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Season 30

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SABC2 07 Sep 2007 14 Dec 2007 Fridays, 19h30 - 20h30 14

Season 30

The 30th season of the show starts with the 400th episode, which premiered on Friday 7 December 2007, at 19h30.

Over the years, the Noot vir Noot team have constantly worked on making improvements and additions to the programme, while always remaining true to the formula: money notes for musical notes.

“This is the essence of Noot vir Noot”, says producer / presenter Johan Stemmet, “something that must always remain at the heart of the programme.”

To launch the 30th season a new set was built, giving Noot vir Noot a whole new look for audiences. The colour palette includes slick platinum tones with subtle lighting. The addition of new fabrics and materials provides depth and texture to the studio’s backdrop.

The new set seats 130 guests in a circular seating arrangement, creating a feeling of coziness and warmth.

All the stops were pulled out make the 400th episode a TV spectacular. Eighteen top artists performed a specially composed medley for the episode, a feat that has never been achieved before on South African television.

Steve Hofmeyr, Leon Schuster, Juanita Du Plessis, Nicholis Louw, Dozi, Andre Schwartz, Carike Keuzenkamp, Jannie Moolman, Rina Hugo, Kurt Darren and Vicky Sampson, among others, performed the medley which ended with the Bala Brothers singing the Circle of Life.

Champion winners of previous seasons, Jurie Els (Season 1), Zelda Meyer (Season 7), Dantjie Badenhorst (Season 24) and Rikus Van Rooy (Season 29) were brought back for a super tough challenge.

Also in the audience was Liza Heystek, the man who first brought Noot vir Noot onto air at the SABC in 1991.

The signature games of the show are:

Local Is Lekker

Each contestant is given a South African song to identify. First they get a general clue, then they choose their own sequence of four additional clues, for instance a pic of the artist, a part of the lyrics, or a part of the song played for them.

With each clue they choose, the amount of money they can win goes down - so the faster they get it, the more they win.


The Musiek Fabriek plays a tune which contestants have to match to one of the pictures on the board. It can be quite a straightforward match, or some obscure thing like a picture of a cat can be matched to a song from the musical Cats.


Contestants answer a general knowledge question and are then shown a word from a song title. If they guess the song title without a clue they get R400, if they are given a clue and get it they get R200.

One of the titles is normally a “sing” block and if they can sing a note or two from that song they get some additional money.

Die Wegsteek Wysie

This follows on from the Titeltoets. When all the titles of the game are revealed, contestants must take one word from each title and make a new song title.

Lirieke Spel

A line of lyrics from a song appears on the board in a scrambled way. Contestants have to put it together in it's proper sequence for which they win money and if they can say which song the lyrics are from they win double the amount. Some words drop into the correct slot until they get it, but of course the money gets less.


Johan gives clues to a song – like artist, what it’s about etc and whomever guesses the song correctly must start singing it until Johan decides they can stop. If they sing the correct words, they get R300, if they make up words they get R200 and if they start to sing but then stop, or go la-la-la they get R100.

Noot Vir Noot Spel

This is the game played after two contestants have been eliminated, to decide who goes to the final to play Maak-of-Breek. Players are given a single note, Johan reads a clue and they have to guess the song. If they can’t get it, they get two notes and so on until one of them gets it.

If the first person gets it wrong, the other one can choose any amount of notes to try to get it. If they succeed in getting it with one note only they get R1000 and if they use ten notes they get R100.


The person who wins the game, gets to play this. They are given 25 seconds to identify four songs. In this time the money meter counts down from R50 000.

If they manage to identfy all four they have to identify one final song in order to double whatever is left on the money meter. If they get any song wrong at any time, they lose everything for that game but still get to keep whatever they've won during the show.

Season 30 Cast

Host - Himself


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