, namely Gauteng, Mpumalanga, North West, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Limpopo.

The dancers, who are chosen after an extreme round of auditions prior to the show, come with their dance coaches to represent their regions.

After the filming of five episodes from one region, the winners will form a group that will compete against the other groups from the different regions.

The show now also incorporates a reality element, in which dancers are filmed backstage with their coaches. The aim of this is to show just how tense it can be when dancers are competing for the main prize of an overseas trip.

Another new element in the show is a segment titled "Skeem SeJika" in which well-known celebrities and ordinary viewers alike are able to give inspirational messages.

Each episode is designed to excite and entertain viewers by introducing fresh new talent. The show promises to continue setting the trends within the local television dance space by being unique, exciting and entertaining.

Viewers are in for a show filled with talented dancers, familiar presenters and fantastic prizes.

The music dance show speaks to the current times, whilst acknowledging our history musically and with the art of dancing.

24 minutes of the show are spent with local dancers showcasing their Chincha-magiya, Ice moves, C slash, Gcopetsa, Kick & Boboz, Bhenga and free styles, while the DJs pump the freshest local sounds.

Abo majivane go head to head...hip to hip...heel to heel...toe to toe, trying to out-dance each other in this television music dance contest.

In each episode, six dancers (abo majivane) are selected from the audience to take on each other, until one of them out-dances the rest. The selection is done by a guest choreographer/artist/musician and experienced dancers - live in the studio.

The selected dancers take on each other on the dance floor. Two dancers are eliminated in the first two segments, after which the last two take on each other in the last segment to get the winner of the day.

The guest artist or choreographer does the elimination of the dancers whilst giving feedback on their performance.

The show's philosophy is that dancing is not about winning - it's about showing off your skills and pride. It still opens up opportunities to be recognised by artists or choreographers and for the musician to get their music videos, however.

The guest artists and musicians also have an opportunity to talk about themselves on the show and they nominate their Mzansi Top Ten Songs and Top Ten Music Videos of the week.

Season 10 Cast

Presenter - Herself

Presenter - Himself

Resident DJ - Herself


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